My fantasy tale continues, young girls seeming to find me a service provider and teacher....
(Following on, my endless fantasy tale continues, sometimes sad, sometimes euphoric, sometimes scared, and sometimes romantic…
If you do not like underage sex, stop reading….)

Camilla and her new swimming costume…..My goodness, how can anything that small be made? Through the shirt she, thankfully had on, I could see enough to make me flush red and hope no-one else was around to see what I was seeing; it was truly embarrassing!
There were buttons over her nipples, no straps at all, and a tiny triangular patch covering what seemed a shaven pubic area; and then she swiveled, and it was only a flimsy string up her arse crack and around her hips which held it all in place. I gasped, and only relaxed a little when Mi said “Big!” pointing at Camilla’s breasts, and I had to agree with her and smile a crooked smile.

“Good morning Steve, good morning Mi; I am ‘Milla’” and Mi picked up on the shortened name and said “Milla” before asking Dad to go for a walk. I explained to Mi that Milla is Nim and Tammy’s aunt, and she understood this as she has one of her own. I asked her to greet Milla, as I also did, and let her walk around the pool, one step to her side, or lazing along under the water beside her. Soon I felt a surge of water coming from behind, and I lifted Mi a little so the waves would not engulf her, and we found Camilla had dived and come up beside us, hence the tidal wave in the normally smooth pond-like pool.

A tidal wave Camilla soon proved to be, as she surfaced and wiped the water from her face, and then clutched my outer arm – pulling her self to me so those breasts were planted on my arm, and expecting me to hold her afloat. Mi then began her own exercises which meant she was clutching my inner arm, and I was left to strain to keep them both above the water – but Mi’s welfare won out, and I gently but urgently shook Camilla off to ensure I could grab Mi easily if she sank.

I was not enjoying this, and found I didn’t want Camilla here; more surprisingly, I found my cock had no desire for her here, now, anymore; so I gathered up Mi, said to Camilla “We are going home; sorry Camilla, but you are not what I want in my life.”
She seemed astounded, as if no person/man could reject her, but I did, and I took Mi out of the pool, changed her, gathered our things and drove home. I hoped this would put an end to this (potential) chapter of my Life.

We drove home, Mi almost asleep, so once inside, I made her a bottle of milk, and laid her down on her mattress; she was asleep before she had drunk half her bottle, so I set the fans to maximum effect to keep her a little cool, and then unpacked and put things away, rinsed costumes…all those items which needed attending, closed and locked the screen door, before I also lay down beside Mi, and fell asleep.

I was awakened by a quiet whisper at the door, and opened my eyes trying to focus; it was a young girl I knew by sight from my soi, but I didn’t know her name, and my befuddled brain could not understand why she would come to my house, let alone open the gate and come to the front door….

I struggled up, taking my arm from under Mi’s sweating hair, but she slept on; I wish I could also.
I adjusted my shorts and went to the door, opening it to peer at the girl; she smiled beautifully and so I smiled in return. “What is it?” I asked sleepily.
“Sorry” she said, and I yawned “My kitten jumped up your tree and on to your roof; could I just go upstairs and try and get her to come down please?” I ushered her in, motioned to the stairs, and followed her, somewhat more awake and more so as I stared at the long, slim legs preceding me up the stairs. She stopped halfway and turned, and I bumped into her (not looking you see) as I reached the step below those legs, and I had to put my hand out to steady myself – straight on to a nicely budding breast, which I grasped rather than fall down backwards.

Surprisingly, she neither flinched nor screamed, just smiled even wider as I held on and regained my upright stature; once steady on my legs, balanced, I looked at her, and then realized to what my hand was attached, and also realized the feel of a hardening nipple within my hand’s grasp. I almost toppled backwards anyway as I let go, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me, and then resumed climbing up the remaining steps, her hand holding mine behind, and against her behind, clad only in a short dress, and feeling as if nothing was underneath: it was so smooth.

Now I was awake!

We went into the main bedroom, never used anymore except as the wardrobe for my clothes and Mi’s, and opened the small balcony door. “What’s your name?” I asked and she turned, let go of my hand now, and smilingly told me “Ming, and you are Khun Steve; I know.” She leaned out over the outside balcony garden wall, too high for her so she leaned up on tiptoes, and when she spotted her kitten, she called to it…and waited. Like all scared cats, this one didn’t appear of a mind to take the easy way out of her predicament, and Ming continued to call soothingly – such a gentle voice I thought.

But I couldn’t stay here: if Mi woke and I wasn’t there, she would be scared and upset herself, so I said to Ming “I have to go downstairs to my daughter; perhaps the kitten will come to you if I am not here anyway.” She put that glowing smile on her face yet again, and nodded. I left her leaning over the wall, and suddenly said “Be careful, Ming, I don’t want you falling out there to join your kitten.”

She laughed as I headed downstairs to sit with Mi. After 10 minutes, during which time I washed my face, cleaned my teeth, brushed my hair and made a coffee, I left Mi and went upstairs again.

Ming was leaning very far over the garden wall, her arms stretching towards the cat I assumed; so far over was she, her dress had ridden right up her legs and almost over her thighs, exposing bare buttocks and a rear view of a young girl’s bare pussy (unlike the ‘pussy’ still perched outside).

“Oh my” I breathed, and she heard and turned her head to see me approach. She smiled yet again, wriggled her bottom and clambered around and down, her dress caught up high and now I was certainly staring at a bald pussy! Hell, she was young, and so delicately beautiful, so slim, such a smile, so pretty! What were my thoughts leading me towards?

I stopped, shaken, and when Ming’s eyes looked down my body, I knew at what she was looking: my cock had turned bone rigid at my thoughts, and was now pushing hard at the fabric of my thin shorts. Her smile continued unabated, as she slowly disengaged her dress from the garden wall, smoothed it so slowly down the front, right over her pubic mound, and watched as my eyes rolled around in my head, or so it seemed when I felt faint.

I mumbled, rousing myself from where I had sat on the bed a moment earlier “I need check on Mi downstairs.” Ming ran across to push me back down, so strongly she pushed me into a lying down position, my legs dangling off the end of the bed, and my cock jutting into the air. “I will go and check on her” she announced in a firm voice “You just rest here”.

As she skipped away, I had to ask “Ming, how old are you?” “12” she answered gaily and I closed my eyes and moaned at the sheer weight of the thoughts which crowded my mind: about a 12y.o. girl! I am depraved I said to myself, but the thought disappeared as Ming reappeared, said Mi was fine, and she jumped up on to the bed and sat astride my hips, my cock hard, and almost instantly bone hard, and pushing up at her bare cunt. “Oh” I groaned, and Ming flattened herself prone against me, her breasts, her hard little nipples like pricks of electricity against my bare skin, and she asked in a crooning voice “Are you ok, Khun Steve? My mum is a nurse, do you need me run and get her?”

I shook my head, ‘no, no, this can’t be happening; I must have hit my head and I am hallucinating; yes, that must be it, so whatever seems to happen doesn’t really happen; good, get on with the dream then….’
Ming ground herself along my body, budding breasts against my lower chest, groin against groin, but she was unable to meet face-to-face, and her toes curled against my legs, not reaching my feet.
My cock felt as if it could lift her into the air, and it seemed to be attempting just that, until Ming rolled sideways and, a few moments later, we were both naked and more comfortable on the bed.

But I interrupted us to say “We have to be downstairs Ming; my baby is there, and if she wakes and doesn’t see Dad, she will be very upset.” Is this still a dream, or real; I honestly couldn’t decide, but decided to let it play as my hormones would let no other choice intrude.
Ming stood, took my hand, and naked, walked me downstairs, straight on to the floor beside the still-sleeping Mi, and she lay astride me yet again. How could a 12y.o. know all this I asked my brain; but it had no answer to that silent question? “What about your kitten?” “Oh, it will be ok; cats always come down when they are ready, no problem.”

Not only did she lay her body, all of herself on top, she knew where to position her little cunt to get the head of my cock inside, and inside it slipped....

(I had a fleeting memory of when I was in 2nd year High School; when we went to swimming for sport, every Wednesday of summer, the boys of my age – well, I was a year younger than most – 13 or 14y.o. all vied for the best view of one particular girl, also 14y.o. but who was over-developed for most girls her age. What the boys wanted to see every week were the prickly pubic hairs which poked through her one-piece swimsuit....I looked as much as the other boys, most of us knowing nothing of the opposite sex, or of sex, but in later years I often felt guilty about what the boys did: staring at her because she happened to have a more developed body. I hope she grew up and found a nice man in later years....)

Now, many years later, all 12y.o. girls seemed to be far more developed than when I was at such an age; and here, such a girl was lowering herself on to my prick, with the obvious intention of having us fuck. And that is what now happened, as Ming raised and buried herself down on my shaft, so hard it actually hurt me, and then she did it again. No hymen in there I vaguely noted, as she sat up and then down on me, again and again, inexhaustibly.

Then the knock on the screen door and the whispered voice “Ming, what did I tell you?” It didn’t take a genius for me to know: a) no, not a dream, and b) this had to be Ming’s mother! I panicked, looked at Mi still peacefully sleeping, and lay back and closed my eyes. Oh dear!

The door opened with the normal jangle of Mi’s bells hung from it, and courtesy obliged me to at least sit up and offer a wai, but this only meant Ming was continuing to fuck me in this new position, not without difficulty of course. I chided her “Ming, your mum is here; please stop”.

Her Mum closed the door quietly, walked over to the bed I slept on every night, and the afternoon bed I slept on for an hour’s rest when Mi slept on her mattress, as now, and she reached down and held her daughter under the arms and gently slipped her off my cock. Maybe this was all a dream...what mother would do this so calmly? I looked at her mother, and I knew her from my soi; ‘oh dear, this is getting very close to home’ I thought.

Well, perhaps a mother who then replaced her daughter and sank on to my cock, slightly dry but wet enough to allow me to penetrate, but she pushed me back from a sitting position, down to lie prone on the bed. (She doesn’t wear panties either it seems, came one of those automatic observations in my mind!) She continued where Ming had left off: fucking me, while Ming just moved herself up behind my head and then moved forward and sat on my face! Her cunt over my mouth, I had to do what she wanted, suck and lick, in order to get enough room for some breaths to reach my mouth.

She was wet even before I licked her, another sign she was very mature, but she was sweet, succulent, and I had no trouble trying to reach my tongue inside her as far as it would reach, until she moaned, and this gave me a smile that portrayed my desire to please her: 12y.o. or not: she was a woman needing pleasure and satisfaction....

As was her mother, bouncing on my cock, and now I wanted something in my hands, so I fumbled under her dress until I met her bra, dragged her down to me to unclasp that appendage and throw it aside; and then I gently felt those breasts, found nipples hard and excited under my fingers, and the mounds fitting very, very well within my squeezing hands. She was moaning also, as indeed her daughter was as my tongue continued to work on that search for the end of the tunnel of Ming.
Her mother was searching the same, banging my shaft to its roots inside her to the depths; I couldn’t see her at all, my face buried as it was under Ming’s cunt and arse – and I deliberately withdrew my tongue from her cunt and slurped it up her arse crack: just for a change! Ming squeaked and I quickly transferred back to her front slit, but this time poked around for her budding clit, and when found, I nibbled on it while she moaned and squirmed.

“If Mi wakes up, you both have to stop and leave, ok?” I asked between slurps and thrusts, and they both quietened and continued for what they wanted. Her mother seemed closer to a climax, so I concentrated on trying to bring Ming to one – her first? – at the same time as her mother. Her moans seemed evidence of something coming, so I thrust myself up inside her mum, as she came down and she shuddered, and fell down on to my chest, her breasts pointedly squashed against my chest, though still encased within my hands. Ming felt my tongue one extra time and found it gave her the final surge she needed, and they both groaned and moaned, almost in unison, as climaxes erupted on the bed. Except for mine at this point, but I could wait a while.

Ming was spent, as one might expect from a nubile 12y.o, and rolled to the side, just splayed there on the floor: naked, open and gasping; but her mother roused herself within a few moments, lifted off me with slurping noises from our joined groins, and also rolled to the side. But she shoved her buttocks hard against my cock until she had it slide through and back into her cunt from the rear. This was also better for me to fondle her tits and I pulled her nipples to their full length, distracting her thoughts, and then I shoved hard inside her, and she stifled a scream behind her hands, and shuddered immediately, and again as I sought my own release now, having hopefully satisfied the women first.

I was clearly bigger than she perhaps normally had, and my cock seemed to stretch her with each push in, and her cunt seemed to shrink as I pulled back to the start line. It was quite an amazing feeling, like squeezing through a too-small hole, but membranous to allow incredible stretching to accommodate an invader. I invaded repeatedly, and was pleased she received me with backward pushes and a non-stop quiet keening sound.
Then she placed her hand behind her on my hip and pulled me to her, and I took this as an invitation to release, so I pulled back slowly and gave a final lunge deep into her cunt again, and then I joined them in a release of my juices showering Ming’s mum’s insides.

She collapsed against me, and I stayed where I was, the juice still seeping from my shrinking cock inside her, and I could feel it dribbling out and down between us: I will have to wash the mattress came a thought! I was breathing heavily against her back, and now lightly fondled her breasts, without any sexual urgency, just in a show of tenderness.
We all laid there for a few minutes; a woman pushed on my shrinking cock, and another, much – much – younger, now leaning down over my face , kissing my ear, and then twining her hands in her mother’s hair laying alongside. What a family I thought.

When her mother was able, she sat up, found her bra, folded it and went to the kitchen where she took a small plastic bag from where I stored them, and simply put her bra in it. She walked back to me, running her fingers through her long hair to tidy it a little, and smiled at me, putting her plastic bag on the side chair.
“It is true what some women say – about foreign men: they are bigger than the average local man. I know this to be true for myself now, thank you.”

I blushed “I am not so big, but I do hope it felt nice for you, as unexpected as this has all been. But, about Ming and I....” She tossed her head and interrupted “Oh Ming, she had some dream about this last week, and she hasn’t stopped telling me she had to come and see if it would come true....”
“It did, see I told you, Mum!” Ming beamed a smile at her mum, and at me, “Wait until I tell my friends: my dream came true, exactly!”
She ran upstairs, while I began blustering, but could only appeal to her mother to talk with Ming and ask her not to tell her friends about me. Her mother smiled, ran a hand along my face, and stood as Ming returned, with her dress back on, and her kitten tucked under one arm.

They walked to the door, where her mother turned, “I will tell Ming and make a slightly different story for her to tell; but wait until my friends hear about Ming’s dream!”
I dozed off, waking when Mi stirred beside me, and I thought fleetingly: it was all a dream. But I was naked, sticky cum was still drying on my thighs, and I knew no amount of wishing would change the fact it had been reality when I found the plastic bag with a bra inside, sitting on the arm of the chair.

Mi and I resumed normal life for a week or so, before I began noticing some of the women in my soi seemed to be looking at me a little more closely, a little more strangely even. Mi and I went for a walk almost every afternoon, and I had always been polite and friendly, and had tried to instil the same in Mi. If not having conversations, we did at least greet each other, my neighbours in the same soi, the same village, we passed/saw regularly. My wife never did; she and her mother and sister seemed to feel themselves at a higher level, and were always aloof, even to next-door neighbours. I wasn’t like that, nor, I hoped, would Mi be.

But now the greetings, and looks and smiles, of some female neighbours were different. And then I noticed it was also some of the younger girls, some very young indeed. I saw Ming and her mum at times, and then comprehension dawned when they smiled: they had told their friends. Oh dear!

One afternoon, Ming came to the gate, called “Khun Steve?” and when I sat up from watching Rugby on TV, I looked out the open window and found her there with 2 other young girls. “Yes Ming?” I asked going to the door and stepping out to the courtyard. “Ah, my friends would like to practice their English lessons from school, and Mum suggested you might be able to help, if you are not busy.”

As it happened, Mi was at her grandmother’s until later, as I needed one day to do the ironing, go shopping at the supermarket, and sweep the house. Whilst I was a little surprised, and a little wary, I offered” Well, if it is to go over what you have studied in school, and the girls’ parents are ok, then ok, I can help; come in.”
Ming introduced them as Oh, a quite tall girl who said she was ‘14’, and the shorter, very cute younger girl was Lang, 13y.o. Ming said “Bye” and I looked at her “I have to go to Mandarin lessons every day, so I will study with you another time, Luong Steve.” Now she was calling me ‘uncle’, oh dear. Ming left and the girls came, rather boldly, into the front room and sat on the floor with their books.

They both wore t-shirts and shorts; and both were braless it wasn’t hard to tell; Oh was big enough, and her nipples poking through more than enough, I would have thought she would have certainly been made to wear a bra by her mother, and even younger, smaller Lang was developed to the point this conservative society would normally have dictated hiding young breasts. I shook my head and left the door open: an innocent teaching session about to begin, I hoped.

I adjusted the fan, gave them each a glass of water, thought of putting a shirt on, but told them “I don’t wear a shirt at home, it gets too hot, ok girls?” They smiled and nodded, then giggled behind hands to each other. The wariness increased, but ok, one lesson I could handle I thought. “So, what’s in your books?”

We spent perhaps 30 minutes reviewing their English; it was very basic, unfortunately symptomatic of Thai teaching methods: rote learning. Then I had an idea and asked if they would like to read a story from one of Mi’s books, and they could ask me about the words in those? They nodded enthusiastically, so I crawled across to Mi’s bookshelf and began looking through to choose one.
I was on my hands and knees, my rear end pointing back at them, not even thinking about the view from their point of view, and I felt them come up either side of me – perhaps to look at the books, I thought. But instead, they leaned one arm each on my back, and leaned their bodies against my side, closer to the shelf.

“Ok, here’s one” I said rather urgently, taking out ‘Mother Goose’; “Let’s try this one; Mi loves it, but it is old enough for you big girls too.” I sat back on my haunches, found them squashed against me, but managed to shuffle across to lie on the mattress, as I did when reading to Mi. They scampered with me, and lay by my sides, up close, and seemed keen to start reading. Perhaps I should sit in the chair, be more like a teacher, but that was impractical when nursery rhymes they didn’t know needed to be explained. ‘Ok, we try it this way’, I said to myself, and opened the book....”Mary had a little lamb....”

I read some nursery rhymes, only a few as it took quite a lot of explaining, and was therefore slow going, but the girls seemed to enjoy it, and were learning new, different English words at least. At one point Oh leaned over from the left side of me, to point at the right-hand page of the book and ask a question; her arm lay across my chest, and she didn’t remove it even after I turned the page; at the same time the side of her young, braless breast pressed against me as she leaned towards the book. I tried to just read, concentrate on only that, but the tingle of my chest hairs as she innocently (?) moved her arm slightly back and forth, and across my nipples, made me acutely aware they each were pressing against me.

My cock reached that conclusion even against my will, and I became harder and longer in my shorts; ‘please don’t stand up, just get big, but lie down, please’ I implored my cock, not wanting it to form a tent in my shorts in front of the girls. Why would I even expect a cock, any cock, to listen to the pleading of a man: mine never did, and thus I could see the rising of my shorts. I had to move, so I excused myself to the girls, struggled to extricate my body from their own crowding ones, and facing away from them, I said “it’s hot isn’t it, do you want more water girls?” They both shook their heads and I headed for the fridge, trying to keep my front angled away from their sight.

But I sensed a presence, and Oh was right there behind me, followed by Lang; Oh asked if she could use the toilet and I pointed straight behind me, said ‘sure, I need to go in a minute also’ and turned to fill my glass with beer and get some ice. “Oh, could I have some ice please, Luong Steve?” Lang asked, and I took out the tray I had for Mi, smaller cubes with different shapes, and began knocking some out into a cup for her. She leaned in beside me as I stood over the sink counter, and I was painfully aware of her pressing body. I had to tell myself this was just innocence from the girls; they didn’t fear me or feel me any threat, so they were comfortable crowding close – too close – to me.

I half-turned my body to call to Oh “Would you like some ice too Oh?” and my cock brushed against that too-close body of Lang. She didn’t jump away from the poke and push she must have felt, but rather leaned in further so it became trapped between us, where it swelled more and bounced more and pushed more against her abdomen. She lowered one hand and felt it through my shorts, all of it from head to base, and amazingly she closed her eyes as if living a dream. “I’ll have the same as Lang please, Luong Steve” Oh said quietly behind me, and she pressed in to join hands with Lang.

“Girls, girls, we have to stop this! You are only babies, and this isn’t studying English! Please” and I put down the ice cube tray to reach for their hands and remove them from my throbbing prick, leaking through the fabric of my shorts.
“Oh, we aren’t babies Luong Steve” Oh said sweetly, grasping half my cock tighter, while Lang had her smaller hand wrapped across the head, painfully not releasing it. “We only want what Ming had, and to study English too, please, and then we will go home.” She took my hands and placed one on her swollen nipple, and led the other hand to the younger breast of Lang.

I caved in, a weak man in the face of a sexual craving engendered by a pair of young nymphs, and it seemed now (or from the time I rejected Camilla) I was only aroused by young girls (and perhaps only those girls’ mothers also!) It also seemed as if young girls were now gravitating to me: a good thing or a bad thing? It didn’t appear to matter: it all seemed fated to happen.

“You could teach us the word for this, Luong Steve” and Oh lifted her hand away from my cock, her fingers wet from my shorts, and she rubbed them together, lifted them to her nose, and then licked them with a long, sensuous tongue pushed out from her mouth. Oh dear! I groaned, and gave Oh her cup of ice, grabbed a long mouthful of my beer, and headed them to the stairs, told them to go up to the big bedroom while I locked the outside door, and then followed them up, accepting I wasn’t going to do anything but have some form of sex with these 2 young women.

I found them both stripped naked on the bed, whispering, and then moving aside for a space in the middle – for me, I could only assume. I turned the fan on and positioned it, and stood at the foot of the bed, viewing that which was spread in front of me: Oh with a sprinkling of dark fuzzy pubic hair, Lang with a few wisps; Oh with bigger breasts than Lang, but Lang had surprisingly long nipples standing up; both were standard dark complexion, both with long, straight black hair, both with beautiful slim bodies, pretty faces, and both had innocent, cherubic smiles facing me.

“One rule, girls: you cannot tell anyone about this, agreed: we studied English, read a story book, you went home, ok?”
“Yes” they both nodded and said, and I removed my shorts; they gasped, and I blushed as I clambered up the bed between them, facing them from above, cock dangling down.

I leaned over Oh’s face and gently kissed her 2 cheeks, and then lightly put my lips to hers; then I leaned over to Lang, and repeated myself. Both girls crooned, and this was enough to truly stiffen my cock, as I moved my mouth down Lang’s neck, little kisses, and to her left breast, placing my whole mouth over it and sucking it all gently, but a tongue swirling around the magnificent nipple she had, and over to her right breast to do the same. Her nipples were as long as any I had ever had near my tongue, I believed – how amazing! She moaned and moaned; her nipple as stiff as my cock, which was now being rubbed by a hand of Oh’s.

I kissed Lang’s breast as I leaned up and back. “Have you done this before Oh – had any sex I mean?” She nodded “Ming and I went with boys last Valentine’s Day; it was all our first time, but the boys knew nothing. They were very small, but they broke our skin inside and when they saw some blood, they both ran away, so it wasn’t much fun.” I didn’t voice the thought I had ‘What a poor way to lose your virginity’, and turned my head “Same question Lang....”
“No, Luong Steve; I have only heard Oh and Ming talk about it, but Ming talked about you, and I wanted to be with you, it seemed best.”

I smiled at her “oh Lang, it is a big choice to make: who is to be your first, and I am too big for your first time just now; I don’t want to hurt you at all, but I can give you some other way of enjoying sex – same as Ming, ok?” She had begun to pout a little but now she smiled and nodded.

I turned to Oh: older, bigger, not technically a virgin, and more assertive; she wouldn’t be satisfied with my tongue, I thought, so I decided what was to happen and wriggled myself onto my back, placed Oh’s hand on my cock and got her to rub the pre-cum – “it is called ‘pre-cum’ in English Oh” – up and down my shaft, making it slippery and quickly to rise to its full hardness. Lang was mesmerised as I motioned her to sit on my chest facing me, reached my hands up to her hips and lifted and pulled her young vagina down to my mouth and my tongue, which I set to work as Lang gave her first groan.

My arms were still at my sides, so I felt for Oh’s breasts, and used them to manoeuvre her atop me, sight unseen with my face buried in the youthful cunt of Lang; I rubbed a finger in my own pre-cum, and felt for her slit as she kneeled above me; she was wet and my finger slipped in easily – tight, very tight, but easily. I knew what to do, so I raised her hips with her willing help, and lowered her down, one hand holding my throbbing cock still, the other guiding her to sit slowly, accepting my cock little by little, prepared to lift her up if I sensed any discomfort: there was none, and she kept coming down until I was about half-way inside her young cunt.

When Oh stopped there, I moved my hands, allowing her to control what she did, and those hands moved up to grasp and fondle Lang’s breasts, and especially those nipples! My tongue hadn’t stopped working, but I did now concentrate more fully, and I slurped at her slit, and then did my best to curl my tongue and poke inside her a little: ah, a little nub I found, and I attacked it with glee, and she squealed at the new pleasure of her clit being stimulated. This also made my cock jump inside Oh, and she let herself sink down a couple more centimetres, and groaned herself. What I needed was another pair of hands!

It was difficult to try and pleasure 2 women at once, but Oh took over my cock, much as Ming’s mother had, and she began lifting herself and sitting down on my shaft, further each time until she, and I, felt me hit bottom, with only a little more of my cock outside: a woman, a young woman’s cunt seems to be able to take what is on offer, and Oh was taking what she could.

So I returned my main attention back to Lang, after fondling Oh’s breasts; actually, they almost filled my hands, so soft and supple, and I massaged them, and then moved to Lang’s: oh they were topped by such wonderful nipples, I couldn’t get enough of them, and I truly wanted them in my mouth. I needed to bring her to her own exciting moments, so she could sit back and rest for a few minutes – while I feasted on her nipples, which have so captivated me.

My tongue took up the task, my cock engaged fully down lower; but since Oh seemed able to take most of me, and since she appeared fully capable of continuing her own ‘up and down’ exercises, my concentration could stay on Lang. I slurped out of her slit, pushed it along to the crack of her tiny bottom, and wriggled it there; she squeaked, a new sensation felt which I am sure she never had felt before, and then I flattened my tongue and pushed it back down, curling it as I could to thrust inside her cunt, and burying my mouth to her for a few moments, until I needed to breathe. Then I moved to seek her clit again, and I sucked and nibbled on that, and that was enough for her first time: a climax so shuddering for her she bucked up and off my face, writhing and crashing against the headboard behind her – thankfully, it was part of the bed, and thus softer than if she had hit the wall!

She lay down sideways, breathing heavily, but I wasn’t finished; I reached overhead and pulled her shoulders gently down to me, and then I reached my mouth for one nipple, and so my feasting could begin.
She moaned anew, and below me the extra excitement which Lang’s tits gave me transmitted itself to my cock and it began fucking more of its own accord, and Oh soon knew also what a ‘climax’ felt like, as she began ramming herself down harder to meet my cock’s up-thrusts. It was exquisitely beautiful, what the 3 of us were doing.
As Oh screamed – quite loudly actually! – Lang groaned louder herself and I do believe she was having a climax from my mouth on her nipple; I felt with my hands, found her young pussy, and gently pushed one finger inside a sopping wet hole. She grabbed my finger with her cunt, her hands my head to her breast, and when I inserted a second, slow finger – my longer index finger – she screamed also, and I swear my mouth felt like milk was running from her nipple! It was impossible, of course, but I drank hungrily nevertheless, and she writhed her body away, but quickly back, offering me her other tit for the same, and I took to it with a mouth which had never felt a more perfect pair of nipples.

I couldn’t hold myself between 2 women anymore; my cock began pulsing and my balls clenched as the juices began frothing inside, and my hands had to go to Oh’s hips, hold them down strongly as my own pumped upwards, and my cock began ejaculating within her at a furious rate, while my mouth swallowed Lang’s entire breast and my tongue and teeth worked hard to offer her nipple even more pleasure than previously – and Lang helped by using her hands to push her breast even further into my mouth, and then swapping back to her other breast, and doing the same.

Heaven must be like this! I fleetingly thought to myself, as my cock began slowing, still pulsing out its juice, into a prone cunt lying flat down on me, and Lang could not stop her screaming/squealing/groaning and writhing until I slowed my tongue also, and finally just used one hand on each young girl to caress them as we all lay exhausted and began coming down from a ‘high’ perhaps as never before experienced by us 3 people. Then we separated and laid still.

Perhaps 30 minutes later - we must have all dozed off to sleep - I stirred enough to look at the clock: oh my, almost 17.00. I gently shook both girls and said “You should have a quick shower and go home, girls; it is late”.

They both groaned – tiredness now, not any sexual noise – and groggily sat up, clambered from their positions around me, able to both kiss me on the mouth at the same time, and I also stood and steered them to the bathroom. I turned on the hot water heater, showed them the soap dispenser, and was about to leave them to sort out who would go first when I felt a blast of water on my hair and back, and then on my buttocks, accompanied by laughter.

I turned quickly and grabbed the shower nozzle and proceeded to do the same to them, wetting them thoroughly – until Lang grabbed my growing cock and pulled me back to join them, not releasing me until Oh reached for the soap, squeezed some on her hand and took over holding my cock – well, rubbing my cock. How could it recover so fast? I wondered, but it certainly seemed to have, as did the girls!

I hung the nozzle back up on its wall hook, shared some soap to Lang, more for Oh and myself, and we took the game to the next level: washing each other. I began on Oh’s breasts with one hand, and turned Lang to face away from me while I massaged her buttocks and ran my hand between the cracks of her cheeks and through to her pussy lips; she wriggled and giggled, and groaned when a finger reached her clit. Oh, meanwhile could go no further than soaping my hardened cock, and it was almost painful as she squeezed it from end to end; when she put too much pressure on my sensitive head, I stopped her by a pinch to her nipple, and held up my hand in surrender.

I desisted then, telling the girls we should all concentrate on washing our hair, and so we did for some minutes, though I couldn’t resist massaging their hair one by one, and Lang had me squat down so they could also massage mine, an action which caused my dangling cock to lengthen and scrape on the tiled floor. Finished that part, the soap then washed the rest of us – each to his/her own – until we rinsed and I handed them my wife’s conditioner, and another few minutes was spent making hair soft, shiny and luxurious (whatever it said on the container).

I looked at them both when I had finished: what a pair of sexy bodies, here in my wife’s bathroom! Did I feel in any way guilty? No, not at all; what we had done, on a bed which I hadn’t shared with my wife for, perhaps 3 years now, was beautiful and wonderful, lovely and adorable, shared by 3 people by mutual consent, and by 3 people who finished in a pleasured state. No reason for guilt.

Oh turned her bottom to me and leaned on the wall; “Just a little more Luong Steve....?” she pleaded, and I obliged by pushing my cock through to find the lips of her pussy, and made my way in, and in, and in. When she groaned at the depth I had reached, I very, very slowly slid myself out, and stepped back – only to find Lang holding my buttocks and pulling me over until I understood she was also going to lean on the wall, and wanted the same.

This was delicate, and I took a deep breath and made delicate moves forward, my cock preceding me; she spread her legs, such a beautiful pair of buttocks she had, as I slid below them and she lowered one hand to grasp my cock’s head and rub it against her cunt lips. “Oh my” she whispered “it is so big” and she pushed it against her opening. I was not a bad man, and I knew the limits to which I would go: the head of my cock inside her, I would stop.

Lang seemed to have none of my qualms and she shoved her bottom back at me, let go of my cock, and rammed it up her cunt in one motion. She screamed, and both Oh and I bent to cuddle her. Oh had been watching her, and I hadn’t been expecting what she did, but I looked at the trickle of blood on the floor below and knew I had taken her virginity – and I hadn’t wanted to do this: am I so stupid, a 12y.o. can outwit me? Obviously I was.

But Lang quietened after a few moments, and she moaned as she began moving against my cock, slowly – thankfully – until her first-time pain eased and she felt what my prick could do to stimulate pleasure also within her cunt. She didn’t stop, not for a second, for perhaps 5 minutes, until she let a deep, long moan escape, and sucked in a deep breath; then she giggled!

‘Giggled?’ Yes, she had, and she answered my surprised but unspoken question of ‘why?’ by saying “I have sneaked looks on the internet to tell me about this, and Ming and Oh told me how it was for them, but for me: it was the most wonderful shower I have ever had, and I know now what a beautiful thing a ‘climax’ is! But I had to giggle, Luong Steve, because your hairs around your cock were tickling my bottom!”

I collapsed in laughter almost, as did Oh, but I remembered my position, so I held Lang’s shoulders lightly and eased myself back. I kissed the back of her neck, wrapped my arms around her chest – without playing with her nipples – and kissed her more, and kissed Oh as she embraced us both and we hugged there at an Event which can never be repeated.

I rinsed us off again, told Lang to gently wash herself with soap, and I stepped out of the shower to pad across the floor of my wife and daughter’s bedroom to get some new towels: mine was in my downstairs bathroom. We all dried off, I retrieved my shorts from the next bedroom, the girls slipped on their dresses, and we headed downstairs, where they used my brush on their hair, and then I did the same to my own.

They leaned up to kiss me, Lang most deeply and I allowed her tongue to sneak into my mouth for a few moments; but Oh had seen and she wanted the same contact, and roughly shoved her tongue into my throat before withdrawing and just snaking it against my own tongue. I ushered them to the door, aware of the twilight approaching, and they remembered their books, thanked me loudly at the gate, in English, for the lesson(s), and skipped their way up the soi, hand in hand, giggling and whispering.
Oh dear, where would/could this lead?

When Oh had kissed me ‘bye’, she had also pushed a slip of paper into my pocket. Some time afterwards, sitting down trying to relax for a while before going to get Mi, I remembered it and pulled it out: of course, her phone number.

I smiled absently, put it back in my pocket....and only pulled it out again as I was cleaning my teeth, and preparing to read my book for a few minutes, and go to sleep; and this after my wife had finally got home and she had showered, and a sleeping Mi downstairs with Dad had finally been carried upstairs to a much cooler, air-conditioned room.
Now, I picked up my phone from the shelf, let out a sigh representing how damn hot it was, and lay down on my mattress. I sent Oh’s number a text message: “Hope you and Lang home and no problems, and feel well. Take care and be well, my young Women.”

I put the phone on the sofa beside me, as it was also my alarm clock for my 05.30 wake-up call to start taking care of Mi when her mother began showering to go to work.
I opened my book, but had hardly read one page when my phone made its ‘new message’ signal.
It was the same number which I had added to my address book as Oh’s – but it wasn’t from her; “This isn’t Oh, I am called Mung, Oh’s friend, and she gave you my phone number. She also wants me to study with you: if I come now is this a good time, Luong Steve?”
I replied “Oh hi Mung, sorry but not now: my wife and daughter asleep; tomorrow?” She replied quickly, “Day after tomorrow, is it ok, 5.30p.m. ok?”
I thought, and answered “Yes, see you then, good night Mung.”

2 days later, at 5.15 I had just finished dressing Mi after her shower and she asked to go to her grandmother’s; she always asked this sheepishly, quietly, often not looking at Dad when she mumbled the words: she knew, somehow and somewhere in her 2y.o. intelligence, Dad didn’t like grandmother. But if Mi asked to go there, I never complained and did almost always take care, as I did now.
10 minutes back at home, I found a text from my wife; her standard one most days now: “Late”. I never replied, as if I did it was to complain about her negligence of Mi.

5 minutes later a young girl’s voice came to the gate and asked “Are you there Luong Steve?”
I jumped up from my chair, met a big smile from a figure peering over the gate, and went outside, slipping on my thongs and walking to open the unlocked gate, and I bade her enter. A short girl, dressed in a loose dress, too short for her by a year or so I thought, and too tight across her braless breasts, which actually were quite large I thought, and I said “Hello Mung, welcome; you are Oh’s friend, so you old?” “14, the same - but I am more advanced a little” and she thrust those breasts towards me as if ‘they’ were the proof of what she said. I groaned, motioned her inside, pumped out a glass of water for her, and refilled my beer.

“Your English sounds very good, Mung, so what do you want to study?”
“Well, Oh said you read a story from your books, and gave her a lot of new words and helped her understanding of English – could we do the same: read a book together, please, Luong Steve?” She grabbed at my arm as if pleading, and pushed it against her breast, as if knowing I would crack; I did, smiled down at her and nodded my head “Yes, we can read a book together; your job is to stop me if you don’t understand a word or a phrase, and I will explain it, ok Mung?”
“Anything you want, Luong Steve.” I had heard that before!

I knelt to choose a suitable book, and decided on the Children’s Stories which had been my first present to Mi. I took it from the shelf and turned to find her....well, not there! Then I heard sounds from upstairs, called ‘Mung?” and heard an answer; I locked the screen door and carried my beer and Mung’s water upstairs, aware what was happening, and powerless to prevent.

She was in the main bedroom, on the bed naked where Ming and I had been before; “Ming is your friend too?” “A little she said, but I heard Ming’s mother telling my mother...and then Oh told me a little...and here I am!”
“But I do want to hear you read a story, and study English too.” She smiled, ran a hand down her body and my eyes followed, lingering on her breasts, and noting her long hair tantalizingly draped over her left breast: what a photo, I thought, and I asked her not to move. I ran downstairs and came back with my camera.

Mung seemed a little concerned, but I told her I would not take her face so she could be identified, nor would I take any of her barely-haired cunt lips. She nodded, and thus began 30 minutes of photo-taking as I moulded her body into positions of seductive, naked youthfulness. I took perhaps 20, disappointed her when I said it was not digital, so she would have to wait until I had them developed. She gulped at that idea, of people in a shop seeing her, but I promised her I wouldn’t have them done locally, and her face had been hidden either by her hair strung over it, or her arm when I placed that over her nose and mouth, allowing me to take a shot of her wide, glowing eyes, and her glistening lips below the camouflaging arm, and with her tit in the bottom of the frame, nipple raised and a deep red colour against her very dark skin.

Soon after starting to photo her, with her eyes following the tent in my shorts, I discarded them, and allowed her to see that which she had no doubt come to see. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed into an ‘oh’ shape. When my body was close enough, as I knelt or sat on the bed adjusting her poses, she reached out a tentative hand and touched the end, causing involuntary jerks and jumps of my aroused cock as she felt the dribbling pre-cum on the head of my prick, rubbing her fingers in it. I took the shot the next instant as she rubbed her wet fingertips on her nipples, pink nail polish a stark contrast to her nipple’s red and breasts olive colours.

When the camera clicked to the last exposure and auto-rewound, I turned it off and placed it on my shorts next to the bed, on which I then climbed with the book.
Mung snuggled beside me on her side, one breast pressing against my ribs below, her other trying to lay itself on my chest, but not being quite long enough; it was very erotic however, as her long nipple sat pointedly against my own as if they were becoming acquainted, and she draped her arm over me to stroke my other side.

She raised her uppermost leg and laid it across my lower body, trapping my rigid pole underneath, flat and stretching up my abdomen, and as she moved that leg up and down, her toe nails scraped lightly through the hairs of my leg; they stood up like my cock.
I made a slightly annoyed sound in my throat – which probably sounded more primeval and sexual than anything angry – and she stopped moving as I opened the book.
It was a heavy book and I needed 2 hands to hold it and be able to turn pages; I began with ‘Sleeping Beauty’, a favourite and easily-explained story; and then she began moving her fingers and leg again. I tried to ignore their tentacle-like stroking in many places at once by immersing myself in the story. When I spoke a word she might not have known, I paused to ask if she understood the story, and she dreamily answered “Yes, I know this story; I am only waiting for the end, when the Prince gets to fuck her!”

“Oh my” I groaned and turned to the last page...and so I kissed her for the first time, put the book down and pulled Mung’s body across and on top of mine. Her nipples scraped through my chest hairs, and her legs and groin almost twisted my cock off as she became comfortably prone on me.
“Mung, have you done this before, do you know what will happen?” My hands were stroking the sides of her breasts, and I pushed them under and between our bodies to grasp her nipples.

She moaned at my touch, but when she looked shame-faced at me for a moment, I let my hands lay still, just gently stroking her; “When I was 9, my father did it to me once; when I told my mum, she threw him out, and we haven’t seen him since.”
I embraced her; she was only 14, but I wasn’t going to rape her, nor any young girl – but was I much better than him?

After a minute, Mung pushed herself up to look me in the eyes; “Oh, Luong Steve, don’t be upset, don’t worry; it happened, I accept it happened. But with you it is not the same: I want this for myself, with you.”
“Ming told me, Oh told me, and even Lang told me: you were sensitive and gentle, and the first-time pain was a pain without any bad feelings, because of you. They also said that after the pain, you made it the most wonderful experience, and they all want you again! But now I want what they have had, and I want it with you, just as they did.”

She leaned back down, pressing her body harder against mine, her mouth seeking mine through her dangling hair; she raised one hand to brush it aside, and her lips found mine and her tongue probed in and found mine in gentle but increasingly strident lunges all around my teeth, my tongue and my throat.
Another hand sought my cock, and she began lifting her hips to guide it to her pussy, the short bristly hairs of her groin rubbing against my sensitive cock’s head, while my pubic hairs probably did the same to her. She had to lift herself a long way up as I had been at maximum length now for a long time, and I knew control would be an issue: my cock ready to burst as she let the head jerk at her cunt’s lips – perhaps like wriggly sperm when they attempt to penetrate an egg, the thought occurred to me. My cock knew its chosen path and it slipped inside.

I moved my hands from her breasts reluctantly - those beautiful breasts she had felt even more beautiful when in my hands, even as her nipples stretched further, bigger than many older women’s nipples I was sure.
But now, her body needed me to control the penetration, and I held her hips and only very slowly allowed her to descend over my cock; she tried to quicken it, wanting to just sink straight down, but I wanted this to be carefully done, and as I concentrated on this aspect of making love with pleasure, it also reduced the churning in my balls, and I knew I could last somewhat longer now.

I only let the head of my cock inside, pushing aside the swollen lips and hearing her grunt at the size, and with the effort of trying to force me to let her down. I slowly eased my muscles and she moaned as I went to a deeper length inside her, and I pushed and pulled her body so my cock moved around her cunt, and stimulated her clit when it rubbed hard against it, and pushed against the walls of her tunnel at different angles. I wanted to both excite and please Mung, and this would please me.

After a while, she grew frustrated and hit my arms, gently but positively, and said “Please, I want you”, and I let her down so my entire length was inside, and the hairs of our groins became entwined and our juices became intermingled, as 2 bodies fused into one. She moaned and slumped, seemingly in satisfaction, and then she began using her cunt muscles to do some work of her own on me.

It must be an instinctive feminine ability: to be able to use those muscles to stimulate an invading cock without overt action; a man needs to use his muscles to rise and fall, and while a cock may involuntarily jerk and thus stimulate a woman, only the act of ejaculation is truly out of his instincts without any overt assistance. Mung used her muscles well, and it must have been pleasurable for her also, as she was moaning more, louder, and with a deeper grunt at the point of full penetration each time. I used my own ‘slowdown’ technique to offset my growing need from her muscles actions, and I withdrew at times, almost fully, but then re-entered her canal, sometimes shallowly, and sometimes fast, sometimes very slowly, and sometimes deeply within.

I hoped, and tried, to keep her on the brink until she couldn’t stand anymore; I believed, rightly or wrongly, this was a way to help a woman to maximum pleasure of an orgasm, and indeed Mung seemed to be a confirming woman as she clawed her nails at me now, thrust herself down against me against my own hesitant hands holding her up, and then growled as she bit into my shoulder, shuddered and shook, and a Climax did break within her with such a force my cock felt it was engulfed by an earthquake as it was sucked and squeezed of its own final moments of spouting juices into her very core.

My hands could now release her hips entirely, and she flopped down on to me, sweat making our bodies’ slick, and our breath coming in hot gasps. I wanted her nipples again and squirreled my fingers between us and tweaked and twirled them in my thumb and forefinger. She then amazed me by having another climax: from her nipples being aroused, I wondered? I worked on them some more – no, not ‘worked’: I caressed them, fondled them, stimulated them, and then rolled her enough to suck and nibble and suck some more on one my mouth could reach; and she squealed and writhed and her cunt convulsed yet again against my prick, which I tried to shove back to her far walls even as it was deflating somewhat.
She thrashed her head from side to side, but didn’t stop squealing as she shook for long moments, until finally she begged to stop; and we did.

Long minutes later, the fan drying our sweat as we lay back on the bed, Mung said “I never dreamed it could be like that; nobody has ever told me it was like that. Was I a good lover for you, Steve?”
I held her hand tighter in mine, against her breast, turned my face closer to her and kissed her forehead and cheek; “You were a beautiful lover Mung, believe me.” She beamed at my words, and now I had to caution her against telling people about this, as we could both be in trouble, me especially of course. She nodded in agreement, but then again: Ming had also agreed to keep it quiet, though her mother actually hadn’t, and didn’t, and those indiscretions had led to Oh and Lang, and now Mung....could I put a stop to the list this time, I wondered?

As with the others, I also told Mung she had no fears of getting pregnant, that I couldn’t have children. Oddly, she was the only one who now questioned me “But you have a daughter....?”
“Yes, I say Mi is mine, and I truly love her as mine; but she is not of my loins, not of this cock.”
Mung looked across at me, rather surprised and perhaps unsure of what to say. I smiled, and then she said “But you are still with your wife, even after she, ah, was with another man, right?”
“Yes, we are still married, but we are not husband and wife anymore, if you understand what I mean? But it wasn’t Mi’s fault her mother cheated, so I accepted Mi coming along and have done the best I can to be a good Daddy for her sake, not for her mother’s.”

“So do you have sex with her?” I shook my head and decided the conversation should end there, kissing Mung’s nipple with a slight nip of my teeth, and sitting up. “It is starting to get late Mung, and I don’t want your mother worrying about you; where do you live by the way?” “Up the village, in soi 2, and Oh and Ming and I go to the same school together.”

I offered Mung a new towel and she showered in the bathroom, but I didn’t join her, reluctantly acknowledging what my cock would try and do with her again, and deciding Mung had had enough for this real first time. She came out, dried but naked and handed me the towel, standing there for my inspection like a model; “Any more photos you would like to take, Luong Steve?”

I threw the towel down the stairs, turned her to face away from me and ran my fingers and nails down her shoulders and back until I cupped her buttocks in my hands and kneaded them. “Oh yes, Mung, perhaps next time we will try your beautiful tight arse.”

I knew my mistake as soon as I had said it; “Next time, Steve, we will have a next time...when?”

I hugged her back to me, my cock poking at her rear and my hands fondling those delicious breasts and the hardening nipples; I bent down to nuzzle through her hair and kissed the nape of her neck and nibbled on her ears. “Let’s see what the future brings, Mung, rather than try and create it in advance, ok?” I stopped the sexual groping and just held her swaying in my arms for a minute, and she stood away, smiled up at me, and nodded; then she turned into the bedroom to get dressed, and we went downstairs.

She kissed me and skipped through the door, pausing at the gate “Thanks for the English lesson Luong Steve, I enjoyed it so much, and learned a lot today!” I repressed a laugh and waved her ‘bye, before going inside and tidying everything, before going for my own shower.

Only as the water hit my shoulder and torso did I feel the stings, and I stepped over to examine myself in the mirror; there were nail scratches down both sides, and my shoulder had broken skin from teeth marks! Wow, I had better check the sheets for blood, and I would need to wear a t-shirt when my wife was home, and even Mi – as she was always concerned when Daddy had any little cut or bruise. Oh Mung, you certainly left your mark on me, I chuckled to myself, thinking I will send her a text! More immediately, I went back under the water and showered, knowing I would certainly be thinking of Mung for a week or so twice a day.

(End of Part 6; who knows when a fantasy might end?)

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