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This is an X-Men fan fiction and I have to describe their powers before the sex starts. It?s a little short but only because it?s my first. If you already know their powers, you can skip ahead. Also I do not own any rights to X-Men and stuff like that, but I'm not making money writing this so I guess it's ok.

Nyya wakes up in a dark room completely naked and tied to a chair. She immediately panics and struggls against her bindings. When she could not free herself she began to yell.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Help!”

She hears something outside and a few moments later the door opens. The room was small and grey with chains lining the wall and a table covered with whips and “toys”. 4 men entered the room, and the one who looks the oldest stepped foreword. He looked only to be 40 but was in very good shape. He’s wearing a red skintight suit and a purple cape with short white hair.

“Hello Nyya. My name is Magneto.”

“What the hell do you want you sick bastard!” Magneto walks over to her and slaps her hard.

“We are your masters now. You will address us as such. Let me explain a few things. First of all we are all mutants. This is my son Pietro.”

Pietro looks like a younger version of him and also had pure white hair. He, however is wearing a blue skintight suit with a lightning bolt emblazoned across the front.

“He can travel at twice the speed of sound. This is Sabertooth.”

The man he addressed is well over 6 feet and looks as if he could bench press a bus. He had long blonde hair and his nails were in the shape of claws.

“His powers are a rather surprising amount of strength and a fast metabolism. Which means he is almost always horny.”

Sabertooth grinnes and a large boner is noticeable beneath his brown and tan suit.

Magneto addresses the last man in the room. He is crouching in a corner and has pale, almost green skin. He was wearing a trench coat and a black jumpsuit.

“This is Toad. As his name implies he has the features and abilities of most amphibians. One of which is a super long tongue.”

Toad flicked out his tongue and grinned.

“I of course can control metal. And since we have all of these powers, normal humans usually end up, injured to say the least, when we try to have sex. Luckily for us, you just happen to have a healing ability. So whatever we do, can’t kill you.”

He smiles and opens the door.

“I’ll leave you all to….. break her in.”

He walks out and the men immediately disrobe. Quicksilver walks over and undoes her binding and immediately ties her hands to a chain in the center of the room, drawing her up until she stands on her tip toes. He inspected her body and c cup tits.

She’s around 5’6” and has long black hair. Quicksilver turns to the table and picks up a flogger. He begins to whip her ass and tits faster than any human could, covering her body with welts. She screams and struggles to avoid the blows, but is helpless to do anything.

“Rules” he says punctuating each word with a blow. “You will address us all as Master or Sir. You will do whatever we wish and if you do not, we will punish you. Anything you do that is not to our liking will result in punishment. If you hesitate you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” She cries.

Quicksilver redoubled his whipping efforts.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Call yourself a dirty slut. Beg me to whip you.”

“Oh Master I’m such a slut. Please whip me and punish me.”

Quicksilver walks over to her pussy and sticks a finger in.

“What is this?”

“My pussy, sir.”

“No, You are a pussy and cunt and ass. This is hole number 1.”

He sticks his finger in her ass.

“What is this?”

“H-hole number 2 sir.”

He walks to her head and sticks his finger in her mouth.

“And what is this?”

“Hole number three sir.”

“That’s all you are, cunt. Three holes for our enjoyment. Every fiber of your being is made to please us, and nothing more. Understood you slut?”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“You better damn well thank me. Ask me to whip you again.”

“Please sir I’ve been a naughty slut, please whip me and teach me a lesson.”

“Alright, but only because you asked so nicely.”

He begins to flog her again, pulling more screams from her mouth. Eventually, Quicksilver tires of this and straps her to the table.

“Toad, would you do the honors?”

He asks and Toad steps over to the table where he kneels down until he is level with her pussy. Uncurling his super long tongue he plunges into her snatch, making her groan in ecstasy. The pain from the whipping and Toads treatment were bringing her to the brink and she begins to beg for more.

“Oh god please let me cum! OH GOD!”

Quicksilver walks over to her mouth and as she yells he shoves his dick in and begins to face fuck her.

“I bet this feels good you dirty whore. I bet you like my cock in your mouth, huh?”

He says as he slams deep in to her throat and she gags. He finally cums down her throat, and after he wipes his dick on her hair, he gestures to Toad to take his place. Toad happily shoves his dick now the barely conscious girls throat and begins pumping away.

Sabertooth steps up to her ass and begins to rub his dick up and down her moist slit.

“How would this feel in your ass baby, huh? I wish but for now, your pussy will have to do.”

He pulls back for a moment and slams it hard into her gaping snatch. Moaning he fucks her deeper and deeper.

“Oh god it’s so big!”

She screams and orgasms. As her pussy ripples around his cock he can take it no longer and cums deep inside her as Toad does the same. They both wipe off their cocks on her hair and shove a vibrator in her pussy on high, as well as a butt plug up her ass and a ball gag in her mouth. They leave her tied to the table and, smirking walk out the door and turn the lights off. She did’t realize that this was only the first of many sessions on her long road to becoming their slut. Tomorrow she would be punished for cumming before her masters, but for now she orgasmed as the vibrator pushed her over the edge.

Ok guys, thanks for reading! Comment if you want more. I’m thinking of writing a series…..

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2012-08-24 22:10:57
Nice story! I liked how original it was hopefully you do continue on with the series ^.^ it could go really far an there are so many possibilities with the set up. ^.^

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2012-04-19 22:34:14
All sexy females txt me @ 704 241 1850

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2012-04-19 22:19:53
All sexy females txt me @ 704 241 1850

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2012-04-17 19:38:14
yes, slow down on the sex acts. Lead up to a charactor entering a women in the pussy or ass. Put more deion into how it stretches her and makes her feel like its tearing her apart as it enters her. Remember, you're starting off with your power character too, he should be tearing it up! you need to build up to that shit.

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2012-04-17 17:56:37
it has potential , but needs to be slowed down , other then that excellant job

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