Some Proms are best forgotten. Ok Im not sure how this is going to look. the editor is about as screwy as they come.
Any other time I would have gone in through the kitchen door without bothering to knock. This was a formal occasion and Mom had told me to go to the front door. I rang the bell. Shelly's little sister answered the door and invited me in. I was blinded by the lights of the cameras as I stepped through the door.

Shelly stood on the landing at the top of the stairs, a vision in pale blue. The silk wrapped her body from her chest to her ankles with no visible means of support. Gloves the same blue as the gown covered her arms drawing your eyes to the tops of her full breasts where the calf skin and silk met at the top of the bodice.
As she came down the stairs her big brown eyes never looked away from me. A glimpse of her leg as she stepped down told me she was wearing stockings and not pantyhose. I beamed a smile at her as she reached the bottom of the steps and said, “You ar most beautiful tonight.”

“Her sister jabbed me with her elbow and stated, “Don’t make her head swell anymore.”

I presented my date with a blue orchard corsage which she allowed me to place upon her wrist. As I did so I was once again blinded by the flash of a camera. I turned to stand beside my date as the camera flashed again.

“You make a lovely couple” her mother said. “Have fun, don’t be out too late.”

Arm in arm Shelly and I walked out the front door and down to the waiting car. My tux and her gown matching perfectly. Of coarse they did, Mom and Gayle, Shelly’s mother worked on them together.

My sister and her husband drove us to the gym. For the most part all I can remember of the dance itself is that the band was about as bad as they get, but they made up for it by playing as loudly as possible. After about an hour Everett wanted to get out and Red was ready to go as well. We didn’t even wait to find out who were voted king and queen, we left with them.

They dropped us off in town and headed for Patten. We walked hand in hand down Main Street, not really talking about anything just grousing about the god awful flop the prom had turned into. We knew it was a complete bust when the class president pulled up beside us.

Paul stopped his car and said, “Get in. Keger up the crusher.”

The crusher is a gravel pit that has filled with water, forming a group of ponds off in the middle of nowhere. As long as no one gets hurt, the cops usually leave the parties alone. I looked at my date she shrugged her agreement, or lack of refussal. I opened the car door and held it as she slid into the seat, getting a good view of her baby blue panties. I slid in beside her and Paul drove us to the crusher.

Butch had his pickup loaded with beer and booze of all kinds. He gave us each a plastic cup filled with foamy beer. One thing you can count on in the North woods is someone is going to have a chainsaw on the back of their truck. Shortly after we arrived a fire was blazing and the rest of our class mates were arriving, most still in formal gowns and tuxedos.

A bonfire blazing, real music playing from car stereos that we could dance to, and booze, the keg party was much more fun then the prom.

What we call the rock crusher is a deep clear pond. Cool in the middle of summer, in mid May it is cold. Still several of the guys descided that we were all going swimming. Girls screamed and ran trying to escape the inevitable, but were caught and tossed into the pond. Hundred doller gowns ruined.

Shelly looked at me saying, “Undo the buttons. Mom’ll kill me if this gets ruined.”
“You sure? I asked her then quickly helped her take the gown off.

After folding our clothes and tucking them safely in the back of Sherm’s car, we went down to the edge of the pond, stepped into the icy cold water then ran back to the car with out going swimming.

Once we were back in the car, I pulled Shelly into the back seat. Clamping one hand on her baby blue pantied bottom and the other on the back of her head I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her. Shelly pulled out of my grasp and slapped me Hard.

“HUH” I said dumb founded at her reaction.

Her brown eyes went from inviting to threatening in a blink. “I am not going to be pawed in public Jimmy. Keep your hands to your self.” That said, she kissed me and started pulling her dress over her head.

I pulled my pants and shoes on and left the rest of the monkey suit in the car. Once we were properly clad, we had a couple of drinks then went for a walk in the woods. Shelly was a close friend, and we had made out a few times. She had been the first girl I went all the way with.

As we walked we talked about this and that mostly about how foolish our friends were tossing the girls in the pond like that. Before long we came to the main road. Figuring we were closer to home now than to the party we continued to stoll toward the house.

Except for the light on the front step Shelly’s house was dark. We went in quietly. She held my hand and pulled me with her up the steps.

“Mom’s at your place, I saw her threw the window. Dad’s working eleven to seven and I don’t give a shit where Trav and Laurie are” She told me.

Shelly led me into her bed room. It smelled of powder and perfume. Before I could do anything myself she had her gown off and tossed it over a chair. She fell onto her bed bouncing and looking at me.
“Come on, It’s prom night. Were supposed to fuck tonight.” she told me.

Shelly was always blunt and to the point. She was lovely laying there with her gloves and stockings on. I tried to pull her panties off but had to unhook her garter to do so. That was a test in itself. Once the hooks were off her stockings, I left them dangling and pulled her blue undies off her. Panties out of the way I got on top of her.

As my cock pressed into her pubs, I asked if she wanted to roll out the rain coat or should I. She smiled, and ripped open the rubber and rolled it over my shaft. I slid slowly into her warm tight hole. Shelly’s large brown eyes dilated; her arms wrapped around my neck holding me tight.

With Shelly it was never lovemaking, it was more a wild ride to climax. She sat a pace pushing her hips faster and harder, clawing at my back encouraging me to fuck her harder and deeper. It was pure rut
We drove at each other in animalistic heat in a mad rush to reach climax. On the very brink her nails drove into my back and her teeth sank into my shoulder. Shelly convulsed beneath me, squeezing my shaft with her velvety sheath. I drove hard into her burry my cock deep as I came.

There were rumors that Shelly was not all that innocent, that she was quite easy with most of the guys. Rumors, mind you. I was five when she bit my shoulder the first time. Embedding her teeth and leaving a scar. I was fourteen the second time. I still have those scars to remember her forever. When we were fourteen she had said she had marked me as her property. Easy or not, I am the one she branded.
My blood dribbled from her lips as she laid back, a contented smile on her face. I rolled off and lay down beside her. The dancing the booze and the sex had taken their toll on my little brown eyed girl. I licked the blood from her lips with a good night kiss then slipped out carrying my pants and shoes. I put them on at the foot of the stairs, and left through the front door. It was only a couple of steps up the road to my place.

Gayle and mom were at the kitchen table when I walked in with no shirt or jacket. They both looked at me with a knowing smile.

“Shelly’s home” I told them and tried to walk through to the dining room.

“Hold it” Mom said, “Where’s your clothes?”

“Their in Sherm’s back seat” I told her. “We went up to the crusher after the Prom bummed out. I’ll get them from him later.”

“You had better put some iodine on that bite.” Mom told me.

Gayle spoke up behinde me, “Better get some on those scratches as well.” She giggled inspite of herself. “I hope you knew enough to use protection. My baby better not be pregnant.”

I thought I was dead right there, but Gayle laughed as Mom walked me back to the kitchen table with the iodine.

“Jimmy I know you and Shelly have been doing it for some time now. You may flush the rubbers, but the foil seems to get stuck under the blankets.” She grinned.


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There were a lot of grammatical and spelling errors, it was hard to follow and it was too jumpy. You need to work on your writing skills and you really need to captivate your readers. In this genre you need to make it interesting but get to the point. Sexual Interactions. That's the point. You need to be more descriptive in your writing, especially when it gets to the sexual parts. Try not to use so much slang, it makes you sound sloppy. There are certain things you can leave out, and try to leave narration out of the sexual parts. There is a time and place for all of that, but during intercourse IS NOT THAT TIME. This was a less than mediocre story, and I wish you better luck on your next story, if there is one. However, I do agree with a previous comment, you are not a writer. Feel free to read others for ideas on how to write and ask a knowledgeable friend for help. Good luck.


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First of Signing in is not at all difficult. I found two typos. Grammer and puncuation. For the most part is correct. The Story it self, Well It sucks. Jimmy it is not your best work. Sorry

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