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The story of a petite new hire, her fiance and the affairs they have. It's a longread, but it sets up the stories that follow.
Our office is an unusual place. Basically three businesses in operation under one roof with intertwined staffs and common ownership. There are Secretaries, Receptionists, Accountants, fabrication shop guys and myself, the Graphics and IT guy and part owner of one of the businesses. We all share a common waiting area, kitchenette and restrooms so we all see each other quite often. My office has a vantage of seeing the front desk and most of the kitchen area thru the doorway so I am constantly bombarded with hi's and how are you’s as workers come and go. I have my own entry exit door as I operate outside of the in house umbrella, doing graphics on the side as my own business as well as the in house stuff. I also do the billboard and flyers for one of the owners brothers who runs a cabaret outside of town. Most of the female staff worked there at one time until landing here with a full time job that actually paid some bills. That and the fact we have a fabrication shop that makes fixtures for amusement parks and rides explains much of the off-colored humor and sailor language from both guys and gals that goes on here.

Having the view of the common areas and the entry door makes my office prime hang out and BS area for everyone. My desk is a large digital drafting table and extra PC. The girls and occasional guy would come check their email accounts and browse the web with out fear of the "boss" finding out. You should see some of the stuff these girls find to gawk at! It would make a soldier blush! Most of it was humorous, other just plain gross! Employee turnover was low here, but one day the receptionist announced she was with child and would leave close to her expected date, so the APB went out for a replacement. They finally ended up hiring the shop foreman’s fiancée Kristi to fill the bill. She was a petite little thing with an Asian heritage that I later learned was Korean euro mix. She warmed up to conversation as she got to know people over a couple of months, but was quite reserved. I wondered how she would adapt to the other gals sense of humor and put you on the spot and try to embarrass or get you riled up mentality they have. She had a bit of computer skills but was constantly at my door asking questions as she learned the ropes, that subsided to shouting from her desk as she learned that sudden outbursts were not uncommon around here.

On Fridays, if the shop crew had finished their projects and made it back to the shop in time, we would crack open a case of beer and throw some steaks and chicken on the pit, celebrating the end of that week or month’s project. All employees from all business were invited to join in, but unfortunately my deadlines were different so I usually was putting the last touches on something while I ate and drank my crown or jack at the desk. The guys usually grill by my entry since it’s the shortest path to the fridge and restrooms. The gals gather the desk with the extra PC in my office and proceed to gossip or talk trash about the dancer I am adding to the cabaret billboard and website. Kristi was out side with future hubby, but soon discovered that she was the only girl out there so she ventured indoors. She hopped up on the table next to the girls with beer in hand and proceeded to silently stare at what the gals were pulling up on the web. One of the guys burst thru on the way to the fridge and stopped at the desk on the way out and boldly stated "You wanna see some real crazy shit, pull up this site" he blurted as he walked out the door. A few seconds later I heard a collective gasp from the girls, "No F'n way!" "That’s Fake" one shouted as the site loaded. I looked over to see the faces of disbelief. I notice Kristi, quietly stunned, looking in silent disbelief at the page as it loaded. It was a typical porn thread, but all of the pic’s were photo shopped to exaggerate certain body parts of the men. "It is fake" I touted as I instantly recognized the sloppy handy work of whoever had doctored the pic’s. At that moment I saw the amazement drain from Kristi’s face, like I had popped her balloon or taken her candy. “Well these aren’t fake!” one of the girls shouted as she typed in another site. As the page loaded, I saw Kristie’s face light up again, and dare I say, almost start to grin. I was getting a kick out of watching this quiet reserved little thing looking at those provocative images. The images were mostly men, some with women, and a few of women with other women. The hooting and hollering became louder as a few more of the gals joined in the gawking. I was watching the images at my desk out of the corner of my eye and watching the expressions on the girl’s faces as they scrolled down the page. “Oh that ones hot!” “Oh he’s sexy!” “She looks like a slut!” “Now that’s a real dick!” “Those are fake boobs!” they commented at each pic as the scrolled down.

Kristi had to sit up on her knees on the table to see past the big hair gals who pushed their way up to the keyboard, though she sat quietly and continued sipping her beer. “Do you men really jerk off to this?” Sarah, the leader of the pack, asked of me as if I were the default “Men’s ambassador”. “Na, she’s not my type!” I exclaimed. The picture was a typical airbrushed babe lying nude on a lush tropical beach. “So what do you jerk to?” Sara asked, giggling as if she caught me in an admission of guilt. But before I had time to compose a witty remark “GIRL he’s got a girl friend, he don’t need to!” another gal shouted. Sarah hopped up to get another beer, “you want one?” she asked me as she passed. “Nope, I have a drink!” “Coke don’t count!” she boasted, “Its Jack n coke, mostly jack!” was my reply. She stopped and backtracked to me and grabbed the cup to see like I was lying to her. “Wheeeew, that’s strong” as she made a sour face at just the smell of the drink. Another gal grabbed it to smell, made a similar face, and then passed it to the next.

The cup made it around to Kristi, she lifted it to her nose, paused then took a big gulp. “It’s not that bad”, then took another gulp. “Damn! I guess she showed YOU who the big girl is!” I said to the group. “AW HELL NAW!” Sarah blurted in her best comical redneck southern voice. “I aint’ getting outdone by no newbie!” she said as she grabbed her wallet and ID from her purse. “I’m going to the corner store to get me a bottle and smokes, yall’ coming?” She announced making a line for the door with the others close behind. Kristi and I laughed and did a cheesy “high five” in celebration of her ruffling the leader of the girl’s feathers. “Here’s you drink” she said as she held out the cup. “Keep it.” I replied as I began pouring my self another.

She took another sip and boldly repeated the question with a grin “So, kinda stuff DO you masturbate to?” I was in mid drink and almost did a spit take when she asked. Now wanting to look foolish, I tried to come up with a quick non answer reply, hoping the subject would be dropped. “It depends on the sensuality of the situation” was my response. “I don’t get it? You mean girl on the beach with the big boobs don’t do it for you?” I contemplated another response, hoping not to seem to vulgar but explain it enough to move on to some other topic, after all, she IS engaged to a coworker. “It depends on the situation or how sexy the person appears to be. A perfect 10 with fake boobs getting paid to sit on a closed private beach and have pics taken has no sensuality to me, HOWEVER take what you might call an average girl on a public beach posing for her man trying to arouse him in a place she might get caught, that’s way more sexy.” She followed up with “So those girls you photograph at the club don’t do anything for you?” “Not really, they are enduring another day at work like us; there is nothing sensual about that to me”. “Really” she said in disbelief.

The outside door flew open and her fiancé flew in, I was somewhat startled thinking he may have thought I was hitting on his girl but quickly realized he was making haste to the restroom. “Hey babe!” he greeter her with a smile, gave her a big smooch grabbed her arm for her to follow him as he shot past. WOW, that was mildly uncomfortable is said to myself. I was glad the exchange was over but the “flirtation” was kind of nice. I stepped outside to make a plate and show may face since I had been inside for quite some time. Several minutes of loud music, good food and drink passed.

The girls made it back from the corner store with bags of goodies and apparently more friends to enjoy them with. After a few more minutes I received a text from a strange number. T and ME left to go screw! was all it read. I went back to the desk to check the phone number with the employee roster, and sure enough it was Kristi. I was baffled that she felt like she had to share this info with me so I replied back with a witty RIDE EM” COWGIRL! I was topping off my drink when I heard a YEEHAW! Reverberate thru the hallway. It struck me as odd, I thought everyone had gone outside or left then I remembered my text to Kristi about the cowgirl and began to wonder if they we still in the building, I felt the need to investigate! I stopped at my door and listened, no sounds to the left in the waiting area, no sounds ahead in the kitchenette, restroom doors were open, couldn’t have been the other side of the office complex since those doors are locked, it HAD to come from the shop. I made my way down the hall and stopped at the swinging doors to the shop to listen, but the music coming thru the thin metal garage doors was all I could hear. There was a small plastic window so I crept up to look. Though the slew of tape residue and scratches I spotted them, partially obscured behind a workbench.

He was flat on his back, shirt pulled up, pants pulled down with his hands over his face like he had too much to drink and the room was spinning. She was on top completely naked her dress lying on the floor next to them. Her dress did her body no justice; hiding the fact that her breasts were quite large on her tiny body. She was riding him for all she was worth, as if she hadn’t had him in years. As she worked him, I began to think out little discussion on sexuality was what had aroused her, but in reality it must have been all the porn pics they were looking at, lucky Tony! She was whipping her hair and thrusting her hips into him as he lay there almost motionless. She pulled on his shirt like reins of a horse, trying to het him more involved. He started to moan, which is the typical mans “I’m cumming!” sound. She really opened up and I could tell she was on the verge of her own explosion. “YYYEEEESSSS!” She shouted repeatedly as her rhythm began to slow.

I could feel my cock begin to push hard against my shorts, I had to reach in to adjust it to relieve the pressure when she did something completely bizarre, she thrust herself hard on him repeatedly while grabbing his beer bottle, hoisted it over her head, looked up at it and poured it on herself. The foamy beer poured off her face and body. My hand was still on my cock trying to get relief from the restraint of the fabric. I felt it begin to throb as the head began to get wet; she had almost made me cum in my shorts! The suds eventually rolled of her to him and on to the floor.

“Wh…WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!” he shouted as rolled to the side to get the beer of, pushing her to the side. “Sorry, I dropped it” she lied. “Man! I’m gonna have to go get clean pants now!” His pants were drenched in beer. Realizing I was in their path of their exit, I hurried back to my office and started fidgeting with the drink mixings. A few seconds later, Kristi passed my door on the way to her desk at the front office. I fumbled in my head with what to do next. How do I pretend like nothing happened? Can I play off the texts like they didn’t exist? How do I get myself out of the situation without looking like a fool or creating awkward conversation? I tried to slip out of the side door when she saw me. “Hey, there you are!” I turned my head to look, trying to act like I didn’t know who was talking to me and trying not to expose the bulge still in my shorts. “Oh, hey, thought you guys had gone already.” I felt stupid because she knew I got her text because I had replied to it.

The booze was preventing me from thinking quickly on my feet, and my mouth was now in the lead instead of my brain. “He spilled a drink on his pants and is looking for someone to run him home to get changed” she said. I blurted out “Yea, I saw.” “You saw!!” she said it in a strange, surprised tone. I realized what I said had implied I had witnessed their escapade and stuttered and fumbled for a reply “Yea, umm I saw him outside the window, Sarah gave him a ride somewhere.” I had completely made that up. Hoping nothing would come of it. “Oh.” She said, almost in disappointment. The situation was getting more awkward by the moment. She is engaged, Tony is a friend and they are both coworkers PLUS I have a girlfriend! What the hell am I getting myself into? “I’m gonna get a hotdog, want anything?” I said as I moved to the door. “I’m good for now, I’ll be out in a minute” she said as she was fumbling with her phone, trying to plug it in to her computer as if to charge it. I took a minute to register in my intoxicated brain, but she wasn’t charging the phone, she was downloading stuff from it. What was she downloading? The curiosity was killing me but I hastily exited to get the hotdog that I really didn’t want. I went the long way around, trying to walk off the erection. Emotions were running wild. She did seem excited that I had been watching them, she DID send me a text, and she DID sound disappointed when she thought otherwise. Wait what the hell am I doing! She’s not even my type! Must be the alcohol, I’ll stop drinking and have something to eat.

I grabbed a plate and went back to my desk, determined to immerse myself in the work. The sun had set and the offices were dark, except the glow from the computer screens and exit lights. As I begin to eat, I noticed Kristi still in the front. She was down low in her seat looking up at the screen, though she is almost facing me, she didn’t say anything when I entered the room. As I worked, I kept feeling the urge to glance over at what she was doing. Surely she didn’t have any real work to do, what was keeping her so entertained. Just then I noticed it, that same look she had when looking at the websites with the girls. The mystery was killing me, but I was determined not to get any further in to the matter. My resolve lasted for about another 5 minutes until I looked over again. She was still sunk down in the big office chair, her eyes were half closed, and she appeared to be breathing deeply. OMG she’s masturbating! I was both aroused and panicked. I sat there quietly, but my male hormones got the best of me and I soon found myself opening up the remote desktop application so I could see what she was looking at. She had one of the websites from earlier open and was uploading pics from her phone to it while browsing the site. My cock got so hard so fast; I am surprised it didn’t tear a hole in the leg of my shorts. Again I found myself in need of moving my manhood to relieve the pressure, on top of my raging hard on I now had to pee something fierce. The only relief was to rub it thru the cloth in attempt to turn the discomfort into a bit of pleasure. This little reserved young thing is uploading Pics of her screwing Tony to the web! Maybe that’s why she didn’t say anything when I entered the room? Maybe she didn’t care? Maybe she likes being watched?

My dick was so swollen it hurt, but in a good way. I sat there motionless except the hand on my lap gently squeezing and rubbing the bulge in my pants. I could feel intense heat with my hand, and the urge to pull it out was unbearable. The pressure on my bladder was overwhelming as well, detracting from the little relief fondling myself was providing. Just then the outside door swung open as Sarah burst thru. “What up losers!” she said jokingly to us both. Kristi calmly sat up and turned her head to look at Sarah and gave her a comical “What up bee-yatch.” Sarah turned the corner to head to the bathrooms. Kristi glanced over at me. I sat terrified, not knowing if there was enough light for her to see the throbbing bulge or my hand on it. She then swiveled her chair away from me and started to gather get things and toss them in her purse. I seized the moment to make a break for the restroom.

As I made the corner Kristi hollered out “Will you make me another Jack and coke?” “Sure thing” I replied as I hurried to the restroom door. By this point I had a firm grasp on my cock trying to relieve the pain and keep my self from wetting my pants. I had JUST passed the restroom door when it flung open as Sarah stepped out. I darted in and shut the door. I couldn’t undo my belt and zipper fast enough. My cock sprung out, it was so erect and swollen it almost pointed straight up. I had to grab it and force it down to aim at the toilet. It was agony, waiting for the release to happen. It was really hard to go, but finally I was finished. I was still erect but was slowly going down. BANG BANG BANG BANG! “Stop whacking off in there!” Sarah shouted as she slapped the door. I heard a pair of giggles make their way down the hall. “CANT A GUY MAKE ROOM FOR MORE BEER IN PEACE AND QUIET!” I shouted back. I fastened my pants and went back to the front to see what all that was about. “She made me do it!” Sarah said pointing at Kristi. “Yeah, I bet she twisted you arm a bunch” I remarked. “Did you pee allover the floor?” she asked all giggly at her prank. “Na, I’m always in control.” I replied. Sarah hopped up “Damn, that didn’t work! Imma leave you two love birds alone” she said making her way to the door. “Payback is a bitch!” I shouted as she was leaving. Love birds? What’s the love bird comment for? Did Kristi mention something to her or was she poking fun at us. Did Sarah think we were up to something?

Kristi followed Sarah outside I turned back to my desk and in horror, realized I was still remoted into Kristi’s desktop to view the pictures. CRAP! Well I hoped nobody noticed. She had closed the website but her documents were open. I wondered if her pics were still on there. I began to poke around. I didn’t see anything and closed the app. I noticed I had 3 new emails from riskykrist1. What’s this? And why didn’t she use her work email? As the message opened, I realized why she hadn’t. It was a slightly blurry, badly cropped pic of a girl on a guy with the caption “Does this make you horny?” under it. A second image and a third opened in the following emails, same couple different angles, same bad cropping of the faces. Then I saw it, in the third pic, the girls tits were soaking wet and I saw part of the workbench from out back. Oh Crap, she sent me pics of her doing Tony in the shop. I got a popup for a read confirmation on the last email. What to do, why does this girl get me so excited? Why is she flirting with ME? I am 6ft 3inches tall, her head barely makes it to my elbows. I reluctantly hit the ok button. The curiosity of what would come next was thrilling, yet nerve racking. My phone chirped with a new text message. It was from Kristi. It simply said “If you want to get more pics, it’s your turn.” I replied “My GF isn’t in town, she is off finishing her degree”. “I don’t care. I want your pics or no deal.”she responded. “Doing what?” I replied. “Doing anything. Whatever you do I’ll do one better.”

Ah man what am I getting into. I don’t want to do anything that can come back to haunt me so I thought id try to fool her. I took a pic from the web and sent it to her. A few minutes layer another text. “If your not going to play right, I wont play anymore. One more shot, and prove it’s you. Make it count”. I thought what to do, so I did the only thing I could at the time. I went to the rest room, pulled it out and clicked a pic. Nervously I pushed send and instantly regretted it. What if she was pranking me? What if Kristi and Sarah were pulling one over on me? A moment later, another text, this time with a pic. “You’re gonna have to do better than a half limp dick in the bathroom if you want to keep the game going” Underneath was a pic from the waist down of her sitting on her knees in her office chair. She was sans panties, and completely shaved. I was sitting at my desk with her email pics open, heart racing, cock getting stiff again. So I pulled it out slid back in my chair. I took a pic of it in front of the screen with her pic on it. My hand was shaking when I hit send. What the hell could possibly be next.

A few minutes later I got another email. This time is as a shot of a girl going down on a guy, could have been her could be a web pic. “I cant top that one” I replied. “What would you like me to do?” I put the ball in her court. “Go put you dick on the photo of the bosses wife on his desk. I DARE you” There was NO WAY I was going to do that. A few minutes later, another message and pic. “CHICKEN” She was laying naked in the back of Tony’s truck bed. Taken at an angle where I could see the gang grilling off to the side. Reluctantly, I went to the bosses door went inside, took the frame off the desk and helf it next to my pants. I pulled my cock out. I was semi hard so I had to stroke it to get fully erect. WTF am I doing, what if I get busted? I laid it across the pic and quickly snapped a photo. SEND, its done. I quickly hurried out the office back to my own. When I sat at my desk, I gulped a big swig of drink, then noticed on my computer desktop was a new folder labels stuff that gets me off, placed in the middle of the screen. That little sneak! She sent me out of the room so she could put that there. I opened it and began browsing the photos. I began to notice a pattern after going thru a few dozen pics. They were all petite girls with big burly guys, I mean allover big, not just their members. Most all of them were a cumshot of some sort. A few of them were light S&M, and one had the girl wearing a strap on! The last pic was nothing but the text that read Now you send me what you get off to. I was beginning to feel like I had a digital stalker. How did she get the upper hand here and why did I allow it?

Just then, music stopped. The guy’s truck that was playing the music had killed the battery. I looked outside and saw the crowd had thinned, and some were packing up and cleaning up. I closed the file and made my way out to help pack it in. I was trying not to look like as intoxicated as I was, and I pulled it off well. There were a few cars left in the lot since some were too bad off to drive. I was to bad to drive so I decided to just clean up and sleep it off on the couch. I made a pass thru the building to make sure everyone was gone and locked up. I was dirty from putting everything away and needed a shower, but the only thing we had was a hose out back.

I stumbled thru the shop doors to the garage door, Pushed the up button and pulled the hose in. I clumsily stripped and began spraying my self down with the nozzle. It was FREAKING COLD buy it felt good to be clean. The cold shocked some sobriety back into me. I dawned on me that the only change of close I had was in my truck in the gym bag. CRAP, FUCK IT, Oh well, anyone looking will just get an eyeful of me naked. I went outside and walked around to the drivers door to retrieve the bag, but the door was locked. SHIT I murmured, and went back inside and closed the garage door. By this time I was really feeling that last drink.

I made my way down the hall leaving wet footprints behind me. I turned the corner to the office, banging into the doorway as I passed. I plopped down on the couch, dripping wet with a spinning head. I figured I would sit for a minute with my feet on the floor and one eye open till it passed. A few hours alter, I awoke now laying on the couch. My mind was a lot clearer the sun was beginning to rise. Dehydrated, I went to the fridge. Nothing but beer, oh well, hair of the dog I said and grabbed one. I wanted to get home so I figured I would erase the “incriminating evidence” off the computer and the phone then clean up my mess. I grabbed my phone and plopped down at the computer. I wanted to look again now that the buzz was gone. There were more pics than I thought. I opened the phone and began deleting the texts.

I got to the texts with pictures and paused. Once again, my cock stood erect, this time free from the restraint of the clothes. I was just as aroused sober as I was drunk. I clicked thru some of the images on the computer and felt harder than ever. I began slowly stroking it, almost as if by impulse like I was not in control. I came across a group of images that HAD to be Kristi. The face was cropped out but my gut told me it was her. She was wearing a leather strap lingerie piece, handcuffed. In another she was on the floor tied to the footboard of the bed. This chick is a freak! I found my self stroking harder and faster as I progressed down the file. There were sub folders with different themes of pics in them. I was completely in orgasmic bliss on the verge of exploding. Pic after pic of web images and ones I was assuming, no, hoping was her. This went on for almost an hour, bringing my self to the brink of orgasm and loosing it over and over again. On one set of images I lost it. I blew the biggest load of my life allover my stomach, desktop and keyboard. I felt like my eyes were going to roll back in my head. Every beat of my heart made a painfull throbbing sensation, so I held the cold beer against by balls and shaft to help.

Then I heard it, a sound that sent me to instant panic. Keys fumbling in the front door. In a panic I jumped up to close and lock my office door before they had time to enter. I didn’t make it in time and the only thing I could do was slip behind my door and hide. If I had closed it, they surely would have seen and heard. WHAT THE HELL am I doing. Beep, beep, beep, I heard the mystery person pressing the code into the alarm keypad. I stood there in panic, trembling, cum dripping down my chest and off my cock. I could not see anything, and I dare not try and look thru the crack in the door. I began running scenarios thru my head on what I would do if discovered, how would I get out of THIS? I heard papers shuffle what sounded like a bag hit the table. Is it a female? More noises from the front desk. Is it Kristi? That would be at least one way out. What would I do if were her? Noises next to my head on the other side of the wall, my inbox, something being put in my inbox! I was trying to keep completely still and not even breathe. I heard the bag slide off the table, then the beep, beep, beep of the keypad.

I waited for a second to be sure they had gone and made a mad dash for my clothes. I quickly dressed and returned. In my inbox was a padded mail envelope, addressed to a p.o. box. I took it to the desk, burned the images to CD and deleted them and the texts. This is getting to be too much! I grabbed my things and headed home. I tossed the cd and envelope on the couch and headed straight to the shower to clean up and get clean threads on. The rest of the afternoon was fairly uneventful. I ran errands did some light house work trying to keep my mind off what had transpired the night before. I stopped to call the girlfriend, I didn’t want to in fear that I would somehow sound guilty of something but If I didn’t I would not be the normal Saturday. We discussed the usual, studies, school, work and the like. I decided to go thru the mail. Most was sales junk or statements. I got to the padded envelope and noticed strange P.O. box on it. I shook it, squeezed it, trying to figure out what it was and what to do with it. I opened it anyway, thinking I’d just tape it up and drop it in the mailbox. Out slid a thick, chrome plated ring and a leather collar with lots studs and loops on it.

HELLO ARE YOU LISTENING! burst out of the phone. Um, Oh yea sorry babe I got distracted by the TV. We talked for a few more minutes, though I couldn’t tell you what about. Inside was a not that read shave it and put it on, oh, and don’t forget the pics. I kept having a visual of me wearing the ring and collar, what a I, a dog? Again I felt my cock get rock solid. Why would I do this? What’s in it for me? I put them back in the envelope and tossed it on the table. I decided to go to the gym and work off the aggravation. 2 hours later I was checking out at the gym counter to pay up next 3 months membership when my card declined. Mt girlfriend liked to put things on there and not tell me about it. I was embarrassed and agitated about my card declining and called the GF to let her have it. We bickered and argued the whole trip back to the house; it’s as if I were deliberately picking a fight with her trying to justify what I was doing behind her back.

I headed straight to the shower, replaying the weekends events in my mind as the hot water poured over me. I shaving my face, but began to imagine the feel of my cock and balls cleanly shaved. It was kind of a turn on, so I took the plunge. Minutes later, the deed was done. No turning back now, but what will the GF think when she sees? I dried off and went back to the living room. I am usually sans clothing around my house, and being bald down there made me feel even more naked. I popped the CD in my laptop to look again at the images, trying to decide which ones were her or not, and trying to figure out why I even cared.

I was looking at her folder titled turn on’s when a text arrived, from Kristi no less. What are you doing she inquired. Nothing really, watching TV and reading I replied, obviously a lie. I thought you would be entertaining yourself she replied. What’s that supposed to mean I asked. I figured you would be jerking to the pics I gave you, are you taking pics for me? I tried turning things around on her and told her I had erased them. That’s OK, you can watch this. A few seconds later, my email inbox chimed a new arrival. It was just a link from Kristi with a user name and password beneath.

Suspiciously I opened the link, logged in and stared as a video window popped up. It was Kristi, naked. She was frantically working her pussy hard with a double headed dong, almost to the point of screaming out. A few seconds later she came hard, and after her heavy breathing subsided, she turned the camera toward the screen full of the image of my cock I sent her. She then whispered “if yours get good enough, you can make me squirt.” I was fully erect by now, my fingers sliding around where once had been hair, now nothing but smooth skin aroung a hard shaft. I put on the collar and forced myself in the ring. It was completely uncomfortable, I stroked it snapped a few pics and took off the collar. I was so erect that I could not get the ring off so I sat down to relax, hoping that would help. After a while I forgot about it being there and dozed off.

The next few days found me out of the office most of the time. Thursaday was the first full day there. Kristi and I had merely exchanged nods and good mornings all week. Lunchtime found us having our first verbal exchange since Saturday. It was mostly chit chat, seemed odd that we have the in depth discussions over the web but we not really talking in person. We were both getting our lunches ready to eat, took turns using the microwave and such. I was just about to head back to my desk when she asked “Are you wearing it?” looking down at my crotch. Caught off guard, I chuckled and said that it didn’t fit to well. “It fells better the longer you wear it” she said as she walked away. That night she texted Wear it tomorrow, I want to see it. I decided to send her one of the pics I took before and sent it, hoping she had something erotic to send back. No, I want to see it in person. She replied. That shook me up. Until now it had been just a virtual game, no real sex, no expectations. I didn’t reply, I wouldn’t know what to say if I did. I didn’t want to shun her advance but I never had the desire to go all the way with it. I also didn’t want to tick off a person who had private pics. I got the gut feeling I should have never gotten my self in the situation.

Friday morning came around. Kristi and I had exchanged head nods and hellos again. We were bound to have another cook out. The parties had been getting bigger and bigger over the last few months. Sarah had been bopping up and down the halls in rare form. She and Kristi had become buddies since last week’s episode. It was an unlikely friendship. I was beginning to think Sarah hit the bottle even before lunch. 3pm came and everyone was gearing up. The pit was being rolled out, the music was getting louder. The boss was out of town so everyone was taking advantage. I announced that I was going to make a run to the store to get a couple cases. “I’ll go with you!” Kristi shouted. I wasn’t expecting a ride along. I announced again to see if anyone else wanted to go, hoping not to be alone with her. We hopped in the truck and Kristi started chit chat again. Asking if I had tried various flavored rums and what I thought of them.

The trip there and back is short, we shopped and got our cases and another bottle for myself and headed back. As I exited the corner store, Kristi asked with a sly grin “So, are you wearing it?” as she placed her hand on my thigh and moved her hand up as if to check for herself. Surprised, I quickly grabbed her hand, but slowly removed and directed it to the glove box latch. “It’s in there” I pointed. “Oh,,I wore mine” she said as she turned and put her left leg up on the seat. I could see something shiney down there, but didn’t want to look like I was gawking at it. She sat back against the door, and ran her hand down to fondle her toy. “how come you don’t wear yours?”. “I can’t get it on” was my excuse. She reached over to the glove box and retrieved the ring. Held it to het mouth and licked it. “You have to get it wet first, want me to help you?” I didn’t know what to say, if I stalled long enough we would be back to the office and could move on. “I’ll try again later, we should get back”. “Suit yourself, don’t mind me though, I enjoy mine” she continued toying herself as she stared a whole straight through me. She was getting a kick out of putting me in awkward situations.

We pulled into the lot and all the way to the small back doors so I didn’t have to walk so far with the now huge bulge in my shorts. An anxious mob grabbed the stuff from the truck bed. I hopped out leaving Kristi still inside and locked the shop door behind me. I quickly made my self a stiff drink. I was really looking forward to the party, but was getting more worried about Kristi’s advances and was not sure how to fend them off. I figured I’d hang out with tony and the guys and limit my time around her.

More partygoers arrived. One of the guys brought in a complete DJ setup with lights and everything! I went out to help out and get my mind off my predicament. As the hot sun went down, the party went into full swing. The impromptu dance floor was a hit, and the music was spot on. Kristi, Tony and Sarah were hanging together for a bit. Everybody mingled and danced. One of the gals reverted to her old dancer days and did a little strip tease which got everybody fired up. Several of the girls got in the act, bumping and grinding their way around the crowd, teasing and taunting. Sarah and Kristi joined in, dancing with each other they made their way over to me. I danced around with them as they made their way closer and closer to where I was sandwiched between them. Kristi was at my back with Sarah in front. I was laughing and giggling along with Sarah. We never take each other seriously, always cutting up and cutting each other down in fun.

I always thought of Sarah as a bit out of my league. She was tall, athletic, and stacked. She was constantly being chased by men and getting hit on by the guys in the shop. She always jokingly claimed me as her boyfriend to keep them at bay. We enjoyed pulling pranks one another every chance we got. As we danced, Sarah got right up against me, and Kristi closed in until I was smashed between them. Our bodies were in unison in movement when Sarah put her arms around my shoulders and in the air I felt Kristie’s hands on my waist, then moved slowly to my crotch, hidden from view by Sarah. “I GUESS I HAVE THAT THREEWAY I ALWAYS WANTED!!” Sarah laughingly shouted in my ear over the music as Kristi moved her hands to Sarah’s ass. We all got a laugh, though mine was the nervous kind.

The song ended and we went in separate directions. I was sitting at the table eating when Tony plopped down. I was a bit uneasy, but struck up conversation. It appeared he had already met his alcohol limit. His speech was slightly slurred. “Damn that chick is fine” he said. I turned my head to see who he was referring to. It was Sarah, She had her shirt unbuttoned and tied at the bottom, revealing her breasts stuffed into a tiny tank top underneath. I nodded in agreement, she was rather hot. I poked fun at him, “Dude, aren’t you, like, practically married and stuff?” “Oh you tell me you wouldn’t hit that!” he replied. He hopped up and made his way over to her. I saw Kristi eyeing them from across the way. She didn’t seem upset, rather looking on in curiosity.

After a few minutes, she headed my way. “Well, if my man can play, so can I” she said. “I don’t think you have any thing to worry about, I don’t think she is interested” I joked. “Why’s that? You don’t think he’s good enough?” she said in a manner like I had put him down. “Oh, there is nothing wrong with Tony. It’s just that she’s used to being chased by all manner of rich guys, jocks and muscle heads out there. He is gonna have to work hard to get there!” I said. “You ever hook up with her?” she inquired of me. “Na, she attracts too much attention, too many guys trying to win her away from whoever she is with, I don’t need the drama”. “You ever play with yourself while thinking of her?” she asked with a devilish look in her eye. I was wore down and tired of the trying to find cute and creative comebacks so I replied honestly “I did, a few years ago when she was new here”. “Who make you cum more, me or her?” She said it as if I was choosing between them. “Why cant I cum on both of wou?” popped out of my mouth. “Hell, I can’t even get you to fuck me, much less both of us!” she said, almost in an upset tone.

It was late, I was tired of the games and worrying about being caught. “Look, Kristi, if we were both single Id be all over it, but I don’t want to be the one to break up your engagement, and I am involved anyway.” I spilled my guts about how we have fun but that’s about as far as I can go. She looked at me for a minute and then got that devils look in her eye. “We’re gonna fuck, you just don’t know it yet!” she said as she turned and stomped off. I went back to the music and food, I saw Tony, and he hadn’t yet struck out, or at least hadn’t given up. The music was still pumping and the girls were still bumping and grinding their guys. The humidity was rising as the night wore on. Everyone’s skin was moist with sweat, glistening under the colored lights as they blinked to the beat.

I had not seen Kristi around for a while. Tony and Sarah were still chatting, she was probably enjoying playing with his emotions, leading him on and having fun with him in his drunken state. I walked inside to go to the restroom. I was finishing and as I walked out I heard a voice from behind the Ladies door. “Hey wait, come see” as the door swung open. She was standing there with a pink dildo between her legs. “I need help getting this out.” She said as she slid it in and out slowly. I don’t know how I did it, but I said “I Can’t” and closed the door. I don’t know how I did it. My instinct was to tear into her but somehow I fought it. I went to my desk to give my heart and cock a minute to settle down. A minute later, she turned the corner and casually announced “I guess a girl has to take care of herself!” she said as she plopped the pink rubber dong on the desk, still soaking wet. “Did THAT at least make your dick hard” she asked as she leaned over my desk to give me a look down her dress. “Oh, you can make me horny, no doubt, we just can’t”. I opened my desk drawer and put the toy in, then slid from behind my desk headed out side.

I went and sat where I could see the door, seeing if she would follow. The party was in overdrive, there were more people than we ever had. I was beginning to worry about it getting out of hand. Tony and Sarah were still talking, My phone vibrated with a picture text, Kristi had taker back her dong back and was sitting at my desk, her back to the monitor, Over her shoulder I saw the pic of myself I had sent to her up on that website. SHE HAD SENT MY PIC TO THE WEB! I knew I shouldn’t have done that. I tried to hurry back to the desk without attracting attention. I had to stop for a moment to say Hi to an old friend who had seen me cross the crowd.

I finally excused my self and made the way to the desk. The pic was still on the screen, but no sign of Kristi. I was fuming, but what could I do How could I get her to take it off? As I passed thru the crowd, I had a few people tell me they were glad I was back or glad I had decided to stay. After the third person told me this, I asked them why. “We saw your truck was gone and figured you left.” I looked over where my truck was, gone! I had left the keys in it, and Kristi knew. I made an excuse and told them I just ran to the store and parked somewhere else. I made a b line over to where it was, as I got close, I received another pic, Kristi posed on the hood of the truck out behind the building. I was enraged, I was more mad with myself for getting into the situation and upset someone was messing with my stuff.

I rounded the corner to find my truck, halfway buried in the soft dirt, covered in mud from where she tried to drive out. I threw open the door expecting it to be empty. She was laying on the seat with her dress around her waist, fingers stroking her pussy, dong lying on her chest and the other hand holding a beer. I was so pissed! I threw her legs off of my seat and sat behind the wheel. I put it in 4wheel drive and roared out of the hole, covering the truck in dirt and mud. “I hope you didn’t break anything!” I shouted as we bounced along. The bumps were so bad Kirsti was bouncing off of her seat, still half naked. I hit the garage door opener to the shop and flew in. “Do what you want with me” she said it almost in a whisper. “I’ve been a bad girl”. I was pissed off, my dick was throbbing and sore, and I had enough. “GET OUT!” I shouted. I was trying to figure out what to do next when she made my decision for me. “Screw you!” she said as she slung her beer at me. Beer went all over me, the windows and the seat.

I forcefully took the bottle from her hand. She could see the anger in my face and began to back her self up against the door as if she were trying to get away from me. “What are you going to do to me” she said in a coy, wimpering voice. “I’ll tell you what Im gonna do!” as I poured the rest of the beer on her chest and head. She winced as if she thought the bottle was being thown at her. As the foamy suds ran down her hair and body, I pulled her left leg to the roof, pushed her right thigh and buried my tongue in her cunt and ran it all the way up to her chin. I felt her body shudder. She was breathing heavily, like an animal being preyed upon. I buried my tongue again and her body writhed and convulsed. She began kicking and pushing at me as if she were not ready for what was happening. I sat up to see what the problem was. She followed and began tearing at the buttons on my shirt, clawing at it trying to get it off. She tore the first three buttons completely off the shirt. That aggravated me more and I pushed her down on the seat.

She backed herself against the door again and drew her knees against her stomach. “Oh no! You asked for it! Now you’re gonna get it!” I commanded as I finished removing my shirt and began undoing my belt and zipper. I shoved down my shorts and boxers; my cock was so hard that it popped out of its captive cloth and swung side to side. Kristi was balled up tight against the door. I reached out and grabbed the dress that was bunched up around the waist and pulled her to me HARD. I could hear the threads strain and snap with the force of the yank.

I got to my knees and pushed her head down to meet my pulsating cock. She sucked, tugged and twisted it like she had been longing for it her entire life. She grabbed my balls and squeezed with a twist. I winced at the pain, it hurt but it was a good hurt. “So you like it rough huh?” I said as I pulled her off my meat. She stared at me, eyes glazed over, and panting loudly. I could not maneuver in the cab of the truck, I was getting annoyed with the limited space so I threw open my door, grabbed her dress again and pulled, it tore free so I tossed it down and grabbed her ankles and drug her to the door.

I threw her across my shoulder and went to the front of the truck and tossed her face down over the still muddy hood. Her legs were dangling, she began kicking them in an attempt to find something to put her feet on. I grabbed a hand full of her dark hair and pulled her onto my cock. As I penetrated her, she let out a groan that morphed into “ooooh fuck yea!” I slid her all the way down till I felt like I hit bottom. I still had still had an inch or so to spare, so I gave her a couple of quick jabs and held it in her deep, trying to get every ounce of flesh inside her. She began to buck her hips wildly and I matched her with my stroke. Her groan became steady, changing pitch with the impalement of my dick deep inside her.

I slid her body back and fourth on the slippery hood. She was clawing at the truck, trying to find something to hang on to. Each pounding made her slide closer to the front bumper till she finally slid off and onto the floor. She hit the floor on all fours, and then rolled to her back. She was looking up at my rock hard cock with a devilish grin. As I went to pick her up, she began kicking and crawling backwards like she was trying to run away. The garage door light timed out and turned off. The shop had sky lights, and was filled with blue glow of an almost full moon. “Where the hell do you think youre goin?” I asked as I reached down and grabbed her foot. As I pulled her back to me, I lifted her by her ankle like a kid tossing a rag doll. I grabbed her thigh with the other hand and puller her ass first up to my face. I again buried my tongue in her slit as her body sway beneath me. She bent her knees over to push her feet against my head to force my face closer into her. She bent up at the waist and placed a hand on my abdomen as she began clawing for my cock with the other. She fumbled around like this for a moment and not being able to grasp it well, she continued to sit up till she was above me, basically sitting on my face.

I stood there, back arched with her perched on my chin. She put her arms around my neck and slid her legs off my shoulders to slide down my body. I was fully erect and then some, my dick pointing nearly vertical. She slid down my body, stopping to shove her tongue in my mouth. Her torso was too short to kiss and fuck at the same time. She continued her slide until her silky smooth and wet lips found my head. I ran my arms underneath her knees; she lowered herself the rest of the way down my dick. This time I found bottom, my cock sunk all the way to my balls. “oh my…shit, fuck” she moaned as she slowly slid herself up and down the full length of the shaft. We were soaking wet with sweat, beer and a bit of mud. Her slide began to turn in to pounce, then to a hop.

We were just about to get into a full on crazy fuck when the light turned on as the opposite garage door began its slow ascent. The music and light poured in as I quickly looked around for a place to hide us. Kristi didn’t really know what was going on and continued her enjoyment. Towards the back of the shop were a couple of ATV’s. There was a small space between them and the wall so I sprinted back to them with her still on my cock. I lifter her off and high above my head and deposited her in the gap. She snapped to the situation, and ducked down. I stepped over the seat and slid down, sitting on my knees. We peered though the gaps between the two bikes to see what was happening.

There were only a few employees who had garage door openers, none of them I wanted to meet this way. We saw two pairs of legs facing each other, then their waist, then their torso’s as the door opened. My jaw dropped open when I figured out who the two were, it was Tony and Sara, lip locked, and tony had his hand up her shirt. I began to panic. Surly Kristi will blow our cover. I was waiting for her to stand up and shout at him any second, but nothing. I wondered if she hadn’t registered who it was, but as Sara closed the door and swung Tony around up against the very same truck I had been banging his fiancée on there was no doubt she knew.

As Sarah dropped to her knees to work on Tony’s jeans, I cautiously turned my head to see Kristi’s reaction. She had her hands between her legs and her knees clinched together, squeezing her hands against her crotch, biting her lower lip, her nipples were hard like daggers, even though it was hot and humid out. As Sarah freed Tony of his jeans, she quickly went to work with her mouth. She pulled her tank top down and began sliding him between her between those big tits of hers. She alternated sucking and tit fucking him. I looked over at Kristi again; her fingers were working feverishly between her legs. She looked over at me and turned to lay her hot sweaty body against me as she watched. She took her hand and began running it up and down my thigh until it reached its target. She began stroking me in unison with her fingers. My heart wad pounding. I didn’t know what would happen next but I didn’t care.

A few minutes passed and the light went out again. Tony began moaning and I knew the end would be near. Seconds later Sarah let him finish on her chest. They cleaned up got dressed and left. As the door closed behind them, Kristi reached for my hand and placed it on my hard on. She guided it back and fourth with her had on top for a moment, then turned to face me. She spread her legs open wide, looking me up and down with her eyes. My legs were aching and my back was killing me from sitting like that. The discomfort detracted from the effect my hand had on my cock.

I guess Kristi noticed my lack of enthusiasm. She place her feet on the inside of my thighs and slid them up and down my flesh. She worked them up to my hand and pushed it away. She cupped the shaft between her arches and began so stroke. I sat back and propped my self up with my arms to relieve the stress on my knees and back. I began to pivot my hips to meet her stroke. The lights went out again, my eyes adjusting to see her glistening body in the moonlight from the skylights. Her pace became more rapid. Her chest heaved with her heavy breathing. On each stroke, she buried her feet in to my abdomen with enough force to push me up against wall. I met each thrust with a thrust of my own. I reached out with one hand and squeezed her feet against my cock as we pumped harder and harder.

CUM ON ME BABY!CUMALL OVER ME!” she demanded. I began grumbling and groaning, trying not to cum. I was deep in the euphoria of the moment, I like that feeling before you cum more than the orgasm itself. “GIVE IT TO ME, MAKE IT BIG!” she demanded once more, her fingers working her clit in a frenzy. I could hear the wetness gush from her. I let loose with a load like I have never had before. I could actually hear the jizz slap against her body over the droan of the music from outside. I collapsed on my back and slowly lifted my legs to straighten them. Kristi leaned forward to all fours and slowly crawled up to me, stopping to kiss the head of my dick. She lay her head on my chest and let the rest of her body drape over me. She slowly slid side to side on the sweat and cum. “And just think, you didn’t want me.” she said. We both chuckled and began to slowly make our way to our feet.

I headed to the work bench and grabbed a box of rags. I blotted myself dry and handed Kristi a rag. I was able to get my self presentable, but her dress was ruined. The only thing I could think was to get her a pair of coveralls from the shop and sneak her out somehow. I decided to stash her away in my office and lock the doors till the party died down. “If anyone asks, I’ll tell them you’re not feeling well and are lying down.” I told her as I locked the door on my way out. I made the rounds, spreading word to go the long way around to the can and fridge. I made my way around to tony to let him know. He was sitting next to Sarah on his truck bed. I jumped up next to her and tried to inform Tony that Kristi was inside but I don’t think it registered. “UmmHmmm” Sarah said with a look of utter disbelief. “Why do you say that?” I asked, trying to play off her comment. She leaded close to my ear and softly said “Like I didn’t see her muddy dress on the shop floor next to your muddy truck, but don’t worry, it’s our little secret.” SHIT I had completely forgot that was there. Sarah must have seen a guilty look from my face. “Don’t worry, I kicked it under the front.” She said as if he were assisting in a cover up. I didn’t know whether to counter her secret with my own of seeing her with Tony. I kept my big mouth shut though, for some reason I trusted Sarah, after all, she had her own little affair going on. It was about 1am and the crowd had thinned out.

We ran out of beer and food about midnight. The DJ asked if he could store his gear till Monday so I helped him move it in. The last of the cars were departing. Sarah practically had to load Tony in her car. She then made her way over to me “I guess I’ll get Kristi too!” I pulled my keys out and we made our way to my office door. I intentionally fumbled with the keys so Kristi was sure to know we were coming in. As we entered the door, we were greeted by Kristi’s naked body, sprawled out on the couch. Sarah looked at the old coveralls on the floor and spouted “Hell, if that’s all I had to wear, I’d go naked to!” Kristi was either acting well or was really sound asleep. Sarah shook her awake and I stepped out of the room, pretending to give them privacy.

I went to finish locking up. I pulled my truck out to hose it off and sweep the floors. I saw Sarah’s car pull out as I worked. I couldn’t help but wonder if all the scratches in my hood were worth the action, but I couldn’t help but get aroused as I ran the images of me tossing her around, and that devilish look she gave me as she fought me off. I plugged up the DJs gear to have some tunes while I worked to help keep me awake. It was getting close to 3am, I decided just to crash on the couch again. Once again I found my self preparing for another cold shower, but man I needed it. I pulled in the hose and closed the door and stripped, this time with truck, keys and gym bag in hand. I doused myself with water and soap when I heard what sounded like the swinging shop doors close. I stopped the hose and turned to listed. Soap was in my eyes and I couldn’t really see. I heard the familiar sound of bare feet stepping in water. I blinked repeatedly trying to see who was there.

A blurry image of a naked Kristi made its way toward me and began to giggle. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. “Thanks for a great night.” She said as she squeezed. I wrapped an arm around her and gave a quick squeeze back. This was the more worrisome thing that had happened all night. I didn’t want an emotional connection and didn’t think she did either. I also had thought she had left with Sarah. “You know it doesn’t have to end” she added.. More to come in part 2.

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