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This is about a 9 year old boy southern boy that gets a good sucking off
alot of the contents in this story is fantasy. Please respect it and if you dont just dont read it. Thanks. And its my first story so i know i messed up quite a bit. feel free to inbox me. this story will continue if yall liked it!

Kevin was 9 when he entered his first group home. He was a bit chubby, not too short. He has brown short hair. He was your average boy. He liked playing sports, and getting dirty. Growing up in the south, that was all there really was to do for a boy. His prior situation, he was living with his grandparents in Alabama, but his grandfather passed, leaving his grandmother to care for Kevin alone. His real mother was states away, couldn't handle being a young mom and dropped him off with her sickly elder parents. So this is why he ended in this shitty situation.

He was now in Louisiana. The old sticks. If he weren't a country boy before than he sure would be afterward. His new foster mother Ms Debbie, was older, and nothing like his grandma. He could sense that she didn't have alot of patience, but that she wasn't completely a bitch either. His case worker was right next to him when he walked into the 2 story home. It smelled very clean when they walked in, which reminded little Kevin of his old home in Alabama. His grandma loved cleaning. Mr Gold, his case worker set his things down, along with him. He had a buz lightyear spaceman and a pair of pajamas that he wore every night.
"Hello." Kevin says looking up at Ms. Debbie.
Ms. Debbie walked in and smiled down at Kevin, who was looking right back up at her.
Megan, her 14-year-old foster daughter followed down with Daniel, who was 7. He had on a rebel hat with fatigues and a white t-shirt. His hair was greasy and dirty looking. He had a tan and his finger tips were yellow like he smoked ciggarettes. He glared at Kevin, and Kevin glared back.
Meg bent down and led big at Kevin, giving him a kiss on the four-head.
"Hey cutie pie!" She said in her sweet southern tone.

He was sure he saw her cat as she bent down. She had on a mini skirt with a white blouse that if you quint hard enough you could see the nipple on the tit. She smelled like slight perfume, but not much.
He took a second glance in between her sweet smoothe legs to get one more peek of her sweetness. He didn't see much, just the lips.
After Mr. Gold felt fit, he got up to leave. He gave Kevin his last goodbye and told him to be good. Kevin clung to him for a second until he realized that this was he. He wasn't coming back.

Ms. Debbie picked him up brought him to the bathroom.

"Ok, young man, these are the rules. You do not enter Megan, Dan, or my room without permission. We will give you the same respect. Megan is the oldest, and you will obey her. Daniel is often on punishment, so I wouldn't go following his lead. I expect you you to clean up after yourself, and wash yours hands ALWAYS before coming indoors from being outside. Put the toilet seat down when you're done using it, and if you miss while you are pissing, clean it up. Is that all clear to you Kevin?" She finally finished.

"Yeah." Kevin replied.

"Good. Now take your bath, I'm making dinner downstairs so come on down and eat when you are done." She said as she opened the door to leave the bathroom.

Kevin sighed as he realized this was his new home. He had to follow all new rules and meet all new people. He was not looking forward to it, but he was happy to be somewhere stable.

He undressed and got into the tub.

He stood up as he washed his body and the door opened. It was Megan. She had on her bra and panties and she didn't budge as she saw Kevin naked standing up in her tub. He kinda giggled it around just to give her a little show. He wasn't shy, and he was proud of the few pubes he had grown on his junk. Her eyes quickly went down to his small manhood and she bit her lip. She moaned a little even. He eyes dropped to her slightly hanging ball sack with a few hairs on it. Her eyes stayed there for a second before she left and closed the door.

He finished, got dressed and went downstairs for dinner.

He first went outside to take in some fresh air. He spotted a rifle over in the shack to the left. It was left open. He wondered if it had bullets to go with it. He would investigate tomorrow and maybe go hunting around for birds or something.

He went into the kitchen and up to get a plate of food and sat down at the table. Daniel was right across from him. They exchanged grins as they ate their dinner.

The next couple weeks Kevin and Daniel got closer. They started trusting each other.
"Hey man, what's your biggest secret that you would never tell no one?" Dan said biting his bottom lip.

"Hmm. I don't know man. What about about you buddy?"

"You really want to know man?" He asked looking over at Kevin.

"Yeah. What?"

"I've had a BJ before." He said chuckling under his breath.

"A what?" Kevin said in response.

"A blowjob man. It's when a girl sucks on your cock. It feels so good." He said.

Kevin was half embarassed that he didn't know what a blowjob was, and that a 7-year-old had gotten one before he had.

"That's kind of weird man." Kevin replied.

"Weird? No it feels good. Meg swollows my knob all the time." He said making the gesture of oral sex.

"You want to feel it? She will suck on your guy too man." He said coming up next to me.

Just then he heard a knock at the door. Dan yelled out that it was open and in walks Meg. She tries to get Kevin to leave, but Dan tells her that it's ok and to close the door.

She has on nothing but a long T-shirt. Her nipples are hard and perking through her shirt. She smelled like soap when she walked in, and her hair was all wet and wavy. The boys mesmerised and wanted to sniff her all night. She pushed Dan up against the bed and roughly went straight for the zipper of his pants and immediately put the small 2 inch cock that came out of it into her mouth.
His head leaned back and he sighed in pleasure.
She sucked and pulled with the head of his penis in between her lips.
She slid down his pants and underwear while she was still sucking on him.
The sight of this made my dick hard.
He didn't have much control as she was holding him down and sucking him until he was pretty much screaming Megan.
She was milking that dick and mine was throbbing away in my pants.
Kevin wanted her to suck him like that.
He didn't know jack shit about sex, but he knew that he wanted his penis touched. Alot.
He finally started shaking and she sucked until he stopped humping her mouth. Kevin wondered if he little cock popped a juicy one in her mouth or not.
When she was done they made out and he played with her pussy.
He put his finger to her bud and started rubbing her in circles.
He was pretty unstable though and Kevin was sure that he could do a better job.
Kevin wondered if he'd stick his cock into her and feed her aching cunt.
Then he realized that he wasn't big enough to fit.
Kevin wasn't much bigger than him, but he sure as hell had a thicker one than his skinny weiner.
She got bored with him so she made him eat her pussy while she had me suck her tit.
She finally told Kevin to pull my cock out, and I did.
She must have loved young cock.

His 4 inch boner was good and ready. It was fat and throbbing. And she filled her hot teen mouth with his good old young country boy sausage.

to be continued..

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2012-06-17 02:14:29
Learn little sister brother sex

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2012-04-18 09:26:35
Try to work on not switching between first and third person views. If you pick on, stick to it.

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2012-04-17 10:07:10
dead right about it being about a country boy, i suppose the crap writing makes it look authentic


2012-04-17 07:43:25
I enjoyed the story. A little rough on the edges, but that's ok. It's about a country boy, right? :-) Continue on.

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2012-04-17 03:26:21
i would'nt continue, you need to delete this and do a complete rewrite. there's some good ideas but a lot of errors.

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