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I got to see my sister’s panties.
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Hanging Upside Down Showing Her Panties

My mother insisted that my three sisters always wear dresses or skirts like she did. She did not believe that women should wear pants.

As I grew up their skirts and dresses got shorter, even Mom’s.

My sisters and I played together all the time. There were not many neighbors where we lived. It was nothing to see their panties when we played. I would push them on the swing from the front just so that I could look up their skirts. Mom knew what I was doing and asked me not to do it again but I ignored her pleas.

Then one day it was very hot. Mom was wearing her thinnest dress and it was wet from her sweat especially under her heavy breasts and the small of her back. That was the day that Mom asked me to push her on the swing. She wanted to feel the air blow across her body cooling her off.

When I stood in front of her I saw her eyes roll, but she just accepted my position. I pushed her and I pushed her making her go up higher and higher. Eventually I could no longer push on her knees so I started jumping up and grabbing the edges of the swing. Because of my position she started spreading her legs so as not to kick me. That was when I saw Mom’s panties for the first time. They were thin and they were white. There was dark hair sticking out of the sides.

Mom knew what I was able to see. She kept her legs spread wide for me for quite a while. When she had had enough she asked me to stop pushing her.

She noticed the girls hanging upside down on a bar. Their skirts were down around their faces and their panties were on display for me to see.

Mom smiled at me. Mom kissed me on the lips for the first time. Then Mom joined her daughters on the bar. She hung from the bar, brought her legs up, and hooked her knees over the bar. As she lowered herself down her dress fell to the ground. Only her arms kept it from falling off completely. Her soaking wet panties and her thin bra were fully exposed for me to enjoy. Again I saw dark pubic hairs sticking out of her panties.

Suddenly Jessica said, “Touch us like you usually do.”

Mom lifted her dress up just enough to see me. She was smiling and said, “Go ahead…and…don’t forget to touch me too.”

I started with my youngest sister and rubbed her panty-covered crotch with my hand. She giggled. Then I slipped my hand up inside her panties and cupped her nice warm crotch. She giggled again when I slipped my middle finger down into her moist hole and finger fucked her for a minute.

My middle sister was next and she giggled too.

Jessica was my oldest sister and she didn’t giggle, she just moaned in delight. She begged me for more and she begged me to put two fingers in. All the time Mom was looking up at me waiting for her turn. Jessica had an orgasm and thanked me for it.

Then it was Mom’s turn. I rubbed the outside of her panties for a while. Then I rubbed her pussy from the inside of her panties. I loved the feel of her thick pubic hair. When I slipped my middle finger into her very moist pussy Mom sucked in air making a sound. After that she just moaned. Eventually she said, “Rub my clit. Please rub my clit. I need to cum. Please make me cum.”

By then my sisters had gotten down and the two youngest girls were off playing together. Jessica was standing next to me. I watched her as she lifted Mom’s panties up to the bar. Jessica pointed out Mom’s clit to me. I found that when I rubbed the hard bump, that Mom went crazy. She loved it and kept asking me to rub harder, to rub faster, and to put more fingers in her pussy. Jessica helped out by putting her fingers in Mom’s pussy. I was using all of my effort on Mom’s clit when she cried out in pleasure. “Oh God! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Mom grabbed the bar, lifted herself up a little, and then lowered her feet to the ground. I watched her as she lifted her dress up to her chin and started to raise her panties back in place.

I reached out to stop her, “Don’t! I wish that you wouldn’t were any panties. That way I can feel you up whenever I want too.”

Mom smiled and asked, “What makes you thing that I will let you feel me up again?”

I replied, “Because of the way that you cried out when I caused your orgasm.”

Mom giggled and said, “Okay! You did give me pleasure, a lot of pleasure. I haven’t cum like that in a long time. Thank you.”

Jessica asked, “Do you want me to go without panties too?”

Mom just giggled and let me decide. “Yes! That would be nice.”

So I knelt down and reached up under Mom’s dress and removed her panties. She helped by lifting her feet one at a time. Then I reached up under Jessica’s skirt to remove her panties. While I was there I kissed her fuzzy pussy and fingered her clit…now that I knew where to find it.

Before I had finished, my two younger sisters were standing there, holding their skirts up for me. I looked at Mom and then I removed their panties, kissed their pussies, and fingered their clits.

At the dinner table the conversation turned to sex. Jessica wanted to know what it was like and Mom tried to explain it to her.

Finally Mom said, “Jessica, you will just have to experience it for yourself.”

Jessica asked, “When?”

Mom giggled and said, “Whenever your brother wants to experience it with you.”

Jessica smiled broadly and my other sisters giggled.

Mom reached under the table and touched my crotch. She felt how hard my cock was and then she said, “He’s ready now if you like.”

My younger sister asked, “Can we watch?”

Jessica said “No” so quickly that she surprised me.

Mom said, “Girls you can watch him have sex with me later, if you want too.”

I looked at Mom and she squeezed my cock with her hand. Then she asked, “You will experiment with me too…won’t you? Pretty please! With sugar on top.”

The girls laughed because that last part was what we always said to Mom to make her give in to our requests. I had to say, “Okay…later.”

I took Jessica’s hand and practically dragged her to my bedroom. She just smiled as I undressed and waited for her too. She removed her shoes and skirt quickly but took her time removing her blouse. She was trying to be sexy. However, once she was naked she just pulled me over to my bed and pushed me backwards, onto it.

Then she jumped up on my hips, grabbed my hard-on, and dropped her pussy down onto it. I never knew her to be so aggressive. Jessica fucked herself with my cock as if she were jumping on a pogo stick. Sweat was dripping off the tip of her nose and dripping on my chest. She leaned over me, putting a nipple in my mouth, and said, “Suck on it but be gentle. Tracy bit me yesterday.”

Tracy was my middle sister.

I asked, “You let Tracy suck your nipples?”

Jessica laughed and said, “I’ve let her suck a lot more than just my nipples.”

Confused I asked, “Like what?”

Jessica giggled and said, “Come on. You can’t be serious. There are four horny women living in this house, we let you finger fuck us, and you don’t think that we are getting each other off as often as we can.”

It finally dawned on me so I asked, “Mom too?”

Jessica shoved her other nipple in my mouth and said, “Yes, Mom too. She really wanted you to push her on the swing. The four of us worked it all out yesterday. You were perfect. You did exactly what we expected.”

I asked, “Is that why you helped me finger Mom’s pussy?”

Jessica replied, “Yes, but you had me so excited I couldn’t just stand by and let you have all of the fun.”

Just then I started squirting into her pussy.

Jessica said, “I can feel it. I can really feel it. Mom told me that I would but I didn’t believe her.”

A few more jumping jacks on my cock and she said, “It’s my turn. Shove it in me hard. Harder! That’s it! Oh God! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

After she recovered she grabbed my hand and led me out to the living room. She laid down in front of the television and lifted her knees up to her breasts. Her pussy was leaking cum when the other three got down between her legs and took turns licking her pussy.

I sat back and watched them. I really enjoyed looking at Mom’s hairy pussy from behind. Her ass twitched, her pussy lips rubbed against one another, and I could see her cum glistening in the light.

I remembered what Mom had said about the girls watching me fuck her later. Well it was later. I got down on the floor behind Mom. Just as she shoved her tongue into Jessica I shoved my cock into her.

Mom said, “Oh God that feels good.” Then she went right back to eating Jessica’s pussy.

My other two sisters got as close as they could to where Mom and I were joined. They had trouble seeing much because I was thrusting into Mom very quickly. So they got on their backs and slipped their heads under Mom’s belly. They told Mom how nice the view was and I watched her hands go to their pussies so that she could stoke their clits.

At that moment Mom was sexually pleasing all four of her children at the same time. That was something that she would do again…every night…for many years.

The End
Hanging Upside Down Showing Her Panties


2015-02-01 08:21:36
That's one horny family


2015-01-10 05:19:12
as the saying goes,, as weak as dish water, rating? 0 out of 10

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