A girl in a small town comes out as a lesbian, but her happiness it not long lived. A long time admirer soon seeks to show her what she's missing.
It felt amazing; it felt . . . freeing. To be out, out at last! All those years, all those casual dates with boys, all those lies to her parents, and now she was out of the closet. She was a lesbian, and everybody knew. It felt fantastic.

She had never liked boys. She didn't know why, exactly, but something about them repulsed her. They were coarse and unrefined, crude and vulgar. Girls, on the other hand, were heaven! They were sweet and soft spoken, their skin like silk and their mouths like honey. She couldn't wait to start dating!

Her parents had taken it surprisingly well. There was about a month or two of shock, anger, and denial, but finally they relented and started adjusting to her announcement. It was hard, though; she was their only daughter. Their beautiful, loving, milk and honey daughter.

Lila had always been that way. She had long blonde hair that hung in little golden ringlets down to her waist and big, bright blue eyes. She was delicate at 5'4", wearing only a 34 A and wearing a 0 in pants. They had always hoped that she'd find a big, strong man to take care of her. But that wasn't going to happen! She was 16 and it still hadn't happened. It would never happen, if she could help it.

The boys at school had been a little disappointed, to say the least. Especially some of the boys she had hung out with, one of them who had had a long time crush on her. He was devastated at the news; it was as if she had died.

The whole small town in which she lived was in shock. They lived in the country, practically untouched by homosexuality. They still clung to their old ways, and many people said cruel things behind her back. They didn't know what to think of her, and they fell very short of being supportive. She sighed; maybe she'd just have to move away for college?

She was walking home alone; many of the mother's wouldn't allow their daughters near her anymore. Some of her best friends would never be able to spend the night at her house anymore. Not that she was very attracted to them, anyway. There weren't really any girls here that she had crushes on . . . yet. She bit her lip with excitement; would there be any romance in her future? Any special girl who would catch her eye and who she would catch the eye of? She hoped so!

"Hey!" A voice called from behind her.

She glanced back at him, then tried to ignore him and rolled her eyes. It was Adam, the dumb jock who had always tried to get her under his arm. He disgusted her.

"Hey," He said, nearly breathless from running to catch up with her. She looked up at him.

Adam stood at nearly 6'2" and was very, very big. He played football, plus worked on his dad's farm; not only did he have height, but his muscles made him seem even larger. He had shaggy, straw blonde hair that hung almost over his striking blue eyes, and his well chiseled face always bore a crooked smile. All of the girls in the town swooned over him; except for her. Never her.

Even in 4th grade he had been the heartthrob. Even in 4th grade, though, she had been the only one to reject him. She squirmed inwardly because of him; she was sure that because of her decision he would pursue her more than ever.

"Listen, Lila," He said sincerely, "I'm sorry for the way that I've treated you over the years. I know that I've always thought of you as a piece of meat, but I just want you to know that that's changed. I think that what you did- coming out like that- was really brave. Could you give me a second chance? As friends?"

She stared up at him in shock and nodded, fumbling her words as she did so, "Uh, yeah, sure! Thank you."

"Do you want to come over tomorrow?" He offered, "I'd love to sit and talk with you. Plus, we're bringing the horses in tomorrow to start prepping them for sale. Do you like horses?"

"Yeah," She nodded, "I do. I'd love to come see them."

"Great," He smiled, "I'll just take you home with me after school then, okay?"

"Okay," She said, "Bye."

He smiled at her, "See ya later."

She turned around and headed home once more, a blush heating up her face. What had that been about? Was he being serious?

She shrugged and walked faster. She would find out tomorrow!


Lila saw Adam's hunter green truck parked in the parking lot after school. She guarded her eyes with her hand, checking to see if he was in the truck or not. She saw his smiling face through the windshield and he honked at her, pulling around to pick her up.

"Hey," He said to her as she climbed in, "How was school?"

"Great, dad," She teased, "Thanks for asking!"

"Sorry," He laughed, "That's all I could think of to say. I think I've been so busy drooling over you all of these years that I've never noticed what a smart ass you are!"

She stuck her tongue out at him and he laughed, commenting on her maturity. She nodded and gazed out the window, the wind teasing her curls and making them caress her soft white neck.

"So you said that you guys are bringing in the horses today?" She asked in curiosity.

"Well," He scratched the back of his neck, "We were going to. My Aunt got really sick last night, though; that's why I wasn't in school. She's in the hospital in the city; she's on a respirator and is unresponsive."

"Adam," Lila gasped, "That's horrible! Is she going to be okay? What's wrong with her?"

"They're not sure yet," He explained, "The doctors are just starting to take tests. Anyways, mom and dad and my siblings went in with her."

"Why didn't you go?"

He flashed her one of his dazzling smiles, "I have more important things to do."

She blushed and turned away, trying to ignore him, "You should have gone. What if she dies and you didn't get to see her because you were trying to woo a lesbian?"

He laughed for what seemed like forever. When he finally regained control, he explained, "I'm not trying to woo you, and- like I said- she's unresponsive. Even if I was there she wouldn't know it!"

"Okay, okay . . ." Lila smiled.

They pulled into the driveway of the farm and Lila craned her head in every direction to see the place.

The fences were all white and perfect, the barns matching; all white with green trim. The house was an old, white, two-story farm house with a wrap around front porch and swing. She smiled.

"Do you like it?" He asked as they pulled up.

"Yeah," She nodded eagerly, "It's nice."

"Come on," He said as he guided her to the barn by her elbow, "I'll get some of the riding horses out for us. We keep five here with us year round in case we want to go!"

He went into the small paddock and caught two of the five horses for them. His was a large black gelding named Onyx, and her's was a small golden mare named Bella. He showed her how to use the brushes to clean her off, and they both stood in the stalls grooming their mounts.

"So . . ." He began awkwardly, "I have to ask; how exactly did this whole lesbian thing happen?"

She stood up indignantly and gawked at him with humor in her eyes, "It didn't just happen over night! I've never been attracted to men."

"Wait," He said with confusion, "You dated my best friend Luke less than a year ago!"

"Just to cover my tracks," She explained, "I've dated guys because I didn't want anyone to suspect what was really going on."

"So you've never liked guys?" He asked.

"Nope," She said as she went back to brushing, "I don't know why, they're just . . . they're so coarse. They're coarse and unrefined and they're vulgar, and they're like animals! They belch and think farts are funny and are just gross! Girls, though, are soft and beautiful and are like angels. Why would I ever want to be with a creature that made its mission in life to dominate me? Why?"

"I'm just shocked, I guess." He said. He climbed over the stall wall and into her stall, crowding her space slightly and asking, "Haven't you ever thought of being with a man? What a man could do for you? How good he could make you feel? How could you not want that?"

She exited the stall and placed the brush back into the bucket, trying to ignore the fact that he had just gotten way too close to her, "What can a man do for me that a woman can't do? And, a woman can do it with more sensitivity and less . . . manliness."

"But don't you see?" He asked, crowding her space again. She stepped back away from him, anxiety filling her as she felt the smooth wood of the wall press against her back through her shirt. He followed her, suppressing her space further as he pressed himself against her. He stared down into her face, continuing in a husky voice, "You were made for me, Lila. You were made for Adam; all women were. Ever since the Garden, you have belonged to me. Why do you deny it?"

"I don't belong to anyone!" She said angrily as she pushed against his chest. She pushed at him with all her might, but he wouldn't budge; his body was hard and strong, the endless hours of hard work making themselves apparent in his brawny muscles.

"You belong to me," He repeated. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them, weaving his fingers into her silky blonde hair with his free hand. He forced her head closer and kissed her. He moaned and kissed her harder; she tasted like heaven.

Lila's head was spinning. What was happening? Why was he doing this? He wasn't going to do anything else, was he? She squirmed to get a hand free, but his grip was like iron. She raised her knee with a hard thrust into his groin, and he released her with an angry grunt.

He was on the ground, holding his manhood and then clawing to get to his knees. Lila ran towards the house, not sure what she would find but hoping that there was a phone. She reached the front door and opened it, thankful to find that it wasn't locked.

She searched frantically for the phone, but she could not find it anywhere!

"Lila!" She heard Adam roar. She spotted it on the counter and snatched it, not holding it long before Adam came in the door.

Lila made a break for a hallway but didn't get far. He wrapped a strong arm around her waist and hoisted her into the air, tossing her carelessly over his shoulder and carrying her up the stairs.

"No!" She screamed as she beat her fists against him, "Stop! Put me down! You can't do this!"

Adam strode into a bedroom with her and threw her down on the bed. She landed with a thud and scrambled onto her hands and knees, ready for his attack. To her surprise he casually locked the door behind him, then locked the windows, then sat down in a chair in front of the door and started taking off his boots.

"Lila," He said as he pulled them off one at a time, "You are going to learn something today."

"Adam, please let me go!" She said, her voice trembling as she struggled to hold back tears, "You can't do this!"

He stripped off his shirt and pants, then his underwear. He stood in front of her, fully nude.

Lila had never seen a naked man before, least of all one with an erection. His body was perfect; his shoulders were tanned, strong, and broad, his arms perfectly attached and equally toned. His chest was smooth and muscular, his ass like that of a god. His legs were surprisingly tanned and toned, fitting the rest of his physique perfectly. His cock was incredible, standing tall and proud at at least 9 inches. It was almost as big around as her arm. She gulped.

"Please, no . . ." She whimpered quietly. He closed the curtains so that no one could see, then moved towards her safe place on the bed.

She backed away from him until her back was pressed against the headboard, and she turned her face away from him. She wept silent tears; there was no use in running. She felt his hand on her chin, turning her face towards him so that he could kiss her.

"No!" She shouted in a sudden burst of courage. She bolted off of the bed and towards the door, but just as she reached it he snatched her shirt, ripping it off and throwing her to the ground.

As she tried to crawl away he pulled the bottom of her pants, dragging them down and her panties with them. He saw her perfect pink pussy, but he held himself back; he wanted her completely naked and vulnerable before him, and she still had a bra on.

"Take your bra off," He instructed, "Or I'll take off for you."

She crossed her arms over her chest defiantly, and he saw red as he forced her arms away and ripped her bra off. He picked her up, screaming, from the floor and pushed her onto the bed, staring at her naked body beneath his.

Her chest rose and fell dramatically from the struggle and her tear filled eyes glared at him with hate. Her hair covered the pillows behind her, and her small tits jiggled slightly with every breath. Her breasts were perfect; small and round with little pink nipples floating on the firm pale skin. He kissed one of them tenderly and she whimpered, her eyes changing from rebelliousness to fear.

"Stop," She whined.

He raised his head and looked into her eyes, explaining, "I want you to feel this. I want you to be naked before me, completely vulnerable. I want to make you my bitch. And I want you to see how good it feels. By the time that we're done today, you'll be so in love with my body that you'll never think of girls again. You'll crave my dick."

"Adam, stop!" She whined. She wiggled beneath him, trying to get away but ultimately rubbing her tits against his chest.

He held her hands securely above her head and focused his attention on her lovely little breasts. He kissed one of her little pink nipples sweetly, then took it into the heat of his mouth and sucked on it. Lila whimpered, her mind fighting against the assault, but her body loving it.

He teased it with his tongue, then sucked it into his mouth hard and nibbled on it slightly with his teeth. The effect was mind blowing. She accidentally moaned audibly, and he raised his head to eye her.

"Stop . . ." She whined.

He smiled his crooked grin, "You like this."

"No I don't!" She insisted, "Adam, stop!"

He growled deep in his throat and attacked her other tit, sucking on it roughly and biting down on the very tip. She arched her back and curled her toes, pushing her it into his mouth. He smiled.

"You're such a slut," He told her as he left the bed. She sat up and watched him warily as he continued, "You've denied me since 4th grade, and now you're acting out this whole lesbian charade. You've never let any guy touch you! And now here you are, on my bed, moaning like a whore while I suck your tits."

"I don't even want to be here!" She cried indignantly. Her eyes widened as he pulled out some ropes. She asked frantically, "What are those?"

"They're ropes, duh."

"What are you going to do?" She asked in a panicky voice as he came to the bed. She bolted off of it, but he grabbed her and pulled her back, wrapping one of the ropes tightly around her wrist.

"Just making sure that you won't get away," He explained, "You're easy enough to hold down, but I want to be able to focus on my work."

He tied the other end of the rope to the bed while she squirmed, then started on her other wrist.

"Adam, stop it!" She screamed.

He sat back on his heels and admired his work. She was on the bed with her arms tied to its posts, making her chest fully available for his pleasure. Her hair hung around her and she eyed him with hate. His eyes traveled down to her untouched pussy.

"Have you ever touched yourself down here?" He asked deeply as he slid his fingers from her breasts, to her stomach, and finally to the little blonde patch of hair above her slit.

"No!" She said loudly, "That's disgusting!"

He let his fingers wander to her pussy, its pink lips swollen despite Lila's best efforts. He felt her wetness against his hand and held his fingers to her face, wiping the liquid on her cheek.

"You're wet for me," He whispered sadistically into her ear, "I told you you were a slut."

She began to protest, but he slid his fingers down to her pussy once more and massaged her little button, which had never before been touched. She gasped sharply, never before aware of what was down there.

"You didn't know this was here, did you?" He asked her in his deep voice.

Lila wanted to scream at him or spit in his face, but all of her words were lost. He rubbed her clit between his finger tips and felt her wetness grow more and more. Finally he moved lower on the bed, placing his face down near her aching pussy.

"What are you doing??" She asked frantically, "You can't be down there!"

He ignored her and spread her lips, inhaling her scent deeply. He felt his cock twitch from excitement and he groaned, sucking her clit into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue.

Lila threw her head back, biting her lower lip to keep herself from moaning aloud. His tongue lapped at her juices, snaking its way into her hole and then back up to caress her little clit. She raised her hips up to meet his face, knowing that she hated him but also knowing that she didn't care.

"You're so wet," He groaned.

He looked up at her, her eyes half closed and her mouth making a perfect "O" shape. Her chest rose and fell and she panted, nearly exhausted already from the pleasure that racked her body. Her legs quivered and her fists clenched; her whole body was taught, but relaxed.

Adam moved above her once more and looked down into her crystal blue eyes. She stared up at him, not knowing what would happen next.

"Do you still hate me?" He asked huskily.

She didn't respond for a few seconds, but finally nodded, "Yes."

He leaned down and kissed her, taking over her soft pouty lips. He knew that despite what she said, there was barely any refusal this time.

Adam snaked a hand down to her knees and spread them, but Lila clamped them back shut. He pulled his face away and inspected her eyes, which were full of fear.

She begged him softly, "Adam, please don't! I'll do anything! Anything you want! Don't take my virginity, please! Adam, stop!"

He regarded her as if she was a bratty child throwing a tantrum. He forced her legs open and she stared up at him, fear making her body cold and rigid. She felt the tip of his cock bump up against her hymen and she begged him frantically, "Adam, don't!"

He thrust himself into her completely, his cock ripping through her hymen and nestling itself in her womb. She gasped at the assault and the tears finally came, making their journey down her face and onto the pillow. He remained buried to the hilt in her, staring at her as she cried.

"Adam, get out!" She screamed.

Adam knew that if she was untied she would she would be clawing at his chest, trying her hardest to get him off of her. But she wasn't untied, and he was boss. He kissed her again, shoving his tongue into her mouth possessively.

He pulled his cock back out and he felt her relax slightly in relief, but he thrust back in and her whole body tightened. He started humping her wildly, amazed by how good her tight pussy felt wrapped around his dick. He came inside of her after a very short period of time, burying himself inside to fill her with his cum.

Lila's body shook as his warm cum trickled into the most untouched parts of her body. She sighed a sigh of relief; it was over.

Her eyes widened once more as she felt him pull his dick out, shoving it back in repeatedly. He picked up his pace again, fucking her hard and loving it. She looked up at him; his eyes were closed with pleasure, his lips tight as he focused on the sensations of her pussy. She shut her eyes and tried to ignore what was happening.

It hurt. Every inch of it hurt! His cock was as big around as her arm and was stretching every part of her pussy, and its length reached her farthest corners. As he humped her she found her pussy tightening around his dick every time he pulled out, trying to keep him in. His cock massaged every inch of her pussy walls. She panted and looked up at him, willing him to open his eyes. He didn't, so she craned her neck to reach his lips and kiss him.

He was shocked, but he wrapped his arms around her and doubled his pace, screwing her into the mattress. She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around his ass, forcing him deeper into her pussy. He gladly complied, burying himself as deep as he could.

Lila felt a strange sensation of heat building up within her. When Adam started rubbing her clit once more, she almost lost it instantly. But Adam sensed that she was close and stopped, his cock still buried in her. He sat up and looked down at her, her eyes searching his with desperate need.

"Tell me you want me," He demanded.

"What?" She asked in surprise.

"Tell me you want me," He explained, "Tell me you want me and that you need my cock; tell me that you crave it. Tell me that you'll be mine. Tell me that when you turn 18 you'll marry me and be my obedient little whore. Tell me, and I'll make you cum."

"No!" She spat at him.

Adam pulled out of her and she whined inwardly; she felt empty now, and her pussy spasmed with yearning.

He walked out of the room and found her purse in the truck. Not hesitating, he used her cell phone to call her house.

"Hello?" Her mother said.

"Hey!" He said jovially, "It's Adam."

"Hello, Adam!" She said happily, "Are you and Lila having a good time?"

"Yes, we are," He said with a smug smile, "I just had a question to ask, though."

"Go ahead."

"Could Lila stay the night, maybe? You see, my Aunt is in the hospital and I just . . . I really don't want to be alone tonight."

"Oh, you poor thing!" She said pityingly, "Yes, she can certainly stay! Are you going to be alright?"

"Yes, I'll be fine," He replied. He laughed, "And at least you know that nothing will happen between us, right?"

Lila's mother chuckled, "Yes, there's no danger of that now! Well, you two have fun and tell her I said hello, would you?"

"Will do," He nodded, "Thank you!"

Adam hung up the phone and walked back into the house. He walked up the stairs and entered the room, a smug smile on his face as Lila spotted him.

"Why are you smiling?" She demanded, "It's already 7 and I told my mom I'd be back at 7:30. You're going to have to untie me and let me go, whether you like it or not."

"Actually," He said happily, "You're staying the night. So we're going to have lots of time for fun stuff. Isn't that great?"

Lila's eyes widened as Adam's face grew dark and determined, his cock twitching as he approached the bed. It was going to be a very, very long night.

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