A young girl discovers her family has been hiding a deep, dark secret from her.
"Bad Daddy 2" By Bigwayne

Contains: Incest, Young teen characters, Anal play, Dildos, Slight domination, Watersports, Parental coercion and rape.

This work is complete fiction and imaginary, but if these themes aren't your cup of tea, please turn back now.


A young teenager discovers that her father is a closet pedophile with a laptop full of child porn. She confronts him to deter him, but ends up being forcibly raped. During the encounter, she discovers the mother and sister she wishes to protect from prosecution by the authorities if her perverted father is caught may not be as innocent as she first believed.


I don't know how long I remained squatting in the far corner of our bathtub letting the warm water from the shower head cascade down upon me and sooth my violated flesh, but it must have been a long time because my little sister came bounding into the bathroom still just as naked as she was when I left her in the kitchen with our despicable parents. Through the opaque shower door, I could make out the pale color of her skin. I didn't want her to see me in my current angry, depressed state, so I stood up and began washing my body with the bar of soap that was on a small ledge made into the corner of the wall.

She stepped beside the tub and tapped on the glass. "You stilll in the shower? I need to wash Daddy's sperm off of me. I'm all sticky."

I replied "I.... I'll be out in a minute, Heather." , and continued to scrub my body.

"Well, I don't want to wait that long." she said impatiently.

She reached over to the handle of the shower door and slid it open, just enough to let her slip her slender body through but not let the water spray out onto the floor. She pulled it closed once she was standing inside the tub behind me.

I hadn't meant to be brash with her, but my frustration for my parents was still on my mind. I snapped "HEY! I told you I would be out in a minute!!"

She stepped back away from me and looked like she was going to cry. Her pretty blue eyes were welling up with tears in response to my sudden outburst.

My anger wasn't meant for her. She was just a pawn in our parent's deviant behavior like I was to become. I quickly stepped over to her and hugged her head against my chest to console her.

"I'm sorry, Heather. I didn't mean to yell at you like that. My mind was somewhere else right then. I hope you'll forgive me."

I ran my hand over her shoulder length blonde hair to comfort her. I could hear her sniffling, trying to keep from crying aloud. Her arms slowly reciprocated my embrace. Heather reached around my waist and hugged me in return.

She said "You hurt my feelings when you yelled at me."

"I know, and I'm really sorry. I.... I was thinking about something bad.... at school. You know I love you."

She glanced up at me with teary, reddened eyes. She used her hand to wipe the tears from her face.

She said "I love you too, Sissy."

I hugged her for another minute until her spirits had built up again. Then she released my waist and stood at the rear of the bathtub. She stood there looking at me as if she had just realized I was naked, too. We had seen each other naked before, but it had been awhile since she had seen me completely nude. In the past few years she had only seen me in my underwear. She grinned and looked me over, much like Dad had done downstairs just before he raped me. But with Heather, it was more like curiosity, like she was seeing what her body might look like when she was my age. I didn't like being ogled, but if I was going to have to participate with their illicit incest to keep our family and home life safe until I turned 18, I was going to have to force myself to hide my disgust when the three of them looked at me as a sexual plaything. I just hoped I could keep my calm demeanor when Dad made me join them during sex tonight. The thought of that bastard touching me made me cringe.

Heather giggled and said "You have big titties. He He."

I looked down at my C-cup breasts non-chalantly and replied "I guess so."

Heather stepped in front of me, then looked down at the feeble little pokie breasts that stuck out from her own chest.

"I hope mine get as big as yours and Mom's are." she lamented.

Mom's breasts were a lot bigger than mine were, but that was because she had gotten breast implants before I was born. She was a full DD cup. Dad said that was what attracted her to him in the first place. According to the awful videos Dad had shown me of their incest, she still had a nice set of boobs on her. They had hardly begun sagging yet, but she was only 38.

Heather reached up and touched my erect nipple with her index finger. By instinct, I jerked back away from her hand. I wasn't accustomed to anyone else touching my body like that. It sort of surprised her and she laughed.

"I know you're new to sex with us, Sissy, but after tonight, you'll get used to people touching your boobies and stuff. Me and Mom have wanted to do you for a long time, but we figured you were a prude and wouldn't want to have sex with us."

Her hand reached out and touched my wet breast. She rubbed it all over gently. I grew tense, but I summoned the willpower to not pull away from her groping fingers. Heather reached her other hand up to my other slippery breast, and together they massaged the soft, tender skin and hard, dark nipples.

I just stood there and closed my eyes as my little sister felt up my breasts in the shower. It didn't feel the same as when Dad had felt me up during the rape. Her touch was far more gentle and comforting. It actually felt soothing to me. It helped knowing that it was being done by someone who actually did care for and loved me, unlike my deplorable father. Heather acted like she was trying to please me instead of herself.

Heather removed her hands and eagerly said "Let me finish washing you, Sissy."

She took the bar of soap away from me and rubbed it all over my bare shoulders, down the length of my slim arms, and back up and all over my wet chest. She paid special attention to apply more soap than needed to my full breasts. Then the soap traveled down my flat belly to my pubic area, then around my slender hips to my bare ass cheeks. Then Heather laid the bar of soap back up on the corner ledge and proceeded to work the slippery lather into my skin.

She started scrubbing my arms first, then she rubbed my exposed shoulders. The heat from her hands felt good on my chilly smooth skin. I opened my eyes and watched her scrub my soft breasts. She looked up at me lovingly as she worked the soap all around on my firm breasts and erect nipples. The chill from being out from under the warm shower spray had caused my nipples to stick out sharply from my tightened aureolas about 3/4 of an inch.

Heather let her middle and fourth fingers spread apart in a V. She let my nipples slide up and down in between them while her wet palms gently massaged and squeezed the surrounding flesh of my breasts. Her enthusiasm and experience relaxed me enough to where I actually liked what she was doing to me. I didn't flinch away from her anymore. I just let her fondle me as she pleased.

My horny little sister dropped her hands away from my breasts and scrubbed down my firm belly to my light tuft of pubic hair. The slipperiness of the soap let her hand slide right between my closed thighs and against my pussy. Her wet fingers rubbed against the outer folds of my labia lips. She grinned slyly and licked her lips slowly as she massaged the soapy lather all over my outer vaginal area.

She said "Me and Momma are gonna share your pussy at the same time tonight. She told me as Daddy fucked my ass in the kitchen. I can't wait to taste it. It feels so good in my hand." She licked her lips again at the thought of it.

Would I be able to ignore my apprehensions and just lay there calmly as my little 13 year old sister and my 38 year old bi-sexual mother forced lesbian sex upon me? The thought of it made me tense up, especially when I imagined my deviant father standing there videotaping the whole act. I was being fairly calm at the moment as my sister groped and fondled my pussy, but we were alone. I hoped I could keep up the charade once I stepped into my parent's bedroom and they, too, began molesting me. My strength would have to come from my love for my little sister, and the fear of warping her fragile psyche if I outed them as child molesters.

Heather pulled her wet hand from my groin and worked both hands around my waist and onto my wet ass. She cupped her hands under my round ass cheeks and lifted up on them.

"You have such a nice ass, Sissy. I just want to kiss it and kiss it."

She rubbed and squeezed my ass cheeks softly with both of her soapy hands. She slid her fingertips up into my ass crack and stroked them all along the length of it. When she brushed against my aching asshole, I flinched and said "Oww!" out loud. She pulled her fingers from my crack and just massaged my outer cheeks again.

She said "Yeah, I remember the first time Daddy did me in the butt. It was sore for a few days. Don't worry, it gets easier the more he does it to you. I love it now when he does me in the butt."

The thought of my evil father fucking me in any of my holes again made me cringe with anger. It wasn't a pleasant thought.

Heather worked her hands down to my toned legs. The residual lather that was running down my naked body was enough to give her ample suds to finish washing my body completely. While she was squatting down in front of me washing my calves, she leaned her face forward and kissed my pubic mound softly.

"Oh Sissy, you'll like it when I eat your pussy for you. Mommy has shown me how to do it good. I'll even kiss and lick your sore butthole and make it feel all better. How does that sound?"

I feigned a small bit of eagerness for her sake, grinned slightly, and replied "That'll be fine, Heather."

I didn't know that she meant she would do it right now. She grabbed my hips and motioned for me to turn around. Not suspecting her true intentions, I went ahead and turned my body until my ass was directly in front of her small face. She immediately spread my ass cheeks apart with her hands and buried her pretty face up into my ass crack. Her lips started planting small kisses upon my aching anus. When I tried to move my ass away from her face, she grabbed my hips and pulled her face deeper into my crack.

I could feel her little wet tongue jabbing at my asshole, licking all around on my wrinkled sphincter. I couldn't pull away from her no matter how hard I tried.

I said "Oww, watch it! My asshole hurts!", hoping she would release me. But it didn't work. Her mouth licked and dug around on my sore asshole even more eagerly. Knowing she wasn't going to stop, I quit fidgeting and leaned forward a bit.

She finally came up for a breath and said "I told you it would feel good, Sissy. I love your tasty asshole."

Heather buried her face back up into my ass crack and started licking my anus hungrilly once more. She pushed my feet apart, which made my thighs part a little. She reached one hand up to my groin and rubbed it against my outer labia lips roughly. One of her fingers pushed its way up into my slit and against my clit bump. I leaned forward even more, holding my upper body up with my arms. I soon discovered that my pussy was beginning to get wet from her horny efforts. As she rubbed her finger against the soft folds of tender pink flesh in my slit, her quick tongue was digging feverishly at my exposed rectal opening. I even felt the tip of her tongue push its way into the tight ring a few times.

I was moaning slightly as her hand stroked my moistening clit and outer vaginal flesh. I had begun to let myself fall into the passion of the moment. So much so that I never even heard the shower door open behind me.

Then I heard Mom's voice behind us urging us on.

"You don't know how many years I've longed to see my two girls together like this. Tonight is going to be so wild! That's the way, Heather. Eat her dirty ass like you do to Mommy. Get that tongue up in her asshole deeper. Oh yeah, my dirty little slut. Eat that asshole good. Uhnnnnn...."

Hearing Mom's voice startled me. I looked back and discovered she was as naked as we were. She stood beside the tub and watched her daughters act like lusty lesbians, enjoying every second of it. I was too horny by now to care if she was watching us or not. Mom coached Heather as my sister dug at my asshole greedily.

"Good girl, Heather. You really know how to eat a girl's asshole for her. You're such a good little girl. Sissy, your Dad told me he showed you our little video collection. Now you see why I let him talk me into letting Heather join us for sex. She is so talented with her tongue. I was mad at first when I caught him letting her suck him off during her baths, but once I felt her talented tongue on my wet pussy, I knew I had to let her have sex with us. And she was so eager to join us. I had never seen a 5 year old so willing to please her parents."

OMG! They started her incest that young?!? My current state of passion made me ignore that tibit for now. I was far too horny at the moment to address the sick revelation right now.

Mom stepped into the bathtub and stood right behind Heather. She reached under my belly and held me as she placed her other hand against the back of Heather's head and pushed my sister's face against my ass crack more firmly.

She said "Now get that tongue up in her asshole deeper, Heather. Eat her nasty asshole, you dirty little girl."

Mom was being really derrogatory to my little sister, but she didn't seem to mind the vile talk. I felt Heather's tongue delve deeper up inside my rectum. I worried about having a poo up inside me, but I didn't attempt to stop my sister from finding one. The feeling of her penetrating my asshole with her stabbing little tongue felt too good to me.

Mom said "Yeah, my little cunt. Eat that shitty asshole for your dirty sister. She's loving every minute of it. She's a horny bitch just like you are. You're a dirty little ass eater like your dirty mommy. Now get on your knees so I can get at your asshole, little slut!"

Heather changed from squatting on her feet to resting on her knees. Mom got down on one knee beside her and put her face directly over Heather's exposed ass. She pried her daughter's ass cheeks apart forcibly and lowered her open mouth down upon Heather's gaping asshole. Mom pushed her long, pointed tongue down into heather's asshole and hungrilly licked around on the pink flesh of her rectum inside. It made Heather squeal out in pleasure.

"Yeeeeeeeee!!!" she exclaimed excitedly.

The deeper Mom probed Heather's asshole, the more they both grunted and moaned. It also made my sister's tongue work that much harder inside my own asshole. The soreness had just about worked itself out with her assistance. It had lessened to just a slight ache, which made my sphincter that much more sensitive to my little sister's pleasurable actions.

One of my hands unconsciously worked it's way down between my slender thighs and onto my dripping slit. Heather moved her fingers to my vagina and began thrusting two fingers up inside my sopping pussy. I took over stroking my clit bump with my finger tips, pushing them hard against the sensitive, swollen lump vigorously.

Since I had stopped resisting Heather's anal invasion and was now pressing my ass backward into her pretty licking face, she, too, dropped her free hand down onto her own hairless groin and started shoving a couple of fingers up inside her own tight womanhood. She was moaning loudly from the dual stimulation being applied to her pussy and asshole.

Mom alternated from sticking her long tongue down into her daughter's rectum to probing it with two of her fingers. Heather didn't care as long as something was being pushed up inside her asshole for her. It wasn't very long before Heather started to writhe around and tremble a bit. When she cummed, it was very loud.


Her small body got stiff and began shaking uncontrollably in the bathtub. Heather pulled her little tongue from my asshole and dropped down into the bottom of the tub. Her climax coursed throughout her small body vigorously. Mom spread Heather's legs apart, straddled one of them, and started rubbing her own sloppy pussy against her daughter's hairless slit to help prolong her pleasure. When it was over, Heather lay in the bottom of the tub weak as a kitten and grinning from ear to ear.

Mom climbed off of my sister and buried her mouth down on her immature pussy, trying to dig out every drop of her orgasm juices that were seeping out of her tingling gash. The over-stimulation on her very sensitive groin made Heather squeal out again.

"Yeeeee! Mommy, that tickles too much!" she yelped as she tried vainly to push Mom's face off of her pussy.

Mom feasted upon her bald groin until she was satisfied she had retrieved every last drop of her tasty juices. Only then did she stop and let Heather up. My sister just sat at the back of tub to regain her strength from the intense orgasm she had just experienced.

Mom's attention then turned to me. Still feeling her lesbian urges raging within her, she grabbed my hips and took over where my little sister had left off. Her mouth latched onto my exposed anus and started assaulting it with zeal. I thought my sister's little tongue felt good on my asshole. It was nothing compared to Mom's long tongue. She drove it all the way inside my asshole until her teeth prevented it from going in any further. Mom reamed my ass heartily and fast.

I was moaning "Oh god, Mom! Oh my god! Oh my god! Uhnnnnnn....." loudly in the bathroom. I loved feeling her slippery tongue push my anus open forcibly and touch against the inner walls of my rectal cavity. She almost acted like she actually WAS trying to discover a poo inside me.

Mom pulled her tongue from my ass and said "Tell Mommy how much you like her eating your dirty asshole, baby! I know you like it from the way you're fingering your own drippy cunt. Talk nasty to Mommy. Tell me you like me eating your nasty asshole. Tell me....Tell me baby. Mmmmmmm....."

Her tongue went back up inside my horny ass once more. She jammed it deeply into my welcoming colon. I pressed my ass back against her pleasurable mouth to assist her.

I finally succumbed to my building lust and did as she asked of me.

I said "YES, Mommy! YES!! I love your tongue up inside my nasty asshole, Mommy. I LOVE IT!! UHNNNNNnnnnn...."

I had completely forgotten the rape that had occured this morning in the kitchen by now, as well as my disgust for the videos they had made invilving my little baby sister Heather. Mom was that talented.

"I knew you were a horny little cunt like your sister there. It runs in our family. You both got your nasty streak from your dirty old mother. Heather, go get my box from the bedroom."

My sister got a devilish grin on her face, then scurried off to retrieve what Mom wanted. She soon returned with a Tupperware box about 12 inches square. She climbed back into the bathtub with us and slid the door closed. She placed the plastic box right behind Mom's ass and opened it up. I looked back and saw what was inside of it. It has all sorts of rubber dildos and vibrators in it, as well as a few tubes of AstroGlide. Apparently, this was what they used on each other during their illegal sexcapades.

Mom pulled out a 7 inch flesh colored dildo from the container and wet it under the falling water. Heather pulled out a small round egg with a wired hand control attached to it. She pushed it up inside her own tight pussy and held down the button on the control pad. She yelped when the vibrator first engaged inside her vagina, then settled back and let the little buzzing orb tickle her tender flesh pleasurably.

Mom took her dildo and pressed it against my wet pussy. My flowing juices allowed it to slide right up inside my yearning pussy. She pushed every inch of the latex phallus inside my vaginal canal to my cervix. With one quick jab, she forced it past the tight muscular ring that led into my teenage uterus. I gasped aloud as the head of the dick was forced inside me so far, but not from discomfort. It was from the full feeling as it rubbed against the inner walls of my compressed womb.

She released her grip on the fake cock and reached behind her to get another dildo. This one was 12 inches long, black, and had a suction cup molded onto the ballsack on the end of it. This one she securly placed underneath her pussy and stuck the suction cup onto the floor of the bathtub to keep it in place. Then with Heather's helpful guidance, she lowered her groin down onto the long dildo slowly until it had completely disappeared up inside her juicy pussy. She undulated her hips up and down upon the monster dildo steadily, then leaned forward and went back to eating out my reddened asshole once more.

Mom made audible slurping and moaning noises behind me as her long tongue worked its way in and out of my tender asshole. She was also heard to murmur little dirty comments as she reamed my tight, wrinkled sphincter.

"Mmmmmm, Sissy....... you have such a nice little asshole, baby. *SLURP-LICK* Such a nice ass. Mmmmmm.... my horny baby...... *SLURP-SLURP* ....... Mommy loves your dirty asshole....... Uhnnnnnnn....*SLURP* "

Mom recalled the dildo she had pushed up inside my pussy. She grabbed the 2 inches that was sticking out of my slit and started working it in and out of my pussy again at about the same rhythym as she was impaling herself with the huge black dildo underneath her bouncing ass. I moaned aloud from the double stimulation being applied to my yearning groin. She not only shoved the dildo into my pussy, she also gave it a twist with her hand as it went inside my cunt. It felt amazing. I considered myself a heterosexual, but I couldn't deny how good it felt to have a woman's touch pleasuring me.

Heather had regained some of her strength after her intense climax earlier. She crawled underneath my stooped over body, reached up to my dangling breasts above her, and massaged them with her small hands. She fondled and squeezed them gently. My sister was very skilled from years of practice. Her hands felt so nice on my firm breasts. She rolled my hard nipples between her index fingers and thumbs, which felt amazing.

Their efforts were not in vain. I felt my pussy start to tingle as my mom and my little sister groped and licked and fucked me in tandem. My knees got a little weak as my building climax began coursing throughout my wet, naked body. I gnawed my bottom lip and grunted loudly as my orgasm spread from my groin to the rest of my body.

I groaned "NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!" very loudly as my climax took control of me. I had to push my body to the side when my knees buckled on me so I wouldn't fall on my sister below me. I laid on my side in the bottom of the bathtub trembling and quivering until the effects of my climax subsided and my head started clearing again.

When I came to my senses, I looked up and saw Mom and Heather both standing above me grinning from ear to ear at my plight.

Mom looked over at my sister and asked her "Remember the first time you cummed that hard? You nearly passed out, too."

"Yeah, Mommy, that was so wild!" she replied.

My legs were weak and useless at the moment, but I somehow managed to sit upright in the tub underneath the shower spray. I felt a little bit of humiliation and shame for having allowed myself to enjoy what my perverted mother had just done to me. I didn't feel any animosity toward my little sister because she had been conditioned all these years to enjoy sex. But Mom was just as guilty as my mean father for allowing him to use Heather for his deviant pleasure, and for using her as well in her sick lesbian fantasies. I remembered how she callously fed Dad's fat cock to Heather in those pictures and videos on his laptop. Mom was deriving just as much dirty pleasure as Dad was from making my little sister act like a slut.

Mom spoke and said "Now it's time to finish mine. Heather, lay in Sissy's lap."

My obedient sister did as she was told. She layed down on her back in between my shaky thighs with her head resting against my pubic bone. Mom broke the suction on the long black dildo and repositioned it to the far end of the bath tub, then reinserted it back up inside her tight pussy. Her hips began bouncing upon the stiff phallus, driving the entire length of it up inside her womb.

Mom leaned forward and placed her head right between Heather's slim thighs. Her mouth clamped down onto my sister's groin and assailed it hungrilly. She squealed out loud at the sudden invasion of her immature pussy.

"Yeeeeeee!", she shrieked. Then after a moment, she moaned "Mmmmmm, Mommy, that feels so good."

Mom was pleasuring herself upon the long dildo as she ate out my sister's eager slit. Both of them were moaning and groaning from Mom's lusty actions. I could hear Mom slurping loudly on her bald cunt. Heather was getting so turned on again that she started talking dirty like Mom liked her to do during sex.

"Ahhhhh, Mommy, eat my pussy. Eat my wet pussy, you dirty slut. You like eating the pussies of little girls, don't you Mommy?" Heather grabbed Mom's head and pulled her face harder into her pussy. "Yeah, my dirty Mommy likes to eat little girl's pussies. Look at her, Sissy. She's a big fat slut who likes to eat my pussy and asshole. Now eat my asshole, Mommy!"

Heather pulled her knees up against her pokie breasts. That exposed her asshole to Mom. Mom moved her head, jabbed out her tongue, and drilled it up inside my sister's tight asshole. I sat there and watched my horny mother molest my little sister's ass greedily. Heather, meanwhile, grabbed the 7 inch dildo Mom had used on me and rubbed the head of it against her own splayed gash. She liked seeing Mom watch her masturbate with the fake dong. Mom's eyes were locked upon Heather's groin as she ate out her asshole for her.

I reached down to Heather's small pokie breasts and massaged them for her just like she had done to mine. They were only the size of an A-Cup, but her nipples were fairly prominent, so I decided to give them the most attention. I let them slide in between my middle and fourth fingers, closing them slightly so as to give her nipples a gentle squeeze as my hands rubbed her small tits back and forth. She enjoyed it.

When Mom saw me participating, she smiled, delighted that I was doing it of my own accord. She stopped bouncing for a moment and grabbed the smaller dildo from my sister's hand. She rubbed the head of it all over Heather's juicy pussy, then handed it back to Heather.

She said seductively "Let Sissy taste your pussy, baby.", then waited to see if I would allow it.

I was unsure what to do at that point. Heather held the dildo up to my face and kept it there. When I didn't immediately put my lips upon it, she touched the slime covered dong against them, pushing it past my lips and teeth. It caught me off guard, but once it was in my open mouth, there wasn't anything I could do about it.

I half expected it to taste like fish, like I had heard the boys at school say, but it didn't. It had a slight musky flavor, but nothing terrible. Heather pulled the dildo from my mouth and returned to rubbing it against her clitoris and exposed outer vaginal area. Mom was pleased that I didn't protest.

Mom said "See, baby, Sissy likes your drippy pussy. Now you do it."

Without hesitation, Heather pressed the head of the flesh colored dildo partly into the outer opening of her tiny pussy. She coated the end of it thoroughly, then pulled it back out. She opened her small mouth wide and suckled her own vaginal discharge off of the fake cock masterfully, using her wet tongue to lick clean it all off. When finished, she pulled the dildo from her mouth with a loud "POP" and said "Mmmmmmmm, that's good pussy, Mommy."

"Yes it is, baby." Mom replied. "Mommy's little girl has a delicious little pussy on her. I love your dirty little pussy, baby. "

Mom used her hands to spread Heather's puffy labia lips as far apart as she could without hurting her, then she drove her snaking tongue down into my sister's pussy lustfully, all the while looking at us to see our reactions.

Heather reached down and began rubbing her clit feverishly with the short dildo as Mom ate her hairless pussy for her just as swiftly. My sister started whining "Uhnnn.... Uhnnnnn...... Uhnnnn......" repeatedly in response, like a young puppy does when it's left all alone.

I watched the two of them act like horny lesbians right in front of me. Mom's ass was grinding the 12 inch dildo in and out of her hungry pussy relentlessly, and her long tongue was invading both of Heather's tight, little holes back and forth. My younger sister was letting herself succumb to the immense pleasure Mom was doling out upon her under developed groin. Heather's hand was stroking her clit bump fast and hard with the dildo, trying to get herself off again.

And was I no less a deviant than they were in this incestuous triad? I was sitting in the bathtub with them caressing my little sister's small breasts while they cavorted on each other, so I too am just as bad as they are. I had allowed both my little sister and my conniving mother to pleasure me in ways that would have shocked and possibly sickened me the day before. I still had the mindset of taking my little sister away from this place as soon as I was 18 and could protect and take care of her on my own, for whatever that was worth now after allowing them to induct me into their perverted tryst. I was still harboring a deep sense of resentment toward my father for the callous rape he had done on me this morning. He was the one I wanted to protect Heather from the most. I just hoped my convictions for the task would last the next two years until I could accomplish my goal.

Heather's moaning was increasing as they progressed, in volume as well as frequency. In between the whining and grunting, she would talk vulgarly to Mom to encourage her efforts.

""Ahhhhnnnnn.... Mommmm-eeeeee...... Eat my asshole, Mommy! Uhnnnn... Uhnnnn.... Uhnnnnn...... That feels so goooooooood! Mmmmmm..... sooooo good. Ahnnnnn..... my pussy..... Uhnnnnn...."

Heather was writhing around in the tub like a snake. I could tell she was about to cumm on herself again. I saw clear slime oozing out of her vagina, which Mom was quick to clear away with her lapping tongue. Her slender hips were bucking against Mom's face as if to push her groin harder against Mom's mouth. Her face contorted weirdly and she squealed loudly, signalling the onset of her second intense climax of the morning.


When Heather first started showing signs of her impending orgasm, Mom plunged her tongue down into her pussy as deep as she could. She also shoved her middle and fourth fingers in and out of my sister's tight asshole as fast as she could to make her climax more intense and last longer. Heather's legs were flailing in the air from the over stimulation Mom was applying to her trembling body, as if she were trying to pull away from Mom because it was too much pleasure. But Mom held her still and kept eating her ravaged pussy and finger fucking her poor asshole.

My sister finally calmed down once the waves of her orgasm subsided . She lay in the tub in front of me shaking from the weakening after effects. Her expression was one of pure bliss. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling broadly.

Mom must have enjoyed torturing both of Heather's sensitive cavities so cruelly. She propped her body up on her arms and looked up at me with a look of total concentration on her face, as if to assert her dominance over her children. Her hips began slamming her groin down hard upon the 12 inch dildo underneath her. Her ass made loud slapping noises as it crashed against the wet floor of the bathtub repeatedly. She had nothing but satisfying her own horny wants on her mind right now.

Mom let out a loud grunt with every thrust downward. She cummed just about as hard as me and my sister had when her own climax finally caught up with her.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!" she shouted. Her scream echoed off of the hard walls of the shower enclosure. She drove her hips down to push the fake dong as deep into her pussy as it would go. She rotated her ass around in small circles to make the sides of the dildo rub hard against her vaginal opening and swollen clitoris to heighten the experience. Her eyes never stopped looking me directly in the eye. She was licking her lips lustfully at me during her entire orgasm.

Once it had passed, Mom leaned back and sat on her calves. We could see the huge dildo going up inside her gushing pussy. I could see an imprint of the dong pressing outward against her abdomen. It must have been all the way at the top of her uterus, it was so deep within her. Seeing it excited me a little.

Mom saw that I was staring curiously at the obvious bulge and rubbed her belly to accent it's presence.

"Sissy, I bet you'd like to have a big fat cock up inside you like this, wouldn't you, baby?" she said, trying to coerce me to try it.

I hesitated. "I... I don't think I can take one that big, Mom"

"Oh, I'll bet you can. Your father told me you have a tight pussy, but I was fucking dicks this size when I was your sister's age, so I'm sure you can handle it. Come here, baby. I'll help you."

I didn't really want to comply with her order, but Heather had to go and chime in with her 2 cents about it.

"Yeah, Sissy. climb up on it. It's fun. Mommy has used that one on my butt lots of times. Your pussy is better than mine. You can do it. Go ahead. I wanna watch you do it."

Her enthusiasm strengthened Mom's determination to make me do it. Mom stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me up from the floor of the bathtub. Heather crawled to the opposite end underneath the shower head so me and Mom could have the other end where the pussy juice covered dildo was sticking up like a spear in the tub. Having never been fucked before this morning, I was dreading the experience. I didn't think I could handle such a monster cock at my age.

Mom tried to reassure me. "It's okay, baby. You can handle it. Just get on your knees over it and lower your body down slowly. As wet as your pussy is, it should slide right up inside you. Just go slow. Go ahead."

Reluctantly, I did as she asked. I got on my knees behind the foot long dildo. It was standing up about 6 inches in front of me between my folded thighs, staring me straight in my face. Mom knelt down in front of me and grabbed the rubbery shaft to help guide it up into my descending pussy for me.

I got up on my knees and crawled over to the monster cock. She could tell I wasn't too eager to impale my poor vagina with the huge dong.

Mom coaxed me "Come on, Baby. Do it for Mommy. Fuck yourself with it. It's okay. Do it, baby."

She reached her hand down to my slit and rubbed my slit to entice me. She even leaned the tip of the dildo against my pussy and rubbed it around on my dripping slit. I eased my body forward until I was directly above the long staff. I placed my hands upon her bare shoulders to brace myself, then slowly lowered my pussy down to the thich dildo. Mom held the head of the cock to my vagina and let me sink down upon it. My sister's and Mom's eyes were glued upon my groin as it went inside my semi-virgin pussy.

Heather shouted "She's doing it, Mommy. She's fucking!"

Mom reiterated her earlier coaxing. "Just go slowly until you get it good and wet. Then you can start bouncing on it, baby. You're such a good girl, baby. Mommy loves you so much."

I lowered my groin even more. Soon I had about 5 inches of the dildo up inside me. I could feel the head of it touching against my cervical ring leading into my womb. I wasn't sure if I should continue, so I raised my body back up until the head of the cock was just inside my pussy, then lowered back down upon it. I repeated this a few more times. Mom must have wanted me to take on the entire length. She egged me on to take in more of the dildo.

"Baby, you can take it all. You can. Just push it past the hole and up into your uterus."

Heather said "Yeah, Sissy. Fuck the whole thing, Do it. Fuck it good, Sissy."

Mom was stroking her wet hand against my juicy labia lips to get me more excited, and it was working. I liked the feel of a big dick up inside me when it wasn't attached to a rapist. I braced myself for what was to come, then dropped my body down even farther until the tapered head of the dildo pushed past my tight cervix and into my squeezing womb.

"Yaaaaahhhh!" I gasped as the dildo stabbed 8 inches up inside my reproductive tract so suddenly.

Mom was smiling broadly at my progress. Her hand was rubbing my pussy lips vigorously to keep me stimulated. She put her free hand upon one of my silky thighs and pressed down upon it, trying to make me take in even more of the huge cock into my pussy. Two more inches slid up inside my stretched vagina' canal. I could feel the end of the dildo touching the top of my uterus now, yet Mom was pressing me to keep going.

I said "Mom, it's.... it's all the way in now. I can't take in any more of it."

She said "Nonesense. Let me see. Lean back."

I leaned back like she had done earlier. The imprint of the long phallus was clearly visible on my tight abdomen. It reached all the way up to my belly button. She was impressed that I had accomplished the feat.

Stroking her fingers against the long bulge on my belly, Mom said "Oh my, baby, that is so hott, seeing that big dick up inside you like that. Look, Heather, Sissy did it."

Heather replied "Yeah, Mommy, I see it. Wow!"

Mom said "I just gotta taste that beautiful pussy while it's inside you, baby."

She leaned forward and started suckling on my exposed clit bump and labia lips. I moaned and held her head against my pussy as she lapped up the juices that were seeping out from around the rubbery cock.

Heather stepped over beside me, cradled my jaw with both hands, and started french kissing me very passionately. I got caught up in the kinkiness of the situation and didn't try to avoid her. As we tongue each other's mouths vulgarly, I reached one hand up ot Heather's hairless pussy and pushed two fingers into her wet slit, rubbing the tips against her clit bump and her outer vaginal opening. She hunched her hips against my stroking hand.

Just about that time, I heard the faint sound of the bathroom door squeak open. Wondering where his females had gotten off to, Dad had come upstairs to find us. He enjoyed the sight that was unfolding inside the shower.

He stepped beside the bathtub and said "See, honey. I told you Sissy would make a great addition to our little fuck fest. Look at how she takes a big dick. She's a fucking slut like you two are. She told me downstairs that she was a horny little bitch like Heather is. When she saw those videos we made, she couldn't wait to get my cock up inside her. She fucked me like a dirty whore. She likes it when I fuck her asshole, don't you, Sissy?"

I was feeling great anger towards him, but when he made a quick glance at Heather, as if to remind me that I had to keep my mouth shut about the rape, I got the message.

I replied through gritted teeth "Yes."

Dad grinned evilly at me in his confidence that he had total control over me for the next two years.

To further assert his dominance over us all, he dropped his pajama bottoms to the floor and grabbed his semi-flaccid cock. He aimed it over into the bathtub and announced "Get ready, I gotta go."

I watched in terror as I saw the first few drops of yellow seep out from the hole in the end of his dick. Mom paid him no mind as more and more of his smelly piss streamed out of the end and sprayed down upon her naked body. Mom kept on licking at my pussy that was wrapped around the long dildo.

My sister, though, turned around and motioned for him to give her some of it as well. He moved his hand and aimed the amber waste directly at her bare chest. As it cascaded down her belly and onto her bald groin, she rubbed the awful smelling liquid around on her belly and her smooth pussy, basking in it like it was a simple garden hose being sprayed upon her.

I sat there on my knees in disbelief as my mother and my little sister degraded themselves in the piss so eagerly. Dad aimed some of it directly onto Mom's licking face, making the pee splatter all over her pretty face and my groin. I tried to pull away from the stream, but Mom was holding me down and the dildo kept me firmly in one spot. I couldn't move at all. I feebly raised my hands and tried to deflect any splashing piss from hitting me in the face. Mom just kept right on licking on my pussy as Dad urinated in her face and open mouth.

When he was finished pissing on all of us, Dad pointed to Heather, who quickly stood in front of him and leaned forward obediently. He grabbed his dick and she opened her mouth automatically, not needing to be told to do it. She stuck out her small tongue and held still. Dad grunted and out came a few more squirts of pee he had been holding back. Each burst of piss landed right inside my sister's eager mouth.

Each time he squirted a couple of ounces of nasty piss into her mouth, she would swallow it down and beg for more.

"More, Daddy! Give me more pee! I want it so bad, Daddy."

Each time she repeated it, she was rewarded with another swallow of urine, which she quickly ingested willingly.

Now I knew the extent of his depravity. He had been training her for so long that she was his total slave to whatever he asked of her. Dad was a masochist. He had corrupted Mom and Heather both to his sick, vile ways. They were totally sumbissive to his every whim, even to the point of letting him piss into their mouths and making them drink it. I dreaded what he would make me do once I started having sex with him.

His bladder finally emptied completely. When Heather saw he had no more to give, she wrapped her tiny lips around his flaccid cock and sucked upon the reddish tapered head as hard as she could. Her two hands were grasping the loose foreskin tightly to hold it in her mouth. Dad grabbed both sides of her head and let her suckle it.

He looked down at Heather like a slave driver and said "See, Sissy. Look at how good of a whore your sister is. You like my pissy dick, don't you little bitch?"

My sister looked up at him with happy eyes and murmured "Mmmmm-hmmmm.". She couldn't talk plainly because her mouth was full of dick. Her lips were locked down firmly upon the wrinkled member and her cheeks were sunk in from all the suction she was applying to it.

If I had any doubts about Mom's complicity in the corruption of my naive little sister, they were fading quickly. She rose up from lapping at my outstretched vagina and knelt beside Heather to aid my Dad in his aberrant dominance over her. Mom grabbed his cock and wrenched it from my sister's hands. She pushed it back into Heather's mouth and moved it around inside her cheeks lasciviously, as if to assert her own sense of control over my sister by forcing Heather to taste his dirty dick against her will.

As she pushed his cock around vulgarly inside Heather's gaping mouth, Mom began talking dirty to her again.

"Yeah, you little whore, taste your Daddy's nasty cock! Taste his nasty piss all over it. You're nothing but a fucking slut put on this earth for our sexual pleasure. Just a horny little cock sucking whore like your nasty Mommy and sister."

Heather was acting the part that Mom described aloud our sick mother teased my little sister terribly with Dad's soft cock. My sister was bobbing her head around trying to keep her mouth on his cock wherever Mom moved it to, like she was cock starved and didn't want it to go away.

Dad chimed in as well. "Not to mention it still has Sissy's ass and pussy on it."

Heather spoke and said "Mmmmmmm, Daddy, I love it!", then she went back to chasing his dirty cock with her mouth and tongue.

Mom said "She knows what Sissy's ass tastes like. I made her eat her asshole just before you came in."

"That's good, honey." he said to Mom. "And I'm sure both of our little bitches loved every minute of it, didn't they?"

Heather paused her head bobbing for a moment and eagerly replied "I loved her dirty asshole so much, Daddy!". When she finished speaking, her small lips returned to his cock and began suckling on the bulbous, reddened head once more.

Dad then looked down upon me and said in a surreptitious tone "I know Sissy likes ass play. She couldn't wait for me to fuck her little virgin asshole, could you Baby?", to remind me of the harrowing rape he had done to me this morning.

It took all the control I could muster to keep from jumping up and chocking the life out of him. I despised him so much for the way he treated me and my sister. Mom's enjoyment of degrading Heather made me drop her from the 'need protecting' list. It was just me and Heather on it now. She was the only one in the family I felt I should be loyal to anymore. Mom and Dad were the molestors.

I didn't respond to his connotative question, save for a 'wish you were dead' leer into his gaze. He just smirked at me as if he didn't care what I thought about him. He knew he had full control over me and my little sister for 2 more years. I just knelt there quietly, impaled on the long dildo adhered to the floor of the bathtub underneath me, as him and Mom treated my sister like a whore. Then he noticed the bulge pushing outward against my inner abdomen.

He looked down at Mom and said "You know, I haven't seen Sissy use that big fat cock she has inside her. Why don't you make her show her Daddy how good she can fuck that thing, honey?"

Mom released her grip on Dad's semi-stiff cock and turned her degenerate attention back over to me. Heather climbed out of the bathtub and knelt down on the bath mat laying in front of the tub to give me and Mom more room. She hungrilly fed about 4 inches of his cock into her open mouth. Her cheeks sunk in deeply as she inhaled as much of it as she could handle, and she bobbed her pretty face up and down on it steadily. Dad rested his hand upon the top of her head and groaned in ecstasy from his despoiled daughter's sexual talents.

Mom knelt in front of me and urged me to fuck the 12 inch dildo that was protruding halfway out of my exposed pussy.

"Go ahead, baby. Let Mommy see you fuck that big cock. You'll really like it once you get going. Go on."

Mom's hand was massaging the skin surrounding my wet pussy to help encourage me to do it. She lowered her head and started suckling softly upon my hard nipples. Despite the ire I was feeling for the way she and Dad were getting off on treating us so disgracefully, her skill at pleasing a woman was unquestionable. She must know the errogenous zones of a woman, most probable from being a woman herself, because she reawakened my lust in no time.

She didn't linger on any one spot on my wet, naked body. She would suck upon my breasts and nipples for awhile, then she would raise her head and softly kiss upon the sides of my neck and suckle my ear lobes. Then she would lay gentle kisses all along my chest from my neck down to my pubic bone. When she kissed my sides, I even giggled because it tickled me. Then she placed her face directly in front of mine when she thought I was relaxed enough and stuck out her long tongue against my pursed lips. Without thinking about it, I parted my full lips and allowed my molestor inside my lusty mouth.

Her skilled tongue rolled around inside my mouth expertly. Our drooling mouths shared each other's saliva wantonly and without care. My hand instinctively reached down to her shaved muff and explored her juicy slit, much to her delight. She broke our kiss and looked lovingly into my eyes, bucking her dripping groin against my probing hand and fingers.

Then Mom cradled both sides of my head and leaned her ample chest forward, placing the tip of her DD breasts against my soft lips. It was rock hard from the chill on her wet body. I latched onto the hard nipple and suckled on it hard like a baby would. I tried to imagine myself as a baby feeding myself upon the large teat. I even drew out some fluid from her breasts into my mouth, which I swallowed down as fast as I could retrieve it.

Mom held the breast to my mouth and whispered to me "That's it, baby. Drink Mommy's milk. I love you so much. Drink it all in."

The harder I sucked on her stiff nipples, the more Mom moaned from it. She must like being handled roughly. She swapped her breasts back and forth until I had drained them of all of their faux milky secretions. Mom pressed my face against her breasts, then wrapped her arms around me just under my arms with a firm embrace. She raised her body up slightly with her legs, causing me to copy her and come up off of my calves about 4 inches, then she lowered her body back down onto her calves. I could tell she was coaxing me to fuck the rubber dildo I was impaled upon. After the third time, it felt so good sliding in and out of my that I took over and started doing it on my own.

Mom was happy I was starting to come around and get into the mood again. She leaned back and watched me fuck the long phallus over and over. She liked seeing the imprint it made on my flat tummy as it went deep inside my reproductive tract to the top.

She smiled lustfully and said "Yeah, baby. Fuck that big cock. You like being fucked, don't you? You're handling that big dick just like me. i told you you could take it. My baby is a horny slut like her Mommy."

I found it weird that Mom continually referred to herself as 'Mommy' since I was 16. I could understand her saying it to my younger 13 year old sister, but it seemed odd she'd use the term with me as well. I guess it helped her get off thinking of both of her children as babies. I was also none too fond of her using such vile names with us, like 'slut' and 'whore' and 'bitch'. I'm pretty sure she picked it up from Dad, since he used the terms more than she did, even on her.

Mom was fascinated at the way the dildo bulged out on my firm abdomen. She rubbed the lump curiously with her wet hands as I dropped down upon it and made it bulge out. She even leaned over to my belly and licked the bulge a few times, as if she were licking along the sides of Dad's hard cock or something. Whatever floats her boat, I guess.

As I pounded my groin on the stiff 12 incher, I glanced over at Heather and my Dad. By now he was sitting upon the toilet and had my sister squatting in front of it on a folded towel he had laid out for her to kneel upon. He still had her fellating him, but now he was holding her pretty head with both hands and pushing it down upon his erection.

I heard her gag on it a couiple of times, and each time he would correct her and say "You have to relax, baby, and let it just go in.". Then he would pull her head down onto his cock forcibly until she resisted the gag reflex. I could hear her making gurgling sounds each time it entered her tight throat. it sounded like she was swallowing food. She just knelt there obediently and let him demean her repeatedly like a whore.

Mom would look over at them every now and then and encourage Dad. "Oh, baby, I love it when you make her eat your big dick like that. Make the little bitch eat the whole thing baby! She's nothing but a little cock sucking whore anyway. Oh GOD! Ahhhhnnnnnn! That's soooo hott!"

Now that my sister had become adjusted to taking in his cock without gagging, Dad stood up in front of her, held her head perfectly still, and hunched the entire length of his hard cock in and out of her small relaxed throat, much like one would fuck a pussy. He would stop every now and then to let her catch her breath, then plunge his erection back into her open and wuilling mouth.

He said "Yep, that's how you treat little whores like her. You fuck them like a slut and make them beg for more."

Heather murmurmed "Mmmmm-Hmmmm!" in agreement.

I started to wonder if there was anything left of the innocent sister I knew. This new sluttier version of her I was just discovering today almost seemed like she was too far gone to be saved from them. She was so compliant with everything they made her do to them. It was probably from years of coersion and conditioning. It seemed like second nature for her to swallow Dad like a veteran prostitute, not to mention when Mom instructed her to eat out our asses earlier. She did it willingly and enthusiastically, disregarding any health concerns. I feared it may have already been too late to save the naive, innocent little sister I once believed her to be.

I also wondered how they could have hidden their depravity from me for so long? I hadn't a clue as to what they were doing with Heather all these years. My bedroom was at the opposite end of the hallway from their bedroom, and their bedrrom was fairly sound proof even when you stood outside their door, but you'd think I would have heard them at some point sneaking my sister into their bedroom to have sex with them. I guess some of the times I had heard Mom and Dad having sex during the night when I had to use the bathroom, my little sister was probably in there with them. I just didn't hear her softer voice. They probably timed their video taped sexual encounters with me staying at a friends house for the night, too, so I wouldn't catch them molesting her.

Oh my god! I just remembered that summer three years ago when I went off to summer camp. Heather said she didn't want to go, so I went alone. I was gone for a whole month! I could just imagine how much sex the three of them had during that time with me out of their way. That would also coorespond to the time frame of the videos Dad showed me while he raped me in the ass this morning. Now I knew.

I snapped out of my investigative mindset when Dad stood my naked sister up and he sat back down onto the toilet. he made Heather straddle his lap and sit down upon his 9 inch erection. He held his cock against her tight rectum as she lowered herself slowly upon the spear standing up between his hairy thighs. Once she had worked the tapered head of his dick past her clenching sphincter, he pushed down on her bony hips and forced the other 8 inches of it deeply in her tight fitting rectal cavity.

Heather squealed "YAAAAAHHH!" when her asshole was stretched open so forcibly, but she began moaning once the soreness disipated from her reamed anus. Dad was holding her small, firm ass cheeks apart as he hunched his hips and hard cock up inside her tight colon fast and hard. I could plainly see his dick invade her asshole. She would prolapse slightly and show red flesh as he pulled it out of her asshole, then it would sink back up inside of her on the upthrust. My sister just laid against his chest and let him have his way with her while she moaned softly.

Mom was getting more excited from watching Dad fuck Heather in the ass so forcibly. She reached her hand down to the box of dildos that sat just outside of the bathtub and grabbed a long purple, double headed latex dong from within. It looked like it was about 18 inches long.

Mom handed it to me, stood up, and braced her body against the back wall of the tub enclosure with her arms. She jutted out her ass at my Dad and said to me "I want it all in my asshole, baby! Fuck Mommy in my ass with that big fat cock."

I did as she requested. I stopped bouncing upon the dildo wedged firmly inside my pussy so I could aim the huge dildo at her anus. I slipped the end of it into her rectum. After that, it just seemed to slide right up inside her asshole easily. I fed about half of the monster cock into her until I felt resistance. It was the curve your colon makes to attach to the large intestine. When I onlu used half of it on her, Mom was insistant that I not stop.

"More, baby..... I want it all! Fuck Mommy's asshole with all of it. I want it so bad! Push harder, baby.... push harder. Oh fuck , I need it in me so badly right now."

I didn't want to tear out her guts or anything, but she was persistent in her demands. I grabbed the end of the long dildo on the head of it and pressed it further up inside Mom's ass. Her face contorted and she groaned loudly as it made the downward turn in her colon and touched against the opening into her large intestine. It completely disappeared up inside her.

Grateful that I had done as she asked, she turned 90 degrees and backed her ass up to my face. She leaned forward, spread her feet apart until they touched the sides of the bathtub, and braced herself on her extended arms against the grab bar and the shower door track.

She said "Eat my dirty pussy, baby. Mommy wants you to eat her pussy so bad. Eat me while I have the dildo up inside my asshole. Please, baby. Please.", begging for me to accomodate her perverted whims.

I guess it was only fair. She had eaten out my pussy and even my asshole, and I liked it.... a lot. So I reached up and grabbed the sides of her ass and held her in place. I leaned my face forward until my lips touched upon her floppy
labia lips before me. She sighed softly as I pressed my wet tongue against her labia lips and pushed it up into her juicy slit. The more I licked around on her pink folds, the louder she became with her moans of satisfaction.

"Oh fuck, baby! That feels so good on Mommy! Put your fingers up in my dirty pussy, baby, and spread it apart so you can REALLY get to it. Uhnnnnnnn!"

I used two fingers from each hand and put them inside her vagina, then parted her pussy lips. I could see the tender, pink flesh of her vaginal canal and her huge clit bump within. I leaned forward and lapped my tongue around on the nickel sized pleasure knot, making her gasp out loud.

"Oh my GOD, baby! Right there! Suck Mommy's clit hard, baby! Suck it as hard as you can, Sissy!"

I formed my lips into a letter 'O' shape and wrapped them around the firm bump. I sucked on it as hard as I could, much like you do when drinking a really thick milkshake. She screamed out in tortured bliss.


I thought I had hurt her at first and stopped. She quickly told me to keep eating her pussy, so I put my mouth back up to her slit and suckled the knot once again. She moaned very loudly as I gnawed and sucked upon her growing clitoris. When my lips tired, I moved to her hanging labia lips and suckled them softly. She grinded her ass against my mouth and groaned happily.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Dad had turned my little sister around on his lap, but was still driving his entire cock up inside her tiny asshole. He had her legs pulled up to her chest with one arm, while his free hand was down upon her immature pussy finger fucking her with his thick middle finger. His gaze was locked right at me, making sure I was seeing him do it to her. He grinned evilly when he saw me watching him.

Sissy was enjoying his attentions. She was whining "Ahhhnnnn.... Ahhhnnnn.... Ahnnnnn" the entire time. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was licking out obscenely against her open mouth and lips. Once, he pulled his finger from her pussy and slapped his finger tips against her puffy pussy lightly. The slap only made her yelp out and say "Yeah Daddy! That felt good. Uhhhnnnnn!". He tapped her pussy 5 more times, eliciting the same yearning response. "Oh god, Daddy! Hurt my pussy! Yaaahhhnnnn!"

I could see her bald pussy turning a slight reddish color by now. He told her "You do it, baby. Hit your nasty pussy!"

She did as he ordered her. Heather put one of her hands over her slit and slapped it about 10 more times herself. it was really glowing red now from the abuse. The tenderness seemed to get her more horny. Dad reached down and pinched both of her puffy pussy lips in his fingertips and gently squeezed down on the tender red skin.

"How does that feel, baby?" he asked her.

She squealed "Yeeee! Oh god, that hurts so good, Daddy! Ahnnnn."

He shoved his middle finger back down into her sore vagina once more, then pulled it from her vagina and fed the slimy digit to Heather's open mouth. She grabbed his hand and sucked it completely clean for him. repeated fingerings were cleaned off by her mouth and tongue every time he offered it to her.

"I love tasting my own pussy, Daddy! Yummmm!' she moaned.

I continued eating on Mom's gushing pussy for her, and at the same time, I was fucking my own yearning cunt on the 12 inch dildo underneath my horny groin. I think seeing Heather act so whorish was even turning me on a little.

Dad saw that I was interested in what I was doing to his little girl, so he upped the depravity a bit.

He announced "I need to taste you little pussy, baby." to Heather.

He leaned her body forward in his lap, then raised her hips up to his chin. Now she was completely inverted with her slim thighs resting upon his shoulders. Without even checking for any speck of poo on his dick, he pushed Heather's face down to his erection and put it inside her mouth. She didn't complain or flinch. She just engulfed the ass riddled cock and began dutifully sucking and licking upon it.

He commented "Yeah, that's a good little girl. Little whores are supposed to clean their daddies dirty dicks for him.

He made her swallow the entire thing again by pushing her head down forcibly. After a couple of times forcing her to do it, she took over and forced the hard cock down into her own gullet for him. Only then, when she needed no more urging, did Dad start pleasuring her pussy in return.

Dad wrapped one arm around her back near her round little ass to keep her in place. He pushed two fingers down into her tender pussy and worked them in and out of her small vagina swiftly.

She squealed "MMMMMMmmmmmnnnnn!" in a muffled tone since her small mouth was full of his hard cock, but she never tried to squirm out of his grip. She just jept right on ingesting his cock balls deep.

He'd finger her pussy for a moment, then he would invade her asshole with the same two fingers. She enjoyed every second of it by the tone of her moaning.

Mom saw how degrading Heather was being treated, and she wanted some of that action herself.

She looked back at me and begged "Oh god, baby! I need you to lick on my asshole! Lick my asshole for me, baby! I did it to you. It's okay. Lick my asshole , please!"

I was building up a deep lust from the kinkiness of the moment, not to mention the 12 inch dildo was to make me cumm harder than I had earlier. I raised my mouth up from Mom's pussy and jutted out my wet tongue to her wrinkled asshole. I licked all around the brown spot at first, then pushed my tongue against the center of her anus. I didn't taste any abberant flavors on either of them, so I dove in and went to town on her clenched sphincter.

Mom started moaning loudly, interjecting her grunts of pleasure with vulgar praise and adoration at my compliance.

"Ahhhnnnnn.... Oh fuck, baby! That's so nice! Uhnnnnn..... Mmmmmm... Eat my ass, my little whore. Eat Mommy's dirty little asshole! Mmmmmm..... So nice..... Such a good, little girl like your baby sister! Uhnnnnn...."

Dad was getting a perverse thrill watching me as I let myself get caught up in their incestuous orgy. I felt guilty for allowing them to make me join them so easily. But I had to admit, I was just as horny and turned on as any of them were. How sick was that?

As I licked on Mom's asshole, I failed to notice that she had twisted her upper body around and put her hand on top of my head. I thought she just wanted to pull my face up into her exposed ass crack because my licking felt so good. I also failed to notice that her abdomen was flexing, like she was doing ab crunches. I found out soon enough what she was about to do.

I didn't notice the initial spurt of her piss on my skin. I thought it was just the water from the shower hitting us. Then when I felt the smelly 98 degree waste hit my chilled skin, I realized what she was doing. Mom was pissing on me as I reamed her asshole. I started to pull away from her and dodge the onslaught, but her hand held me firmly against her ass. The vile fluid sprayed out onto my neck and chest and ran down onto my tender pussy. The smell was awful, but the soothing warmth of her piss against my cold skin was soothing. My hands ignored the aroma and rubbed the amber pee all around on my chilly body. I rubbed it on my supple breasts and hard areolas and nipples. I massaged it onto my belly button and lower abdomen. My folded thighs guided the overflow right onto my full pussy below. It smelled terrible, but it felt so nice while it lasted.

Mom stream was waning, and as it ebbed, she pulled my face back away from her ass and gave me a few squirts right in my face with the remainder.

She said "I'm so sorry I surprised you with that, but the dildo was pushing against my bladder and I had to go really badly. Do you forgive Mommy, Baby?"

I spit a couple of times to get the piss off of my mouth, then said "Damn, Mom, you have to give someone a little warning for something like that. Geez!"

"I know I should have, baby, and I apologize. It just hit me all of a sudden. How did it feel?"

I thought a moment, then said "I.... I don't know. It was nasty, but at the same time it felt good on my cold skin."

"I know, right? It's so nice and warm running down your body. And you were such a good girl and let Mommy do it. Now please finish my asshole, baby."

Mom pushed her ass back against my face, so I grabbed her hips and lapped my tongue against her flexing anus once more while I slammed my groin up and down on the huge dildo in my cunt. Dad was busily munching on Heather's hairless slit and simultaneously reaming out her ass with two of his adult sized fingers. She was licking her small tongue up and down on the sides of his erection and jabbing it down into his urethra opening in the end of it. She must have tired of the deep throating because she only gave him regular fellatio after that.

My sister's diligence to the head of his stiff member did its job well. Dad grunted really loudly and held Heather's head down onto his firm cock. I saw his ballsack twitching under my sister's chin and knew what he was doing to her. He was cumming right in her mouth. Pretty soon I could see thick white splooge oozing from around her mouth and out of her nose. When he finally released her head, she pulled her sperm riddled face off of his jumping cock and inhaled really deeply to clear her nasal cavity of his sperm. Then she made a loud *GULP* noise and swallowed the massive load he had deposited inside her mouth as well.

My sister turned her head up toward Dad and asked "Did I do good, Daddy?", seeking his approval.

He looked at his spent daughter and smiled. "You did great, baby. You're the best little whore in the world besides your Momma."

She grinned at the degrading compliment. Dad reached down to her face and wiped a long streak of his sperm off of her cheek. He smeared the sticky gob on her upturned groin and pushed it down inside her immature pussy. He worked his slimy fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Now you have some of Daddy in your nasty pussy." he said.

He kept working his fingers in and out of her asshole and pussy repeatedly, swapping holes back and forth until Heather began trembling uncontrolably in his grip. She shrieked as her third climax hit her small frame.


Her skinny body got stiff and shaky at the same time. It was like looking at someone touching electricity. She shook but couldn't move on her own. She creamed in Dad's face, and he was right there to lick it from her groin as it oozed up out of her tight pussy under his chin. She soon went limp in his arms. Dad turned her right side up and let her regain her composure snuggled up against his chest in his lap. She wrapped her lanky arms around his neck and cuddled against him until her strength returned. Her poor face was shiny from all the sperm that was smeared all over it. They both sat there and watched me and Mom go at it.

Thinking about Heather watch me do sex was sort of exciting, although I could have done without Dad's lecherous ogling. She watched me as I reamed out Mom's asshole and pussy hungrilly. Pretty soon Mom had reached her tipping point with another climax of her own. I felt her pussy clamp down upon my snaking tongue and knew what she was about to do.

Mom's orgasm hit her much like my sister's had done to her young body. Mom tensed up, went stiff, and shouted "Oh fuck, I'm.... I'm...... AAAAAHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!"

I pulled back away from Mom's ass, and just in time too. Out shot the 18 inch purple dildo from her clenching ass. It landed with a THUD in the floor of the bathtub directly in front of me. Her pussy gushed out and sprayed me right in the face. She fell to her knees and curled up in a fetal position under the falling warm water of the shower, smiling broadly from ear to ear from the amazing sensation coursing throughout her horny body.

Seeing Mom get off made my own desires peak as well. I quickened my pace on the long dildo underneath me until my pussy could take no more.

I screamed "AAAARRRGGGHHHH!" very audibly. My pussy grabbed the faux cock and wouldn't let it go. I felt my euphoria radiate out from my constricting vagina and surge through my quivering naked body. When the amazing feeling had passed, I slowly raised my ass off of the dildo and joined Mom in the floor of the bathtub, spooning against her back under the waterfall coming from the shower head above. I put one arm around her waist and pulled her tightly against my front. She put her arm on top of mine, and we basked in each other's climactic afterglow.

Heather stepped into the shower and straddled her feet over us. She was washing off the sperm and sex from her body, which made her drippings fall directly on top of me and Mom. We both got up so my sister could finish washing off.

Mom said "Well, that was a really good one, wasn't it Sissy?"

I just agreed with her so as not to start any trouble about the unexpected pissing or Dad raping me.

I replied "Yeah, Mom. It was nice.", and feigned a slight smile for her benefit, even though I was frustrated with myself for letting them dominate over me and not preventing it from happening. I felt ashamed for having enjoyed most of it, even the kinkier parts.

Dad peeped in and said "That was a really wild session. I can't wait until bedtime tonight. I can't wait to let you girls see Sissy service me like she did in the kitchen this morning. She has a mouth that was born to suck a man's dick. I'm looking forward to fucking this little minx again."

I scowled at him, but said nothing. I rinsed my body off quickly under the shower spray and got out of the bathtub quickly. I grabbed the towel that Heather had been kneeling on, wrapped it around my wet body, and headed straight to my bedroom to get away from him. As I was going out the door, Dad stepped into the shower with Mom and my sister to clean himself off. He held out his sticky cock to Heather, who fell to her knees and cleaned it off with her willing mouth.

I laid down on my bed after drying myself off with the towel and wrapping it around my wet hair. Just then my best friend Britney called me on my cell phone to get an update on my dilemma.

"Hi, Britney, hows it going?"

"Hows it going? I should be asking you that. Did you do anything about your father and those pictures?"

"Not yet, exacly. It's become a little..... complicated."

"What do you mean 'complicated' ?"

"I mean..... it's just..."

"You chickened out and didn't confront him, did you?"

Even though I had, and by doing so made a bad situation even worse now that I was involved, I lied to Britney to keep her from taking any action against Dad on her own. I feared she might try to involve the authorities somehow, thus thwarting my plans.

I said "Yes, I did. I..... we just got interrupted by Mom is all. We were about to clean his computer of those pictures when Mom and Heather came back from the grocery store. Me and Dad are gonna sit down tonight after Mom goes to bed and get rid of the pictures on his laptop."

Britney breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good. Now that you know about it, it should keep the perv from doing it again. Well, I gotta hang up. We're about to go over to my Aunt Sophie's house for the afternoon. I just wanted to call and check on you before we left. See ya, girl.".

Britney hung up the phone before I could even say 'Goodbye' to her. I lay there quietly on my bed and heard her parent's car start up next door not long after. I kind of wished I could have gone to her aunt's house with her so I could go swimming in her pool and get out of the house for awhile. She seemed too rushed to ask her on the phone to join them.

As I laid there naked on top of my covers, I thought about just how badly my plan HAD gone awry today. What started out as a simple intervention to keep Dad out of jail quickly turned into a spiraling shitstorm of a nightmare, and I didn't really see any way to stop it from getting worse. I had turned from being an innocent good samaritan trying to protect my family's stable, loving home life, into a bi-curious teenager who had witnessed and participated in the corruption of my little 13 year old sister who, as it turns out, was a secret bisexual herself who loves to have unadulterated incestuous sex with our closet masochistic parents, one of whom had raped me and dragged me into their sick perverted lifestyle. Even the best laid plans can be turned against you.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was Heather jumping up onto the bed next to me and waking me up. She was still completely naked. I guess now that I had witnessed her having sex with my deviant parents, she no longer felt the need to wear clothing around me anymore.

She was all giddy about tonight's impending orgy to fully initiate me into their perverted incest. I was really dreading it myself because I knew I would have to perform on Dad at some point during the fuckfest.

"Sissy! Sissy! It's gonna be so much more fun with you joining us from now on. I've wanted to have sex with you for so long. Mommy has too. Ooooooh, it's gonna be so WILD!"

Her expression of anticipation was a bit disheartening to see. I knew right then that my plan to remove her from this dire situation and try to save some semblance of a normal childhood for her was shot all to hell. She was too far gone now. My parents had robbed her of her innocence by making her participate in their sexual fantasies for most of her short life. She was no longer the naive waif I had thought her to be. They had instilled in her the mindset of a common slut, with no qualms about using her body to pleasure others at their whim. I saw that firsthand when Dad pulled his hard cock from her dirty asshole and she took it into her mouth without heitation.

What convinced me that she was probably beyond saving now was just before she let Dad put his cock into her mouth, it had what appeared to be a dime sized Hershey Kiss looking dollop of her poo stuck onto the very end of it. That in itself was horrendous enough for her to be forced to ingest, even if it was her own feces. The thing that broke my heart was when I saw her pause long enough to look at the small, brown triangular gob, smile, and lick it off of the head of his nasty cock willingly.

Heather said "Sissy, is it okay if I get another taste of your sweet pussy? It tasted so good in the tub earlier."

Without even waiting for me to reply, she climbed up on top of my body in a 69 position, placing her face directly above my exposed groin. She used her arms to fold back and hold my legs against me, then dropped her face down to my exposed gash and greedily began licking and suckling all over on the soft pink flesh within my slit.

The futility of my rescue plan made me concede to her whims. I didn't try to stop her. I just mindlessly reached my hands up to her reddened puffy pussy lips, which were hovering about 12 inches above me since she was on her knees, and slapped them sharply with my finger tips. I think I did it in some attempt to punish her for being to eager and willing to engage in incest with my parents in the first place. All it did was make her want more.

"Yeah, Sissy! Smack my nasty little pussy! I love when you make my pussy hurt. Do it again.... again. I'm a bad little girl and I want my pussy slapped hard. *SLURP-SUCK* "

The more I smacked my fingers against her immature pussy, the harder she tried to pleasure my moistening pussy with her insatiable little tongue. When her outer labia lips were the color of a ripened apple, I did what I had seen Dad do to them. I pinched and pulled on the puffy, sore folds between my fingers. Heather just moaned happily and continued ravaging my groin and asshole with her talented mouth and snaking tongue that much more intensely.

After a short while, Mom and Dad came into my bedroom and stood at the door watching me and my little sister cavorting on the bed. Her tongue was working its way in and out of my wrinkled anus, while I had, by now, pulled her hairless pussy down to my chest and was hungrilly digging at the clear juices seeping from her tight, wet pussy with my own slippery tongue.

Mom whispered just out of earshot "Looks like she's come around, Bill, just like you said she would."

Dad softly replied "I just wished we had gotten to her sooner. She's already 16 and almost grown. You know how I like the little girls. All those years of missed sex. *SIGH*, it breaks my heart thinking about it. She's a real knockout, just like her mother and sister."

"I know, honey. But I didn't know that until she was way too old to do anything with. By then, she was already biased from the media exposure against pedophiles. She would have never had sex with us willingly."

"At least I got to her little sister in time and we got some great kiddie sex out of her. Look at them go at it now, though. Sissy's going at it just as much as Heather is. She'll be just fine."

" I still don't like that you forced her to have sex with you this morning. You raped her, Bill. She may never forgive you for that."

"She may be angry with me for a few days, but she'll come around. Look at how much progress we've accomplished with her in just a few short hours. Yesterday she would have called the cops. Today she is eating her little sister's pussy. Tomorrow, I'll have her shoving her tongue up into our asses. She's got your genes, after all. Her nymphomania just hasn't emerged just yet, but it will once we work on dropping her inhibitions. Heather used to be shy and uncooperative, too. Now it's hard to keep her off of my lap."

"Oh Bill, you're terrible, making your daughters give you sex."

"I'M terrible? You had Heather licking in your asshole right after she was out of kindergarten. You're the mean one."

"Well, that may be true. I guess we were meant for each other, you and me, since we think so much alike. Now tell me again how much Sissy cried when you raped her this morning. Give me all the gory details."

Mom laid her head over on Dad's shoulder, and they exited my room just as quietly as they had entered. I saw them watching us, but I couldn't hear what they were discussing. I just concentrated on servicing my little sister's reddened pussy and ignored them. Me and Heather gave each other another nice little orgasm before we stopped and rested. She hugged her naked body against mine, laid her head upon my chest, and snuggled against me with her bare leg across me for a good half an hour before getting up and trotting off to her own room to play video games.

After turning on the clock radio to my favorite station, I just laid there on my bed and looked up at the ceiling fan over my bed, watching it spin slowly. I was reassessing what my plans were going to be regarding Heather's welfare. Thinking of her, I unconsciously started rubbing my fingers against the small tuft of short hair I had on my pubic bone.


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