The story of my first time with my highschool sweetheart
I couldn't concentrate on anything, as I floated from class to class, that day. All I could think about was Cathy. It had actually happened. A varsity cheerleader had made me cum, (Directly, not by my own hand) If I was Dreaming, I hoped It would continue.
I went to the game that night but could not tell you what team we were playing or if we won. I went to watch Cathy cheer. I had had a major boner for her all day. Knowing that her pussy was cradled in my cum, gave a kinky sort of excitement to watching her tight ass as she kicked and tumbled on the gym floor.
We ate a late supper after the game and sat around chatting about why the team had lost. Red and Cathy were still in their cheerleader outfits. Mom and Dad excused themselves and went to bed, as did my two younger sisters; Christine was out with some friends. This being a Friday, we did not expect her home for some time. Cathy was sitting beside me on the sofa, and Red was sitting in the recliner across the room.
Cathy was so close to me I could taste her perspiration, as I breathed. She had pressed her thigh against mine when my little sister had been setting on the sofa with us. Her hand had wandered to my lap shortly thereafter. She absentmindedly petted my knee and upper thigh as we watched the end of some old movie. Her hand scratched my skin just below the end of my cut offs. I wanted to do the same to her and much more, but with my sister sitting there I couldn't bring myself to make a move on the beautiful girl feeling me up.
As the eleven o'clock news came on, Loretta announced that she was going to put a load of laundry in so she could wash her uniform, for tomorrow's game. Once we were alone Cathy straddled my knee and started humping it, Like a child-playing pony. She told me that she had been cumming steadily, all afternoon. My cum squishing between her thighs, and rubbing against her pussy had made her so hot that she couldn't stop cumming.
I could feel her wetness as she rode my leg. She was at least as hot as I was. I held her by the waist, and looked into her eyes as she ground her pussy on my knee. She kissed me and shook all over as she orgasmed. Cathy panted into my mouth. If she had touched my penis at all I would have shot off with her.
“I’m so wet right now, I can hear it sloshing." She said. "I am going to put this suit into the washer with Loretta's. You go get my purse; there is a new box of safes in it. Put one on, and I will be right back."
It was a dream come true. I got the rubbers from her purse, rolled one down over my erect cock and waited. Cathy came back; she was dressed in the same nightshirt that she had worn the night before. She looked at the Trojan, covering my erection and said, "That maybe closing the barn door after the horse got out. I've been walking around with your little wigglers between my legs all night."
She put her knees on either side of my hips and guided my rubber-coated prong to her quim. There was a little resistance, and Cathy screamed as my cock entered her. She kissed me and said thank-you. She then began rocking her hips on my rod.
Red came running down the stairs, in response to Cathy's, scream. “OH" she said, "Keep it down. You'll wake everyone in the house."
"Sorry" Cathy said not stopping her motion on my cock. "I'll try to cum more quietly next time. I came as he broke my cherry."
I came as she said that. My male ego exploded inside her. I pulled her tight and fired all my pent up cum into the rubber. "Excuse me" I said as soon as I could talk again, "but were a little busy here"
"I can see that baby brother" Red answered. "I helped Cathy set you up. Now I have to help you get your ass out of public view. Dad's door is closed so you can get into your room without being seen. If you keep howling like that I won't be able to stop them from investigating. Do not forget the rubbers. I do not want to see either of you hurt, because you were too horny to use protection. Now get up the stairs before anyone else catches you at it."
Cathy continued pumping on my cock as Loretta disappeared up the stairs. She began kissing my face and ears. I slid my hands under her shirt and fondled her tits. I told her that Red was right and that we should be away from the prying eyes of any one that came through the living room.
Her rhythm sped up, and she began to chant, "OH yeah, Oh yeah, oh yeah---"
Her pussy was like a furnace, as it clamped around my cock. I could feel her pulse on my dick. I knew it was hers, because it didn't match the pounding in my chest.
I was pumping into her matching her thrusts by following her chant. Up on the OH, and Down on the yeah. Then she stopped moving altogether. She stopped breathing. Then her whole body convulsed. I clamped my mouth over hers and caught her scream. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her pussy pulsed on my cock. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and fired a second salvo into her.
“Oh baby" Cathy breathed, "You are the greatest."
I replied. "Cat you are the best."
She said, "Let's go up to bed, but don't expect to sleep, this Kitty wants some milk."

End Chapter Two.
Jim McNally

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2012-07-24 04:43:49
that was a very good story, i thoroughly enjoyed it.


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I am sorry for the messed up format. If anyone knows how to prevent this from happening when I post, Please let me know.

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