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Mom was gone
Picking up from part 1, Mom was gone and Dad had taken me into his bed and made me suck his dick when I was 9 years old. After the first night he had me sleep in his bed every night from then on and every night he used my mouth to satisfy himself. He propped me up on pillows and straddled my chest and fucked my mouth. The first time was bad because I gagged alot but he kept thrusting his big cock into my little mouth. Once I gagged and he slapped my face and said stop that, like I had a choice. But I got the hang of it soon enough. Practice makes perfect. Soon he was thrusting so deep into my mouth that his pubic hair was hitting me in my nose. The routine was that he would kiss me on my mouth and hold my naked little body against him and soon he started playing with my asshole, rubbing his finger over it and sticking a finger in me while he stuck his tongue in my mouth. At first I wondered why he did it because before he had only stuck his finger in my ass while bathing me but now he was doing it all the time and after awhile he was getting 2 fingers in me and he kept trying to separate them like he was trying to make my asshole bigger. It hurt at first but once he got them up my ass it felt kinda good and his kissing took my ming off the hurt. Now I know that he was getting me ready for the next phase, but not quite yet.

One evening he came home with a bag from KMart and he threw it on the table while I was doing my homework. He said from now on around the house I want you to wear these clothes. I was excited about having new clothes but when I opened the bag it contained girls nightgowns and sundresses. He said I was to wear the dress for him when he came home and that I was to wear the nightgowns to bed with him. I was shocked but I knew there wasn't any hope in refusing because he would do the spanking routine or slap my face, or both until I agreed. So the next evening around 5:30 I drew the shades around the house and put on one of the sundresses. I flushed red and it felt kinda weird but it was ok after awhile. When he came home he smiled and then he lifted up my dress and saw my boy briefs and said, oh no, I forgot to get you panties and the next night I had a full set of panites. My dressing like a girl seemed to turn him on and he was at me as soon as he walked in the door, kissing me and grabbing my bubble butt and squeezing it, slipping his hands inside my panties. At night he had me keep the nightgown on while he kissed me and fucked my mouth. The nightgown got him going and he was doing me 2 or 3 times a night. He let my hair grow longer and I asked about a hair cut and he said not yet.

One night after school was out, now I'm 10, he came home and told me that the coming weekend we were going away on vacation. I was really excited about that because we had never gone away before and we were going to Disney World. When the weekend came I asked him what to pack and he said not to worry that I should just bring my dresses, panties and night gowns for now and we would stop and get more clothes for me on the way. Once we were about 50 miles down the highway he pulled into a rest area and told me to put on a dress, that from now on I'd be dressing like a girl for the rest of the trip. I was mortified. My first vacation and I had to dress like a girl. Once I'd changed we stopped at a WalMart and he bought me a bikini, shorts, tops, etc., all girls clothes for a 10 year old, but as skimpy as he could find. It would be easy to pull off because I was small with full lips and a bubble butt and was basically hairless on my body. With my long sandy hair and blue eyes you couldn't tell what I was and if you had to guess you would probably not think I was a boy anyway. We also stopped at a beauty parlor and he had my hair styled in a page boy, but only to make me look more like a girl. He told the operator that I was a tom boy and he was trying to feminize me and she volunteered to show me how to do some makeup. She did my face and when I looked in the mirror I thought, I'm pretty! She told me how to do it and he made sure I paid attention. It took us 2 days to drive to Orlando and each morning I had to put on my makeup. By the time we got there I had it down pretty good. I wasn't wearing that much so it wasn't so hard to do.

The first night in the motel room we got into bed as usual and he began fingering my asshole and kissing me. He propped me up on pillows and started fucking my mouth and I had gotten pretty good at it. I never missed a drop of his cum and I liked the taste. He would pause and have me lick off his precum and sometimes rub his cock on my face. Once he pulled out just as he shot off and got it all over my face. I licked it off and felt cheated. But this night he paused and pulled away and told me to lie on my stomach, that I was ready to be fucked. I said what? and he said just do it. I didn't know what was coming but I did as he said to avoid a slap in the face. I laid down on the bed and he put a pillow under my stomach to prop my ass up and he began rubbing my asshole and putting some kind of gel on it. I was getting the picture and I began to cry and say no dad please don't but all I got was a huge wallop on my bare ass from his open hand. He was pushing his fingers in and out of my ass lubing me up and then he laid on top of me with his cock in the crack of my ass. Open your legs honey he told me and I did and I felt the tip of his big cock touch my asshole. I was crying really bad now and he was oddly happy as he teased my hole with his cock. Then he began to penetrate me and I saw stars. I cried out and he put his hand over my mouth and using it for leverage he pushed his cock inside my lubed up ass. As big as his cock was it slid in. He had prepared me well. I squirmed but he was on top of me with his hand over my mouth and he hissed into my ear lie still or else so I calmed down and we laid there for a few moments with my ass spasming around his big cock. The initial pain stopped and I could feel his big cock right up my ass. Then he began to slowly move in back and forth, back and forth. You have one tight little hole honey, he said, but he kept going and pretty soon he was riding me pretty good. It didn't take long for him to cum and I felt the warm goo that I loved to tasted shooting up into my ass. He collapsed on top of me panting and said oh honey that was great. I guess so because he did it to me 2 more times that night. He said this was our honeymoon and this is what happens on a honeymoon. I didn't know 10 year old boys had honeymoons with their dads, but what did I know? When he had fucked me the 3rd time and he rolled over to go to sleep, my little 10 year old asshole kept twitching and spasming even after I wiped his cum that was dripping out of me. Once I had cleaned up and washed my face I thought it actually felt pretty good, forget how weird it all was. Well, I thought, this isn't all that bad, but, again, this was only the beginning.


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I seriously HOPE that you update SOON PLEASE install the next installment :)


2016-02-27 01:23:38
What a hit can't wait for the next installment


2012-02-02 00:49:52
this is so hit i want this! i love it all makes me wild


2009-08-23 18:37:17
Nice story, probably mostly true. The reader who uses nasty slang terminology with words such as "sick" and "faggot" should be ashamed of intentionally insulting the Writer by using such mindless words in the context of SEX.. Sex is Sex - with anything and anybody. With someone or by yourself. Anytime, anyplace you choose. More, please.

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you sick mother fucking faggot o fine some pussy fag

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