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Black Neighbor Baby Sitter

Part 5

It was about forty minuets later when he looked down the hall and saw her coming from her bedroom. What he saw was a whole lot more then he had expected. She was wearing a shear baby doll night gown that hid nothing at all. Add to this was the fact that her breast were sticking through two holes that had been made for just this purpose. The bottom edge of the gown came just to her pussy and in fact he could see a little of his hearts desire below the hem. For the first time he saw here in all her glory. Long firm legs, flat tummy above wide hips, breast that were about thirty eight’s their dark areolas’ about a half dollar in size toped off with nipples that stood out for at least a quarter inch. His pecker was about to pop out right through his shorts, he was so excited. He stood with some difficulty, caused by his hard on, and walked towards her.

“No, wait there where you are. I want you to see this in the light so you will get the full effect.”

“If you say, but I think I’m getting the full effect already.”

But when she stepped into the living room he saw what she was talking about.. The light coming in through the back porch sliding glass door made all the deferent’s in the world, the material seaming to disappear, reveling a women with golden smooth flawless skin. She looked as though she was wearing nothing but a few red straps around her breast, over her shoulders, around the bottom of the gown and along her sides where they went around to her back. She turn to allow him to see her back and he saw that there was very little back to the gown. She was bare down to the top of her ass and there was just enough material remaining to cover only two thirds of her there. The bottom of her checks were standing out for all to see, of course he was the only one seeing her glories tight butt.

“So, what do you think?”

He walked over to where she was standing and without saying a word, put his hands around to her bringing her body closer to him and then bent over and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Oh God! that’s what I was hoping for. I guess it is safe to say that you like it.”

In response he went to the other nipple. This time however he moved to the side and slid a hand under the thin material and started rubbing it across her flat tummy and then down to cup her mound in the palm of his hand and felt the shaved, smoothness of it.

“Oh yes this is what I have been waiting for, and so much more. I have wanted you for a long time, and now I have you. Oh!” She let out when he pressed a finger onto her love button. It was standing out beyond her pussy lips now, wanting some of that attention he was giving other parts of her body.

After a few strokes there he stopped and picked her up in his arms and started towards he bedroom. Once there he laid her on the bed so that her legs were hanging over it’s side. She started to raise up to remove her gown but he stopped her.

“No, I want you just as you are. Lay back so I can have my way with your body and lets see what happens.”

Bending over her as she was would allow him to suck her breast again but first he had to remove what he was wearing. He wanted her to feel his pecker as it slid across her tummy while he sucked those sweet nipples into his mouth.

Once naked she saw for the first time how big he was.

“Oh my God! She was right, you are a big one.”

“So the two of you have been talking about me?”

“Are you kidding, that’s all she talks about, you and how she wants you to be her first.”

“And you are okay with that?”

“Oh, yes I am okay with that.”

“Then I shall do my best to give her the best first fuck possible.”

“I knew you would, now lets take of me . I need you really, really bad. It has been a long time sense I’ve had a man and I need it.”

He didn’t answer but went to work on her nipples while a hand went to her pussy. The moans started at once as he touched her pussy lips and again pressed against her love button. She was very wet from all his actions so far and he had no problem inserting a finger into her canal. He was surprised to find that she was quit tight for a women of her age. Must be from the lack of use, he said to himself. It will be like fucking a virgin again. Not to be though as she loosened up after a few strokes and he was able to insert a second finger.

“Oh God! Yes, that feels so good!”

Again he said nothing but continued what he was doing. With the two fingers working in and out of her he saw that she did not loosen up any more. It was a very snug fit, one he was sure he was going to enjoy with his cock. But he wanted her to have her first orgasm without his pecker in her. He wanted her to have several orgasm’s before he was through with her this afternoon.

He stopped sucking her tits and started working his way down her body, kissing and nibbling her here and there as he went. When he got to her belly button he stopped and tongued it for a while. Her breath caught as he did so and he knew he was on the right track to giving her all the pleasure she wanted.

He then worked his way down to her mound and took in the aroma of her sex which was strong and sweet to his nostrils. He kissed around her clitoris not wanting to bring her off to soon. And kissed his way down along the lips of her pussy, sucking in the dampness of it as he did so. The action of his finger working there way in and out of her was bring forth lots of her sweet juice to drink in. He lifted her legs up and pressed them back against her chest and worked his way down so that he was kneeling down on the floor, his face placed so that he was looking directly into her pussy. He manage to keep his fingers in place and went back to finger fucking her while at the same time bending forward to lick around her pussy, sucking in a lip which brought more moans from her. She was really getting into the action now as her hips were starting to press up off the bed, adding to the action of his fingers.

“Deeper honey!” She said. Deeper please!! Ohhhh God I need it deeper pleeeeease!!”

He knew that she was ready for her first orgasm so went up to her clitoris and sucked it into his mouth and started working it between his lips as though it were a small penis .

“Oh God!!”, She screamed, and her hips bounced off the bed jamming her pelvis into his face. “Yes! Like that! I love that sooooooo much! Yes! Yes! Oh God I’m Cuming! I cummmmmmming!”

She came close to bouncing off the bed as her orgasm reached it’s peak. He let up on her love button as he knew that it would be to sensitive to the touch at this time and he wanted to be able to work it some more when his pecker was deep inside her.

He stopped and looked up towards her face to see her eyes closed and an expression of total delight spread across it. Getting up he bent over her body and picked her up and repositioned her so that she was now with her head on a pillow. She then opened her eyes and looked at him.

“God that felt good, but I still want you in me with that beautiful cock of your’s.”

“Coming right up”, he replied, and crawled over her now sweaty body, so that he was set to enter her with his hard nine inch’s. He had a feeling that he would not last long as he was so hot for her and there was a steady stream of pre cum dripping from the tip of his pecker. This was going to be soooo nice.

She reached up for him as he lay over her and pulled him towards her body as he pressed the head of his cock into the opening of her love cannel. Reaching under her body he placed one arm under her back and held her shoulder with his hand. The other arm went down towards her butt and with his hand spread across her butt he was able to force her hips up, giving him a better shot towards her love tunnel. She was so damp that he slid into her with no difficulty at all, but then felt that she was tighter then he had expected she would be. It felt oh so good as he slowly pressed into her until he was deep into her, then he just lay there allowing her to get used to his size before starting to piston in and out of her like a slowly starting locomotive leaving a train station. Ever so slowly he picked up speed as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, holding him tight, spreading her legs wide and back towards her chest to allow more of him into her. She wanted all that he could possibly give her and she wanted it hard.

“Deeper honey and harder. I want you to use me, I need it hard tonight. It has been so long and I need all you can give me.”

He picked up speed, thrusting in and out of her so fast that one would think he was a steam engine, chugging up a long hill, heading for the top, looking forward to the release that he knew was waiting for him when he got there. By now her hips were back on the bed and he was able to reach around and finger her love button which had a strong and immediate effect.

“Oh! God!, yes!! That’s the way I want it!”, she screamed into his ear as her second orgasm was already building up within her body, begging to be released.

“Yesssss honey! Like that! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yes! I’m cummmmmmmmmmmming honey!!”

Her hips again raised up off the bed, but this time her action forced all he had deep into her soaking wet pussy. Her hands were now digging finger nails into his back, but he didn’t even feel them as he was having an orgasm of his own. He was now grunting and breathing hard from his pounding into her. Then it came, load after load of his thick white cum shot into her, soaking the walls of her pussy, while she spilled copious amounts of her love juice out around his pecker, it dripping down to her ass hole and adding to the thrill she was now feeling from his love making. The thoughts from both was, ‘how could this feel so good?’ Slowly they came back to earth, their breathing slowing down, their heart rate coming back to normal. As his last drop of cum dribbled into her body he removed his arms from under her body and lay on his elbows for a while looking into her eyes, taking in her smile as she look into his, saying nothing, just looking with the look of complete content and satisfaction. Then he lay down on her, and, wrapping his arms back around her, rolled them both over so that she was now on top, his cock still deep in her and only slightly soft from all the spent energy. Despite all that had just transpired he was sure that they would have another round before he left for home, only to have it all take place again on another day, or night. This was a women that he could get used to real easy, if only for a while. He hoped it would be longer then that.


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Great story. Can't wait for the rest.

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Please finish it. Great story!!


2013-11-03 11:58:39
I like this story quite well. I hope you get some time to finish as I fully follow the to completion.

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Its amazaing story tight ass always has good effect on me

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So I've had a few gaps in between reading your stories, and you really should tell us who "she" is in each story. i shouldn't have to backtrack to a previous story to figure that out.

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