She sinks lower into lust and depravity
NOTE: I don't usually continue stories as I lose interest quickly. The original story is fiction but was born of a milder true life situation I experienced. I decided to add to the story when the character it was based on recently repeated the acts that prompted me to write it originally. I doubt she is aware of me seeing her but can't help wondering if she subconsciously knows.

A recap of original story:
I had been led into a mutual voyeuristic masturbating pact about six months back. The small middle aged woman who has me so captivated is a neighbor living directly behind me by the name of Marie. She had ensnared me by arousing my curiosity at first and then performing a wild sex show that fed my demented cravings. I learned later her initial interest was sparked by having learned of my oversized cock from a friend of my deceased wife’s.
As I stroked away watching her perform acts that progressively became more arousing, she managed to scare the shit out of me by disappearing for a moment and calling me on the phone. Her directly confronting me with what I was doing was both frightening and exciting. She drew me in easily as she violated both her pussy and asshole with ever increasing sized dildos and performed several enemas.

The tale continues:

As the weeks rolled on Marie and I continued our performances about once a week. She has so far never allowed me to meet her in person or take our affair to a level where we have any physical contact. My suggestion was we continue the affair with the use of a glory hole. We both have large yards that are surrounded with six foot fences. There is a corner area that is quite private on both sides. Her side has many large trees with dense shrubs that block all views. My side is similarly private. I'm mostly looking for any means of getting my dick inside her.

I have suggested all the other alternatives. Meeting at a local motel. Her walking around the block and coming to my house. My meeting her in a parking lot and bringing her back to my place. So far she has declined all suggestions. My real favorite though is still the first. I was so excited by the idea of fucking her through a hole in the fence I have already made one.

I waited for a day when I knew no one was home and climbed over the fence. The area is very secluded on both sides so I was in little danger of being seen. After selecting a spot I pruned the shrubs on her side leaving an open area about four feet in diameter. Then carefully measured and drilled a four inch diameter glory hole and made a matching removable plug that would disguise it in case her husband ever wandered back there.

I actually put quite a lot of thought into it. I was careful with the pruning so it looked natural and located it so she could push against a tree for balance as she bent over pressing her posterior against the hole. I also did a lot of figuring on what height to drill the hole. I wanted her to be able to bend over comfortably so I might be able to use either of her orifices. When I tried it from my side of course the hole was way to low for me, so I dug a small trench on my side to stand in so I could insert my dick and stand with comfort. I also added a couple of disguised handles I could grasp for leverage in case I had the opportunity to pound it into her hard. I think all my planning was to occupy my mind.

We continued our mutual masturbation sessions with her performing her tricks using an assortment of devices. She always insists I show my self so she can see me stroke my oversized cock. Even though I’m the voyeur and she is the exhibitionist she needs the thrill and assurance I'm watching.

Marie had called two days ago and prearranged for me to be available today. She had said she was going to add a little spice if I was interested. Her shows are still quite wild but my attention has started to lag as I don't see this going beyond where we are now.

I was waiting at my observation window as usual. I still had my equipment hooked up but didn't record her anymore as I had video of everything she could possibly show me. I was waiting in hopes of something new and had been wondering if she might have reconsidered my glory hole fantasy. The phone rang which was probably her, as we conversed during her shows now. The sound of her moaning with pleasure and pain as she violated herself added immeasurably to each show.

I answered saying “hello my dear”. The voice that replied was female but not Marie. She started by saying she was a friend of Marie's and her name was Ann. I was used to talking and spying through this window but was surprised with who walked into view in Marie's bedroom. I knew at once she was the friend Marie had said helped her construct the dildo platform and that she was gay. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black high heeled boots and a pair of nipple clips that dangled like earrings. She was tall and slender with long legs and very large firm looking tits. I was surprised at what I thought Marie was spicing up her show with.

As she stood looking directly at me with her legs spread defiantly she continued by saying “Marie has been talking about you for more than a year now. Both my partner Lesa and I are becoming bored hearing about you. Marie is not gay but does take a perverse pleasure in bi-sexual flirting with us. She has tormented us for a couple of years with her body and a lot of empty promises. I was her confederate in the scheme to entice you into your present situation. Since she brought you to that window and revealed herself, both Lesa and I have had to listen to her lament over whether she should continue on as is or let you fuck her. Her vacillation and whining has become intolerable. We enjoyed the detailed descriptions she supplied about her shows and we both have had many satisfying encounters as we fantasized and finally decided what we should do about her. This is the answer we came up with”.

At that point Ann stepped aside as another tall woman wearing nothing but thigh high boots stepped into my view leading Marie by a leash. Marie's hands were tied behind her and she was blindfolded. She also was wearing nothing but a pair of high heeled shoes. She appeared to be crying and I could hear her sobs as Ann had put the phone on speaker. They paraded her before me and slowly turned her around so I could see that her butt cheeks were bright red. She looked as if they had paddled her thoroughly and abused her nipples and tits also. She was quite disheveled looking and appeared as if she had been used and abused.

I feared for her but was turned on at the same time. Fortunately the moment I heard Ann's voice on the phone I had flipped on my camera and was recording everything.

Both Ann and Lesa had alluring figures. Neither was what one would call pretty but they were not ugly either. Both had good figures and great legs. Ann's pussy was shaved bald while Lesa had short trimmed pubic hair. All three women were more than fuckable.

Ann continued by saying “You might be interested to know Marie's husband is out of town for the week. He went with his hunting buddies to Nevada where the only thing they really hunt is hookers. Marie is a little worse for the wear at the moment. Lesa and I have been here since last night and have enjoyed taking turns using her for our own pleasure. She is now more than qualified for a degree in the art of eating pussy. Something she found repulsive at first but is learning to love.” She turned and open handed slapped Marie's butt with a loud pop. “ We both have had more climaxes in one night than we usually have in a month. You might think this could be construed as rape, but we tend to feel it's more in the nature of retribution for the years of teasing frustration we have had to endure. We have mostly violated her mouth and now feel it's time for you to finish the job. After we give her a quick shower and scrub down we will have her available for you in the back corner of the yard. I think you know where I mean.

I sat there for a minute trying to thinking of all the implications this could cause. I could still hear them as Ann had not disconnected the call. She was talking to Marie as they pushed her into the shower saying “Look at it this way honey. You have wanted to fuck him for years and now you are going to. If your upset about it later you can always blame us and him but this is the perfect answer. You don't have to feel responsible for the decision and you get to experience the pleasure. Oh and don't think you can ever tell anyone or cry rape as you wouldn't want the rest of it to come out. As a matter of fact Lesa and I are going to be enjoying using you often for as long as we want.

They quickly lathered her up and rinsed her down. Lesa filled the enema bag and inserted the hose tip into Marie's vagina, douching it out quickly and then refilling before inserting it into her ass for a fast enema. Lesa smiled wickedly as Marie groaned from the mounting pressure. She said “you probably don't need this with all the enemas I gave you last night but I just love to see your belly push out as you fill up.” As Lesa pulled the tube out about a quart of clear water shot out in a steady stream.

I put on cloths and watched as the two women draped a robe around Marie and they each put one on also. They ushered her out the glass door and started for the back. I walked quickly to the back yard and brought along a screwdriver. I had made a small addition to the glory hole by removing the nails from three of the boards and replacing them with one screw in the top and bottom of each board. My thought at the time was in case Marie did want to try the glory hole and then wanted closer contact I could remove the boards and step through before she changed her mind.

When I arrived at the back corner and walked into the hidden shaded alcove I could hear the women talking. Ann was saying “tie her hands to the tree so that she can push against it but can't move away. Keep them low so she has to stand bent over. With her legs spread and tied like this he should have great access and she won't be able to move. Give me that tube of lubricant. I want to get both her asshole and pussy ready for him”. I could hear Marie moaning and pleading as Ann lubed both orifices roughly.

I cleared my throat to let them know I was there. Ann was talking softly but there was no need as you could probably yell your head off and barley be heard by a neighbor. I pulled the hole plug out of the fence and bending down could see Marie's two sweetest objects just on the other side. With my face against the hole I was able to slip my tongue against Marie's asshole. I moved back and slid my finger into her pussy and then raised it to tickle her ass. I could feel her flinch and moan.

Ann spoke again saying “ slip your cock through the hole”. I was reluctant but took a chance. As I slid it through one of them took hold and stroked it with two hands about a dozen times as they lubed it up. Ann spoke again” that is one lethal weapon. Lesa and I are not into men but we might have to make an exception and invite you over to try it sometime. Enjoy her all you want. We are going home for a while and will come back tonight just after dark to let her go. If were in the mood we might take her inside and give her another lesson in the art of eating pussy. Have fun John. Nice meeting you.

I heard both women laugh as they walked away. One of them said “have fun Marie. I almost envy you”. I heard Marie whimper. She asked if I could hear her and I said yes. She asked me to help her get untied an end this nightmare. I didn't reply and she said in a halting voice “ I hope your not going to go through with what they intended”. I didn't answer as I quietly finished removing the screws from the three fence boards and sat them aside. Marie continued to plead for my help.

She was standing bent over and tied to the large tree with her luscious ass offered up. She was nude except for the high heeled shoes and was still blind folded. Her feet were spread and tied to the side so she could not close her legs. The two women had done a great job of making her accessible and ready for violation. She was still asking me to help her get free and begging me not to rape her. I had to step back and admire her body. Her small breasts dangled and swayed as she moved and begged to be squeezed.

My cock was throbbing with the desire to enter her. I stepped behind her and rubbed the head between her pussy and asshole. She flinched and said “ please don't. I have never had sex with anyone but my husband. They were right about him cheating with whores. He has been doing it since before we were married and we haven’t had sex for years.” Her plea to stop sounded hollow. I don't think I would have stopped even if I had believed it was what she really wanted. I wonder how many rapists justify their actions with the same argument.

I started the head into her vagina and placed both hands on her hips pulling her against me as I pushed it in. She let out a long moan that continued until I hit bottom in one long very slow continuous penetration. I felt the head of my dick contact the end of her vaginal canal and new it would go no further. Her groan stopped but her body started shuddering and she was panting as if she couldn't get her breath. There was still almost two inches of my dick not inside her. I asked if she was OK and she responded “ OH shit that feels good. I have never had a real cock that filled me so completely. It' feels like it is almost into my chest. Please fuck me hard right now. I need to cum. Those two have been teasing me to the point of orgasm since last night and I need to cum badly. If I don't I think I will die. “

I started taking long very slow strokes. I knew she was feeling every thick vein and bump as I continued the long plunges. She was sucking in air with a hissing sound on each inward stroke with a loud grunt as I bottomed out. After teasing her with an almost slow motion rhythm for a couple of minutes I picked up the pace and was soon beginning to pounding away with shortened brutal strokes. She began cumming so hard I could feel her contractions squeeze my dick. I reached around and grabbed her hanging breasts. I squeezed and massaged them on each stroke and started using them as handles to pull her against me. I knew I was causing her pain but the feeling of my cock pounding against her insides at maximum penetration was savagely satisfying. I increased on each stroke until my pelvis was almost slapping her butt. Her head was bumping into the tree trunk on each thrust stopping her body from moving forward and allowing me to pound the head of my cock into what ever is at the end of her vaginal canal even harder.

Her pussy was snug but not tight. I had never had anyone squeeze me as firmly as when her kegel muscles clenched from the impact. I still had a breast in each hand using them to pull her into me. Her orgasm had been going for a good half minute when mine started. I had not climaxed for several days and was pumping a huge load into her. As I started squirting and filling her, a mixture of sexual fluids was being forced out around my cock and running down her legs. The sound as I pounded away was like hearing a toilet plunger being used in a plugged drain. Each stroke was forcing more viscous fluids out like a piston in a cylinder compressing everything. Marie was still cumming and getting weak as her legs began to tremble. I had finished shooting and was holding her hips to keep her from collapsing with my cock still fully inserted. Her pussy was still spasming and pumping me like a firm hand shake about every two or three seconds.

I stepped back and pulled out but still held her hips up so she didn't sink to the ground. Her pussy gaped open and a large quantity of our cum ran out in a couple of blobs. I was tempted to shove a fist into the inviting opening but she could stand no longer. I let her down to the ground on her knees with her head against her tied hands on the tree. She was heaving from exhaustion. Her legs were still pulled apart and a gush of urine ran from her as her bladder let go splattering both of us. She spoke in a sobbing voice saying between gulps of air “ oh my god that was the best climax I have ever had. It's the first one I have ever had with another person. It felt as if my insides were going to pour out on the ground. I don't think I will be able to walk for a week.”

The thought of what I had just done and the vision of her spent small body had kept me semi-hard. I knelt behind her and slowly explored the soft flesh of her back from her shoulders down to her bright red firm butt. Her friends had paddled it thoroughly. As I squeezed the tender cheeks I laid my still erect cock in the top of her butt crack and slid it up and down using the friction to regain my full erection. When I reached a rigid state I pulled her cheeks apart and pushed the head of my cock past the constricted sphincter muscle. She gave a loud groan as I forced it in. Her ass was much tighter than her pussy and felt like it was on fire. I knew I wouldn't be able to cum for quit some time but after all these months of watching her tease me I was driven to use her completely.

I had not had sex with a woman since my wife had pasted away and was enjoying having someone that could almost take my whole length. My wife was tall and what one might call gangly. The only woman I was ever able to bury my cock in to the hilt. Seeing half of it imbedded in Marie's ass was reviving my lust. If she had not spent so much time stretching both her pussy and anal canal I would not have even attempted this. With her small frame it was almost ludicrous to imagine her being able to take such a massive member. She had told me during one of our first sessions, she started all this in anticipation of someday being filled and stretched beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

I kept forcing a little more into her anus with each stroke. As each thrust penetrated a little further she squealed in pain and would flinch at the top of each stroke. I was getting close to full insertion and was as excited as a little kid. It had been years since I had ass fucked anyone to full insertion. As my hips touched her ass cheeks I held the pressure against her. She was making a choking sound and started to retch with dry heaves. The muscle contractions as she retched felt like they would squeeze my dick off. I would have loved to shoot a load in her but I had nothing left at the moment.

I held as long as I could and felt my dick starting to soften. I needed to pee badly and thought what a way to finish. I relaxed and let the stream of urine gush out into her bowels. She moaned with the new sensation and felt the familiar pressure filling her and pressing her stomach out. The tight seal of her sphincter muscle around my cock was holding all the hot piss in. She began to shake with her second orgasm as she was hit with spasm after spasm of brutal pleasure. She went limp for a few moments and I knew she had fainted.

I was a little worried and pulled out slowly. As my dick popped free I was blasted with a hard stream of my own urine. Marie revived and turned her head to me. I pulled off her blindfold and she squinted and smiled sleepily as she said “ I can't believe you just pissed inside me. That is so fucking perverted. I hope you will do it again soon and what the hell did you do to my tits. They feel like you were trying to pull them off. They are hanging like a couple of pieces of rope. That was the second best orgasm I have ever had. You gave me the first about fifteen minutes ago. I wish we had done this a long time ago. She dropped into a semi conscious stupor with her head down again.

I untied her hands and carried her through the fence into my yard. I quickly dressed and retrieved the robe the women had left, slipping it on her. She could barley stand so I picked her up easily and took her into my house. We both needed a shower as we had mud allover us from the piss puddle we had made. Marie was only half awake. I striped us both and carried her into the shower, where I soaped and rinsed us both twice. The process of washing Marie was a total delight as I was able to touch and rub every inch of her. Several places got a lot of special attention but she didn't react to any of the extra rubbing and massaging I gave all the intimate parts. After drying her I laid her on my bed spread eagle. She was asleep as soon as I laid her down.

I decided to explore her body while she slept as this might be my only chance. Her petite size was a novelty for me and I could not keep from touching her smooth skin. I retrieved my wife’s sex kit and soon had nipple and clitoris suction tubes attached. I have always loved to see a woman’s most sensitive parts being expanded from suction. It seems to heighten sexual stimulation having them sucked until they are twice their normal size. I saw no reason to fill her with large dildos as she had just been violated beyond what most women could endure. I was happy to just lay next to her and lightly touch everything as I admired her.

She slept for almost six hours. Her night with the girls must have been very taxing. I noticed her mouth was raw and chapped from the hours she was forced to give her friends oral pleasure. The redness on her tits and butt cheeks had almost disappeared. I spent hours rubbing her with lotion and applying ointments to the abraded areas.

I had a phone call from Ann that evening wanting to know how things went and she did seem truly concerned for Marie's welfare. I thanked her and Lesa for providing the most entertainment I'd had for years. She laughed and said “ Marie has needed what I’m sure you gave her for a life time. She needs to get rid of her worthless husband and get a life. Thanks for helping give her an opportunity to become a person. Oh by the way, Lesa and I have talked it over and we both really do want to give that big monster of yours a ride. As I told you we are gay but after hearing Marie obsess about your huge cock and then seeing it we both have been having fantasies. Neither of us can get the thought of having that beast inside us out of our minds and Lesa agrees we should try it. Save my number and give us a call in a couple of weeks if you are interested in fucking a couple of lesbians that love to use strapons.

I continued to tend to Marie keeping her nipples and clit stimulated. When she finally woke her first reaction was to touch them. They were so sensitive she shuddered but was intrigued with the extended size and could not keep her hand from drifting up to caress and pull at her long erect super sensitive nipples.

When she looked down and saw her clitoris protruding from her vagina she did a double take and immediately grabbed it. When she did her whole body went rigid and she let out a low lewd moan saying “ oh my god. What have you done to my clitoris. It's huge and so sensitive. It feels like you have been rubbing it with sand paper. Oh damn I need to climax so bad but I’m to sore inside to have that monster in me again so soon.” She kept touching and twirling her clit between her fingers.

I moved to the bottom of the bed and knelt between her spread legs. As I lowered my face to her pussy and took her oversized oyster into my mouth sucking gently she moaned again in pleasure. I lifted my head and said “ by the way. My cock is not the only thing on my body that is oversized. My wife was always more fond of oral sex than anything else.” I lowered my face again and plunged my oversized tongue deep into her quivering wet womb, wiggling and twisting it as it contacted the tip of her cervix. Then moving it in a sweeping motion to explore the canal walls and prod the mysterious g-spot area. Her moan turned into a high pitched shriek as her third and hopefully best climax struck like an electric cattle prod. With my hands holding her hips I locked my mouth against her vagina so her thrashing body could not shake me off. I thought to my self as we entered heaven EAT YOUR HEART OUT GENE SIMMONS.!!!!!

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