A fantasy tale, euphoric and sad, erotic and romantic
(Following on, my endless fantasy tale continues, sometimes sad, sometimes euphoric, sometimes scared, and sometimes romantic… If you do not like underage sex, stop reading….)

Tammy finding me sitting and having a beer with her Aunty Camilla didn’t need any more drama, but then Nim walked into the kitchen. I groaned inwardly, stood, hiding my lower body as well as I could behind the counter, and began my panicked ‘run for it!’ exit.
“Bye ladies! I need to get home now” I mumbled as I headed for the door. Nim and Tammy both asked “When can we see you, Steve?” and I answered back over my shoulder “Next school holidays, girls; study well, bye” and then I heard Camilla add “See you next week, Steve, when the girls go back to school; I will call you.” “Ok Camilla” I automatically responded, not trusting myself to turn around: I flew home to collect Mi from her grandmother’s, and then to the sanctuary of beer!

2 beers after reaching home, leaving Mi asleep at her grandmother’s, I realized my rushed exit was hardly fair on the girls, so I text a message to Tammy, apologizing for running out, ‘but I had needed to’. Weekends I couldn’t go swimming, as I insisted Mi’s mother spend time with her, while Mon-Fri was the special 5 days my daughter and I had together normally. Next week Tammy and Nim would be back at school, so I added in the message “I hope to see you again, you and Nim. Love Steve”

I felt somewhat relieved to have at least apologized, and relaxed a little, though my mind now had Camilla firmly in its memories. That line of thinking was interrupted by a text from Tammy: “I know why you ran out, dear Steve: what did my aunty do to you to make your cock stick out like that? Hi hi! Don’t worry, we will see you; Nim has told me ALL about her day with you. Love T & N.”

Monday we didn’t go swimming; Mi had had a big day out on Sunday with her mother and family, and she needed a quiet day, so we spent it mostly watching BBC CBeebies or Rugby, reading, playing games or drawing, as well as endless conversation until she had a long afternoon sleep. There was only one external interruption, and I jumped up to answer my phone before it woke Mi; it was Camilla. “Not swimming today, Steve? I waited until mid-day, but now I am at home.” “No Camilla, Mi was too tired today, and now she is fast asleep. I expect we will swim tomorrow, but I can never promise. I will send you a message when we leave home if we are coming, ok?” “Ok, I want you to see my new swimsuit and give me your opinion; I hope you like it, because I bought it just for you. Bye”
Leaving my mind, and my cock, with a multitude of fantastic pictures of what her swimsuit might look like, she rang off, and left me shaking my head: what a family! I hadn’t yet met Tammy and Nim’s mother, or father, either! I picked up my book for my 5 minute read, and then had a restless hour’s sleep beside Mi.

Giving up on the sleep, but with Mi still quietly asleep beside me, I thought back to the time Sally also wanted my approval of her new clothes, on the first day her mother, my new ex-wife as of the previous day, had allowed her to meet with her Dad after taking her away from him….(Previously….)

We went out to brunch, Sally and her Dad, holding hands as a father and daughter would – though most 13y.olds do not want this kind of contact these days. But my daughter did, and I smiled as she skipped along beside me down the road.
We ate close by, mostly Sally talking, answering my questions about what had happened since her mother dragged her from me. She was as bright and happy as a young puppy allowed off a leash, yet a womanly side of her came through as she absently stroked my arm resting on the table, and looked longingly into my eyes when she mentioned how she had longed to return to me all this time, and how often she had fought with her mother when she asked “When can I see Daddy?”
When we had finished eating, and with my beer almost empty, I stupidly asked Sally in a joking tone “So, have you had enough time with me? Do you want me to call your uncle to come and get you, Sal?”
Tears welled in her eyes instantly, and she looked at me with quivering lips, “Do you want me to go, Daddy?”
My attempted grin at my joke turned into a grimace of my own pain, as I leaned over to cradle her head in my arms. “I am so sorry, my little one; Dad thought he was making a joke. No, of course I don’t want you to go; I am sorry Sally.” She sobbed as I reached for a tissue and daubed her eyes and face dry of tears, trying to soothe her and mend the pain I had caused. “Don’t cry, Sally – you will run makeup down that beautiful blouse, honey.”

She spun her streaked face up at me, almost smiling as she asked “Do you really like it Daddy? I chose my outfit especially to wear for you when Mum finally let me see you: but you didn’t seem to notice all day!” “Oh, I noticed, my little one – I noticed you are no longer ‘my little one’ but rather a well-developed ‘bigger little one’, and your blouse showed that to me (about your breasts, I continued in a whisper) and your skirt shows off your legs so sexily; yes, I noticed Sally.”

We walked home, no more skipping as I comforted my little girl. She recovered as we reached the door to my house, and did actually skip inside, running to the fridge to get her Dad a can of beer, and cuddling beside me on the sofa as she turned on the various remotes for the TV, stereo sound, and satellite channels. She had one arm wrapped behind me, her other running up and down my bare chest (first thing I do when home is throw off whatever shirt is on) and soon she was leaning in to lightly touch her lips in kisses on my skin.

Sally and I made love that afternoon. It seemed meant to happen, and it did.
The first time, her virgin hymen tore under my gentle cock pressure, and she squealed. But I was as considerate as I could be, and she began panting and pushing against my motionless cock until she felt it slide along her walls, and when she sighed and I saw a small smile of contentment on her mouth, I made love as never before: with a young girl I considered my daughter, but a young Woman who wanted this Man to be her first.

And then I was her second, as we made love again after that first time; I hadn’t come then, as I only gently stroked Sally’s insides until she felt that new bodily experience of a climax. I wanted her to have this, to know her Dad cared for her, and he wanted her to know about ‘making Love’, not just ‘sex’.

The second time was after a short, recuperative, nap. Sally woke me with a tentative hand on my cock, and it responded. I rolled her on top of me, flattened her breasts against my chest, my cock sandwiched between her legs, and as I put light kisses to her hair and face, I rubbed her back delicately. She purred and let her own fingernails trail down the side of my body.

It wasn’t long before she raised her pelvis and used one hand to guide my all-knowing cock inside, and I used my own pelvis to steadily increase the tempo of my thrusts, even as Sally pushed down and knew this was what she had to do to increase the penetration. I couldn’t last long as I hadn’t come before, so I tried to wait for her climax to build, helping her I hoped by tweaking her nipple with a free hand, and as she began panting and moaning, I said “Now little one” and let myself go, thrusting upwards and ejaculating as she began a startling scream and pushed her own buttocks/pelvis down on my cock.

That drained us both into something like a euphoric state, and she collapsed back on me, my cock buried to its hilt inside, and we just panted the minutes away, Sally less than me.

“Oh Daddy, that was even more wonderful; can we sleep and wake up like that again please?” I smiled and stroked her face, aware both of her youth and womanhood and the collisions they were making within her, and also aware this day was so special, and not knowing how many, if any, more there could be.
I suggested, instead, she go and have a warm shower, and give her ‘lady parts’ a while to rest; she giggled “You can say ‘vagina’, Dad, or I know other words also….” I demurred hearing any other words, and revised my own words to suggest a vaginal rest for a while. While she used the shower, I splashed some water around me at the kitchen sink, lifted my cock up to wash that area, and then sat at the table with a beer and some crackers.

Sally came in and I stared; she was wearing an old t-shirt of mine, so old it was frayed and devoid of the original pattern, and also disarmingly short on her grown body. She looked down and said “I wear this to bed every night, Daddy, thinking of you. I have even had to rescue it from the rubbish bin when Mum throws it out; now she doesn’t dare touch it anymore.” I mumbled “Wait just a moment” and walked quickly to the stairs and up to my bedroom, tears of anguish gushing, my loneliness without her for so long unable to bear the words that she also had longed so much for her Daddy that she would continue to wear such a horrible old shirt.
I returned after a moment with 2 of my t-shirts, at least longer and newer than the one she was wearing; I proffered them, and said “I will choose some more for you next time too.” We both fell silent as Sally clutched the shirts to her breasts, and each of us tried to dismiss the thought uppermost in our minds: “When will I see you again?”

I attempted to change the mood and offered her some cheese and crackers and juice from the fridge; she nibbled, but refused the juice in favour of a can of beer. I raised my eyebrows, but didn’t object, so we sat at the table for a while, minimal chat, thinking a lot it seemed. Soon our cans were both empty, and Sally stood to collect them, place in the recycling bag, and bent into the fridge to get 2 more, bare buttocks smiling at me. “Are you sure, Sal, would your mother allow you to drink beer?” “She won’t know will she Dad, and it is a Special Occasion for me: can’t we have a toast to my ‘Lost Virginity’?”

I smiled at that, nodded my head, and gave her a hug as she opened my can beside me, standing at the table. I rubbed my hand up her calves, the skin so smooth and svelte, and she shivered under the touch, but moved to sit back in her chair at the side of the table. We ‘clinked’ cans together, and I offered a quiet ‘congratulations’ to her; she nodded and agreed it was a celebration she had wanted and waited for, with her Daddy.

Perhaps 30 minutes later, talk about her schooling finished for the moment, and the cans well emptied, Sally stood and looked at me expectantly, and then said “I am rested now, Dad.” I deliberately picked up the empty plate and cans, washed the plate and put the cans in the bag, and wiped the table clean.
I came up behind her and again felt under her very short t-shirt’s hemline, moulding her buttocks within my hands gently, and then gliding them up her back and sides while I pressed my now naked groin against her buttocks , my shorts quickly dropped down and kicked away.

I loved this position for sex: my hands could roam everywhere front and back, and the feel of my cock sliding through to a cunt from behind was always unbelievably sensual. It was now, and it was Sally’s breasts my hands were roaming over, her nipples my fingers could pull and tweak, and her cunt I was soon sliding towards with my rigid cock. Sally reached her hands behind to pull my hips urgently forward, and I playfully tried to find the right spot for my cock to go. She grew frustrated very quickly and used words she shouldn’t “Daddy, stop the games and put your cock in my cunt…NOW!”

I did as so roughly ordered, and slid inside without further instructions; she was wet – very – and slippery so much that I slid like on ice as I entered, and my groin was coated in her juices as we joined. There was no more game-playing from Dad: I rutted with her as a bull to any cow, a stag to his deer, or a man to a woman: a necessary act for procreation for those others, but only a desire of this man to excite his woman to the heights he wanted her to reach. Sally felt it, and her orgasms came quickly and noisily, while I had used my up my quota of ejaculations for the day, so it seemed, and was happy to just use my bone-hard cock to pleasure her as much as she could stand, or until my heart collapsed. It took quite a while, but eventually I was exhausted, and as Sally pleaded “enough, Daddy”
I was already slowing my strokes to a crawl, and satisfied slipped out and down, to sit on the ground behind her legs. A few moments later, Sally slid down and sat in my lap, to lay her head against my chest and wrap her arms around me, sighing all the time.

It seemed a long time we sat thus, comfortable in our embrace, and then I happened to glance at the clock: heavens, it was 20.00! Where had the hours gone? Just then, an ominous knock at the front door alerted me, and when a voice called through the locked screen door “Anh Steve, are you there?” I recognized Sally’s uncle. Thankfully, the kitchen and bathroom were handy and hidden from the front of the house, so I stirred Sally fully up and hustled her into the shower, closing the door, pulling on my shorts, grabbing a beer and sauntered to the door.

“I was waiting for you to phone; it is getting late” he said, rather accusingly I thought; “We had a lot of catching up to do in a short time, em, so don’t talk to me about time. It was up to my daughter to decide when she wanted to go – and she hasn’t asked this yet.” I deliberately emphasized the word ‘em’, this being the address for a younger person who should show more respect to me, and I left him outside as I said Sally was having a shower, and he could wait if he so chose. I turned to the TV and gratefully found it was on the football, so I sat on the sofa and watched. After some moments he mumbled “Well, her mother said to take her home now” and I shrugged “When she is finished, you ask her.”

He became smug as he said “Did she tell you they are going to Australia, to live, tomorrow?”
This was a bombshell! “No, she didn’t mention this” I responded rather automatically while I digested the news. “Perhaps she didn’t say because she doesn’t know yet!” He threw it at me like a punch to my nose, “And she is not supposed to know until tomorrow either!” He followed up one punch with another, and I turned away and went into the kitchen, just as Sally turned the shower off.

I had perhaps 2 minutes to decide what to say, how to react, how to hide and control the tears forming in my eyes, and what to do…I couldn’t answer any of these problems for the first minute. To only have Sally back with me for ONE day, and then lose her again to a distant homeland – Australia! - How had her mother organized this? To have made love with Sally today, to have both reached heights of ecstasy, and then be faced with a separation of who knew how long?

In the last few seconds I had to decide, I sniffed, wiped my eyes and blew my nose, just as Sally emerged, dressed in the clothes she had left there before – not her t-shirt thankfully – and she looked at me with a solemn expression. “Your uncle is here, and says it is time to go home; I guess you had better, Sally, and we will try and see each other again very, very soon; I will call and ask your mother. But if you stay here longer, you know it will make her angry, and then she will get stubborn when I talk to her…you know how she is, my little one.”

Sally wasn’t pleased, but she understood what I had said, and she certainly did know her mother’s temper and stubbornness. She managed a smile and said “I thought I had grown beyond your ‘little one’ Daddy?”
I held out my arms, saying nothing but trying to stop tears from falling down, and I walked her thus into the front room to collect her bag and belongings. But my tears were too much for my face, and they fell on to Sally’s bare skin of her arms, and she stopped and looked up at me. “Daddy, don’t cry, you will make me do the same. I will try and see you tomorrow, the day after maximum! “

“We are back together, my Dad, and this is how it should be.” I hugged her tightly, kissed the top of her head and wet her hair with the tears streaking my face, but I couldn’t speak; I led her to the door, opened it with a glare at her uncle, and almost ushered her outside before she could turn and kiss me on the lips, hug me so that her breasts pressed into my chest, and whisper, only for me “I love you, my Dad, my Steve, always.”
I cried openly then, desperate beyond belief to find some way of holding on to her for more than this impossibly short ONE day, but all I could do was take a deep breath and say loudly, for Sally to know, and for uncle to hear that I was not betraying his words about her unknown plan of tomorrow: “I love you my daughter, forever you will be my Little One, but I love the Woman you have now become also.”
With that departure, Sally and I became part of The Past for us both.

(If the reader chooses, you may refer to my series “Ex Daughter Grown Up”, also posted here.)

My mind returned to the present, to Mi asleep beside me, and I tried to lift the melancholic mood those thoughts had induced; I did so only because I tried now to focus on the beauty of our sex – mine with Sally - together that day, and –without comparisons- now remembering Tammy and Mi, and sex with them. A bout of melancholia didn’t seem to do justice to the feelings of the young women who had given me their virginal lives. I let out a deep breath, and gave Mi a cuddle; she began to wake up then, so all thoughts of other matters took a backseat.

Well: with the exception of Camilla.

Monday Mi slept late, her mother had gone to work, but it seemed to take a long time to get everything finished: breakfast, my ‘foreign’ food for Mi when she was with me; today was of cereal, toast and a yoghurt and fruit. Then a shower, not washing her hair as we were going swimming, and I would wash later. Then we had to watch her favourite CBeebies shows, so it was 10.00 before I had made her snack sandwich, readied an orange and small milk and water to take, my own one can of beer; when I changed her into her swimming costume she finally became eager to leave, so: we were ready.

I had said I would, so I sent Camilla a text and said “leaving home now, be at pool soon.” And I put Mi into her car seat and off we went.
We went inside, I paid our fee, and set Mi down while I unpacked, took off our outer clothes, applied sunscreen and got her ball from the bag; and then we went into the water and began our normal fun routine. A little while later, Mi looked up and I naturally looked around.
As Tammy had before, Camilla (I guessed) was standing with the sun framing her from behind, but she had her legs planted wide apart and her hands on her hips: it actually looked like she was naked in such a light! I couldn’t really see anything clearly at all, so I shielded my eyes and sat more upright.

The glowing body moved to the side, and indeed (naturally) it was Camilla – somewhat clad in her (new) swimming costume – thank heavens she also had a thigh-length open shirt draped over that costume – this is quite a conservative country in most circumstances….and what she had on not only didn’t excite me, but embarrassed me, and I knew then I was no longer interested in ‘mature’, knowing women, but rather ‘maturing’ developing young girls/women.

(End of Part 5 - Short I know, but the rest of what was following as Part 5 became a whole new story and I decided it was best on its own; it will be posted when finished. Part 6 of this story continues….)
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