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I would love to share one of my fantasies in a story form with you all.
The pressure of exam was over and I decided I will visit my aunt’s place for vacation. She lives with her husband and two daughters in a two rooms flat in Mumbai, India. My cousins, Christine and Jay were 25 and 17 years old respectively. I thought of celebrating my 19th birthday with them at their place.

My uncle had health complications, thus my aunt stays with him day and night. He was completely bed ridden. They were not well to do financially as the whole family was dependent on uncle’s pension. They were very conservative though both the girls were good in studies.

Sine they lived in a two room flat, I had to sleep with my cousins at night as my aunt had to sleep with uncle considering his health conditions. There were no options left for me but to sleep with my cousins in their king size bed. They were used to sleeping wide apart from each other, but now they had to adjust with me.

Christine was very serious type girl. She didn’t talk much and always seemed to be bossy over Jay. Jay was talkative and asked too many questions. She was looking very excited, it seemed, for me to share the bed with them but was irritated as she had to sleep bit closer to her older sister.

Jay slept in the middle. She maintained a space between us as they had a very conservative upbringing and mindset. Jay was always asking questions. She was scolded by Christine many times, but she always kept talking to me. Finally we all went to sleep the first day. Two to three days passed like that. I was feeling quite comfortable and sometimes boring in the family. I had never had the opportunity to sleep with two girls in a bed, though I had nothing in mind initially. But the excitement I felt as a teenager was simply great.

On the fourth day, we cousins went out for a movie. It’s a cool college story, a romantic comedy. We had fun and came back. That night Jay was discussing the whole day with both of us. Even Christine was discussing because there were matters to be talked about. So we went off to sleep really early late that night as we were all just chit chatting. Finally the lights were put out and we tried to sleep but I was not feeling sleepy. So I was trying to get comfortable by turning on my sides to the opposite of Jay. My eyes were closed though I was not asleep. Suddenly I felt a bit of a weight on the side of my hip and bum. I opened my eyes and saw Jay had thrown her leg around me while she was sleeping. She was wearing a top and skirt and the skirt was lifted up, a little bit, exposing her lower thigh. I thought she would remove it when she realized it, but she didn’t. I didn’t move, I liked the soft pressure of her leg, but gradually I felt her leg grip around my hip more. I felt as if her crotch touching the back of my hip and bum, which gave me a small erection. The sleep which I was expecting was gone by the present scenario. I waited silently for some amusement, even if I knew it was not intentional. After few minutes I felt her leg move and to my amazement she moved her leg around my hip little farther and a little firmer, that encouraged me and my member gave a jerk. Her crotch was now literally touching my bum and I was aroused now, but stayed quiet. Till now, I knew it was not intentional, but she was just doing it in her sleep. I thought if I made some movements, I could sense if her actions were intentional or unintentional. I tried to move, turn towards her and sleep straight and flat on my back, but she released the pressure of her leg as I turned. I confirmed that she was only doing all this in her sleep only. I felt sad when I was detached from the touch and didn’t remember when I fell asleep.

I woke up suddenly when something fell on my thigh and on my small detumescence penis underneath my shorts. I could not believe what I saw. I saw her leg was on me again and as I was sleeping on my back flat, her thigh was touching my thigh and crotch. Slowly my member started reacting. I am amused and aroused. My sadness was gone. There was a light of erotic hope lit in the darkness. I felt her leg moving. Her bare thigh was tightening around my front thigh and leg. She brushed her thigh for few seconds and then kept quiet. Till that time I was considering her actions as unintentional. So I waited. After few minutes she brushed again making my member grow underneath her thigh which was almost touching her skin now, underneath my shorts. When she continued the same for some more times, I thought of giving some responses to her to confirm myself again. I moved my leg which was under hers further inside and towards her. I waited. She immediately stretched her legs more towards me allowing her crotch positioning exactly on mine. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed. I could not make out anything in the darkness from her face. There was also a fear of getting caught as I was in my aunt’s place. It was quite a big risk but the desire and passion was growing more and more within me. I moved my leg under her more inside towards her. This time she immediately responded by brushing her bare thigh on my bulge. I saw her skirt lifted up completely showing her pink panty on her bum. I got scared of Christine, fearing she might catch us like this; she will be mad and can tell aunty and uncle. So I slowly pulled her skirt down. But fortunately Christine was facing the other side. As she felt my finger pulling her skirt down, she moved her crotch on mine slowly. I could make out that she was feeling my hard cock underneath her smooth skin. I was aroused completely. Her hands were at her place folded and mine were on my chest as I was laying flat. I also started moving slowly underneath her hip. I could feel the pre-cums started flowing slowly and profusely from the tip of my penis drenching my shorts. I could feel her juices started flowing too from her cunt hole as I could felt the wet panty on my skin. We kept brushing our crotches like that till I felt my abdomen muscles tightening. I didn’t know what to do but simply allowed my muscles to release. I closed my eyes as the semen gushed out. She kept brushing and grinding her crotch vigorously and I felt her grip tightening and saw her eye lids wrinkled. I guessed that she also might have come in her panty.

After few minutes she slowly lifted her leg from me and turned to the other side towards Christine. I fell asleep out of exhaustion and relief.

I had a tough time getting out of my bed in the morning and hiding the stain on my shorts. I was awaken when Christine yelled at Jay and asked her to get up from the bed. I quickly moved my hands on the shorts to hide. I held a towel and went to the toilet straight without looking at anywhere. When I came back with the towel wrapped around my waist, I saw aunty and Christine looking at me. I got scared to death. I smiled at aunty and she smiled back casually. But Christine was looking at me sternly. She was definitely trying to figure out something on my face to read. My heart was pounding. I tried to stay as normal as possible. I saw Jay coming out of the room when I got back to the room. Our eyes met but we both immediately looked away from each other. We both were smiling and blushing.

(Please do not miss the surprise in the next part of the story)

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2012-04-18 12:31:12
Very good so far can't wait for what happens next.

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2012-04-18 09:31:45
I dont know what about the rating but it WAS a very good story and start of a hot one. . . . . .pls Go on!

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2012-04-18 09:27:16
I dont know what about the rating but it WAS a very good story and start of a hot one. . . . . .pls Go on!

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2012-04-18 07:55:34
.perhaps you and some of the other writer's from india could get together and start your own website.i don't think on this website your going to get the ratings for the work you've put into your stories. i've seen similar negative voting patterns on sites like storiesonlie.

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