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By this time my cock was aching to have an orgasm I couldn’t believe that for as long as he had sucked on my cock and licked my balls that I had not come yet. I couldn’t help but compare his skills at sucking me to the way my wife would once in while suck me. Paul’s mouth felt so much bigger on my cock that it made my cock feel so small. My wife would suck and gag and never more than 3 minutes and hated the taste of my pre cum but Paul on the other hand could suck on my cock and suck it in deep for a long time. The way he sucked me was as if he really liked to suck cock while my wife never really liked to. It was here on his bed that I heard my self talking dirty to him as he sucked on my cock and licked my balls. I called him my bitch, my cock sucker and my whore. Words my wife hated to hear from me when we had sex. This time I didn’t even tell him I was gonna cum I just came knowing he wanted my seed in his belly. I laid there motionless on his bed as I was exhausted from having one great orgasm. He scooted up and laid his head on my chest and I being grateful just wrapped my arms around him like I had with my wife. I know it was the beers that I had drank combined with a great blow job that I soon fell asleep without knowing I had. When I woke up I saw it was only 11 pm. And Paul wasn’t on the bed with me. I was still naked and I was still a bit buzzed from the beers I had drank since I usually don’t drink more than 3 and that had been awhile back. I searched with my eyes to see if Paul was here and soon he stepped out of the bathroom with a robe on. My first reaction was to get dressed and leave but I knew I had no place that I really had to be at since my wife wasn’t home and I didn’t feel ashamed that I was naked in front of Paul. I asked him how long was I out and he said just a couple of hours or so. I started to look for my clothes but they weren’t where I had taken them off and I asked him, where’s my clothes? I’m washing them for you right now he said. With that he handed me a robe he had and I felt trapped not being able to leave right away because of my clothes. I felt a bit angry at Paul for having kissed me on my mouth but I also felt grateful for keeping me sexually satisfied. We talked some more as friends and not as lovers and I kept wondering, who is this guy? Not one bit of gayness was I able to detect from him at all as we talked about sports, work and people we know. I was now on my second beer after I woke up that my clothes were now ready and out of the dryer. As he handed my clothes to me he asked me if I really had to go right now? I knew I didn’t have to but I really felt awkward spending so much time with him in a sexual manner. All this was happening so fast I felt my head spinning from all the thoughts of sex with a guy and the betrayal I had caused in my marriage or it was just the beers I had drank but I couldn’t stand up right away. I gave in and said ok I’ll stay but just one more beer and I have to go ok? Ok, he said. I drank down that second beer real fast so that I could finish my last beer with him and leave. Before I asked him for that last beer I told him I had to pee and walked over to the toilet I opened up my robe and began to pee. I felt him behind me and he reached for my cock and held it as I peed. Again no one had ever done that to me while I peed! As my last drops of pee dripped for my dick he shook my cock for me but didn’t let go of my cock but began to stroke it up and down again. I didn’t even think I would be able to get hard anymore since I had already cumed more than I ever had in one day and felt sexually satisfied but I was wrong. As he reached with both hands around me and fondled my cock and balls with both hands he whispered in my ear lets shower together. With one hand on my cock and the other on the shower faucets he pulled me in with him. I was still not fully erect as he soaped me all over. I too got the soap and began to soap him down. He turned around and faced the wall and spread his legs apart as to say soap my ass. I rubbed the soap all around his ass and down to his balls and back to his butt and as I did this my cock stated to get hard again and he wasn’t even touching me. The feeling of squeezing another mans ass was another first for me and I loved it. He bent down every time my hand would go past his asshole then he told me told me stick my fingers in him. Wow! I was lost in my lust to this guy. The next time I went near his hole with my soaped up hand I felt his entrance and stated to wiggle my finger in, little by little and deeper and deeper. Next thing I knew I had two fingers in him and he was fucking himself with my fingers in him. He felt tight, really tight like no pussy I had ever felt. Yet my fingers slipped in and out of his ass so easily. By now I had one hand in his ass and with the other hand I was stroking his cock. All I could hear from him were moans of pleasure and lust. He was nothing like my wife. She never allowed me to touch her asshole ever. She would say it was wrong and I knew it was wrong too but I like it. Then came the words I wanted to hear him say, he said fuck me. He bent himself lower to have his ass stick out for me and since my cock was already soaped up and slippery I positioned my self behind him and slowly pushed in. Wow! It was tight! All he did was moan and grunt and winch around in discomfort but soon he was cooing in lust as I fucked my first mans ass and it felt wonderful! I was in heaven once again. He asked me to stop and said come fuck me on the bed instead. We dried off some and hurried to his bed so I could finish fucking him and cum in his ass.


2017-01-31 15:12:09
Since Paul was the aggressor initially, I was glad you became more aggressive and fucked his ass.

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