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I wrote this story before but it seemed to get all fucked up. Hope you enjoy. Remember to tell me what you think!
This is re-uploaded. Better version of ‘My tutoring’ Hope you prefer this one. Obviously you will.

So here I was sitting alone at a spacious desk in class, when a new student
Came through the front door of the class room, I sat there staring at him
Admiring his perfect-ness. He suddenly looked towards me, I turned and hid my
Face flipping my hair around and binding it to the back of my ear, I heard him walking
Towards me, as I heard ‘I guess I’m with you, Seems everyone else has a partner. Hope
You don’t mind.’ He said as he pushed his hand out to greet me.

‘Oh, Uh I don’t mind. I’m Ashlee’ I said while smiling. ‘Well, nice to meet you Ashlee,
I’m Louis’ He said returning the smile as he shook my hand firmly. I thought he was so handsome,
Brown hair, Blue eyes, and perfect jaw structure. And what a fine body he had, He sure as hell looked like he looked after himself.

We went to work and I heard him mumble something under his breath, I turned to him
‘what did you say?’ I said lifting one of my eye brows, looking deep into his eyes.
‘Oh. I just said I have no clue what this is.’ He said with a cheeky grin. ‘Well, You've
come to the right girl.’ I said laughing.

I helped him a little through the class, and when the bell rang I stood up waiting for
something to say, but it wouldn’t come out of my shut lips. ‘ah, Ash.’ He said grabbing the back of his head. ‘Yes?’ I tried not to sound so intrigued. ‘this is quite embarrassing but, Could…
You tutor me…?’ He asked smiling. It wasn’t really the question I’d hoped for but what the heck ‘Sure thing, When are you free?’ I asked twisting my fingers through my long brown hair. ‘Tomorrow,
after school?’ He offered. ‘yeah, Sounds great.’ I said as I reached down into
my bag, and wrote down my address and phone number. ‘see you tomorrow then.’ He
said disappearing into the crowd of kids walking to their lockers. I just stood there for a
minute to think about how beautiful he was.

As the next day came I wanted to get school over and done with.
When the end bell rang to go home, I raced my shadow home and ran
upstairs to get changed and get ready.
I threw on some tight black leggings and just an ordinary singlet, I put
my hair in a bun and got ready down stairs, I set all the books out,
And examined what I would go through first.
As I got a drink of water I heard the doorbell ring, I strolled to the door, and I opened it.

His smile made me warm and fuzzy, I smiled back and
he followed me into the kitchen.
‘Wow nice house.’ He said staring around and grazing at everything.
‘Thanks, I guess my parents are into the big eye catching houses.’ I said while laughing.

We sat down and I gathered up all the things we needed to go through
and we worked which seemed like 1 or even 2 hours before we had a break.
I slipped of the bar stool and walked to the fridge, ‘Do you want something to drink?’ I offered.
‘What do you have?’ He asked as he moved over to the fridge. ‘Ah, not much.’ I said
moving my hand in front of all the drinks. ‘Can I?’ He said as he pulled out a beer.
‘sure.’ I said as I walked over and filled my water up again. We slurped away on
our drinks for a little until he broke the silence.

‘You’re not the drinking type?’ I looked up at him ‘Well, Only on good occasions’ I said as I smiled.
‘What this isn’t a good occasion?’ He said as he sat back against his bar stool and waved his
drink at me. I decided to tease him a little ‘Well depends… Can you make it a good occasion?’
I said with a wink. I kind of mind slapped myself because I knew I was a 16 year old virgin
who had barley kissed a guy.
‘Oh.’ He said stepping from the bar stool onto the hard tiled floor.
He stepped towards me and I mimicked his movements and took
a step back into the marble bench top. Before I could think he was pressed right up
against me, Our lips met as I felt his tongue press against my lips I opened my
mouth slightly and pushing my tongue to meet his, Our tongues entertained
themselves as I felt something pushing against my crotch I broke our kiss off,
just enough time to look at his bulging lump sticking out from his jeans. I moaned
as he pushed himself into my crotch and started to grind. I pushed myself up
onto the marble top table and wrapped my legs around his waist; He pulled me up
and pushed his hands under my ass. Lifting me up as he pushed me into the
wall and grinded against my now wet pussy, ‘My room, Upstairs’ I groaned. He didn't oblige,
we didn’t break our kiss off as he carried me to my bedroom. He threw me on my
bed and removed his shirt. I soon followed; I saw a smile rage across his face as
he saw my huge tits pop out of the tight singlet I was wearing.
He roamed over and filled his mouth with my hard nipple, I moaned at the pleasurable
feeling. I pulled him on top of me, as his tongue worked around my engorged tits.

I moved my hand along his perfect chest down to his waistband of his pants,
I undid his pants buckle and he thrusted his hips forward to make it easier to slip my hand in and grab his now erect cock, as I pulled it out my eyes bulged out as I saw his 8 inch cock.
‘Oh my, you’re so huge!’ I firmed my grip as he lifted his head ‘Not really, but thanks.’
He said out of breath.
I pushed him up of the bed and made him stand, I put my finger just on his pee hole
where pre-cum had oozed out, I started to rub around his sensitive areas, and ran my hands firmly down his cock and straight back up, I heard him groan. Without any permission I took his
whole shaft into my mouth, I took it deep and twirled my tongue to the tip, I heard him groan again and It made me so wet. Seeing that I don’t have a gag reflex I took it as far as it would go and back to the tip where I sucked nonstop for 10 seconds, I took it deep again and felt his hand take out my bun and twirl his fingers through my hair. He began to thrust his hips forward to meet my lips, ‘Oh fuck! Ashlee, I’m going to cum soon!’ He said pushing his head back to the roof and starting to groan louder.

I took my lips of his cock while my hand still working on it ‘Cum in my mouth, I want to taste all of you’ I said as I pushed my head back onto his huge shaft, My fingers tiptoed to his balls and I started to rub them, His hand moved back to my head and thrusted harder and faster. ‘OHHHHHHHHH ASHHLLEEEEEEEEE, IM CUMMING!!!’ I pushed his cock far down my throat as his cum oozed into my mouth, I swallowed. Determined to swallow every drop until he was dry, and that’s just what I did.

I lifted my head and smiled licking my lips. He looked down and smiled as he brought his lips to mine, our tongues slithered around. ‘Your turn’ He said as broke our kiss off and pushed me down onto the bed, I spread my legs giving him full entry, He ripped my leggings off and was urged to give me the same extreme pleasure I had given him. He grinned as he saw my pink lacey underwear, He kissed my thighs as he threw my panties somewhere behind him, He sniffed in my aroused odor and lightly kissed my clit. I moaned as he stuck his tongue into the slit wasting no time. He dug his tongue deep inside me, I moaned loudly. He pulled his tongue back, and sucked on my clit , rubbing his tongue around on my pussy lips, I felt his finger enter my wet pussy. ‘oh fuck!’ I said as I thrusted down onto his finger. He repeatedly shoved his finger far inside me, my tight pussy gripping on on it.

he licked my clit continuously as I felt my orgasm near reach. ‘OH SHIT, LOUISSSS!!! IM CUMMING’ I grabbed the back on his head as my body jerked to his face, and my body shuddered under the amazing feeling that rose up from my pussy. He didn’t stop though, He kept ramming his finger inside me, he was surprised when his finger his my cervix, as he reliesed I was a virgin, But he kept thrusting in and out, and kept licking my clit while I was spasming I was going through another round of orgasms, I recon my neighbors could probably have heard me moaning and squealing. But I didn’t care. I pulled his head up to mine, and kissed him passionately, 'I want you to fuck me so hard!' I Demanded.

I felt a thrill of combined fear and excitement race through me as he threw himself down onto of me. I was shaking with anticipation when I felt the head of his cock move between the lips of my wet cunt. It was so much thicker than anything else I’d ever felt there, But then he stopped.

"I know you're a virgin so I'll take it slow", "no don’t go slow! I want you to fuck me like you mean it!!" with that he adjusted himself perfectly positioned as he vastly and swiftly thrusted his hard cock deep inside me, I jerked forward in pain as his hard cock broke my cervix.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked hesitantly.
"No! Keep going!" I replied as he kept thrusting in and out of my pussy, I moaned as I heard him groan,
my pain started to turn into instant pleasure, he smiled at me as my hips thrusted rhythmically to his.
I started to moan loudly as I heard his balls slapping against my ass,
I felt his cock thrust deep inside my pussy, ‘Uh uh, shit. It feels so good!’ He groaned
‘Harder harder!!’ I demanded, again he didn’t oblige. I moaned louder and louder as I felt my
climax building up "OHHHHHHHH!!! Cum with me Louis!!!!" he went crazy thrashing
around as he felt his balls tighten and my pussy clamp against his hug cock.

"OHHHHH mmm LOUISSSS!!!!" I screamed as I climaxed one of the best orgasm of my life, I felt his hot
cum shoot inside me and I heard him moaning my name slightly ‘This… was… the…
best… tutoring class ever’ He said under his breath trying to get it back.
‘Do you want to try something different?’ he shot up looking at me, ‘Anal?’ He said with a smile across his face still trying to get his breath back, I liked how my question got him to excited, ‘if it hurts to much I'll pull out.’ he said in a trusting voice. ‘ Um, alright’ I said hesitating a little.

It took me a little while to get him hard again but I eventually did. As he rested the tip of his cock against my ass hole ‘You sure you want to do this?’ He asked, I thought it was kind of him to ask just in case ‘Yes, I want you to do it! Fuck my tight ass hole!’ he thrusted forward his dick entering my tight petite little ass, I screamed and sobbed as the pain shot up through me ‘Do you want me to take it out?‘ he asked In a hoarse croaky voice "No, no, just take it slow " I replied, wanting to make him satisfied. He Moved his hips back as he pulled out and pushed straight back in as he felt my ass hole loosen he thrusted deeper this time making me moan with pleasure. "Oh yeah that’s right fuck my little ass hole, oh yeah baby!" I seemed to reach under myself and rub my clIt "oh yeah rub your clit baby!" he said thrusting deeper and faster now "oh fuck me fuck me fuck. Cum in my ass!!" I heard him start groaning and I knew he was close, I started to rub my clit harder and faster "OHHH!!! I’m Cumming, ohhh fffffffffffuuuuu" I said as I shuddered feeling the intense orgasm ripple through me "ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!!!!!!!" he moaned as he filled ass with his warm hot cum.
He slumped on my back out of breath and so was I; his dick slowly went limp and slipped out of my once virgin asshole. "We have to have more of these tutoring lessons." he said while cuddling me. I didn't reply I just cuddled up to him as I fell asleep from exhaustion.

I’m hoping this was much better than the other one. Thank you for the feedback, Please tell me what you think! So I might write another but I do need feedback to decide that. Thanks!

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