The fifth chapter in a long epic sex story. This one's a shorter chapter with another slutty schoolgirl waiting at her desk for Adam's big, hard cock. This complete story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Prologue: The Day Before

Chapter 5: Summer School Slut

We heard the front door slam shut upstairs. "Natalie! We're home!" Lightning fast, I popped my cock out of Natalie's unbroken pussy and dripped precum all across her smooth thigh.

"FUCK! It's my parents!" Panic hit me hard as I figured I had about 20 seconds to get dress and bolt out whatever exit I could find. In that instant, with my heart pounding against my chest, I remember the backdoor just at the top of the stairs.

"Well, it's been fun, bitches," I said with a smile as I whipped my pants on. I heard Natalie whimper, probably from how close she had come to losing her virginity before her parents' interruption. If they had been only two seconds later, I'd have been through Natalie's hymen and stuffed balls deep inside her. I had left her shaking and panting, and once my cock had left her pussy, she immediately slid her hand down to rub three finger where I'd left the void. I was shaking too from the tension of Natalie's virginity and the panic of potentially getting caught fucking someone's 14-year-old daughter.

Luckily, thanks to Kaylie, I had parked in the back alley and my shoes were right at the back door. I took the stairs three at a time, scoop up my shoes and bolted out the door just as I heard foot steps approaching the stairs down to Natalie's room. The screen door slammed behind me and out the alley gate I went.


I was breathing hard from the panic I had just felt and from the adrenaline coursing through me. With a jittery hand, I opened my car door and slide inside. After starting the engine, a quick glance at the clock told me it was 11:30. Holy shit! It was already 11:30! Never had a morning flown by so quickly or full of so much sexual pleasure. I couldn't believe it was already almost time to pick up Madison. I also couldn't believe how close I had come to nearly taking Natalie's virginity. Even just one extra second and I would have pierced her thin barrier of innocence. There was no point in heading home just to turn back to get Madison at noon, so I put my car into gear, exhaled a deep breath and let rocks fly as I hit the gas.

In a lot of ways, I was glad that Natalie's parents had come in when they did. I would have felt terrible if they had interrupted us just after breaking Natalie's hymen. If I was going to take an innocent girl's virginity, I would want enough time to do it right. Enough time to make her really feel her first fuck. If i had just popped her cherry and they bolted right after, it would leave her with a terrible memory of her first time.

Like I had said earlier, it was a short trip between Natalie's house and the school, and with all the adrenaline coursing through me, I couldn't help driving extra fast. I knew I'd be super early to pick up Madison, but I also knew of two girls to help the wait go quicker. Being early definitely wouldn't be so bad. I hoped that skater chick would still be there. There was something intriguing about that little tomboy. She was clearly developing into a sexy girl but her tomboy attitude seemed to render her oblivious to it. Also, there was Lindsay with her incredible new look. With how awkward Lindsay had always been in school, she'd probably never been with a guy in any intimate or sexual way. I had narrowly missed out on taking Natalie's cherry that day, and now I was thinking about taking another. Suddenly, I was really excited, both mentally and physically, and punch the peddle to the floor as my dick throbbed in my jeans.

I pulled into the school parking lot with a slight pang of disappointment at the sight of a skater free parking area. No skater chick, but option two still had potential, so I quickly parked. I was still a bit jittery and my cock was still raging hard from almost penetrating Natalie. I could feel it straining against my jeans as I ran up the steps to the school entrance.

I couldn't remember which classroom I'd seen Lindsay in, so I ran through the halls eagerly looking in on any open doors or windows. In my frantic search, I instead spotted a very bored looking brunette hottie sitting all alone in an empty classroom. Must be another summer school student, I thought, but there were no teachers in sight. I glanced up and down the hall. I looked back into the classroom and my cock twitched as my eyes caught an astonishing sight.

The petite schoolgirl had shoulder length, dark brown hair which she wore down. Her short hair completely covered her face while she stared down at the doodling she was doing right on the desk with her purple pen. Her scribbling was distracting but what really caught my eye was the movement under her desk. My eyes trailed down below her desktop to the mouth watering sight of her spread legs, hiked up plaid skirt, and her other hand lightly rubbing the crotch of her white cotton panties. Oh yes, she was wearing a short, plaid schoolgirl skirt and she was clearly masturbating under her desk. Needless to say, I couldn't pull my eyes away from her.

She had gorgeous, pouty lips, which were lipsticked a glossy pink. Staring at those shiny, pouty lips made my cock stir as I thought bad thoughts of her mouth wrapped around my shaft. As I watched her mouth, thinking about what a great blowjob she would give, I saw her tongue poke out with her concentration on either her desk doodling and her other hand's dirty diddling. My breath caught in my throat when I saw her lower hand slip under the waistband of her tight, white panties. "Mmm," she moaned softly as she tilted her head and I caught sight of the rest of her very cute face underneath. She had what looked like blue eyes and an adorable little, button nose. Also, I noticed small dimples in her round, rosy cheeks when her lip curled up from the pleasure she was giving herself.

I knew I had to go in, but I was struggling to think of a smooth way to do it. Eventually, I just decided to walk in and wing it. I knocked on the frame of the door before stepping into the classroom. Her eyes shot up and she straightened in her chair. However, when she caught sight of me, she instantly relaxed back down. Clearly, I wasn't the person she was expecting, so I asked, "Who were you expecting?"

"Umm, no one. Who the hell are you?" Her question was laced with teenage attitude.

"No one," I smirked, "Just waiting around for no reason. I couldn't help noticing you from the hall. You're very cute. I especially liked what you were doing underneath your desk."

"What's it to you?" She snapped.

"Nothing. I was just admiring a gorgeous sight." She smiled slightly at that. "So, is anyone coming back anytime soon to check on you?"

"Not until noon. Why?" She looked at me suspiciously.

I stepped up close to her desk, knowing full well that the bulge in my pants was only about a foot away from her sweet face. I looked into her pretty eyes. They were in fact blue. "I'm here until about noon, too, so I figured I'd join in the fun," I began to rub my cock through my jeans. She smiled beautifully as she watch the show. I tried my luck even further, "Y' know, I was thinking you could help me out with a big problem I'm having." My eyes glanced down, gesturing to my crotch. So much for subtlety.

She took the bait. Her eyes fell back on my crotch and then went wide. Since I had started rubbing my bulge, it had grown back to full capacity. A naughty smile crept across her face and she asked, "Is that all you?" She pointed a long, red fingernail casually at my package.

"Why don't you open it up and find out for yourself?" I looked back into her eyes (she had such pretty eyes), and dared this already unbelievable day to get even better.

She threw her head back in immature laughter and I was afraid that was all she would do, but then she raised a tentative hand up and rubbed her palm against the bulge that held my incredibly swollen cock. She gasped, "Oh, that is all you." Her excited blue eyes flicked up at me for a second before falling back onto her prize. Her other hand came up to join it's pair, and they both set to work skillfully undoing my pants, one working my belt while the other opened my fly. Her tongue slid out of her mouth like it had while she had been using both of her hands before. As it ran along her full, glossy upper lip, my cock gave another hard twitch which she obviously felt as she let out another short gasp. "Wow, I can tell it's really big. I can't wait to touch it."

I couldn't help saying, "Wow girl, I can't believe you're actually doing this. Have you ever done this before?"

"Done what? Sucked cock? Yeah, I've sucked a few dicks, but none as big as yours." As evidentially planned by the young girl, as she said "big", she pulled down my boxers and jeans and my big, bulbous beast sprang out at her. "Whoa, none nearly as big as yours. Shit, I'm already getting wet," she moaned.

"You are one sexy fucking girl." She looked up with happy eyes and a crooked smile, which made just one of her dimples stand out. "And unbelievably adorable," I added.

"I may be adorable, but I'm a very, bad girl," She let the words slide sexily off her tongue, and then her lips were around my cock, leaving glossy lip marks all along the thick shaft. It was the second time a girl had left a trail of lip product on my cock that day. "Mmmm", she hummed in pleasure, and I couldn't help responding with a moan of my own. Her mouth drooled down my rod and she brought up a hand to stroke the base as she sucked and bobbed. Her mouth slid off my cock and she said, "Your cock tastes so good". I wanted to tell her it was a mixture of pussy, ass, and several girls' mouths, but I held my tongue. I did have that shower not too long ago. "Usually I can take more in my mouth but you're sooo huge." Her hand never stopped stroking as she spoke.

"It's okay, baby. You're doing so great. You have perfect cocksucking lips. Oh yeah, I bet no one's told you that before. They're so wet and juicy. Oh, work it, girl. Stroke my thick shaft while those gorgeous, cocksucker lips blow me down." She slid out of her desk and down onto her knees before wrapping her luscious lips back around my dick.

After a few minutes, I said, "Don't neglect my balls, baby. Why don't you use that sexy tongue of yours to lick my big balls a bit while you beat me off?" Immediately, she did what I instructed. She was amazing. I couldn't believe my crazy luck as I felt her hot, wet tongue swirl around my heavy testicles. "I bet you're getting really wet. You can rub your pussy like you were before if you want. I'd love to see you cum all over you fingers with my big cock stuffed in your mouth."

"Okay," she smiled wickedly. By then, most of her lip gloss had rubbed off on my junk. The little girl used a nimble hand to pull up her skirt and slide under the waist band of her cute white panties. I noticed right away the wet, see-through blotch over her crotch. In no time, I also noticed her panties moving around with her eager fingers buried deep in her snatch. "Oooo, it feels so good rubbing my pussy while I suck you off. I feel so naughty and dirty."

"You are dirty. You're a very dirty girl. A dirty girl who needs my cum."

"Yes, give me that cum. I want your cum so bad." She begged, working her cunt furiously. She devoured my cock down her throat and started bobbing her head with a fury equal to her masturbating. I could definitely feel my cum rising.

"Do you know where dirty little sluts like you get their cum? All over their nasty faces!" I pulled my cock quickly from the nameless girl's mouth just as I felt the rush of cum. With a few jerks of my shaft, I brought myself blissfully over the edge. Great gouts of stringy cum shot out to smack the little girl in her adorable face. Her shocked expression was priceless as I emptied my balls all over her soft, pretty skin. She had her mouth open, breathing heavily, as more and more of my sizzling cum erupted all over her. I was so pent up from the excitement at Natalie's that I thought I would never stop cumming. "Oh my God! It's so hot! I love how I can feel it running down my face. I've never let anyone cum on me before."

Her face was completely glazed and gorgeous. I admired it proudly as I said, "You should more often. It definitely suits you. Now that's what I call a facial." The last thick dribbles of semen rolled out of the tip and dripped onto her sexy cum spattered chin. Her face was such a beautiful sight. All the built up tension from almost fucking Natalie was utterly gone after I had unloaded on the strange girl's adorable face. Through the mess, I stared down at her luscious cum-glossed lips. She was one amazing slut and I didn't even know her name. I hastily pulled out my phone and took a picture of her drenched face.

"What the fuck? What was that? Did you just take a picture of me like this?" A bit of shock showed in her eyes.

"Don't worry, baby. It's just for my own pleasure later. Some great jerk off material. How you look right now could keep me hard and cumming for days." Her stern look faded to a smile as she finally opened her beautiful blue eyes and looked up at me affectionately. I took another photo and this time through the thick layer of cum, her mouth split in that cute, crooked smile of hers.

Suddenly, a familiar voice cried out, "What the fuck are you doing?!" It was Madison. She must have gotten out early from class. "I can't believe you just came all over this teen slut's face!" She yelled teen slut right at the little brunette. Seeing Madison's fury, the little girl flinched and cowered making her look weak and almost pathetic.

"Hey babe. Sorry, I got bored and this little sex-fiend was just so willing." I turned to her with a guilty frown. To my surprise, she walked past me and right up to the little, cum-covered brunette. The girl looked so sexy on her knees, panting and dripping hot cum with her head bowed down and her hand still lightly fingering her sopping wet pussy. And then...

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