I shared almost every first experiance with Shelly.
Shelly was my first girlfriend. You might say she was my first friend. We grew up next door to each other in a small rural community. We played as children do, and we fought. I still have a scar on my shoulder where she bit me when we were five years old.

In the fall school would let out to allow students to work the harvest. Each year we would work for the same farmer, Oley White, picking potatoes. To pick potatoes you stand astride the row and place a basket between your legs. Then bend over and fill the basket. When the basket is full you empty it into a barrel, and begin again. Now any farm work is dirty work, so ragged clothes is the choice for every one in the field.

The jeans Shelly had worn that day had a worn patch on the left side of her inner thigh that grew each time she bent over. It wasn’t long before I knew that she wore green panties. Keeping my mind on the potatoes was impossible.

When we had all the potatoes in our sections cleaned up we would sit leaning up against a barrel and wait for the digger to turn up the next row. Today I really noticed how Shelly sat. Her legs spread, knees slightly bent, and a jug of water in front of that worn patch. When she took a drink I could see the crotch of her panties stretched tightly over her pussy. When she sat the jug down I pretended I was looking at the ground.

She moved the jug up to her crotch, and noticed my view. She smiled at me and said “tisk tisk” as we got up to pick more potatoes.

I noticed however that she looked over her shoulder, every now and then, as we picked, to make sure I was looking as she bent over her basket. It took about a half an hour to catch up our sections again, and when we sat down Shelly’s pesky water jug was ten rows back.

I tried to look anywhere but where I wanted to look, but could not keep my eyes averted. Shelly’s hand was in her crotch. Not covering the hole in her jeans, but cupping her green panty clad pussy. Her eyes were locked on the growing bulge in my own jeans. I glanced around to see if anyone else could see, then shifted my legs to giver her a better look. Her hand was pressing harder, and rubbing faster. Her breath was shallow and fast, almost panting. I stared transfixed, as she masturbated.

The spell was broken when Oley made his next pass. At the sound of the tractor approaching Shelly jerked her hand from her crotch and jumped up as if something had bit her. She ran back the eight or ten rows to where she had left her lunch box and water jug and brought them up to the next set rows. She didn’t speak and would not look at me.

Shelly got caught up before I did. I was watching her ass instead of my section. She came back to where I was working.

“Keep an eye on my stuff; I got to go to the woods. I’ll help you get caught up when I get back, she told me.

I assumed she had to take a leak, and said “sure, but be quick, the digger will be back shortly.” While she was gone, I worked as fast as I could and finished my section. She got back just as the digger plowed up the next two rows.

Shelly went to her lunch box, opened it, and closed it again, than asked me if I had any gum.

“It’s in my lunch box” I told her than went back to picking.

“You want a piece?” she asked, as she fumbled in my lunch.

“Yeah” I replied as she came over opening the gum.

As she held it to my mouth, the aroma of her hand sure wasn’t Juicy Fruit. My erection doubled in size as I got my first whiff of pussy. Shelly put the gum in my mouth, and I sucked her fingers in, and tasted what was on them. If potato dirt would kill, I figured I would have been dead long before. She smiled, as I sucked her pussy juice from her fingers.

Shelly didn’t look over her shoulder to see if I was watching this time as we picked. But I was. I caught up my section before she was done this time, and took our stuff up to a knoll where we planned to eat.

She was leaning against a barrel, water jug in place when I got back.
“These next two,” she indicated the rows “should be the last before lunch.”

I sat down against my barrel and she shifted to face me. When she did, she pulled her knees up and spread her legs. She looked into my eyes, than down at her crotch, telling me it was ok to look. Her green panties were gone. I was staring at her pink pussy.

Shelly reached down, and cupped herself with her hand. Spreading her outer lips with two fingers, she used her other hand to rub the little nub at the top. Looking at me she said, “That’s my clit,” She moved her finger down lower to her hole and ran her finger around it. “And that’s my cunt.” Her breathing was getting hard again. “If I rub m-my clit while I finger my cunt, it makes me really wet, see,” she showed me her moist finger, and said “Damn, not now,” as we both heard the digger returning.

Oley the farm owner held up his hand and said, “Lunch” as he passed us.

My penis was harder than it had ever been in my life as I picked those last two rows. Shelly was done with her section and working on mine in less than ten minutes.

We went up to the knoll where our lunches were. Shelly quickly spread her jacket out and sat down on it. She spread her legs and started playing with herself again.

“Open your lunch, and try what I fixed for you,” she said, with her hand working furiously in her pussy.

I opened my lunch box, and there were her panties, neatly wrapped around my sandwich. I took them out and sniffed them.

“Eat your lunch,” Shelly said. He hips pumping in a fuck motion.

I put the crotch of her panties in my mouth, and sucked on them.

She groaned, and panted “I’m cumming”

I watched her pump her hips, and rub herself as she came, sucking the juice from her panties as I looked on awe struck.

Shelly laid there panting and stroking her pussy, I didn’t know what to do. I sat down beside her, and helped her sit up.

She smiled, and said “I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours.”

I opened my pants, and took out my penis, spreading my legs to give her a good look.

“It’s all wet,” she said, looking closely at it, “you didn’t pee did you?”

“No, no, its like cum that leaks out before I shoot.” I told her.

“Do it, make it shoot. I want to see it shoot cum.” she replied.

How can a guy deny a girl something like that? I pumped my cock several times and said, “Here it comes” and spurted more than I ever had.

Shelly cupped her hands over the end of my cock catching most of my load. She put her hands to her nose, and sniffed and than she stuck her tongue into my cream. She made a face, contemplating the flavor than she lapped her hands clean. When she finished eating my cum, she took her panties from me and wiped her pussy with them.

“You taste my cum” she said, handing her panties to me.

I put the panties to my face, noticing the aroma was much stronger. I sucked the fresh juice from the panties causing my cock to harden again. Shelly grabbed it and began stroking me, and fondling my balls. Her face so close to my cock, I could feel her warm breath as she studied my member. No one had ever touched my cock before, other than myself. Within moments I was ready to shoot again.

“Shelly, I’m going to” was all I got out before I exploded all over her hands and face. She began to lap her hands clean for a second time as I fell back on my elbows. My erection never wavered as I watched her suck her fingers dry.

“Shelly, could we? Do you want to, eh you know could we?” I stammered.

She looked at my cock and back up to me, and then rolled over onto me. “I’ve never” she said, “I’m still a virgin, but we can rub them together, as long as we don’t actually fuck.”

Shelly began rubbing her pussy back and forth over my cock. She rode like that for what seemed like hours, her hands holding my arms down. As she humped her moans keened higher and higher, than she stopped. She looked me in the eyes than kissed me.

“I know I said we shouldn’t,” she said, “but I want to know what it feels like. Don’t cum in me, what ever you do don’t cum in me.”

With that she reached down and put the head of my cock in her cunt. She lowered herself on me just a little before we met resistance. She stopped, laid down on me and kissed me again.

“Here goes nothing,” she said, and pushed down hard onto my cock, just as a blinding pain shot down my arm. I looked over at my shoulder where Shelly had put her head as she impaled herself on my cock. Tears were streaming from her eyes as she lapped blood from her lips. “Were both bleeding I think,” she said softly. She moved her cunt on my cock just a little testing the new sensation. “That hurt like hell,” she said, pushing back down.

“Don’t move or I’ll cum to quickly” I told her, “just hold still for a minute.”

“I can’t” she said, “It hurts too much.”

Shelly pulled herself almost off my cock, and we both looked down where we were joined. “What a bloody mess,” she said, and pushed down once again enveloping my cock.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock. I don’t know if it was in pain, or pleasure. But it triggered my orgasm. “Cumming” I groaned as I lifted her off me. My cock pulsed shooting into the air.

Shelly fell beside me, laughing.

I felt hurt; I thought she was laughing at me for cumming so quickly.

Shelly closed her mouth and swallowed. Looking at me she waved her arms back and forth a couple of times and sat up. She put her hand to her pussy and said, “I’m going to be sore for a month.” as she brought her hand up and looked at the blood. She put her bloody fingers on my shoulder. “That’s what I was laughing at. You’re mine forever now. I have marked you twice.”

I looked where she was touching, and saw the bloody tooth marks of her bite. The pain I had felt earlier. Her adult impression surrounded her baby tooth impression.

“I will always have something to remember you by,” I laughed. I passed her a heavy shirt I had discarded earlier in the morning as it grew warmer. “You better wrap that around yourself, every one will think you’re ragging.”

“Me, look at yourself,” she said, “you’ve got my blood, your blood, and cum all over you. And,” she stopped talking and took my semi-erect cock in her hand and started stroking it. “Doesn’t this thing ever go down?”

“Not when I’m around you,” I said. “It hasn’t sense the seventh grade.”

“Poor baby” she said, stroking me faster. “You must be almost as sore as me.”

We than heard the tractor start up and a loud “BANG” We got cleaned up as best we could and went to see what had happened.

When we neared the digger, we heard Oley talking to Myrtle, his wife, and the field boss.

“Send the pickers home. The damned thing blew a gasket.”

I don’t think mom bought my explanation that Shelly had been playing and bit me harder than she had meant too. Nor did Gayle, Shelly’s mother believe that her period had started early. The two of them seemed to take pains to see that the two of us were not left alone with each other for the longest time after that day.

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2012-05-20 03:30:10
Sorry, I am the one who said this rings true. I don't get here often but I do enjoy your writing. Keep it up, no pun intended. I go by PIgpen, by the way, if you need to address me here, but you don't really have to.
Good luck and good writing.


2012-05-01 23:06:52
It is kind of hard to come up with a second part to your first time with a girl. Memory isnt so clear.

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2012-04-25 20:57:32
This is the 2nd story i have read.Cheerleader was first. -Rath

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2012-04-25 20:56:30
This is the 2nd story i have read.Cheerleader was first. -Rath

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2012-04-25 20:56:27
This is the 2nd story i have read.Cheerleader was first. -Rath

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