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At the parking lot after work Paul suggested a place to eat and drink, I told him I would follow him. Inside this bar and grill we were at, I was able for the first time to hear him talk and laugh, he didn’t look gay at all nor did he act gay. By the second beer I had I was feeling more relaxed and changed the subject on him by asking him why me? He confided in me that he was in the middle of a divorce and that he hadn’t had sex in months and knowing that my wife was in a body cast thought I too was missing out and was probably just as horny. I asked him how he was able to give such great head and he told me that as a young kid he had been forced to give head to two older kids that lived close to his farm and for 3 years he was sucking them 4 – 6 times a week. Then his family moved away to a city and moved
in with his father’s sister and her family. The house was big enough but still it was more crowded than he was used to. He said her aunt had two sons, one was 8 years and the other one was older 17. He said that he had to share the bed with the 17 year old and knew his cousin didn’t like that and sometimes mistreated him. Then one day he walked in on his cousin jacking off and he just wanted to please him so that he would like him and told him he knew he could help him out if he wanted by sucking his cock. He said his cousin agreed and from that day on his cousin was happy to sleep with him. He even shared that his older cousin had fucked him for the first time and that it all ended when two years later his cousin left and joined the army. By the time he ended his story up till the time he said that 3 years ago a temp guy was hired and was very friendly with him but that all that had happened was the temp guy had dry humped him once that he had bent over and some people saw them and they all laughed, We were already on our 4th beer and had finished a burger and fries when my phone rang and it was my wife and I told her that I was with Paul and that we were just talking and drinking some beers, she was happy for me but worried that I shouldn’t drive but take a taxi. She also said that she had some family coming down to visit her and that there would be no place for me to sleep if I went. We both agreed that this week id stay here at the house and visit her next week. With that I told Paul I was free all weekend and that I had nothing to do Saturday, hoping he wanted to come by tomorrow and suck me off some more. he asked me if I wanted to come over to his place since he lived alone in a small apartment close by. I wasn’t ready to hear that, I was surprised but I accepted. I thought one good blow job and them I’m gone. We finished our 4th beer and headed to his apartment. As I followed him there I kept thinking about my wife and how much I loved her. How much she trusted me and how I had failed her and our marriage but what occupied more and more my thoughts was how Paul was going to satisfy my lust by having him suck my cock one more time. Once inside his apartment he offered me another beer and we sat next to each other as we watched TV. I know I was buzzed from the beers I had drank and no longer cared anything about my wife, all I wanted was to have Paul suck on my cock. I made the first move by scooting a little closer to him and he got the hint and placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed my leg thru my pants. I stretched out my legs and placed my hands behind my head feeling more relaxed from the beers and he began to unbutton my shirt and pants. I closed my eyes as he kissed my stomach and kissed my chest and sucked on my nipples. No one had ever sucked on my nipples before it felt good. I was enjoying the beer buzz and the groping and didn’t even think that it was being done by a guy. Just as his kisses went on my neck and his hands were all over my body caressing me and squeezing me that I lowered my head and he kissed me on the mouth, I kissed back for a few seconds when I noticed how rough his face was and I pulled away. For a few seconds I forgot it was Paul, a guy kissing me and I had kissed him back. That scarred me and I pulled away. He asked me what’s wrong and all I could say was I’m not gay. He said I’m not gay either and with that he pulled my pants and underwear all the way off me. I wanted to get up and leave but I was too buzzed and to horny to try. There I was completely naked in the middle of a strange apartment with someone I hardly knew and I was about to get one of the greatest blowjobs ever so I placed my hands behind his head once again and he proceeded to suck my cock while he played with my nipples. With one hand I started to take off his shirt then he stopped and completely removed his clothes. And for the first time I saw my first grown man cock on Paul. He would alternate his kissing and sucking from my cock to my nipples and soon he was kissing on my neck again I knew what was next. I looked at him as to say ok and we closed our eyes and kissed. It was as if I had found sex for the first time. I loved the attention I was getting since I couldn’t remember what it felt like with my wife at the time. His body felt good on me, so warm and so strong. After alternating from kissing me on the lips and sucking on my cock that my hands began to caress his chest and stomach to his arms and legs but never did I touch his cock at all. When he noticed I was trying to avoid his cock he told me it was ok that if I didn’t want to touch him I didn’t have to. He said lets get comfortable and led me unto his bed. I was on my back and he was on top of me kissing like two school aged kids. I could feel his hard cock on me and all his pubic hairs too. As I reached to touch my stomach because I could feel both our pre cum on us that I accidentally touched his cock and I pulled away. Paul didn’t notice or didn’t care that I did he just kept worshiping my body with his kisses and caresses. Now I was curious when I first saw his cock after he removed his clothes he wasn’t hard and now I could feel his hardness pressing unto me so I began to stroke myself as we kissed and once in awhile my hand and fingers would wrap around his cock too. It wasn’t bigger than mine nor fatter but it was hard and warm. He said, you don’t have to but I continued to stroke him and soon he was coming on me. I just had given my first hand job to another guy. I was exited. He got off me and grabbed some tissues and wiped me off. He said now its my turn to make you cum.

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Stinking, low-life freaks. Go to a homo website with this shit.

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