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Dr. Dad continues training his personal sex toy
Part 2

I admit I was deeply confused about my new place in the family. Within a few weeks I went from daddy's little girl, to daddy's little slut. I suppose you could call that first time a rape, since I had no choice but to spread my legs wide open and admit him into my cherry cunt.

It surprised me to discover that he could be so crude and demanding. He was so educated and professional, but then he'd come home and take off his tie and jacket and yell up the stairs, "where's my little slut?" If I'd even had the least illusion that Mom would protect me, that lasted about a day. She was already trained to service him, and little by little I understood what subimssive meant. My stepfather had chosen her probably for two reasons: she was naturally obedient, and she had a daughter just coming out of puberty into womanhood, a female he could train to his liking.

I'll back up a little bit in the story. After that first night, when he caught me necking in the car, he kept me busy servicing his cock every night and every monring. I wore a dildo in my cunt every day to school and couldn't keep my mind off the sensation of being filled. I sometimes had to go to the girls bathroom and actually slide it in and out of my pussy, just to get some relief, though I knew when I got home, the dildo would be replaced by Daddy's cock.

Our relationship wasn't private, just between us. Part of Daddy's game was humiliation, showing off his possessions. It started of course, as I wrote in part one, of making me sit naked at the dinner table and shove carrots and celery and things up my wet pussy, while he discussed my lack of abilities in the most embarrasing ways, as if I were a piece of equipment. "Derek," he'd say to my brother, "I haven't let you do her yet, I hate to share that tight little fuckhole quite yet, but by the time you have your turn, believe me, she'll be a lot better trained. Right now she just lies there like a blow-up doll. But those tits of hers are growing fast. What do you think of 'em?"

THen Derek, who'd turned 18 and was fucking every girl he could get his hands on, would reach over and squeeze and mash my breasts really hard. "Not bad, but I've had better."

"But they're pert and firm, aren't they?" Dad said. "Not like your mother's, sagging down to her belly."

Mom didn't say a word, just blushed, as Derek got up an stood behind her chair., and cupped her large breasts through her blouse. "Yeah, but they dangle and jiggle so nice when I fuck her ass, and make her drag them across the carpet." He ripped open her blouse and yanked her bra up over her breasts. THen he pinched her nipples hard untils he squirmed. "What's the matter, Mum?" he laughed. "Sucked on 'em when I was a lad, didn't I? Now I get to smack 'em around, too." He grabbed his crotch. "And I gotta say she's the best damn cocksucker in town. There's not one of those sluts at school who knows how to swallow the whole thing and do it right."

"Training is everything," my stepfather replied smiling. "That's why your sister is going to be a very valuable commodity someday, once she's properly disciplined and taught. And of course the most important element is teaching a slut to enjoy BEING a slut. That's the most satisfying part. Anyone cretin can grab some bitch and rape her, or just use a cunt for his pleasure. But the art is making them not just want it, but need it, need to serve, need to be abased, humiliated, until that's part of their pleasure."

I didn't quite understand the commodity part, but I knew from the look on his face that I had better learn to suck cock however he wanted it. And I was kind of embarrassed that he was so inside my head all the time, like he really knew I was starting to like the way he treated me, the way my pussy seemed to be wet all the time.

"So when do I get a crack at her, Dad?"

"Soon, but not yet. On the other hand I see no reason why she shouldn't be on her knees with your cock in her mouth anytime I'm not using it. the more consistent the training, the better. LIke right now, for instance, Linda's finished her dinner, and the dog has licked her pussy under the table, so she's probably getting nice and hot. So why not some dessert for our hot little slut? Something nice and creamy. "

The front of Derek's jeans were already bulging out and he grinned at me with a nasty leer. "Yeah," he said, "a little cum pudding for my little sister."

As had become his habit, Dad got his video camera off the shelf while Derek ordered me to my knees. "Kiss the my crotch," he ordered. "Nuzzle it like a good little bitch. Make those nice 'mmm' noises so I know how much you want it." I obeyed, because I had learned that disobedience meant some very painful swats across my naked bum with Dad's leather belt. Though, on the other hand, I was ashamed to admit that even that had become a turn on, because he made me finger my pussy while he punished me and I felt those spasms inside, and they were good.

So Dad filmed while Derek had me unzip his jeans and pull them down so he could step out of them. His cock wasn't as big as my stepfather's, but it was thick. "First the balls, lick my balls, suck on 'em, yeah, munch on dessert, you hot little cunt." I sucked the heavy ball sack into my mouth and licked and twirled my tongue. "Put your hand on my dick while you do that, slide it up and down," he ordered. After a few minutes, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back to look up at him. He rubbed the head of his cock all over my face and lips, then slapped me with it, back and forth, poking it at me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Dad, camera in one hand, his other hand on my mother's naked breast. "She's going to be quite good, Jane. She's a natural, you know. The first time a boy felt her up, her pussy got wet. First time I fucked her, she came. . . . and she wanted even more. I'm rarely wrong about these things, you know."

So there I was, kneeling in the dining room, the remnants of dinner still on the table, with my brother ramming his hard cock into my mouth while my stepfather urged him on. "Don't be gentle, Derek. She needs to learn to swallow every inch. This isn't some favor she's granting you and you don't have to beg to have your cock serviced properly. Just fuck her mouth any way you want. Linda, put your hands between your legs and spread your pussy lips while Derek fucks your mouth. Now play with yourself."

He moved around the table to get a better shot of me frigging my wet pussy while my brother slid himself in and out of my hot mouth.

"Lick his rod as it goes in and out, Linda. Wrap your lips around your brother's hard cock, suck on it . . . yes, and dont you dare get yourself off, bitch, until I say you can."

That part was hard because all I could think about was getting off. I wanted it so bad, and I was so wet. Everything about it, the camera filming, and Derek rutting his dick in my mouth like some sort of convenient hole, and Dad's voice, low and forceful and kind of hypnotic. "That's good, Linda. You're such a fucking little slut, a perfect little whore. I think you'd like Daddy's dick in your tight little twat, filling up that pretty little snatch, wouldn't you?"

I mumbled around Derek's thick hardness, "MMfff"

Dad laughed. "I think she said yes, don't you?"

"Yeah, Dad," replied Derek, as he groaned aloud and started pumping his hot jism down my throat.

"On her face, too," my stepfather reminded him. "All over her face and tits while I get a nice closeup. . . cum-covered bitch, always a money shot."

Of course, it was quite a while before I discovered that my escapades as a sex toy were hardly confined to the family. Before I'd turned 18, my sexual training and subjugation had been viewed by hundreds of men who belonged to private organization of which my stepfather was a member. . . a very quiet, elite group who traded film and photos of their wives and daughters being gradually converted into willing nymphomanics, hungry to be used and abused. And I learned eventually that it wasn't just film they shared, but the sex toys themselves. But at the time I thought these were just Daddy's home movies. And I got a forbidden thrill at being the center of attention.

WHen Derek was finished, he told me to lick his cock clean and put it back in his pants. Then he turned and looked at our mother. "Don't worry, I'll have another stiffie for you later. Come up to my room when Dad's done with you."

Derek walked out of the room whistling happily while Dad placed the camera on a tripod. Then he sat down on a chair and opened his pants. "Crawl over here, slut. And Jane, strip off, and stand over here. Good, now put my dick in your daughter's mouth, that's right. Slide it in." He reached up and roughly squeezed one of her tits. She moaned softly. "You see, little girl, your mum loves it when I'm rough on those big udders of hers. Don't you, Jane?"

"Yes, sir," she murmured.

"Do you know your mother can take a 12" cock up her snatch? I've made her do it, several in fact, one after the other, and she cums every time. You like fucking big dicks, don't you, Jane?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I like fucking big dicks."

I was even more confused. Even I knew Dad's cock wasn't that big, so he must be talking about other men, but why would she be doing this with other men?

As if reading my thoughts, Dad pushed himself harder into my mouth. "I like pimping her out," he said. "Just another way to make her obedient. Sometimes I even scrounge up a few strangers and make them pay to gangbang her. Other times I loan her to my friends. But not to worry, little slut, I'm keeping you at home."

Of course, he didn't mean forever, just for a while but I was relieved at the time. If it was only being a slut for Daddy and Derek, it was okay. It was even getting to be kind of fun. I wondered what the kids at school would think if they knew what I was doing at home, or if they found out about the dildo I wore, and the way it kept me aroused all day. I didn't have long to find out, because it turns out that Derek just couldn't help bragging about the piece of ass he was banging right at home., and he and his mates had a little surprise planned for the new slut in school.

Just as I was getting totally carried away with the sensation of Dad's thick hot manhood in my mouth, he pulled it out, scooped me up and made me straddle his lap, and shoved his cock into my cunt in one smooth motion, buried all the way. I gasped with how far in it went..

"Now bounce up and down for Daddy. Fuck Daddy's nice hard cock and jjiggle those sweet little titties." I rode him, my eyes closed, my cunt filled up with him.

"Yes," I remember calling out. "Oh, God, yes, Daddy. Fuck me, fuck me hard. Please, don't stop. DO it harder....please yes, oh yes. " He reached under me and flicked my clit hard with his thumb and electricity shot through me until I thought I would faint.

"Film this, Jane" he ordred and Mum picked up the camera and got it all on tape, including the part where he pulled out, laid me on the table amonst the dishes and sprayed his cum all over body. "Yes," he smiled. "That looks so nice. Now you can lick it off, Jane, every bit of it. Lick my cum and Derek's cum off your sweet little slut daughter." She looked a little reluctant, I admit, but she was apparently too accustomed to folloiwng orders to even question it. And once she'd licked everywhere but my pussy, Daddy shoved her face between my legs so she could lick and slurp. "Cum all you want to," he smiled, and shoved his fingers into Mum's pussy from behind. "You'll both enjoy it. My treat."

That night I went to bed naked as usual, my pussy still throbbing from being fucked and licked. Daddy had told me that I was always to be naked in my room so as to be available to him. ANd I was never to close the window shades, even with the lights on. I was pretty sure our neighbor, Mr. McNamara, could see into my room, but Dad didn't care. He even made me stand facing the window one night, holding my tits up in my hands. "Just think, he said, "Maybe old Brian is over there jerking off his cock looking at your tits and pussy." It felt kind of weird, doing that, imagnining that old geezer staring at me, pumping his cock. But kind of exciting. Odd, isn't it? I found myself wanting to finger my own pussy. And again, Dad knew. "Spread your cunt open," he whispered from the chair where he sat watching me display myself. And I was too naive at the time to realize it was more than pretending. Dad had already arranged with mr. McNamara to have a complete show for his enjoyment. And he'd paid for it.

Still, at least I was safe at home, and that's where all the sex happened. At least until Derek got his little plan going. And that's how I ended up in the boys locker room. That would be part three of the story.

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