A 13 year old girl is confused and curious ablout her mothers new found lesbianism. Things realy heat up when she puts on a neckles taht belonged to her Aunt Kitty.
Aunt Kitty passed away, somewhat surprisingly a week ago. Aunt Kitty had always lived in town, even when most of the other relatives had moved farther away. Cara had fond memories of playing over at Aunt Kitty’s house when she was younger. Cara’s mom, Loren, was Agnes’s god-daughter and the two of them had always had a special relationship. It was no surprise to anyone when Loren was named the executor of Agnes’s estate.

That meant it was up to Loren, to go through Aunt Kitty’s house. Cara went to help out and to find the dolls that she used to admire as a little girl. Cara looked down at the box, with several scarves, a doll blanket, a photograph of her mom as a young girl, a porcelain unicorn figurine, and a wooden jewelry box with a gold and silver pattern.

She felt completely sweaty and dirty from hours upon hours of going through boxes, sorting through clothes, finding items that hadn’t seen sunlight in decades. Her nostrils were still filled with the smell of mothballs, and she felt like there was constantly dust on her nose.

Cara sat on the bed and looked through the box of treasures she brought back, to rescue them from the other relatives and the house auction person who was arriving tomorrow. She pulled out the jewelry box, which she hadn’t really had a good chance to look at in Aunt Kitty’s house. She opened it, and there was a more musty smell, suggesting that her Aunt hadn’t opened the box in a while.

Cara had found the box in the guest room, underneath some old papers. Her mom didn’t recognize it or the markings. She found it to be interesting, and threw it in her pile of stuff she wanted to rescue. She opened the box. The bottom of the box was lined with pink felt that was worn thin. As Cara pulled at the felt, the bottom moved.

Cara was curious and started pushing and moving at the bottom of the jewelry box. She realized that the box had a false bottom, and that there was a second compartment underneath. After manipulating the latch, she pulled off the container, revealing the bottom compartment, where there was a gold chain necklace with a small stone attached.

She pulled her great-aunt’s green necklace out of the box. She stared at it a while. It wasn’t quite jade or emerald, but almost like a crystal like rock, flat. She peered inside, there appeared to be liquid inside, that seemed to move of its wn accord. It was very pretty, she wondered why her aunt would keep it in the bottom of the chest in her attic.

Cara flopped down on the bed. The necklace was very unique. She had never seen a pendant or rock like this before. It was interesting, yet plain. It didn’t seem valuable or really even that pretty. But it was interesting, and she felt connected to it, like this was something that embodied her great aunt at one point in time. She rubbed the rock which was flat but smooth, and had a pleasing feeling between her fingers.

She placed the necklace around her neck, and sat up, looking at herself in the mirror. The stone looked somewhat gaudy on her green shirt, standing out too much. She tucked it inside, for the time being. The gold chain accentuating her narrow neck in a very pretty way.

Cara sighed as she lay back on the bed. She would have to go back to school on Monday, just three days away. She wasn’t looking forward to being there. By now the word would have gotten back around about her parent’s breakup and Liz the woman they were living with now. She didn’t want to sit there and confront any that her mother was a lesbo and was she one too.

She was angry with her mom for breaking up with her father. But she couldn’t stay angry at her mom, but getting used to Liz was another matter.

Cara blushed at the thought of her mother and Liz in bed together…making love. Yet there was part of her that was curious about her mother’s relationship with Liz. Had her mother always know she was a lesbian, even at her age 13? If so why did she marry a man? It was all so confusing. The worst of it was how Liz wanted to be her friend, always smiling at her and hugging her even when Cara didn’t want her too.

Then there was the night Cara, came home sick from a sleepover and saw them on the couch, her mother between :Liz’s tank top pulled over her boobs pulling on her nipples. The look of pleasure on Liz’s face had struck Cara to her core. The way she whispered her mother’s name as her mother lapped at the folds of Liz’s pussy. Cara stood ice still in the shadows until she could sneak out of the house again. While she was running a slight fever her pussy felt hotter.

Behind the garage she thrust a hand down her cut offs and panties and began rubbing her tight little pussy furiously, her other hand snaked up under her tank and began pulling on her nipples the way she had just seen Liz do. She tried to stop the thought, but it forced its way into her consciousness, she realized that she wanted to put herself in :Liz’s place, she wanted to feel her mothers tongue slice through her soft pussy lips and plunge inside her cunt. Cara couldn’t keep the thought from overwhelming her it was as if some great fire had entered her body. Cara rammed thwo fingers into her tight little pusssy and groaned lightly at the image of her mother’s fingers entering her as her tonge and lips caressed her clit. It was all too much for Cara. As she pressed her palm heal down hard on her clit and forced three fingers into her tight teen pussy, the most amazing climaz of her life came crashing through her bodyu. She slid down the garage wall unable to keep her balance. “Mommy I want you, I need you she hissed into the warm summer night.”

She looked at the her tities, the hard nipples clearly visible in her top. She sighed and looked at her breasts again, cupping them. They were so much smaller than her mom’s and Liz’s but her nipples were super sensitive.

Cara had moved her hands up to the underside of her breasts inside her shirt. This contact suddenly excited her, much more than usual. She remembered how Liz’s breasts looked in the lamp light, her mother’s as they swayed to the action of her face buried in Liz’s pussy.

It was so hot, she thought to herself. She ran her fingers across her stomach, the nerve endings on her stomach started to come alive with the touch.

Cara discovered that her hands were now underneath her tank and rubbing the skin above her navel. The tiny hairs felt like flagella flowing with the touch, making all of the hairs on her body flow with the touch.

She lifted her shirt up higher to feel more of her skin. The skin was slightly tanned from tanning at the local pool. She saw the bottom of her lacy bra. It was the first The pink bra had looked cute in the store, and more importantly felt comfortable. She pulled up her shirt to look at the lacey pattern. She loved the amount of cleavage the bra gave her, she looked really womanly, she thought.

She traced the pattern with her fingers and felt her nipple inside her bra rise to meet her finger. She arched her back and felt the slight tingle run down it. She circled her nipple with two finger nails as her other hand played with the skin on her stomach. She let the pink nails pinch into her nipple through the bra and she whimpered, thrusting her hips off the bed.

She knew she should stop. Her mother doted on her, as if she was 7 years old: Cara never had to do her own laundry, her mother brought her lemonade, and was always asking if she wanted to go to the store with her. She could come in at any minute, but her hands were having none of it. Her left hand teased the top of her jeans, while her right ran down the curves of her breast, tracing the line of the bra. The bra was tight around her breasts now.

Cara unhooked the front clasp of the bra, and her breasts felt like felt hot, her nipples appeard pink and hard. She closed her eyes and let images of her mom and Liz making love, course through her mind. She squeezed her right nipple between forefinger and thumb while her other hand rose to meet the other breast. She loved this, loving the attention. She squeezed and pulled and pinched, her hot stiff little nipples feeling the rhythm blood of her course through her like waves against the shore.
Her young tight little body begged her for release, her hips buckling as if telling her what she needed. The images of her mother and her lover the sheer fantasy of putting herself between them had set heron fire. Desperate to sate her own lust she quickly unsnapped her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She rubbed the smooth front of her lavender panties. Nothing special she thought, but the smooth cotton pleased her fingers.

She rubbed the front a few more times, but a voice inside her head said, “Go for it.” It wasn’t quite a command, but it was intense, and Cara felt it in her core. She pulled her hand up, and slowly slid it under her panties. She played with trimmed cunt hair for some time, loving the feeling. Each pull, each twist, teased her even more. Liz was shaved she saw that clearly, she wondered if she should do the same, yet in this moment she was very glad that she wasn’t.

Finally she could take it no longer, her fingers strained further down inside her panties held tight by her jeans. She let her trembling hand cup her cunt fully, as the heal of her palm began grinding circles on her throbbing clit. One touch and it opened up to her, and the wetness poured out. Her hand was covered in wetness. She didn’t remember being this wet before. She let three fingertips circle the opening of her tight teen cunt then she slid them up and found her clit and rubbed it while her mind and senses sighed in relief at the touch, and again the image of her mother lapping furiously at Liz’s clit came to her fevered mind.

“Oh mommy, yes like that eat me …mommy, lick my little cunt,’ she hissed in one long sigh

She let her wild fingers rubbed up and down her slit, spreading her clit out with her fingers on the upstroke. The extreme pleasure this frantic motion made Cara moan. Her tight narrow ass was moving of its own volition. Her hands were following their usual pattern, but something deep inside wanted more. She kept rubbing but the sensation, the desire was getting stronger, more intense. She couldn’t fight it, not with the promise of greater pleasure.

Not caring about getting caught at the moment, she quickly forced her pants and panties down in one motion and kicked them off her foot. She spread her legs wide apart, as if allowing her mother, her lover inside. She was so open, so ready. Her fingers found her clit and pinched it fiercely. Then she trapped her clit between two fingers and began pulling on it hard.

She nearly howled in pleasure. It was so intense; she barely knew how to handle the pleasure. She felt liquid pouring out of her body. She squeezed her legs around her arm and started arching her back against her hand. She ran her fingers up and down her slit and circling her clit when she came back up to the top. With her other hand, Cara pinched her nipple hard. She howled louder. She couldn’t believe how hot she felt.

She needed something inside her. Her left hand kept rubbing her clitty. She reached over to the bedside table and clutched one of her Aunt Kitty’s ornate hair brushes. The handle was six inches long. She continued pinching and rubbing her clit, but her other hand pushed the twisting brush handle deep inside her young cunt. Without resistance the brush slid in her wet cunt. She pulled her clit up and opened up so wide for the brush handle, going deeper than her fingers ever could. The brush handle was exploring the deepest, darkest, most sensitive spots, as her inner flesh squeezed it, as her tight cunt walls grabbed at the hard object.

“Oh mommy fuck me …” she cried out loud, astonished by her own words.

She felt the tightness of the orgasm building inside her. The wave was huge. She felt the blood rush from her face and her body, rushing lower. She started humping the brush, faster and faster, craving the pleasure more and more. It was so good, and it was so intense.
She pinched her clit one last time and pushed the brush handle all the way to the hilt.. She arched her back allowing the hard handle to withdraw and pound back into her all the way. The orgasm rushed downward across her tight little cunt. The muscles squeezed the hard phallus as if they would break it off. She pulled the handle out, and liquid exploded out of her like a shaken up pop bottle, spraying all her dead aunt’s bed and all over the floor.

Then as she pulled again on her hard little clit, a second spray of cum fluted from her quaking cunt. Her body was out of control, not fully hers; it felt as if it were possessed by something wild and wicked. And once more her young cunt convulsed wetting her tighs and legs and landing on her flat heaving tummy and her tiny tities.

Barely able to breathe, her butt landed on the bed in exhaustion. Strangely she felt her Aun’t stone, trobbing hot against her bare chest.

Cara felt her face flush. She couldn’t stop panting. Her fingers remained around her swollen clit. She craved more. Then a wave of realization hit her, she remembered that she was in her mom’s house. And the walls were not that thick. Strangely she felt her Aunt Kitty’s stone, throbbing and hot against her bare chest.

Cara sighed, with her last ounce of energy she pulled her underwear and pants up over her soaked body to maintain modesty, in case her mother came in, and drifted off to a blissful sleep.

Loren fell to her knees outside the bedroom door, her cunt convulsing soaking the floor beneath her. It was too much, to see her sweet little girl in this state, cumming like a wild slut, and the words she spoke, begging mommy to eat her hot little cunt. It was too much for any mother to bear, too much for even a loving mother to resist. Loren got to her feet and entered the room.

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Mmm. I got a jolt at the visual of pullnig you by your hair to dance. That is something I would do.Since my current lover has no hair (bald and smooth), I substitute a hand grasping at the front of the neckline/collar. Also works well, but not *quite* like a fistful of hair.Luckily, I have plenty for both of us. *grins*


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Another pussy soaking story!! Way to go, MafiaBitch...;)

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Jizz in my pantsss

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An amazing story. If I could just point out one tiny error...Cara started off in the garage then somehow ended up in her room. Not a biggy in my opinion. Sexy plotline and would love to see more :)

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