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A thief breaks into a wealthy banker?s mansion to find a treasure-cove of valuables? and the banker?s daughters.
NOTES: No plagiarism at all. Hope you enjoy the story. Thanks. [/i]

It took a decade and a few prison sentences, but eventually, Joey learned that the key to success as a thief – or any kind of criminal, for that matter – was repetition. And so when he planned the Edmund heist (his greatest job), he already knew how it was all going to go down – he would throw a homemade smoke bomb into the house and set the alarms off. The firefighters would respond, and he would dress up as a government official and slip into the house in all the commotion. Then he would proceed to steal as many valuables as he could find, put them in his “inspection bags,” and walk right out through the front door. By the time the theft was reported, he would be in another state, with another identity, a new look, and a lot more money to spend. Perhaps Joey was right, because everything started off as planned.

Richard Edmund, a wealthy banker in his fifties, and his two daughters, Sarah and Trisha, were all relaxed in their wondrous mansion when the scent of a raging fire came about. Richard, however, was focused on a market analysis, and the two, young women were focused on spending money, and so the three completely ignored the smell of smoke and steam.

To Richard’s dismay, the scent became unavoidable, and he began to think of losing his assets and hard work, and because of that, he became a bit worried.

“Are any of you two trying to cook?! Because if you are, it doesn’t seem to be working out!” exclaimed Richard, who must have had to yell and shout in order to get the attention of his two, precious girls. They were most likely trying on a new dress, or a recently released and expensive pair of shoes.

The two couldn’t have heard him due to the sheer size of the mansion, and Richard was too afraid of shifting his attention for a second and losing all of his investments due to a sudden crash of the market.

When the alarms switched on, however, Richard was forced to investigate the source of the smoke.

“Shit!” he shouted before standing from his executive chair and leaving his private study to find the source of the smell.

Richard was shocked when he first discovered the cloud of smoke in the kitchen and bar areas. The smoke was so thick and powerful that he could not see through it, and he could not breathe normally whenever he entered the cloud of smoke.

Of course, Richard failed to find the source of the smoke. The bomb itself had already been combusted, and only unnoticeable ash remained. When emergency services called, Richard was happy to answer
“This is Lydia from the local emergency services. Is everything alright?” asked Lydia over the phone.

“No, no, nothing is alright.” He let out an exaggerated sigh to indicate his annoyance for the situation, and continued. “There’s a giant cloud of smoke in the kitchen and in the bar, and I don’t have a damn idea as to where it’s coming from.”

“Alright, try to calm down sir. I’ve already sent emergency personnel to your address, and they will arrive as soon as possible. Are you home alone, sir?”

“No, I’m with my two daughters.” He sighed once again, moved the phone’s speaker away from his mouth and shouted “Sarah, Trisha, get down here now! There’s a fire!” He then proceeded to talk with Lydia over the phone.

“Sir, you and your daughters should wait outside for emergency personnel to arrive. The longer you stay in the smoke, the more likely there will be a casualty.”

“Yeah, yeah, I understand. That all, Lydia?” asked Richard. He was impatient, furious, worried, and his attitude began seeping into his conversation.

“That’s about all, sir.”

“Good.” He then placed the phone back in its socket, and the call was disconnected.

“Fucking Christ!” he exclaimed. “I cannot believe this is happening!”

“Oh my god, what is that?!” Richard was so furious that he did not hear his two daughters enter the kitchen area. He quickly turned around to speak with them.

He started with his trademark sigh. “It’s this damn smoke. There’s supposed to be some kind of fire in this area, and now we wait for the damn firefighters to get here.”

“Shouldn’t we wait outside?” asked Trisha, who was the least affected by the hazard. She barely ever stepped into the kitchen, anyway.

“No, I’m not leaving his house until I make sure all our property is safe.”

The three Edmund’s stood near their kitchen and bar until the emergency personnel arrived.

The entourage of vehicles included a black SUV, two fire trucks, and a police car. They all rushed out their vehicles, and charged into the open front door, determined to terminate any natural threat existing in the mansion.

Richard heard the commotion towards the front, and rushed over to them. He was met with a massive crowd of emergency personnel.

“Mr. Edmund?” asked a firefighter.

“Yes, that is me.”

“Is everyone here fine?”

“Yes, everyone here is in perfect condition.”

“Great. Now can you put me in the right direction to the smoke?”

“Follow me.” answered Richard.

“Alright.” The firefighter turned toward the rest of the men. “Let’s sweep this floor for any kind of signs of fire or smoke.” All the men nodded their heads in agreement, and everyone scattered.

The firefighter followed Richard into the kitchen, where the smoke was now spread across the whole room, and not as thick as it was before.

“Alright sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stand back. We’re just going to check for any obvious fire, and inspect this area.”

Richard was too agitated to respond with an argument, and so he nodded his head and let the men do their job.

About twenty minutes pass and the emergency personnel complete their inspection. By that time, a great deal of smoke cleared, and the ash on the floor could be clearly seen by the personnel.

“Alright sir,” started the firefighter, “there is no fire, and there was no fire in the first place. This must have been some kind of teenage practical joke.” The firefighter pointed down at the ash. “This here must have been some kind of smoke bomb.”

“And that’s exactly what it was.” interrupted a new voice.

Both the emergency personnel and the Edmunds looked towards the source of this new voice. And there stood Joey. He wore a suit, dark sunglasses, a phony ID on his chest, and had a loaded pistol strapped to his belt.

“I’m from the Department of Homeland Security.” said Joey as he removed a phony badge from his left-jacket-pocket. He displayed his badge to the crowd for a few seconds, and placed it back in his pocket.

“This here is your classic, homemade smoke bomb.”

Joey walked towards the remains of his smoke bomb. “They’re a deadly mixture of potassium nitrate and sucrose, or in layman’s terms, your everyday table sugar. All you need is a match to set these things off and boom,” a pause, “you have an incident like this.”

“Yes, that’s incredible, but why are you here in my house?” asked Richard, who at this point was agitated at everything he encountered.

“We’ve been investigating a series of recent incidents like this, dating back to 2008. We believe their connected to several terrorist threats against the United States government.”

Joey walked towards the talkative firefighter. “You guys can pack up here. We’ll run a series of safety inspections ourselves.”

To Joey’s surprise, the firefighter nodded his head, and turned around.

“Alright, boys, let’s pack it up.”

“We haven’t finished checkin’ the house out, Pete.” replied one of the firefighters.

“That’s all right. Homeland security is going to take it from here. Bring all the gear back to the truck and we’ll clear out.”

The men looked at Pete, looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and cleared out the mansion.

Now that Joey successfully infiltrated the mansion, he decided to begin the robbery.

“Alright. I’m going to have to run a series of inspections on this house. Don’t worry, you can all return to your original business.” Joey revealed three large duffel bags and a backpack he had placed near the entrance to the kitchen.

“I can’t have you completely alone around my house. I’ll have one of the girls follow you.” Richard pointed to the bar, and Joey was shocked at what he saw.

Trisha and Sarah, who were sitting at the bar, stood up when they were called. Joey couldn’t help noticing the two stunning ladies who were walking toward him.

Trisha was an average-heighted blonde who looked to be in her mid-twenties. She had a flat core, but her thighs and butt were both large. Her breasts were smaller, but very perky. She wore very tight, white yoga pants, which stressed and exaggerated her ass’s size and shape. She also wore a tight, white T-shirt, and because she wasn’t wearing a bra, one could easily see her two, hard nipples.

Sarah, on the other hand, was taller and skinnier. She was a black-haired bombshell, with an average-sized ass and average-sized breasts, but she had a face to die for, and her body was abundant in curves. She wore tight jean-shorts, which not only showed-off her ass, but revealed to Joey her perfect legs, which were without a scratch or mark.

Joey had to fight with himself to stick to the plan. In the end of his self-conflict, he realized the importance of the heist, and so he continued his scheme.

“I’m sorry sir, but this is to remain a secretive and classified investigation. I can’t have anyone observing me while I inspect this residence. Of course, if you’d like, they can watch me in the basement.” Joey figured that allowing the two girls to inspect him in the basement was a perfect way to cover up any suspicion.

Richard, with all his impatience, was not in the mood to argue. “Yes, yes, yes, fine. You do your thing, and I’ll do mine. If you need me, I’ll be in my study.” Richard then looked back at his two girls.

“You two wait here for this man, and when he’s ready, take him down to the basement and show him around.” The two girls were very annoyed, but they both remained calm and pleasant on the outside. They nodded their heads, smiled, and watched Richard walk off.

“Oh, and by the way,” Richard turned around, “the basement is completely sound-proof, so try not to blow anything up down there?”

“Sir, I’m a professional. You won’t have to worry about a thing.”

Reassured, Richard walked up two flights of steps, down the hallway, and into his private study, where he continued his work.

The two girls smiled at Joey, turned around, and walked back to the bar.

Joey was now clear to begin the robbery. He equipped his latex gloves, and traveled up the executive steps.

He started at the second floor, where he found a massive amount of valuables. In almost every room of the second floor, he was able to find diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds, jewelry, coins, watches, and thousands of dollars in cold, hard cash. By the time he was finished cleaning out the second floor, two of his three duffel bags were overloaded with valuables.

Joey then proceeded to the third floor, where the two girls kept their jewelry collections. He knew to stay as quiet as possible – Richard was on the third floor. Joey started in Trisha’s room – he was able to pick the lock to her large jewelry cabinet, and was very surprised at the immense size of her collection. There must have been at least fifty pieces of jewelry in her possession, and Joey was able to find enough space in his two, overloaded duffle bags to stash her whole collection.

When Joey was done in Trisha’s room, he moved to Sarah’s room, where he found an expensive gem collection. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires were all stashed. He did not steal her jewelry, because he knew each bag could only hold a certain amount of loot.

While checking Sarah’s drawers, he came across a trap door. Excited at what he would find inside, he began throwing her underwear out of the drawer, and noticed a keyhole. He took another one of his lock-picks, and was easily able to unlock the trap door.

He was once again surprised to find a large stash of cocaine and pills in this drawer. Joey (out of experience) understood how to react to a situation like this. He was smart enough to leave the drugs in the mansion – instead, Joey removed his camera from his pocket and began taking pictures of the cocaine and pills. He even took pictures of the room, and of the scenery outside. If the Edmund family ever chose to come after Joey, he would use the photos to keep them off his back.

Joey cleaned Sarah’s room up by placing the trap door back in its place and throwing her panties back into the drawer.

He then moved down the hall and past Richard’s private study, and began searching Richard’s large room for a safety box.

Joey did not want to steal jewelry from the banker himself, and so he figured he would steal cold, hard cash instead.

Joey was able to find the safe behind a painting in Richard’s possession, and to increase his luck, was able to find the combination for this safety box under Richard’s bed.

Joey unlocked and opened the safe, and was more than excited to find twelve bundles of $20,000. Every bundle was comprised of neatly stacked $100 bills, and bundled with thick rubber bands labeled “$20,000.” Joey, knowing he hit the jackpot, quickly threw all the bundles in a duffle bag. He then searched the safe extensively, and found a copy of the Edmund family will.

Joey was shocked after reading the rather short will, and decided he could use it against the Edmund family (in case of emergency). He closed the safe, and traveled back down the stairs to the ground level.
As Joey traveled down the stairs, he overheard fragments of the girls’ conversation.

“O-M-G, I really want that watch. Yeah, mine has like three diamonds instead of four, and I really can’t stand the three-diamonds thing. Like, they are so cheap.”

And as he got to the final steps: “Yeah, that dress costs like $20,000 dollars, but it is so cheap. I got the better one for like $40,000.” Moments like these made Joey want to steal more .

“Rich, spoiled bitches.” he murmured to himself as he walked towards the kitchen.

To avoid suspicion, Joey took all three bags with him and into the kitchen area.

“Hey, girls, you can come with me downstairs now.” The two girls rolled their eyes to each other, and walked towards Joey.

“I’m Joey, by the way, Joey Delgano.”

“Yeah, whatever.” said Sarah nastily.

“Oh my god, Sarah. You’re so mean.” said Trisha with a smirk on her face.

She then turned to Joey. “Hi, I’m Trisha.” Joey looked at her face for a few seconds and knew she was faking the smile.

Joey didn’t reply. He was, at this point, very glad he robbed the Edmund mansion.

“I’ll follow you two.” he said.

Sarah and Trisha walked down the steps, and Joey followed. He wasn’t planning on stealing anything from the basement, but he closed the door anyway, sealing the sound-proof basement completely.

The three reached the large basement, and Joey decided he would place the heavy bags on the couch there. He then turned around to the girls to speak with them.

“Alright, I’m just going to do some basic inspections down here. It should all take less than ten minutes, and you ladies can get on with your day.”

“Yeah, cool.” started Trisha. “Can I ask you a question, though?” Joey’s original plan started to deteriorate from there.

“Uh, sure, why not. Shoot.”

“Yeah, why do you need three bags to do all the testing?” asked Trisha. Joey’s heart skipped a beat.

“Well, these inspections do require a large amount of heavy tools.” Joey thought the questions would end there, but things only got worse.

“Oh, cool. Can I see them?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. All contents within these bags are classi-”

“Alright, thanks!” Trisha interrupted Joey and was able to quickly un-zip a duffel bag.

“You asshole, this is my jewelry!” yelled Trisha, who was now aggressive. She quickly threw her hand in the duffle bag, and retrieved a large, pearl necklace.

“You aren’t a government official. You’re just some cheap, petty thief.” Sarah, who already despised Joey, was now ready to punish him for interrupting her plans. “Ugh, I’m calling the cops.” said Sarah, who immediately went for the staircase.

Joey’s initial plan had failed, and his instinct started to kick in. Joey ran towards Sarah, bypassed her, blocked the stairway, and raised his gun at the two girls.

“No you don’t. You two are staying down here. Back it up.”

“I’m not listening to some fucking low-life criminal.” replied Trisha, who was now nasty with her guest.

“Oh yeah? Then I’ll blow your damn head off.” To demonstrate his honesty, Joey pointed the gun at the floor below him, and shot. The two girls jumped at the sound of gunfire.

“Oh, I remember. This whole room is sound-proof, right? That means I could kill the shit out of you two, and have no one hear a thing.” A pause. “You get me? Now back the fuck up and get on the wall.”

The two girls, now afraid for their lives, complied, and walked fast towards the wall opposite the staircase.

“You know, I can’t stand you rich bitches. You’re like gnats, you’re like dirty animals, and you’re like greedy, fat pieces of shit. And if this house was without its riches, I’d have taken care of you two already.”

“You’re such a jealous asshole. Go to hell!” said Sarah, who still seemed to have a bit of courage left.

“Okay, okay, you know what, I’m not gonna yell at you. I see what you want.” Joey pointed his gun at Sarah.

“Take your damn clothes off.”

“Ew, no, you fucking pervert.”

“Bitch, take…the fucking… clothes… off!”

“Just do it, Sarah. Just do it!” exclaimed Trisha desperately, who was now frightened and crying.

“Listen to your damn sister before I shoot you. Oh, and do trust me on this, I’m really close to that point.”

Sarah, who was now influenced by her sister, and afraid she would be shot, slowly took her yoga pants off, revealing her beautiful legs.

“Turn around, bitch.” commanded Joey. Sarah, who was now crying, slowly turned around, and Joey could see her sexy, beautiful, and thick ass.

“Take the underwear off, and do it quick. I’ll kill your sister if you take too long.”

Sarah, with her face to the wall, shook her head and cried. She began making an unbearable amount of noise.

“It’s soundproof, dumbass. It doesn’t matter how much you cry. No one else can hear us. Now take your underwear off.”

Sarah continued shaking her head.

“Alright, then.” Joey pointed his gun at Trisha. “Trisha, take your sister’s panties off before I shoot her.

Trisha, whose fear for Joey was endless, immediately complied. She crept toward Sarah, and slowly pulled her underwear down.

Joey started getting hard at the sight of Sarah’s bare ass and her exposed pussy.

“Good girl, Trisha. Now I want you to put your hands on Sarah’s vagina, okay?”

Trisha, who cried as if tears were going out of style, paused, looked back at Joey, and began whining.

“I don’t wanna do it!” she cried, hoping Joey would feel sorry for her.

“When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it. Now take your clothes off, too.”

Trisha cried even more, and shook her head in desperate defiance.

“Okay.” Joey, who was now too horny to control himself, quickly walked over to Trisha and began removing her clothes by force.

With his gun in hand, Joey was able to grab Trisha’s shirt at its center, and tear it off of her. Joey then holstered his gun, and tore her bra off, leaving her completely topless. He then moved away from the two.

“Okay, Sarah. Let’s see if you can take her place. I want you to unbutton her jeans and take her underwear off. Then I want you to rub your sister’s clit, okay?”

Sarah, who was extremely frightened, simply nodded her head.

“Good girl. Now get to work.”

Sarah, who stood next to Trisha, turned to her, and unbuttoned her jeans. She slowly lowered Sarah’s jeans to her ankles, and then moved to Sarah’s underwear.

Sarah hesitated for a brief moment, grabbed Trisha’s panties, and pulled them down as well. Trisha was now completely nude.

“Sarah, you just gained some points in my book. Now rub her clit.”

Sarah cried a little more, and defeated, put her left hand on Trisha’s pussy.

“Start rubbing.” commanded Joey, who pulled his pants and underwear down to his knee, exposing his 9-inch boner. He began to jerk off as Sarah slowly rubbed Trisha’s clit.

“Come on Sarah, I know you’re nervous, but you can go a bit faster.”

Sarah complied with Joey’s indirect command and increased her pace.

“Trisha, I want you to turn around and start rubbing your sister.”

Trisha complied. She slowly turned around, and used her right hand to rub and toy with Sarah’s clit.

“Good girls! I might just let you live.” The two girls began to cry more as they played with each other’s pussies.

The two kept picking up their pace, and after five minutes, Joey was eager to see more.

“Okay, Trisha, you’re up. I want you to eat Sarah’s vagina out. I want you to focus on her clit.”

At this point, the two did not argue. Sarah sat down on the carpet floor, while Trisha got on her knees and moved her face to Sarah’s pussy.

Trisha swiftly attacked Sarah’s clit. She took her whole face and threw it onto Sarah’s pussy. She then took her whole mouth and focused it on Sarah.

Sarah, who was too afraid of objecting to Joey, simply took the treatment from Trisha.

“Excellent, you rich bitches. It’s time you learned something about obedience. Now Trisha, put your two tallest fingers in Sarah’s pussy, and do it with pride.”

Trisha once again found herself pleasuring Sarah. She began ramming her two fingers into Sarah, and would use her mouth to pleasure Sarah’s clit.

“Faster.” commanded Joey. Trisha, fearing her life, complied once again. Sarah would scream louder whenever Trisha went faster. Eventually, her screaming became beyond-unbearable. Joey couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Joey walked over to the pile of tattered clothes beside the two, and he tore a piece off of Trisha’s T-shirt. He then threw it onto Trisha.

“Alright, Trisha. I want you to tie this around Sarah’s head. She’s making too much noise.”

“I don… I don’t want to do that!” cried Trisha, whose tears ran down her cheeks continuously. “It’s wrong.”

Joey began to laugh. “It’s wrong? Wrong?!” He laughed some more. “I’ll show you wrong.”

Joey sped to his backpack, and removed from it the family will.

“Read this, and talk to me more about wrong.” Joey threw the document at Trisha. Trisha slowly picked the will up, and began to read it.

Three minutes had passed, and Trisha lowered the document. She started crying again.

“How could you, Sarah? How could you?”

“It’s none of your business.” started Sarah, who had stopped crying. “It’s not like dad was going to keep letting you spend his money. You haven’t even spent a day in college, and you’re 24.”

“I’m your sister, Sarah!”

“Yeah, and this family doesn’t tolerate under-achieving sluts. Sorry. Don’t think I don’t know about you fucking my boyfriend. You ruined our relationship and didn’t even care about it. Karma can be a bitch.”
Trisha, who began feeling sorry for herself, cried harder.

“That’s it? Your father cuts you off from all that money, leaves you hanging, picks Sarah over you, and all you’re going to do is cry? Sarah the drug addict – yeah I found your stash.

Trisha cried even harder.

“It isn’t my stash, it’s Trisha’s. I was holding it for her because she’s too much of a dumbass to hide it.

Trisha cried a little bit more, and then something changed in her. Both Joey and Sarah began to see anger replace her sorrow and self-pity. They saw the rage in her eyes – and it became so obvious that Sarah moved away from Trisha.

“Karma can be a bitch, huh?” said Trisha to herself, whose eyes were so tainted by anger that they could speak.

Sarah, who by now predicted what would come next, began to back up a bit faster, but all was futile for the unfortunate girl.

Angry Trisha was swift with her movement. Trisha used her knees to propel her up and onto a surprised Sarah. Once on top, Trisha began slapping and spitting on Sarah.

“I’ll show you bad karma, you little bitch.”

It was too late for Sarah. She was overwhelmed by Trisha’s undying force, and was now under Trisha’s control.

Joey, meanwhile, thought of the whole entanglement as entertainment. The two wealthy girls were tearing each other’s hair, spitting on each other, and pulling at each other. The whole ordeal began to turn Joey on. His cock hardened as the two girls pulled at each other’s asses and bit each other’s nipples. He began to stroke his cock at the site of the two, but wasn’t satisfied enough.

“Hey girls,” started Joey after reaching for the pool cue on a nearby pool table. “Use this!”

Joey threw the stick at the two, and Trisha was fortunate enough to be the one to claim it. She took the stick and placed it at the surface of Sarah’s vagina.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do to you, you little bitch, but I wanna humiliate you first.”

Trisha began ramming the pool cue up Sarah’s vagina, and Sarah, who was overwhelmed with pain, began to cringe.

“Stop, stop!” she would yell, but Trisha wasn’t in the proper state-of-mind to end the punishment. Instead, Trisha kept increasing the pace, and she began submerging the pool cue farther into Sarah’s vagina.

Trisha rammed a quarter of the long stick into Sarah’s pussy, and began rubbing Sarah’s clit with an insane speed.

“I’m not going to stop until you bleed, you little bitch.” Sarah shouted and screamed louder, and no one came to her aid.

Trisha, who wanted to perfect her thrust capabilities, placed both her hands on the pool cue, and was instantly able to push more of the stick into Sarah. After a few minutes, blood began to emerge from Sarah’s pussy.

Joey became confused as to why the abuse turned him on, but did not end the fun. He jerked off harder, and when he saw the blood coming from Sarah’s vagina, he was afraid it would all end.

“How about you bring the bitch over here, Trisha? We work better as a team.”

Trisha did not respond with words – she removed the stick from Sarah’s vagina and took hold of her by the neck. Trisha then stood, and forced Sarah up with her. Trisha walked over to Joey, and threw Sarah down onto her knees, where she was level with Joey’s cock.

“Put it in your mouth, bitch.” commanded Trisha, who began hitting Sarah’s thick ass with the pool cue.

Sarah hesitated, and looked up at Joey with the most miserable of expressions. Perhaps she wanted Joey to feel sorry for her – a failure.

Trisha took hold of Sarah’s head and began pushing it onto Joey’s cock.

Joey’s dick began to harden more as it brushed and bounced up against Sarah’s smooth face.

Sarah resisted by keeping her mouth shut, and was doing a decent job – until Trisha hit Sarah on the ass with enough force to start an engine. Sarah, whose ass was now blood red, opened her mouth to scream (due to the immense pain). It was then that Trisha forced Joey’s cock into Sarah’s mouth.

Joey almost ejaculated when his cock was first introduced to Sarah’s mouth. Her tongue was smooth and comforting, and her mouth was moist and hot.

“Oh, shit. That’s good.” said Joey as Trisha used her left hand to control Sarah’s head-movement. Trisha moved Sarah’s head back and forward, forcing her to suck Joey’s cock.

Joey, who could no longer think straight, began fondling Trisha as she forced his cock into Sarah’s mouth.

He took his middle finger and stuck it far up her pussy.

Trisha did not jump at this. She accepted Joey, and let him play with her pussy. She would moan a bit, and her vagina began to get wet.

Eventually, Joey moved his head over to Trisha’s and began kissing her. Trisha enjoyed the satisfaction of being pleasured as her sister was punished, and so she kissing back with twice the drive. She kept pressure on Sarah, and began French kissing Joey.

It all became quite romantic when Joey put his hands on top of Trisha’s, and helped her force Sarah’s mouth onto his cock. With their combined strength, the two could push Sarah’s mouth all the way to the base of Joey’s cock, and Joey began to feel her throat.

The two stood French kissing, while Sarah stayed on her knees and was forced to take Joey’s cock all the way to her throat.

Trisha broke the kiss to command Sarah. “Slurp on it, slut, and play with his balls.”

Trisha was afraid of the pool cue, and complied with Trisha’s every command. Sarah took both her hands, began playing with Joey’s balls, and slurped on the dick as she was forced to take it all the way to her throat.

“Oh my god, her mouth is good. Keep your mouth on it, and if you stop, Trisha just might have to beat you again.”

“Not before I have some of your cock.” replied Trisha, who was now in love with Joey for supporting her.

Trisha got on her knees, and began sharing the cock with Sarah.

Joey, who was now in power, pushed Sarah off of his cock, and Trisha took the wet cock into her mouth.

Trisha started small; she kept the head in her mouth, and used her tongue to play with it. Eventually, Trisha took the shaft into her mouth, caressing it with her soft tongue.

She gave a sloppy blowjob, and would slurp on Joey’s cock. She sucked on his shaft wildly, using speed and leaving saliva on his cock. Strings of saliva dropped from the shaft and found their way onto Trisha’s face as she aggressively sucked Joey’s cock.

Three minutes passed and Trisha gave Joey’s cock to Sarah.

“Put it back in your mouth, bitch. And suck it with passion.”

Sarah, out of fear, quickly threw the cock into her mouth, but she did not suck it. Instead, she hesitated, and was given punishment as a result.

“I guess its punishment time, bitch.” said Trisha, who moved behind Sarah and began slapping her hard on the ass.

Joey, who looked down at the two girls, could clearly see Trisha abusing Sarah’s ass. She slapped it with so much power and consistency that Sarah’s butt cheeks turned red.

Sarah, who could no longer endure such pain, began sucking Joey’s cock. She wasn’t wild with her blowjob, but she took Joey’s cock into her throat, and didn’t take many breaks with her deep-throat.

“Faster!” barked Trisha, who continued slapping Sarah’s ass as Sarah took Joey’s cock into her mouth.

Joey felt an ejaculation on the way, and as he looked down on Sarah being beaten while she took his whole cock into her mouth, he almost released his load down her throat.

Joey wanted more, however, and so he released his cock from Sarah’s mouth.

“How about we fuck, Trisha? How about we show this bitch what real fucking is.” said Joey with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, I like that.” started Trisha, who continued slapping Sarah’s ass. “I want her to envy us. I want her to feel like a little loser while we fuck with passion.”

Trisha stood, and pushed Sarah off her knees and onto the floor. “Watch, bitch, and be jealous.” Trisha turned and bent down in front of Joey. She then separated her legs, and leveled her pussy with Joey’s cock.

Joey eagerly stuck his cock into Trisha’s vagina. He placed both hands on Trisha’s hips, and began controlling her movement.

Joey started slow, keeping Trisha still as he slowly thrust his cock into her vagina. After a minute, Joey began to speed up. He thrust with more force and speed, and began pushing Trisha onto his cock.

“You like that, baby?”

“Yes!” moaned Trisha as Joey pounded her vagina.

Joey was now fucking Trisha fast. He rammed his cock into her with enough force to push her upwards, but used his grip on her to push her back onto his cock.

Every minute, Joey would rapidly speed up, and fucked Trisha with insane speed. He pounded Trisha’s pussy so fast that it seemed as though he wasn’t moving.

“Oh my god, yes! Fuck me, fuck me!” cried Trisha, who was submerged in a sea of pleasure.

“Sarah, get over here and suck on my balls!” commanded Joey. Sarah immediately crawled over to the two, crept under them, and began sucking Joey’s balls as they pounced around.

Ten minutes into the pounding, Joey began rubbing Trisha’s clit. He put his right hand on Trisha’s shoulder, and maneuvered his left hand to Trisha’s stomach, where he worked his hand down to her clit.

He pounded her with speed and force, and annihilated her clit with his hand.

Trisha almost immediately began twitching and convulsing as she started to scream.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” exclaimed Trisha at the peak of her orgasm

Her orgasm ended with a small amount of fluids squirting from her vagina.

Trisha was now satisfied with her own pleasure, and wanted Sarah to feel more pain. She removed the cock from her vagina, grabbed Sarah by the hair (she was still playing with Joey’s balls), and dragged her to a wall. Sarah, who was once again crying, was forced to stand up, place both hands on the wall, and point her ass outwards.

“How about you come fuck her? Do it hard, and make it hurt.” said Trisha, who was determined to receive her revenge.

Joey did not reply. He simply walked to Sarah, and inserted his erect cock into her vagina.

Joey was not patient with Sarah. The moment he inserted his cock, he began pounding her pussy with full force, and Sarah began her screaming.

“Yeah, bitch. Scream louder, it’s turning me on.” said Joey, who was now turned on by Sarah’s desperate scream. He rammed his 9-incher into her tight pussy, and slapped her thick ass.

Trisha, meanwhile, began to smile at all the punishment possibilities. She picked up the pool cue and walked back to Sarah. Once Trisha reached Sarah, she took the un-lubricated stick, broke it in half, and rammed a piece of it up Sarah’s ass.

Trisha was merciless with her aggression. She took the whole piece of pool cue and rammed it up Sarah’s ass, pulled it out, and repeated. In return, Sarah began to scream louder, which only turned Joey on. The louder Sarah would scream, the faster Joey would fuck her, and the faster Joey fucked Sarah, the faster Trisha would ram the piece of pool cue up Sarah’s ass.

Both Joey and Trisha played with Sarah’s clit. They put their fingers in each other’s mouths, and used these lubricated fingers to destroy Sarah’s clit.

Seven minutes into Sarah’s punishment, Joey stopped fucking Sarah

“I want her ass. Let’s switch.”

Joey took his wet cock and slowly inserted it into Sarah’s asshole, and Trisha took the pool cue and began shoving it up Sarah’s vagina, just as she did before.

Joey was surprised at the tightness of Sarah’s asshole, and began moaning and gasping in pleasure as he slowly penetrated the tight hole. Once he got his cock into her ass, he slowly released his erect cock, and began repeating the process over and over again. Sarah’s asshole loosened eventually, and Joey began rapidly increasing his pace.

As Trisha destroyed Sarah’s vagina with the pool cue, Sarah’s asshole began to rip as Joey pounded her with great force and speed. Joey was able to reach Sarah’s tits, and would grab them and pull on them.

Five minutes passed and Joey could no longer take it. He quickly released his cock from her asshole, and turned Sarah around. Trisha did not have enough time to remove the pool cue from Sarah’s vagina, and it wobbled and wiggled around in her pussy as she was turned around.

“I hate you, Joey! You’re done, I know your name and what you look like. You’ll never see daylight again!” Sarah could barely speak.

“My name isn’t Joey, bitch. I’m smart enough not to give you my real name. Now suck on my cock.”

The thief forced his cock into Sarah’s mouth, and began to thrust his cock deep into her throat. Sarah began gagging, and tried to release the cock from her mouth, but she was not in the power to do such a thing. She eventually gave up, and let the thief abuse her throat with his cock.

Trisha continued fucking Sarah with the stick, and Sarah was being throat-fucked so hard that she could not scream.

Finally, after two minutes, the thief rammed his cock up Sarah’s throat and released his load into her mouth. He kept his cock there until he was sure that all the cum was swallowed, and released his now limp cock from Sarah’s mouth.

Now that the sex was complete, it was time for Joey to escape. He concluded his robbery when the two girls stood in front of him.

“Ladies,” started the thief, “this is nothing personal.” He quickly punched the two of them in their faces, knocking the both of them out. Their nude bodies collapsed onto the floor, and the thief was able to throw his clothes on, retrieve the duffel bags, and escape the mansion.

The thief walked out of the mansion, and into the nearby forest, where he traveled half-a-mile to a deserted parking lot. He reached his vehicle, opened the trunk, and neatly placed his bags down. He then closed the trunk, and opened a passenger seat. He removed his latex gloves, his fake moustache, his wig, his contact lens, and threw them in the backseat.

He drove off in his car, never to be seen in the town again.


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I think we realize That sarah's ass was bleeding dude. Really rude BTW.
Great writing! I feel like you missed an opportunity for a sequel, not taking Trisha with him, but this is alright;

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dumb ass after ripping her cunt up with pool cue it would be a streaming bloody mess

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Yea the semen. What that guy said. Nonetheless, let's have a little back story. Go back to the scenes... perhaps the boyfriend fucking Sarah and then Trisha fucking the boyfriend...?

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