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The conclusion you've all been waiting for! The final part of the story is finally here!
I came closer to the edge and I peered outside the exit of the tree-house and I saw Christine making her way up. She was wearing a pair of her favorite jeans that showed off her curves, she also had on her baby blue tank top that she usually wears when its hot. It doesn’t matter now though, a seemingly more important thought crossed my mind, “Oh no, what am I going to do now? Christine can’t find out about Annie, if she does, our marriage is over!!!” I started to become nervous and I told her she couldn’t come up! “Sorry honey but you can’t come up here! Please just get back down and I’ll be down in a moment! The tree-house is really me...messy and with tw..two people here we might slip or fa…fall or or something,” I said in a nervous tone. She could tell that I was trying to hide something. She replied, “John it’s okay we’ll clean it up and then we can have dinner together as a picnic in the park or something, it’ll be nice and romantic, like the days we did before we were married”. “Umm, honey, don’t come up, seriously, just get down and I’ll be down in a sec”, I anxiously told her. She made her way up the ladder, closer and closer now. “John, is that perfume I smell? How come it smells like a woman up here? Are you hiding something,” she said in a commanding voice. She quickly sped up her pace up the ladder and was pretty soon face to face with me.
I didn’t even have time to get dressed and I was half naked with sheets warped around my waist like a bath towel. “John, WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!?!,” she yelled at me as her suspicion grew. “….nothing honey, I…I.. uh..I was just sleeping here alone because I thought it was a ni..nic..nice day to spend som…some tim..time outdoors,” I quickly replied in a panicked manner. She made her way all the way up and she saw what was going on! Her eyes grew wider and the look in her face told me she was furious. She saw Annie laying down on the bed, with the sheets covering her body. Annie’s hair was messed up and the tree-house was in a mess from our love making. Annie’s bare legs was revealed from under the sheets, they were white and bare and just so silky. Christine saw and immediately yelled at me, “JOHN, you ungrateful bastard! I brought dinner home for you and you go SLEEPING with another woman?! WHO DO YOU THINK I AM JOHN?!”
She was on the verge of crying and my heart was just torn in two. Here I am, with two of the women I care most in the world about for and they are about to collide because of a mistake I’ve done. A mistake that I couldn’t control my lustfulness, I couldn’t hold in the urge to make love to Annie. A thousand thoughts flooded my head at the moment and I wished I could just fade away. Annie screamed out, “I’m SORRY CHRISTINE! I never meant to do this! My sudden lust just came over me and it all happened too fast, I was wrong! I’m SORRY.” Then Annie started to cry and I felt just awful. I looked at Christine and I could tell that she was upset and hurt at the same time. I didn’t know what to do to make things better now, I wished I could have done anything at that moment to make things right. “JOHN, is this the bitch you’ve been sleeping with when I’m away?! WHAT IS SO GOOD about her?! What does she have that I don’t have? TELL ME JOHN”, Christine yelled! “I don’t know honey, you have everything she has also, its just….its just…I don’t know what to say,” my voice trembled when I replied to her. Christine was furious now because her pride was hurt. Another woman turned on her husband more than she ever could and she had to find out why or how did this other woman had this magical affect on the man she loved. She had every right to be mad and or to never speak to me again, I would understand. This was my mistake and no matter what I do, this will always haunt me for the rest of my life.
“ANNIE! HOW DARE YOU! You took advantage of my husband and allowed this to continue? You COULD HAVE SAID NO!”, exclaimed Christine. “Bu….but, Christine, I did say no, it all just happened so fast, it was a mistake. I’m SOOO SORRY, I’ll do anything to make it up to you!”, Annie said in reply. My wife Christine was a person that was proud of herself and what she had accomplished. She wanted to be the best in everything that she did and she wasn’t going to lose to another woman especially in the area of seducing the man she loved. “JOHN, I want you to make a decision right now, will it be me or her? Answer me you cheating bastard!!!,” she roared at me. “Honey, I’m so sorry, of course it’ll be you! I’ll do anything to make it up to you! I PROMISE! It’ll never happen again,” I replied back to her.
“Okay then, there is NOTHING that Annie does that I couldn’t, and to prove it once and for all John, I’m going to make love to you right now, because I WILL BRING OUT YOUR DESIRES for me, I will make you scream for more, I will make sure that I will be the only woman in your life that can bring you this much pleasure, NOT ANNIE,” Christine said aloud as tears was falling down her face. She was furious at me now but was determined to win back the heart of the man she loved. She continued, “JOHN!, you will make love to me and Annie at the SAME TIME, I am forcing you to HONESTLY choose who is the person that makes you feel the best, its either me or her! ONE has to go!!! I don’t believe she has something that I don’t, I WILL MAKE YOU SEE THIS and after this, its up to you to save our marriage!”
Annie looked up at both of us and she had a shocked expression on her face, she couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “I…i…I can’t Christine!!! That is wrong! I can’t repeat the same mistake TWICE!”, Annie said quickly to Christine. Christine was furious and she told that if Annie even still saw her as friends they once were, that she would have to do this to end it once and for all to LET GO of all this so they can both move on with their lives. Annie then reluctantly agreed…
I couldn’t believe what was going on, I was going to make love to TWO of the women I love and care for most in my life! It was like a dream come true, but I knew this was not a cause of pleasure but it was for my wife, even if I hated to admit it and no guy would ever believe me, but I REALLY had to do this for her, so we can fix things between us and put all this behind. So then it started…
Outside the wind billowed by the clouds and the sun began to set. It was truly a magical day if none of this ever happened. The summer sky was beautiful when it began its daily journey of setting beyond the ever-reaching horizon. Leaves slowly fell from the trees and our tree-house slowly rocked in the wind. A distant yellow-reddish tint has lit up the sky as the setting sun came closer to the edge of the horizon. Seconds seemed to pass like hours, and minutes seemed to pass like days and before I knew it, the night sky had arrived. Stars had slowly, one by one, shown themselves in the skies and had giving light to this night, and pretty soon a cool breeze fluttered by our tree-house and it began. I looked around nervously at these two women because I really didn’t know what was going to happen or if everything that I have been through was just a dream.
Christine had started to slowly undress herself now. She sat down and took off her shoes and then her socks. Then she stood up and she then pulled her baby blue tank top over her head and was pretty soon half naked with her bra on. She had on a matching baby blue bra, which I thought was dead sexy. It was a laced bra, which gave it a lingerie look and before I knew it; the sight of my wife being naked was turning me on. I could see her silky smooth white skin, which rivaled the beauty of Annie’s, whom I dreamt so much about. I wanted to grab my wife and run my hand across her stomach and to fondle her body closer to mines. If I had to get through with this to make everything okay again, then I guess I have no other way. Passion had slowly arisen in me again and I could feel my heart beating faster and my breath getting deeper. The more skin my wife had shown me, the more the feeling of making love to her had returned. I guess it is a natural gift for women, the gift of knowing how to seduce men and make them do what they want. I couldn’t complain, what she was doing was working on me.
Christine had kept her bra on, and now was slowly undoing her belt. She threw her belt to one side of the tree-house and was now taking off her pair of jeans. Long have I forgotten the shape of my wife’s body, I felt bad because I should be the one to know these things best but now she has totally revived my memory of the passionate woman she had become. As her jeans slid off, I took a look at her long slender legs, which was smooth and white. I followed the trail of her legs up to her knees, and then my eyes kept traveling upward to where her legs met. A sudden tingling sensation overthrew my body as I knew I was getting hotter by the moment. The room felt suddenly hot as though this night was going to be fueled by passion. Christine had on a pair of matching baby blue panties which also knocked me dead. Her panties were also laced which made it that much more sexier. The curves of her body was like an hour glass figure, no supermodel could have had a body more beautiful than my wife. She looked at me straight in the eyes with a lustful veer. I was laying there, unspoken because no words would come out of my mouth. I was in utter shock as I saw Christine tease me as she rubbed her hands over her body. She turned around and gave me a gorgeous view of her backside, which was perfect. Her butt was round and plump, which reminded me of the days when we used to try the doggy-style position which we both loved. She smacked her ass and I could see it jiggle, I couldn’t help it but succumb to her every command now. She rubbed her butt a little more teasing me, luring me in like she had always done before. She then bend over and gave me a nice view of everything, I saw her butt and how her panties had covered her crotch area, and of how beautiful her long gorgeous legs were. I was in awe, sitting there like a helpless child that had not the ability to do anything. Christine then stood up, and cupped her two hands over her breasts. My wife’s breasts were great size, around Annie’s size also, which was 34C I am guessing. She jiggled them a bit and that hypnotized me. I saw the way they moved up and down and somehow that got me way turned on. She then slowly and gently massaged her breasts with her hands while still having her bra on, she wouldn’t give me a look at her nipples or the rest of her breast, the only thing I saw was her two hands massaging herself. She let out a soft moan….”oOoOoh John, you have to feel these, don’t you like them?”, she teased me in an irresistible manner. I was practically like a dog drooling for its master now, she had total control over me with her seduction. I could feel myself getting hard again and I knew the time was coming closer when I would be able to make passionate love to Annie and my wife again.
Christine continued to fondle her breasts and moaning slightly each time, if I was not mistaken, I would say she was beginning to enjoy this herself. Our tree-house was a place where we used to eat marshmallows so we had chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup too around, since they were my favorite. Christine glanced over at the strawberry syrup bottle and she grabbed it from the floor. She undid the cap and poured it slowly over one of her breasts. “Opps, did I do that?”, she teased me as she wiped the dripping syrup with her fingers and slowly came over, and made me lick it off her finger. I was a dog, I ferociously licked her finger and sucked it with my tongue. I was an animal, I wanted to lick more than just her finger, I wanted to take my hands and move it closer to her crotch and feel that soft warmth area between her legs, the place I wanted to make love to soooo much!!! I took my hand and reached out for her panties because I wanted to feel on her warm crotch, but she slapped my hands away and made me beg for more. I hated how she played so hard to get, but at the same time I was enjoying it because it was more fun for the both of us. “Nah uh uh, you’ve been bad JOHN, I can’t let you get to my treasures so quickly yet, not till you proved yourself that you could handle me,” she told me in a leading but yet seductive voice. I moved closer towards her and then we kissed passionately. I felt her soft lips on me, it reminded me again of the first time we kissed, so much feelings and meaning behind this kiss, it felt magical, yet it was turning me on nonetheless. Annie was in the corner still sitting there because she felt shameful to come over.
I looked at Christine, her beautiful hair rolling down her shoulders past her bra, her eyes that had seduced me so many times before. I began to kiss her more and more, slowly moving to her cheeks and nibbled a bit on her ear. She moaned softly in my ear and that was turning me on even more! With my hands I felt her waist and her stomach, which was so white and soft, it was lovely! I rubbed ever closer to her breast each time and I knew that she liked it. Closer…… closerrrrrrrrr….closerrrrrr…… inch by inch I was getting closer to rub her gorgeous breasts. Her moan got a little louder and I began to make my way down her neck, I was kissing her and sucking a bit on her neck, very softly to make her want it more. I kept making my way slowly down, until my mouth was at the part of her cleavage. I licked her partly exposed breasts and gave them a kiss. They were so soft and juicy, I love the way a woman’s body is made, so desirable and so….. so….. what a turn on, that’s all I can say. With my hands, I then fondled her breasts underneath her bra very gently and carefully. I moved around closer and closer to her nipple but I barely touched it, I just graced over it slowly. I was very turned on and hard by now! I wanted to do her so bad but I knew I loved her, and I wanted to take this slow, it would be better for the both of us. I could feel her nipple getting very hard by now, and then I gently rubbed them between my two fingers, kind of like pinching them lightly. She moaned a little louder and I could feel her body beginning to be more receptive to my touch. I kept kissing her neck and she liked it, she loved it! I continued to massage both of her breasts with both of my hands now, her body was loving it and I could tell. While still kissing her, I took one of my hands away from her breast and I started to move downwards.
About 30 minutes passed now since we’ve started to seduce each other, and I could feel her body tremble a bit from the pleasure I was giving her through kissing and fondling her breasts. I could feel them very full in my hand, I massaged and felt on them as though it was my first time, I caressed her skin and licked her nipple gently with my tongue, she went wild! She moaned very loud this time and I kept softly licking her nipples back and fourth, flickering my tongue across her skin. Her body jerked a little bit because it felt so good to her, and I was more than happy to see my wife enjoying herself! I was happy too!
Suddenly over in the corner, I averted my eyes to one side and I saw Annie rubbing herself under the sheets. One hand was in view rubbing the top part of her body and the other one, I saw was touching herself between her legs! She looked at me with a look of seduction, I realized that she wanted to join us because her seeing me pleasuring Christine like this had made her want some also! Christine then looked over at Annie and then told her to come over; Annie was shy at first but then she came over at last. When Annie came over, the sheets fell off her body and she was totally exposed. I could see her breasts jiggle as she made her away over, and her pussy, I saw, was wet from her touching herself there. That turned me on even more!
While working on Christine, to pleasure and make her more happy, I used my hand and starting to rub her legs, each time I rubbed up and down her leg, I made my way closer to the center of where her legs met. I really wanted to rub her wet cunt and finger her, so she would enjoy this more. Slower and slower I made my move….closerrrr, clooooser, closer…. I could feel the lust in me come alive, it was a great feeling making love to your wife and for all this to set things right between us! I finally touched her laced baby blue panties, and very gently took on of my finger and rubbed the top of her mound. I could feel a little wetness seeping through the panties, I knew she was liking this. I flickered and gently traced my finger across the outside of her panties where her feminine lips were. I traced a path up and down, barely touching the outside of her panties, but nevertheless making her pussy ache more to be touched! She was going wild! “Okay Annie, make love to John like you would to a man you love, I HAVE TO know which one he would honestly choose after! So I can live with this and move on with my life!” Christine demanded from Annie.
Annie then agreed. So now one of my hand was carefully teasing Christine’s pussy from outside of her panties, while the other was rubbing one of Annie’s breast! While doing this, Annie was kissing on my chest and neck, sucking on it, licking it. It drove me absolutely wild! I loved the feeling of her soft tongue teasing my skin, I could barely control myself through all this pleasure! She then suddenly thrust off my towel I had around my waist and started to suck and tease my penis with her tongue. I never felt something more amazing in my life before! She only did it because I knew she still cared for me very much, cared for me a lot to give me oral sex. My male part nearly melted in her mouth, I came so close to coming each time her tongue would lick the tip of my penis. She would suck gently and seduce it with all the skills she had, and believe me, she was GREAT!
Christine then stood up, and she grabbed my hand and ferociously moved them inside of her panties. “FINGER ME ALREADY JOHN, stop teasing me like that, you know I hate it when you tease! NOW”, Christine yelled at me, I quietly obeyed her every wish. I felt the wetness of her lips the moment I touched her pussy. It was slippery and made it very easy for me to rub her cunt. I rubbed and rubbed her outside lips, making sure to massage her clitoris, her sweet spot, every time I came up and down. She moaned and moaned and let out a scream of pleasure, it was great to make my wife feel this good. While I was doing all this, Annie was still devouring the energy I had left in my penis, it was almost too good to be true! Her tongue, her lips, nibbling and sucking on the head of my penis, I felt was though I was in cloud 9!
I then slowly stuck one of my finger into Christine’s wet pussy hole. I could feel her feminine juice just oozing out more and more and I was getting MORE turned on by the minute! I slowly slid my finger in…. and then out… and then in…. each time while using my tongue to lick the outside part of her pussy! She loved it and soon her hips was jerking with the direction of my fingers, finger her sweet pussy and my tongue licking her outer cunt. Her hips rocked back and fourth and she grabbed my hair and scream at me, “Harder John, finger me harder, and lick me faster and suck on my clitoris! Now!”. I mean, if my wife demanded it and I liked it, I would give it to her and I did. I sped up my pace and I used two fingers to finger her now, each time I took my finger out, it was covered with her juice, and it was sweet! I sucked on her clitoris as though I was hanging on to dear life, and she moaned as she never did before each time I did so.
Annie then now was pretty much done giving me the best oral sex of my life. She stood up, looking at the view of me fingering and licking my wife’s pussy. She stood in front of me, so I could see, and then she started to spread her pussy lips and fingered herself too! One hand she was playing with her nipples, I could see them standing erect, while the other hand, she took her middle finger and started to masturbate, and this was all in plain view! She spread her legs to give me a good view, I could see her vibrant soft white skin from her legs, moving up to her knees, into her inner thighs and then meeting at the soft pussy she had between her legs. She moaned each time she thrust her finger deeper into her wet pussy hole! At times she would spread her pussy lips to let me have a view and then gently rub the outside of her cunt. When she did so, I could see the wetness of her pussy on her outer lips, I could see her juice, her cum…It seemed this moment was only getting better by the minute!
I never looked at the time by another 35 minutes has passed by, while I was still fingering my wife, and licking her juicy cunt at the same time! Annie had almost been masturbating for a good 20 minutes also, while seducing me with her oh so sexual body! Slow rubbing her pussy up and down….. back and fourth… I could see the fat of her outer pussy lips move along with her hand…… back and fourth… up and down…. Rubbing her cunt, her pussy was getting wetter as time went on! Using two fingers, she spread her pussy again, and inserted her middle finger and started to pleasure herself! She then teased me with words and she said “John, this finger could be your finger, don’t you want to touch?”, I then eagerly nodded my head. She pulled up closer to me and I began to rub her inner thigh. I made my way gently up her inner thigh until I felt her soft sweet and oh so wet pussy! I used two of my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart, and she took one hand and started to rub that sweet area in between! Both the girls were moaning more and more now, getting louder and louder! I was hoping the neighbors was away so they couldn’t hear any of this.
Annie then spread her legs open wide, and I inserted two of my fingers in her pussy. She moaned so hard the first time I stuck my fingers in there! So now I was finger my wife, eating out my wife, and fingering Annie’s luscious pussy also! Both women were getting ready to cum and their hips were rocking with the movement of my hand! I could feel the wetness and the tenderness of both of their pussies, each felt so warm and so nice, and they were both so tight! I could barely finger them at a fast pace because I was beginning to tire. Annie suddenly took my hand and pulled my fingers out and she made me massage her outer cunt lips! I rubbed them back and fourth like an animal, like I have done to my wife. She also stood up and used her hand to guide my hand while I was rubbing her smooth shaven cunt. She pressed her hand harder on mines so there would be harder pressure on her pussy and harder pressure on her clit, and she was enjoying every minute of it. She moaned and let out a gasped of pleasure as I knew she was nearing her orgasm! She then took my hand away and since I was in a laying down position, my penis was erect and it stood straight up! She moved closer to my penis and she got in a position to sit on top of it. She took one of her hand and guided my hard dick and she slowly lowered herself. She controlled my penis in a way that she made my forehead of my penis touched the outside of her lips, rubbing it gently back and fourth so her pussy juice would get all over it. I could feel the slipperiness of her soft cunt skin. She teased me so much! I wanted to ram my dick into her and give her the best sex of her life but she was taking it so slowly! Gently, smoothly, she rubbed my penis against her pussy, up and down…. Back and fourth…. Teasing me by opening her lips apart but not letting my penis enter. Her body was so beautiful, snowflake white skin, straight long hair like Christine’s, her hair flowing down her back while and curves that would have seduced any man! Her beauty was one beyond belief and if she wanted, she could have probably started another Trojan War because she was like a goddess. Tonight, I was one lucky Asian guy. Hell, I was lucky to be a MAN!

After 15 minutes of torturing me with pleasure, of how she kept rubbing the most sensitive area of my penis on her supple soft pussy skin, she finally lowered herself so I was inside of her! As my penis entered her, it moved her cunt lips apart and she was so tight! It took her awhile to lower herself all the way into me. I felt as though I was in a dream when her vagina fully engulfed my penis! She slowly rocked side to side and up and down, ever so gently. I felt my penis slide in and out of her each time she moved up and down, her female sex was so wet and my penis slide in and out so easily feeling better each time. I felt every sensation of how it spread her lips apart each time it came in and how her pussy closed again each time it went out, there was no other feelings like it in the world! She picked up the pace, because she was feeling the sexual pleasure herself. She moved her body up and down….up and down…up and down….. side to side, moving her hips in a circular motion to further pleasure my penis to heaven! Up and down….gently…..then faster….. then gently, it was a mystery what she was going to do next! She rocked up and down harder and harder and harder and harder each minute…I could hear my thighs making a “thump thump thump” sound against her smooth white thighs each time she came down so fast. Her pussy was so amazingly tight, it felt like a virgin I was making love to and I had no complaints whatsoever! She was rocking up and down and rubbing her breasts with one hand while rubbing her soaking wet clitoris with the other. I could see her massage that part of her outer pussy so nicely each time she came up and down on me… then suddenly, she moved up and down faster and faster each minute, harder and harder each time, my penis could not take anymore of this. My tongue was busy licking Christine’s vagina lips while my finger was also fingering her, and my penis was making love to one of the most beautiful woman on this earth! How on earth can I handle much more of this? Annie kept moving up and down faster… I felt her muscles inside her pussy clenching on my penis tighter and tighter as though she was going to orgasm soon. I felt her pussy wrapped around my penis and it felt great! Up and down she goes…her wet pussy lips spreading each time to let my penis in…up and down she goes…her lips closing again, the pattern was amazing, this pleasure was amazing, this night was amazing, the two women I adore most in the world was amazing! She then rocked so hard she nearly split me in half, and for a minute she was fucking the life out of me, I nearly fainted from all this. Then I felt her vagina contract and expanded because she was having her orgasm. She moaned very loud, simultaneously rubbing her cunt and her breast more feverously! Her female sex continued to contract and expand while having my penis inside her! It ate it alive, I could no longer complain, this was one of the best sex I’ve had in my life. After she regained composure from her orgasm, she continued to move up and down, sliding my penis inside and out of her pussy, and slowing down then she got off me while still rubbing her gent softly. I saw her fingers and they were so wet. Her pussy was still wet, I could see the juice on the outside, but she was satisfied. She came over and kissed me and took my hand to let me rub her wet cunt one last time, I rubbed and rubbed, and I licked it, I took two fingers and moved apart her lips and veryyyyyy slowly….. veryyyy gently, I gave her pussy one good lick right down the middle, I spread it a little more apart, and I licked it right in the middle up and down again, and then one last time, I savored every moment of this! Some of her juice then gushed into my mouth and I could feel her orgasm coming on again from my tongue. She cummed on me! I continued to lick her pussy for all its worth, her moaning softly each time! I licked and licked… while fingering Christine. Then I gave it one good final lick very smooth and I took my time, I wanted to feel her flesh on my tongue and to remember this feeling and this night, and to remember her. She then moved away still rubbing her cunt and she laid down to relax herself and to catch her breath.
I finally decided to go all the way with Christine. I undid her bra and I pulled down her panties, I took her and I fucked her missionary style. Her cunt feeling as tight as Annie’s but for some reason, it gave me a pleasure I never felt before. Even with Annie, whom I’d just made love to. I looked at Christine and her was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen on this earth! Her nose, her ears, her mouth, her lips, were all so beautiful, but the most enticing quality she had about her was her eyes! Oh how they were so beautiful! Her dark blue majestic eyes took me to another plane that I never knew existed. She took me to a magical place that only existed in dreams. It felt like pure blessed when I stared at the moment I loved while making love to her. I did her faster and faster, she was so seduced now because I gave her oral sex for nearly a good hour! Her cunt was so tight and so wet, just like Annie’s. I felt her body wrap around my penis as I entered and exited out of her. Her flesh getting a tighter grip each time we went in and out. I spread her legs further apart to have easier access into her body but it was still hard because she was so tight. I rubbed her breast while rocking back and fourth, delivering this pleasure that we both loved so much! I massaged and cupped her breasts with my hands, played with her nipples and kissed her on the lips and on the neck! I touched her all over her body, her waist, her butt, her legs; everywhere and it felt magical!
Mine and her body started to shake and scream because we both were nearing our orgasm. I rocked faster and faster, and harder and harder. Christine moaned each time I thrust myself into her! “uHhHh, oOoOhH.. Oohh. UHhhhh…. AhhHhH…it feels so good John, keep it up baby!”, she would moan. Then finally after a good time, I rocked harder and harder as I felt I was going to cum. I entered harder and faster as my penis never felt so good before, feeling her pussy and her juice all over it, made it so slippery and nice and wet and so pleasurable. Then she gasped “AhahH, oOoo…. UhHhh…..” as she was having her orgasm. I felt the same when Annie was having her orgasm. Her pussy wrapped itself around my penis and it took the last energy I had left with it. Her cunt gushed out more juice and made her vagina and penis more wet, I kept pushing myself in and out of her, feeling her orgasm as mine was close to ensue afterwards. Finally my penis exploded and I came inside of my wife. We always wanted a child and I finally guess we were going to have one tonight! I rocked harder and harder as my orgasm intensified. I felt her body orgasm with mine and for a brief moment in time, I felt as though me and her were one. It was magical, a feeling beyond belief to make love with the person you love. It was heaven.
Soon after, we were all exhausted from this event, and we were cleaning up the mess that we made of this tree house. Both women were getting dressed again and I began to put on my clothes as well. Christine then turned to me and asked, “So John, who is it going to be? Me or Annie, make up your mind once and for all so we can all get on with our lives and forget about this event that happened here!” Without a hesitation I answered, “Of course it’s you Christine, it will forever be you, and a mistake like this will never happen again! You know I love you and I look forward to spending the rest of my days with you and to move on with our lives”. Annie had a smile on her face because she was happy for us and that she did what she had to do to move on and to not live with this guilt.
Days gone by and all our troubles and memories of this event has been completely forgotten. A month or so later, I tore down the treehouse so there would be nothing left of what has happened, things became okay again and I liked it that way. One day, I climbed on that tree and sat on a branch just to reflect on how my life has changed around and how good it felt to finally be free from all this. I was gazing at the sky and noticed how the sun was beginning to set, it was a beautiful site. In a way similar to the setting sun, I had let go of all my troubles and worries and began to cope with life again. Everything was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events. I sat there and let out a long deep breathe and I felt better because none of this would ever happen in my life agian. I was given a 2nd chance at a life I loved so much and I would NEVER do anything to jeopardize it agian. By letting go, I was FREE at last!

-remember, this is ONLY a story, its not real!


2008-12-25 01:24:36
The ending really blew. The stories really blew. Contradictory and full of shit.


2007-12-19 12:13:23
very good story. I was hopeing that the ending would be that both of the girls were equally loving and moved in together to share John.


2007-11-30 17:51:21
06-21-05 - 18:56
It was great !!!! i would love to read more stories like this one! the sex was good and the final ending was even better. it demonstrates that sex and real love can exist and can bring better life to all.


04-05-05 - 05:20
What afucking bitch is that story,it didnt even turned me up.... please dont write again.


02-24-05 - 20:53


2006-08-25 02:26:48
bad ending dude, i wouldve picked annie. i mean come on if in number 2 you said, "fucking christine was never this good" when you compared her to annie, why would you pick christine? Especially after all that bullshit about how you loved annie? your a dumbass, you should fix the ending other than the premise, the sex was well written


2005-09-01 03:37:35
You liar! We both know this story is true. And that both Christine and Annie each had babies. How are you making it right for everyone? Bet you're working your ass off.

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