Fate decides to knock at my heart once more.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 18: Fate Knocks Upon my Door

I last left you just having had a great night of sex with Kay and her girlfriend Cathy. When the two of them were together, it brought back memories of my fun with Terri and Carrie. It was a lovely wonderful night spent with them that I had enjoyed both mentally and physically. Fate had been kind to me that night.

Until a nightmare came into my head as I lie between the girls. In the nightmare by whole life flashed before me. The worst part was that people in my nightmare did not have faces just smooth pale blank skin where their eyes, nose and mouth should have been.

I thought that angel Carrie had appeared in my dream to help me as I took myself to our happy place at the lake. I saw her standing with her back to me as she looked across the waters of the lake. I cried out to her, “Carrie I am here.”

When she turned around, she too had no eyes, no nose and no mouth on her face. I awoke screaming “NO,” as I sat up in bed. Kay and Cathy asked me if I was OK. I told them I was as I got from between them and went into the living room dressed in my robe. I sat out there, as these thoughts ran through my mind.

What was that damn nightmare all about? Why did no one have a face? Why had not angel Carrie protected me tonight? What had I ever done to anyone that I must suffer? “WHY ME GOD,” I asked?

I looked to the sign above the fireplace that read “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

I buried my face into my hands as I silently said, “Please someone end this nightmare?”

Please read my last chapter as well as all other chapters to catch up on what you may have missed.

I stayed in that position for close to an hour not moving a muscle. I had no idea as to what the nightmare meant. I knew not what might have triggered it as well. I felt a pair of hands suddenly at my shoulders.

They rubbed and massaged deeply at my shoulders. The hands were gently massaging and kneading my muscles around my shoulders and at my back. They pulled my robe from my shoulders as their hands touched my bare skin. Their touch was that of an angel as they massaged my shoulders. I jumped from the sofa thinking Carrie was here with me. However, I saw that it was Cathy standing there in a little white robe.

“Sorry John I did not mean to scare,” Cathy said softly as she looked to me.

“I was frightened way before you showed up,” I replied. “What are you doing out of bed and where is Kay?” I asked sitting back down onto the sofa.

“Kay is asleep and I could not get back to sleep,” Cathy replied. “John, I saw the look on your face in the bedroom,” “You had that same look my brother had just hours before he took his own life.”

Cathy’s soft hands went back to massaging my neck as I replied, “I tried years ago to do that,” “I screwed that up as well as I do everything I touch.”

I felt Cathy’s hand land up along side of my head as she said, “John, don’t you ever talk like that.”

Cathy stopped her massage as she came around from behind me sitting beside me on the sofa; she took a hold of my hand as she asked, “Care to discuss your nightmare?”

I turned to her as I told her about my faceless nightmare. I told her the worst part was when I saw that Carrie was faceless as well. I gripped tightly at her hand as I explained how tonight when the three of us were making love. How her and Kay reminded me so much of Terri and Carrie.

“It was as if I was replacing them with the two of you,” I said looking at her almost pleadingly for her to explain it all to me.

Cathy sat there smiling at me as she replied, “John, think about what you just said.”

I did and the answer came to me. The people in my nightmare had no faces because my mind was confused over whose to put upon them. My mind did not know whom I wanted to see. Was it Kay and Cathy I wanted to see or was it Terri and Carrie? I explained my thoughts to Cathy as well.

“See John you had your answer all along,” Cathy said as she rubbed at my hand.

I brushed at her long blonde hair with my hand as I replied, “But I never would have found it without your help,” as I took her into my arms kissing her gently on her lips. I broke our kiss as I asked, “So just what do you know about “Carrie’s Place?”

Cathy explained that her and her ex-husband dabbled in swinging for a while. They had even signed up for a weekend after receiving one of our brochures after she had sent for it through a swinger’s magazine. Cathy told me that they never made it due to his drinking.

“I was cleaning some stuff at my house the other day.” “Whether it was fate or something else but the brochure fell from a box,” Cathy said. “I thought I was seeing things when I saw you standing there with Carrie under the sign that hung above your door,” Cathy added.

“Fate or something seems to play with my life a lot,” I replied.

“I was for sure it was you when Kay and I went out as she pointed out the house by the lake where you and Carrie lived,” Cathy said.

“Did you say anything to Kay about it?” I asked.

“No, John I figured you had your reasons for not telling her,” Cathy replied with a smile.

“I do and someday I will explain it to her,” I replied.

“I now wish I would have gone there without him,” Cathy said.

“We would have welcomed you and enjoyed to have shared our little spot with you,” I replied smiling.

“I know a couple who did go and they told me that it was an lovely place," "That the husband and wife that ran it were the most loveliest couple and that you could tell their love for each other ran deeper than the waters of the lake,” Cathy said.

I saw a small flash come from the fireplace as I took Cathy back into my arms. I knew it must have been the light reflecting off my wedding ring. I hoped it was a sign from Carrie telling me how true that was. I gave Cathy a series of light kisses to her lips before I pulled back from her.

“Now just why did you and Rod break up?” I asked.

“Did Rod ever tell you of his marriage?” Cathy asked.

“No, other than he was divorced,” I replied.

Cathy explained to me that Rod was divorced from his first wife. However, he was not divorced from wife number two or wife number three. It seemed that the two women had paid Cathy a visit one evening while Rod was at work to let her know.

“I told him I did not want to see him again until he straightens it all out,” Cathy replied.

“Can you ever trust him again?” I asked.

“When I see him look at me the way you do Kay then I will trust him,” Cathy replied. “I would ask you to make love to me again on this sofa John,” “But I know your heart would not let you,” Cathy added.

“My heart tells me I could not for it beats for another,” I replied. “But lets not tempt fate,” I added smiling as I stood up taking her hand.

I walked her down to the bedroom where I kissed her forehead before I opened the door. Cathy left me climb in next to Kay as she climbed in next to me. Cathy laid her head upon my chest closing her eyes. I closed mine hoping no more nightmares fill my mind.

I awoke thinking I was dreaming. I felt two mouths and two tongues kissing and licking on my cock. My eyes opened to see Kay and Cathy putting my morning wood to good use.

“Good morning ladies,” I said with a smile on my face.

“Sorry John we could not let it go to waste,” Kay said looking up to me.

“Enjoy ladies,” I replied laying my head back down onto my pillow.

The girls took turn sucking on my cock. They placed my cock between their lips and ran their tongue up both sides of my cock. They both used their tongue on my cock at the same time. They drove me to gripping the sheets as they flicked their tongues into my pee hole.

“Ladies I am going to have to pee,” I yelled out.

“You go with him Cathy and I will start breakfast,” Kay replied as she got off the bed.

Cathy got off the bed and she grabbed my hand pulling my hard throbbing cock and me toward the bathroom. Cathy sat down onto the toilet and she grabbed a hold of my cock. She smiled at me as she shook it up and down a few times and my piss started to spray from my cock.

Cathy sprayed my pee all over her tits then pointed it down at her pussy. It was a quick pee and it was over in no time. However, my cock was still hard so Cathy took it back into her mouth. She sucked hard at my cock as her hands fiddled with my balls. Cathy’s soon was taking all of my cock into her mouth. She removed her mouth and pumped at my cock with her hand.

“I want to taste your cum, John,” Cathy said with lust in her green eyes.

Cathy slipped my cock back into her mouth as she placed her hands onto my ass. She pulled me toward herself taking more of my cock into her mouth. She was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth by using her hands that were on my butt.

“AHhh Cathy that feels good,” I said to her as my hands went to her head.

I started to move my cock in and out of her mouth as she sucked on it. Cathy was rubbing her hands all over my butt as I did; I felt my balls tighten up as my cock throbbed, as it was deep in her mouth.

“I am going to shot Cathy,” I yelled.

My cock throbbed and started to fire round after round of cum into her mouth. I felt Cathy’s hand move across my butt she forced her finger between my cheeks. Cathy shoved her finger deep into my asshole.

“HEYYyy ahhhhh,” I screamed out.

However it was a pleasure scream for what ever her finger was rubbing on up inside my ass felt good. My cock throbbed again as it spilled more cum into her waiting mouth. Cathy slowly removed her finger from my butt as I slipped my cock from her mouth. Cathy threw her arms around my neck pulling my face down to hers.

“MMMmm John you are tasty,” Cathy said before she kissed me deeply.

I rose back up with Cathy’s arms around my neck pulling her from the toilet. Cathy wrapped her legs around me tightly as we kissed. Cathy broke our kiss and left her legs fall to the floor. She looked up to me smiling.

“John, I love you,” Cathy said catching me completely off guard as I gave her a funny look. She smacked at my chest as she added, “Not like that I mean I love you as if you were my brother,” She added.

“OK had me worried for a second,” I replied with a smile.

“Maybe I love you because you remind me of my daddy,” Cathy said with a smile that was the same, as Carrie would give me from time to time.

“Get out of here before daddy turns you over his knee,” I replied smacking her on her butt.

Cathy giggled and she ran from the bedroom. I stayed and ran some water to shave. I shaved then jumped into the shower for a quick wash. I was drying myself off with a towel as I went into our bedroom.

“John your breakfast is getting cold,” Kay yelled back to me.

“Coming mother,” I yelled back as I slipped my jogging pants on going out from the bedroom.

The girls had already eaten when I got out there. I started to eat and they just sat there with their elbows on the table and their heads in their hands. Both of them just kept staring at me as I ate.

“WHAT,” I yelled.

They both giggled and then Kay replied, “You even eat politely,” as she smiled to me. “Women,” I said as I shook my head while going back to eating.

Kay and Cathy got up from the table and I saw them going into the bedroom. I finished eating and was doing the morning dishes in the sink when they walked back in dressed. The girls sat down at the table and they talked as I finished the dishes. I turned toward them leaning back against the counter. I could see something was troubling them both. Between the looks, they were giving each other and the fact they were holding hands for comfort.

“Ladies is there something wrong?” I asked.

Kay turned to me and she said, “John there is something I; well we wanted to ask you.”

“Well then ask,” I replied.

“Would it be OK if Cathy stayed with us on the weekends her ex-husband has the kids?” Kay asked nervously.

“Only if you tell me why you asked the way you did,” I replied.

“Because I was not allowed to see Cathy with my other husbands,” Kay said.

“Kay I would never stop you from seeing anyone especially Cathy, I know what you two mean to each other,” I replied walking over to her. I bent down and kissed her on the cheek as I added, “Beside I enjoy her being around as well,” as I gave Cathy a wink.

I went outside to my workshop planning to clean it up. However when I got there I decide to glance through Sherri’s drawing book. I picked it up and I flipped to where I had left off at the drawing of Joe beating against Sherri‘s door.

The next few pages were full of standard abuse Joe yelling at Kay or him hitting her. I came to a drawing that was like a comic strip. It showed Kay turning a key into a set of locks at a door. The next page showed Sherri lying on her bed drawing in her book behind the locked door. I shook my head thinking what a way to grow up locked behind your own bedroom door.

The next set of pictures showed a woman on her back with a man above her. Another man stood beside them. I really did not know how to take that. I was not for sure if it was a threesome or what but I did see the unhappy face drawn on the woman.

I turned the page and I saw the answer to my question. The one man was leaving as he handed money to the other man. Joe was selling Kays body to men. I could not understand how she could do that especially knowing her precious daughter was in the other room.

The woman I loved turned to prostitution at the hand of her husband. I grabbed the nearest object to me, which happened to have been a vice not bolted down to the workbench. I picked it up and I heaved it toward the wall. The vice missed the wall and flew out the window in my workshop. The loud sound of glass breaking filled my ears. I stood there shaking my head.

“JOHN, what happened?” I heard Kay yell as I saw her and Cathy come running from the back door of our house.

I walked out to the vice laying some distance from the broken window as I replied, “It slipped from my bench that was all.”

Kay shook her head at me and she ran back into the house. Cathy stood there looking at me. She finally walked toward the vice and placed her foot on it trying to make it move. The vice did not move an inch.

“John, did you throw that through that window?” Cathy asked.

I shook my head yes to her, “A piece of advice to you John learn to control that anger,” Cathy said standing there looking at me with her arms folded in front of her. “Kay is probably curled up in a corner hiding thanks to you,” she added as she shook her head walking away.

Cathy got maybe five or six steps away from me. She stopped and she turned around coming back to me. Cathy stood in front of me with anger and the look of hate in her eyes as she peered up to me. I was waiting for her to slap me across my face.

“JOHN if this is all over that damn drawing book,” Cathy yelled at me. “Just burn it, just burn the damn thing,” she added walking away once more shaking her head.

I bend down grabbed the vice and took it back into my workshop. I picked up the drawing book and I flipped forward not looking or counting the numbers of time Kay was lying on her back with men on top of her. I came to a drawing of a police car, which I did not know how to take. I did not know if she had been arrested or what. It was bad enough to have seen those drawings but Kay was smiling in the next set with men enjoying her. I also noticed no drawings of Joe in anymore of her drawings. The next drawing was of Kay’s mom, Kay and Sherri. Everyone was smiling except for Kay.

I could not understand the control Joe had on Kay that made her do something like that. I flipped through a few more pages until I came to one with a likeness of myself with a pair of roller skates on the back of my truck tailgate. Above the drawing, Sherri had written John my true daddy fixing my skates.

I flipped a couple more pages and I saw one of me on top of another man with my hand around his neck. Sherri had written daddy to the rescue above it. I noticed that Sherri had not drawn the knife sticking through my arm. Instead, it lies on the ground next to us. I will ask her why someday.

I flipped to a picture she had drawn of her and me eating ice cream together at the table. I flipped to the next drawing to see my own eyes looking back at me from the page. Sherri had drawn just my two eyes on the page. I looked closely into the center of my eyes. Sherri had drawn skulls and crossbones into the center of my eyes.

Written above my eyes was “Daddies Revenge.” I stared into my own eyes on the paper as I thought. If Sherri had any demons in her, I may have put them there. I turned to the last drawing in her book it was of the happy spot on the lake.

Sherri had drawn the moon, which seemed to have been dancing on the water. The background filled with stars. She had drawn small cresting waves in the water of the lake crashing against the shoreline. There was an X marked onto the shoreline at waters edge. Sherri had written above it “Carrie and Melissa awaits.”

I removed the last sets of drawing from her book. I started with the one of myself fixing her skate. I carefully removed that drawing and all after it including the happy place one. I locked them away in my drawer in my workbench. I looked around until I found a paper shredder, which I used to shed the rest.

No one would have to face those horrors again. No one would ever see those drawing again not Sherri, not Kay or even me. Cathy was right; all the drawing book was doing was making me angry. In fact, it seemed I had been losing my temper a lot lately. I never did around Sherri or at home, if I did I always made sure no one was around other than that time with the vise.

However, at work I would fly into rage at the office and on job sites. I took a hammer to a new wall all because I did not think the paint was white enough on it. One of my men came over and he asked if everything was OK.

I turned to him and in a rage I yelled, “No everything is not OK the fucking walls have holes in it because someone does not know how to fucking paint.” “Fix it or I swear I will fire the whole fucking crew,” as I stormed out of the site.

The next time I was at the office Frank came into my office and he asked me about blowing up in front of my men at that job site. I told him that I am feeling some stress that was all. Frank wanted me to sit awhile and talk to him about it.

“Just mind your own business,” I replied as I walked out of the office.

I stormed out to my truck however as I reached for the door. It came to me what I had just did. I was not mad at Frank and all he was trying to do was help me. I walked back into the office and straight over to Frank’s desk.

“Look Frank I am sorry,” “I really can’t tell you what is wrong with me because I am not even for sure,” I said to him. “My problem does not lie with Vietnam it lies else where,” I added.

Frank gave me a serious look as he replied, “Just be careful Boss all problems have a way of freeing demons you may not even known you had.”

I stood there alone in my workshop as I thought was this all worth my insanity. What if someone was to unlock the monster in me and I could no longer control it? However, that sweet little girl Sherri popped into my head; I could not disappoint her I had to go on no matter what.

I boarded up the broken window before I closed my workshop up. I turned to walk toward the house however; I looked down toward the swing. I saw that Kay and Cathy were sitting together with the swing gently swinging.

I walked down to them and I said, “Forgive me ladies for ruining such a lovely weekend,” I turned and started to walk away.

“John, please don’t go come over here and let’s talk awhile,” Kay said.

I turned back around as she held her hand out to me. I took her hand into mine as I stared down at her. Those lovely blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. Cathy got up from the swing as she kissed Kay then she kissed me.

“It is time for me to leave,” “You two sit there and work this all out,” Cathy said as we watched her walking away toward her car.

I sat down next to Kay and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. I pulled her against me. She laid her head against my shoulder. As she does Kay looks up to me as she stroked at the side of my face.

“John, did your demons return while you were in your workshop?” Kay asked staring up to me.

“Yes, I am afraid they did,” “I thought I could control them but now I am not for sure,” I replied looking into her eyes.

“Was it because of Cathy?” Kay asked.

“No, Kay and why do you ask?” I asked wondering why she asked that.

Kay went on to explain she thought maybe I was upset because of finding out that they were lovers once. Kay told me that she had thought her first husband might straighten out if she pleased him by having Cathy join them for sex. Kay explains that she and Cathy had been having fun since they were 12 years old together.

“I asked Cathy if she would help me try to save my first marriage by having sex with us,” Kay said. “Cathy was against it right away as she had no feelings toward my first husband in fact she hated him,” Kay added pausing briefly.

“I finally talked her into it by agreeing to Cathy’s terms,” Kay said looking sadly to me.

“Just what were Cathy terms?” I asked.

Kay went on to explain that Cathy had agreed to do it but if it did not improve our marriage that I would leave him. I told Cathy I would agree to her terms. I was hoping it would help, as he once was a sweet man like you until his anger got the best of him.

“So that was why Cathy had told me I better learn to control my anger,” I thought silently to myself sitting next to her.

“I took Sherri over to my mom’s one weekend just like this weekend,” Kay said to me as she went on with her story.

Cathy came over and the three of us went out for dinner. We returned and Cathy and I put a show on for him. He joined us and the three of us had sex together. I thought every thing went well until Cathy left that night. Kay looked down to the ground not saying anything.

I turned her head back toward me as I asked, “What happened next?”

Kay looked deep into my eyes as she explained. My husband flew off in a fit of anger throwing stuff around through our home. I asked him why he had especially after the fun night we just had. He told because he saw how I had enjoyed myself with Cathy more than with him.

“He informed me that I was never to see Cathy again,” Kay replied as tears rolled down her face.

I wiped her tears away as I asked, “You thought I was angry about you two and threw the vice didn’t you?”

Kay shook her head yes, as I said, “No Kay that was not it at all.”

I stroked at her hair as I explained to her that I had truly enjoyed the fun we had last night. I also told her that what she and Cathy shared with each other was special and that I would never take that from her.

“You can see Cathy when ever you like,” “You can have all the fun with her you like without me if that is how you would prefer it,” I said to her as I gently rocked the swing.

I explained to Kay how seeing Cathy and her together reminded me of Terri and Carrie. I told Kay how when we were teenagers the three of us had fun together at the lake. I also told Kay about the nightmare I had awakened from today in the morning. How no one in my dream had a face and I did not want any nightmares like it again.

“They were faceless because you did not know who you wanted to see,” Kay said as she stroked lightly at my face.

I shook my head yes, as Kay stopped stroking my face and she asked, “John are you afraid of your memories of Carrie are being replaced?”

I sat there not knowing what to say. I believed deep down Kay was right. I was too busy worried about her state of mind; that I lost touch with my own mind. Surely, I would never forget Carrie would I; I thought.

“You might be right Kay,” I replied looking into her eyes, which were sparkling and blue.

“John, always remember Carrie will live in here no matter what,” Kay said as she placed her hand to my heart. “I want my memories to all go away John not yours,” Kay added as her hand returned to stroking my face.

“Kay why do stroke my face like that?” I asked just out of curiosity.

“I noticed along time ago that when I did it seemed to fill you with peace and calmness,” Kay replied. “I figured that maybe Carrie used to do it to you or maybe your mother,” Kay added.

“Yes Carrie did do that to my face and your hand calms me just as hers did,” I replied.

“John, I need to tell you something about myself before you get to serious,” Kay said as she looked deeply again into my eyes.

“OK, what is it?” I asked.

“John when I was under Joe’s control he made me sell my body,” Kay said. “I did so we could have money to survive,” Kay added.

Kay was staring into my eyes waiting for me to reply so I replied, “That man put you through hell Kay,” “The more I hear about him the more I wish…”

She stopped me with her finger to my lips as she said, “John, I enjoyed it.”

“YOU enjoyed it,” I yelled out.

Kay stroked gently at my face as she said, “Let me explain John I owe you that much.”

Kay explained that she never felt loved when she was with Joe especially when he started his abuse. She explained that she did not want to do it, as she was afraid of more abuse from men she did not even know.

“Joe, threaten Sherri if I did not go along with his plan,” Kay said. “I use to fear what he would do to her so much that I used to lock her in her bedroom at night,” Kay added as she started to cry. “I had no choice John please understand that,” “I felt bad each time I turned the key locking her behind that door but at least I knew she was safe from him,” Kay added.

I wrapped my arm around Kay as I asked, “Kay, why in gods name did you not just leave?”

“We were living out west at the time and I knew no one to turn too,” “Then Joe got in trouble with some men out there and the police wanted him as well so he took off leaving Sherri and I alone,” Kay replied.

Kay explained that the first few times she just closed her eyes and hoped that the men got off quickly and paid Joe. After awhile of being with other men Kay explained that while she was not receiving any love from Joe she was from the men she was having sex with for money.

“I had no money, no job when Joe took off so I did what I had too,” Kay said as she looked to the ground. Kay turned back to me as she added, “I was going to get one of the older regular rich men that were my steady client to set me up as his Mistress.” “However I decided to just stay doing them all until I had made enough money to get back home.”

Kay looked back to the ground then deep into my eyes as she said, “John, I understand if you were to ask Sherri and I to leave as all I can say to you is that I am sorry.”

I wrapped both my arms around Kay pulling her head into my chest and shoulder rocking her gently on the swing as I said, “Close your eyes and I will close mine,” “I have you in our happy place.” “Feel the warmth of the sun that day as I held you tightly in my arms.” “As I held you that day I heard two hearts beating as one.”

I went on as I said, “Know that we all have hidden pasts some good, some bad,” “But we do not live in the past, we live for the present.” “Know also I fell in love with you not the other you,” “I promise to you that it is me who loves you and not that other me that lives within.” “Kay, I love you only because it is you.”

I held Kay in my arms as the porch swung back and forth. I felt at ease with myself and with her. She had explained most of my questions that I had and the rest would have to wait.

Kay broke our hug as she looked up to me and she said, “It is I the true me that loves you John,” as she smiled to me before she laid her head upon my chest again.

“There I told him,” Kay added talking into my chest.

“Just who were you talking to when you said there I told him?” I asked as I rubbed at her hair.

“That lovely girl I share your heart with as well as our home,” “The angel Carrie that is who,” Kay replied lifting her head from my chest and rubbing her hand on my heart.

I placed my lips onto hers as she placed hers onto mine. The kiss we shared was one full of love as well of passion. The kiss was the longest we had ever shared. Kay broke our kiss as she stroked at my face.

“Let’s go pick up our little girl,” Kay said smiling. “But first I have to call Cathy to tell her that I told you the truth,” Kay added smiling.

“Why do you have to tell her?” I asked.

Kay replied, “She told me that if I did not tell you the truth she would not be my friend or ever wanted to see me again.”

I gave Kay a smile as I replied, “I am getting to like that girl more and more.”

“You go call her I will go get Sherri,” I added standing up from the swing.

I walked Kay to the house stopping at the door as I said, “I love you Kay,” “Tell Cathy I said thanks,” I added.

“I will and I love you too John,” Kay replied. “I really do too,” Kay added with a smile.

I got into my truck and I drove to get Sherri. I thought about Kay and her fucking other men for money. To me I looked at it like swinging only with receiving payment for it. Carrie’s Place came into mind I guess in a way we had received payment as well what with most of the couples donating money for showing them a fun weekend.

I smiled to myself as I also thought that must have been where she learned to suck dick. That also explained when she got dressed up all the time for sex in those sexy outfits she had. I picked Sherri and Coco up and the three of us headed for home. I had wanted to go pick Sherri up alone as I wanted to ask her about the drawings in her book. I drove us to the nearest ice cream stand where we got an ice cream cone before getting back into my truck.

I turned to Sherri as I asked, “Sherri why did you draw the knife on the ground instead of in my arm?”

Sherri stopped licking on her cone as she replied, “Because I could bring myself to face the possibility that you may have been badly hurt.” “I guess maybe daddy it was because I thought you were like my super hero and nothing could ever harm you.”

“Princess you know I am only just flesh and blood like you,” I said.

I know daddy but you will always still be my hero,” Sherri replied.

“One more question princess,” I said then asked, “Why did you draw skull and crossbones in my eyes?”

“Because that was what I saw in your eyes,” She looked at me for a few second then added, “If you look closer you will see another small set within the ones in your eyes.”

“Why princess?” I asked.

“Those were my eyes reflecting in yours daddy,” Sherri replied.

“Your eyes princess, I don’t understand,” I replied.

“Well they were in both of our eyes as we both wanted revenge,” Sherri said.

“You know it was wrong of me to go after Joe like I did, princess,” I replied. “That makes me a bad man as well,” I added.

“I know daddy but sometimes you have to be bad to save the good,” Sherri replied going back to licking her cone.

I sat there just watching her lick happily at her ice cream cone. That sweet little girl knew a lot about life for her age. I was sitting there lost in daydream thinking about what she had said.

I heard a little laugh from Sherri as she said, “Coco is eating your ice cream daddy.”

I looked down to my cone that I had in my hand. My hand was down by my lap as I was talking to Sherri. There sat Coco licking away at my ice cream.

“Hey Coco save me some,” I replied as I moved my ice cream cone from him.

Sherri giggled as I went to licking my ice cream. I finished my cone before I drove us home. Sherri went running into her mom with Coco trying to keep up with her as I stood there by my truck. Sherri was inside the door before Coco even made it to the steps. That dog stopped before he got to the step and he turned his head toward me tilting it to one side as he looked at me.

“Yeah I am coming Coco give me a second,” I said before I walked to him scooping him up into my hands. “Women Coco can’t live with them can’t live without them,” I added as he licked my face then gave one of his little barks.

It was soon time for bed for us all. We tucked Sherri and Coco into bed then Kay and I turned in as well it had been a long exhausting weekend for us both. We showered together having toe curling sex while we did before we climbed into our bed.

Kay cuddled up next to me as she said, “You know a hot tub would be fun,” smiling at me.

I smiled back as I replied, “I will order the biggest one tomorrow after school while I am at work,” before I kissed her good night and she laid her head to my chest. Which I did and had it installed as well.

Life was good that week Kay was happy, Sherri was happy and Coco was happy. Kay seemed like a very different person after telling me the truth. Even if I already knew what she had done, it was still nice having her explain it to me.

Come Friday morning I told Kay she would have to ride with Cathy or drive that piece of shit Vega to college. I was going to be late for school, as I had to go into the office for a while.

“I think I will have Cathy pick me up,” Kay said smiling.

I drove Sherri to school that morning and she even saw the difference in her mom. Sherri gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek before she got out of my truck at her school.

“Thanks daddy mommy is the happiest I have ever seen her,” “I knew angel Carrie was right that you could fix her,” Sherri said smiling before she ran into her school.

The reason I had to go to the office was that I had a client who had been on my mind lately. I had been after him to let us build five new car washes he was going to have built. I had set up a meeting with Frank to devise a plan. Frank and I passed ideas back and forth to each other not really making any progress.

“You know what we need Boss?” Frank asked me.

“What,” I replied.

“A pair of fresh eyes, someone the client does not know,” Frank said.

“And just who would that be?” I asked.

“How about having Kay make the presentation?” Frank asked.

I sat there thinking he might have a damn good idea. I also thought about the remark Kay had made about not being smart enough. This could be a good confidence builder for her.

“I knew there was a reason I made you my partner,” I replied smiling at him.

Frank got on to the phone and set up an appointment with our client. I left the office and headed to the college. I arrived late as I walked into class and Kay asked me about going to the office. I told her I forgot about some work and I had to get with Frank to handle it. When I did, I saw that look of disappointment in her eyes because I had not involved her.

“I got with Frank to set up an appointment with an important client,” I said to Kay. “Been trying to pitch him a deal on building his line of car washes around town,” I added.

“Oh I see,” Kay replied softly and almost sadly.

“You will be making the new pitch to him Wednesday at 11:00 am,” I said looking at her.

“Me, but you’re going to be there as well right,” Kay replied.

“I will be there but not in the meeting this client is all yours,” I said to her.

“What if I…” Kay started to say.

I stopped her with my finger to her lips as I said, “Don’t worry you will be just fine.”

I walked Cathy and Kay to her car after school before I headed for my office. I only had one small problem I wanted this account badly. It was a simple yet a very good moneymaker. I grabbed the files from my desk on the car washes sitting into my chair going over them as Frank walked in my office.

“I hope it all works out,” I said to Frank with worry in my voice.

“I remember when you thought some of us may not work out, Boss,” Frank replied looking down at me.

I did some paperwork for a while then decided to go home. I grabbed the file on the car washes so Kay could look them over. I pulled into our driveway and saw Sherri out playing with Coco. She came running up to me as I got out of the truck.

“Daddy your home, mommy said you may be late tonight,” Sherri said.

I picked her up and Coco started his little barking. I lowered her back down to pick him up as well. Sherri stuck him right in my face and his little tongue licked away at my face.

“Mommy is worried she is going to screw up,” Sherri said to me.

“What do you mean princess?” I asked.

“I heard her telling Cathy on the phone that she knows that she will screw up an account or something like that,” Sherri replied.

“She will do just fine princess,” I said. “I believe there might be something for you in my truck,” I added smiling as I put her down.

Sherri placed Coco down and they both ran for my truck. I had stopped and got her a new bear on my way home. I walked in the back door into the kitchen I saw Kay sitting in the living room reading. I walked over to her giving her a quick kiss.

I handed her the files from my office as I said, “These are all yours,” “Look over them if you have any questions I am here,” as I walked away.

“What about dinner John I have to get it ready?” Kay asked.

“I will cook tonight,” I replied.

Kay gave a little laugh as she said, “We having pizza again.”

“No, I was thinking maybe shit on a shingle,” I replied. Kay gave me a look as I added, “You will love it trust me.”

For those of you who do not know what shit on a shingle is? It is creamed chipped beef served on toast. The military people out there will know what I am talking about I am sure. I yelled outside for Sherri to come in and give me a hand. When she came in, she asked me what we were having; I told her shit on a shingle.

Sherri gave me funny look as she asked, “Daddy can’t we just order a pizza?”

“Trust me you are going to love it,” I replied smiling at her.

I made the creamed chip beef then had Sherri made the toast. I glanced in at Kay to see that she was busy going through the files. I saw her rubbing her forehand a few times and thought about asking her if she needed a hand. However, I had to let her do it on her own, as it would be good therapy for her.

Sherri smelled the shit on a shingle I was cooking and then said, “It does not smell like SHIT,” as she giggled.

Sherri and I sat the table and she put the toast on every ones plate. I served the SOS over the toast. I went into Kay and I told her dinner was ready. We came back into the kitchen and we sat down at the table. Kay and Sherri looked at each other then back to me then to their plates.

“Try it you will like it,” I said as I dug into mine.

The two of them cut a small bite and they tried it. Sherri had to end up making more toast as the two of them devoured it. Coco even liked it as I gave him some in his bowl. Kay and Sherri both agreed it was tasty.

Sherri said, “Wait until I tell them at school that I had “Shit on a Shingle” last night for dinner.”

Kay and I busted up laughing as Kay replied, “Creamed corn beef on toast sounds better Sherri.”

After dinner, Kay went back to checking over the file. Sherri and I did dishes. Then she and I went out side to play with Coco. We played until we all were tired out and we returned inside. Sherri got her bath and I watched her say her prayers before I tucked her and Coco into bed. I went out into the living room where I sat down next to Kay.

Kay looked at me as she said, “John, this is your project not mine,” as she looked to the files.

“Kay you have watched me pitch projects to clients many times,” I replied.

“Yes I have John but you have that special ability that makes people listen to you,” Kay said with an unsure look.

I took Kay into my arms and I pressed my nose against her nose as I replied, “Kay just be you and you will do just fine, I have faith in you,” before I kissed her not letting her respond again.

Wednesday arrived and after we took Sherri to school, Kay and I drove right to the office. Kay was dressed nicely in that business suit I had brought her. I had on my three-piece suit as well. Kay took one look at my office and she shook her head side to side. I looked at my desk sure there may have been some papers lying around. OK it was a total mess.

“Go play with a truck or something and let me clean this office,” Kay said as she shoved me out of my own office.

That was OK with me, as one of my men had told me the bulldozer had been acting funny lately. I went down to the equipment yard to check it out. I climbed up on it and moved it back and forth as well as side to side. It seemed OK to me.

However when I raised the “S” blade which is short and has no lateral curve and no side wings that we use mostly for fine grading it got stuck in the up position. I tried ever thing I knew to get it back down but nothing worked. I shut the dozer off and climbed down walking toward the “S” blade.

I no sooner placed my hand on it than it came crashing down to the ground. When it had came crashing down luckily I was not in its way. My men needed to use it today so I had to fix it. I climbed back up along the “S” blade checking the hydraulic lines. I seen one that looked like it was pinched.

I grabbed a hold of it with my hand and as I did, I lost my footing. The hose saved me from falling but at the same time hydraulic fluid shot from the hose. I think every damn drop squirted right up the front of my three-piece suit.

“FUCKING Shit,” I yelled loudly as I saw that my suit was ruined.

As I yelled that Cathy’s words came into my head, “A piece of advice to you John, learn to control that anger.”

I turned around and I saw a few of my men standing there looking at me. Now normally I would have became extremely angry yelling at them for someone not doing proper maintenance on the dozer. That or if something was handy like a shovel I would beat that piece of equipment until I got my anger released.

I smiled to them as I asked, “Could one of you fine gentlemen kindly get me a new hydraulic line and some tools?”

My men looked at me strangely, until finally one of them went running into the building with our spare parts. When he returned with it; all three of my men came walking over. For the life of me, I cannot remember who handed me the hose.

However, when he did I said, “Thank you kindly sir.”

My men stood there with their mouths hanging open until one of them asked, “Boss, you feeling OK?” “That hose didn’t hit you in your head did it?” “You want me to fix that Boss?”

“I am OK and I have it under control thank you,” I replied. Then I gave them a long stare as I added, “Don’t you boys have some work you should be doing.”

I replaced the hose and while doing that I found some other stuff that needed fixed on it as well. I happened to have glanced to my watch it was 11:30. I ran for the office I entered the main door and I saw my office door closed. I went into Frank’s office.

“Frank did the client get here?” I asked.

“Yeah Boss,” Frank replied. “What the hell happened to your suit?” Frank asked.

“Never mind about that how long has they been in there?” I asked nervously.

“He was early around 10:30,” Frank replied. “Boss, relax she will do just fine,” Frank added shaking his head at me.

I pulled up a chair and I sat looking at my closed office door. I should have handle this account myself I thought as I sat there. About fifteen minutes later my office door opened and Kay walked out closing the door behind her. Kay saw me sitting there and she was not smiling as she walked over to me.

“Well are we going to build his five car washes?” I asked.

Kay frowned as she replied, “No, John I am sorry.”

I was waiting for Kay to bust out in tears however, she walked over to me and with a smile on her face she said, “We are building him eight instead of five.”

I jumped from the chair and was going to kiss her and hug her however she stopped me asking, "John, what happen to your suit?” “Never mind I probably do not want to know,” Kay added.

Kay turned to Frank and she asked him for three more contracts. Frank got them from the file cabinet as I just stood there looking at her. I was proud of her and a little pissed at myself for doubting her.

“You know that suit is ruined,” Kay said as she walked back into my office shaking her head.

“So Boss what happened to your suit?” I heard Frank ask me.

“I fixed the dozer that was what happened,” I replied turning to him.

“You know we have coveralls you could have put on Boss,” Frank said shaking his head.

I just shook my head no at him as I replied, “No, I did not know.”

Frank shook his head as I pulled my chair up to his desk. Frank and I were sitting there talking when Kay came out with our new client. Kay walked him over to us and she handed Frank the contracts.

“I believe you know John and Frank the owners,” Kay said smiling to our client.

The client looked at me and he asked, “Son, what the hell happened to your suit?”

Everyone got a good laugh when I explained how my suit got cover in hydraulic oil. The client even made the comment it was good to see that the owner was a hand on kind of person. Kay told him that was why they kept me around. We all saw the client out to his car and returned into the office.

“Kay I owe you lunch,” I said. I turned to Frank and I asked, “Care to join us Frank?”

“You two run along I have work to do,” Frank replied.

“Frank, that can wait you are joining us for lunch,” I said smiling at him.

“OK Boss, but you are not riding in my car,” He replied as he grabbed his suit jacket.

I took them to my favorite spot for lunch. I once again had to explain to the owner of the restaurant what happened to my suit. The three of ate lunch and talked about the wonderful job Kay had done. Kay was all smiles during and after lunch. We dropped Frank back off at the office and we were going home to change my clothes before we went to pick Sherri up at school.

Kay scooted over to me as I drove lacing her arm through mine as she said, “Thanks John for giving me a chance,” as she kissed me on my cheek.

Kay then asked, “What would you have done if I had failed?”

I smiled at her as I replied, “I would have taken you into my arms and told you to go to our happy place as you closed your eyes while I held you tightly.”

“John I love you,” Kay said as she cuddled up to me as I drove down the road.

“I love you too Kay,” I replied. “You know you have a bonus coming,” I added.

“What bonus?” Kay asked.

“I was thinking maybe a new car to replace that dam Vega,” I replied smiling.

“If that pleases you John then it pleases me,” Kay said as she cuddled up even closer to me.

The rest of the week flew by and so did the next week. Kay had herself a new car a brand new 1983 Chevy Malibu blue just like her eyes. I was looking forward to the weekend, as Cathy would be spending Saturday night with us.

The girls were going out again Friday night. Sherri, Coco and I stayed at home. The three of us played out back until the sun started to go down. Sherri was taking her bath and Kay was getting ready to go out. There was a knock at the back door. I opened it to find Cathy standing there. I just stood there looking into her face.

Kay had told me that Cathy had gotten contacts, as she was tired of wearing glasses. Cathy stood there as the wind blew her hair lightly. It covered up part of her face. When it did that, I realized just how much she looked like Carrie standing there to me.

“John, are you going to let me in?” Cathy asked.

“Oh sorry,” I replied as I stepped out of her way letting her into the kitchen.

I stood there with the door hanging wide open as I watched her walk by me. My nostril filled with a very pleasant odor. I knew the fragrance well as it had been Carrie’s favorite. I watched that hot plump little ass shake in her tight fitting jeans. I looked to see that long blonde hair flowing almost to the middle of her back. Cathy stopped and she turned around looking at me.

“John, are you OK?” Cathy asked as she tilted her head to the side.

I just stood there staring at her until I heard, “John,” Cathy saying again.

“Sorry Cathy your White Diamond perfume got the best of me,” I replied as I closed the door.

We walked into the living room and we sat down together on the couch. I sat there smelling and staring at her. Cathy just looked at me funny like with her head tilted to the side adding to my daydream.

Cathy grabbed my hand as she said, “John, how did you know I am wearing White Diamond?”

“It was Carrie’s favorite,” I replied smiling. I moved closer to her as I asked, “Would you mind if I just smelled at your hair for a minute?”

I did not wait for her reply I simply placed my head onto the back of her shoulder blade and sniffed deeply. I floated to dream land as I closed my eyes. I was kissing Carrie’s neck as I worked my way to her lips. I turned her face to mind. I kissed her once on her cheek then again fully on her lips.

I suddenly realized what I was doing. I pulled away from Cathy and scooted down from her on the sofa. I looked away shaking my head ashamed of myself for trying to turn her into Carrie for but a few seconds.

“Forgive me Cathy,” “That was wrong of me,” I said looking to her.

Cathy took a hold of my hand as she replied, “Wrong for missing someone you loved deeply and cared for.” “Wrong for wanting to hold her as you smell her scent,” “Wrong for closing your eyes just to dream of her.”

Cathy paused for a second as she tilted her head and said, “I don’t think so John, I believe it is called eternal love,” “A love everlasting that lasts for all time without beginning or end.” “That kind of love and special bond very few people ever find and even thou it is not me who you see I am honored to be thought of as her,” smiling at me.

“Excuse me Cathy I seemed to have gotten something in my eye,” I replied as I wiped my one lone tear.

Cathy gave me a light kiss onto my lips them walked back to see what was taking Kay so long. Sherri came running out and she lay down onto the floor with her drawing book. She looked at me then cane over to me. Sherri looked deep and long into my eyes.

“Don’t cry daddy angel Carrie still loves you too,” Sherri said smiling.

“You better watch your drawing book or Coco is going to eat it,” I replied pointing to Coco who had her book chewing on it.

I sat there watching them two going at it. I thought back to what Kay had asked me about being afraid of losing my memories of Carrie. I knew then that I never would. I just hoped they never caused me problems.

Kay and Cathy finally walked out into the living room. In my opinion, they both were dressed conservatively. Both had tops that did not show any cleavage. They both had makeup but not overly done. Their jeans were tight but not like, they poured themselves into them.

Sherri came running over to me and she whispered into my ear, “Daddy tell mommy she looks nice,” before she returned to the floor.

“Kay you look lovely my dear,” I said with a smile.

Kay came over wrapping her arms around my neck giving me a deep long passionate kiss that I returned. She broke our kiss as she told me thank you. Kay went to Sherri bending over to give her a big hug.

“Thank you my dear for telling daddy to tell me,” as she smiled to me.

Cathy came over to me and she wrapped her arms around my neck as she said, “Daddy have the hot tub ready when we get home.”

The girls left leaving Sherri, Coco and I to ourselves. I left Sherri stay up and we watched a horror movie together. She had her pajamas on and her new drawing book with her. I was shirtless with jogging pants. Sherri would draw during the commercials. Halfway through it I thought that maybe this was not a movie Sherri should be watching.

“You sure your OK watching a movie like this?” I asked.

“There are worst horrors in the real world than these make believe ones, daddy,” Sherri replied.

I felt Sherri’s finger lightly and soothingly tracing the X scar on the side of my chest. However, I was pondering her reply thinking how right she was. I had seen the same horrors shown in this movie over in Vietnam. The only difference was the actor wore make up turning themselves into monsters. Where as over there all I had to do was unlock my soul to release the monster in me.

However, I did that just to survive after all the monster within my soul was the reason I had survived. It was not as if they handed you a number and when your number came up you had your choice go home or die. It was not a make believe world over there. Maybe my number did come up and I cheated both death as well as fate over there only to have death repay me by taking Carrie and Melissa away from me.

I looked down to see Sherri cuddled up to me fast asleep. I may have a monster within me however; this sweet little girl did not see it that way. Someday I am sure I will have to explain it all to her or listen to her explaining it to me. Fate tells me that it is to be.

I picked her up into my arms taking her to her bedroom. Coco was barking at me the whole time. I placed her into bed tucking her in and kissing her good night. I picked Coco up who gave me a couple wet licks to my face before I placed him by her side. I returned to the living room just as the back door opened Kay and Cathy was home early.

They came into the living room and sat one on each side of me as I asked, “Why home so early?”

“We were not having any fun besides the men only had one thing on their minds,” Kay said.

“And just what was on their minds?” I asked.

“The same thing that is on yours,” Kay replied with a smile.

“What that there are worst horrors in the real world than these make believe ones in this monster movie?” I asked as I pointed to the TV.

Both of the girls looked at me with their heads tilted to the side. Kay looked to Cathy then Cathy looked to Kay. They each rubbed their hands to the sides of my face. They both looked to the sign above the fireplace.

In unison they said, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

I smiled to them both as I replied, “Let hopes the little bastard don’t like hot tubs.”

I chased the girls into the bedroom so we all could change into just some robes. As I stood there removing my jogging pants as that was all I had to remove. I watched the girls undressing before me. I looked to Kay then to Cathy until they both slipped their robes over their bodies.

The three of us walked out onto the back porch and into the hot tub. It was a lovely late spring night. The crescent moon hung in the sky with the big dipper over our head. I sat in the hot tub with my head tilted far back just looking into the night sky.

“John, why do you look into the night sky so much especially on starry nights?” Kay asked.

I started to answer when Cathy said, “I know why he does.”

Kay and I both looked at her as she replied, “Because when he was in the jungles of Vietnam at night there were no stars to be seen due to the thick jungle all around him.”

I smiled at them both as I said, “There is your answer Kay.”

“John, did you ever get lonely at night over there?” Kay asked.

“I was lonely when I stepped from that helicopter my first day there,” I replied. “Luckily I had some very fond memories of two lovely girls much like the two of you to keep me company,” I added with a smile.

Kay wrapped her arm around Cathy as she said, “Let us add to your memories.”

The girls locked into a deep and passionate kiss as I sat across from them watching. I noticed when these two girls kissed it were simply beautiful. Their kisses had feeling as well as love as their lips met. The way they tilted their heads to the side as each stroked at the others hair. The kisses I have seen them share where unlike the ones Terri and Carrie shared.

My cock started to throb as Kay worked her kisses down to Cathy’s breasts. Kay kissed and licked her way around her tit before she gently took Cathy’s nipple into her mouth. Cathy stroked at the back of Kay’s head as she did.

Cathy looked across to me and I saw the twinkle in her lovely green eyes. I swear that if it was not for those green eyes, she could have been Carrie sitting there with Kay suckling on her tit. Her cute little smile she had on her face was all her own I thought as Cathy smiled to me. Kay worked her mouth over Cathy’s other breast until I saw that she had both her nipple sticking out rock hard.

“Kay is it OK if I have John right now I am so horny?” Cathy asked her with pleading eyes.

Kay smiled as she replied, “You may have him when ever you want.”

Cathy kissed Kay deeply and with passion before she broke their kiss. Cathy told Kay to sit up on the edge of the hot tub. Cathy parted Kay’s legs as she kissed at the insides of her thighs. Her lovely plump butt half in and half out of the water. Kay’s hands went to the back of Cathy’s head as her tongue licked at Kay’s pussy.

Cathy licked at her pussy for a while then turned looking to me over her shoulder as she said, “Take me from behind John.”

Cathy’s face went back to Kay’s pussy as I got behind her. I rubbed at her pussy with my hand for a few seconds. I took my cock into my hand and I slipped it up into her pussy. I pushed just the head of my cock up into her pussy. I held it there until I felt Cathy pumping her hips back toward my cock. I slowly fucked her from behind working into a steady deep rhythm.

Cathy matched each of my strokes by pumping her ass back against me. Kay leaned back onto the small upper deck of the hot tub. Kay placed her legs up onto Cathy’s shoulder. I kissed and licked at her feet in front of me.

“Aaaahh,” Kay moaned out.

Cathy’s was lapping wildly at her pussy as I figured that Kay just had her first orgasm into her mouth. I pulled Cathy’s butt cheeks apart making her asshole wink at me. I slipped my thumb gently and slowly up into her asshole as I fucked her from behind.

“Ahhh John,” Cathy moaned out as she removed her face from between Kay’s legs. She looked back to me as she said, “You can have my ass but only if you are gentle,” before she buried her face back between Kay’s legs.

I slipped my cock from her pussy and I placed it at her asshole. I gave a gentle push as I eased in just the head of my cock. Cathy let out a soft moan into Kay’s pussy. I just left the head of my cock buried in her asshole. I was afraid to move as her asshole was tight and it felt like I could cum right now.

Cathy slowly started to push her ass back against my cock. Each time she took a little more of my cock into her ass. Cathy finally had my cock buried in her ass. Neither she nor I moved we just left it filling her ass. I saw Kay’s legs start to twitch as she had another orgasm into Cathy’s face.

Kay slipped her legs from Cathy’s shoulder as she sat up onto the deck. Cathy moved forward a bit wrapping her arms around Kay’s neck. She moved her ass back down onto the little bit of my cock that had pulled from it.

Cathy turned and very sexily, she said, “Fuck my ass John.”

I slowly started to move my cock in and out of her tight asshole. I was not for sure but I would say this was her first time at having a cock up there. Kay and Cathy started to kiss as I build my rhythm to a steady but not hard pace. Her tight little ass gripped at my cock as I did. I fucked her up her butt for about ten minutes.

“I am going to orgasm,” Cathy yelled out between kissing Kay.

Kay slipped from in front of Cathy and came down into the tub with me. Kay kissed at my lips as I felt Cathy’s ass opening and closing on my cock as her orgasm over came her. I gave her ass a few more pumps of my cock.

“Ohhh shit I am going to shoot,” I yelled out.

Kay pushed her hand down to my cock and she removed it from Cathy’s asshole. Kay sucked my cock halfway into her mouth. As her lips tightened around my cock it throbbed then twitched. I was soon blasting cum into Kay’s sucking mouth. Kay took my entire load into her mouth as Cathy came over to us.

Kay gave my cock a few licks then kissed Cathy deeply as they swapped cum and tongues. I felt my cock twitching again as I watched them. We did make a new memory as no one had ever sucked my cock from another woman’s butt as Kay had. Then for the girls to share cum the way they were. It was a wonderful night to remember.

“Now you are no longer a virgin in your butt,” Kay said to Cathy with a smile.

I smiled to her as I said, “Thanks for letting me be the one.”

The girls and I took turn kissing each other before we decided to take it into the bedroom. In the bedroom, the girls took turns as we sixty-nine until the three of us all came again. The girls shared cum as it shot from my cock. I once again got in between them taking them each into my arms as we lie in the bed.

Kay kissed me on my lips as she said, “I love you John.”

I kissed her back as I replied, “I love you too Kay.”

Cathy sat up in bed thinking for a second then she too kissed me as she said, “I love just being part of the love you share.”

She kissed Kay then said, “Thank you for sharing his love with me.”

The girls laid their heads to my chest and they closed their eyes. I lie there in bed smiling to myself thinking how luckily I was. Well let me just say I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Fate had been kind to me that night.

The next morning after breakfast, the girls decide we were going to have another BBQ. Kay, Cathy and Sherri all jumped into Kay’s new car going to do some shopping. I watched them pull from the drive with Coco in my hand waving his little paw telling them bye.

Coco and I returned inside where he chewed on his new chew toy and I read some fishing magazine. I snoozed for a while as well. I heard a knock at the back door it was late afternoon. I went to see who it was as I moved the curtains Kay had placed up over the window part of the door.

I froze in terror as I peered out of my back door window. My heart pounded faster and faster. It felt as if it may explode from my chest. I shook my head from side to side, as I looked at who stood there. My hand trembled as I reached for the doorknob. I slowly opened my back door coming face to face with Sheriff Steve.

What did fate have in store for me? Why did god want to take away anything I loved? Was my new life to lead to despair and loneliness? Had death came knocking at my heart once more? Surely, the angel Carrie would at least keep the sweet innocent girl Sherrie safe; won‘t she? These and other questions filled my mind as I looked into the eyes of Sheriff Steve.

This will end this chapter.

As always, let me know that you are enjoying my story. Fate had you click upon my story just as fate seemed to rule my life. To my fellow veterans and anyone who had fate deal them a bad hand in life. I leave you with something to ponder; Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.

My next chapter will be out soon.
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