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Thanks everybody for all the constructive criticism. This is my first attempt at writing,
I’ve read and loved most of the stories on here so this is my time to contribute.


So here I was standing on the side of my sisters bed buck ass naked, slightly shaking from the anticipation of what was actually going to happen. I was excited and scared at the same time, not moving a muscle. Finally sis said “ that wasn’t so bad, was it?” I shook my head and she accepted my answer. She patted the bed and told me to lay beside her. I did what I was told because I didn’t know what else to do. So here I was laying next to her and her body, it was giving off so much heat. I turned slightly toward her, where my head was near her boobs and my stomach was touching her hips. Ever so gently my sis touched my chest, moving her fingers back and forth over my nipples making them hard to the touch. She asked me if I was cold and I told her I was very excited. She laughed, then pointed with her other hand toward my penis and said I can tell. I smiled and started feeling better after that.
So now she said I can touch her too, she doesn’t bite! I was getting calmer by the minute. I reached over to her chest and started playing with her nipples because she was playing with mine. My sis dragged her nails from my nipples down to my tummy, just inches from my rock hard dick. She played and toyed just above it. I was beside myself, I wanted and didn’t want her to touch it. So I just closed my eyes and a few seconds later I feel her fingers trace over my dick from the head down to my balls and back up again. I was like “ WOW “ that feels so different from the way I touch it. A lot better!!!
As she was feeling I took my hand off her chest and I bent over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. When I did that she moaned gently and took her other hand and held my head against her chest and whispered that it feels good.
Meanwhile I was enjoying her massaging of my dick and balls as well. But after a little while she stopped playing with them and moved her hand over to between her legs and started sliding her middle finger up and down between them. I laid my head sideways so I could watch what she was doing to herself. Her finger was getting all wet!! What was that all about???
I was curious as to what was down there in all that hair. I was to find out soon! Here I was getting a great view of my sisters naked body, taking in all her curves, long legs and pretty painted toes. I slid my head down from her chest to her tummy watching her hand move, smelling something damp and musky. I put my hand on her leg, still feeling the heat coming off of it, moving it up and down, caressing her leg while I watched her rub herself. I feel her other hand on the back of my head, her fingers nails running through my short hair gently pushing my head closer to where her hand was. So I stopped with her leg and threw my leg over hers and laid on my stomach and elbows between her legs watching more fingers rub harder.
The smell getting stronger as I see more moisture on her fingers. I look up to her face, I see that her eyes are closed and her mouth is open like she is mouthing a silent scream. She starts to shake like a never ending chill. This happens for about 30 seconds then nothing……I hear her let out her breath like she ran the mile in 30 seconds. I asked her if she was okay, and she said she felt really good!!!
With her hands at her sides I tilted my head closer to the spot that gave her that good feeling and sniffed. Not knowing what I was sniffing for, I went down further and stuck my tongue out just a bit to taste what that wetness was and “ BAM “ !!!!! two things happen a once, my sisters head popped up and said
“ WOW, THAT FELT AWESOME“ !!!!! and I just realized I liked what I just tasted………
Things started happening real fast after that. My sis ask me to do it again. She spread her legs a little wider and took both her hands and spread that spot she was rubbing earlier. It opened up and was pink with a small piece of skin sticking out on the top. She pointed where she wanted my tongue to travel up and down her slit and suck on the little nub of skin sticking out. I was only too glad to do it, so here I was my tongue sticking out and I was running it up and down and flicking that nubbin of skin with the tip of my tongue. After a while my tongue started to hurt so I just put my mouth over it and started sucking using the flat part of my tongue to drag over the top and the hole beneath. I noticed a major change in her body language when I started that. It’s hard to describe the feelings I was having while I was tasting her. No matter how much I was sucking, she was getting wetter and wetter. This felt like I was doing it for hours but really only about 20 minutes. She asked me to stop because she was getting too sore. So I asked in a very low voice if she would do me what I did for her. She started to say that she was tired, but she relented and said she would do it for a little while.
While we were changing places I spied my sisters ass and thought about what my dick will feel like in her ass? One day I’ll find out…. As I laid back on her bed to get comfortable, I put a couple of pillows under my head so I can watch what she was going to do to me. My sister got between my legs on her elbows and started to touch and play with my dick. Up and down she rubbed it with her thumb, index and middle fingers. She asked me why it was so hard? I told her I didn’t know. It just does it some times when I play with it or see something dirty. She said to me that when I was smaller and we got baths together that it never looked like this, it only looked like spaghetti! Then she started blowing air at it, I asked when she was going to put it in her mouth. She looked like she wasn’t going to it, she did say that she was giving me a “blow job”. I had no idea what she was talking about, but she continued telling me that her friends at school talked about doing a “blow job “ for their boyfriends and she really didn’t want to give “her brother” a blow job! I started to get mad. Now I’m not going to find out what it feels like! I actually started to cry and whine. I was getting so mad I started to tell her I was going to tell on her. I said that I was going to tell mommy an daddy that she made me do things to her and she’d get in big trouble!! When I said that, she accidentally squeezed by ball sack and made me cry harder cause she thought she was going to get into big trouble. She quickly started apologizing saying she didn’t mean to do that, I wasn’t hearing her because I was bawling so she quickly dropped her mouth over my dick. Suddenly I quit crying, her mouth was completely over my dick and balls and it felt hot and wet!! What a feeling!!
So there she was with her mouth over everything. She started to use her tongue to caress my balls then let it travel up to the underside of my dick, she took her mouth off and gave the head a kiss. She apologized again for squeezing me and she said that it wasn’t so bad., sucking my dick. She went on to say that it feels weird in her mouth but also feels good in her mouth!! So without another word she went back to the task at hand. Boy did it feel weird and good at the same time, it also tickled whenever she got to just below the head. Sometimes she was using her fingers and sucking just the head. Then she would put it all back in her mouth again. She also started to suck real hard on it like she was trying to suck something out of it. I said to her that it hurt when she sucked hard. After that she stopped sucking all together and informed me that her school friends said that if you suck long and hard something creamy comes out of it!! I said I’ve never seen anything come out except when I had to pee, she immediately said not to piss in her mouth!! I told her that I didn’t have to go right now. She looked relieved.
So she went back to sucking me, I was thrilled! She looked determined to see what would come out of my dick though. She worked my dick over. I know she must have been doing it a lot longer than I did her but she wasn’t bothered by it. She really wanted either to see or taste the cream that she heard about. Over and over she sucked, after a minute or two it started to tickle and feel really good and I told her so. She stopped again to say that her friends said that just before the cream comes I will feel really, really good. I said I was almost at that point, down her head went, up and down she was going faster and faster. Half a minute later I’m telling her to stop, it tickles so much I can’t stand it. Still she goes up and down, sucking, licking I grab her head trying to get her to stop!! I freeze up and squeak, my legs shoot out straight, I breakout in a sweat………..
The next thing I remember is my sister is over me, blowing air on my face shaking my shoulder asking if I’m ok? I told her I don’t know what happened. She said I went stiff as a board, made a noise and then nothing. I asked her if she saw any cream come out? She told some fluid went into her mouth but didn’t taste bad, sort of salty but not. She did say she wanted to try again but not tonight. Her mouth and body was tired . After she told me that I said I wanted to do it to her again too….


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