One peek leads to a show two young boys will never forget.
Justin and Jordan are 12 year old, almost 13, identical twin brothers. They both have light brown hair and brown eyes. They are both very athletic, and have a muscular build, standing about 5'6" and weighing about 150lbs. Justin had hit puberty before his brother however, and had a bigger package than Jordan. Justin's dick is 6 1/2" long when erect, and about 3" around. Jordan just barely hit puberty, and his dick is only 5 1/2" long when hard and 2" around. They have an older step-sister who was getting ready to graduate from high school soon. Jennifer is 18, she has long, light brown hair and blue eyes. She stands 5'11" with an athletic build, weighing about 135lbs. She earned a scholarship to play volleyball at the state university. She has a firm B-Cup chest and a firm ass. All of their names started with J, thanks to their mom.

Their parents had left for the weekend, to see some old friends of theirs, leaving Jennifer in charge. The three kids got along with each other pretty well, with their normal quarrels between siblings.

Jennifer had invited her friend, Lindsey, to come over for the night. Lindsey is 18, with long red hair and blue eyes. She stands 5'8", with a slender build, weighing 120lbs, with small B-cup tits, and a small ass.

It was about 9 in the evening. Jennifer and Lindsey were in Jennifer's room watching a movie. The brothers were in the living room watching tv.

Justin got up to go the bathroom, as he walked down the hallway, he passed his sister's room, noticing the door was cracked open. He took a quick peek inside, in mid-stride he froze in place. As he peered in he saw Lindsey and Jennifer laying on their backs, on the bed. His sister was wearing pink boy shorts and a tank top, that hugged tightly against her chest. Lindsey was wearing a tight t-shirt, that showed her tight stomach, and black bikini style panties, her pussy lips showing a slight cameltoe in them.

Justin felt his dick twitch, and begin to harden, as he stood there staring at them. He didn't know why, but he was mesmerized by looking at them, or why his dick was rock hard. He stepped back and proceeded to the bathroom.

After he finished, his dick was still fairly hard, not being able to get the image of Lindsey's cameltoe, or his sister's firm tits, out of his mind. He didn't peek in as he walked by her room, and hurried to the front room. As he sat down on the couch Jordan looked at him, "took you long enough."

Justin sat there, not saying a word, covering his bulge with his hands, thinking about what he had just seen, and his dick throbbing in his shorts. He had seen his step-sister in a bikini before, but that was when he was younger, and he never got a hard dick from it. Jordan asked, "so what'd you do, fall in?" He chuckled. Justin looked at his brother and slowly spoke, "no, but I saw something that got my penis hard."

Jordan looked at Justin intently, and confused, "what are you talking about?" Justin moved his hands from his bulge and pointed at it. Jordan looked at the noticeable bulge, then at his brother, "what the hell Justin? What was it?"

Justin grabbed Jordan's wrist and pulled him up, "stay quiet though." Justin led his brother to their sister's door, he pointed at the cracked door, and mouthed, 'look.' Jordan looked through the crack and into the room. He almost let out a loud gasp when he saw the girls, but whispered, "oh my god."

Jennifer and Lindsey were in the same position, laying on the bed. Jordan's own dick began rising in his shorts, as he focused on Lindsey's covered pussy. Involuntarily he started rubbing his crotch, staring at her cameltoe. He looked at Justin and mouthed, 'holy shit.' Justin nodded at him as Jordan turned to look back in.

Lindsey looked at the door, and unbeknownst to Jordan saw him peeking in. She smiled and looked at Jennifer whispering, "we have a peeker." Jennifer looked at her friend and whispered, "who is it?" Lindsey answered, "I don't know, but one of your brother's is looking." Jennifer laughed to herself and whispered, "why don't you give him a show then."

Jordan continued rubbing his crotch, watching them converse, unable to hear them. Justin whispered, "what are they doing?" Jordan looked at his brother and shrugged his shoulders, "they're talking."

Lindsey looked at Jennifer in shock, "no way, you do it." Jennifer shook her head, "just pull your panties aside so he can see your kitty." Lindsey shook her head vigorously, "hell no." Jennifer looked at her friend sternly, thinking about what to say. She finally spoke, "fine, if I do it, you have to." Lindsey looked at Jennifer in shock again, not sure she had heard right.

Justin moved next to Jordan to look in, his dick was only semi-hard now. He saw them conversing with each other, then focused on his step-sister's perky tits, causing his dick to respond again.

Jennifer got off of the bed and turned to look at Lindsey. Lindsey looked at the doorway and saw both boys looking now, then looked back at Jennifer, watching her. Jennifer pushed her boy shorts down, bending at the waist, giving the boys a full view of her red g-string riding up her ass crack, and covering her smooth pussy lips.

Jordan and Justin were both awe struck, their mouths opening wide as they stared at their sister's firm ass. Jordan's hand started rubbing his crotch hard, as his dick throbbed hard in his shorts.

Lindsey looked at Jennifer in shock, as Jennifer stood back up. Jennifer smiled devilishly at her friend as she climbed back onto the bed and laid back. "Both of them are peaking now," Lindsey whispered to Jennifer. Jennifer smiled, "quite the audience then." Lindsey could not believe this was happening, she has never seen her friend act like this or talk like this before.

Justin was wishing he could hear what they were saying, as he whispered, "what are they saying?" Jordan slowly shook his head, unable to hear them as well.

Jennifer teasingly ran her hand across her covered pussy, looking at the doorway, and lustily licking her lips. Lindsey watched her friend in shock, thinking this was just a bad dream. Jennifer slid a finger under her g-string and slowly pulled it aside, revealing her, clean shaven, slit.

Jordan and Justin, both almost groaned out loud as they saw their very first pussy in person. Justin slid his hand into his shorts and wrapped it around his throbbing dick, staring at his sister's glistening pussy.

Jennifer closed her eyes, as she lightly ran her finger between her pussy lips. Lindsey watched her friend intently, as she felt herself getting a little excited by this. Lindsey has never been attracted to other girls before, so she didn't know why this was turning her on, but her pussy was getting wet.

The brothers watched their sister tease her pussy, both of them in shock. They were also slowly stroking their dicks in their shorts, neither one of them knowing why, but it felt good to them.

Lindsey started rubbing her own pussy through her panties as she watched her friend. Jennifer started moaning as she moved her finger up and down her slit, getting more and more excited. Lindsey slid her panties down, revealing her shaved pussy to the boys. Lindsey's pussy lips were fatter than Jennifer's, with a bigger clit, that stuck out a little from her slit.

Jordan had his shorts around his ankles, vigorously stroking his dick, as his eyes moved from one pussy to the other. Justin's shorts were still hanging up on his knees, with his legs spread wide, furiously stroking his dick, watching the scene in front of him. They had seen a pussy in their dad's porn magazines before, but this was a more lot different than looking in a magazine.

Lindsey started teasing her pussy with her hand, rubbing it roughly up and down as it got wetter. Jennifer slipped a finger into herself, letting out a long moan of pleasure, sliding it in as far as she could. Lindsey looked at her friend and moaned quietly, "Jennifer, let's give them a real show." Jennifer snapped back to reality, looking Lindsey, "what?"

The boys almost had their heads in the room, trying to her them. They both slowly stroked their dicks, as there was break in the action, still staring at the girl's pussies.

"What are you talking about Lindsey?" Jennifer whispered, staring at her friend. Lindsey bit her lower lip, and slowly whispered, "have you ever thought about doing something with another girl?" Jennifer shook her head, almost with a look of disgust. "Well watching you play with yourself really turned me on for some reason, and I thought we could try playing with each other," Lindsey said nervously. Jennifer looked at her friend sternly, "have you ever done it before?" Lindsey shook her head vigorously, "but I think it would be fun try, and give them a sight they'll never forget."

Jordan and Justin were beginning to get frustrated, wanting the girls to continue their show. Justin thought about yelling at them, but resisted, not wanting to get caught. They both had their shorts around their ankles, stroking their dicks.

Jennifer laid there,thinking about what her friend wanted to try, "I guess we can try it this one time." Lindsey almost jumped off of the bed in excitement, "ok I'll start." Jennifer tried to relax as Lindsey slowly ran her fingers up Jennifer's inner thigh to her pussy. Jennifer jumped a little as Lindsey's finger made contact with her pussy lips. Lindsey looked up at her friend as she lightly ran her finger up and down Jennifer's lips.

Jordan and Justin started stroking their dicks faster as they watched Lindsey slowly push her finger into their sister's pussy. They heard Jennifer moan loudly as Lindsey began moving her finger in and out of their step-sister's pussy. They heard Lindsey moan as well and say, "shhh or we'll have company." Jennifer moaned louder, moving her hips into Lindsey's hand, and said, "I don't care, it feels so good."

Jordan felt his young balls beginning to tingle and his sack tightening up against his body. "Justin my balls feel weird," he whispered to his brother. Justin's eyes were fixed on the girls, not hearing Jordan, his balls also tingling and getting tight.

Lindsey slid her middle finger into Jennifer's pussy, joining her index finger, as she moved around on the bed to straddle Jennifer's face. With Lindsey's plump pussy lips in front of her face, Jennifer lightly ran her fingers across them. Lindsey slowly lowered her face towards Jennifer's crotch and stuck her tongue out, flicking it against Jennifer's engorged clit. Jennifer almost screamed out loudly, as her body trembled in pleasure.

The brothers watched in amazement, as Lindsey pulled her fingers out and ran her tongue up and down their sister's slit. Jennifer's moans were getting louder, moaning, "oh my god Lindsey, yes don't stop."

Lindsey buried her face into Jennifer's pussy, sinking her tongue into Jennifer's hole as far as she could. Jennifer lifted her hips off of the bed, as she yelled out, "holy shit." Lindsey slammed her hips down onto Jennifer's face, muffling her. She started grinding her pussy into Jennifer's face as she moved her tongue in and out, tasting her first pussy. Jennifer could taste Lindsey's juices leaking into her mouth, and pushed her tongue into Lindsey's pussy.

Jordan rapidly stroked his dick, watching the girls 69 each other. He felt his dick throb harder, his legs starting to shake as he stood up. He closed his eyes, as he felt the most incredible feeling coarse through his body. He let out a long groan as he felt warmth rushing up his dick, "holy shit." His dick throbbed even harder as cum rushed up his shaft. His eyes flew open as his body convulsed and cum flew out of the end of his dick, splashing against the door, and running down. His body convulsed again as he watched more of cum shoot out of his piss hole. His last two shots of cum wasn't as strong, but still gave him pleasure.

Justin had stopped stroking his dick as he watched his brother cum on their sister's door. After Jordan's dick had stopped shooting cum Justin whispered, "what the hell was that?" Jordan shook his head, "I don't know, but it felt incredible." Justin shrugged his shoulders, "it looked like it. I bet you came." Jordan nodded, trying to recover, then looked back into the room.

Lindsey was moving her head around and moaning, as she tongue fucked Jennifer. Jennifer was moaning into Lindsey pussy as well, using her tongue to fuck her friend. Lindsey had heard Jordan cumming, but didn't stop eating her friends pussy. She had laughed to herself when she had heard him, knowing he enjoyed the show.

Lindsey could feel Jennifer's pussy squeezing her tongue harder as she pulled her face away, roughly rubbing Jennifer's clit with her hand, "are you gonna cum Jen? Huh do I get to make you cum?" Jennifer moaned her response into Lindsey's pussy, as her whole body shook hard.

Jordan and Justin watched intently as they heard Lindsey say, "yes, cum for me Jennifer, let your brothers see you cum." Justin released his dick after hearing that, "shit they know we're watching." Jordan replied, "so what this is hot."

Jennifer's hips lifted off of the bed higher, as she felt her orgasm get closer. She screamed into Lindsey's pussy as her orgasm started.

The boys watched as Jennifer's hips were off the bed, her pussy opened wide as it looked like her pussy was going turn inside-out. Her g-spot pushed out of her pussy as juices came shooting out from her pussy, soaking the bed, and splashing onto the floor.

Justin furiously stroked his dick as he watched his sister cum. Lindsey was yelling, "oh yeah that's it cum for your brothers, show them how you like to cum." Jennifer's hips bucked as more juice flew out of her pussy, soaking the bed more.

Justin's body tingled as he felt his cum rushing up his dick. He felt his dick surge harder, as it throbbed and fired its first shot of cum, splashing against the back of his brother's shirt. Justin's body jerked as more cum flew out of dick and landed on his brother's shirt. He had a few more weaker throbs as his cum dribbled down from the head and landed on the floor.

Jordan looked back at brother, as Justin finished cumming, " how was it?" Justin could only smile as he tried to recover. Jordan grinned and turned to the girls again.

Jennifer had finished cumming and Lindsey was now sitting up, grinding her pussy hard into Jennifer's face. "Oh yes, make me cum Jen, I wanna cum for your brothers too," Lindsey moaned, as she started rubbing her own clit with her hand. Lindsey cupped one of small tits in her other hand, and squeezed it, as she rode Jennifer's face.

"Oh yes, Jen you're gonna make me cum, don't stop," Lindsey groaned loudly as the boys watched, both of their dicks already erect again. "Oh here I cum, I'm cumming," Lindsey announced, her whole trembling. Jennifer almost drowned from a rush of juices that quickly filled her mouth.

Jordan and Justin watched Lindsey cumming, her juices running down Jennifer's cheeks. It wasn't like watching their sister cum, but it still excited them.

As Lindsey's orgasm began to subside she fell off of Jennifer, laying on the bed next Jennifer, both of them breathing heavily and smiling.

Justin tapped Jordan on the shoulder and whispered, "let's go." Jordan nodded and turned to leave. "Jordan, Justin come in here now," Jennifer yelled.

Shall I continue? Let me know, constructive criticism please.

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