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Workign on it - just started
I just walked into the bass-booming house party. I’ve got on black slacks, loose fitting except for the tight half-circle they make over the back of my well-defined athletic ass. My dark burgundy short-sleeve shirt hangs untucked, two buttons undone, revealing only a few beads of sweat over my chest. It’s hot outside but, even with the ac blasting, hotter inside with all the hard bodies dancing inside packed in the small two story New York duplex. The guys are dressed to their club-going nines, the gals in all colors of spaghetti strap dresses, mini-skirts camisoles, bandeaus and halter tops. It’s a moving sea of sexy, hard bodied teens and twenty-somethings grinding against each other, swaying and completely lost in the pulse of the music. Sweat glistens on necks and wet lips. And I move past them, bodies pressing up against my chest, sweeping past my ass as I see one girl. It’s you. A little more risqué then these other girls, your body screams of sexuality. Your long, sleek gorgeous legs toss about the short pink plaid skirt shirk on your waist as you dance. Your tight pink v-neck top strains to hold in breasts any girl would die for. Then you turn and see me. My dark burgundy sleeves strain under my arms as I subtly stalk toward you. You’re surrounded but I make my way toward you and you can see it in my face. The barest trace of a mischevious smile. You’re mine tonight. I come up to you and we flow and sway back and forth. I let my hands run over the side of your upper body, down to your hips and I pull you in. And you can smell the barest hint of cologne and soap on me as I bring you closer. And you can feel my warm chest through my shirt as we’re pressed together. The cologne and soap mix with my natural musk. As the music builds louder I pass one hand through your hair, the other on your cheek and kiss you with moist lips. Softly at first, then more passionately. And, then, I turn you around. And let you feel with your ass my hard-growing cock. You know I want you now. I have to have you. And you turn and see the animal passion in my eyes. And I take you by the hand, parting the crowd for you as we head upstairs to the bedroom. I open the door, push you up against the wall and let my tongue dance with yours and kiss you deeply, briefly sucking your tongue before I sweep your hair back and begin dabbing kisses on the front of your neck, the side, as at the same time my massage your breast and ass. And, then, I begin lowering my kisses, over your bare collarbone, past your covered breasts and you feel the moist heat from my mouth. My hands now both on your breasts as I lower my face farther down and you see only the top of my head as I begin kissing your inner thigh. I lay gentle kisses over your inner thighs as my right hand moves over your bare crotch, though not touching it, just trapping the heat from your bare pussy over my hand. I’m glad you’re not wearing any panties and I can feel the warmth from your pussy as I gently place my right hand over your labia. My left hand moves back around to your ass, grips it and massages it firmly as I press you toward my face. My right hand then, with the barest touch, moves like a feather, fingertips barely grazing your clit, your lips…and then…my lips follow, my lower lip, then upper lip, moist from our kiss moves over your small bud. I breathe in your body and a low moan of pleasure escapes my lips. I love your smell…knowing I’ll be tasting you soon and feeling you buck against my face as I eat you out and gather all your juices up with my hungry tongue. Then, you feel it…I move the soft back portion of my tongue over your clit and begin sucking. At the same time you suddenly feel a warm vibrating jolt enter just the first half-inch of your pussy. It’s the vibrator I’ve brought and already lubed and left in the room. You feel the warmth and sonorous waves wash through the opening of your pussy…teasing it. And I then move my face, nose, mouth against you and take your clit into my mouth, teasing it, nibbling it and darting my tongue at it. At the same time, I slowly move thrust the vibrator in shallow strokes into your pussy…and you feel my left thumb move into your ass! Your lower body is completely engulfed by my mouth, hands and vibrator. You look down at my head moving against your pussy, barely covered over with your pink plaid skirt and you hear me moan. I love eating your pussy. And then, you feel a shock! I thrust the vibrator, initially just gently thrusting in shallow strokes, now all the way into your pussy! Deep long hard strokes inside and I grip your clit between my lips and suck it hard and flick my tongue across it back and forth, lashing over and over. After after a minute, I can’t bear it. I need to taste your sweet pussy juices. I thrust the vibrator inside your pussy deep one last time and then take it out and let it barely touch and vibrate your clit while I separate your lips with my tongue, your juices running down my mouth, my neck, to my chest...
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