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Abby finds out what her brother is hiding across the hall
Hey All, a couple thing before the story gets underway: First, there is a lot of background and buildup (those are the stories I like the most) so if you’re looking for a quick jerk, scroll down or move on. Secondly, this is my first time doing this, so please rate and comment. I already have an idea of where I want this story to go, which will include several chapters if this one goes over well, but I’d love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

Alright, where to start… My name’s Abby. I just turned 19 and live with my brother Steve, who is 16, and my mother Lynn, who is 45, but could pass for 35 easily. I have an older sister named Sara, who is several years older than my brother and I at 25 (lust baby perhaps? lol), but she has not lived at home for some time and only comes to visit a few times a year. Our dad passed away a few years ago from lung cancer. He was quite a bit older than my mother and smoked like a chimney, but he did well for himself and made sure we were taken care of financially before he left us.

My mom is beautiful… tall, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and she has a nice butt for a 45 year old. Her face is still young minus a few crows feet. Oh, and she has a natural set of DDs that will turn just about anyone’s head, male or female, when she’s wearing the right shirt. She, not surprisingly, took my father’s death the hardest. Despite being polar opposites (my dad: older, strict, straight edge, workaholic and not all that physically attractive; my mother: young, beautiful, carefree and at times, a bit of a lush), my parents were very close. If there is such a thing as soul mates, they were it. To be honest, I never really understood what my mom saw in my dad… sure, he was a good enough guy and did well financially, but even today, she could have her pick of men… never mind 20+ years ago. Nonetheless, she was crushed and to this day has not even been on a date with another man.

Much like my mom and dad, Steve and I are complete opposites. I’m about done growing at 5’6” and was blessed with my mom’s looks, except for the DDs (my sister got those, that bitch lol). Other than my B-cup, people often say I look exactly like my mother, and I only hope I age half as well as her. I’m a bit of a socialite with a large group of friends and my grades in school suffer from it. My brother, on the other hand, spends his nights in front of the computer or Playstation. He’s still 2 inches shorter than I, thin, not an athletic bone in his body and socially awkward, especially around girls. About all he was blessed with was brains and a knack for knowing what buttons to push on me. I often tell him he’s adopted.

So it’s just the three of us in a house that is far too large for three people. We thought about selling it, but there are too many memories and with the economy the way it is, it just made sense to stay put for now. Despite our odd couple situation, we really pulled close together after dad died. Steve and I help mom around the house and have not had a serious argument since his passing. We have dinner together every night and live a pretty normal life. However, that all started to change about a year ago…

I got home late one night last spring and could not, for the life of me, find my phone charger. The light in Steve’s room was still on, and his door was slightly cracked. We have the same phone, and I had some late night texting to do, and it’s not like he ever talks to anyone, so I poked my head in to see if I could borrow his charger. Now, I said earlier that Steve was only blessed with brains and the superhuman ability to get on my nerves. That was a bit of a lie. You see, there sprawled out on his bed, passed out in his boxers, lay Steve. Protruding from the hole in his boxers was his penis, laid out across his leg, and then some. Now, being a teenage girl, I had somewhat of an obsession with large penises (which I assume is normal at some point in every girl’s life). When I watch porn, it almost exclusively includes a massive cock. It doesn’t matter if it is getting sucked, fucked or just swaying in the breeze… as long as it looks like a third leg, it gets the job done. I have only been with a few boys, and they can pretty much be classified as “average teenage penises.” To this point, I thought that elephant trunks for penises only existed in porn studios… yet, here was one right in front of me. Attached to my brother. Scrawny-ass Steve.

I froze and swore I must have gasped loud enough to wake the neighbors, then hightailed it across the hall into my room to collect myself. Once my heart stopped beating through my chest and I had composed myself, I thought that I had to go sneak another peak to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I was too terrified and sat still on the edge of my bed for what seemed like hours, before my phone beeped, reminding me I needed to go back and get that charger from Steve’s room. I tiptoed across the hall again, and peaked cautiously through the crack in the door to make sure I hadn’t woken him up in my hysteria. Sure enough, he was still passed out and his one eyed python still lay there across his leg, practically staring at me. I took a deep breath, swallowed hard and snuck my way in to retrieve the charger, trying not to make eye contact with that the massive piece of meat that I knew was just feet away. And of course, the charger HAD to be on the opposite side of the room from the door.

As I plucked the charger from the wall, I heard a groan. I spun around and froze. Luckily, Steve was still out cold, but I couldn’t help but catch a glance of the magnificent cock between his legs. This time, however, I couldn’t pull my eyes from it. I immediately knew it was the biggest cock I had ever seen… In real life and most likely in any of the porn I watched. There were at least seven inches sticking out from his undies alone, and it appeared to be the width of my wrist. Here’s the thing: it was SOFT. It was already the biggest cock I had ever seen and it was partially hidden in his undies and not even erect. As I glanced over it, I noticed how smooth the shaft was, the large veins, all leading up to the tip which looked like a small red apple. I stood there for minutes, it took everything in my power to not reach out and touch it…. It looked almost unnatural on his slim frame. I snapped out of my trance when I noticed my pussy was burning and my panties were starting to dampen. I decided if I were to stay any longer, I would not be able to refrain from touching it, or he’d wake up and I’d be caught. I quickly made my way for the door, but stopped to snap a picture on my phone…

Back in my room I tried briefly, and unsuccessfully to convince myself that this was wrong. That I could not let myself feel this way about my geeky brother, even if his cock was gigantic. I was caught in a trance, looking at the picture I took of the beast on my phone. I caught my hand sliding down the elastic wasteband of my pajama pants, then my panties, but I was too unwilling and/or unable to stop it. As my fingertips reached the clit, a shockwave went through my body and I was unable to contain myself any longer. I ripped my pjs and panties off, and couldn’t help but notice that they were soaked through as they slid down my freshly shaven legs. One hand on my phone, the other cupped my wet mound. It was wet to the touch and the lips of my pussy were swollen, and I let out a gasp as another shockwave went through my body. I knew this was going to be quick, and shoved two fingers deep into my slit, curling them up into my g-spot. It literally took two quick pumps and my body gave in. I had to drop the phone and cover my mouth to stop myself from screaming. I have had orgasms, and then I had THIS orgasm.

For the first time, my pussy erupted like a volcano. Cum shot from my cunt like a cannon as I pulled my fingers out and rubbed them viciously over my slit. I had never come this hard in my life, and it was the vision of my own brother’s cock that was doing it to me. I came for what seemed like minutes. When I finally regained my composure, I took another look and my phone and knew I wasn’t done yet. I also knew that I needed something a little more than my fingers this time around. I slipped downstairs to the fruitbowl mom kept on the kitchen counter. There were I grabbed the largest banana I could find… it wouldn’t do Steve’s cock justice, but it would have to do. It was still green, so it had a good firmness to it. “Not great to eat, but it should be plenty good to fuck my pussy with,” I whispered to myself.

Back in my cum soaked bed I wasted no time getting to business. My pussy was tight, and the banana was by far the largest thing that had ever been in it, but it slid in easy… I was still dripping and my cunt was hot and eager. Looking at my phone I thought about what Steve’s cock might feel like entering me, as my lips stretched around the piece of produce that was disappearing inside of me. The thought felt so wrong, but only made it that much more enjoyable. A wave of sinister thoughts shot through my head, washing any remaining guilt away, and I kicked my legs back so my knees were up by my head, with my ass in the air, and I started fucking my pussy like a demon. I fucked myself as hard as I could, and if I was any stronger, I would have fucked myself even harder. In and out, deeper and hard, I could have broken concrete with my thrusts. At some point I dropped the phone and used my free hand to fondle my perky breasts, pinching my tits almost to the point of it being painful. When I felt the climax approaching, I knew it was going to be even more intense than the first. I gripped the bed with my free hand as the other continued to work the banana in and out of my throbbing pussy. My whole body started to quiver, my hips spasmed and I started to cum all over the produce. I pulled it from my twat and my juices shot straight up before showering down all over me. Finally my body collapsed and I lay there motionless, like a spineless bowl of jelly, drenched in my own cum and not caring.

The next few months were long and trying. I came almost every day to the picture of Steve’s dick on my phone, often multiple times. I was washing my sheets almost every day now, and drawing some strange looks from my mother. At the same time, when I was done plowing my pussy thinking of Steve, as the orgasm faded, a wave of guilt rushed in like a tsunami. Still, the thought seemed to consume me and a few hours later I would be back at it. I poked my head in several times late at night, hoping to catch another glimpse so I could take another picture… but with no success. He was covered up each time or lying on his stomach. I caught myself staring at it through the outline in his shorts several times, and couldn’t believe that I had gone all these years without noticing it… when it was just across the hall. All these thoughts constantly running through my head must have affected my demeanor as well. I spent much less time with my friends and mom seemed to ask me if I was feeling alright every other day. As each day passed without seeing it, I became more and more torn. On one hand I felt terrible because after all, this was my baby brother. On the other, I needed to see it hard. And everything changed when I realized that in order to see it hard, I would have to make it hard myself. I thought maybe if I could just see it hard, and touch it just once, I would get my fix and I would be done with it. I also thought it may lead down a slippery slope and that it would lead to other things. But the decision was already made: I had to see Steve’s cock hard and I was going to have to make it that way.

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2012-04-25 21:59:55
Its A Littles Too Short. Although Great Story..!<3


2012-04-25 11:46:50
Great opening chapter can't wait for part2!

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2012-04-24 18:34:29
It's a great premise: somebody else said stretch out the teasing part that's probably coming up and I very strongly agree - the teasing will be fun :)
Keep writing! It's great

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2012-04-23 21:33:17
I would love to see the daughter do the mom too...that would b e hot!

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2012-04-23 14:26:24
Good one. has a promising begining. Please continue and stretch the teasing part please.

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