It has been 3 years since the night that Katie gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Jordan. I never thought I would know the joy of having a baby with my true soul mate but Katie made it possible. Things had changed so much around the house in the last 3 years, the most obvious was a new baby in the house. Another change is that my daughter Katie had really grown up in the last 3 years since the baby had been born, she was about 5 foot 4 now and she was 140 pounds, she had gained a little weight from the pregnancy but I loved it. It seemed that she had gained it in the right places which was mostly in her breasts which had transformed into a large c cup. Her long blonde hair was now down to the middle of her back and it complimented her pale white skin and her beautiful greens eyes perfectly. She was the perfect woman and she turned me on like no one ever had before.
One source of joy for me was also my daughter Jordan it made me so happy to see her face every day and yell “daddy” as I entered the room. Jordan took after her mom with beautiful blonde hair but contrary to her mom she had blue eyes. She looked like she would grow into a beautiful little girl and I could not wait until she would be old enough for me to get in her pussy. Having these girls in my life brought me such happiness and made me so content more then I ever thought was possible.
Even though I was happy the sex demon, Chelsea was not pleased she had felt that I was too in love with Katie and she felt that I was not trying hard enough to be sexually deviant. Because of this she had arranged for me to be the coach of.. rgjqiprw a softball league of 12 year old girls the Katie was going to be on. I was supposed to have sex with as many of the girls and moms on the team as possible or else I could risk losing my powers. I agreed reluctantly but I could not risk losing my powers and everything I had gained from them.
The first practice came around and I saw that there were many hot girls that came to practice one family that caught my attention was the family of the Irwins. By talking them I found out that the family had recently gone through a family tragedy, the patriarch in the family had just been killed in Iraq. He left behind his pregnant wife Molly his 12 year old daughter Kristen, who was trying out for the team and their youngest girl Bre who was 8 who I thought was the most attractive of all. Molly was kinda of chubby since was pregnant she looked about 5’6” and about 180 pounds. She had long blonde hair that I loved but the feature that stuck out the most was her breasts they were at least a double d and of course I loved her pregnant stomach she looked like she was going to have the baby any day now. Her daughters took after her in beauty, with them both having long blonde hair and green eyes. While her mom was chubby neither of her daughters had that trait. They were both the opposite they were both tall and skinny little girls. Kristen was almost as tall as her mom weighing about 125 and having what must have been b cups. Bre was to me the most attractive, she was tall for her age I loved her cute little girl features that made her look so sexy and I knew I had to get in her pussy.
After the talk the Irwin women had become enamored with me Molly and Bre stayed to watch practice and I could tell that they mainly had their eyes on me. Kristen was out in the outfield but I could see her eyes fixed on me and I could see her occasionally rubbing her crotch when she looked at me. Kristen was an experienced softball player but she was so fixed on me she missed a few easy catches. I ended practice after a while and avoided many of the girls so they would not get fixed on me. Everyone had cleared out and only 3 girls remained Molly Kristen and Bre. They all stood around me blushing and not saying anything, so I thought ..u7ax I would break the silence. I gave Kristen a slap on her butt and told her that she did a good job at practice she turned really red like a tomato and she became week in the knees.
My spell must have taken over Kristen and I knew now was my chance to have sex with this hot young girl. I started kissing her passionately sticking my tongue in her mouth she became shocked and taken aback (I guess she had never been kissed like that) I then stopped for a second to strip off her hello kitty shirt to expose her bra. I then unhooked her bra and she tried covering up her tits with her arms but I spread her arms apart to see those perfect b cup breasts. By now my dick had become so hard and I knew I had to release it I pulled down my track pants and my boxers to expose my7 inch penis. Kristen was frozen from how shocked she was, that resulting from me pulling out my penis. I then took advantage of her being shocked I laid her down and took off her cleats and her athletic shorts only leaving her white cotton panties. I then started kissing up her leg taking time to nibble on her inner thigh, she moaned a little and after that I pulled her panties to the side to expose her little clit. She was so wet down there I could not resist I started licking her clit which made her start moaning and moaning turned to yelling when I licked up all her juices flowing from..n3. her opening. I then ripped off her panties and threw them, as I brought my dick up to her wet opening barely able to contain myself.
While this was going on Molly had totally pulled off her pants and panties and was masturbating and Bre was watching intently not knowing what was going on. The sight of Kristen’s pregnant mom masturbating was too much for me to handle so I thrust in her little opening. She screamed and kept telling me it was hurting after a while I pulled out my dick and the blood led me to believe she was a virgin. To my surprise she asked why I had pulled out she told me that it felt so good she begged me to put it back in. I then put it back in thrusting slowly partly because she was a virgin and partly because I knew I would cum fast. After a few minutes of pumping on top of her I could feel her breathing heavier I could tell an orgasm was about to come and shortly ..onion after that she screamed in pleasure. She was panting heavily and was glistening with sweat knowing that she came, made my orgasm build I knew I was about to cum. She told me to not go in her because she did not want to have a baby but it was too late I started shooting my load in her tight pussy. I just laid there for a second catching my breath I knew I had to get up since my job was not done I had a woman and a girl to fuck, I pulled out and cum gushed out of her pussy and even more ran down her legs when she stood up. I laid her back down and grabbed her mom ,I took off her top and bra exposing her beautiful big tits. I started kissing her and rubbing her clit and I felt how wet she was down ,there and she begged for my cock but I motioned down to her daughter. I told her to lick all the cum out of her daughter and she at first protested but went on to her task.
While Molly was licking the cum out of Kristen I turned my sights on Bre I walked over to Bre who was shaking and was jumping . I walked over to Bre hearing orgasmic noises in the background I looked and it seemed like both Molly and Kirsten were having a good time. When I got to Bre I realized what she was doing it was something every little girl does the “potty dance” I got over to her and she told me that she needed to go potty bad. I guess she had been so interested by the sex she had forgot about her bladder. I told her it would be ok and I started to kiss her and I took off her pink shirt that read daddy’s little girl to expose her beautiful flat chest. After that I began to bite on her collarbone she started to moan and by now I realized she was about to burst her bladder couldn’t take much more. I kept kissing on her holding her close and then I felt something hot on my leg she was peeing through her panties the pee was able to hit me since she was wearing a skirt and it made my dick so hard. She tried to pull away since she was peeing but I tossed her down and got between her legs so her hot pee would hit my face. I was able to drink some and it tasted so amazing little girls pee was my favorite drink in the world. Bre was shocked by this whole turn of events she tried to wiggle away but I pulled her close and began to lick her clit she was moaning in her high pitch little girl voice it turned me on so much. I then began to lick around her tight pussy hole licking up the delicious juices soon I was ready to go in. I brought my head up to her hole. Before she knew anything I stuck it in tears welled up in her eyes she told me to stop but I kept going.
After not too long she started moaning and moaning turned into panting which would soon be orgasm. Orgasmic noises rang out and I could feel her tight pussy Cumming all over my cock and in the background I could hear the cumming of her sister at the hands of her mom. I then pumped on top of Bre until I was about ready to come thought there was no sense wasting my cum in her so I pulled it out and shot it all over her face. She screamed when I covered her face and her flat chest with my cum. I was kind of spent for the day after the great sex I had with the girls and I put my clothes on so I could go back home. I left three shocked females on the infield grass I told Kristen that I would see here later and I got in my truck anxious to get home to my Katie who had walked home earlier.
On my way home I saw our neighbor named Jenny who lived to the right of us I had never really paid much attention to her before except saying pleasantries to her. I thought of setting up surveillance in her house like I did to my other neighbor (who was my cousin summer) but I had never got around to it. She was sitting on the porch drinking a beer crying, I was going to just go by at first but I thought this could be a great opportunity to get laid. I stopped my truck and took a good look at her to see if it was worth it, she looked like a beautiful woman but she was somewhat disheveled. She was about 5’10” kinda chunky looked about 200 pounds she had long black hair down to her lower back. It contrasted her white skin and her blue eyes. She looked beautiful even thought she was not wearing makeup she stuck out her tongue and exposed a tongue piercing that turned me on. The curious thing was her white Green Day tee shirt was dirty and torn and her plaid skirt was also dirty and torn. Her shoes were falling apart and it looked like she was wearing no socks. If was going to fuck I was going to need to clean her up.
I pulled up and she pulled out a joint and she took big drags from it she looked like she was out of it. I sat in my truck for a while and she seemed not to notice until I got out of the truck. When she saw me her eyes widened and she started rubbing herself under her skirt. I introduced myself and she started to ramble on a little bit she seemed like she was very out of it. I got her story though she told me her house was about to be foreclosed and she had become so disheveled since the power had been turned off and she did not have money for new clothes. She told me she had an 8 year old daughter that spent most of the time out back since the power was shut off. She had tired to do odd jobs to keep them afloat and keep them fed but it had not worked and the house was going to be foreclosed. She said that her spent all her money on her daughter Ann so she had nothing, for herself and when she finally found out the house was going to be foreclosed she bought some weed and booze to make her feel better for a while. She said the baby dad had died since he had shot it out with the police so she had no hope in life.
She then retold the story of her baby dad she said that they had had his 12 year old daughter from another mom over on a weekly visit. She was bathing when he came home he heard the shower and said he needed to shower too. She said that she had known he had been touching his daughter since she was an infant but had never known them to have sex. This time was different she heard screaming in the shower and she went and saw his daughter struggling against her dad. She was told to help restrain the daughter and even though she felt bad she did .She watched as the dad raped his daughter over and over. She pleaded over, over for her daddy to stop but he didn’t he was finally became tired and passed out Jenny then left to smoke crack and left the girl. Then Jenny said she came back in she had been smoking crack and was way out of it. Jenny pleaded for her to let her go but she told her a beautiful girl like her needs to be fucked. She then started to finger her and took off all her clothes and got over the girl and madr the girl lick her pussy she began yelling for her to get off. Jenny said she started to piss on the girl to shut her up but she kept screaming.It woke up her dad and the dad knocked off Jenny yelling that the little girl was his. The neighbors had called the cops by now and they showed up the dad took a hit of crack and got his gun to shoot it out with the police gunshots ensued and he was shot dead. The a cop knocked at the door and kicked it down, it seemed like he not a cop but was a lead detective. He told the other cops to stand down and that he had it from here.
He was head of the police force in the small town and jenny recognized him easily but the girl recognized him a someone different. She yelled “uncle Benny” when he walked in the room. He said I have come to save you but not yet. Jenny said the detective went for her knocking her down and ripping off her clothes. He violently spread her legs open and inserted his penis she yelled and began to cry and the girl told uncle benny to stop after a few minutes he deposited his seed in Jenny and told her if she tells no one would believe her. Then he set his sights on the girl tied up on the bed.
“I never thought you deserved your dad you deserved better. Your dad always made bad choices like this whore over here I don’t know what my sis ever saw in him. You really remind me of her when she was young when… I have found memories when she was young.” He told her.
He then started playing with his already hard cock and brought up to her. Jenny said she had never heard a girl scream so loud. Benny pumped and pumped until he came in his niece letting out a huge grunt. The after math of this event was great Jenny became pregnant but worked by doing parenting classes to keep the baby. Also with help from her dad she was able to keep up the payments on the house until he passed away just recently,
This brought us to today with a dirty shell of a woman sitting in front of me I knew I could offer help and I could get something in return. I told her that I could help her, I expected her eyes to light up but she gave me the same empty stare maybe it was the drugs and booze or maybe it was because she was hopeless.
“I can help you but I will need something in return.” I said
Jenny retorted “I know that’s what the men always say, I don’t want to sell my body but I think I have no other choice.
I told her that I didn’t want her I wanted her daughter she became shocked and started yelling no. I then began to reason with her saying that I could take care of everything and I used my powers to help persuade her. She then told me to go and I opened the fence to get in the back yard and I saw a beautiful 8 year old girl standing there. She was a beautiful little girl with beautiful brunnete hair she had green eyes and she had the cutest freckles on her face. She was a tall slender little girl and she was so sexy
I told her that I was a friend of her moms and that I was going to help clean her up since their power had went out. I took her out of the back yard and took her over to my house and when I opened the door my naked beautiful daughter Katie jumped on me and yelled daddy. I got so horney with her tities bouncing in my face but I told her that I would take care of her later and that I need to clean up a friend. She protested and had a tear but I had to continue with my plan.
I took the girl to the bathroom and I began undressing her she told me she could shower by herself but I told her that I need her to get really clean. I stripped off her dirty shirt and her dirty jeans and finally the panties I smelled them and they smelled wonderfully of piss I guess she must have pissed herself recently. She tried to cover up her little pussy but I pulled her hand away and told her that her special place was really dirty and that we would have to pay special attention to it. I stripped naked and told her I would have to get in with her, her eyes became wide when she saw my cock and it mad me horney knowing that I would be in her soon.
I started showing and I got the soap and starting washing off her grimey little body while in the other hand I had my cock. I then told her that I would need to use my fingers to get her special place I started rubbing her clit she fell back in shock and then I started to stick my fingers in her she asked what I was doing and I told her that this is how daddies clean their daughters. She started to moan from this and I carried her out and threw onto my daughter Jordan’s bed. Jordan was in the room playing with barbies and asked daddy what you doin? I ignored her focusing on the task at hand, I began to lick her until she had an orgasm. Then I brought my head near she knew what was coming she yelled no but I penetrated her. She started screaming from the pain she was crying and wouldn’t stop this was turning me on a little though. She was trying to struggle away when I shot my load deep inside her she then got up and she was walking funny as blood and cum ran down her legs. She asked why I did that and I told her that’s how daddies treat their little girls. I gave her some of Katies old clothes and sent her on her way back to her mom. I was thinking of calling social services but then something caught my eye a beautiful naked big titted 12 year old standing in the door way.
This so turned me on I threw he to the bed and started kissing her I went from her neck down her stomach to her inner thigh. I bit her inner thigh making her yell in pleasure I then used my finger to circle around her vagina teasing her making it so wet. Then she begged me to stick it in finally I did and began to finger her as she moaned in pleasure. Then I put my face down there I began to like her clitoris make her moan and I stood her up to get a good angle so that I could stick my tounge in her hole. While I did this she began peeing on my it smelled and tasted so good I thought I could come right then. I lick her and was so attuned to her body I could feel the orgasm build I threw her on the bed and licked her clit and fingered her till she came.
Next I stuck my dick in her mouth as far as it could go making her gag and when I took it out she coughed. I told her daddy loves getting blown by his little girl and she said I love it too daddy face fuck your little girl! I kept face fucking her till I was getting close to cumming and I pulled it out and stuck it in her I usually wore a condom to prevent having another baby but it was too hot. I was fucking her missionary until she begged me to do doggy she told me daddy please in my ass my ass! I put it in her ass and it was so tight I exploded in her filling her hole with come but I was not done. I turned her over again and started doing her missionary again as I was fucking her come was seeping out of her ass and it made me so hot. I then picked her up and held her in my arms like I used to when she was a baby she was yelling so loud then I threw her on the counter and thrust into I felt the cum building up and she must have too. She told me daddy stop pull out but it was too late I filled her with cum it was the best orgasm I had ever had but I stood there stunned because of my power I would have another daughter/granddaughter/ niece coming along soon. As we collapsed on the floor Jordan my 3 year old daughter came up and asked what we had been doing it would be an interesting talk.
Later that week was the first game of softball I saw my favorite family the Irwins they were all blusing at me with the previous experience. I watched the game and of course Katie was the star and her team won by a land slide and after wards I got a good idea. I addressed all the girls in the locker room telling them that they had a great victory and then I stressed to them hygiene after the game and to make sure to clean their vaginas and breasts thoroughly after a game. I told them to get in the shower one girl piped up telling me that they didn’t do this last year but I used my powers to win over the girls. I saw 15 12 year old girls get undressed and showering in front of me and I thought to myself this must be a dream. I stopped time to so I would have enough time for the girls this was the best idea I have ever had.
This story was a change of pace from the others ones let me know what you think don’t be to harsh please.

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