When a little girl mis behaves, her daddy gives her a spanking she'll never forget.
Amber stared down in between her legs, wide eyed in shock as Eric “spanked” her tender young pussy with his hard cock.
Her jaw dropped, and she just couldn’t believe that this was happening as she watched him slap her bald little pubic mound with the head of his penis.
She’d never felt so many powerful, and conflicting emotions at the same time, but the close physical contact with her father was making her horny more than anything else.
She squealed, and wiggled, and her pussy got even juicier as she struggled to control her hips.
She looked up at her daddy, and the intense expression on his face filled her with fear, and admiration.
Something was about to happen, she was sure of it, but she wasn’t sure what it was going to be, and although it made her want to jump up, and run away, at the same time she’d never wanted to be anywhere more in her life other than right here, right now.

It had all started just after Amber’s mother had left them.
One day she came home from school to find her father sitting at the kitchen table with a note from mom that read simply, “I’m sorry Eric, I can’t do this anymore. I trust you’ll take good care of Amber. I love you both.”
And that was that.

Her mother had always taken care of Amber’s discipline, and with her gone it didn’t take Amber long to figure out that she could now do as she pleased.
At first Eric let some things slide, she had just had her mother walk out on her, and if it was hard on him, and it was, then it was certainly hard on her as well.
However after about a month he decided that he needed to exercise some kind of authority over his daughter because she was getting out of control.
One day he had asked her to clean her room several times, and when he finally came in, and barked, “Get off your little butt, and clean this room right now young lady!”

She looked up at him defiantly, and snapped, “No!”

That was it.
He quickly crossed the room, picked Amber up, pulled down her panties, put her over his knee, and then pulled up her skirt before he began spanking her bare ass.
Amber had been taken completely by surprise since her father had never spanked her before, but what was even more surprising was that the feeling of his hand slapping her butt was making her pussy tingle.
By the time he had finished spanking her, and stood her on her feet, pulling her panties back up, she was still in shock.
As she stood before him, a tear rolling down her hot cheek she could feel the burning of her tender bottom, and the moistness of her little vagina, her ears burning as he grasped the back of her neck, and whispered gently, "I don't like to spank you baby, but you have to do your chores honey."

"I'm sorry daddy." she whispered back, looking at the floor.

He took her in his arms, hugging her tight, and said, "Please just clean your room honey, okay?"

"Okay daddy." she responded, and then immediately turned, and began tidying up.

He watched her for a moment, beaming with love, and pride, but finally he left to do daddy stuff.
Amber was still kind of in a daze as she cleaned her room.
She wasn't sure what exactly had just happened, but she knew that she liked it, and that she wanted to feel it again.
By the time she was finished she was well into planing what mischief she could get into that might get her another spanking.

It seemed to Eric as though the spanking had worked because she was very well behaved for the next couple of days, but then she started working him.
She began misbehaving in different ways, testing him to see how he'd respond.
Eric could see that she was pushing her boundaries, but it wasn't just that, it was as if she were experimenting on him, trying to figure something out.
Then came the day when she put together exactly what she needed to do to get a spanking and started doing that constantly.

That's when things started getting strange for Eric.
He couldn't help but notice that she seemed to want to be spanked, and it was starting to make him nervous.
When she squealed in pain he was almost sure that he heard something else.
Was that pleasure in her voice?
And the last couple of times he could almost swear he smelled the sweet, musky odor of her aroused pussy.
Was she really getting turned on by her spankings?
But even more shocking was that the thought turned him on.

He started trying to come up with alternative punishments to keep from spanking her, and he was able to hold her off for a couple of days, but she had really learned how to push his buttons, and one day she just kept pushing him until he almost had no choice but to take her panties down, and put her over his knee.
He had raised his hand to spank her, and that’s when he saw it, there was no mistaking this, it was a big, wet spot on the crotch of her panties.
She had actually gotten turned on in anticipation of her spanking, and what she didn’t know was that the night before he had woken up with a ragging hard on, and had masturbated thinking about the sweet scent of her little pussy.

This was crazy, but before he could stop himself he reached down, grasping one of her little ass cheeks in his hand, slipping his finger into her crack.
He gasped, “Amber?” in a shocked tone as he felt how juicy, and swollen her pussy was.
“Are you getting turned on by this?” he asked rhetorically, his cock instantly becoming rock hard as he continued to rub his daughter’s little vagina.

Amber could only wiggle, and squeal in his lap, her cheeks flushing hot as she felt daddy’s finger playing with her pussy.
“If this is turning you on then I have to find a new way to spank you.” Eric said, suddenly standing her up, and pulling her panties all the way down.
Then he stood up, practically throwing her onto her back on the bed, and spreading her legs wide open.

“Wha-what are you doing daddy?” she asked nervously.

“I’m gonna spank your pussy baby.” He growled as he began unfastening his trousers.

“Spank-spank, my puh-pussy daddy?” she stuttered, feeling really confused, and then she saw her father’s hard cock come out, and she gasped “Why did you pull out your pee-pee daddy?”

“Because that’s what daddy spanks your pussy with.” He panted crouching down until his cock was at just the right level, and then he grasped the base of his shaft, and began slapping her pussy with the end of his penis.

Amber stared down….
Oh yeah, I guess this is where we came in.
After a while Amber threw her head back, rolling her hips as she panted nervously, “Oh daddy, oh daddy, it feels so funny.”

Then he stopped spanking her pussy, and began rubbing the shaft of his cock through her creamy slit, and as she felt the head of his prick against her stiff little clit she started getting scared, as if they might be doing something wrong.
“Are you sure this is okay daddy?” she asked nervously.

“Yeah baby,” he reassured her in a breathy voice. “As long as I stay on the outside it’s okay.”

The thing that would really screw with his head later was that at that moment he was so far gone, so overcome with lust, that he had actually believed what he was saying.
He really thought that it was okay to rub his hard cock on his daughter’s naked vagina as long as he didn’t penetrate her.

Saying that it was okay seemed to be all the permission Amber needed, and she completely gave up on trying to control herself, letting her hips buck, and roll wildly, grinding her wet pussy up against him.
As they both kept thrusting, and grunting, getting more, and more out of control, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.
The head of his cock kept slipping further, and further down into her slit until one fateful thrust pushed up into her tight little pussy hole.
They both gasped, stopping in place, staring down in shock at the image of his cock lodged halfway in her tiny cunt.
Eric was horrified with himself, and he knew he had to pull it out, and he would pull out, in a second, he just had to feel it for a second.
This would be the only time he’d ever feel his daughter’s hot, wet little pussy wrapped tightly around his cock so he wanted to enjoy it for a minute, and then he would pull out he promised himself.

Amber was losing her mind.
It hurt a little the way his thick penis was stretching her pink little hole, but it also felt good, really good, and soon she began whining, “It’s inside daddy, it’s inside me.” Tears rolling down her hot cheeks as she gently bucked her hips.

“No, don’t move baby!” Eric snapped, clamping his hands down on her thighs.
He was having a hard enough time resisting the urge to just bury his cock all the inside her tight, sucking little pussy, if she was going to start bucking her hips it was all over for him.
The seconds ticked by, and Eric kept telling himself that he was going to pull out, that he had to pull out, he couldn’t fuck his daughter, he just couldn’t.

Amber tried to be good, she tried not to move, but the feeling of her daddy’s cock inside her was making it hard.
The longer he stayed in her, the better it felt, and soon she knew she wanted more, she wanted all of it.
As this thought popped into her head she involuntarily thrust her hips forward hard, taking in another inch of him before he was able to push her back down.

“Dammit Amber!” he practically yelled, “I told you, do, not, move!”
His eyes too began to tear up with the intensity of the effort not to go further.
Things had all ready gotten way out of hand, he knew he had to stop now, he had to pull out.
He finally gathered up his strength, and began to slowly pull out, and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Amber began bucking, and rolling her hips wildly as she wailed, “I’m sorry daddy, I can’t help it.” Trying to get as much of his cock into her as she could with each thrust.

Eric just stood there in shock foe a moment, unable to believe what was happening as he watched his daughter fuck him.
He was having a hard time wrapping his head around this, his daughter was fucking him.
This was too much, he had to stop it, but even as he tightened his grip on her thighs, attempting to stop her bucking hips, and he chanted, “No, I can’t.” shaking his head, he could feel his hips pushing forward, slowly, almost painfully slowly, sliding his throbbing tool deeper, and deeper into his baby girl’s tight little pussy.

“Oh daddy, oh daddy.” Amber moaned, her voice becoming higher and higher pitched with every inch of cock that penetrated her until she felt his hips against her ass, and she knew that he was all the way inside.
The sensation was so mind blowing that for a few seconds neither one of them could move, but then Eric picked up one of her legs, pressing her thigh against his stomach in an attempt to get into her pussy as deep as he could.

Amber’s hands suddenly began rubbing her tummy as she whimpered, “Oh god daddy, it feels so big inside me.”

Eric was holding tight to Amber’s soft, slender thigh to keep from falling as the intense feeling of her tight, wet pussy squeezing, and sucking at the full length of his hard cock made him pant, and moan, and hearing the strain in her voice from being penetrated so deeply just turned him on even more.
He reached down, placing his hand on top of hers on her tummy, whispering in a breathy voice, “Yeah, baby girl, just feel daddy’s cock inside you.”

Amber’s breath caught in her throat as she felt him suddenly begin to pull out, and then with a low, shuddering voice she moaned, “Oooohhh daddy!” as he slowly plunged his cock all the way back in.

Soon Eric was steadily rocking his hips, slowly fucking his daughter as he wept, “Oh baby I’m sorry, I can’t stop, oh god, it’s so good, I can’t stop.”

“No daddy, please don’t stop.” She begged, rolling her hips up to meet his thrusting cock.
“Hold me daddy.” She insisted, reaching her arms up toward him.

He quickly released her leg, and leaned down, gathering her body up in his arms as be began thrusting a little bit harder, and faster.
Amber kept pace; bucking her hips against him, the wet, squishy sound of their love making blending with their grunts, and moans into a cacophony of lust.
Then Amber suddenly felt this weird pressure building in her loins, and she whimpered, “Daddy I feel funny. I think I have to pee.”

“That’s not pee baby.” He chuckled salaciously, picking up the pace a little bit more. “Just let it go honey.”

Amber struggled to stop it, she didn’t want to pee on her daddy, but as he began thrusting his hard cock into her harder, and faster the pressure just kept getting stronger.
She didn’t know what was happening to her, and she just blurted out, “What-what are you do-doing to me daddy?”

“I’m fucking you baby girl!” he grunted. “I’m fucking your little pussy.” Their bodies slapping together as Amber finally reached her limit.
Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her breathing came in quick, shallow bursts as her pussy clenched rhythmically around Eric’s thrusting tool, pumping her hot juice out.
She was still a little confused about what was happening to her, but the one thing that there was no confusion about was the pleasure sweeping through her body like electricity, filling her with sensations she’d never felt before.

Of course Eric knew exactly what was happening as he cooed in her ear, “Oh yes baby, cum all over daddy’s cock, you’re such a good girl.”
He knew that she was having an orgasm, and from the sound of it her first one.
It filled him with awe, and wonder, with joy, and sorrow.
He was happy for what he was giving to her, but sorry for what he was taking.
There was a part of him that was still trying to convince him that it wasn’t too late to stop, but he knew that he had gone too far to turn back now, so the best thing he could do now was to give his little girl love while he violated her.

As Amber’s orgasm began to wind down her whole body felt tingly, and although she would feel a little sore in the morning, right now her father’s hard cock pounding into her pussy felt nothing but good.
She wrapped her legs around him, holding on to him tight as he fucked her, moaning, “I love you daddy!”

Eric hadn’t realized how close he was to cumming himself until right now when he suddenly felt like he couldn’t hold back any more.
“Oh god, I love you so much baby.” He panted, slowing his stroke in an attempt to forestall his orgasm until he had stopped with just the tip in, and when he knew he couldn’t stop it any more he thrust all the way back up inside her, grunting loudly as the first blast of pearly white cum blasted into Amber’s hot pussy.

The feeling of the hot liquid squirting up into Amber’s juicy little cunt caused her to suddenly start cumming again herself.
The pressure built up, and popped so fast that time that before she knew what was happening her body was once again racked with spasms of pleasure as her daddy pulled his cock out a little, and then thrust it back in to the rhythm of his ejaculation.

Eric could tell that she was cumming again, and that made his own orgasm even better.
As his orgasm finished he began once again slowly plunging all the way in, and out of her, the intense feeling of her tight little pussy milking the sperm out of his cock blowing his mind.
Then with one final push he buried his shaft all the way inside her, grunting with lust as the last of her orgasm rhythmically squeezed his thick meat. Normally after such an intense orgasm he would have gone soft, but Amber’s pussy was just so tight, and good that it kept him rock hard.

Eric crawled up, on the bed, carefully rolling them over so that she ended up on top of him with his cock still inside her.
She wiggled her bottom, and giggled, “It’s all squishy daddy.”

“Yes, it is squishy.” He replied with a smile, rubbing her back, and giving her ass a little squeeze.

Then she yawned saying, “I’m tired daddy.” laying her head on his chest, and going to sleep.

He watched her sleep for a while, but soon dozed off himself.

In the night his cock got soft, and slipped out of her, and they changed positions so that when he awoke he was spooning her with his arms around her.
She was already awake, hugging his arms around her, and she asked, “Daddy?”

“Yeah baby?” He responded, suddenly feeling nervous.

“You put your cock in my pussy daddy.” She said simply, and Eric felt a chill run down his spine.

“Yes, yes I did honey.” He admitted, realizing that he couldn’t deny it.

“You fucked me didn’t you daddy?” she next asked in such a flat, straight forward manner that Eric started really getting worried.

Would she tell? Was he about to go to prison for the rest of his life?
He didn’t know, but once again what could he say to her? “No baby, you dreamed it.”?
So he swallowed hard, and said, “Yes baby girl, daddy fucked you.”

She gave his arms a squeeze, and he felt his cock begin to swell as she suddenly rubbed her little butt against it, and he could feel the heat from her blushing cheeks as she whispered conspiratorially, “Do it again daddy.“

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