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Our baby girl is four months old, and finally sleeping through the night..
Bruce and i needed some time alone together. The last few months has been difficult. I have been very tired and an emotional wreck. My nipples were sore and sex was the furthest thing from my mind. Bruce was feeling neglected. We would occasionally have a quickie, but nothing like it was before the birth os our baby. He understood my lack of interest in sex, but he still wanted it and sometimes needed to release himself.
Our baby girl was finally sleeping through the night. I started feeling better; worked hard to lose sthe baby fat and get back into shape. It would be Bruce's birthday in a few weeks and I wanted to look good for him and show him my appreciation.
On the night of his birthday, we wanted to go out to eat and I told him that we were invited to some friends house for hid birthday surprise. Little did he know that his real birthday surprise was being alone with me in a hotel room for the night. Mom was babysitting with our daughter at our house.
It sure seemed good to go out as a couple once again. On the drive to the restaurant, I cuddled close to him with my blouse partly unbuttoned. My breasts were even larger since I was still nursing our daughter. :Have I mentioned how beauriful you look tonight"? We had our hands on each others inner thigh and I started rubbing the front of his pants. I could feel him start to grow. I put my left arm around him and kissed him on the cheek. "I love being the object of your desires" as I began tongueing his ear. Bruce was having difficulty concentration on his driving and began to squirm in his seat. When the signal light turned res, I unfastened my seat belt, took his head and mashed his face into my gaping cleavage. Bruce started kissing and licking until the light had turned green.I had accomplished what I had set up to do and I quickly undid his belt, pants, and zipper. I reached in his shorts and pulled out his tool. I moved my hands on his tool and cupped his balls. I put the tips of my fingers on the back of his sack, almost touching his butt hole. I moved each of my fingers one after another in a slow rhythm, gently closing my hand after each finger had made its movement. "Doing all those scales during piano lessons wasn't a complete waste ". I wrapped my other hand around it, starting from the bottom up to the top. Then I moved it up to the head, which was oozing with precum. I swirled my fingers and open palm around the top and rubbed his moisture around my hand, as if it were hand lotion. Bruce was losing control, big time.
"I gotta...pull...over," he panted. He checked the mirror and steered the car into a dark, empty parking lot. "Let's get into the back seat so we can have more room." My hand became a blur as I sped up and down on him. "I love to watch you cum". I pumped him passionately and marveled at every expression on Bruce's face as I brought him to the heights of excitment. "I want you to put that big, hot thing right here". I pushed the balls of my huge breasts against his stiff cock and rubbed his precum all over nipples. His ejaculation was gargantuan, his huge cock was spasming, jerking, throbbong, and pumping torrents of cum all over my breasts. He was panting in gasping breaths and rested his head on my shoulder. I cuddled him lovingly in my arms. As he was regaining his senses, I told him that I made arrangement to spend the night in a hotel and mom will stay with Heather. "You are a goddess," he proclaimed. "I just hope I'm alive by tomorrow morning."
We needed to clean up and I had put a pack of baby wips in the glove box. Once we cleaned up and were dressed, we went to the restaurant. We were escorted to an intimate booth in the back. I fiqured I was in trouble, as Bruce sat next to me instead of across the table from me. Seeing him cum so hard had already got my juices flowing. He rubbed my cunt and could feel my wetness. He knew by my breathing that he needed to slow down. We ordered our food and ate our meal in between caresses. We also had a few drinks, so we were both very relaxed. By the time we paid our check, I was breathing deeply.
Once back in the car and on the way to the hotel, I wanted to call mom and check on our baby. I was quite breathy on the phone, but the baby was fine.
We shecked into our room, and as soon as the door shut, Bruce pinned me against the door. We were over each other in a hot frenzy of lust. Panting and moaning, we coiled together kissing, sucking, and probing. Bruce took my hand, and led me to the bed. He slowly seduced me, tied my wrists to the bed, and blindfolded me. We kissed long and hard as our breathing was becoming more intense. My breasts were engorged since I had not nursed our baby lately. Bruce took care of that by nursing hungrily on my erect nipples. I was moaning and writhing' frantically ready for him to start riding me. He stopped all activity and laid flat on top of me. He was torturing me with his slowness. I could feel his heart pounding and his harsh, labored breathing mix with mine. We laid still for several minutes as we regained our breath. Soon he was kissing and caressing me. His head went down to my cunt. His anxious tongue was doing its wonderful work and my plse was racing. I was humping and bucking wildly. My breaths were coming in gasping pants, my body damp with sthe perspiration of our passion. Suddenly, I let out a scream as an intense orgasm racked my body. I was as limp as a rag doll and my breathing came in ragged panting gasps. I was still moaning as the last of my orgasms ebbed from my body.
By the time I regained awareness of my surroundings, Bruce had untied me from the bed and taken off the blindfold. He was panting hard and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. It was his turn to be teased into a sexual frenzy. I slowly reaced circles with my tongue from his super-sensitive lobes, all the way down his neck and chest. Then I started the bump and grind. got him hot and sweaty, but held back. I licked his inner thighs, barey grazing his package with my lips. Seeing me so wanton, so intoxicated by sex, so taken over by lust seemed to turn him on like he had never been turned on before. I continued this deliriously tease till we were both moaning and panting with needed release. I put one of my thighs on each side of his hips and slid down on his erect member. I continued this deliriously tease till we were both moaning and panting with needed release. I put one of my thighs on each side of his hips and slid down on his erect member. Sitting still for a few minutes, he gasped," Babe please! I cum. No...more...teasing. It was magic, his cock was so hard; it felt as if it were a granite pillar. My cunt was tight, hot, and wet. Our pace began to pick up, our thrusts becoming quicker and harder. I was breathing hard and gasping,"YESS!...YESS! " He held on to me tight and pulled himself into me as I was pounmding away on him. He could hear himself groan with pleasure as he released his cum in my bouncing pussy. I was still humping away wildly as the last of his cum rose inside of me. He fondled my breasts until I settled down and stopped breathing so hard. i collapsed on top of his sweaty body, sucking in air like a sprinter.
Our exhausted bodies still tingled from the fierce orgasmic explosion we had endured. He was breathing helplessly in my ear and gasped, " We cuddled each other as we both drifted off to sleep, having totally satisified each other to the point of exhaustion.


2018-06-21 04:38:16
(No threesome)!

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2009-06-05 21:38:03
got to go jack off


2007-10-09 21:40:26
I have sucked my wifes breasts for both of our children. I always want to do it but am a little put of the first time I do it. But over time I find it a great turn on and I think my wife enjoys watching me drink her very sweet juice directly from her tits.


2006-04-19 10:16:33
Whats with all the panting and breathing heavily?


2005-07-10 04:49:11
Did I miss something?Where is the threesome?

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