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A man forces his wife to roleplay as his daughter
Claire’s face was burning. She stared in the mirror at the bright red mark on her cheek caused by a slap from her husband. Patrick had never shown any signs of aggression before, though they’d been married less than a year. The sting of the slap was mild compared to the bitterness of her recent revelation. She wished she’d stayed in bed.

She was standing in her step-daughter Molly’s room. When she and Patrick were married, Molly still lived with her mother. In fact, Molly and Patrick rarely saw each other. They were practically strangers. However, tragedy struck 9 months ago when Molly’s mother died in a car accident. Molly came to live with them and turned their lives upside down. She was 12 years old.

Before her arrival they had painted Molly’s room purple, her favorite color, and filled it with stuffed animals and girly objects to help with the transition. By now Molly had made her own mark on the room, covering the walls in posters of pop stars and magazine cut outs, and littering the floor with mountains of clothes and other preteen necessities. She had insisted on a gigantic pink bean bag chair that she would spend most of her time in, watching movies on her laptop or talking on the phone.

Claire’s fingers reached out and touched the material on the dresser… the cause of tonight’s explosion. She glanced into the mirror before her and, looking past her reflection, saw the pile her husband had left for her on the bed. Her stomach tightened and she felt sick. She recalled the evening’s events and what led her to this point.

It was Friday night, and Molly had arrangements to spend the night with a friend. After a quiet dinner of left overs, she and Patrick watched a movie. When it was over, Patrick began fondling her breast and nibbling at her neck, but she’d pushed him away feigning a headache. Patrick was pleasant about the rejection and retired to his study to catch up on some work while Claire took a bath and went to bed.

Sometime around midnight Claire woke up and, realizing Patrick wasn’t there, went to look for him. She thought she heard something coming from Molly’s room, so she slowly crept down the dark hallway. Peaking in through the partially cracked doorway, she couldn’t believe what she saw. She gasped as she covered her mouth, causing Patrick to turn and see her.

Patrick set the material he was holding down on the dresser, an angry expression consuming his face. He stood with his boxers around his ankles, large cock erect and pointing straight up, precum oozing from the tip. The material he had set down belonged to his twelve year old daughter. It was a pair of her dirty, yellow panties.

Claire began shrieking, asking what he thought he was doing and if he was crazy. He slowly walked towards her, glaring as she verbally crucified him. When he reached her, she threw up her arm to slap him but he grabbed her wrist before she had the chance. He grabbed her roughly and pulled her into the room, then slammed her against a wall. She was so shocked she didn’t even react, just stared at him wide eyed with her jaw hanging low.

Getting right up in her face he quietly growled, “Listen cunt, you belong to me. Just like my daughter belongs to me. I will not tolerate being questioned. If you want me to continue taking care of you, then you will take care of me in whatever way I desire. Do you understand?” He emphasized the question by tightening his grip around her wrist and shoving her once more against the wall.

Tears welded up in her eyes as she stared at a man she felt she didn’t even know. She began to quiver and shake her head “no” as she was covered by Patrick’s hot breath. Patrick narrowed his eyes and used his free hand to grab Claire around the neck. He squeezed until she couldn’t breathe and slammed her head against the wall, shouting “I said do you understand?” continuing to shake her.

When he finally released her neck she gasped for breath, choking on the air and all the saliva that had built up in her mouth. Before she even had a chance to catch her breath she felt the side of Patrick’s hand slamming against her cheek. She tasted sweat on her lips and wasn’t sure if it was hers or her husbands. She felt waves of emotions sweeping through her body, confusing her senses. On one hand she was disgusted and mortified by her husband’s behavior, but on the other she was strangely excited and aroused by the situation. She’d always secretly fantasized about being dominated.

“Yes, I understand,” she whimpered softly. Patrick’s grip around her wrist loosened, and using the hand that had just been strangling her, he began to caress her face and hair. “Good girl. I like it when you’re a good girl for me,” he whispered close to her ear. His voice had always been one of her favorite of his features. It was so deep and manly, yet soothingly smooth.

His hand gravitated down her side to her waist, and then back up her stomach until he lightly cupped her breast. He squeezed and kneaded it lovingly, now gently planting small kisses on her ear and cheek. Her breathing had become heavy and he could feel her submissiveness. He smiled to himself as he released her, and then turned to walk towards Molly’s closet. He fumbled around for a few moments before he found what he was looking for, laying the items on the bed. He went back to her dresser and searched out a few more items, which were also laid on the bed. Slowly he walked back to the door, near where Claire stood. When he reached the door he glanced over at Claire, then back to the items on the bed. “Put those on,” he commanded before shutting the door.

Chapter 2

Claire looked in the mirror, adjusting the outfit she’d just changed into. It was her twelve year old step-daughter’s cheerleading uniform. Claire had always been very petite, while her step-daughter Molly was fairly well developed. The two were not strangers to sharing clothes. The bright yellow uniform hugged Claire’s firm body tightly. The skirt barely concealed her ass, while the top stopped just below her breasts, exposing all of her midsection.

Patrick had left the uniform on Molly’s bed, instructing Claire to put it on. He’d also left some pink ribbons, which Claire used to tie her long, blonde hair on either side of her face. There were other accessories, too, including some dangly earrings that Molly often wore, Molly’s fruity smelling body spray, her pink ankle socks, and of course, itsy bitsy pink panties.

Claire admired her reflection. Since it was the middle of the night, she wore no makeup and actually looked quite young in the get-up. Without even realizing she was enjoying getting into character, Claire decided to add some final touches with Molly’s bright blue eye shadow and strawberry flavored lip gloss. She smacked her lips in satisfaction. She might not be able to pass for a twelve year old like Molly, but she could sure sign up for a high school class if she wanted.

Awaiting Patrick’s return, she sat nervously on the bed. She looked around at Molly’s things, trying to occupy her mind. She couldn’t erase the picture of her husband using their daughter’s panties to stroke his cock. She felt anger, betrayal, but also a twinge between her legs. Her stomach churned. She eventually leaned back on Molly’s pillows, absent mindedly wrapping her arms around Molly’s giant stuffed elephant.

Even with the powerful thoughts and intense emotions Claire was experiencing, the late hours and dark room took their toll and she soon fell asleep. Meanwhile, Patrick had been in his study using his computer. First he looked at some of the recent family photos that had been taken of Molly. He’d looked at these pictures a hundred times, but still he felt his cock stir. Then he logged onto one of Molly’s favorite websites to view her profile, and enjoy the pictures she thought were only viewable to her friends. She and her young girl friends loved to take pictures of each other with the sole purpose of teasing men. Wet t-shirts, bikinis, bananas in the mouths, these silly preteens did it all.

Patrick had never been particularly interested in young girls, but he couldn’t get over his fascination with Molly. She’d flounce around the house in little more than a transparent tank top and shorts that they called underwear back in his day. She was about 5’2, a skinny little thing, but with clearly developing curves. Her shorts always hung midway off her little hips. He loved those hips. Her young tits were like half oranges, and she often ran around without a bra. He relished seeing her tiny nipples poking through her shirts and longed to suck them into his mouth. She wore her dark brown hair very long, and she had crystal blue eyes that were always surrounded by gobs of black eye liner and mascara. For the summer, she and Claire had been tanning often, and her skin was a golden bronze.

Patrick was stroking his cock and enjoying one particularly tantalizing picture of Molly laying on the beach in a tiny bikini, still wet from playing in the water, legs spread wide, with a popsicle in her mouth. Some of the sicle had melted and was dripping down her face and onto her stomach. Patrick suddenly remembered what was waiting for him in his daughter’s room.

He left the picture open on the screen as he made his way up the stairs, still stroking his huge, hard cock. Patrick was blessed with his appearance. He stood roughly 6’3, with a defined muscle structure he didn’t even need to work out to maintain. His hair was dark brown like his daughters, with huge brown eyes and large, furry eye brows. He kept his hair longer than most business men, and also kept a mustache that made him look like a cowboy from the old west. His cock could also be considered a blessing, standing over 9” when erect, and almost as thick as a wrist.

He opened his daughter’s bedroom door, smiling as he saw the poster above her bed that read “Daddy’s girl”. His jaw dropped a little when he saw his wife lying in the bed. She was curled up just like a little girl, her arms wrapped around a large stuffed animal. Her long blonde hair was pulled tight into two pig tails, and he could see the pink panties poking out from beneath the short yellow skirt.

He was very pleased with her. She was 27 years old, but right now he would have believed her to be 15. She looked incredible, sweet, and innocent. She was only about 5 or 5’1, trim with impressive breasts, a deep golden tan, and shiny blonde hair. Her eyes were like almonds and emerald green, and she had insanely large pink lips. He quietly crept to the bed and sat on the edge close to Claire. He glanced up and down her body, taking in every curve, imagining her as a real teenager, pretending she was his daughter. He began to run his fingertips gently over her body.

He soon became bolder in his touch, now firmly caressing her. She moaned and began to stir, her eyes slowly fluttering open to see him. She was confused at first, forgetting where she was. Then she remembered the evening’s events and took a deep breath. “Shh, Molly, be quiet for Daddy,” Patrick said quietly, continuing to stroke her. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she began to fully comprehend Patrick’s desires. He wanted her to pretend to be his daughter while he touched her, and maybe even fucked her. She felt her pussy quiver.

Claire looked at Patrick waiting to meet his gaze, but his eyes continued roaming up and down her body. While one hand supported his weight, the other was gently rubbing back and forth across her bare stomach, his pinky inching below the waistline of her cheerleading skirt. Her breathing quickened as she clutched Molly’s stuffed elephant. Patrick’s hand was now making large circles on her belly, going both under her shirt to tease the bottom of her breasts and under her skirt to tickle her panties. He finally made eye contact with her, and she was surprised when he gave her an angry glare.

He leered at her, lowering his head until she could feel the whiskers of his mustache prickling her cheek. “You’ve been very naughty, Molly,” his hand now wrapped around her hip, squeezing roughly. “You’re always teasing your daddy, running around in your skimpy clothes, hugging daddy, sitting in daddy’s lap. Do you like to tease your daddy, Molly? Do you know what you are doing?”

Claire couldn’t help but feel incredibly turned on. She often fantasized about being forcefully taken by a strong father-figure. That was part of what attracted her to Patrick in the first place. He was so masculine, so stoic. “I’m sorry daddy,” she whimpered, “I didn’t know I was teasing you, I swear I didn’t. Please don’t be mad, daddy.” Patrick’s hand had slid down her waist and was slowly stroking up and down her smooth thigh. “You can’t tease a man and expect him not to want to play. Do you know what it means to play with a man, baby? Have you ever played with a man?” he firmly questioned, all the while his hand stroking higher and higher towards her skirt hem.

Claire’s mouth gaped open in lust, eyes glazed and nerves tingling from Patrick’s touch. “I don’t know, Daddy. What do you mean?” she cooed. “What I mean, little girl, is have you ever played with a man’s cock?” His hand was now fully beneath her skirt, his thumb barely tracing the edge of her panties getting closer to her pussy. “No Daddy, I’ve never done that. I promise I’ve been a good girl.” Patrick now had his thumb weaseled under her panties, gently caressing the bare skin. Recently he expressed his desire for his wife to keep her pussy completely smooth. She now understood the reason why.

Patrick closed his eyes as his thumb made contact with the bare skin. He inhaled his daughter’s perfume, which he had instructed his wife wear. In his mind he was sitting there in his daughter’s room, on her bed, slowly molesting her young body. He could feel his wife’s bald mons and imagined that he was touching Molly’s 12 year old pussy. He shivered in excitement as his thumb made contact with the slit between her lips. Claire shivered similarly, also fantasizing that she was Molly. She was so surprised, and ashamed of herself for the feelings she was having. She remembered what it was like being a preteen, hormones raging, becoming so curious about sex. She imagined what it would have felt like to have a man like Patrick be the first person to touch her body when she was that age. She moaned at the fantasy.

She gingerly spread her legs for her “daddy” as he rubbed her tight slit up and down with his thumb. “Do you like that, Molly? Do you like when daddy touches you there?” He asked. “Yes daddy,” Claire purred through closed eyes. “It feels really good.” Patrick removed his hand from her skirt and waited for her eyes to open. When they did he gathered both of her wrists into either hand and extended them above her head, clasping them together in his strong grip. His free hand returned to her body, now slowly lifting her shirt towards her chin. Little by little, her tiny tits were exposed. Although a grown woman, her chest was not overly huge and could be mistaken for a young girl’s.

Patrick pinched one nipple roughly in his fingers, then the other. He squeezed and twisted as Claire whimpered in pain and pleasure. Suddenly he slapped her face. She shrieked and tried to curl up, but his grip was tight and he held her down. She looked up into his eyes, a few small tears dripping down her face. His eyes were filled with rage as he began mauling her tits with his free hand.

“You’re becoming a woman, Molly, and it’s time for you to give daddy your little girl charm. Do you know what that means? Daddy gets to put his big cock in his little girl’s pussy, that’s what it’s there for. That’s what little girls are for… for daddy’s cock.” He was saying these things with a crazed look in his eyes that scared Claire. She shivered as he took a nipple in his mouth and bit sharply. She squealed as he sucked it entirely into his mouth, and then moved to the other. She arched her back, bouncing up and down on the bed as he chewed and sucked on her nipples. She imagined being little Molly, held down as her daddy explored her newly budding breasts.

Patrick was completely lost in his fantasy. He couldn’t see Claire’s face. All he saw was her tiny cheerleader uniform, her tight tanned skin, the long blond hair tied into pigtails, Molly’s bright purple walls and pink bed and stuffed animals. In his mind he was roughly sucking his twelve year old daughter’s tiny baby nipples, making her pay for teasing his cock to painful stiffness with her little girl body. He couldn’t wait to bury his cock in her bald little pussy.

Patrick removed the waist band of his robe and used it to tie Claire’s wrists above her head, to Molly’s poster bed. “Let’s see what my little girl is going to give me tonight,” he growled. He slowly raised the little cheerleader skirt up her legs and above her waist, exposing the thin pink panties. The panties were very tight with a little bow in the center. Patrick leaned in until his nose touched the material, and took a deep whiff. He could smell both his wife and his daughter, now familiar with Molly’s scent thanks to her delightfully used panties. He blocked out Claire’s scent, focusing solely on his daughter’s. His mouth began to salivate.

“Molly, baby, your panties have a little wet spot. Is Daddy making you wet?” He teased. Claire closed her eyes and brought her legs back slightly, opening wide for him. “I’m sorry, daddy, I can’t help it,” she responded quietly, pretending to be embarrassed. “Little girls aren’t supposed to get wet, honey, especially from their daddies. You’re being very naughty right now, Molly. I am trying to be a good father to you and teach you how to be a good little girl, but you’re not supposed to be enjoying this so much young lady.” Patrick grabbed the sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs until they dangled around one ankle. He then spread her legs as he crawled between them.

Looking down between her legs, he didn’t see his wife. He saw a preteen cheerleader lying on a little girl’s bed. Her skinny arms were tied above her head, her little pig tails framing either side of her face. Her skin smelled fruity and her lips were shiny and red. Her little cheerleader uniform was pulled off just enough to expose her charms. Tiny little naked tits with baby pink nipples and a completely bald little pink pussy. His cock lurched.

Claire did her best little girl voice as she cooed, “I’m so sorry for being a bad little girl, daddy. Please don’t be mad at me. I promise I’ll try to be good.” Patrick smiled while hearing her words, still savoring her body and ignoring her face. He lowered his face between her legs and let his hot breath tease her little lips for a moment, before peeling her legs apart and thus gently exposing her folds. Before him were two lightly pink lips framing a small pink button and a deep red hole. “Daddy’s going to lick your little pussy now, be good and don’t wake up Mommy,” he instructed right before his tongue darted out and touched her slit.
He heard her gasp as his tongue made contact. He slid his tongue up and down her lips, not quite parting the slit. She began to moan and quiver on the bed, so he held her legs more firmly. His tongue finally flattened and sunk between her little pussy lips, savoring the juice. She cried out lightly, trying to squeeze her legs together.

Patrick released them and moved until he hovered above her, his hips between her parted legs gently touching his raging hard cock to her wet pussy. He grabbed her around the neck, squeezing tightly, but not enough to cut off her air. His face was angry as he growled at her, “What did I tell you, Molly?” His grip tightened and he shook her. “I told you not to make a sound! If your mother hears you, she’ll come in here and whip your little ass. You’d be grounded for the rest of your life if your mother knew you had me in here, teasing me, forcing me to touch your body. You little slut! I don’t want to hear another peep out of you!” He slapped her across the face once more, ignoring her sobs. “Tell me you’ll be a good girl, Molly,” he demanded.

“I’ll be good, daddy. I’m sorry,” she cried. Satisfied with his discipline, he slid back down her body and spread her pussy lips with his fingers. “Daddy likes your bald little pussy, Molly. You’re a very tasty little girl.” He began to roll his tongue up and down her now open slit, letting it slip into her hole now and then. He imagined it was his daughter Molly’s bald little pussy and he wanted to drown in her juices. He imagined her being tied to her bed, whimpering on his tongue as daddy forced it into her preteen hole.

Claire bit her lip, fighting the urge to moan and cry out as Patrick’s tongue caressed her to ecstasy. She too was very caught up in the fantasy. She didn’t feel at all like herself, not at all like Patrick’s wife. It was easier for her to imagine herself as Patrick’s daughter. She was just a little girl for the moment, in her little girl room, experiencing sexual pleasures for the first time, at the forceful hand of her own daddy. Images of her own father swirled through her head. She admitted to herself that she found him handsome at Molly’s age. He was a big, strong man, too, and he had always taken such good care of her. She imagined being in her own room then, remembering various details of being in sixth grade, crushes she had, fantasies, the way she looked. She imagined being tied to her own bed late at night, her mother sleeping in her bed, while her real father ran his tongue all over her immature snatch. She pictured him towering over her, his erect cock in hand (or at least how she imagined it would be), aiming it at her tight, virgin pussy. Her mind and body exploded in orgasm at the taboo image, more powerful than any pleasure she’d ever experienced.

Patrick felt Claire’s pussy erupt with cum as it splashed his face and mustache. His tongue had been performing tiny, firm circles on her pink little clit and he decided not to stop. He squeezed her legs to the point of discomfort, keeping them parted, as his tongue continued its slow laps around her tiny button. She bounced up and down, lifting her ass completely off the bed and pushing into his mouth. Eyes closed, tongue buried, Patrick tasted the juice as if it was really his daughter’s. He imagined it was her soft, hairless pussy lips gently squeezing around his mouth and nose. He imagined it was her tiny ass bouncing up and down, and her tasty little clit that was pulsing between his teeth. This thought drove him to devour her pussy from top to bottom until his entire face and the sheets below them were drenched.

Claire had never experienced so many orgasms in such a short time. Her chest and stomach heaved as she tried to catch her breath. Her whole body tingled in pleasure. She watched as Patrick backed away from her pussy, thin strings of cum connecting them. He wiped off his mouth with the sleeve of his robe, and then completely removed it. Standing at the foot of the bed, he stroked his huge cock as he looked at the body before him. She looked so innocent and young, and so helpless tied to the bed. It made him feel very powerful. He loved the way little Molly’s cheerleader uniform made her look like a little girl. He loved her little tits peeking out from below the shirt, and her smooth pussy, glistening now below the upturned skirt.

He crawled back onto the bed, cock still in hand, and lowered the weight of his body onto her. She was crushed below his large frame, but it only aroused her more. She felt the head of his cock poking at her slit, gliding against the juice. His free hand started playing with her pony tail, flipping it back and forth and tickling her nose. “Feel daddy’s cock, princess? Feel it touching your little lips?” She nodded as he nuzzled her neck. She giggled as his mustache hairs tickled her. Her giggles sounded childish and he liked that, so he tickled her more. “Mmm, good girl” he growled, sucking an earring into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around the dangly thing, pretending it was Molly’s ear in his mouth.

“Daddy wants to fuck you now. It’s going to hurt you, but it’s going to make daddy feel really good. Daddy isn’t going to stop until he’s done, so you can cry and struggle all you want, it won’t help you. But, you better not be loud. If you’re too loud, daddy is going to make it hurt even more. We don’t want mommy waking up. Are you going to be a good girl and take all of daddy’s cock?”

“Please daddy, I’m scared. I don’t want you to hurt me; I’ll try to be a good girl.” Claire whimpered, still in her best little girl’s voice. In reality, her pussy quivered in anticipation. She imagined how tight 12 year old Molly’s pussy must be, how tight it would be around Patrick’s cock. Claire, at 27, had been sexually active for several years and had sex with Patrick very often, but she was still very tight on his huge cock. Claire imagined how much a virgin preteen pussy would have to stretch to accommodate such a massive penis and shuddered. She imagined her real daddy’s cock being that big and forcing its way into her unused hole back when she was Molly’s age.

Patrick was equally lost in fantasy, sliding his cock between those pussy lips and imagining they were Molly’s. He closed his eyes tight and pictured his twelve year old daughter in her cheerleader uniform, laying on the bed with her pussy and tits exposed, scared of her daddy’s cock. Patrick leaned forward until his face was buried in Claire’s pigtails. He inhaled the fruity perfume and went to work easing his cock into Claire’s tight pussy, all the while imagining it was his virgin daughter’s. “Talk to me, Molly. Tell me how daddy’s cock feels going into your little pussy. Tell daddy now.” He said, his cock head barely inside her pussy as he slid it back and forth.

Claire felt wild with lust. She couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed having her wrists tied to the bed, making her feel like she was really being molested. She pretended she was an innocent little virgin girl, scared of sex and wanting to wait for marriage. She imagined that her daddy caught her doing something naughty, and was punishing her sexually. Her fantasy went back and forth from images of her real father to images of Patrick; from images of herself now, to images of herself as a preteen, to images of Molly. She imagined how Molly would look right now with Patrick’s cock just teasing the entrance of her young cunt.
“Oh daddy, your cock hurts so much. It’s so big and thick, I don’t think my little pussy can take it. Please don’t hurt me, daddy. Please, I just wanna be your good little girl. Please don’t put your thing in me, daddy! It feels so big, it burns.” She whimpered, thrashing around, pretending to be scared. Patrick enjoyed her acting, hearing Molly’s voice echo the words in his head. “Mm, its okay baby girl. Daddy just wants to take care of you. Am I a good daddy? Tell me I’m a good daddy, Molly. Tell daddy to put his cock in you more.”

Claire whimpered and cried a little, pretending to be in pain, squeezing her pussy as tightly as she could to give Patrick the feeling he wanted. “Please daddy, you’re such a good daddy. Please don’t hurt me, daddy. You’re a good daddy.” Patrick shot her an angry look and squeezed her chin, sliding his thumb over her lips and then into her mouth. “I told you to tell daddy to put his cock in you more. I want to hear you say it,” he demanded. “I… I want you to put it in me more, daddy. Please put your thing in me more.” She whispered in her little girl voice.

He pictured Molly asking him those words and moaned loudly as he slid his cock inside her pussy a little further. He noticed how tightly she was squeezing her pussy, and he smiled to himself. He wish he’d found out a lot sooner how submissive his wife really was. He couldn’t wait to test her limits, to see just how far into depravity he could take her. He closed his eyes as the thought passed and he resumed his fantasy, resumed sliding his huge cock into his 12 year old virgin daughter.

“Mommy would be so disappointed in you. She loves daddy’s cock, too. She would be very angry with you for taking it away… very jealous. You’re such a bad girl, Molly. You’re making me punish you, making daddy do this to you. You realize that, don’t you? Daddy doesn’t want to hurt you, but you have been teasing him so much. You’ve been asking for daddy’s cock and now he’s giving it to you, isn’t he? Hmm, princess? Daddy’s cock is hurting you now.” He was only dimly aware of Claire now, all he felt was Molly. His cock felt so good sliding into her pussy while she clamped it with all her strength. He was finally fucking his little girl’s bald cunt. His huge cock was about half way in now.

“Oh Molly, daddy can feel your little cherry,” he pretended. “Do you know what your cherry is?” Claire was dizzy and wanted nothing more than to be impaled by this huge cock entering her. She played along, though, enjoying the intensity that was building. “No daddy, what do you mean you feel my cherry? Where is it?” she coyly asked. “Oh baby, its right where the tip of my cock is. Can you feel the tip of daddy’s cock inside you? You’ve got a little cherry there just for daddy’s cock. It keeps your little pussy closed up tight until daddy is ready to fuck you. Daddy is ready to take your little cherry now, Molly. This is going to hurt.”
With that, he shoved his cock in all the way. Even though Claire was experienced at taking Patrick’s cock, she was squeezing so tight and he was so hard tonight that it really did hurt her little pussy. “Ahh!” she cried, grunting as Patrick slammed his weight into her, leaving his shaft buried inside. Patrick’s head almost exploded in pleasure as he pictured himself stabbing his tight preteen daughter right here on her little girl bed. Claire’s pussy felt so tight tonight that it literally squeezed every nerve on his thick rod. “Oh yeah, princess, daddy took your little cherry. Daddy’s cock is touching you inside” he shuddered.

Claire whimpered in pain, getting used to the massive cock inside her pussy. She imagined how much it would hurt Molly if her daddy had really fucked her like that. She imagined her own daddy fucking her like that, and thought she might have passed out. Suddenly she felt Patrick’s cock pulling out of her body. She looked down and saw her inner pussy lips tightly grasping his cock as it slid out. “Daddy? Are you done?” She asked, pretending not to understand.

“No, baby. Hush while daddy fucks you.” He began to gently slide his cock in and out of her pussy, pretending it was his little girls and he wanted to be gentle with her. His hand scooped her up by the butt and his finger lightly traced her ass cheeks, pulling her body into him as he fucked her. “Ohh, ouch daddy, it’s so big” she squeaked. He smiled, imagining how great it would be to hurt a young girl. “That’s what your little pussy was made for, daddy’s big cock. If you didn’t want to be a big girl and take daddy’s cock like mommy, you shouldn’t have been teasing daddy so much.” He said, as he dug his index finger into her ass crack and sought out her tight hole.

“Eep” she peeped as he poked it, making her arch and push her little pussy right into his big cock. “That’s right baby girl, take daddy’s cock” he said, and slammed into her hard. He slammed so hard that he pushed her body back against his hand, impaling her asshole on his finger. “Oh daddy, ouch! Please stop hurting me, I’m just a little girl daddy!” She shook from pleasure as his finger went deeper and his cock continued to pound her harder and faster. “Shut up you little slut, I told you to take daddy’s cock like a good girl,” he hollered, biting her neck.

The bed was shaking and squeaking loudly, pounding up against the wall. Claire wished her hands weren’t tied now, because she desperately wanted to wrap them around her husband’s body. She didn’t care that he was picturing his 12 year old daughter instead of her, it felt too good to care. He grunted and flung sweat at her with every thrust, filling her so full of his massive and rock hard cock that she felt it in her stomach. The pain of his rough fucking mixed with the pain of his finger filling her asshole was pushing her over the edge. She stared up at the wall, reading the “Daddy’s Girl” poster over the bed she felt her whole body explode in orgasm. “Oh god daddy, yes! Fill me with your big cock! Please fuck your little girl, daddy!”

Patrick felt more pleasure and happiness than he could remember feeling in a long time. He was happy that he had such a great wife, one who was willing to fulfill his darkest fantasies and might even enjoy them. He was also happy that he was finally living out a fantasy that had been consuming him for months. Although it wasn’t his actual daughter, he assumed this was as close as he could ever get.

He closed his eyes and felt his cock being milked by the tiny, soft, bald pussy below him. He hammered into his little girls bed, fucking as hard as he could. He grabbed a pony tail and yanked it, causing a squeal from the little body below him. He was swimming in pleasure, imagining 12 year old Molly’s little body being tied to the bed, still in her cheerleader uniform. He imagined the look on her face when his cock first plunged through her virgin barrier. He imagined her crying and whimpering as he told her to be a good girl and take it all. He imagined how tight she would feel, almost painful on his cock, as he fucked into her over and over until she was forced to cum… forced to cum by her daddy.

He finally erupted, thinking of Molly cumming all over his huge cock while crying and begging him to stop. He couldn’t help it. The idea of little, innocent Molly being too helpless to stop him from fucking her, from using her body for his own pleasure, from forcing her to cum on his cock, was too much for him. He shot spurt after spurt deep into Claire’s body, still roughly yanking her ponytail as she cried, still spearing her little asshole with finger, forcing himself deeper. “That’s it, baby. Take all of daddy’s cock. Take it all deep in your little pussy, princess. Take daddy’s cum, be a good girl and make your daddy feel good.”

Patrick grunted his last spurt of cum into his wife as she cried out for her daddy. Exhausted, he collapsed on her as they both struggled to catch their breath. Neither could believe the intensity of their orgasms. Finally, Patrick rolled off and stood up. He looked down at Claire for a few moments before reaching down to remove the tie around her wrists. She sat up once her bonds were removed and looked around, somewhat dazed. Patrick reached down and grabbed the pink panties he made Claire wear and smelled them deeply. He then handed them to Claire and, with a stern look on his face, began to give her a short lecture.

“Molly, are you going to be a good girl now? Are you going to stop teasing your daddy? Daddy doesn’t want to find any more wet spots in your panties. I’m going to start checking. And daddy certainly doesn’t want to find any wet spots forming in your panties while I’m checking them. That would be very naughty. You were a good girl for taking your punishment tonight, Molly. Daddy is proud. But if you ever tell anyone, daddy will have to punish you very severely. Daddy will hurt you. Do you promise to try to be a good girl and keep this our secret?”

“Yes daddy”, Claire whispered

“Good girl”, he said as he left the room, shutting the door behind him.

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2015-12-18 16:47:12
highly erotic role play.

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2012-04-22 02:32:07
what a great story. please write more.


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