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Cougar Kate tries mind control
The Cougar Condo stories involve several middle aged women in suburban St Louis and their pursuit of much younger boy friends. This story also involves smoke fetishes and milder forms of mind control. I ask if you're offended by smoking, please don't read. Characters are made up.

Kate Shade pulled her Lexus into the parking lot and sat in her car. She was late for work at the real estate agency. At times she needed the money from her part time job, and at times she didn't. It depended on how much she spent. Her father had been an executive at Anheuser Busch in the glory days and had left her and her sister quite a bit of money and stock, as well as a large house in Frontenac that she didn't live in, but instead rented out. Kate preferred to live in an upscale condo in Chesterfield Missouri, it was easy for her to take care of, and she liked it.

At forty four, she was a classic cougar, a natural blond with a pretty face and complexion that hadn't aged much. An aggressive older woman who often seemed to be on the prowl for a much younger male. Kate sat in her car drumming her fingers on the steering wheel, she was late and Marion the sixtyish woman who ran the place didn't like her, there were various reasons, one of the main ones was Kate's brazen attempt to seduce one of the kids who came to the office on a work program into fucking her in the agency parking lot. Another reason, Kate didn't particularly enjoy this or any other work, much preferring to go to the health club, ride her bike or plan the sex parties that she and other middle aged women she was acquainted with had with the young kids they met and seduced.

Kate got out of the car and headed for the door. Opening it gingerly she peered around.

A dark haired woman was sitting at a desk, Kate said, “Molly, is Marion here?”

“No, she didn't come in today.”

“Great, I lucked out,” Kate said with relief.

Kate herself cold soda and sat down, “I've really had it with her,” Kate said, “I was ready to tell her to fuck off.”

“Yeah,” Molly said.

Kate absentmindedly looked at photos of houses that were on her desk.

Molly said, “There's a guy sitting in the break room, Marion was supposed to talk to him, but she phoned about five minutes ago, and said she wasn't coming in.”


“Go tell him he can go home will you?” Molly asked.

“Why don't you do it?” Kate asked.

“Because some of us actually try to work here once in awhile,” Molly said with just a trace of testiness.

“Okay,” Kate said.

Kate went to the closed door and opened it, expecting to find the middle aged coffee smelling salesmen that showed up at the office quite often. Kate found almost all of them to be very distasteful.

Instead she found what looked like a high school kid staring intently at a dot he'd drawn on the conference table with a pencil.

She went over to where he was sitting and said, “You're gonna get in trouble for drawing that.”

“Oh I can wipe that off,” he replied quickly.

“I'm supposed to tell you that you can go home,” Kate said peering down at the boy.

“Are you Marion, I'm supposed to talk to Marion,” he said.

“No, I'm Kate,” she said precisely.

“I was supposed to talk to Marion about my work co op,” the boy said.

“You're supposed to work here, wow!” Kate exclaimed.

The kid was blond, and even though it was late winter, he was fairly tan, as though he was outside a lot or went to tanning places.

He had a very clean and attractive face that Kate kept looking at, his features were very smooth and even.

“I came over from McClintock High School in Overland,” the kid said.

“You're in high school, again wow!” Kate exclaimed.

He looked up and stared at the attractive middle aged woman who was doing something, he wasn't sure what. He knew one thing, she was hot!

“I'm Kate Shade,” she said holding her arm out.

“Hayden Parron,” the kid said.

“I guess there's nothing for me to do today?” David said.

“I'll think of something,” Kate replied and laughed.

He was taller even than Kate thought he would be, at least six one, she looked approvingly, if quickly at his broad shoulders.

“No, there's nothing for you to do today, but I will come up with something for you to do,” Kate said.


Kate went into the restaurant, took a booth, told the server she was expecting a friend and ordered tea.

Presently Kate's friend Andrea came in, she was a high school teacher in suburban St Louis, and was tall, good looking with very light reddish hair.

“Kate, hey!” Andrea exclaimed.

“How are you?” Kate said standing up.


Andrea sat down and asked, “Did you already order?”

“No, I haven't.”

The server came over and they both ordered taco salads.

“So how's work?” Andrea asked.

“Great, Nurse Ratched came down with something and hasn't been there for awhile,” Kate said.

“Nurse Ratched,” Andrea said and laughed.

“You have no idea how awful that shriveled up old cunt is,” Kate said loudly.

“So I've heard,” Andrea replied.

After the food came Andrea said, “Hows Evan?”

“Awesome,” Kate said, “the last couple of weeks, Stacey Inglesa is teaching him to square dance.”

Andrea said, “That sounds cool.”

“Have you met anybody?” Andrea asked coyly.

“You mean a kid?” Kate said between mouth fulls of food.

“Yeah,” Andrea said and laughed.

“I'm working on something,” Kate replied mysteriously.

“Tell me,” Andrea said anxiously.

“Sometimes the agency brings in these high school kids and does some work co op thing,” Kate said.

“Yes well?”

“Well, last week a kid came in named Hayden Parron, and he's what I'm working on now,” Kate said.

“Cool,” Andrea said.

Kate smiled and said, “I've played around with something I call a smoke ritual recently.”


“I guess you would call it sort of mind control or something, I don't know,” Kate said, “I call it a smoke up, that's what my friend from college calls it.”

“Great!” Andrea said, “is it working?”

Kate said, “I'm gonna see if I can smoke him and then make him do stuff.”

“Yeah,” Andrea said, “I'd like in on this.”

“I've done it a little bit with Troy Staats and Evan,” Kate said, “but I'd like to take it a little farther.”

“I'm trying to see if this works,” Kate said, “I'm sure he likes me, and he's a cute kid, great looking, tall, handsome.”


Andrea said, “By the way, I didn't know you smoked.”

“I quit twelve years ago, I smoked in college and then right after, I ran into my friend from college about a year and a half ago, Rhonda, and she let me hide in the closet at her house and let me be peeping Kate when she smoked up a kid and jerked him off,” Kate said.

“Wow!” Andrea exclaimed.

Kate laughed and then said, “He was like a neighborhood kid, no, he was a friend of Rhonda's nephew, and she swooped down and smoked him up, sixteen years old, wow Rhonda has a good eye, he was a little stud, cute as could be and with a nice cock.”

“Shit!” Andrea exclaimed.

“This was in Kentucky a couple of years ago,” Kate said, “it was really cool, she smoked him and then was like telling him when he had to come back again and he was yeah yeah!”

Kate finished eating and then jumped up, “I'm gonna have to go, I'm going to play tennis today at Forest Park.”

Andrea said, “I want in on this if it works, it's a little harder for me being a teacher and all, you just have to swoop down on your broom and carry them off.”

Kate laughed at her friend, “I'll keep you posted.”

“Okay bye.”



Marion, or as Kate called her, Nurse Ratched, had some mysterious illness that kept her from coming in the office, Kate didn't know what it was and didn't care, she was just glad that it kept Nurse Ratched away. With Nurse Ratched not there, nobody could fire her for not working enough, and so she spent a great deal of her time on her latest sexual conquest, Hayden Parron, when he was there, which wasn't every day. And she had put his desk next to her's in the corner of the building so that she could more or less say anything she wanted and nobody could stop her.

Kate pretended to look at a photo of a residential property that was on her desk, then she picked up a pencil, played with it and pretended to drop it, Hayden was looking at a book on real estate laws.

Today she had decided to try her smoke trick, which was essentially a fetish type ritual that she had used before on boys to get them to do what she wanted.

Hayden was supposed to be reading some books on real estate law, Kate had decided to instead to concentrate on smoking him up.

She had them go into the conference room, where they were supposed to be talking about real estate.

She pretended to look at some photos of properties then deliberately dropped a pencil.

“Oh fuck,” Kate said, “pick that up will you.”

Hayden leaned over and picked the pencil up.

Kate got a cigarette out and lit it.

He said, “Can you smoke in here?”

“I can do whatever the fuck I want here,” Kate said.

Kate took big puff, set herself and blew the puff right at Hayden without inhaling.

“Wow!” Hayden exclaimed as the big ball of white smoke hit him in the face.

“Again I ask, are you supposed to smoke in these buildings?” Hayden asked.

Kate said, “And again I say, I'm going to do what the fuck I want.”

Hayden said, “Are you in charge here?”

“No, but nobody can do anything about it right now, so I could care less, I really do not need this job,” Kate replied, “I've got money.”

“Why are you working?” Hayden asked.

“It's interesting at times,” Kate said, “I like real estate.”

“Do you like that smoke?” Kate asked.

“I don't know,” Hayden said, “I don't usually smoke.”

“Look junior,” Kate said, “I'm gonna do what I want.”

Kate noticed him staring at her.

That seemed to be a good sign she thought.

“You don't want me to do any work?” Hayden said looking quizzical.

Kate said, “I want you to do what the fuck I want.”

Then she took another puff of smoke and blew it at Hayden from point blank range.

“Whatever the fuck I want,” Kate said.

The thick smoke hung around Hayden's face like an opaque cloud that could be seen through but not clearly. Each ball of thick smoke had taken his breath away briefly and had stunned him.

Kate's plan was to repeat words, like fuck and you, and to create a mild type of hypnosis together with the smoke to mind control the kid.

Kate said, “You like smoke, you can't stop me and you don't want to stop me, you want to do what I want.”

Hayden looked up at her, confused, he had never had a woman do this to him before, and wasn't used to being around aggressive type 'cougars' like Kate.

“What are you trying to do?” Hayden asked.

“I'm going to smoke you,” Kate said.

Kate said, “Watch this.”

She stood in front of him, took a big puff of smoke and blew it in his face. And like before it took his breath away for a few seconds.

“Will you stop that?” he asked.

“No, I will not stop that,” Kate said.

He stared at her and she stared back.

Kate said, “I have power to make boys do what I want, the smoke gives me power.”

“Really,” he replied.

She said, “Not every woman can do it, but I can.”

There seemed to be a natural attraction between middle aged women and younger boys, Kate felt it as much as anybody, and since she had been 37, robbing the cradle type seductions had been a major part of her sex life. And she particularly enjoyed these kind of mind games. She liked to brag to other women about her success in seducing young boys.

“Really,” Hayden said again.

She said, “You think I'm kidding but I'm not, once a boy is hit by the smoke and he doesn't leave or make me stop, then I'm going to smoke him and that's all there is to it.”

She said, “The only way to stop me is to get up and leave when you're first hit with the smoke, and you didn't do that, did you.”

“No,” Hayden said with a trace of embarrassment.

Kate smiled at the young kid, “That means you want me to smoke you up, maybe you didn't know that, but that is exactly the way it works.”

Hayden smiled back at Kate, not knowing exactly how to react, or how he felt.

“By the time I smoke you honey, you won't be able to think about anything but sex, and the orders I give you,” Kate said smiling at him.

Kate laughed, “I smoked a guy up last week and he couldn't even remember how to drive home by the time I got done with him!”

Hayden didn't know what do do, the domineering and demanding older woman was getting to him, and big time, he didn't want to stand up with his cock all the way erect and sticking out so that it could be seen. The smoke had affected him, it shocked him at first but then puff after of smoke hitting him seemed to drain away his will, it was exciting and scary. And, it was weird! He couldn't concentrate but his cock kept getting harder.

“What's the matter?” Kate said.

“I don't know,” Hayden replied.

“Here's what I want you to do,” Kate said, “come over to this house in St Charles on Thursday evening and I'll smoke you up.”

She hand wrote and address on a card and gave it to him.

“Okay,” he said, “do you live here?”

“No, it's called the Witch House, I'm in a group called the Chesterfield Witches,” Kate said.

“Witches?” he asked.


Hayden said, “Man I'm all spaced out, all that smoke seemed to have zonked my mind.”

Kate giggled, pleased with the reaction.

She put her arm around Hayden who had stood up, “Don't worry, it wears off.”

“Okay good.”


Kate's cell phone rang and she answered it, it was Andrea.

“So how did your smoke thing go, I'm anxious to hear,” Andrea said excitedly.

“I think it's on schedule,” Kate replied.

“So it's working?”Andrea asked.

“He took puff after puff of smoke,” Kate replied, “he complained a little bit, but that doesn't mean anything, when they walk away that means you can't smoke them, if they take the smoke, then I can smoke him.”

“Cool!” Andrea said.

“I've got him,” Kate said confidently, “most of the boys can't stand up that smoke very long.”

“Well good luck,” Andrea said getting ready to hang up.

“Yeah later,” Kate said hanging up.


Kate had 'smoked' guys before but they had always been boys that she had already seduced or that her friends had seduced. Hayden was going to be the first that had started with her smoke ritual.

They were sitting in the living room of The Witch house in St Charles.

“Do you know why you're here?” Kate asked directly.

“Smoke,” Hayden replied.

“I ordered you to come over because I'm going to smoke you,” Kate said.

“Yes,” Hayden said.

Kate said, “I'm going to smoke you up whenever I want, there's nothing you can do to stop me, nothing, you want that smoke, you can't wait for me to do it.”

Kate said, “You have to do what the fuck I want.”

She placed emphasis on the word you, and the word fuck.

Then she got up and stood in front of him.

He looked up at her.

“Whatever the fuck I want,” she said.

Kate again said, “You have to do what the fuck I want.”

“Smoke gives me power” she said, “every guy that I blow smoke at, more than once, can't resist.”

She leered down at him, he was obviously uncomfortable and excited at the same time.

“You like that smoke don't you, you want me to do it now, it's why you came over isn't,” she said.

Hayden looked at her without saying anything.

Hayden stared at her, this was the kind of thing that disturbed him, he was afraid of the seductive power of Kate and her smoke ritual, and, it turned him on to hear it talk like that, his cock already rock hard got even stiffer.

She had on red spike heels and an all red outfit, red leather skirt and a very low cut top that was also leather.

Hayden loved the outfit, it made her look like some hooker/dominatrix.

“You're getting ready to join Smoke Club,” Kate said.

There was a pretty looking well shaped jug inches away from his face, it was hard not to stare at it.

“I think it's time for us to start,” Kate said.


“Take your pants and shorts off so I can milk you,” Kate said.

“Okay,” he said standing up.

He turned a little bit in taking his pants down and Kate said, “Turn around so I can see that cock!”

He had been wearing dark dress pants and a white shirt.

He turned around and Kate was staring at the big hard on that looked like it was pointed at her tits.

“Wow look at that sonavabitch!” Kate said taking it in her hand.

Looking at that dick sent a flash of desire through Kate's already excited system.

She pulled Hayden and he followed with her hanging on to his cock, they went down a hallway a short distance into a small room with a very low ceiling, it had a bed in the middle of the room and a stuffed chair in the corner where the walls stuck out. The chair sat between the walls.

“Sit down in that chair sweetie,” Kate said.

“Alright,” Hayden answered.

Kate stood in front of the chair and said, “When I tell you something, I want you to respond by saying Yes Ma'am.”

“Yes Ma'am,” Hayden replied.

She went over to small table that was next to the bed and pulled out cigarettes.

Here it comes! Hayden thought.

She came and stood over him and handed him a lighter.

Kate leaned over him with a cigarette in her mouth, “Light it,” she said.

“Yes Ma'am.”

Hayden lit the cigarette with the lighter Kate had given him, he waited a second or two and then the smoke puff came and smashed into his face, taking his breath away.

Hayden looked through a fog of thick creamy smoke and a wave of desire that had blasted through his body.

She moved closer to him and blew smoke at him from point blank range.

He was getting turned on like he had before, he couldn't help himself.

Then another puff of smoke and another, coming very quickly.

This much smoke delivered at this close a range had created a feeling in Hayden that he had never felt before. It was something like a drug experience, it seemed that each puff of smoke that had slammed into his face had shut part of his brain off, and all he could think about was waiting for the next smokey puff and the puff after that. He could see through it, but not well, he could see the ball of smoke coming at him before it hit. Ball after ball of thick smoke had turned his cock on and his head off.

Getting turned on herself, she swiveled her ass in front of him like a pole dancer.

Kate was excited, even ecstatic, she was actually going to control the hot young kid with smoke!

“Do a little jerk off for me sweetie,” Kate said.

Hayden reached down and began masturbating his cock with both hands. It was welcome to say the least. Ball after ball of thick smoke blown at him from point blank range had created a powerful hard on that needed release.

He took several good looks at the leggy ass that was grinding away in front of his face.

Then she put her own hand down and began masturbating his cock herself.

He looked up at her again, in time to see another puff of white smoke slam into his face.

“Fuck!” he yelled as she pumped away at the throbbing cock.

Hayden had a spacey feeling and thought he saw stars.

Kate blew another ball of smoke in Hayden's face. The smoke went around his head covering it. And he peered through it seeing Kate standing in front of him.

She stroked him again and again trying to bring him to orgasm, all the while the smoke making a world of itself.

The handsome kid felt light headed from his own excitement and the haze of thick white smoke around his face. He looked up and then another thick ball of opaque smoke hit his head making the air even murkier. A few seconds went by then he saw the burning cigarette glowed red again and then another cloud of smoke hit him.

“Come on honey!" she yelled at him, encouraging him to shoot his load.

The blasts of smoke let up only once while one was put out and another one lit.

It was faster now, the white murky smoke, she leaned over hitting him with puff after puff. The kid felt an almost surreal feeling as he was being brought to climax.

“Come on baby!" she yelled at him, again encouraging him to shoot his load.

The smoke now was a thick fog that he saw stars in, created by one blast of smoke after another at very close range. He saw Kate’s face clearly only very briefly before another thick ball of smoke enveloped his head again. Then it came again, and again, smoke after smoke after smoke.

“Fuck!” he yelled again.

She leaned in closer to his face to smoke him even better, picking up the tempo of the smoke up in unison to her stroking; the kid watched her face as she aimed and then blew one thick white ball of smoke after another at his head; one blast of smoke after another, puff after puff, faster and faster. The smoke got thicker and thicker around his head.

“Come on baby!" Kate screamed.

Faster and harder she stroked and squeezed!

Kate felt the cock beating in her hand as the hot cum boiled in his balls. Then she felt a pulse beating on the underside.

Here it comes! She thought.

The kid yelled loudly as the hot spunky cum shot out of the fully erect penis, in scalding shot after shot after shot!

Kate watched intently the beautiful erect prick shoot it’s hot, white, thick cum.

Her own panties were soaked by the time that the gorgeous cock had shot all of it’s load of white hot cum, then she leaned over and licked the cum off the head and immediately swallowed it. Then she took a big sigh after wards and put the cigarette out.

A thick haze of smoke still hung around Hayden's head, he'd had an incredible orgasmic high.

Kate laughed and said, “Come on lets go get some fresh air.”

They went out of the small room they'd been in and sat down on a couch on the large living room.

“That,” she said triumphantly, “is a smoke up!”

Kate's panties were wet with her own excitement after smoking the cute young kid.

“Wow!” Hayden said.

“You'll be very relaxed after being smoked, and then after about forty five minutes you'll be able to drive home,” Kate said.


“I don't think I could find the car,” Hayden said and laughed.

“That's normal, I just smoked you up and you had a big orgasm.”

“Yes Ma'am,” he said.

He said, “Wow I feel totally spacey.”

Kate laughed, pleased with the reaction.

“I am getting good with smoke ups!” she declared.

“I'm not sure I can drive home,” Hayden said sheepishly and then laughed.

He couldn't drive home!

Kate was ecstatic, she had smoked her boy into a fucking stupor!

“No talking to your parents about smoke club,” Kate said.

“Yes Ma'am.”

“Wanna beer?” Kate asked.


After about an hour, Hayden's mind cleared up and he went home.


Kate said, “I want you to go over to my friend Andrea's house tonight.”

Hayden nodded.

“She's a high school teacher and likes young kids,” Kate said.

“Okay,” Hayden replied, “what am I doing over there?”

“She wants to fuck you I'm sure,” Kate replied, “she's a cradle robber and is always on the lookout for another good young cock.”

“Okay Ma'am,” Hayden replied.

“You have to do whatever the fuck I want,” Kate said, “and what I want is for you to go fuck my friend Andrea, she's pretty sexy, don't fall in love with her just do what she wants as far as the sex goes.”

Kate put her hand on the Hayden's rear and rubbed it, then she thrust a tit against his back.

“Yes Ma'am,” Hayden replied.

“Good!” Kate exclaimed.

Kate was excited! This was working good.

Hayden got very turned on around the sexy Kate, he couldn't always tell what he was doing, but he had these enormous hard ons, he had had one now, with his dick sticking up out of his pants.

Sometimes all he could remember was the sexual satisfaction he got from the experience.

“How long am I supposed to stay over there Ma'am?” Hayden asked.

“I don't know, maybe all night,” Kate replied.

“I'm supposed to go to school tomorrow,” Hayden said.

Kate got out a cigarette from her purse and held it.

“Remember what I told you?” she asked.

“I think so."

“What the most important thing?” Kate asked.

“Women and sex,” Hayden replied.

“Alright, good,” Kate said, “now I want you to go over there and fuck her, you can tell me about it later.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“No more talk about school, you're not gonna drop out, don't worry,” Kate said.

“Okay,” Hayden said.

“Good, go on over there.”


Hayden got in his car and headed over to the address that Kate had given him, he had never met Andrea and only knew what it was that Kate had said. The experience had become a blur of sex and smoke. Kate had had him forget certain things, but not the intensity of the sex. The sexy and manipulative 'cougar' had caused incredible sexual turn ons in Hayden's mind.

“Hey baby,” he heard Andrea say, “come on in.”

Hayden went into a small well furnished house.

She looked at the young kid with an appreciative stare. Then he saw her go pick up a small cigar.

Andrea liked what she saw and decided quickly to dispense with any pretext of small talk.

Andrea said, “Kate told me that you really like smoke.”

“Yes Ma'am,” Hayden replied.

“Good,” she said.

Andrea had high cheek bones with a pretty kissable mouth, she stuck her lips out at him and smiled at what she was going to do. She also had a low cut white shirt on that gave a good view of two attractive jugs. Andrea was tall, at least five nine, with long legs.

She held the cigar out and deliberately dropped it.

“Oh fuck,” she said, “pick that up.”

Hayden came over to where she was and picked it up.

He handed it to her.

She held it out in front of his face and dropped it again, “Pick that up.”

Hayden picked it up again.

“Are you going to light it Ma'am?” he asked

She grinned and said, “No, you are.”

“Is that what you want?” he asked.

“What do you think women want from somebody like you?” Andrea asked pointedly.

“I haven't the vaguest idea Ma'am,” Hayden replied blankly.

Andrea stood in front of him, then she giggled and said, “Well what do you think women like me and Kate want from a kid like you?”

“Sex?” he replied.

“Alright give the man a cigar,” she said applauding a little

Then she handed him a lighter, “Light it” she said, “now!”

Hayden braced himself as he saw the thick smoke puff heading right for his head.

Andrea was trying to duplicate the smoke ritual that Kate said she had used on Hayden, to first turn him to, then to keep him focused on sex.

The balls of smoke blown in his face excited him tremendously, his cock grew like aphrodisiacs had been shot into his balls, and his mind grew fuzzy, like a dope high only intensely sexual.

Andrea waited very briefly, then took another big puff and blew it at Hayden.

She turned around and thrust a long legged curvy ass in his face, twirling it around.

“Has Kate told you what's important baby?” she asked.

“Women and sex Ma'am,” Hayden replied.

“That's good baby,” Andrea said with enthusiasm.

“Do you like this?” Andrea asked grinding it at him.

“Wow, unbelievable!” he said staring at her well shaped hips.

She quickly spun around and blew another puff of smoke at his face.

“That's good isn't it,” Andrea asked.

“Oh yeah!” Hayden said.

“I could introduce you to one of my friends, we could turn you into our little sex toy,” Andrea said.

Hayden had the feeling that he had before, his cock got harder and harder, these older women were driving him nuts.

“Howza bout a fuck baby,” Andrea said leering at the young boy.

“Yes Ma'am!”

Andrea took a good look at the nice hard on that was there.

She put her cigar in the ashtray, and put her arms around the kid.

“Come on,” she said pulling him down a hallway.

“Come on, lets do it,” Andrea said.

Hayden felt his dick get even harder in anticipation of fucking. Kate and her friends were aggressive and demanding, different than most of the young girls he'd known. Somehow they seemed to know what buttons to push to create a charge of sexual excitement. Some of this was just experience, a lot of it was Kate's attempts to turn him on through a form of hypnosis. She had planted enough hypnotic suggestions that she had pretty good control, which Hayden seemed to recognize at times, but not always remember.

Andrea half pulled Hayden through the door of a small bedroom, she stared again, she wanted to get a better look at the big cock that was sticking up.

“Damn baby, take your pants down,” Andrea said.

Which he quickly did and Andrea stood there staring.

“Jesus, what an awesome cock!” Andrea exclaimed.

Then she said, “No, you're not going to get a blow job honey, I wanna fuck, I want you to get in there and get some good pussy baby.”

Andrea said, “I want you to take a ride on my hot ass, don't cum fast and take your time, pound away, let me have it, thrust after thrust, keep at it until I'm floating in air.”

“Yes Ma'am,” he said.

She quickly pulled her slacks off and her panties. She laid down on the bed spreading her thighs suggestively.

Andrea sat up and said, “How do you like this?”

“It's great Ma'am.”

“Well come on then, it's time to take a ride,” Andrea said looking intently at the handsome kid.

He stopped for a few seconds to admire the glistening pussy that was right in front of him.

When he didn't penetrate her fast enough, Andrea said impatiently, “Come on baby, now!”

Andrea breathed hard, her cunt throbbed and ached and she needed that nice cock to get in already.

Then it came, she felt the hard shaft go into her and her grateful pussy constricted around it, a hot flash of pleasure came out of her cunt and then another in waves.

Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck, “Oh wow!” she exclaimed open mouthed.

Andrea felt her heart race as he went in and out of her hot cunt.

He had not gone on for the long humping fuck that Andrea had said to do, but her throbbing cunt was ready, she wanted that cock to put a shot of nice hot cum into her.

Andrea sighed and blew air out of her mouth, her pussy needed a jet of cum!

Her fingers kneaded the the thick muscles of his back and shoulders.

“Come on honey shoot it!” Andrea yelled.

He looked down at her and said, “I thought you wanted me to wait.”

She said, “Yeah, and now I'm telling you to finish it.”

Hayden speed ed up, and the fuck started going faster and faster.

Andrea got even more excited and sighed on each thrust.

She started chanting in rhythm to his fuck, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Hayden was totally turned on by this and went towards his orgasm.

She giggled in between the chanting, she knew he was close and she was dying for him to orgasm.

And then it came! Shot after shot of burning hot cum went into Andrea's pussy.

Andrea's cunt had gotten what it wanted, and it sent out hot flashes of orgasmic feelings that went all over her body.

“I'll have a cream pie from this,” Andrea thought, “great!”

She kissed Hayden's ear.

“Oh wow!” she said, “that was great baby, why don't you rest for ten minutes and then we can go again.”

“Oh yeah!” Hayden said.

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One other thing to point out is that an online bseinuss administration training is designed for people to be able to without problems proceed to bachelors degree courses. The 90 credit certification meets the lower bachelor college degree requirements when you earn your current associate of arts in BA online, you will get access to the most up-to-date technologies with this field. Some reasons why students want to get their associate degree in bseinuss is because they can be interested in this area and want to get the general education necessary ahead of jumping right into a bachelor education program. Thx for the tips you really provide in the blog.

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