A shy 13 yr old girl finds a hot way to get herself off.
Another weekend is almost over. It’s already Sunday and I haven’t gotten off properly. Looking at my mom’s porn lesbo videos and magazines just don’t cut it for me anymore. Yeah, I know a 13 year old girl shouldn’t be ass horney as I am.

I need the real thing, but the thing is, everyone treats me like a “little girl”. I mean I am mature for my age. I have light brown hair, deep sexy brown eyes, a fair complexion, and a tight little body. I see the teen boys and some of the teen girls at school check me out, but I’m just too damn shy. So I’ve dedicated myself to been a peeping tom-girl whenever I can.

It just turns out that my bedroom window overlooks bedroom of the girl next door, Jessica Daniels. Jessica is a hot, blonde cheerleader type, who just happens to love fucking her girl friends. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels are both in real estate and hardily ever seem to be around so when Jessica is home she is seldom alone. My mom thinks I am in my bedroom studying; she even confiscated my lap top so I wouldn’t have any distractions. If mom only knew, how distracted I was by Jessica. I have my lights off and I pull my mom’s Bushnell’s from under my pillow.

The lights in Jessica’s room are off but I know she is home because all the lights on the lower level house on and I two hot looking figures are moving around. I’m patient, it usually pays off. After about five minutes I see Jessica’s bedroom door open.

My heart is in my throat as I see Jessica, leading Kate Miller, the hot, hot read headed captain of the cheer squad into her room. Jessica is wearing a super-tight pair of jean cut offs and a white tank-top while Kate has on a tight jean skirt and a deep V cut sweater. Jessica doesn’t waste any time she takes Kate by the hips and brings her in close and begins kissing her as if she was starved for the girls lips. Then Jessica pushes the redhead back onto the bed.

Finally, I’m going to get some action. I will be able to frig my little clit to orgasm, while these horney girls molest each other. Jessica doesn’t waste any time, immediately she is straddling her friend taking off the sweater and pulling the skirt down Kate’s long, tanned legs. Kate takes off her own bra letting her large firm tities bounce into view. I focus in with the Bushnell’s, fuck I love watching them bounce under her cheers team uniform but to see them in the flesh had my little cut dripping.

Kate’s nipples were, pink, long and hard as Jessica slurped one up with her gloss covered lips. Kate through her head and shoulder-length wavy hair back as she enjoyed her friend’s mouth on one perfect tittie then the other. With the binoculars I could see Jessica’s tongue swirling around each stiff nipple then she would let her teeth nibble down lightly on each nipple which would set Kate off grinding her now bare pussy in the air, I moved my view to that beautiful cunt, shaved, puffy and already moist along the slit.

Suddenly Jessica’s hand came into view and I moaned as her whole hand covered Kate’s cunt grinding down hard with the heel and palm of her hand. I moved the view to Kate’s face, her mouth open her tongue lashing over her full lips. I didn’t need to be a lip reader to know what Kate wanted. “Fuck me. Fuck me now Jess!” was easy to make out.

I moved my view down her red head’s hot, tight body in time to see Jessica part Kate’s now slick outer lips, revealing a gorgeous pussy, so pink and delicate. Jessica put her middle finger deep in her mouth, looking at her friend, half smiling then she took the finger dripping with saliva from her mouth and brought it to the folds of her friends cunt. Kate spread her legs wider as if to accommodate her friend, them Jessica twisted the finger slowly and steadily into Kat’s hot looking cunt. Kate responded by arching her back and pushing up so that her friends finger would be buried to the hilt in her cunt. Jessica leaned over and spit on her friend’s clit and began slashing three fingers back and forth over the redhead’s perky clit.

I was trembling and reached under my skirt and began rubbing my wet little pussy through my cotton panties. With the binocs in my right hand I kept my focus on Kat’s lovely cunt as her friend did her best to get her off. As I play with myself I pretend I am Jessica as she takes her finger from her friend’s cunt and tastes her juices, I can almost taste it on my tongue, as she spits on two fingers and says something to Kate and the red head nods. Jessica now pushes two fingers into her friend’s cunt with one smooth swift move, then she gets down on the floor beside the bed and leans forward and begins kissing her friends thighs, then her flat tummy and finally her tongue takes a long lash over Kat’s exposed clit. I moan lashing my tongue over my dry lips wanting to taste a girl’s cunt so badly.

I pull my panties to the side, my shaved pussy lips are so slick I easily slip my middle finger in all the way, I groan softly, focusing as best I can on Jessica’s tongue and fingers as she flicks and drags her link tongue over Kat’s clit and pumps two fingers steadily in and out of her tight looking cunt.

I move my view up to Kates face: eye’s closed mouth open “Fuck yes!” Kate is roughly pulling on both of her long nipples, twists them as if to bring herself closer, and closer to coming. I let my thumb brush over my little clit and shiver with the delight. I realize I could make myself cum now if I wanted. I bring my finger from my tight pussy and lap and my juices. I love the taste of my own cunt but I would give anything to taste Kate’s at this moment.

With both hands back on the binoculars, I focus back on Kate’s dripping cunt and Jessica’s amazing tongue how it flicks with such speed and steadiness and can’t imagine how Kate is still holding out. Kate’s hips and humping off the bed with each stroke of Kat’s fingers deep into her pussy and then I see Jessica suck hard on Kat’s clit so hard Jessica’s cheeks collapse. Jessica is looking up into Kat’s eyes which are now open wide, I look over the binocs to take in the full scene. Kate is coming her whole body moves like a one muscle flexing in a wave breaking over her friend’s beautiful face. I gasp as Jessica moves her mouth back to take a spray of girl cum all over her face only a small portion of the cum entering her open mouth . Kate’s whole body jerks uncontrollably as a second and third spurt drench her friends face and the bed.

Jessica is laughing letting her tongue slice through the foaming and engorged cunt lips of friend. Kate was grabbing at the covers as she seemed to cum again but there was no spray this time. My cunt is twitching I know if I touch myself even once I would cum hard instead I throw my head back and stifles a moan.

Kate is breathing heavy her beautiful boobs rising and falling as Jessica gets up. Her tank top is soaked with Kate’s cum and she whips it off and drops it on the floor. She unbuttons her jean shorts and slips her hand inside, I notice that there is actually a large wet spot where Jessica’s cunt lips are clearly outlined in the crotch of the shorts. Jessica says something to Kate then smiles, and pushes her shorts and thong down her legs in one motion. Jessica then goes to the dresser and pulls out a large strap-on dildo. I had seen this before put this time Jessica was handing it to her friend. I had only seen Jessica use the strap-on to fuck one of her many fuck buddies.

Kate moved to the side of the bed and slipped her long sensual legs into the strap on. Standing she brought the cock to her crotch and with Jessica’s help cinched it in place. Immediately Jessica is on her knees lick and swirling her tongue over the flesh colored cock knob. I gasp, the thing must be nearly eight inches long and as thick as the cocks I had seen in porn movies. Jessica was now going down on the cock, coating it with strings of her saliva while looking up into Kate’s face. I looked through the binocs and marveled at how deep Jessica could take the dildo, no wonder she was so damn popular with football players.

Jessica stood up and kissed Kate hard and long I could see their tongues playing and flicking. Jessica was stroking the long hard dildo with the same passion as she would a real one. This girl was horney and she wanted this cock more than anything. I reached under my pillow again and pulled out a vibe dildo I had stolen from one of my mom’s lovers. She left her purse in the living room and what is a horney girl going to do.

Jessica was like a wild woman she, ripped the wet cover off the bed and them crawled on, pushing her ass into the air, and then yelling something at Kate, “Fuck me bitch!” I think.

Kate crawls on the bed and leans over and parts her friend’s pussy lips slick with juices and pushes her long narrow tongue in as far as she can. Jessica’s face contorts as Kate begins to tongue fuck her friend’s slick cunt hole. I adjust the focus of the binocs so that I have an extreme close up of Jessica’s cunt being pounded by Kate’s quick long tongue. The sight of it sliding in and out of those velvety lips is nearly to much for me. Thank god my mom is downstairs watching TV I let out a loud moan.

Kate folds the slipper pink cunt lips wider apart so she can get her tongue deeper in that pussy hole and Jessica is writhing under the attention. Kate’s free hand reaches up and traps her friend’s protruding clit between her forefinger and thumb and Jessica arches her back like an alley cat in heat.

Just when she has her friend on the verge of a wild cum Kate backs off and slaps Jessica’s ass and laughs. Now through the binocs I can see Jessica’s thi9ghs trembling as she pushes her ass and cunt higher in the air but her friend is now spitting on the hard dildo stroking it up and down as if to touch it like that would give her pleasure. Leaning forward; Kate took the cock in one hand and slapped it hard against Jessica’s sensitive clit and cunt lips. Kate was merciless even though Jessica dipped her hips as if to avoid the attack of the dildo.

Kate slapped Jessica’s ass hard and yelled at her, I couldn’t see the red head’s lips to read them, but Jessica tentatively pushed her perfect bubble ass up in the air again. This time Kate was gentler as she slowly pushed the bulbous head of the cock up and down her friends spread pussy lips grinding the cock down hard over Jessica’s engorged clit. I couldn’t take it anymore, as Kate moved the big cock-head to the opening of Jessica’s cunt I took the vibe turned it on and let it circle the opening of my tight cunt.

Kate was moving in slow motion as her hands drew circles over her friend’s hips and ass and the cock head slowly worked its way into Jessica’s tight teen cunt. I groaned and pushed my vibe in an inch. I could see Jessica’s whole body react as Kate shifted her hips forward pressing the big cock deeper into Jessica’s cunt. Finally Jessica pushed back hard, impaling herself on the big dildo and opening her mouth in a sound of pure pleasure.

I followed suit and buried the vibe deep into my cunt. The sensation was unbelievable. I let my cunt walls grab at the vibe as I returned my attention to the cock not moving in and out of Jessica’s cunt. With each shift of Kate’s hips the cock pulled out grabbing at Jessica’s cunt lips and then just as suddenly Kate pressed forward ramming the cock mercilessly into her friend’s foaming cunt. I didn’t think Jessica could hold out much longer especially when her hand reached back and she began pulling at her own clit with her fingertips and scratching at the flesh button with her long angular fingernails.

Kate slapped her girl friend’s ass hard and let a long string of saliva drip down onto Jessica’s puckered ass hole . She spread the spit with her thumb and almost immediately forced her thumb deep into Jessica’s bum hole. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Jessica began jerking and convulsing under the onslaught of Kate’s cock and thumb, The convulsions were so strong they pushed the cock all the way out of Jessica’s cunt and like a broken faucet cum sprayed every direction soaking Kate’s breasts tummy and legs. Jessica thrust her ass in the air as another huge spurt of cum caught Kate full on the face.

I was in shock at the intensity of Jessica’s climax and didn’t notice the cum bubbling up in my own young cunt I put one hand on the vibe and pulled it out just in time to see my cunt squirt girl cum all over my chair and all over the floor and window sill I was growling and my trembling body rose up out of the chair as my second wave of cum sprayed all over the window pane. I was trembling and coming again cum sluicing down my thighs and dripping all over the hardwood floor of my room. Never had I cum before with such intensity. Tears were filling my eyes I looked through the cum running down window to see the two beautiful girls embracing on Jessica’s bed. I slumped back onto the soaked chair, grinning ear to ear. These two are amazing. I hope they aren’t finished. I wanted to cum again, I brought the cum coated dildo to my mouth and sucked it clean.

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This was great but would be better if maybe in part 2 they two girls catch the narrator and include her in it!!! :)


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This made me so wet. I fingered myself and cummed. Please write another!

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