Me and another boy I meet fuck, and get serious
This story is also 100% true of what happened after Jason and I couldn't hang out anymore.

After Jason told me we couldn’t hang out anymore I was really bummed out. I really thought I was going to have this hot, young, fuck buddy for a long time and he just wanted to have a girlfriend at the moment. As upset as I was I didn’t dwell on the past, and started going on the chatroom again.

Literally the day after things were done with Jason, I went back on the chatroom. A few guys messaged me to talk and what not, but most likely nothing was going to happen. See, the part of NYC I’m from doesn’t have a lot of openly gay people that come onto sites like that. So when I found someone in my area in was a once and a lifetime thing. There was two guys I talked to from that site, but both were hideous and we never met.

Out of the blue, I get an IM from someone with the name NYCBoi16. I figured they were from Manhattan and not near me, but after talking to him some more I was pleasantly surprised to find out he lived about 10 minutes from my house. His name was Kevin, and we quickly exchange pictures, facebooks, and our phone numbers. After talking for almost a few hours I found out only a few people knew he was gay and that he has only had one boyfriend before, but has never had sex. Of course I creeped on his facebook and saw that was extremely hot. He was thin with not short, but not long blonde hair with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. His nose was a little long, but it balanced out perfectly on his sexy face. The best way to describe his look would be a skater kid.

He told me that he was about 5’11, which is cool. Usually I try to go for guys much shorter than me, but he was only about two inches shorter than me. I’m about 6’1’’ with an athletic body (not fat, but not extremely skinny), pretty hairy legs but a smooth stomach with a small happy trail and a little chest hair. I have brown hair and hazel eyes and if you read my last story, a pretty awesome dick. It’s a little over 7.5 inches, very thick and turns to steel when it gets hard.

I found out he was a little pothead just like me, so we made a date to meet and smoke the next night. Never have I met someone this fast off of that website, but it was awesome even though I was nervous. When I picked him up and met we smoked in a park (and got caught by the cops lol) and just walked around the whole night. He told me he wanted to take things kind of slow, so that night we didn’t do anything but smoke and hangout, and one kiss on the lips goodbye.

We hung out again about two more times before things happened. I took him to the movies and we went to get food a few times. Even though I was in the closet, he looked straight so I just told people I was hanging out with my friend Kevin. Finally one day, he told me he was going to cut school and come over. I’m home alone about 3 days a week before 5:30, and he was coming over at around 12. He txtd me and told me to pick up some bud and we would smoke and hangout for a while at my house.

When he got there we exchanged pleasantries and gave each other a kiss hello. Kevin was wearing a black v-neck, blue jeans, and Jordan flip flops with socks and looked fucking sexy.

“Hey how was school loser,” I said.
“It was stupid, I left…I literally couldn’t sit there anymore,” he said laughing. Kevin is kind of a “bad-kid” who doesn’t really do things like show up to school. And although I was always a good student, his bad boy behavior was so hot.
“Well I rolled us a blunt, let’s go chill in the backyard for a while,” I said
“Sounds good,” said Kevin.

We headed downstairs and into my yard and talked about a million different things while I lit the blunt and started smoking. Now some of you aren’t into smoking and I get that but weed just lightens the mood, and if you hookup while your high it’s the best feeling in the world. Since Kevin and I started smoking together we would always give each other shottys (or shotguns). That’s when you take a hit and put your lips together and blow the smoke into the other person’s mouth. Usually people don’t touch lips, but if you’re dating obviously you do. Even though we’ve been giving shottys, we never made out.

This time when we were smoking, we gave shottys every single hit and mid blunt in the middle of my backyard, we both succumbed to temptation and started making out right on the swing with the smoke pouring out of our mouths. It was so hot, and so unexpected. After 3 or 4 dates of no action kissing him instantly turned me on, and I didn’t care if the neighbors saw. We did it a few more times before the blunt was done and going inside. When we got in the house, Kevin was opening cabinets to find a cup and came across my parent’s liquor cabinet.

“Oh my God!, So much alcohol!!” he yelled
“I know right, they always have so much in the cabinet, I just steal it when I want,” I told him.
“We should really take a few shots and get a little tipsy,” he asked, kind of demanding
“I mean, I’m down, it’s still really early before I have to go anywhere,”

So I took out the big bottle of Smirnoff and we poured two shots each and made a mixed drink of vodka and Powerade before going to watch TV in my living room. We we’re both pretty fucked up after smoking and drinking. When we got close to finishing our drinks, I knew something was going to happen soon. Kevin and I were sitting really close to each other, with our arms and legs touching. Finally, we were talking about some stupid show and looking at eachother, and I just went in for the kiss. Once we started, I knew we weren’t going to stop anytime soon.

After kissing for about 10 minutes, things started to get hot and heavy. My hand started to explore his body. I started rubbing his leg, slowly up his thigh as he opened his legs more, signaling me for more. Finally I grabbed his cock through his jeans, which was one of the hardest dicks I ever felt. Soon he unzipped his jeans, and I reached my hand in and massaged his dick through his boxer briefs, before taking pulling them off and hearing his hard cock smack against his abs.

He had a really nice dick for a 16 year old. It had to be about 6.5 inches, not too thick, but just right. It looked even nicer between his long, skinny legs covered in light blonde fuzzy hair. I made out with him once more, then started going to town on his dick. Like I’ve said, I don’t really have a gag reflex, so I knew I was going to put him into heaven. I licked the whole head and base before finally gulping it down, causing his body to shiver. I had almost the whole cock in my mouth, while still managing to lick and massage the head. Soon I had the whole thing in my mouth, while he naturally face fucked me. After about five minutes of sucking, I started to finger his ass slowly. At this point, I looked up at this hot boy sprawled out on my couch and he was in ecstasy. My fingers in his ass definitely put him over the edge, and I think he would have let me fuck him right then and there.

I went back to his dick and sucked it, while he reached around and into my underwear to get my cock. About a minute later of this hot position, he yelled out “I’m gonna cum,” and I stopped to tell him to get it in my mouth. A few seconds later he blew a huge load right into my mouth, as I swallowed it all and then kissed him.

“That was amazing,” he told me.
“I know,” I laughed and kissed him

Next thing I knew, he got right on the floor on his knees and took my dick into his mouth. It wasn’t the best blowjob, but to be honest, it’s hard to fit my whole dick in there. Little did I know it wasn’t really a blowjob, but a lube up. He sucked me for about 5 minutes, drenching my cock in his spit.

“Wanna go to your room?” he asked
“Sure,” I said coming out of my pleasure center.

We walked upstairs holding hands while my rock hard 7.5 incher bobbed up and down. We got on my bed and started kissing again, but then ended up in a 69 position. Kevin was on top sucking my dick, while I licked his hole. He was having a hard time sucking my dick, because he was moaning so much from my finger and tongue.

I started off licking him, giving him all of my spit and tongue going as deep as possible into his hole. Then I gave him a finger, then two. At one point his face was just buried by my dick while he moaned in pleasure. I did this for a little while to loosen him up, and I knew he was ready because he turned around to me
“Fuck me, Jake. I need it,”

I put his head on my pillow and started to make out with him while jerking my cock getting it ready to enter him. When I was as hard as possible, I picked his legs up to my shoulders and slowly guided my dick into his hole. His face grimaced in a little pain, but I knew he wanted it.

“Are you okay?” I asked him
“Yeh, uhh huhh, just keep going.”

Finally I got my whole dick in his hole and after a few minutes of him getting used to it, I was pounding away at his boy butt. Kevin had his eyes closed and head back as if this was the best thing he has ever felt. Thank God nobody was home because when he was close, his moans got so loud that I’m sure my neighbors heard through the windows.

“O Jake yesss, I’m gonna cum, fuck mee fuck mee o god!,” he would moan
I was in the moment with my balls just smacking against his ass and kissing him as we banged on my little twin size bed. His head was on my pillow and his legs were wrapped around my waist and I was just on top of him leaning in for kisses and fucking his hole. After a few more minutes I knew I was going to cum.

“I’m gonna cum!!” I told him
“Pull out and do it on my chest!” he told me back.

I fucked him for a little longer and the second I had to cum, I pulled out and erupted at least 6 shots of cum all over his face stomach and chest, even in his hair and my bed. I collapsed basically on top of him out of breath. He still couldn’t even move, and I noticed he came again all over his own body.

“That was so fucking hot,” Kevin said before giving me a kiss
“Tell me about it, but now we got to get rid of the ass and balls smell before my parents get home,” I laughed.

We kissed again, before both jumping in the shower to rinse off and play around. I actually bent him over and fucked his ass again while we showered in my very horny state. He still moaned like a bitch as I came in his ass this time. When it was time for Kevin to go, I got extremely happy when he said

“So when are we doing this again?”
“Whenever you want.”

He smiled, and gave me a big makeout kiss before leaving to get home. After a few dates, and one fuck session I basically had a boyfriend and I knew we were going to fuck a lot more. And I’m even happier that I took his hot and sexy virginity.
We made a date to hang out by his house for two days later…………. More to cum!

I hope you guys all enjoy part two! Please feel free to e-mail me all of your feedback to . I appreciate the fan mail, and as a write the criticisms so tell me what you want!

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