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Cummings, Alabama, Summer of 2011

I always wondered why. Why would my parents want to move all the way out here? Why the hell did I have to leave MY friends because they wanted out of the economic crises in Michigan? And why the fuck was it so hard to adjust to country life? I was always a country boy at heart, but I guess what made it so hard was the lack of cell towers, Internet and my motorcycle. I was 16, yes, but had already obtained my biker’s license and a Suzuki chopper. Unfortunately, it had to be left behind. However, that was about to change with the introduction of a few new families into our “neighborhood”.

The first family was a younger couple, not more than 25 in age, with almost no money and had inherited their father’s farm. The next family in came about 2 weeks later, both an older couple, maybe retired, who just wanted a nice, long, peaceful end to their long, work-filled lives. It was the last family that caught my eye, however. Or rather, it was the nice little chopper they carried on a trailer behind them. MY Suzuki! I can’t believe it had made its way down here with that family! I was going to love them forever. All that was left was getting the bike back… and maybe, just maybe, getting my hands on the cute little shit in the back seat of the truck.

She seemed the country type, looked almost 17 (I later learned she was not yet 13), had the most beautiful green eyes and sandy brown hair ever. I pretended not to notice as she stepped out of the truck and her little jean short-skirt slipped up enough for me to see the pink mound between her legs. She was a shorty, not quite 4’11”, while I was standing tall at almost 6’1”. Those pretty little budding tits she had going were REALLY cute as fuck, as they poke through the fabric of the white tanktop she wore under her flannel overshirt. I just loved the way she wiggled her ass as she stepped down from the bck of her daddy’s truck. Damn, this was going to be a GREAT summer.

Over the next few weeks, I managed to dig up the title and insurance papers to my bike, and they were willing enough to give it back anyways, as there really “was no place to put it”. Their daughter (her name was Mikayla Morrison) was willing enough to show me around, as she’d been to this town before to visit her grandparents. I couldn’t say no, I really didn’t want to anyways, so we hopped on the bike, waved goodbye to her parents, and took off for a nice ride around the backwoods.

We stopped somewhere along the way, out on Sawyer Lake off of County Road 69 (no pun intended, this was where EVERYONE went to fuck). She had suggested it to me while we were riding, as it was a primary hangout for all the kids around there. So, we stopped, decided to go for a swim, and where it went from there… well, let me explain.

“So, this is Sawyer Lake. It’s nice,” I said. I was too damn busy checking out the scenery to even NOTICE that Mikayla was checking me out. She says quietly, shyly, “You’re really cute, you know. Why ain’t you got no girlfriend?” Wow, never expected THAT subject to pop up. I kind of turned away before I tried to explain it to her. “My parents were never stable. They were always moving around, always a new place, always nomadic. It came with the job, I guess…” Mikayla realized I had a troubled look on my face and moved in close as she asked me, “What job would that be?” I knew it, I thought to myself, it always starts like this. They find out who I really am, who my parents were, and they hate me for it. “You can tell me, Mitch. It’s okay. You’ve always got a friend here. Hell, if you knew half the shit I did, if you got all filled up with my secrets, you’d go straight insane. C’mon, don’t be afraid.” Well, here goes. “I was basically emotionally abandoned. The people you met today, those aren’t my real parents. They took me in when I was 9, took care of me. My real parents died when their meth lab exploded.” I proceeded to lift my shirt to show her where the meth had hit my side, had almost burned my left kidney. I’d survived, but I’d be scarred for life. “Oh… my god… I’m… I’m so sorry. I just… I thought it might’ve been totally different. What you told me, I mean. I thought you’d say something like your parents were business people, never stayed in one place. I just didn’t think…”

I stopped her there, and just about scared myself to death with HOW. I don’t know why, but all I could think of doing to stop her babbling was to lean in close and kiss her. She didn’t really shy away, but I felt as if maybe she didn’t want it. I pulled away as soon as I came to grips with myself. “I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean to… I mean…” And that’s pretty much all I got out before she locked it back up. Her tongue swirled around mine, her teeth bit my bottom lip, her breathe filled my lungs with fresh new air. It was like making out with an angel. It was amazing, and she actually wanted it. We broke off after a few minutes of playing tonsil-hockey, but what she said after stunned the FUCK right out of me, or so I thought. “Don’t… you… EVER, EVER leave me. I want to be the one to make you happy, the one you can come to with all of your problems. I want to be the one that falls asleep in your arms, the shoulder for you to cry on. And you can’t say no, because you want this as much as I do.” And she was right, I couldn’t say no. It was like I was captive to her, unable to deny the fact that she loved me, understood me, made me feel all better inside, and was quite possibly THE BEST KISSER I’ve ever had. Only now, it wasn’t just kissing she was going for. And I REALLY wasn’t going to stop her.

Right there, under that little oak tree off the lake, she was going to fuck me. She fumbled with my jeans, trying to unbuckle my belt to pull out my already hard 8 inches that were straining at the fabric of my pants. As she began to stroke me, the only negative thought I had going through my head was what her father would do if he ever found out I screwed his daughter. Mikayla, hand wrapped lightly around my cock, she noticed how tense I was. “Relax, Mitch, I’ll take good care of ya, I promise, hun.” And for only a moment, I was doubtful. Then the real fun began. As her head bobbed up and down my rigid cock, I felt a little sorry for her, as she could only fit about 6 of my 8 inches into her mouth before she started to gag. It felt so nice, her warm, embracing lips around my shaft, taking every single inch she could into her beautiful mouth. I figured since she was having fun, I’d reach around and play with her budding tits while she sucked me off. However much I tried, though, she’d just swat my hands away, until finally she came up and said, “No, babe, this is all for you. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I told you, I’m YOURS, not the other way around. I want to be your one and only sex toy, and that’s just how it’s gonna be, okay?” Damn, Mikayla was so sexy, and I really couldn’t say anything to change her mind, so all I Did say was, “Fine then. Let’s at least make it mutual, sweetheart.”

With that, I swung her around until she was positioned reverse-cowgirl over my cock, and lined up with her pussy. My god, that was the cutest little pink I’d ever seen. She was completely shaved, and just looking at it I figured only about 4 inched would fit. Boy was I wrong. She slammed as hard as she could onto me, shoving my dick balls-deep into her little pink hole. I felt her tense up as the pleasure spread through her, exciting me all the more, making me plow faster and faster until she was practically screaming in my ear. Then, just as I thought she was going to squirt all over the place, I slowed down, let her ride out the first waves of ecstasy rolling through her body. After I made sure she hadn’t cum yet, I let her just kind of turn around slowly until she was facing me, her pretty budlike tits poking at me from her chest. She’d removed the tanktop long before that, and I was very happy to be the one to suck on her nipples for hr. She cooed softly, rolling her head from side to side as I alternated between her nipples, first left, then right, then left again. She very softly grinded against me with my dick still in her pussy, and slowly I came back to life. Only one thing was mutually understood between us. We loved each other, and nothing was going to change that anytime soon.

We slowly got back into rhythm as My cock became fully hard inside of her once again. “Mitch, promise me something,” Mikayla asked as we began to pick up pace. “Whatever you want, Princess.” She nodded, moaned a little, the continued, “Don’t ever leave me, be mine forever, make me your one and only. And this time, blow that fucking load as far as you can up my little cunt. I want it to be able to leak out for days after you’re done. Understand me?” All I could do was nod as she began to scream once again. She seemed eager to make me cum, to be the last one to quit, to keep going until we were almost dead. She really wanted to fuck my brains out, and I wasn’t going to stop her. She bounced her petite body up and down, screaming, “Yes, yes! Right there, damn it, and don’t stop! Please don’t ever fucking stop!” And soon, just as I felt I was about to explode, I knew I’d won the battle. She screamed as loud as she could, “Oh, FUCK YES! I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming! Shit… OH, GOD!” Then, just before my cock exploded inside her as I’d promised I would let it, I felt her seemingly endless flow of pussy juices flow from her, gushing like river rapids, never stopping. She cried her eyes out afterwards, saying it hurt like hell squirting so much, that she’d never felt like that before, but she would never deny that it was the best fucking ride she’d ever taken. “I promise you, Mikayla, no matter what happens, I will NEVER leave you. I love you so much.” All she could think to say was, “I love you too.”

We must have fallen asleep soon after, because it was just getting to be sunrise when I realized we were still out at the lake. “Shit…” I whispered to myself. I looked around and saw my bike was still there, no one had apparently come looking for us, and so I shook Mikayla lightly. “Hey, Princess, I have to get you home. Wake up.” She slowly opened her eyes, smiled at me, and then sat up as she looked around for the rest of her clothes. “That was the best night I’ve ever had, Mitch, thank you.” I was kind of trying to hurry, but I couldn’t help but remember last night, and smiled as I thought of her never wanting to leave me, always being there for me. “You’re welcome, babydoll. Just do me a favor and don’t tell your father, he’ll get pissed at me.” She laughed as she dressed, saying, “It’s not my Paw you gotta worry about, it’s my Mama. She’s more of a nympho than I am, and the first chance she gets, she’ll try to fuck your brains out too, I’m sure. And sweet thing, I ain’t gonna stop her. She’s good in bed, you’ll like her.” I couldn’t help but let my thoughts wander to her mom, imagining her bouncing on my cock as little Mikayla had. That however, is a story for another time. Guess I’ll have to go fuck her mother and see what I get out of that one, huh?

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