After a couple of weeks without any sexual interaction with Marissa or Eric I started to get hungry for more. I would wake up every morning and would have to jack off to the memory but the memories were getting old.
I had seen Eric come around the house several times but he never made eye contact with me. Danny stopped asking for Eric to sleep over instead he was asking to sleep over Eric’s’. I missed having the kids come around even if it wasn’t for sex. I started to hatch a plan on how to get back with my little sex toys.
After a week I stopped trying to think about the children and how I could start a real relationship with a woman. That’s when it dawned on me Christie was Eric and Marissa’s mom. And I knew she was single. That would be a great way to get close to her kids again.
Friday night came around and I figured I would drop Danny off at Christies. That would give me an excuse to see her. When she answered the door she was dressed to go out. I thought my plan was going to backfire. She said “Sean I wasn’t expecting you tonight!” I explained “I need a night out with adults and was wondering if you weren’t doing anything if you could watch Danny?” She said “I know exactly how you feel. I am doing the same thing that’s why I hired a sitter I don’t think she would mind watching another.”
With that I Spoke to Angie who was her baby sitter gave her fifty bucks and left Danny with her for the night. As I was leaving Christie stopped me at the door and asked me to come with her and her friend the Mittie’s the local club. Of course I said yes. Christie said that we had to wait for her to bring her three kids and her own baby sitter.
We stood around in her Kitchen and talked and drank wine waiting for Sarina to make her appearance. An hour went by and she finally showed up. She was absolutely beautiful she was wearing a low cut dark blue dress that accentuated ever perfect curve to her body and her long shapely legs. Her breasts were not giant by any means but perfectly shaped and perky. She had Long Strait dark hair with dark eyes and a smooth olive complexion. She came walking into the kitchen with an aroma of pure seduction that almost knocked me over.
With her were her three children two girls and a boy. Ashley the oldest girl was ten she was a splitting image of her mother. She stood about four foot 8 with her mother’s hair and her eyes. Kari her other daughter who was seven had shoulder length auburn color hair and piercing green eyes. She also had fair complexion she stood barely over four feet tall.
Justin the youngest was two and was a very cute little boy. I thought almost immediately that Sarina was married since she had three young children but I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Her Husband Justin was killed in Afghanistan shortly before their son was born.
Christie introduced me to the whole clan. When she introduced me to Sarina she leaned in and very close to my ear and took a deep breath and said with an English accent you must be the man that Chris told me about. I wanted to pull her dress up and throw her on the counter and ravage her perfectly shaped body. But I needed self control.
We stood around and had a couple more glasses of wine and finally decided to leave. We went to the club and only stayed for about an hour before we decided to leave. Christie called home to talk to the babysitter and she said that the kids were all in bed. So we decided to go back to her place.
We walked into the dark house and the babysitter was on the couch with a boy making out. We surprised them even though she knew we were going to be there soon. Christie paid her the money and sent her home.
After an awkward silence Sarina spoke up and said those two had the right idea. With that Sarina leaned in and kissed Christie full on the lips. I stood there in amazement watching these two goddesses make out. Sarina reached out grabbing my shirt pulling me in-between her and Christie. I started kissing Sarina while Christie was sucking on my neck. I felt two hands unfastening my belt. I wasn’t sure whose hands they were but didn’t care either way.
That’s when I noticed Christie unbuttoning my shirt. Before I knew it my pants were down and Sarina had her hands around my hard cock stroking it. Christie almost immediately dropped to her knees pulling Sarina down with her. They sucked my cock better than I ever had it sucked. It wasn’t long before I started to cumm in Sarina’s mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth and started to kiss Christie full on the mouth sharing my seed with her. We went upstairs to Christie’s room where we had sex all night.
At about three thirty in the morning I was finally spent I laid on my back with two beautiful women on either side of me. When Sarina got up on her elbow looked at me and said “Now wasn’t that better than having sex with our kids?”
I couldn’t believe that they knew about what I did to those kids and didn’t turn me in. “Did they tell you everything?” I asked. Christie said “Yes even what you did to Eric!” Without thinking about the repercussions I added “that was the sexual experience of my life! Their Tiny bodies the way they resisted me; they were so easy to control. I want to do it again!”
Sarina took a long look at me and said “How about my kids would you be interested?” I thought I was in a trap but the words “Of course!” escaped my lips. That’s when she asked “Which one first?” Without even taking a breath I said “Kari!” She said “Ok!” There was another awkward silence and then we cuddled together and I fell asleep.
It felt like I slept for days because I woke up and it was still dark out. Sarina wasn’t next to me. Christie was asleep and I started to get nervous. That’s when I saw the bedroom door open and there was Sarina with her little daughter Kari. She was in her pajamas and was wiping the sleep from her eyes as she entered the room. Sarina said to her “Take off your clothes and go get in the bed next to Sean!” Kari looked at her mother with a quizzical look and said ”Are you serious!” Sarina grabbed her by her hair and said “don’t make me ask you again!” That’s when Christie woke up and looked at me than looked at Sarina and than Kari and jumped out of the bed stark naked.
Christie got on her knees in front of Kari and started to unbutton her top. I was now sitting upright in the bed with my back against the head rest. My cock was already hard and was pitching a tent under the sheets. Kari was standing there in front of her mother with her arms folded against her bare chest. Christie was untying the string to her pj bottoms when Kari started to cry. Her bottoms were completely off and all she had on were Cinderella undies. Christie was getting ready to take them off when I said “let me do that!” I got out of the bed my cock hard as a rock sticking strait out!
I walked closer to Kari and she tried to get behind her mother but Sarina wouldn’t let her. With each step closer the more Kari would cry. I was finally directly in front of her. My hard cock was almost directly at face level for her. Sarina then said grab a hold of that pointing to my raging cock. Kari put her hands down to her side and shook her head and started to say no in a sobbing voice. Christie grabbed her tiny hand and moved to my cock and wrapped her tiny fingers around my cock. I could feel her hands shaking as I felt her stroke it.
Kari’s soft hands felt so good around my cock. I put my hands on her shoulders and tried to pull her closer to me but she resisted. Sarina started to push her closer to me. I put my hands on her face and put my thumb in her mouth. “Suck on it!” I whispered in a gentle voice. Her face was soaked with tears when I pulled my thumb out of her mouth and wiped her tears away. I put my hand on the back of her head and started to guide it to my cock which was now leaking pre-cumm. “Put it in your mouth and suck on it!” I whispered at her again Kari looked up at her mother and Said “Mommy I don’t want to!” Sarina said “Baby do as he sais!” with that Kari reluctantly moved her mouth to the head of my cock. At first she just sucked on the head of my cock. I put my hands on the side of her head and started to force more of my hard cock into her mouth. Her teeth grazed the side once or twice but it still felt good. “Look at me while you do that!” Kari than looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes. I heard Sarina coaching her on telling her “Faster suck it faster!” Kari was now getting into a rhythm. At this rate I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. She was now sucking my cock like a grown woman. I noticed her upper lip and her chin were covered with slobber. That’s all it took as I unloaded in her mouth. My cock shot out of her mouth like a rocket. My cumm was still shooting out getting in her eyes all over her face and in her hair. I stuck my cock back into her mouth until I was finished cumming.
Kari was blinded by my cumm and couldn’t see. She was now starting to cry even more. I put my hands under her arm pits picked her up and threw her on the bed. She landed on her back wiping her eyes and trying to move up further on the bed to get away from me. I was now crawling on the bed getting closer to her. Sarina and Christie came to either side of the bed to hold her down.
I ran my hands up her tiny legs. She closed them tight. I put my knee in-between her legs prying them open. My hands were now at her crotch. Rubbing up and down. The only thing keeping me from touching her bare crotch were her cute Cinderella panties. They were so cute that I decided to leave them on her and rip out the crotch. With both hands I grabbed the thin piece of fabric keeping me from her pre-pubescent pussy and pulled apart so there was no crotch left.
I was in position to impale this tiny pussy. I ran my cock head up and down her slit not penetrating her yet. Sarina put her hand on my chest looked at me and asked me to be gentle. I looked at Sarina and could see the worry in her eyes. That’s when I motioned to have her eat her daughter’s pussy before I continued with fucking her. I thought that it would lubricate her pussy and make it easier for her to have it all nice and wet.
I crawled up the bed and straddled Kari’s face and told her to suck on my cock and get it all wet so it could enter her virgin pussy. Kari parted her tiny lips accepting my cock into her mouth. I noticed her changing in breathing as she sucked my cock. She was breathing through her nose and gasping for air at the same time. It had appeared that Kari was enjoying getting her pussy eaten by her mother.
I was fucking Kari’s mouth now more quickly. I looked down and Sarina as she sucked on her daughter’s tiny clit. I knew it was time to finally enter this little girl and turn her into a woman. I pulled out of her mouth and said “Sarina it’s time for you to teach your daughter how to eat pussy. With that Sarina got up from in-between her daughter’s legs and laying down next to her. I crawled into position as Sarina grabbed my cock. She had a hold of my cock slowly pushing me in. The head of my cock was now passed her lips. I could feel her hymen as he mother pulled me in more.
Kari was wincing in pain as my cock started to enter deeper into her. Christie was now running her fingers through her hair and holding her. Comforting her trying to help hold back the tears. Christie put one of her nipples in her mouth and told her to suck on it. My cock was up against her hymen I could feel it getting ready to break through. I grabbed a hold of Sarina’s arm and told her to stop pulling me and let me break through. Sarina looked at me and let go. I pulled my cock out of her and told Sarina to suck it and get it wet a little more.
Sarina Sucked my cock and got it all nice and wet and then spit into her daughters pussy. And looked at me and gave me a nod. Right before I was going to enter her again Kari took her mouth off of Christie’s tit and asked “Why are you doing this to me Mommy?” Sarina said “you will see in a few moments why!”
With that I leaned in penetrating her again I grabbed her hips while her mom and Christie Held her down. I said “On the count of three!” Sarina Said “ONE!” Christie Said “Two!” and with three I penetrated her tiny womb! A scream came out of her mouth that I know woke up the other children. I pushed into her more and more until my entire Cock was inside of her. I looked down to see my full hard cock slowly retreat from her pussy as I tried to pull out.
I felt her muscle contracting on my cock. As I tried to pull out Kari’s whole body moved with me. The muscles inside of her were squeezing so tight it was like they didn’t want to let go. I pushed in again harder. More screams came from her as I tried to pull my cock out of her. I knew it was going to be how I entered her. In one quick thrust. I took Kari’s legs and closed them So I could use her legs to push away from.
In one quick motion I pushed off! “POP!” Kari Screamed again but the most amazing feeling ran through my body. I pulled out and all of her natural juices mixed with blood started to flow. I entered her again but this time it was so wet and inviting. Her face was full of tears and my sperm as I entered her deeper. I rolled her over so I was now fucking her doggy style. I told Sarina to get in-between her legs and let Kari eat her mother’s pussy while I fucked her.
Sarina wasted no time putting her daughters face into her crotch. Kari lapped at her mom’s pussy as I continued my assault on her tiny body. Sarina was coaching her baby how to eat pussy as I plunged in and out of her. It wasn’t going to take long now I knew I was going to cumm soon. Sarina looked at me and said “I think she likes it!” With that I couldn’t do anymore I lost it filling her tiny womb with my cumm. It was absolutely the best orgasm I ever had. With my cock still inside of her I leaned down over her body and said “Baby that was great!” Kari said “Get that thing out of me!” I stayed my position and thrust my hips back to see her reaction. She inhaled deeply. I pushed back in and she exhaled. I repeated this motion four or five times. I noticed when I was starting to pull out she was moving with me. I said to her “That doesn’t feel good?” She didn’t say a word as I started to fuck her again. She was meeting all of my thrusts. When Sarina told me to stop and save it.
I couldn’t imagine what was next as I pulled out of Kari and sat on the bed with my cock all wet and slippery sticking strait up. Christie walked to the door and my son Danny was standing there looking at me. I tried to cover up but Christie said “What’s good for my son is good for your son right?” I called my eleven year old son into the room. He tried to run but Christie grabbed him and pulled him into the room in front of me. Christie grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head and then pushed his shorts to the floor so my son and eye were both naked standing in front of each other.
Danny was frozen in place and didn’t move. I approached him looked him in the eyes and said “Danny get on your knees!” He refused to do as I said. I said “Danny you know what happens when you disobey me. But this time it won’t be a belt and it won’t hit you it will go in you!” Danny dropped to his knees and before he accepted my cock in his mouth he said “Is this what you did to Eric?” I got furious and grabbed my sons hair and put my cock to his lips. “Suck it Danny!”
Danny opened his mouth taking my cock into it. Danny took a couple sucks took my cock out of his mouth and said “This changes things now doesn’t it Dad?” My son put my cock back into his mouth and started sucking some more. Christie Grabbed Danny and pulled him off of me and told Danny to lie on the bed. Danny walked to the bed and lied on his back. I noticed my sons cock was hard and I started to jack it. “This feels good doesn’t it Danny!” That’s when I took his tiny cock into my mouth and started to suck on it. I could hear him moaning as I cupped his tiny balls and sucked faster. I took one of my fingers and stuck it in his ass as I gave my son the blow job of his life. I could feel all the tension in his body through his cock as he exploded in my mouth. I didn’t take his cock out of my mouth until I finished milking him for all he was worth. I took his cock out of my mouth and crawled up in-between his legs pulling his ass off the bed.
I grabbed the base of my cock in one hand and spit in the other and got the head of my cock all wet. I looked at my son and he had a look of fear in his eyes. I said “Danny you’re going to enjoys this.” With that I leaned forward pressing the head of my cock against his virgin asshole. I slowly penetrated him deeper and deeper until my entire cock was inside of my son’s ass. I started to pump his ass slowly at first but as I got into a rhythm he started to enjoy it. I was now fucking my son even harder unitl I finally erupted in his ass. I pulled out a lied down in the bed. I felt spent I didn’t think I could have sex again in a week. Sarina Said “I have another Daughter!” I said “She can wait until next Friday when we do this again. My son and I have some talking to do.

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