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I went off on something of a tangent with Phil's adventures in A Mothers Darkest Desires, initially intending to write a chapter or two and then come back to this series. As many would know I got a little caught up with Phil's character development, and have received several PMs lately asking if Cum-Bucket was finished, and pleading for me to continue.

So, I thank you for waiting and messaging me, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this latest chapter. The hook at the end will give you an idea where Rick will head next, so please feel free to post a comment or PM me and tell me what your think!


It’s been a while since I wrote the last chapter, and I guess this is primarily due to my interest in my buddy Phil’s developing story.

For those of you who haven’t followed our adventures from the beginning, it all started a few months ago when my mom Tanya sat down with me at breakfast one morning and told me she wanted to become my Cum-Bucket, and told me I could use her body for my sexual gratification any way and anytime I chose. She divorced my Dad a few years earlier when she caught him in a highly compromising position with a neighbor, and had been suffering from a chronic lack of sexual satisfaction ever since. After wearing out a couple of vibrators and not really enjoying the experience, she decided her sixteen year old son was just the man for the job, and our illicit adventures began.

We were just starting to explore and enjoy our new relationship when my fourteen year old sister Bec arrived home from camp a few days early, and caught us with my hard cock buried deep in Mom’s ass! This was the original case of being caught with your pants down, but thankfully once the dust settled Bec decided she wanted to join in, and our little incest family was complete.

Mom’s appetite was truly voracious, and she encouraged us to explore our fantasies and ignore our inhibitions. We experimented with oral, anal, golden showers, fisting, toys, enemas, and virtually every other perversion you could think of, enjoying all of them immensely. This went on until Bec came home one afternoon, extremely upset that one the jocks was putting it around school that he had fucked her and she was a total slut. The fact is she had become a total slut, but only when she had my cock buried in one of her holes, or she was driving Mom crazy with her tongue or her fist.

We decided we couldn’t let Justin the Jock get away with it, so we developed a payback plan. This was where Phil joined in as I knew him from school and he was openly bi, so we invited him over to help us bring Justin down a peg or two. Bec invited Justin over on the pretense of fucking him for real when she had the house to herself. She dressed up in a smoking-hot sexy outfit and soon had him eating out of her hand, at which point Mom walked in and helped Bec tie him up. Once he was secure Phil and I walked in and we filmed him sucking Phil’s cock, taking a cum-bath as Phil and I blew our loads over his face, and Bec fucking his ass with a strap-on. Once we’d finished with him we told him to come back the next day and bring his mom with him.

We all knew his mom Carole from school where she worked in the office, and all the kids referred to her as Bitch Bradley due to her reluctance to hand out late slips, which meant a detention for the unfortunate victim. Carole was full of bluster and attitude when she arrived, but when I showed her the video of Justin sucking Phil’s cock she quietened down some! I blackmailed her into fucking Phil and I, and even blindfolded her and let her son have a turn. They left very quietly, and only after I had extracted a promise from Justin to retract his previous BS story about Bec.

The real surprise came the following Friday night when I was enjoying an amazing fuck session with Mom and Bec, and then the doorbell rang. Bec answered the door and returned with a strange look on her sweet face, telling me Carole was at the door and wanted to see me. It turned out that she had spent the whole week thinking about the way we had fucked her and how hot it had made her, and she wanted to know if I was interested in fucking her on a regular basis, and she was prepared to do whatever it took to convince me! She had shaved her pussy and had her labia pierced, which were two of my favorite kinks, and was dressed like a slut who was ready to fuck. I pissed over her as knelt of my doorstep, saturating her with my golden flow, and she took it without a murmur so I invited her inside.

Carole became a more than willing participant in our depraved games, and I often had to call on Phil to help me out, as having three hot women ready for action was proving a difficult challenge at times. What none of us knew at the time was that Phil was about to embark on a completely new direction, after he lost his cool with his mom Vicki, and raped her on kitchen floor. You’ll have to read “A Mother’s Darkest Desires” if you want the whole sordid story, but the poor guy thought his mom would dial 911 and have him arrested, only to have her blackmail him into making it a regular thing! If you met Vicki you’d never realize she had a dark side, but apparently having a man take her against her will and when she was unprepared really got her cunt-juices flowing.

The other aspect of this change in Phil’s life was his relationship with my sister Bec. They always seemed to enjoy being with each other when we partied at my place, but she began spending more time at his house on weekends, and came home one Sunday night bouncing around like an out-of-control pinball and bubbling with excitement because Phil had asked her to be his girlfriend. I knew this meant she probably wouldn’t want to play with us as often, but I was happy for them both and a little relieved as well. Carole and Mom kept me very busy, and if Bec and Phil became semi-exclusive that would make my life a little easier, so I felt that was a win all round.

Which brings us back to the present day, and Mom and I were relaxing naked in the yard, enjoying a glass of wine and a spectacular spring sunset when the phone rang. Mom went inside to answer it and brought the cordless phone back, handing it to me with a sensual smile. “It’s Carole for you Sir!”

“Hi Carole, and what are you up to on this perfect afternoon?” I enquired.

“Well Sir….I’m sitting in my bedroom with the door locked and I’m playing with my juicy, wet cunt!” She replied.

“And where are Coach Bradley and Justin while you’re stroking your oozing fuck-hole?” I asked, winking at Mom as I took a sip from my glass.

“Jim’s downstairs watching a game on cable, and I think Justin’s in his room. He’s probably doing the same thing I am!” She giggled. At this point Mom sat up when she realized my call had taken an interesting turn, so I put Carole on speaker.

“Why don’t you tell me exactly what you’re doing, you filthy slut?” I said as I smiled at Mom.

I wondered if she was holding the phone near her pussy, as I’m sure we heard some liquid squelching sounds. “Well, I’m sliding two fingers deep into my fuck-box, and then sliding them out and rubbing my clit before I slide them back inside. My cunt is oozing pre-cum all over the chair and it feels so hot inside!”

“So, did my little slut ring me just to tease me by making me listen while she get’s herself off? If she did I can see a serious discipline session coming up!” I growled, as I smiled at Mom and pointed down to my stiffening cock.

Mom sashayed over with a sexy sway to her hips, dropped to her knees and started gently stroking my cock and fondling my heavy balls, as Carole continued her erotic commentary. “Not exactly Sir, though I do love the way you discipline me when I’ve been a bad little slut!” Carole paused and a stifled gasp came from the speaker. “Oh! That’s starting to feel so good! Sorry Sir, I’m just thinking about the last time you fucked me and all the filthy things you did to me. Anyway, I rang because Jim’s just told me he’ll be away this weekend for a sports conference, and I was wondering if you’d like me to come over…..if you’re not busy and that’s ok with you?”

I could almost hear her pleading, and was momentarily distracted when I felt a pair of warm, moist lips wrap around my semi-hard cock. I looked down to see Mom smiling up at me as she took my fuck-stick deeper in her mouth, and she massaged my balls slowly and lovingly with one hand while the other was busy rubbing her own dribbling slit.

“Before I answer that question I have one of my own.” I said to Carole. “Have you got a plug in your ass, and if so which one?”

“Of course Sir!” She assured me immediately. “Just because I’m not with you doesn’t mean I don’t follow your instructions. I’m wearing the big black one, in fact I’ve had it in me all day, and I’m sure if you were to bend me over and slide it out, my little shitter would be nicely stretched and ready for your hard cock!”

Mom was sliding my cock deeper as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft, and I could feel her push harder to ease my dribbling cock-head into her moist throat. She held me deep until she had to slide back and take a breath, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on my discussion with Carole. “In that case slut, I’d be delighted if you could come over tomorrow and spend with weekend with us!” I assured her.

“Oh thank you Sir!” She replied enthusiastically. “I’ve missed spending time with you and Tanya so much! My cunt is running just thinking about it, would you like me to cum now Sir?”

I had a clear mental picture of her slick fingers working over her glistening pussy as she breathlessly talked to us. “Do it my sweet slut!” I encouraged her. “Tanya is on her knees with my cock buried deep in her throat while she strokes her clit. Let’s see if we can all cum together!”

Mom’s head was bobbing faster as she deep-throated my twitching fuck-stick, and I could see her fingers flying back and forth over her hard little clit as Carole gasped and moaned through the phone.

“OH…MY…FUCKING…GOD!” Carole screamed. “I’ve missed you fucking me so much! I’m CUMMING!!”

I could feel vibrations through my shaft as Mom moaned as she came, and savored the sound of her creamy juices spattering from her gash over her thighs. My balls tightened, letting me know I was going to finish third, but not by much! I thrust firmly into Mom’s hot mouth, punching the head of my cock into her throat as my cum pumped hard, giving her three or four high-pressure shots straight down her throat before I pulled back slightly to fill her mouth. Mom was smiling up at me as my cock finally stopped pumping, and opened her mouth slightly to allow a creamy flow to ooze from her moist lips and run down toward her chin, and I watched as strings formed that slowly dripped down onto her flushed breasts.

She swallowed her mouthful and I leant down to kiss her, savoring the taste of my own cream in the process. “I might have to change my view on phone sex Tanya.” I said softly as I stoked her face. “I always thought it was an outlet for ugly desperates with a credit card, but that was really hot!”

She nodded in agreement. “It certainly got my juices flowing honey, and the load you pumped down my throat let me know it turned you on!” She scooped my cum from her breasts and her face and savored every drop, tilting her head back to allowing strings to fall from her hand into her waiting mouth. “God!” She hissed. “I think I must be the world’s biggest cum-slut!”

I laughed out load. “You’ll get no argument from me you foxy little cunt!”

I had momentarily forgotten Carole was still on the phone, so I picked it up. “Sorry my slut. We got a little distracted here for a moment!” I apologized, hearing her giggle at my obvious comment.

“It sounded as though you were more than distracted Sir! So, I’ll see you both tomorrow night? Is there anything special I should bring, or wear for you?”

“I’m sure you’ll dress in something appropriate, beyond that I don’t have any special instructions for you.” I advised her. “I will tell you that we’re going to experiment with some new…activities, and these will involve you experiencing a level of pain, is that a problem for you?”

I sensed her tremble through the phone. “May….may I enquire what these new things are Sir?” She whispered.

“No, you may not.” I replied simply. “You’ll find out tomorrow….and over the weekend.”

She hesitated before responding. “Then whatever you have in mind is fine with me Sir.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, cunt.” I concluded as I cut the connection.

In the meantime Mom had moved back to her sun lounge, lying back as she sipped her wine and lazily stroked her glistening slit. Despite having just shot a huge load down her throat I was still hot-n-horny, so I walked over to join her. “You know Tanya; you have the prettiest pussy in town!” I complimented her.

She laughed and smiled at me. “Really honey? You think my pussy is pretty?”

“I am totally, completely in love with your pussy Tanya!” I reassured her.

She put her glass down and slowly slid a finger through each of her gold labia rings, gently pulling them back to show me her hidden delights. When she was wide open to my gaze she spoke again. “Do you like it when I do this honey?” She whispered. “Does it make you want to do all kinds of unspeakably filthy things to me when I display myself like this, like a complete slut?”

“You know it baby!” I whispered.

“Then why don’t you do it honey? Why don’t you use my fuck-holes any for anything you want? Would you like to fuck your Mom’s tight little cunt, or do you have something else in mind?”

I smiled at her wanton invitation, and lowered my face to her glistening slit. I slid my tongue around the wet inner edges of her labia, hearing an appreciative gasp slip from her lips. I slowly slid the hood back over her clit, exposing it to my hot breath, and started sucking her stiff little button as though it were a tiny cock. “Ooooooh!” She squealed. “I love the way you push my buttons baby! And I really love it when you suck my little cock!”

I started bobbing my head up and down, taking care not to lose contact with her pink sex-button. She was already flowing freely, and I steadily inhaled her intoxicating scent. Then she started to moan and put one hand on the back of my head, pulling my face against her slick pussy and grinding her hips against me. I moved faster, increasing the suction on her clit until I was rewarded with a squeal and a gush of cum that spattered over my lips and my chin. I stuck my tongue deep inside her fuck-tunnel and tasted her hot cream as she increased her grip on my head. As fast as I lapped up her juices she showered me with more, until she breathlessly pushed me away as she struggled for breath.

“Oh my God!” She groaned. “Oh my fucking God!!! That was amazing baby. That was the best cum you’ve given me in ages!”

My cock had recovered from its satisfying journey down Mom’s throat, and I was ready to go again, but I knew her pussy would be very sensitive, so I helped her into a sitting position and slid my leaking shaft between her pert C-cup breasts. A couple of slow thrusts conveyed my intentions, and she smiled up at me before pushing her breasts together to create a snug fuck-tunnel for me, and lowered her head. I thrust further up her chest, and she flicked the head of my cock with her tongue before I slid back down. I built up to a steady rhythm, enjoying her tongue’s caress every time I thrust upward, and allowed waves of pleasure to course through my body. I hadn’t given her tit fuck for ages, and I’d forgotten how great it felt. Mom was crushing her tits against my thrusting cock, giving me tight, slippery friction as my cock-head oozed slick pre-cum.

“Come on lover!” Mom encouraged me. “Give me a nice sticky cum bath!”

No sooner said than done, and I groaned loudly and pumped my first rope of thick, white cum straight onto her chin. She pushed her head down even further and was rewarded with a cum-facial as my cock pulsed again and again, my juices running down her face and cascading over her tits. Viscous strings of cum were hanging from her sweating body as my stream finally ran dry, and I eased back and collapsed on my sun lounge to recover.

She came over and somehow found room to snuggle up against me, holding me as I caught my breath. “You know baby, there are two things I really value in our relationship.” She whispered in my ear.

“What’s that honey?” I managed to reply as my pulse rate came back to a readable figure.

“The first thing is that you’re interested in being with me at all, given our age difference and the minor fact that I’m your Mom! I mean…’re a good looking young man and it’s hard to understand why you don’t have a constant stream of hot girls you own age coming home and disappearing into your bedroom. Not that I’m complaining!”

“Ok, I have an answer to that.” I replied. “But what’s the second thing?”

“The second is that you are such a sensational lover!” Mom continued. “I can’t work out how you do it, but how can someone so young fuck me so completely, and give me such a sense of total satisfaction? And it’s not like it happens every once and a while, it’s every single time you come near me! You have never left me feeling unfulfilled, and to think, I agonized over whether I should talk to you about fucking me for weeks and weeks. So many times I nearly worked up the courage and then lost my nerve at the last moment. Now I’m kicking myself for wasting so much time when we could have been doing things like this!”

I rolled over and held her face in my hands. “Tanya, from my perspective it’s pretty straightforward. I agreed to be with you because you really are a hot looking woman, and even more so since you and Bec freshened up your wardrobe. You’ve always taken care of yourself and you don’t weigh two hundred pounds, so it wasn’t an unpleasant prospect. The other factor is that I just knew you needed it so bad! I mean, you were virtually begging me and I felt that if I said no you’d have nowhere else to go! Does that make any kind of sense?”

She nodded so I went on. “I guess I don’t really know why I’m not chasing girls at school, other than to say if I didn’t have you I probably would be!” She smiled at that comment. “I see other guys at school walking on egg shells when their girlfriends are around, and despite the macho bullshit you can see they are watching what they say and do most of the time. When I’m with you I can just be myself, I don’t have to pretend I’m something I’m not. And you’ve made it clear I can do whatever I want, so I’d have to be out of my fucking mind to let that go!”

Mom could see the sense in that comment and we both laughed. “I guess that makes sense!” She agreed.

“I really can’t explain why we are just so good together, and I’ve wondered about that as well sometimes!” I continued. “I really enjoy what we do and I’m glad you do too, but I also enjoy being with Bec and Carole as you’re all extremely sexy women, but you’re all different as well. And there’s no jealousy, no bullshit attitude, or I-want-this-if-you-want-that stuff, so why change something that works so well? I have to say I love the power you and the girls have given me, it has to be the ultimate aphrodisiac, but I try to make sure I never abuse it!”

Mom smiled and kissed my cheek. “Thanks honey, I feel better and I think I have a better understanding now. And don’t worry, the only things you abuse are our tight, wet fuck-holes, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!!”

As darkness was falling and it was getting quite cool we decided to head inside and have dinner, and I knew Mom was wondering what I had in mind for the coming weekend.

Friday was a regular day, so Mom headed off to work and I left for school. I caught up with Phil and Bec at school and, as usual lately, she was going to spend the weekend at his place. I told them Carole was coming over and they both smiled broadly, Phil slapping me on the back as he told me to rest up as he was sure I wasn’t going to get a lot of sleep. I replied that knowing my sister as I did, he probably wasn’t going to be any better off, and we wished each other enjoyable weekends and headed home.

When I arrived home I was pleasantly surprised to see Mom had left work early, and was relaxing in a steaming bubble bath with a glass of wine. “Hi honey, good day at school?” She enquired.

“It was ok thanks Mom.” I responded. “How come you’re home so early?”

She gave me a sexy, seductive smile. “Well we had an easy day today so I left early. I’m hoping this is the only chance I’ll have to get squeaky-clean for you this weekend!” She said, giving me a sly wink.

I laughed at her none-too-subtle suggestion. “We’ll see my sweet cunt. We’ll see!”

“May I ask a question Sir?” She enquired as she leant forward, slowly sliding the bar of soap across her wet breasts. I nodded for her to go on. “Did you mean what you said to Carole, about inflicting pain on her?” I nodded in agreement. “Does….does that mean you’ll do the same to me?” She asked softly.

“I have special plans for you both, and yes, you will experience some pain in what I have planned. Does that create a problem for you?” I said sternly.

I saw her shiver and her eyes closed momentarily. “No Sir.” She whispered. “You know you can do whatever you want, and I know better than to ask you what you have planned.”

I went over and stroked her face, before I lifted her chin and kissed her lips. “I can promise you this will be a very intense weekend, and I have every intention of taking you and Carole to your limits. I’m going for a shower and I suggest you get ready. Carole seemed pretty eager and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s early too!”

I left her to finish her bath, and enjoyed a hot shower and a shave before packing the sex toys in a bag and heading downstairs to relax before Carole arrived. I put on some soft music and poured a glass of wine, and allowed my mind to wander and my body relax. There was no doubt tonight was going to be an experience for my willing sluts, and it would interesting to see how they reacted when the fun started. My cock was half-hard as my plans played out in mind, and small bead of pre-cum oozed from my cock-head in anticipation. It took a moment to realize Mom had entered the room.

As usual she prepared herself immaculately, with her hair neatly styled, pearl drop earrings and a matching pendant framing her throat, smoky make-up and a hot pink lycra halter dress than hung from thin spaghetti straps with a deep, plunging neckline. I could see her hard nipples and piercing rings outlined in clinging material, and she bent over to pick up the wine bottle, allowing me to glimpse the butt plug nestled in her firm ass.

She moved closer, and I slowly ran my hand up her inner thigh until my finger brushed her freshly shaved slit. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy and the moisture of her juices that were already seeping past her labia. “I believe someone is anxious for the fun to start.” I suggested.

She smiled down and nodded in agreement. “I’m so ready for you Sir!” She acknowledged. “And it will be fantastic to play with Carole again. It’s been ages since her last time with us!”

It had been a while, and she stood there quietly, swaying to the music and sipping from her glass as my finger slowly stroked her increasingly wet slit. I was in no hurry, enjoying the slow, sensuous nature of our contact, when the doorbell rang. “I believe your guest has arrived Sir. Would you like me to show her in?”

“Thank you Tanya.” I responded.

Mom went and opened the door and I could hear them kissing and exchanging greetings. Mom led Carole in by the hand and I was stunned at the risqué way she was dressed as she put her overnight bag down. She was wearing cute white ankle boots and matching stay-up stockings, but it was her dress that really got my attention. It was the tiniest white fishnet dress that I had even seen, and the hemline was at least two inches short of covering her smooth pussy. Not that the extra length would have changed anything, as the holes between the white thread were at least a half inch square and really didn’t cover a thing!

I walked over to her, smiling broadly as I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. “It’s so good to see you Carole, and I have to ask, did you leave the house dressed like that or did you change out front?”

She giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. “The honest answer is yes and no Sir.” I raised an eyebrow at this response. “Justin was home and I was dressed like this, so I thought it would be wise to put a coat over my outfit, at least until I got in the car. Then I took it off and drove over, hoping I wouldn’t get pulled over on the way!”

We all smiled at thought of Carole sitting in the car dressed as she was, when a Police officer walked up and asked her for her license and registration. That would take some explaining!

Mom poured Carole a glass of wine and we relaxed in the den, chatting about what we had all been doing since we last got together. Carole told us she had enrolled in a fitness program and a weekly yoga class, smiling at me when she said her motivation was to become a flexible as possible. Mom had been doing yoga for the same reason, and they agreed they should go together from now on. When the catch ups had been attended to I asked a question that had been on my mind for while.

“So tell me Carole, how are things with Justin since the day I got you two together, so to speak? It occurred to me later, that once the shock had worn off and things settled down, he may decide he enjoyed being with you and come sniffing around for more.”

Mom sat forward, obviously interested in her response to my question. In the meantime Carole looked thoughtful for a moment before she replied. “To be honest I hadn’t really noticed anything like that Sir, as it’s been something of a roller coaster ride since you and I first…..since that day when you, Phil and Justin fucked me. I was really confused the week after it happened, as I think I may have told you?” I nodded in agreement. “Once I decided to ask if you would see me again, I guess I’ve been focused on myself, and ensuring I presented myself correctly and behaved as you expected. I mean, my first concern was that I could take the things you wanted to do to me, as it took me a long way out of my comfort zone, and my second was making sure I didn’t fuck up and have you tell me to leave and never come back! However, now that you mention it…..I have noticed some changes.”

I was keen to get things underway, but at the same time Mom and I were both interested in hearing more about Carole and her son. I stood and went over to the bag of sex toys and extracted my riding crop. I returned to my seat. “Come of here slut, and kneel before me.” I instructed, and I noticed Carole was breathing heavily as she hurried to comply. I made a show of testing the flex of the whip, before I flicked it hard across her left breast. THWACK! She groaned and arched her back, closing her eyes for a second as the tip blazed firmly across her nipple, leaving a red mark on her tender skin.

“Tell me about these changes you’ve noticed.” I instructed, as I drew my arm back and flicked the whip savagely across her right nipple.

“Oh God! Oh fuck!” She moaned as struggled to regain her composure, and gather her thoughts at the same time. “Ummm….Justin has been hanging around me more, and….he’s been complimenting me a lot on my appearance…..” THWACK! I gave her left nipple another shot and she moaned again. “Oh sweet Jesus that hurts! I thought it was just because I was taking more care with the way I dress, but now I think perhaps you could be right.” THWACK! Her right nipple jiggled from a second bite of the leather tip. “Oh fuck, Sir! If you keep doing that I think I’m going to cum! Uhhh…..there have also been a couple of times when he’s been around and I’ve felt he wanted to ask me something, but when I’ve asked him if he wants to talk he just tells me no, it’s ok.”

THWACK! THWACK! I gave each of her breasts another shot, and she screamed and pumped a gush of cum down her thighs and onto the floor, and then opened her eyes to give me a smoldering smile. I looked over at Mom and saw she was slumped back in her chair, legs spread wide in a lewd pose with three fingers thrusting firmly into her juicy cunt.

I continued my discussion with Carole. “So my slut, how do you feel about this? Are you interested in having your son’s hard cock pumping hard into your dripping fuck-box, or is that a turn off for you?”

Before she could respond I gave her breasts another slash, and again she pumped a gush of cum down her dribbling thighs. “Oh FUCK!!! Ummm…uhhh….I’m not sure Sir! To be honest there have been times when I have been jealous of Tanya and Bec, living with you and enjoying being fucked by you whenever you choose. But I would never do anything with Justin unless you told me to, as I wouldn’t do anything that would put my place with you at risk!”

I was momentarily distracted by Mom’s squeals as she came, and I looked across to see she had her whole fist jammed hard into her fuck-box, her labia stretched and distended to accommodate the thickness of her wrist. I knew I was pushing Carole hard, but I was sinking slowly into a mental pool of fuck-lust, and we still had a way to go. The leather tip blazed across her nipples again, and again she screamed as she came, adding to the spreading pool on the floor. “Listen cunt!” I shouted at her. “When I ask you a fucking question I expect a direct answer, not a short story that has no firm conclusion. So I’ll ask you again, DO…YOU…WANT…TO…FUCK…YOUR…SON!”

“Oh Fuck Sir, I’m sorry!!!” She groaned. “YES! Yes, I would love to fuck him and fuck him and FUCK HIM!!! Jim is hardly ever interested in me, and when he is I wonder why he bothered. All he does is climb on top and pump away until he cums, and he couldn’t care less whether I enjoy it or not! I would sell my soul for some young, hard cock that I could fuck whenever I need to. I can’t come over here unless Jim goes away, and that doesn’t happen often enough!!!”

Now we were getting somewhere, and I knew I had worked her hard physically and mentally, so I put the whip down and knelt beside her, gently soothing her bruised nipples with my lips. She straightened up and slid a hand behind my head, nursing my mouth to her beaten breasts. When I had kissed and sucked both nipples I moved around so that my lips we beside her ear. “How would you like a long, hard fucking? Would you like me to slide my cock deep into your hot cunt and fill it with cum?”

“Yes! Fuck yes!” She whispered. “I need it! I want it! I’ll do anything you want to get it!!!

“Then crawl over to Tanya, stick your tongue deep into her filthy cunt, and suck her clean while I fuck your slut-hole!”

She moved slowly, sensuously gyrating her hips at me as she headed across to where Mom was slumped in her chair, lowered her face to Mom’s stretched, oozing cunt, and slid her long tongue inside. I moved behind her and knelt down, placing my whip across her back before gripping her butt cheeks firmly and spreading them, displaying her plugged sphincter and glistening fuck-box to my lustful gaze. My cock was so hard I could actually feel it throbbing, and with a sigh of pleasure I thrust home in one long stroke.

Carole paused for a moment and groaned as her cunt muscles stretched to accommodate my rigid fuck-stick, and then thrust her tongue deep back inside Mom’s gash. I had my balls pressed firmly against her slick, puffy labia as I picked up the whip and prepared to strike. This time Mom was my target, and I knew every erogenous zone on her body would be fully aroused and extremely sensitive, so I flicked the whip with medium force across her nipples in two rapid strikes. Her body went rigid and her eyes blazed open as I rudely interrupted her dreamlike state. I maintained eye contact with her as I whipped her again, and her eyes closed and she tilted her head back and squealed. I started thrusting slowly and deeply into Carole’s cunt as Mom opened her eyes and silently mouthed the word “again” to me, so I flicked the whip across her nipples to comply with her request.

I gradually established a rhythm where I could slide into Carole’s running fuck-hole and slice the whip across Mom’s reddening nipples on every second stroke, slowly increasing speed. I was thrusting hard enough to mash Carole’s face against Mom’s sloppy pussy, and both my sluts were getting hotter and wetter by the second. My balls were letting me know my release was rapidly approaching, and I dropped the whip reluctantly, gripped Carole’s ass cheeks firmly, and thrust as hard and fast as I could. “Cum with me slut!” I shouted to her. “I’m gonna paint your tight, wet fuck-hole white any second!”

She lifted her face from Mom’s juicy slit for a second. “Do it you filthy cunt-fucker! I need it soo fucking badly! Fuck my slutty cunt and fill it with cum!!!”

We all came together, and screams and yelling filled the room as cum fired in all directions. I lost count of how many times my cock spasmed and pumped, as rope after rope of thick cum fired deep into Carole’s steaming fuck-box. On the second or third pump I felt her juices spattering against my cock-head and bathing my shaft, before it streamed from her gash and painted my straining balls. Mom had both hands behind Carole’s head and was pulling her forward so hard I wondered how she could breathe, until she finally released her hold and lay back, absolutely spent. My legs started to tremble, and the shaking reached the point where I had no choice but to slide reluctantly from Carole’s liquid embrace and collapse on the floor.

I have no idea how long I lay there, but I’m sure it must have been a while as I was soaked up the cool feeling from the slate floor against the heat of my skin. As my breathing started to return to normal I felt a feather light touch on my face as finger brushed my disheveled hair back, and soft kisses rained on my cheeks and eyebrows, before a long loving kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes to see Carole laying across my chest. “You are an amazing lover honey!” She whispered with a broad smile. “I cannot begin to tell you how good that was, or how much I needed it!”

Before I had the chance to reply Mom walked, or should I say wobbled, over on a pair of very unsteady legs and bent down to kiss Carole. “While we’re throwing compliments around, I have to say that was the best cunt-licking I’ve ever had too!”

“Really Tanya? Better than mine?” I teased.

She kissed me as well. “Sorry honey, but yes. Not better by much, but definitely better if I’m going to be honest. I hope you were sincere when you talked about no jealousy earlier!” She teased me in return. Damn! She knew me too well sometimes!

It was time for a break and the opportunity to recover, so we headed slowly into the kitchen for dinner. I was about to refill the wine glasses when Carole suggested I wait a minute, and produced two bottles of champagne from a chiller bag. “Are we celebrating something?” Mom asked as she stretched up to reach the champagne flutes in the cupboard.

Carole smiled as she handed me a bottle. “Would you care to do the honors Sir? And Tanya, I think what just happened is cause for celebration!”

I popped the cork carefully and slowly poured our glasses, handing one to each of the girls. Carole raised her glass in a toast. “To very good friends…….and FUCKING….AWESOME….SEX!!!”

Her toast had us all laughing heartily, and we raised our glasses and each took a long sip. I made a mental note to be careful with my alcohol intake, as a case of ‘brewers-droop” would not fit well with my plans for later!

Mom and Carole had dinner on the table in record time, which was probably just as well when we realized how hungry we were, nothing like a solid fuck session to build up the appetite! We talked and laughed and periodically the girls would try to find out my plans for later, and the rest of our weekend together. I deflected every attempt until they finally gave up and our discussion moved to other topics.

Carole asked where Bec and Phil were, so I told her they were officially girlfriend/boyfriend and were spending a lot of time at Phil’s house. She was delighted and said she’d have to congratulate them when she saw them at school.

We sat back and relaxed as we digested our meal, until Mom looked at me. “The wine and champagne have gone right through me honey, and I need to pee!”

Carole chimed in saying she needed to go as well, and I had to admit I wasn’t going to be able to cum again until I’d drained my bladder. “Ok sluts, this is going to get messy so let’s take it outside.” I opened the door and we stepped out into the yard, savoring the cool night air. “So, who needs to go first?” I asked.

Mom was almost hopping from one foot to the other and looked apologetically at Carole. “Are you ok if I go first?” She asked, almost pleading. Carole smiled and assured her that was fine, so she turned to me. “Where do you want me Sir?”

I ignored her for a moment. “Carole, slide that nasty plug out of Tanya’s ass.” I instructed, and she walked over as Mom bent forward, taking a firm grip on the plug before easing it free from her clenching sphincter.

In the meantime I lay back on a sun lounge, stroking my cock to a state of readiness. I only had the glance down at my fuck-stick and Mom knew what I required, walking over and straddling me before lowering slowly as my cock-head slipped easily past her gaping sphincter and slid deep into her shitter. When her pussy was nestled against my stomach she took a couple of deep breaths and let her golden piss flow. It only took a couple of seconds before she was pissing like an uncapped fire hydrant, and rivers of pungent yellow piss were running from her cunt over my chest and cascading onto the ground. “Oh fuck! I so needed this!!!” She groaned.

Her release made me realize how urgent my need was, but I gritted my teeth and tried to wait until she had finished. Finally her flow slowed to trickle and stopped, and she breathed huge sigh of relief. Now it was my turn, and I focused on overcoming her gripping pressure before I managed to release my own flow. Despite knowing what was coming, her eyes flew open when she felt my piss pumping into her tight ass, and she squealed as she came all over my chest, her thick juices pooling with her golden piss. “You sick fuck!” She hissed at me. “I can’t believe the filthy, depraved things I let you do to me!”

I smiled up at her as I managed to stop my flow, knowing I still had Carole to take care of. “Don’t get ahead of yourself slut! You have no fucking say in what I do, and you wouldn’t have it any other way! Now slide off and clean up your fucking mess, I have another customer waiting!”

She smiled at my response knowing I was totally right, and she eased up, releasing a huge gush of piss from her ass as my cock slipped free. She moved down my body and took my cock into her mouth, locking her lips around the base of my shaft and swirling her tongue around as she cleaned me.

I looked across at Carole and saw she was trying to cross her legs as she struggled to hold back. I motioned for her to come over and she smiled in grateful release. “Cunt or ass?” She asked in a very direct manner.

“Cunt!” I replied simply, and Mom held my cock in position as Carole moved over me, lowering down in one easy movement.

Her eyes closed as my cock-head stretched her slick fuck-tunnel. Having stopped mid-stream in Mom’s ass I simply couldn’t wait for her, and released my bursting bladder with full force. My cock was saturated in seconds and my piss was running down my shaft and draining from her pussy as my flow continued. She groaned, but I had no way of knowing whether she had cum or it was a groan of relief as her flow joined mine. Our juices sprayed in her tight twat and ran in rivers, until our flows petered out and she collapsed forward on my chest. “Tanya’s right, you are a sick fuck, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I guess it’s not so hard to believe you do these things to us, but I can’t get over how fucking hot it makes me! The filthier you are, the hotter my cunt gets and the more I cum and cum and cum!”

“That’s easy to explain.” I replied. “You’re just a complete and total slut! Now get that pissy cunt off me and clean me up, things are about to get real interesting!” I felt her shiver in anticipation, and in seconds she was licking and sucking our combined juices until my cock was spotless.

It was time to move things along, and I decided it was such a perfect night we would stay outdoors. Tanya and Carole were waiting expectantly, anxious to find out what my perverted plans entailed. “Ok you sluts!” I snapped to get their attention. “Your cunts are about to be stretched further and harder than ever before. While I get things ready, I suggest you get busy getting each other as juiced up and wide open as you can!” I turned and headed inside before they had the opportunity to question my instructions, not that I would have paid any attention.

I came back with an armful of candles that I placed around the area and lit, before turning off the outdoor floodlights that were far too bright to match the mood I wanted to create. My next trip included a bottle of wine and glasses, and I paused to pour the glasses and take a sip, watching my sluts in a cock-stiffening sixty-nine as they devoured each other hungrily. They may not have known what was coming, but they were frantically trying to get ready.

My final trip was sure to be an eye opener, as I had been to see my buddy at the adult store and purchased two identical huge black dildos. These were monsters, around three inches in diameter, twelve to fourteen inches long, and with a flat molded base so they would sit on the floor and point upward. I uncapped a bottle of lube and poured a large blob into my palm, before I smeared it all over each shaft. I placed them on the ground roughly four feet apart, and summoned my sluts.

“Ok you sluts, time’s up! Bring those tight, juicy cunts over here.”

They untangled themselves, their faces gleaming with slick juices in the flickering candlelight. Mom saw the dildos first, gasping at their size and squeezing Carole’s hand. “Oh my fucking God! I don’t know if I can stretch far enough to take something that big Sir!” She whispered with her eyes wide in amazement. Carole’s face had an identical look of trepidation, if not outright fear.

“You can and you will!” I snapped. “Do I need to remind you that both you sluts begged me to fuck you, and you both assured me I could do whatever I want, whenever I want. Do you remember that?” They looked at each other and back to me, nodding in hesitant agreement. “Fine! What I want, right-fucking-now, are those toys deep in your cunts, got it?”

Surprisingly Carole was the first to move, kneeling above one dildo before she gripped her piercing rings and pulled her labia back further than I had ever seen them go. She lowered down slowly, until the head was resting against her slick opening. Her eyes were clenched shut and she was breathing deeply and steadily, making every effort to relax her muscles to accept my challenge. Her labia were stretched to an amazing extent, thrust hard against her inner thighs as the massive head ever so slowly slipped inside. When she had taken the head I saw her visibly relax a little, and she opened her eyes and looked up at us. “My…cunt…is…stretched…so…fucking…far! I…I think if I sneezed…I would explode and…there’d be pieces of pussy flying in all directions! Ohhhh….FUCK!”

Mom realized she had stalled for long enough, and straddled her monster as she slid down. She followed Carole’s lead in using her piercing rings to open her fuck-tunnel to this massive invader, and gradually dropped until she also managed to take the huge head. “Oh God! Oh my fucking God! I don’t know how much more I can take, it’s fucking huge!”

With her head start Carole had managed to take around two inches of the thick shaft, but is was obviously difficult as her body was covered in a sheen of perspiration despite the cool evening air. She was slowly rotating her hips, as though trying to grind her way down to the base. I took a sip of wine as I watched this incredibly erotic scene unfold, my cock standing firmly with a long string of glistening pre-cum hanging from my piss slit. Carole looked up at me and smiled. “You really are a sick cunt-fucker, aren’t you? Does watching us do these filthy things get you off?” She hissed.

“You know it slut! How’s your little fuck box doing now, getting a nice stretching?” I said, giving her an evil smile of my own.

“You have no idea how far I’m stretched, the only thing that spread me this far before was giving birth! Maybe I should shove this monster up your ass when I’m done with it!”

I admired her spirit but she needed to be reminded who was really in charge, so I walked over and grabbed her nipple, giving it a fierce squeeze. “Be careful slut! Be very, very careful. This is only the entre to what I have planned for you tonight, there is still dinner and desert to go!” She gasped, partially from the spike of pain that radiated from her already bruised nipple, and partially from my news that we were a long way from done. I jammed my cock deep in her mouth to prevent any more discussion, and bumped the head against the entrance to her throat. My balls were burning so I had to pull back, otherwise I’m sure I would have shot my load down her throat, and while that was a pleasant prospect it was far too early!

I walked over to Mom and saw that she had been quietly working away, and now had around four inches of her huge toy buried in her dribbling fuck-box. It was time to step things up a notch, so I walked over to my toy bag and found the pieces of elastic cord I had cut into lengths earlier. I went over to Mom and slid the cord through her nipple rings, tying the ends together to form a loose loop, then I repeated this on Carole’s nipple piercings. I must have had an evil grin of anticipation on my face, as Mom looked up at me. “Oh my God! What are you doing to us now Sir?”

They were both watching intently as I picked up a third piece of elastic, tying one end to the loop through Mom’s rings. I started the stretch the cord as I looped it around the cord tied to Carole’s D-cup tits, and slowly started to stretch. “One warning my sweet little sluts. If either of you lean forward even one inch, I’ll give your tits and your nipples a fearful thrashing with the riding crop!”

As I stretched the cord it pulled against the loops through their nipple rings, slowly drawing their breasts away from their chests like a cock rising to hardness. When I had them pulled straight out with no droop at all I tied the cord off, and sat back to admire my handiwork. My mouth was parched and I finished my glass of wine, pouring another before I walked slowly around them. Their tits were stretched in a totally obscene manner, each dependant on the other not to increase the pressure. Their nipples must have been on fire from my earlier whipping, and must have been stretched to an inch in length.

Carole had taken around six inches of the dildo and was still grinding away when I knelt beside her. “This is dinner bitch, how are you feeling now?” I hissed, loud enough for Mom to hear.

I expected another mouthful of abuse as we all knew what a turn on some hot talk can be, or perhaps a quiet plea to back off a little, but her reply came as big surprise. She gave me tender smile and mouthed a sensuous kiss. “I feel like the slutiest, filthiest, cock-fucking, cunt-sucking whore on the planet! If you had a football team here right now I’d take them all if you told me to!!!”

Now that was an interesting prospect! “Is that right slut? You’d take an entire football team if I told you to fuck them?”

She nodded, her face and tits flushed as she actually leaned back a little to increase the obscene pressure pulling on her inflamed nipples. “Deep in my slutty cunt, hard up my clenching shit-hole and ramming right down my throat! One after the fucking other, three at a cunt-fucking time! And if they had anything left they could stand in a circle and cover my body in cum!!!” Her own lewd talk was getting her hotter than I had even seen her, and her eyes blazed fire as she squealed and jammed down, pounding her huge sex toy all the way into her grossly distended fuck-box!

I looked across at Mom who was watching Carole in amazement, beads of sweat running down her body as she slid up and down, fucking her dildo deeper with every downward thrust. “And what about you cunt?” I enquired. “Do you want take on a team of hard, dripping cocks?”

She was so worked up she actually spat at me! That was going to cost her later!!! “You bring them and we’ll fuck them! We’ll milk the cum from their cunt-fucking balls until they can’t stand up, then we’ll suck them hard and fuck them again!”

Bold words indeed, and a few ideas for the future, but right now my cock was so hard I knew a brush of slick skin would have me pumping like crazy, so it was time to bring this fuck-fest to a conclusion.

I picked up a large red candle and stood between my two wanton cunts, before I held it above Mom and tilted it over at an angle. The flame flickered over the wax edge and turned it to liquid before it dripped down, landing directly on Mom’s stretched breast. She squealed in surprise as the hot wax pooled on her skin, forming a large red blob as it dried quickly in the night air. I shifted slightly and dropped a second blob on her other tit, just missing her stretched nipple. Carole got the next two drops, right on target, and they were both staring up at me as I moved the candle between them.

I was slowly stroking my cock, aching for release. “I going to give you cock-fuckers the biggest cum bath you’ve ever had, so if you want to cum then you’d better get to it!”

It was as though I’d fired the starting gun at a race, and they frantically started thrusting up and down on their massive silicone cocks. I wanted to keep going with the candle wax, but they were thrusting so hard I was worried about dropping hot wax on their faces so I reluctantly put it down. As I did I was momentarily mesmerized by how far their oozing fuck boxes were stretching, sucking in as they slid upward, and then pushing outward to an amazing extent as they thrust back down.

I may have finished third during our phone sex session yesterday, but this time I was the clear winner. I was so hot a few long strokes had my cum pumping, and while I’d aimed my first shot at Mom’s face, it sprayed from my piss slit with so much force it actually flew right over her head! I dropped my aim and in seconds I had coated her in cock-cream, before I shifted my aim and painted Carole’s face completely. I couldn’t believe how much cum I was showering over my sweet sluts, and knowing I was bathing them with hot fuck-juice finally sent them over as well, squealing and crying out as they spattered their own juices over the oversized cunt-stuffers.

I managed to stagger back and collapse in a chair, while they simply dropped where they knelt, still with their tits tied together. Mom’s dildo was moving slowly free by itself as her muscles continued to flex, and she must have pumped gallons of cum as it finally popped with a cascade of cunt cream following it. I was completely and totally spent, with my softening cock lying limply against my leg, and I marveled at what an amazing night this had been.

When I felt I could stand for long enough, I went over and untied the cords between them and helped Mom to her feet, and then took her upstairs to my bed. “You’re the best, honey!” She whispered sleepily as she lay down.

“You’re not bad either!” I replied, though I doubt she heard a word.

I went back down and eased the dildo from Carole’s swollen pussy, allowing a huge pool of her cum to ooze free, before helping her to her feet and taking her upstairs as well. She had cum so much she was leaving a trail of moist spots behind her as we staggered along, her arm tight around my waist for support. She put her arms around my neck as I lowered her into bed, kissing me as though she’d never let go, before finally sinking onto the mattress.

My final trip was to blow out the candles and lock the house, and for a moment I thought about tidying up, as there were sex toys, wine bottles, glasses and other stuff lying everywhere, and then I thought “fuck it” and headed for bed myself. I’m sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I didn’t stir once all night, and when I woke the next morning I wasn’t even sure what day it was. I looked either side but my bedmates had left, and gazed groggily at the clock, amazed to see it read ten-thirty. I don’t think I’d ever slept that late!

I realized I didn’t smell as fresh as I could have and after last night that was no surprise, so I headed for a shower. After fifteen minutes or so I started to feel half awake, so I toweled dry and went downstairs. Mom and Carole were sitting in the kitchen drinking steaming cups of coffee. When they saw me wander in they both rushed over and kissed me.

Mom gave a huge smile. “Good morning stud! You not only fucked us to a standstill, I’d say you did a pretty thorough job on yourself as well!”

Carole chimed in. “Lucky you came down when you did. Another five minutes and we were going to cancel breakfast and start thinking about lunch! Hungry?”

“So hungry!” I groaned. “If I don’t eat I’m going to die!”

“We can’t allow that baby!” Mom replied, and in minutes we were tucking into eggs, bacon, sausages and hash browns as though it was our last meal. After a sizeable second helping and a couple of glasses of orange juice I felt as though my body and brain were finally beginning to function. I had pushed my sluts harder and further than ever before last night, and I was concerned that I may have gone too far, but I wasn’t sure how to broach the subject, seeing as I was supposed to be the man in charge. Thankfully I didn’t have to, as Carole and Mom came over, took each of my hands in theirs, and placed them on their slick pussies.

“You really worked us over last night baby! I’m not sure what hurts more, my cunt or my tits!” Mom whispered huskily.

“You sure did! I doubt if my cunt will be back to normal until next week sometime!” Carole agreed. “Can we please….please ask what you have in mind for today? Just this once Sir, please?”

I smiled at them both, my concerns laid to rest. “I was actually thinking we could take a drive up to the lake, maybe take a picnic lunch.” I smiled, particularly to Mom who blushed a little as she remembered the outdoor fuck session we had enjoyed on our last visit.

“That sounds like a great idea Sir!” She agreed enthusiastically.

Then I turned to Carole. “And I thought that maybe you should give Justin a call, and see if you can convince him to come over. Say around four.”

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