Abraham and I visit Tori and Anna.



Inch By Inch

I’ve always had this crush on Abraham for a very long time, ever since he was young, I've always fantasized being with him in a sexual way. Since he grew up I wanted him more. He, like I and many of the people you will get to meet, are Mexicans. He is very fit, about 5’9” tall, had a very muscular body, big chest, and a very large back and shoulders. Once in while I would take a glimpse of him dressing.

Thursday night was no exception. He just gotten out of the shower and came into his room as I waited for him to finish up and get dressed so we can go to Tori’s house. While still wearing his towel around his waist he put on his boxers. As he reveals his body it was one of those dreadful moments of lust for me. My heart begins to beat a little faster as I take a look at his handsome muscular body.

He knew that I was gay, but still instead of changing in the bathroom like most other guys do (the ones that I know at least) he decides to change right in front of me. I was beginning to think that he knew that I wanted him and that as an act of cruelty he would tease me do death with his sculpted body. He has a rather boyish face with shinny brown eyes and short brown hair. His room was a mess, but still I didn’t care. I was here waiting in his musky room, smelling all the manly masculine muskiness of a very athletic man. A real man. His voice trembled, though boyish as well, it is very distinguishable.

He begins to rub his legs with lotion. I still remember the smell of that lotion. As he picks one leg up and places it on his desk chair to smudge it with lotion his bulge emerges. His package just begging to come out through the fly of his boxers. The bulge is very huge. Since the fly has a button you can tell it can barely hold the fly closed. He then starts to accommodate his boxers more making his bulge move around. He looks at the mirror as he gazes at his glorious body. He looks at me, he knows that I am looking at him. It as all quiet with just his hip-hop music blasting. He starts flexing his muscles. Oh. My. God. Please not that! You are killing me A.B. (his nickname).

“This is what girls want,” he says.

Yup, ladies he is straight. And that is why this whole thing with him is a total nightmare. So tonight I am going to try to relax at our friend Tori’s house. We will drink and just try to forget I am in love with this asshole.

He sprays himself with body deodorant, then sprays it into his bulge through the top of his underwear.

“You never know...” he tells me in a playful way. To him everything is a game. He is a player. He fucks a lot of girls. I don’t blame the girls even though I been dead jealous about that. He is irresistible so who cannot say “no” to an attractive asshole.

He starts flexing more even though his mirror is a little too small to catch all his body meat. He flexes his biceps. Pretty big, pretty hard. They had a distinct bulge much like the one between his legs. His bulges were all perky in the right places, even his round bubble butt.

He also shows off his almost washboard abs. He knows that I am watching. He knows that it is killing me. He holds his breath to flex as every inch of his ab muscles perk up.

As he looks at me he says “What you looking at?”

The question seems quite ridiculous to me now since he is the one who is flaunting everything in front of a gay man. I wanted to go away now. But I couldn't. I wanted to see more.

Then for the first time that I ever seen him do, he flips upside down and starts walking with his arms. Still staring at me.

“Nothing,” I said. Yeah, right. I was looking at his huge bulge which was now near his belly button thanks to gravity. He did this trick for a few minutes then got back on his feet.

“I think we should get going,” I warned.

“Fine let me just get dressed up and shit.”

He puts on his socks and his wife beater. He looked even more delicious like that. His underclothing outlining all the important bulges of his body.

During our drive to Tori’s he kept staring at me a few times and I would stare back as he turned away. We would talk about things I am doing, what he is doing and then of course we would end up talking about the last girl he fucked. Usually not that many details. But tonight he added some few. He talked about how he fucked this one girl a week ago as she was lying on top of him and how he used his powerful body, hips and legs to fuck her guts out. He said that they both were drenched in sweat and that he ended up cumming all over her big nasty tits.

I just couldn’t concentrate in driving anymore. I wanted to be that girl and for him to fuck my guts out.

“What else did you do?”

“That’s pretty much it, she was a stupid slut anyways. She didn’t even wanna give me head.”

“Oh really?”

“But I gave her a nice big fucking load on her awesome titties, I really wanted to blow my load all over her face and make her swallow my cum and shit.”

That was pretty revealing. My little Abraham who I got to know when he was 14 now 21 is really a nasty little boy. My cock was way rock hard and I kept hoping that he wouldn’t discover it, but more likely than not he would have noticed it already anyway.

Then I noticed he kept rubbing his bulge, which watching closely began to swell up a little with his blood under his tight jeans. He is always scratching his crotch because according to him he shaves down there but this time he kept his hand on his cock.

But we have arrived at Tori’s apartment and time was over for me to look at anything special that might be going on down there in A.B’s pants.

When he got out of my car he readjusted himself of course. His bulge was a little bigger than usual, I knew then he had become semi-hard after talking about his latest pussy fucking.

Tori was a nicer guy than A.B. He seemed more emotional, and less aggressive with women. Being the way he is he wanted nothing much to do with A.B’s lifestyle so three years ago he got married to Anna. She had his character, nice looking and very thoughtful. Their relationship and marriage though had been on a wild rollercoaster up until now. Tori was a miserable man that one day he had the audacity to try and kill himself by crashing his Dad’s car into a light post.

But somehow lately he seemed more happier, more at ease with his marriage. Him and Anna are now getting along really well and now they have a two year old daughter, Linda, who they love so much. Their marriage is now saved as far as all of us were concerned.

Tori is an average looking kid. He was a little taller, tanner, with slightly funny looking big nose, and like A.B. he was a baseball player. A.B. introduced me to him years ago before he got married to Anna. but his personality was really awesome. I had more confidence in him then I did with my crush A.B. I had confessed to him my desires for A.B. and has promised to keep such revelations a secret. So far I think he has, since A.B. is slightly homophobic and has told me several times that he would kick a guy’s ass if he attempted anything on him. Still A.B. and I are still close friends to some extent.

The plans were to stay at Tori’s place since he was having a party the next night. Tori had invited me and A.B to stay for tonight so that I can cook all of them some dinner.

As soon as I said my hellos I started cooking while Tori and A.B were watching some basketball game and having some beers.

As soon as I was about to serve dinner A.B got a call. It was from a girl he fucks once in a blue moon, Jessica. After a few "uh-hus" and back and forths my little A.B. had another appointment tonight.

“Who was it? Jessica?” asked Tori.

“Yup. Hey Joseph, is that dinner ready? I am going to a friend’s house.”

“Yeah its done,” I respond as I serve all the plates the table. A.B goes up and eats really fast. He gets another call. This time they are outside waiting for him.

“Okay. I’ll be back later you guys.”

“When will you be back,” Tori asks.

A.B. motions his pelvis as though he is fucking.

“Until I am finished,” he replied in a playful way.

A.B leaves. I am left to dwell in my own jealousy.

“Hey, you want something to drink?” asked Tori.

“Sure,” I said after being somewhat exhausted from cooking.

“The food was delicious Joseph,” said Anna.


Tori hands me a beer. It would be one of many tonight.

We talked for hours about politics, news, my business, movies, and just about everything. It has been over a month since I haven’t seen these two so I was trying to catch up.

By the time Anna had cleaned the plates and the kitchen, I had about eight or so beers. Lost count. Who cares. My crush is not here for me to enjoy and is probably fucking some chick right now and blasting his man juices all over her face.

“Well I’m going to take a shower,” proclaimed Tori.

He then got up from the table and went over to his bedroom. He only had a few beers as he was saving his energy for the following night. It was his vacation so he had been taking it easy the last couple of days.

I ended up in the living room looking at the television and minding myself. Little Linda crawled up to me. She was kind of cute, I guess. She reminded me of Tori.

Anna came into the living room and took the tot to the nursery room to lie her down for the night. As I glanced through the channels I hear Tori’s shower running. I am frustrated. A little horny. I can’t get the thoughts of A.B fucking a girl out of my head. I am seriously turned on.

I see Anna now walking over to their room. I hear Tori stepping out of the bathroom. For the next fifteen minutes or so I hear nothing. Great, now probably THEY are fucking now. Everybody is fucking except for Joseph.


I turned around. It came from Tori’s room. Was it Tori?


The second call now sounds familiar. It is Tori.


Ven aqui guey [Come over here dude].” Sometimes Tori would talk to me in Spanish.

So I get up and head towards their bedroom door which was closed. I turned the knob slowly and open the door. It is pretty much dark inside except for some very dim lighting and the television which was on.

“What?” I ask again.

“Come in,” he replied.

I can see him lying in his bed with the covers up to his waist wearing a white crew t-shirt. Anna was sitting on a bean bag next to the bed.

“You wanna see a movie with us?” he asked.

He seemed sort of weird. He was just lying on his bed, not moving at all.

“Sure,” I awkwardly respond. I tried to look for a place sit.

“Sit down,” Tori commanded.

So I just sat down on the bed as Anna, who was now in her cotton pajamas, was fiddling with the dvd remote.

“So where am I going to sleep” I ask.

“I dunno. You can sleep in here I guess,” Tori replies.

For some reason I felt awkward about this. I felt a presence of some sort. Not a spooky one, but just an overwhelming presence that told me that this is not normal.

A movie is played. I think it is the Matrix.

‘No. Not that one. Its the next one,” he tells Anna.

So she commands the player to play the next DVD.

“Suck that dick bitch!... Yeah Fuck, yeah!” Was the dialogue of the next movie. Right away the DVD player was playing a scene from a porno movie. Some big black guy was getting his huge cock sucked by some blonde bimbo.

Now Tori was stepping up my awkward feelings up a notch. Though not strange even for me, this was the first time I ever watched a porno with Tori and his wife.

“Lower it a little. I don’t want Linda to hear.”

“You’re okay with that?” he asks me.

“Yeah sure, I don’t care. But does Anna...?” I wondered out loud.

Anna just simply nods her head and gives me a creepy smile. This whole thing was creepy, but sexy creepy. I was getting turned on. But never had I thought about Tori that way, until now. But then reality check - his wife is right here dumbass!

“Damn she takes it nice... Have you ever sucked black cock Joseph?” Asked Tori.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Once you go black you will never go back, huh Anna?”

She just smiles.

After a few minutes of silence and sounds of slurping and deepthroating from the porno. The situation gets more awkward when Tori asks another question.

“Do you deepthroat like that bitch Joseph?”

I didn’t know what how to answer that. What is he getting at? So rapidly I gave him an answer.

“Yeah, uh... yes.”

I hear nothing else. So I just continue watching the porno. It seemed now that the video was all about blow jobs as the scenes are shrunk and cut to show only oral scenes. In the next scene a hot young guy gets blown by a slut. It really turned me on.

Then I feel the covers and sheets of the bed moving. After a few minutes I can look through the corner of my eye and see that Tori is massaging his cock under the sheets behind me. I am frozen in dead silence. I don’t know if by now he is going to ask me to leave the room because they are going to make more babies. I don’t know what is going on. All I knew is that some barriers were being broken down.

“Damn that’s hot.” He quivers.

I couldn’t resist, I must take a quick peak since his wife is also looking at the porn.

I look back and yup there he was, massaging his now fully erect bulge under the sheets. His eyes turn to me. I look back at the television as to not make this even more awkward, not just for me, but her his wife.

A few seconds pass by and then came these words that would forever change the course of this story of my life:

“I’m so fucking hard.”

His wife looked back at him and just smiled.

I was again frozen. I didn’t know how to respond. Was this a joke? Was this just Tori goofing around. My head was spinning. My cock was now getting hard too.

“Hey Joseph,” he says quietly.

I look back at him. He slowly takes off his sheets and reveals his nice big bulge in his Jockey briefs. These were the kind of briefs with the pouch and the horizontal fly. It was like a white hill that illuminated in the dim light room. At this time I was in shock and my libido just shot through the roof. But how can this be? Right in front of your wife too?

So I take a look at Anna. She smiles at me.

“Do you like it?” She asks.

Of course I do. But I wasn’t that brave enough to admit it. I am very confused by all this. And her reaction to all of this just blows me away.

“Yeah he does,” reassures Tori.

I didn't say anything. I just looked back at Tori. He is still rubbing his bulge through his now intimidating white tent on his briefs. He grabs it to show me how hard it is as he gently moves it in all directions. Yup, it was hard all right.

“You want to suck it huh?” He continues to berate me. “You want to lick some of this ice cream?”

“Yeah, I think he does,” Anna replies in confidence as she smiles at me, almost laughing.

By now I am fucking speechless. My mouth begins to water. I have a pulsating cock that wants to rip through my underwear. My breath deepens. My heart goes out of control. Is this going where I think is going?

After a few seconds of thoughts rambling through my head:

“Ven [come here],” Tori demands quietly.

Is this a dream? Is this for real?

I turn around and this time his legs are spread open and his bulge now even looks bigger than before. I give a small smile. Tori looks at me then at the TV. Then back at me.

“Ven [come],” he again demanded as he looks back at the TV. So without saying anything I leaned in closer to get a better view of his white mountain.

I start to semi-crawl on the bed towards his forbidden fruits. I stopped and looked at Anna. She looked at me unsure what I was about to do. She was probably freaking out inside and not letting us know but during all of this she had a very cool face, so who knows.

“Go... suck it for him,” she reassured me.

I leaned in closer and closer, inch by inch.

I can start to smell the stench of cock and beginning to sense his heat. I am now about a foot away from his cock.

Suddenly he grabs me by the back of my head and plants my face on his crotch.

“Just suck it already, damn,” he demanded while semi-laughing at the same time.

This is it. Its for real now. His cock mountain was now pulsing on my left cheek.

Its on now.

For whatever reason I was going to suck my straight friend’s cock in front of his wife. Weird. Hot. Sexy. I am going to explode.

I regain myself and start massaging his cock through his briefs. He was right, it was fucking hard. I slowly pull down the fly and opened it. I saw a bunch of thick semi-curly pubic hair.

He got a little desperate and yanked the fly open pulling his nice 6.5 inch uncut cock out. It stood right up in all glory. It was curved, pointing down, perfect for fucking.

He puts it on my cheek and starts slapping me with it.

“Told you he would like my dick,” he says to Anna in some sort of pride. I don’t get it, I thought Tori was completely straight? I am confused but excited as hell to have his juicy cock on my face.

And juicy it was! It already started pre-cumming, and there were lots of it. My cheek was starting to get wet from all the pre-cum Tori’s cock was leaking.

“You like his cock Joseph?”

I didn’t answer Anna. I just grabbed the cock by the base and looked at it as it pulsated in my hand, the foreskin slowly moving back revealing the top of the watery head.

“You like it bitch?” asks Tori.

“Yeah, I do Tori. You have a nice cock.”

“Cometalo pues [Eat it then],” he replies as he smiles and laughs a little. I saw in his face the pride he was now exhibiting. This is the new Tori. This is the Tori that I never seen or met before. This was no longer the weak emasculated Tori who wanted to kill himself by foolishly driving a car into a light post. This was the new masculine, self-confident, dominant Tori that I was expecting to see for a long time. And now he was finally here. I was forgetting about A.B and that stupidity. This was the real thing, not some fantasy. Tori's cock was now in my life. And Tori became my new obsession.

As soon as I place my lips on the tip of the cock all I can taste was the pre-cum. I pulled the foreskin back with my lips slowly and release the cock from my mouth leaving a thick string of saliva and pre-cum mix from the tip of my lower lip to the tip of his hole on the cock.

I go in again, this time I go all the way down as I can, moving my tongue all over the shaft. Tori’s pelvis jerks with pleasure.

“Mmm,” he moans.

He puts his fingers on the base of the cock and pushes down as near it. The cock then got magically bigger. I can feel all his thick pubes all over my face as I reached the base and his fingers next to my lips. I go back slowly. Then down again. He puts his hands to the back of his head.

“Damn, you do know how to suck. Damn Joseph is hungry...”

By now Anna is approaching the bed. As I begin to suck Tori's amazing cock I can, through my peripheral vision, see that she is now topless and gets on the bed. She leans on Tori and they start to kiss and make out.

I pick up a little more speed and then start using my hand to jack him off while I suck his magic stick. My head bobs up and and down endlessly and my mouth begins to fill with his pre-cum.

He starts twitching more and with his hips he begins to fuck my mouth.

Tori takes off his t-shirt and I can see that Anna has started to work on his nipples.

“Yeah... You fucking bitches like this?” Tori whispers.

“Yes, daddy,” response Anna as she sucks his nipple.

“You like daddy’s dick, huh Joseph?” she asks me while she looks at me sucking on her hubby’s chubby.

Daddy? Oh, I see now. He’s the daddy, we are his bitches. I like this. God I am so turned on. She starts to caress my hair.

“Yeah I do,” I respond after letting go of the cock, then going back to work.

She holds my chin, rubs one of her tits and says, “you love daddy’s dick?” I was horny, YES!. I got into it.

“Fuck yeah!... I love daddy’s dick.” Again letting go of the cock and going back to work - up and down.

She then turns to Tori, “He loves your dick, daddy... just like you said.”

“Yeah, suck my cock, bitch,... Oooh. Yeah. Hm.” He continues to moan, then he stops.

Tori removes my hand from his cock and as I let the head of his cock out of my mouth there was again a thick string of pre-cum from his cock to my lips.

“Look at that shit,” he moans. “Fuck yeah... go all the way down.”

I do as I am told.

“All the way down bitch.”

“Yeah, all the way down daddy’s dick,” moans Anna as she then starts to again make out vigorously with Tori. Anna then also starts rubbing her wet pussy as she takes off her bottoms to reveal her panties drenched in pussy juices.

I start to work on the cock as usual, then Anna releases Tori’s lips and moves her head down towards mine. She also starts to suck on Tori’s cock.

“Lick my balls, bitches.”

We do as we are commanded and pull his balls out of the underwear as we both start licking each of his balls.

Then Tori grabs both of us by the hair and forces us to make out. I kissed her as best I could. But I am not into girls. Her tongue was inside my mouth. It was nice. But it isn’t working for me.

“You can fuck her if you want, unless you are really gay,” Tori whispers. “You’ve ever had pussy Joseph?”

I pause for a moment and just went to straight to his cock and began sucking it once again. There, that is my answer.

“Okay, bitch. Whatever, you suck cock like pro, damn!... FUCK!... ”

Anna and I began to work on his dick. She was not as good as I am. I can tell that Tori was liking me more than her as he started holding my head and pushing it up and down, guiding me down his curved shaft of manly meat. I added more spit which mixed in pretty good with his pre-cum which there was plenty of.

He started to get a rhythm going with his pelvis as starts to face fuck me.

“Yeah, take daddy’s dick bitch, yeah... ahhhh!,” he moans as he leans his head back and still guiding my head up and down.

I can feel his cock getting more super hard. Anna goes grabs on to it and began to jerk him off as her hand followed my lips.

After a few short minutes Tori reacts. “Shit I think I’m gonna cum, oohhhh yeahhh aahhh,” he moans faster. He breathes faster.

“You’re going to cum in his mouth daddy?” Says Anna in a submissive tone. “Get ready for daddy’s cum.”

I was ready. I move my head faster and faster. I feel his leg muscles tightened up. His whole body begins to shake.

“Yeaaahhh... Fuck... Yeah... Shit I’cumming”

“Yeah daddy come in Joseph’s mouth.”

“I’m cumming in your mouth bitch...AAAAAHHHHH.” He lets out a big loud groan. “AAAAAAHHHHHGGGG.... FUUUUUCK.... YEAAHHHHHH.”

I feel his cock having strong spasms. I pushed my head all the way down, his cock almost to the back of my throat.

He shoots load after load of hot cum into my throat and mouth. There are at least six full gushes of warm semen. It was a lot. There was some running down his shaft as there was too much to handle.

I kept his cock in my mouth and slowly pull it away as he was still having spasms. As the cock left my mouth it had a string of cum from my tongue to the tip. He then massages his cock with his foreskin.

“Yeah...” He says is he cools down. I saw a little bit of sweat rolling down his forehead.

He then closes my nose and holds my chin up. He scrapes the remaining man juices he just squirted with his fingers and shoves it into my mouth.

“Swallow it bitch.”

I do as he says.

“Swallow it, there you go. You nasty bitch," he laughs it off with a deep stare into my eyes.

As I finished eating his sweet cum, Anna again makes out with him as she lies down with him.

“Did you like it daddy?” She asks. He then grabs his dick and massages it again.

“Fuck yeah. How about you Joseph? Did you like this?” He asks me as he shakes his cock on my face.

I am still confused. But with confidence I reply, “Fuck yeah... Daddy.”

Tori looked up to the ceiling as he breath slowed down. There was a moment of silence.

Among the awkwardness I decided to break the ice.

"I hope we didn't wake Linda up."


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