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This is a story about two minors.
I had recently started going to clubs. Being 15 and going to school in bay area, I had a lot of options to pick from. There was a rave clubs in San Francisco, a samba clubs over in Vallejo, or a hip hop club in Oakland. Since I didn’t really like raves because I wasn’t big on pills, I gave those a miss. I defiantly couldn’t samba so I stayed out of that. That left me with the hip hop one in Oakland.

I had gone a couple times before, and I had an all right time. I always went with someone with someone I knew, but besides whoever that was, I didn’t know anyone there. Most of the kids from my school went to the raves or the samba parties, so I was left to represent.

I finally struck gold on the third time I went. It was the Friday after thanksgiving, and I went with my friend Ed. It was pretty much a normal night, until I saw her come in.

She had to be the most beautiful black girl I’ve ever seen in my life. She was about 5ft 3 inches, with what I was guessing around B’s. She had mid length black hair, that had a blonde streak in it. She had beautiful brown eyes, and huge mocha lips with a lip ring on the bottom left. But that wasn’t what I saw in her. She had the most perfect ass I’ve seen in my whole life, no question about it. It gave her an hour glass type figure, it jutted out, but it was perfectly round. It was big, and looked very soft. She was wearing black leggings, with a cut off black tee with which her pink bra was showing. I could just make out the outline of her pink thong peaking out of her leggings.

I knew I had to go dance with this girl. But at first, I played it cool. All the dudes in there were salivating to get a crack at her. A great amount of jaws dropped through the place as she walked by. After about a half an hour I started to make my move.

In this club, the dancing was called twerk. If you don’t know that is, its basically like fucking with close on, the guy goes up behind the girl and they started dry humping to the beat of the music. The guy initiates it by grabbing her from behind.

So I walk up to this girl whistle while you twerk is playing. I grab her, she turns around to look at me, and then we start dancing. She had some skills, but so did I. As we dance, I could feel my dick being sliding up and down between her ass. I was right, it was soft and amazing.

Were still dancing, and the song changes to take you down. I lie on the ground and pull her down so I can get a slow lap dance. She facing reverse cowgirl, as she slowly grinds on my dick. I place both hands on her ass as she goes, and I give them the occasional slap.

We switched up and I get on top of her slowly dry humping her pussy as I stare into her eyes while she stares back. It’s crazy, I don’t know this girls name or anything about her, but here I am on top of her in this club grinding my dick on her repeatedly.

The song ended, and we both got up. I pulled her aside to a quieter part of the club.

I asked her “what’s your name?”

She responded “Sade, yours?”

I said “Liam.” Then I said, “Listen, Sade, this party’s about to end, so I was wondering if I could have your number.”

She said yes, and gave me her number. As I was about to walk away, she slapped my ass and said “You better hit me up.”

The party ended and I went home. I can’t lie, I was on cloud nine!! I danced with and got the number of the baddest chick in that whole place! I couldn’t wait to talk to her and see what more I could do.

Not wanting to seem to eager, I waited until the next day around 4:30 to start texting her. I sent her hi, and this is liam from the club last night. She responded with a “heyy ;)”. That’s always a good sign.

So we got to talking, and I found out that were both 15. I told her what school I went to, then I asked her. She said mt. Eden. I told her I never herd of it before, and she responded by telling me it’s a correctional school for ex-convicts.

I did a double take when I read that one. She had been in jail before? I was so surprised as you can imagine. The next logical question was obviously what did you do to go to jail. She told me she went for an assault and battery charge. She had gotten into a fight with another girl or a guy, and beat her so badly the other girl was sent to the hospital with head trauma. She said it was awhile ago and after anger management had gotten better.

That was kinda scary to me though, knowing that she could do that much damage. Then I remembered how good her ass felt the night before, and decided to press on. I kept talking to her, and she seemed like a cool person. She did act a little different then I was used to, she was way more upfront and to the point about everything. Some of that prison attitude for sure effected her way of talking, but It was refreshing to have someone get to the point. I asked her where she lived, and she said Livermore. That was kind of a journey but I could drive out there in about 45 minutes.

Sunday night I was talking to her, and got up the nerve to ask her to hang out next weekend. I was so happy when she said yes, and told me she’d have the house to herself Friday night because her mom was going on a trip with her aunt. I said cool and we scheduled it for then. This week couldn’t get by fast enough.

At lunch the next day, I told my friends the whole situation, including the jail part. Their reactions were not what I expected.
My friend bob said “bruh you can’t do it, she went to jail for being the shit outta someone, what if she does it to you?”

My other friend tim said “I gotta agree with bob, this girl ain’t safe.”

I responded “fuck that shit, ya’ll have not seen her ass. The booty is magnificent.”

Tim said “bro it’s a bad idea, that’s all I’m saying.”

I told them both “ya’ll trip to much, I promises you it’ll be all good.”

We dropped and talked about something else. I nervously went through the rest of the week not paying attention in any of my classes. Finally Friday came. After school ended, I went home and made some bullshit up to my mom about going over to bob’s house and I wouldn’t be back to late tonight.

I took the car and started driving to Livermore. That was the longest drive I’ve ever had in my life, the anticipation was killing me. Finally after an hour of driving through traffic, I get to her house.

She opens up the door and I see she’s wearing a white tank top through which I could see her leopard print bra through. She was also wearing blue booty shorts with a matching leopard print thong poking out at me. She looked sexy as hell!

We went inside and we went and sat on her bed.

She asked me “You ain’t got a gf do you?

I responded “naw, you got a bf?”

She said “no.”

With that, she got up and went over to her stereo and put on I just wanna see you strip.

She turned back around and walked towards me slowly and asked “Are you ready for all this?” while pointing to her ass.

I told her “Baby you know I am.”

With that, she got on top of me and started griding her pelvis on my dick. My hands immediately went to her ass and I laid back and enjoyed her griding. She slowly took her shirt off to reveal the leopard skin bra I had got a glimpse of through her shirt. She took that off as well revealing her small perky breasts. I sat up and started sucking on the right one, never taking my hands off her ass. Her nipple was in my mouth as I flicked it ever so gently with my tongue. This elicited a quiet moan from her, so I switched to the left nipple to the same affect. She had small areolas, but the nipple was very sensitive.
All of the sudden she stoop up. I was confused, but pleasantly treated as she turned around, bent over and slowly removed her blue booty shorts to show that matching leopard print thong I caught a glimpse of. I tried to pull her close to get rid of thong, but she said “nope, you first.”

She got on her knees at the end of the bed and tugged my jeans down. Then, she slowly pulled my boxers down, revealing my rock hard 7 inch dick.

She said “Wow, I had no idea you were this big.”

She stroked it a couple times, the took the head into her mouth. It was the most wonderful feeling as she tried to take more and more of it into her mouth. About 5 inches in I hit the back of her throat, and she couldn’t take any more of it. She sucked me for a good five minutes.

She got up bent over and removed her thong, showing to me for the first time her tight teenage snatch. It was completely shaven, and was dripping wett.

She told me “eat this good pussy.”

So I complied, getting on my knee’s behind her as she bent over the bed. I buried my face between her thighs and went to work on that pussy. She was continually moaning as I licked her clit. I used a circular motion and that put her over the top.

She screamed “I’m cumming!” and sprayed all in my mouth. She tasted delicious, like the nectar of the Gods.

Immediately after she told me “Come fuck this pussy daddy.” While still bent over the bead.

So I got up behind her, lined up my dick and entered her. We both let out a moan as I entered her tight pussy. Even though all the slickness her cum created, she was still really tight. I took me a couple of minutes, but finally I got all seven inches in there. I started to fuck her slowly, gradually increasing speed. I caught a good rhythm, and we were really going at it. She started yelling “Oh yah, fuck me, fuck me like the dirty whore I am, fuck the shit outta me daddy, make me cum again.” I really started going hard when I herd that. She moaned louding and said “I’m gonna cum again, oh yah fuck the shit outta me, YAAHHHH.” As she came, the spray was almost enough to push my dick out of her, but I held steady and fucked her through her orgasm.

I pulled out of her and lied down so she could get on top. She dropped herself on my penis, and started bouncing on it hard. I grabbed on to her beautifull ass, and let her ride. She said “You like how I bounce on that cock daddy? I love feeling your big dick all up in my pussy. I’m fucking you like the slut I am.”

I knew I was about to cum soon, so I rolled her over so I was on top. She screamed “Pound that pussy like the stud that you are. Fuck the shit outta my tight teen snatch. Fuck me like the hoe I am. Oh daddy im cumming, im cumming, yeessssss!!!!!” she said as she came.

I knew I was close to cumming, so I told her to turn over. We started fucking doggy again. I said “I’m about to cum.”

She said “Cumm on my ass!”

At the last second I took my dick out of her and busted all over her amazing ass. She turned her head around to look as I came, and a stray strand hit her right in the cheek. I came the most I ever had in my life, and her ass was almost covered.

She told me “I love to feel your cum dripping down my leg.”

After this, she sucked my dick clean. I lay in bed with her for a little bit, just relaxing. I was just thinking how wrong Tim and bob had been when I herd a knock at the door.

I herd them say “Sade, this is the police we got a warrant for your arrest.”

Immediately my heart sank, I knew I was fucked. Lucky sade thought fast.

She said “Quick, grab your shit and go out the window.”

I did, and ran to my car. Luckily, the cop didn’t see me. I drove home, and while I was reflecting, I decided, it was a good ass day.

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2016-08-04 03:14:50
This story was really fuckin lame.

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2012-12-18 21:59:10
great story maybe he visit her in prison

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2012-12-18 21:59:08
great story maybe he visit her in prison

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2012-12-18 21:59:07
great story maybe he visit her in prison

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2012-10-02 16:23:47
ok- I can make so many comments here. Firstly, I don't wear thgnos cause I don't get the butt wedgie thing. Secondly, it's not just young women wearing them, cellulite filled old-women love to show them off. My pet peave is seeing them on women through their workout pants-yuck. What's worse than sticky wet workouts clothes? I'll tell you what- looking at females with thong wedgies while working out!!! Why do men like to look at them?? I sure wouldn't want to see a man with a string in his butt, why do men want to see a woman in that? I don't get it!! Will someone explain?! I get some fashion fads, this one I just don't. Poor Larry!!!! not

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