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Turns out I was wrong…again. Work was no longer a sanctuary for me, and I knew that the instant I arrived and walked into the locker room to find Missy K tapping her foot in furious anticipation.

“Tucker James Kingly,” her nostrils were flaring. Now, I knew that Missy K was mad whenever she used my full name, although there was one problem with her opening declaration.

“James? My middle name isn’t James its Nolan.”

“That doesn’t matter! Did you take a customer home Sunday night?!”

My eyes widened immediately when I realized just how much shit I was now in, “Well, uh, I may-”

“It’s a yes or no question Tucker.”

“Yes,” I mumbled.

“And was she intoxicated?”

“S-She was.”

“And did you have sexual intercourse with them?”


The livid expression on her face could’ve scared the skin off of the toughest of criminals, and I backed up against the wall as if that would somehow save me from the five ‘four hundred ten pound incarnation of anger that was less then two yards away. I could tell that the anger inside of her was getting close to climaxing, and when it finally did I was helpless to stop it.

“That has got to be the most irresponsible, self centered, moronic, and perverted thing you’ve ever done! Not only did you take home a complete stranger, but you also took advantage of her when she was drunk! I can’t believe that you’d do something like that! And to think, I let Leo talk me into letting you work behind the bar. Ha! I should’ve known better then to let something like that happen. Never again Tucker, do you hear me! Never! Again!”

“Awe, come on Missy K! I like working behind the bar!” I argued.

“Don’t even start Tucker! I’ve looked after you as if you were my own son for the last two years and then you do something as despicable as this? You have no idea how mad I am right now!”

“Ok, I made a mistake, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“Sleeping with her, especially when she was drunk.”


“And what?” I raised my eyebrow. “What else is there to be sorry about?”

“How about the fact that you took a complete stranger home with you! She could’ve been a rapist, or some kind of murderer! You have no idea how irresponsible it was for you to take home this woman that you knew nothing about!”

“I’m not going to apologize for that.”

“Excuse me?”

I could hear the shock in her voice, but she didn’t understand the whole situation, “I’m not going to apologize for giving her a place to stay when she had none.”

“Who cares if she didn’t have a place to stay!”

“I do!” I shouted back unconsciously. “I had a legitimate reason for letting her stay at my place for one night and I’m not apologizing for that.”

“Oh, please!” she threw her hands up in the air, “Tell me what on earth could possibly justify what you did?”

I took a deep breath, and in a calm and quiet tone, said, “She was being used by her boyfriend, and once all the money was gone, he kicked her out of the apartment they were living in. She had no money, no place to stay, no clothes, and no other options left. She was…abandoned.”

Missy K dragged her hand down her face sighing loudly. I could tell that she was trying to stay mad but after I said that she knew that she had already lost. The pissed off look on her face finally disappeared as she walked up and gave me a hug, whispering “Just, don’t do it again. Please. I still worry about you.”

She knew how touchy the subject was now, which is why I didn’t blame her for holding me closely for the next minute. I thought I might’ve heard a sniffle escape from her, but she quickly covered it up as she cleared her throat and headed for the door.

“You’re waiting tables today,” she ordered, opening the door and disappearing through the door.

It took me a minute to gather myself before I changed and headed out to work my shift. After a conversation like that it was hard to put on a smiling face and take orders from idiots who couldn’t read a menu to save their lives, but I had grown used to it so I did just fine.

The rest of the week as well as the next, my bad luck had finally subsided allowing me to breathe easily as I walked back from the cafeteria on a perfectly normal Wednesday afternoon. Jason and Shawn were by my side as we bullshitted all the way back to the classroom, the main topic of discussion was how the rumors of me being a pervert had finally subsided.

“It’s been two weeks and it was an accident to begin with,” I began, “It shouldn’t have blown up like it did.”

“This is Heartbreak Hailey we’re talking about,” Shawn said. “If the girl get’s a new haircut it’s the topic of conversation for the next month. All the attention she gets is completely ridiculous anyways.”

“And yet, she’s all you ever want to talk about,” Jason rolled his eyes. “Admit it already man, you still want her.”

“I’m not going to admit it because it’s not true!”

“Denial. Tell him Tucker.”

I shrugged, not really focusing on Shawn’s strange obsession, “I’m just glad that my fifteen minutes of bad publicity are over.”

“Not into living the popular kids’ life?”

“A life where every time I trip it makes headline news at school? Pass.”

“Ah c’mon don’t cha-”

His sentence was cut off as a kid barreled in between Jason and I, grazing against both of our shoulders as he sped off down the hall in the opposite direction, yelling back “Sorry!”

“Couldn’t just walk around?” I shouted, walking backwards and throwing up my hands in confusion as he disappeared around the corner.

“I guess he was in a hurry,” Shawn said.

“Yeah guess so.”

It wasn’t that big of a deal so I turned back around as a nearby door opened and I found myself in an almost identical situation. Without warning, I collided with someone and toppled to the ground on top of them, my head ramming into theirs and leaving me slightly dazed. After a quick shake of my head, I pushed myself up only to hear a soft moan escape someone’s lips. My eyes shot open to discover that my hand was pressed up against a girl’s boob. Not just any girl’s boob either. It was Heartbreak Hailey’s alluring boob, and I was now violating it in front of almost a dozen people.

She let out a shriek and shoved me off immediately.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered, “It was an accident, I didn’t see you there I swear! Please don’t-”

“You!” she interrupted me as her friends lifted her to her feet. “You pulled the same stunt on the second day of school!”

“No! Well, yes that was me, but that was an accident too I swear!”

“Shut up! I can’t believe I actually believed you last time, but now I know better. Tucker Kingly, you are a pervert and I hope you die!”

Déjà vu occurred as she stormed off down the hall with her friends following close behind all the while I sat there stunned and confused on the ground.

“Did she just tell me…to go die?” I asked.


“That’s a little excessive, don’t ya think?”

“Probably, but look on the bright side.” I looked towards Jason with a puzzled look on my face, “You got to cop a feel on Heartbreak Hailey’s legendary tits.”

“Not to mention the fact that she actually knows your name,” Shawn added. “Which, is actually pretty impressive considering that she still doesn’t know mine after rejecting me…ten times.”

“Jealous?” I asked jokingly.

“She’s a lesbian!”

“Yeah…you’re totally jealous.”

Jason laughed and helped me up as we returned to class. Of course the whispers and suspicious glances plagued me the rest of the way, but I tried my best to ignore them. Things calmed down once I was safely in my seat in the back of the classroom, and soon I was able to peacefully continue the day without a hitch.

It did astound me how bad the situation at school was getting however, and this rumor was only going to make it explode in a giant ball of perverted fire. With my mind more occupied on my social status, I successfully managed to not pay attention to anything Melissa was saying until the bell to let the school out rang.

“Mr. Kingly, I’d like to speak to you after class,” she announced as the entire class did a quick double take my direction. I stopped mid stand, looked around cautiously before ultimately sitting back down. The rest of the class was slow to file out of the room but eventually it emptied out, leaving me alone in the classroom with Melissa, a familiar start to the dozens of fantasies I had with her.

I got up and started walking towards the front of the class, my palms sweaty with anticipation as my nerves melted into a heap of hormones. No doubt about it, if this went anything like my fantasies then I was going to leave this room a very happy person.

“So what’s up Melissa?” I asked after reaching her desk.

“Ms. Benson,” she corrected, her fingers clacking away at her keyboard. “Not Melissa.”

Shut down! Trying to keep my dignity intact, I cleared my throat and rephrased myself, “Sorry Ms. Benson, did you need something?”

Her hands froze in an instant, hovering over the keys but refusing to press down on them anymore as she slowly rose to her feet. The atmosphere took a complete hundred and eighty degree turn from being the hot beginning to one of my fantasies, to a strangely serious tension that made me worry.

“Is everything ok?”

“Mr. Kingly…I don’t how to say this but I’m,” she winced. “I’m…late.”

“Late? Late for what?”

“Y’know, my time of the month,” she had her eyes glued to the floor.

My backpack slowly slid off my shoulder as reality started to sink in, “So you think that you’re…”


“And you think that I’m the…”


“C-C’mon Ms. Benson stop messing around,” I laughed awkwardly.

“This isn’t a joke Tucker,” she exploded in a fit of rage.

“B-But I didn’t even cum inside of you Ms. Benson. How is that possible? Are you sure it isn’t your ex boyfriend’s?” I was trying to keep my cool now, running through all the options I’ve heard of from movies and bad reality TV shows with this kinda crap in it, but all that went out the window when Melissa collapsed on the ground bawling her eyes out.

“We always used condoms!” she whined, “I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’m going to have my student’s baby! How can this get any worse?”

I walked over to her side and knelt down, rubbing her back gently. “Just calm down Ms. Benson. Try not to overreact. Have you been to a clinic yet?”

“N-No,” she wiped away a tear, “I missed my period so I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it showed positive.”

“If it’s all the same to you Ms. Benson, I want you to go to a clinic and make sure that its for real,” I stood up, “I don’t have work on Friday, so we can go then. There’s one downtown about ten to fifteen minutes by bus. We’ll go right after school if that’s cool?” She weakly nodded, grabbing my hand so I could help her up. “Until then try and calm down ok?”

“I’ll try.”

With a defeated look on her face, I could only imagine how she felt right now. Although I was probably pushing my luck, I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. It was one of those moments where when you look at someone you think to yourself, they need a hug, and Melissa definitely needed that hug. She welcomed my hug, burying her face into my shoulder as the tears slowly started to die out.

Once the water works were done I gave her a pat on the back and grabbed my backpack, heading for the door. I stopped at the door and turned to look at her, “Friday Ms. Benson. I’ll talk to you then.”

My insides where about as stable as a bear on a unicycle during that hole mess, and as I walked out of the classroom and headed for work, I was counting my blessings that I didn’t flip out. This is big news after all, on Friday I might learn that I’m a father. A dad! Holy shit my life could spiral out of control even more then it already has if it’s true. I’m still clinging to the fact that the test was faulty, but whatever happens Friday, I’ll live with it.

Turns out then when you’re future is at stake, time flies by like it’s running from the cops and before I knew it, we were both sitting on the bus heading towards the clinic.

“Why are you so calm?” she whispered, nudging my side. “This is serious business and you look like you might fall asleep on the bus ride there? Are you happy about this or-”

“What good will it do to have two people freaking out?” I interrupted, opening my eyes and looking at her. “Figured I’d let you do all the worrying while I kept a level head.”

“But this is serious.”

“I know it’s serious but I’d rather deal with it after the test results Ms. Benson. Look, lean on my shoulder, close your eyes and take deep breaths. We’ll be there in a little while ok?”

She pouted but reluctantly did what I said, leaning up against my shoulder and closing her eyes as I caught the sweet smell if peaches oozing out of her hair. It calmed her down, if only just for show as we drew nearer to the clinic. I did find it funny how she was acting like a kid about all this, pouting and fidgeting in public as if trying to draw attention. If I had to be honest, I had things for girls who had cute little moments like this, and it only made the moment sweeter for me because Melissa was older.

My happiness was short lived however when we got to our stop and headed towards the clinic. We walked through the automatic doors and headed for the front desk where an overweight woman with puffy blonde hair was waiting to greet us.

She popped her bubblegum obnoxiously, “What can I do for you two?”

“I-I-I-” Melissa stammered.

“She wants to get tested for pregnancy,” I put on a fake smile, interrupting her.

“Name and age please.”

“Melissa Benson, age twenty eight.”

“And will the talkative young man being joining her in the exam room?”


“And your association with Ms. Benson is?”

“I’m her nephew,” I lied seamlessly, “Tucker Benson, age sixteen.”

“Well do you mind answering why you’re here then Mr. Benson?” She eyed me suspiciously, “I think she’s old enough to get tested on her own, don’t you?”

“She asked me to tag along and I had nothing better to do. That a problem?”

She shrugged, writing Melissa’s name down on a sheet of paper, “Take a seat and we’ll call you soon.”

I grabbed onto the now stunned Melissa and took her to one of the seats, casually grabbing a magazine about healthy food. After a couple pages in, she finally snapped out of whatever trance she fell in and looked over at me.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That whole thing back there! You lied to the receptionist.”

“And? Did you want me to tell her that you had drunken sex with a minor and might be pregnant because of it? It’s easier for everyone this way Melissa.”

“But…but you did it so easily.”

“So? I can think on my feet, something wrong with that?”

She let out a loud sigh before burying her hand in her hands, “Look at me? Am I really getting mad at you for trying to protect my image? You must hate me by now after all the bitching I’ve been doing.”

“It takes a lot more then bitching to get on my nerves Ms. Benson, you’re fine.”

“Melissa,” she sighed, “Just call me Melissa when we’re outside of school. Plus, you’re supposed to be my nephew here so it’ll be weird if you call me by my last name.”

“Melissa, we’re ready for you,” the overweight receptionist announced. We got up and headed into the backroom where the doctor took a urine sample, and after strong urging from Melissa, the doctor proceeded to take a blood sample as well just to be sure. Now all that was left to do was play the waiting game, and if it was a competition between Melissa and I to see who was more patient, then I would’ve won by a landslide. I had to put my hand on her shoulder just to stop her from fidgeting, and even then she still couldn’t stop looking around the room nervously. When the doctor finally came back into the room, it was time for the moment of truth.

“Well doctor?” Melissa asked frantically. “What did the tests say?”

“They both came back negative Ms. Benson. You’re not pregnant.”

As a wave of relief washed over me, a wave of confusion flooded into Melissa as she fired question after question at the doctor, “But how? I missed my period. The pregnancy tests came back positive. I’ve been eating a lot more and I’ve noticed that I’ve been a lot moodier lately.”

If I didn’t know better I would think that maybe she actually wanted to be pregnant.

“It’s not uncommon for some woman to have an irregular period, and as for the test it does usually state on the box that the outcome of it may not always be accurate. Now about you’re eating habits it could be any number of things, but if anything I’d guess that you’re feeling a bit of emotional stress over something and this is your body’s way of coping with it.”

“And the mood swings?”

“Probably PMS to be honest,” the doctor chuckled. “Wait another two weeks, and if you still haven’t had your period come back and see me ok?”

She nodded and just like, I dodged another bullet. We gathered our things and hopped back on the bus, Melissa now infinitely calmer then before which allowed me to enjoy a peaceful trip back to our stop. The sun was barely setting over the horizon by the time we hopped off the bus, an awkward moment ensuing as we avoided eye contact in hopes of finding something to talk about.

“How bout a walk?” I offered, nodding my head in the other direction, “There’s a park near here that ain't half bad at this time of day.”

“Excuse me?”

“I just figured you’d wanna take a walk and clear your mind. Maybe talk about what happened? You’ve been through a lot over the last three weeks and I know that you probably haven’t had someone to talk about this whole mess with so I thought I’d give you a chance too y'know? It’s up to you though, I’m headed that way regardless.”

“Sure,” she smiled goofily, “That doesn’t sound like that bad of an offer.”

The park was pretty big, with only a single playground structure near the center while the rest of it was covered in trees that had windy cement pathways running through it. We walked around the outskirts of the park, my hands thrown behind my head and hers sitting comfortably in her pocket.

“Tucker, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“What would you have done if I was pregnant?”

“Depends, were you going to keep it?” she nodded. “Well, I guess the first thing I’d do would be to ask you to move in with me, it’s probably a lot better then the motel you’re staying at anyway. After that I’d try and find out how much it would cost to raise a kid and pick up another job if I had to. Start prepping for the baby any way I could.”

“You’d help raise it?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I? It’s my kid after all which means that he’s equal part my responsibility.”

“But you’re only sixteen. Wouldn’t that ruin the rest of your life?”

“It might or it might not. But…I wouldn’t abandon the kid, or you for that matter.”

“Sometimes I think you’re more of an adult then I am Tucker,” she put her arm on my shoulder and I stopped to look at her. “You’ve been unbelievable calm through all of this and I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t stepped in and took charge.”

“You might’ve lived the next nine months of you’re life thinking that you had a baby.”

She laughed before slowly pulling me in for a hug, moaning softly as she pressed my body to hers, “Thanks for being there when I needed someone to slap some sense into me.”

“Don’t mention it Melissa.”

It was one of those picture perfect moments that you see at the end of a bad romance movie, the sun setting, the two lovers finally resolving there problems, and then the camera slowly fades to black. However, the moment took a quick u-turn when Melissa began sucking on my neck softly.

“W-What are you doing,” I mumbled, not bothering to put up a fight as she continued to explore my neck with those succulent lips. A soft moan escaped my lips, and it only seemed to drive her to continue as her sucking and kiss grew more intense. My hands instinctively moving down to her ass, the dress pants that she wore today making it incredibly easy for my hands to slip into them and squeeze on her bare cheeks.

“Naughty,” she cooed, moving away from my neck to look at me. “Very naughty.”

“You started it,” I smiled and stole a kiss.

“God this is so wrong.” Her lips were quivering less then an inch from mine now, teasing me with there juicy taste as she waged a war of emotions. “Last time was an accident. I didn’t know you were my student and I didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did either, but…”


“But all this talk about taking care of me,” she purred. “It’s turning me on, and I think you deserve a little reward for being such a good boy through all of this. Let’s do it right now Tucker.”

“Right here?” she nodded. “But what if someone sees us?”

“Then it’ll make everything hotter.”

The conflicted look in her eyes switched to one of lust, and soon she was pushing me into a nearby tree as we kissed and started undressing one another. We were stark naked in a couple seconds, rolling around on the grass wrapped in each other’s arms until I finally stopped on top of her.

“Wait, wait,” I sat up, “We just got over that little pregnancy crap do you really want to risk it again?”

“Y-You’re right,” she reached out and grabbed onto her purse, dragging it over to her side as she fished out a condom seconds later. She winked slyly, “Thought it might come in handy if I get into a situation like this again. Bring that cock over here Tucker.”

Grabbing my hips, she helped me position my dick right in front of her face. With one good lick, she drank up all the pre-cum that hadn’t already dripped onto her chest. Putting the condom wrapper in her mouth, she ripped it off in one try, sticking the condom in her mouth and putting it on my dick that way. It was definitely hot, watching Melissa’s head bop forward and back over and over again as she finally got the condom all the way on.

“Nice trick huh?” she licked her lips. “Now fuck the shit outta me Tucker. I’ve been a bad girl and you know it.”

“Yes ma’am,” I slid back towards the pussy, spreading her legs straight out as the tip of my dick brushed against her clit. Her body jumped a bit as she shuddered softly, the sight of her squirming only driving my urge to tease her even longer.

“God stop it Tucker!” she whimpered, lifting her head up to look at me. “I can’t take much more of this just fuck me already! I’m gonna explode if you keep teasing me like that!”

I smirked, and after finally getting the reaction I wanted, I angled my dick right in front of her pussy. It slid right in with the help of her soaking wet pussy, and she moaned immediately as I started pounding my dick into her as hard as I could. My thighs were slapping against her own as moans started flooding out of her mouth desperately. Her right hand dug itself into my back as her left hand clung to the grass, slowly ripping out a small section at a time with every other thrust.

The longer it went on the louder her moans got, and soon I was forced to bend down and kiss her to stop her. She desperately brought her hands to my head and held me there as we sloppily kissed one another.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum soon,” her back arched slightly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! I-I wanna cum at the same time Tucker. God it’s slutty but I wanna cum with you! How close are you?”

“Just a little longer,” I panted. “You think you can hold it in?”

She giggled hazily between breathes, “Yeah, I think I can.”

I started thrusting faster and harder after that, trying anything I could do to expedite the process as per request. Her face contorted in pain as she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me to her chest.

“I’m about to cum Melissa!” I barely piped out.

“Yes!” she let go of me and moved her hand down to her clit immediately. Her eyes started to roll into the back of her head and her hips moved like a bucking bronco, furiously pumping up and down as she let out a loud, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

Her body froze for a moment before going completely limp. I pulled my dick out and removed the cum covered condom, getting ready to chuck it into a nearby bush when she grabbed onto my wrist. Tenderly grabbing the condom out of my hand, she moved it over her mouth and I watched as she squeezed all of the cum out and into her mouth. With a satisfied sigh, she licked her lips and flung the condom into a nearby bush causing me to laugh.

“Weird, but surprisingly hot,” I said with a quick chuckle.

“I like the taste of cum, sue me,” she smiled, sitting up and scooting over to lean on me. “Fuck that was good. But it’s the last time,” she looked at me hazily. “No more sex with the naughty teacher ok?”

“You sure you can resist?”

“I’ll manage, but right now we better get out of here. I might’ve screamed to loud at the end there.”

“Just a bit.”

I helped her to her feet as we both got dressed. There wasn’t any special farewell that followed after that, she grabbed her purse and walked one way as I headed the other. It wasn’t the ideal situation but what did I expect? I almost got my teacher pregnant and somehow it ended up with us fucking on the grass of the local park, I should be counting my blessings more then anything.

Blessings aside I headed back home and was able to keep myself busy enough until I passed out peacefully. Saturday brought a normal workday and nothing of note, however Sunday did bring something odd. It was around two and I was just heading to work, a good night’s sleep under my belt as well as hearty lunch to top things off, when I crossed in front of a strange machine that I’d never seen before.

It was a big box about the size of a phone booth with the top half made of glass and gold painted decorations. Inside of it was the upper torso of a man, dressed in gold with a silver vest and an expensive turban on his head to go along with a creepy handlebar mustache and V-shaped beard.

“What the hell is this thing?” I examined it more closely.

“Name’s Zoltar,” an old man explained, walking out of the pizza parlor to my right. “He’s supposed to read your future. Just picked him up this morning.”

“Read…my future? This machine?”

“Only costs a dollar, why don’t you give it a shot.”

Now I’m not a superstitious person, but this thing caught my attention so I figured why the hell not. Pulling my wallet out of my pocket, I inserted my dollar and the machine burst to life. The robotic man’s movement was stiff and rigid as he brought his hand underneath his chin, pretending to be deep in thought.

“The great Zoltar see’s many things! However, three words come to mind when I see YOU!” he pointed forward, no where near where I was stand and I shot a skeptical look at the old man who shrugged while trying to keep a straight face. “Regret! Rejoice! Reunion! May these words guide you to happiness!”

Zoltar shut down immediately as a small slip of paper slid out of the slot just below him. I snatched it up and read it aloud, “Regret, rejoice, reunion.”

“Wonder what it could mean?”

“It means I want my money back. That didn’t tell me anything.”

“No refunds,” he retreated back inside his shop and I shook my head spitefully.

“Asshole.” I pocketed the fortune and checked my phone to discover that because of this, I was on the verge of being late for work, so I immediately booked it down the street. Although I was pushing it, I still managed to arrive in the locker room just in time. Bursting open the door as I stumbled in and dropped my bag to catch my breath.

“Jeez TK, you in a hurry?” Mouse asked, leaning next to me with a puzzled look on his face. His real name was Allen Bates, but after he managed to sneak into the kitchen, burn a block of cheese so bad that it started a fire, then proceed to squeal like a girl while Rocky and I put the fire out, it was unanimous that we call him Mouse.

He was a thin, round my height, with short black hair and pierced ears. But the most important thing about him was the in general he looked like a kind of untrustworthy guy to be honest. I mean, I knew he was harmless but I felt like he was the kind of guy that would borrow money and never pay you back, which was not something a twenty-one year old guy should ever look like. EVER!

“What do you want Mouse?”

“What? I can’t say hi to you? I thought we were friends TK?”

“If you use the term loosely.” I stood straight up, “Let’s hear it already.”

“Alright ya got me.” No surprise there. “I was wondering if you could hook me up with Melody.”

“Melody? Are you serious?” He nodded, “You want me to try and hook you up with Melody?”

“Yeah, why not? C’mon you can’t sit there and tell me that we wouldn’t make a good couple.”

“I can actually, and I’ll give you five different reasons why.”

“Just try for me bro, she listens to whatever you say!” he walked over to the door and propped it open. “Melody! TK wants to talk to you real quick!”

This guy is probably the stupidest person I have the displeasure of knowing, then again, I did just give a machine a dollar to read my fortune so I was up there in the stupidity rankings at the moment.

Moments later we heard a light humming sound from outside the doorway signaling that Melody was on her way. The door swung open to reveal a pale white girl with a bright smile on her face. She was half Japanese and it really showed in her silky black hair and smooth face, but she wasn’t exactly a winner in the chest department, not only that but she was barely five ‘four so she was pretty short.

“What’s up TK?” she asked in a high pitched.

“Yeah TK,” Mouse nudged me. “Tell her what’s up.”

“For the love of God,” I mumbled, trying to change in the process of all this. Normally I wouldn’t do something like this in front of a girl, but Melody was an exception for one reason. “Mouse here thinks he can score with you Melody. Thoughts?”

“No way in hell,” she said it so nonchalantly that I fought to quell the laughter.

“What? Why not?”

“Maybe if you would’ve let me explain to you why, you wouldn’t be in this situation. For starters, you don’t actually know Melody’s real name. You don’t know why we call her Melody. You don’t know anything about her other then the fact that she’s hot. You also don’t know that she only dates people with some kind dye in their hair-”

“Kind of a fetish of mine really,” she added with a shrug.

“-and you definitely don’t know that she’s a FUCKING LESBIAN.”

“Wha-What? Melody you’re a…”

“Carpet muncher? Yep. Which reminds me, how did the test go? Are we going to get a baby TK? If it’s a girl I totally call babysitting her!”


“Pooh! Oh well, anything else you need?”

“Nope,” and with that she turned on a dime and walked back out the door leaving me to change into my uniform and Mouse with a dumbfounded expression on his face. I shut his jaw to stop the drool that was slowly starting ooze out of his mouth and headed for the door. “Next time Mouse, let me explain why you don’t have a chance before you go making a fool of yourself.”

By the time I entered the kitchen Rocky was already hard at work juggling a couple different orders, and he was more then happy to let me lighten the load. Once things had calmed down I explained why I was late and he got a kick out of it, especially when Mouse found out that Melody was a lesbian.

“I don’t know TK, I think that machine might’ve been onto something with that prediction.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, you went through regret when your teacher told you that she might be pregnant. Then you rejoiced when you found out she wasn’t. All that’s left is reunion then, right? Got anyone that you’re hoping to see again?”

“The only people that I want a reunion with are dead, so…no.”

“Well, just don’t be surprised if someone from your past pops back up.”

“It’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo Rocky. It’s not actually gonna-”

The kitchen doors flew open with a loud crash as the shelves that held pots and spices began to shake. Mouse was standing in the doorway with the same jaw dropped expression I left him with in the locker room.

“Get out of the kitchen Mouse,” Rocky ordered, returning his attention to a sizzling pan in front of him. “You know the rules.”

“Oh c’mon! Look, I’m sorry I burnt a giant hole on the wall, can’t you guys forgive me.”

Rocky and I exchanged glances, then we both looked over at the scorched wall and silently nodded to one another.

“No,” we said in unison.

“But this is about TK! There’s a total babe out in the lobby asking for you man.”

“Is her name Melissa?” I asked.

“Huh? No her name is uh…Lindsey? No, Lacy! No wait, Lilly? Wait I got it! It was-”

My body froze in place as the spatula in my hand slipped threw my fingers and crashed into the ground, “Lexi.”

“Yeah! That was it! Her name was Lexi! And dude, she is fucking hot! Like on a scale of one to ten she’s an eleven easy bro. Let me describe her for ya-

“Six foot,” the words were escaping my lips now in an almost entranced state. “Roughly a hundred and forty pounds and twenty-two years old.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Tanned skin, calming green eyes, and chin length black hair with a single blonde streak running through her bangs.”

“Dude that’s spot on!”

“Tight blue capri’s with a hole over her right knee and left thigh, low cut white V-neck that that exposes her belly button, and a blood red jacket resting on her folded arms.”

“Can you see her from here or something?” he bobbed and weaved his head to look through the hole we put our finished dishes on in a vain attempt to see her.

“Get out of the kitchen Mouse.”


“Get the fuck outta the kitchen Mouse!” I roared suddenly. Much like his name implied, he squeaked like a sissy before stumbling backwards out of the kitchen leaving me with clenched fist and a lot of excess anger. Rocky put his hand on my shoulder, trying to calm me down but right now I just wanted to hit something. “Can you give me a minute Rocky?”

“Gotcha covered TK, take all the time you need.”

I walked over to the back corner of the kitchen, leaning my back up against the wall and slowly sliding down until I was on the ground. This vulnerable feeling that was creeping up on me was all her fault, and it had taken so long for me to forgot about her that even the simple mentioning of her name reduced me to this. A hardheaded kid that was hiding away from his problems like a little bitch. Burying my face in my hands, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as the memories came flooding back into me like a swarm of aggravated bees.

----Six years ago----

“Mom I’m ten, I don’t need a babysitter.”

“When you’re in junior high we’ll let you stay home alone but until then you need a babysitter,” she smiled warmly at me before kissing me on the cheek and grabbing her jacket.

“I’m not a baby,” I mumbled but she heard regardless.

“I know, but your father and I worry about you. Look it’s only for two months, three tops ok? Can you be a trooper till then?”

“Fine, but who’s going to watch me? It’s not Mrs. Olson is it?”

“No it’s-” the doorbell rang and my mom clapped her hands. “Well that was perfect timing now wasn’t it?” She walked over to the door while I followed close behind. “Hello Lexi!”

“Hi Mrs. Kingly!” I heard her respond, trying to sneakily steal a glimpse of her before she stepped inside but my mom proved to be an effective door instead of a mirror, thus forcing me to wait in anticipation as Lexi finally made her appearance. Tall, tan, and so hot that I thought she was model. Everything from her black hair to her ripped capri’s caught my eye as I scanned her body as thoroughly as an x-ray machine. “And you must be Tucker. I’m Lexi, I live across the street. I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting each other.”

“H-hi, I’m…Tucker.”

“Well I know that silly,” she ruffled my hair softly. “Looks like we’ll be getting to know each other a lot over the next two months.”

Everything about her had brought me into a state of shellshock, and my Mom had to come to the rescue with a playful chuckle, “He’s kind of shy.”

“It’s perfectly fine Mrs. Kingly.”

“We ready to go honey?” my dad asked, walking downstairs while putting on his favorite watch. “Hey Lexi, thanks again for taking care of Tucker tonight.”

“Its fine,” she waved. “You two go take care of business and I’ll make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble.” Everyone chuckled lightly, leaving me to wonder what kind of joke I missed.

“Well we’ll get out of here then,” Mom announced, opening the door and filing out as my Dad patted me on the back.

Once they were gone, Lexi unzipped her blood red jacket and exposed a tight white V-neck shirt that left me speechless…again! She walked over to the couch and sat down with a loud sigh, stretching her arms up and giving me a prime view of her boobs. With a tantalizing grin she looked at me, “Are you staring at my boobs Tucker?”

Caught like a mouse in a trap, my eyes shut and I immediately shook my head to deny the obvious truth. She chuckled teasingly and I heard her footsteps draw closer to me before stopping. My eyes slowly opened to see her face only inches away from my own, a smile fit for a cat that ate the canary on her face. She slowly raised her hand up to my forehead, and flicked it.

“Owe!” I rubbed my forehead.

“That’s what you get for being perverted,” she cheekily said turning around to head for the kitchen. “C’mon, I’ll make you a snack and we’ll TV before you have to go to bed.”

With a PB&J sandwich in hand, we mindlessly watched cartoons until it was time for me to go bed. The only problem was that I couldn’t stop stealing side glances towards her with every chance I got, and it felt like every time I did, she would always catch me and flick my forehead.

It was the same thing for the next two weeks, she would make me something to eat, we would watch TV, then I’d go to bed. Nothing really changed until the night I heard a loud scream from downstairs. Shocked and slightly afraid, I crept out of my room and quiet literally crawled towards the staircase, my heart beating out of my chest as I peeked between the banisters to the living room.

What I saw next was the first step towards a life changing event. Lexi, completely naked, bent over my couch with some guy I had never seen before ramming his dick into her over and over again. She was moaning louder and louder and for a moment I thought she was being raped until I heard her say, “Right there! Fuck yes it feels soooooooo good! I’m gonna cum soon!”

It was one of those moments where you know you should look away, but you stare at it like an entranced child who is watching TV for the first time. He started cumming a couple seconds later quickly followed by Lexi as she collapsed onto the ground.

“Fuck that was nice, but you better get out of here before that stupid brat’s parents come home.”

“Alright. See ya tomorrow babe,” he bent down and kissed her, pulling up his pants and quietly exiting the house.

Lexi got up and fetched her clothes, putting them all back on before hopping onto the couch and humming softly. But it wasn’t until she closed her eyes and smiled that I realized two things, that she thought of me as a brat, and that her smile was quiet possibly the greatest thing I’d ever seen.

This put me in a less then ideal situation, especially because at this young of an age I was very impressionable. I wanted to be mad at her, but the thought of her smiling face kept stopping me in my tracks. It got to the point where I had to make a tough choice, either tell my parents what she was doing and get her fired, or keep my mouth shut, head down, and try not to bother her.

The latter option won out.

Worst part was, I was rewarded for it. The less attention I drew, the more she smiled, which only drove me to keep up the charade longer for a chance to see her glowing face. I even found myself staying up late so I could sneak to the banister and watch her have sex with the same guy over and over again. All the different positions and things they did just seemed to peak my interest even more, and make me incredibly horny in the process.

But all that came crashing down when she frowned the moment my parents shut the door. I looked at her questionably but she didn’t seem to be in the mood to even acknowledge my presence, walking over to the couch and curling up into a ball as she flicked the TV on.

“Is something wrong?” I cautiously asked.

“Everything’s fine Tucker,” she mumbled, proceeding to stay like that until it was time for me to go to bed, leaving me with more questions then Jeopardy and a feeling of defeat in my stomach.

I did everything I could to make her happy, but it was all for not today, and the worst part was that I somehow felt at fault for it. Later that night when I left for the cover of the banister to watch the usual late night rendezvous, I was shocked to see that there was none. Lexi hadn’t moved an inch since I went to bed, and now I was starting to realize why, and more importantly what I needed to do in order to bring a smile back to her face.

With a breath of preparation, I walked down back down the stairs only to be greeted by a surprised expression.

“Tucker what the heck are you still doing up?” I didn’t say anything as I walked over to where she sat, determination riddling my face. Climbing onto the couch, I slowly started crawling towards her while she slowly leaned further away from me until she risked falling over the side of the couch. “Tucker?”

With every ounce of courage that my little ten year old self had, I leaned forward and kissed her. Her eyes widened immediately and she shoved me so hard that I fell off the couch and onto the floor.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” she roared, standing over me with clenched fists.

I rolled over to face her, rubbing my achy head and trying to avoid eye contact, “Y-You looked sad, and I thought it was because your boyfriend wasn’t coming tonight.”

She grabbed me by the shirt and lifted me up by it, “What are you talking about?”

“T-The guy that usually comes over when I’m asleep. He’s your boyfriend isn’t he?”

“Have you been spying on us?” My eyes were shut tighter then a mime’s lips as I nodded. “How long have you known about him?” I was too nervous even speak now, but she wasn’t going to stand for that, shaking me profusely, “Answer me right now Tucker!”

“A month!” I squeaked out.

“You’ve known about him for a month and you didn’t say anything to your parents?” her tone calmed down immensely as I shook my head. “Why?”

“Because…you looked happy,” I opened one eye just wide enough to see her shocked expression. “And I like your smile.”

“So, you knew that I was having sex with my boyfriend almost everyday when you went to bed, and since you said you were spying on me you probably heard all the mean things I said about you, but you still refused to tell your parents all because you liked…my smile?” She let go of my shirt and took a step back as I sheepishly nodded. “And is that why you don’t say anything to me anymore? Because you think that makes me upset?”


“God,” she shook her head and sat down on the couch, “You’re so naive.”

Taking that as her official rejection statement, I turned to leave only to bump into her now outstretched legs.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Wrapping her legs around me, she reeled me in like a fish until I was falling on top of her. Now only inches away from her face she smirked, “Well now that I know you’re a chump and a pervert, why don’t you try making me smile?”

She led the charge with a quick peck, pulling back just far enough so that I had to lean forward to get another, teasing me like that until I was forced to climb onto the couch if I wanted to keep tasting her juicy lips. Her tongue penetrated my mouth soon after as I got my first taste of French kissing, and damn was it addictive, feeling her tongue claim my mouth aggressively as I struggled to keep up. She grabbed my shoulders and forced me to stop by shoving me away.

“Not bad for your first time,” she shot me a smug look, licking her lips before lifting up her white striped shirt to reveal round and perky boobs. “Let’s see what else you’ve learned.”

Although a bit nervous, I decided to just go for it, grabbing up both boobs and squeezing. She moaned with a smile, biting her bottom lip in a mix of pain and pleasure as I continued to play with them, bringing my mouth up to her nipple and flicking it softly with my tongue.

“Oh fuck!” she ran her hand through her hair. “You teasing little pervert. Playing with my nipples like that.”

“Should I not do that?” I asked.

With a quick flick of my forehead she chuckled, “You’ve got a lot to learn Tucker. Yes. Do it again.”

I was still a little confused but I wasn’t going to argue, continuing to play with her boobs while enjoying the constant moans that were escaping from her. Seeing her in this state of bliss only seemed to fuel my efforts, and I started to get a little more forceful to the point were I even began sucking on her nipples.

Again, she pushed me away, this time her smug smile was gone, now replaced by a hazier looking one. “Now that I know you can use that tongue of yours pretty well, how bout we take it a step further.”

“What do you mean?”

“Get on your knees and I’ll show you.”

As she instructed I got off the couch and got on my knees while she unzipped her pants and flung them off revealing that not only was she not wearing any panty’s but her cleanly shaven, soaking wet pussy as well. The sweet scent of her sex hit me like a ton of bricks, and my body shivered in silent anticipation.

She rubbed her hand tenderly over her pussy, “You know what to do, don’t cha? You were a naughty little pervert and spied on me after all.”

I gulped, leaning forward to where my breath splashed onto her pussy causing her to twitch softly. In a fit of lust, she grabbed onto the back of my head and shoved me into her pussy, covering my face with her juices as I stuck my tongue out and obediently probed her pussy with it. The quicker I licked the louder her moans were, and the harder she pressed onto my head, forcing her sent into my nostrils as I struggled to breathe.

“Look at me Tucker,” she ordered, “I want to see your perverted eyes looking at me while you eat me out.” My eyes met with hers and she immediately grabbed onto her boob with her free hand and arched her back. “God this feels so fucking good!”

Every time our eyes met she’d immediately go into a fit, pinching or grabbing her boobs and looking away only to meet my gaze seconds later. It became the routine for the next couple of minutes before her hand moved down to her clit and began rubbing it.

“Fuck,” she pushed my head away, “Stop. Stop. Stop. I’m gonna cum soon.”

“S-so why am I stopping then?” I asked, wiping off the excess juice from my lips. “Do you not wanna cum?”

“Of course I want to cum, but I want to do it at the same time as you. Take off your shorts and get ready. You’re not gonna last ten seconds so you better make it count you little pervert.” I did as she instructed, taking off my shorts to reveal my stiff dick and she smiled at the sight of it. Her breathing became dangerously heavy and her hips started to buck. Even her moans started to get more frantic and high pitched as she slid her pussy closer to the edge of the couch, “O-Ok, now! Now! Oooooh fuuuuck! I want you to cum inside me Tucker!”

I guided my dick into her soaking wet pussy as it slid right in, her hands grabbing onto the side of the couch as she thrust her hips forward rapidly. Like she predicted, I didn’t last more then a couple thrusts before I started cumming, shooting my load deep into her pussy as it clamped down onto my dick.

“Fuck! Oh fuck yes!” she shouted, throwing her head back. Her shoulders relaxed moments later and she took a deep breath while I pulled out and fell backwards onto the ground, slightly winded from all of it. She swung her feet onto the couch and just laid there, smiling softly while looking over in my direction, “Is this the smile you liked so much?”

I nodded.

With a single finger, she beckoned me over to her side like an owner calls their pet. Once again I obeyed and found myself sitting beside her on the ground, and with no warning whatsoever, she flicked my forehead then leaned in for a kiss.

“Go back to sleep before your parents get home,” she nodded towards the stairs. “And who knows, maybe if you’re a good little pervert we can do this again tomorrow.”

Not only did we do that the next day, but for the next month we had sex every time she came over to watch me. She let me explore her body while she took advantage of mine, and after awhile I grew accustomed to seeing her smiling face while we laid naked on the couch with each other. But one day things felt different after my parents left. She turned to look at me with the same smile on her face and held out her arms as if to showcase something.

“You remember this look?” she asked, unzipping her red jacket to reveal a white V-neck.

“Yeah, that’s what you wore the day we met right?”

“Yep! Do you like the hair too?” she held out the strand that she dyed blonde and I nodded. “Good!”

“Um, is something wrong?”

“Nope, just testing you’re memory. Now come on horn-dog, let’s have some fun tonight.”

I should’ve realized at that moment that something was wrong. Red warning signs should’ve been flashing in my head as if the house was under attack, but instead I decided to remain oblivious, paying the price the next day when I was waiting for Lexi to knock at the door.

The knock came, but it wasn’t Lexi who did it, instead it was Ms. Olson, the old lady two houses down.

“Mom where’s Lexi?” I asked.

“Huh? She moved yesterday silly. Remember, you guys went out to eat and everything.”

“We…did,” I lied. “Y-Yeah, I…remember now. Hey mom, h-how long did you know about her moving?”

“She told me about two week ago, said she wanted to break the news to you herself. You two became really good friends after all so I thought that would be fine. Do you miss her already?”

“K-Kind of.”

“Awe,” she patted my back. “Did you have a crush on her?”

“Ew!” I shook my head to sell the act, “No way, girls are gross.”

“See if you say that in four years.”

Both my mom and Ms. Olson laughed, but the truth was that I felt like someone had just told me I had cooties and couldn’t hang out with my best friend anymore. It was unfair, low, and more importantly left me with a feeling that I grew to despise with every ounce of sense in my body.

I felt…abandoned.

“Awe, cheer up TK.” Melody rubbed my back as I finished retelling the short version of the story.

The restaurant was empty now, with the only people left inside being Melody, myself, and Taco. He was a stout man with golden skin, a thick accent, and a mullet that put normal hair to shame. Only reason we gave him the nickname was because he was the only person I’d ever seen make pasta shells into mini-taco shells, and since he didn’t think it was racist at all we agreed to call him Taco.

“Well, that does solve the mystery of why you have a complex with abandonment.”

“Senorita,” Taco shook his head. “Show some sympathy for TK.”

“Taco, are you seriously asking me to show sympathy for TK when he has that-” she spun around in the barstool and pointed out the window to where Lexi was standing. “-hot piece of ass waiting outside for him. I mean, for fucks sake the girl makes me wish I was straight just so she could turn me into a lesbian again! God she’s like my dream girl come true.”

“Off topic but does anyone else know that deep down you are probably the biggest pervert that works at this restaurant other then Taco and I?”

“Nope. I’m just the cute little Asian girl to everyone but you two,” she stated proudly. “But back on topic, you should totally introduce me to her.

“You’re on your own Melody.”

“Oh c’mon! You’re pussy blocking me right now TK.”

“Pussy blocking you? Dah fuck is that?”

“It’s like cock blocking but for girls.”

“Riiiiiight” I looked at Taco for confirmation but he just shrugged. “Why don’t you just go talk to her?”

“What am I in high school? You have to introduce me or else I’ll come on as desperate!”

“You are desperate senorita,” Taco added, popping the cap off of a beer and chugging it in a single gulp.

“Yeah, but she doesn’t know that. Look, I may be a lesbian, but if a three way is the only opportunity for me to sleep with her, then I will gladly get on my knees and suck your dick TK. That’s how serious I am.”

“I’m not sleeping with her, end of story. All I want, right now, is to forget that she’s even here.”

“You want to forget?” Taco raised his brow in curiosity before reaching down and grabbing a beer. He popped it open and slammed it in front of me, “Cerveza senior. Drink up!”

I looked at the beer bottle then at Taco, a skeptical look in my eyes, “This is gonna make me forget about her?”

“With enough alcohol it can make you forget about anything. “

“Taco!” Melody protested, snatching the beer away from me. “He’s only sixteen!”

“So? I was drinking everyday when I was his age.”

“You have to have been with a gut like that! Plus, we’re responsible for him right now. What would Missy K say if she found out we let him drink?”

“She doesn’t have to know, and if we get him drunk enough he might introduce you to your dream chica.”

Melody slid the beer back in front of me, “Start drinking TK. He’s probably gonna need a couple more too Taco.”

“Glad to see you sticking to your guns Melody,” I mumbled grabbing the beer and chugging it just like Taco had done only moments ago. About halfway through the bland taste finally hit me and I stopped, coughing uncontrollably, “God this taste like shit.”

“It get’s better the more you drink,” Taco said.


“Does for me.”

I accepted his answer and stomached the horrible taste as I slowly but surely finished my first beer. Needless to say after six beers my world was spinning like a tilt-o-whirl at a carnival. Whether or not that made me a light weight didn’t concern me in the slightest.

“How ya feeling TK?”

“Fu-hic-ck you. You lesbian bitch.” I pointed a finger at her menacingly while slowly starting to topple to the ground. Luckily she caught me and helped me stabilize, “God I love you so much.”

“Well, at least we know that he’s a funny drunk.”

“Why!” I shouted, “Am I drinking again?”

“The senorita outside broke your heart TK. You’re trying to forget that you know her,” Taco explained with a chuckle.

“Who’s a senorita?”

“Yeah, he’s definitely not going to remember this. Jeez he has school tomorrow too. His hangover is gonna suck!”

I tried to rest my head in my hand but ended up slipping and banging my head on the table, “Fuuuuuuuuck!”

They both burst into laughter after that, sending ear shattering echoes through my head. The whole thing was painful to listen to and I was forced to plug my ears until they finally shut up.

“Well look at the bright side. Looks like Lexi found someone to take her home,” she pointed towards the window and I whirled around to see for myself. Sure enough there was a man outside, or at least I think it was a man. Right now it was extremely hard to tell which one was Lexi to be honest, but after squinting and leaning forward my eyes finally adjusted to what was going on outside, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Son of…bitch,” I stood up, my body about as stable as a meth addict’s hands. Grabbing my bag that I had on the ground, I fished out my keys and walked over to Melody, stuffing them down her shirt, “Lock up for me.”

“Y’know, if you were any other guy, I would probably have whooped your ass for copping a feel on me,” she said.

“Fuck you!” I held up a middle finger while stumbling towards the door. With a Spartan kick that would’ve made Leonidus pride, I kicked the door open and nearly collapsed on the ground, swaying from side to side while I turned to my right and got a good look at the creep that was grabbing onto Lexi’s wrist. He was barely my height, with a big raincoat on and four eyes…although I’m pretty sure that last part was more of the alcohol then actual appearance, and if there was a good reason for him to be grabbing onto her wrist, then I never bothered to find out because I cocked my arm back and decked the guy so hard that he crumbled like a house of cards. Leaning over him, I held out my middle finger, “Fuck you! You piece of sh-hic-t!”

Lexi put her hand on my shoulder, “Nice entrance.”

I shoved her hand off of me and whirled around, pointing at finger at her, although I quickly found out it was hard to point one finger at someone when I was seeing double now.

“Fuck you too!” I flipped her the bird, or at least the one I thought was really her. You bitch! Wearing the same shit you left me with! Go back to wherever the fuck you w-hic-ere.” With a clumsy turn, I started walking the other direction, holding up my middle finger as if it was a trophy for all to see. “I’m leaving!”

I started heading down the street, trying to emphasize just how pissed off I was but failing miserable as I staggered from side to side. My world suddenly started tilting to the right and I had a bad feeling that I was about to be taught a lesson in gravity. Right before I hit the ground I felt someone grab onto my arm and yank me back up to my feet.

“You’re drunk,” she said softly.

“And you’re still a bitch. Now let go of me! I gotta get home.”

“It might help if you were going the right way then.”

I stopped and looked around, realizing that she was right, “Fuuuuuuuuck.”

With a burning pain in my throat slowly starting to grow, I turned and blew chunks on the sidewalk, my eyes slowly starting to close as everything went black.

When my eyes opened back up, I was lying safely in my bed, still wearing my work clothes but with my memory seriously lacking as to what happened after I puked. I weakly got to my feet, my brain rattling with the slightest of movement and dry taste in my mouth that almost made me gag. Everything felt like shit. That was the easiest way I could describe my feelings, and it only got worse when I looked at the clock.

“I’m…late,” I lazily said aloud, standing up and stumbling towards my dresser where I kept some spray on deodorant, coating my body with it as if it would magically stop the pain I was feeling. Grabbing my backpack and popping a stick of gum in my mouth, I wobbled my way out of my room and downstairs, waltzing into the kitchen to grab a water bottle before heading out the door. The walk to school felt like an uphill climb through snow with too little gremlins bashing my head in with each step, but finally I managed to get there. I un-tucked my shirt as I walked down the empty hallway, chugging the last of my water bottle before dropping it on the ground.

Flinging the door open, the entire room froze to look at me, but I was more concerned about the overwhelming light that was flooding through the windows across from me and blinding me.

“Mr. Kingly?” Melissa gasped. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah…sorry I’m late,” I shielded my eyes and walked through the class towards my seat as the students whispered opinions on my current appearance. With a loud thud I sat in my chair and squinted my eyes to ease the pain as Melissa slowly restarted her lecture.

“Dude, you ok?” Jason whispered. “Isn't that what you wear to work?”

“Hung-over bro,” I mumbled, resting my head on the icy cold desk. “Just let me sleep.”

“Hung-over? You drank last night?” He didn’t get an answer because I was out like donuts at a cop convention. I didn’t know how long it lasted however, but I awoke sometime later with a gentle shake of my shoulder, “Dude wake up! You gotta see this!”

I lifted my head, feeling slightly better then I did this morning as I rubbed my head, “What time is it?”

“Lunch just started, but dude, hurry your ass up you gotta check this out.”

“Whatever it is man, I probably don’t care about it.”

“It’s a hot babe Tucker! She’s been wandering the halls looking for someone since lunch began, and she even puts Heartbreak Hailey to shame!”

“No way?”

“He’s in here!” Shawn shouted from the doorway, pointing a finger directly at me. I looked at him, then to Jason who shrugged, obviously as confused as I was until someone came walking through the door. She wore short shorts that exposed all of her long tanned legs, and a baggy shirt that exposed her right shoulder and revealed a strap of her red bra.

With her hands on her hips, Lexi shook her head in disappointment, “Tucker.”

She walked towards me while a crowd of students came rushing towards the door to see what was going on. The few people that were still in the classroom had about the same jaw dropping expression that I had, and it wasn’t until Lexi was walking down my aisle that I noticed that both Hailey and Melissa were still in the room.

“I swear,” she shook her head, reaching into her purse and pulling out a neatly wrapped box. “You forgot your lunch silly.” I opened my mouth to protest but she flicked my forehead, stopping me in my tracks before bending down to kiss me in front of everyone. With a teasing hum, she pulled away and smiled, “See at you home baby.”

Placing her hand on my chest, she shoved me backwards without warning and giggled her way out of the classroom leaving me on the floor to wonder what the hell was happening.

I heard footsteps stampeding to my side and soon I saw Shawn’s face dangerously close to my own, “Tucker! You know her?”

“I wish I didn’t Shawn,” I closed my eyes, “I really wish…I didn’t.”

Author's Note:
Enjoy? Hopefully no mistakes spelling or grammar wise.


2018-06-07 02:02:27
Too much plot, barley any sex. At the middle the story starts becoming increasingly confusing. I think you should take time to develop your characters more. Other than that, I would give this a thumbs up.

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i have not noticed any errors in grammar or spelling

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If you can deck someone that easily while drunk you swing like fucking rocky balboa

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If you can deck someone that easily while drunk you swing like fucking rocky balboa

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To the critics, it's a story dumbasses. Stop projecting your expectations of how a character should or shouldn't act onto the author. It's a very good story, very entertaining. The plotline could seriously be movie potential.

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