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THe man gets what the man wants
I had no idea what a strange town it would turn out to be. I'd only lived there a few months, just out of college, and looking for a quiet place to live near my new job as a school teacher. I was in a temporary apartment in the town of Clapton.

WHen I saw the red lights behind me, I knew I hadn't been speeding. What could possibly draw the interest of one of the town's half dozen cops.

"Step out of the car," he barked.


"Step out of the car."

I had no choice, and as soon as I did, he pushed me toward his car and roughly put me face down on the hood.

"What the hell are you doing?" I barked angrily, whereupon he shoved my face down arder. "YOu better learn to respect the law, little girl, or you're gonna be in worse trouble than you already are."

"But what did I do?"

"Ran a stop sign back there."

"What stop sign?" I was sure he was wrong, but I tried not to be argumentative.

"So you're stupid, too," he snarled, and to my disbelief I felt cold metal on my wrists and heard the ratchet of handcuffs. "And you're new around here, so who knows what kind of trouble you're getting up to." Then he said, "Don't move," and I heard him go back toward my car. THe engine went off, and the door slammed. He came back and tossed my purse on the hood of the car. "You're under arrest," he said. "And I'l have to search you for drugs and weapons."

"Drugs?" I sputtered. "I'm a schoolteacher for God's salke."

"Don't give me no backtalk," he snapped. "Spread your legs." He kicked my ankles apart and felt betwen my legs, his hands stopping far too long on my crotch. I squirmed and he slapped the side of my head. "Resisting arrest, that's even more of a problem," he said. "Now stand up straight." He turned me around and grabbed my crotch again, then squeezed both of my breasts, and stuck one hand down my cleavage. "Guess there's nothing in there but your tits."

I couldn't see his eyes with the dark sunglasses, but the leer was still obvious. I was looking around desperately for someone to witness this outrageous treatment, but no one seemed to notice. Cars just drove right by.

The deputy dragged me to the back door of his car, shoved me inside, and tossed my purse on the front seat. I knew better than to talk to him anymore. I was shaking with pure rage.

Twenty minutes later he parked behind the low brick building that served as the police station, courthouse and town hall. He hauled me ouf the back and dragged me toward the door marked, PRISONER ENTRANCE ONLY. I couldn't believe it. WIthin minutes, I was sitting in a chair in an office alone. It seemed to take forever before I heard the door open.

A man who I assumed was the town sheriff came in and stood in front of me, leaning against his desk.

"I demand to know what is going on," I said. "That deputy was extremely inappropriate in the way he treated me."

The sheriff raised an eyebrow. "Inappropriate how?"

"He touched me in appropriately."

"Like where," he asked, as if bored.

"I don't want to go into it."

"Well you'd better if you're going to start accusing people of crimes."

"He handled my breasts and my crotch, and said he was a doing a search."

The sheriff smiled, but it wasn't a pleasant smile. "He was searching, more to make sure that you got all your parts kinda."

"What? Just what am I being arrested for?"

"Oh, that. Well, nothing really. But when the judge says to do something, we pretty much do what he says."

"I don't understand."

He leaned forward and said, "YOu don't have to. Around here we do things a little differently. We got no crime really, no vices, no hookers. But the judge, well he owns the whole town, and we need to keep him happy. Nice refined fella, smart, knows a lot of stuff. And keeps order. So we let him have his little fun. So, when Judge Stone asks for some pussy, we just go right out and get him some."

I was so completely taken aback I couldn't talk for a moment, but then I opened my mouth to scream and before I knew it, the man slapped me hard. "Now settle down, I don't need the noise. Not that anyone would care. People know the score. Every couple of weeks, they hear some girl screamin, they know the judge is having his fun.

"Funny thing is, there's plenty of willing girls around this town that'd be glad to polish the judge's gavel if you know what I mean. But he likes it a certain way. He only wants the ones who didn't want to do it in the first place. But gets 'em to want it, I guarantee you. So, for the next few days you're a guest of the county sort of.

"But that's rape!" I almost sobbed.

"Well, yeah, I suppose so. And that's how he likes it. For that matter," he paused and leaned in close enough to cup one of my breasts, "that's how I like it, too. I'll rape that sweet pussy myself when the judge is done. And my cock as hard as this nightstick." He picked up the black baton off his desk and shoved it between my legs until the end was up against my crotch. "And the judge, well I've seen him ream some pussy, and that man's gotta dick on him ....hmm hmm. Envy of the town." He pushed the nightstick a little harder. "Bet you're nice and tight, a young thing like you. Sorry you'll be all stretched when he's done with you. Now stand up."

Without warning, he literally ripped my blouse off, then my bra. "Hmm. Got some nice big jugs on you, girl. Judge wants his poontang naked from the get-go," he said, yanking my skirt down, and then my stockings he simply shredded. THe panties came last. He used a pair of scisoors from the desk to cut them away. Then he took a set of prisoner chains from his desk, the sort that lock your hands in front of you to a chain around the waist. To this he added ankle chains, and made me take off my low heels. The final touch was definitely not standard prison issue. Two smallish leather dog collars he fastend around the base of each breast, tight enough to be painful, and a larger dog collar around my neck. My breasts were now jutting out. Then he stood back and admired his work. "Looks damn good." Chains on a woman, now that's enough to get my pecker good and hard. So you can take care of that before I deliver you. Get on your knees."

When I defiantly refused, he grabbed one of my breasts by the nipple and yanked, then slapped it hard with his other hand. I yelped and he forced me to my knees. "I tell you what, bitch. You don't cooperate the time you're here, then the time you're here could be a lot longer than you'd like it to be. YOu piss me off and I'll ship you out to the county jail . . . the men's jail . . . and you can be the cellblock pussy for a few months. We like to give the boys a little treat now and then. Now you suck my dick real nice and swallow every drop. Disappoint me and when it's my turn to have some fun with you, I'll shove this baton up your twat instead of my dick." For emphasis, he reached down and ran the smooth black wood between my legs. "Believe me, you don't want this baby up your fuckhole."

I shuddered, still in a state of shock, but terried he'd carry out his threat to rape me with the baton, or even, GOd forbid, ship me off to some prison to be gangraped every day. I opened my mouth and he shoved himself in. and out as if he were just fucking a hole in the wall. "Take my advice, he said, "and show the proper respect. The judge, well he can be kinda mean. He's one of those domimant types and you don't obey, he'll make you sorry you were ever born. He'll have his little entertainments, and then send you back over here. He usually doesn't keep any of his sluts more than a few days, although now and then he gets one thats a real natural in the slut department and wants to stay on until he gets tired of 'em. Then hel'll watch you act reall nice real nice for me and my boys, and we'll let you go."

"yeah, I like that . . . gangbangin' . . . judge does too. Get some nice piece of ass tied up, and start ramming dicks in every hole...hmm, it's a treat, that is. You know we even got a web site, one of those triple X rated ones, post pictures of every slut we've fucked. We do that in one of the cells, and let the prisoners watch. Can't wait to see that pretty little ass of yours stickin' up in the air.

He fucked my mouth faster and faster, choking me, but he didn't care. "Not much of a cockscuker, are you. Well, the judge'll give you a few pointers. At night you gotta sleep chained to his bed with his cock in your mouth, just in case. So you'll learn. Now swallow!" With a grunt, he spurted a half-dozen times and kept his cock deep in my throat so I had to swallow. THen he zipped up his pants, pulled me to my feet. I was shivering, dressed only in chains. He tweaked my erect nipples and ran his hand between my legs. "Getting wet, aren't you? Always happens. I alwasy say once you get a woman naked, and tied up just right, she's just a cunt like any other cunt. Three holes for fuckin' and tits to mess with." Now we'd best get going. The Judge is done for the day and I know he's waiting for his ration of pussy."

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you have to make a part 2 its just to good


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