I fuck My Wifes Friend

This is a true story. My wifes friend would come over to are house and spend the night. She slept on the couch. My wifes friend Jenny would always show me her nipple piercing. We also would horse around and wrestle. We all had a few drinks that night. My wifes friend said I bet you can't pin me down. So we were wrestle around she started rub my cock through my pants. After I pined her. We got back on the couch and started to watch a movie. My wife said she was tired and went upstairs to bed. My wifes friend and I continued to watch the movie. Jenny asked if I wanted to see her piercing. I said yes so she pulled up her top. She a t shirt and a pair of pajama shorts up. She then said I bet you have a big dick can I see it. I told her to help her self. See unbutton pants and pulled my cock out of my underwear. I was hard in know time she started stroking my cock and then she started sucking my cock. I was playing with her tits. I was about to cum I told her and she started sucking taken my cock all in her mouth I could take it any more and u came I her mouth she swallowed it all. I then pushed her down on the couch and took her shorts off. She had on a pair of bikini underwear. I reach I her panties her pussy was wet I started to play with her pussy. I then took her panties off and started eating her pussy. She Tasted so good I had cumming in know time. She then said " I want you to fuck me" I did not have a condom on me they were upstairs in my bed room where my wife was. So I got on top of her and side my cock in her with out no condom. She had a tight pussy I was pounding her hard. For about 25 minutes till I blow my load in her. I got off her and went overt to my chair and sit down she came over to me got on the floor and started sucking my cock till it was hard. She then got on top off my lap and slide my cock in her pussy. She started riding my cock hard she did that for a few minutes she the got off and told me to fuck her from behind. She bent over leaning against the back of the couch. I got behind her and sled my cock in her pussy and started pounding her hard till I came in her. We then laid on the couch and kissed she then said we should go to bed so I went upstairs to bed. When I got in bed I noticed my wife had on a teddy when I got in bed she woke up and stared kiss me all I had on was my underwear she stater rubbing my cock. It took a few minutes and my cock was hard and I got on my wife and slid my cock in her with know ccondom we usually use condom because she was not on birth control but it was a heat of the moment. So I justed fucked her bareback till I came in her. I then laid next to her and we fell a sleep. The next morning my wife had to go to work so she left my and her friend at hours I was still in bed I got up a little after she left I was just wearing my underwear string bikini went down stairs to get something to drink. Jenny was still layin on the couch. She got up ant came out to the kitchen all she had on was the t-shirt she came over to me and kiss me and told me last night was the best she has ever had. She then took my cock out of my underwear and strayed to play with it I pulled her shirt off now she was totally nude she pulled my underwear off and I pushed her up against the wall and lifted her up she rap her legs around me as I sled my cock in her and I fucked her while standing up against the wall till I came in her we then went up stairs to my bed room and fucked in the bed twice more we we laid there for a little bit. I then went and took a shower she came in and joined me we I messed around in the shower playing with each other we got out of the shower and went back up stairs and got in bed. She then started sucking my cock it took a little bit for me to get hard she then got on top of me and started riding my cock after a little bit I pulled her down on me and rolled over so I was on top and continued to fuck her. I then got off and had her laying on her side and I got behind her ( spooning) and stuck my cock in her fucking her till I came in her. Both my wife and her girl friend where not on birth control and I did not use a condom so I was afraid that they both could have been pregnant luckily they where not. I did see her friend for a while just to have sex she did get on birth control so when we had sex I could cum in her. If you want to hear more let me know..

Best sex ever!

My girlfriend and I had probably the best sex we've ever had the other night. We were having a few beers and we were feeling a bit drunk and frisky. She told me she was going to dress up for me when we got home because we hadn't had sex all week and she wanted to make it up to me! Needless to say I finished my drink pretty fast and we walked home quickly!

I gave her 10 minutes in the bedroom on her own to get ready, and after what seemed like an eternity she called me in. She was wearing a tiny figure-hugging black dress, red lipstick and some very high heels. Best of all, she bent over slowly to reveal that she was wearing no underwear apart from stockings and suspenders. I could see that her pussy was wet and I had my jeans open in a flash. My penis was hard and erect and I pushed it into her. She felt tighter than usual after our week of abstinence and I could see the veins bulge on my shaft as her pussy gripped it hard. She moaned and after a few thrusts my shaft was glistening with her juices.

I pulled out of her to take my shirt and jeans off and she took control, kneeling in front of me and wrapping her lips around my wet cock. She really went to town on me, her head bobbing furiously as her hand gripped the base of my shaft. Her red lipstick was smearing onto me, leaving a red ring about 3/4 up my hard dick. I decided I wanted to make that move even further down, so I removed her hand and, gripped her hair and began thrusting into her mouth, hard. She moaned around my cock and began fingering herself, which spurred me on, until I realised that she was forcing her own head forwards! I stood still and let her go crazy on me. She could barely breathe, and after about two minutes, during which the head of my cock was well and trully buried in her throat, she finally pulled her head back. Saliva spilled out of her mouth down her chin and onto her chest, and she laughed and spat onto my balls. "I told you I'd make it up to you, didn't I? Now get on the bed!"

I obliged, and she slid on top of me, riding furiously. I would probably have shot my load if I hadn't been drinking, and as it was I had to stop her a few times. She realised I was struggling, and mixed things up a bit, hopping off me to suck her juices off my cock and balls. She slid her dress down and popped out her pert breasts for some tit-fucking. She asked me to spit on her tits first and this really did drive me over the edge! I told her that I was going to shoot real soon, and she rolled onto her back, gasping "I want you to fill my pussy up!"

I pushed her legs back and slid into her. She reached a hand around her ass and gripped the base of my cock, which she knew I loved. I began pumping her pussy hard and slow. "Come on, cum in my pussy," she gasped again. "I want to feel you cumming inside me. Drain those heavy balls..."

I couldn't hold back any longer. I could feel the cum boiling inside me and I cried out as I came. It was a real toe curler, and she made an approving noise as she felt my cock erupt inside her. I pulled out just before I finished and shot a couple of spurts onto her pussy. Her clit was hard and pink, and she started rubbing it with her hand as thick cum leaked out of her slit.

The image turned me on so much that I carried on stroking my cock. As her orgasm quickly built, I felt a second one coming on! This was the first time this had ever happened to me. "I'm cumming again!", I cried, and pushed my way back inside her sopping wet pussy. Her eyes widened in surprise and her face flushed. She exploded underneath me, her mouth twisting open, and the feeling of her throbbing as I fucked her brought on my second cumshot. It was a pretty big load for a second pop, and her pussy was filled to the brim! It felt incredible, and I'd recommend anybody trying to do it.

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2012-05-01 18:54:38
I don't know how the story went I couldn't get pass the first few lines. You need to edit this story and rewrite it. You would get kicked out of an elementary English class with grammar like this. Sounded promising though.

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2012-04-21 23:41:17
Shoe shine stand? This loser doesn't own any shoes.

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2012-04-21 11:22:17
Don't give up your shoe shine stand!


2012-04-20 06:17:06
I don't like to criticise, but I would suggest you take an adult English language course if you want readers to appreciate your work.

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2012-04-19 22:09:19
Helen keller could write better than this jerkoff

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