Things between a man and his new boss get interesting when she recognizes him from years ago
Fourth of July Picnic
The Fourth of July picnic was an annual tradition. The one day of the year the management and staff put all differences aside relaxed and ate their fill and got drunk off their ass on the company’s nickel. A time for the staff to get to know one another outside of the work-a-day world of the plant.

I was enjoying my third lobster, when a pair of female legs I did not recognize stepped into my view. Like any red blooded American male, I studied them. As they came closer I moved my gaze upward. I found cut off Daisy Duke’s the button of which was left undone, revealing light brown pubic hair beneath a sculpted stomach.

“See something you like Jimmy?” The voice triggered a forgotten memory. A girl coming out of the ladies restroom at a theater, her blond hair disheveled, clothes half undone, and covered with sweat. The musky smell of sex emanating from her had given me a hard-on instantly. She had used those exact same words, “See something you like Jimmy.”

I looked up into the face that belonged to those sculpted legs. That of our plant’s new production manager. “Good after-noon Miss Kent.” I said.

“You don’t recognize me do you Jimmy?” She said, as she fell drunkenly to the bench beside me. Her legs spread wide. The crotch of her cutoff jeans slid between the lips of her vulva, exposing her pussy to my view. When she saw where I was looking. She reached down and pulled the strip of cloth out of her cunt, and to the side. “You do see something you like I can tell” She said as she ran a manicured finger into her pussy. I watched my boss finger fuck herself. She looked into my face and whimpered softly. Her fingers a blur on her soft pink lips, She cupped her hand over her pussy and bucked her hips wildly, voicing her lust in guttural moans. As the ecstatic waves of orgasm ebbed, she closed her legs, and sat up straight. She smiled as she held her cupped hand to my mouth.

“If you’re a good boy, I will let you drink it from the source next time” She told me.

I lapped her warm juice from her palm. Then sucked her fingers clean.

“I did not recognize you either, at first. Jimmy. You’ve lost weight, and it has been about twenty years.” She stated.

How could I tell her, that my only memory of her was the night she was gang-banged in the woman’s bathroom at a movie hall. I knew her name, and that she was in my graduating class. That was it. “Marry-Anne” I said, kissing her palm. “Do you remember going to see Rocky?”

She grinned, and rubbed my cheek. “Then you do remember me. It was the class trip to Augusta. We went to the movie after seeing the state capital.” She put the fingers she had fucked herself with into my mouth, and fucked them in and out as I licked them clean. Her other hand, moved to the tent in my shorts and closed over my raging hardness.

“Did you know I was fucked by every boy in the class that night, except you, and Chip?” She asked me. “Kenny followed me into the toilet when I went in to take a pee. While I was tinkling, he broke open the stall door, and shoved his cock into my mouth.” Her hand squeezed my cock as she related the story that had filled my wet dreams throughout high school. “I tried to push him away, but he held my head, and fucked my mouth. There was nothing I could do. Believe it or not, I was excited by being raped like that. When he came in my mouth, I came too. I swallowed his cream without thinking. “You like sucking cock don’t you.” Kenny told me. “I knew you were a Cock Slut.” Kenny pulled me from the toilet, and bent me over it. With my pants still around my knees, he took me from behind. I screamed, when his cock pushed into me. That was when Johnny Willigar came running in to see what was wrong.” She took her fingers from my mouth, and put them back into her pussy. “He watched Kenny rape me. Then after Kenny had finished cumming in my cunt, he pushed me to the floor on my knees in front of Johnny.

“Take out his cock, and suck him off, Slut.” Kenny commanded me. “While you’re doing that, I am going to go and get the rest of the guys so you can suck them as well.”

“I was afraid not to do as he told me. Kenny was a big guy; I knew he would hurt me if I didn’t do as he said. So I unzipped Johnny’s pants, and took out is cock. It was hard already.”

“Go ahead, slut, suck it.” Kenny said. Johnny came, as soon as I put his dick in my mouth. I swallowed his load of cum and as Johnny was stuffing his cock back in his pants; Kenny went out into the theater. I knelt there on the bathroom floor waiting. Soon the ladies room was filled with guys. Each taking turns at fucking my face and pussy.”

I was ready to cum in my pants. With her hand stroking my cock through my shorts, I nearly did. She must have sensed that I was near, because she took her hand away before I shot off.

“It was disgusting. I was on my hands and knees in the middle of all the guys in our class as they took turns raping me. Some were jacking off, and shooting their loads on my back and in my face. And I loved every disgusting minute of it. When each of them had cum in me at least once, they left me there covered in spunk. I pulled my clothes back on and rushed out as fast as I could. That is when I ran into you. Kenny was right behind you so I pushed my tits in your face, “See something you like Jimmy?”

“Yeah, I can remember that clearly.” I told her. I did not know then what had happened. But one of the guys told me the next day in school.”

“Kenny was behind you, and I thought he was going to make me go back into the bathroom to suck you off and fuck you. When he didn’t, I ran from the building and hid on the bus till the end of the movie.” She came, on her fingers again as she spoke. “I have fantasized about sucking you off ever sense Jimmy.” She said as she once again fed me her sweet pussy cum. I did cum in my pants then. Spraying the insides of my shorts with a full load.

When I had finished licking her hand clean, my boss told me to get us a couple of beers, and to meet her at her car. She gave my wet shorts a rub, and then licked her hand as she walked to the parking lot. I went and grabbed a six pack from the ice, and followed.

Mary-Anne was in the car with the motor running, I climbed in beside her. Before the door was shut, she was backing out of the parking lot. I sat beside her and didn’t say a word. It was only a mile or so to her place. As she pulled into the garage, she said. “Take your pants off. I want that cock now.”

I pushed my shorts to the floor, my cock glistening with cum bobbed freely as she leaned over and took it into her mouth. I felt rather then heard her groan as she licked the cum from my member. Mary-Anne slobbered freely over my cock and balls. Licking the very sensitive glands and sucking on my nuts till I was ready to blow once more. I told her I was getting close, and she smiled up at me around my shaft. She pulled my cock from her lips, and continued stroking it with her hands as she answered me.

“I have been waiting for this for twenty years, don’t hold back on me now Jimmy, fuck my mouth hard.” I took her head in my hands, and did as she asked. Fucking my cock into her face as I held her head. I came, cumming like I hadn’t in years. Mary-Anne swallowed, and kept swallowing as my balls continued to pump blast after blast of sperm into her throat. She continued to suck and lick at my cock after it stopped spewing.

Finally when she was satisfied that she had got all I had to offer, she sat up. Taking my hand she pulled me from the car, and led me into the house. She stripped off her shorts and blouse as she led me into the bathroom.

She pushed me to my knees as she sat down on the toilet. “Eat me Jimmy. Eat my fucking cunt.” She said pulling my head to her pussy.

The lips of her pussy were open, swollen and wet. I had no trouble finding her hard clit. I have found out that no girl wants you to go right for her joy buzzer. But likes to have her entire sex laved and stroked. Spreading my tongue wide, I licked, enjoying the salty taste of her wet pussy. I looked up at her face as I tongued her. Her eyes were wide open. Glazed with lust as she stared unseeing at the wall behind me. I lifted her up a little, and pulled her out from the toilet a bit, then drove my tongue into her tight little ass hole. She screamed, and came immediately, spraying fresh pussy juice, her hot cum, all over my face. I left her ass hole, and licked at the source of the nectar. Juice continued to spray in spurts from her cunt hole. I drank it up as if I were dying of thirst.

“Do it Jimmy, Do it, you know what I want.” She said.

Pulling her from the flush, as Kenny had bragged of doing years ago, I bent her over the toilet pushing her face first into the bowl as I plunged my cock into her dripping cunt. Mary-Anne howled. Her screams echoing off the tiled walls as she began multiple orgasms. Her juice ran down my legs like hot piss as I fucked her. When I came in her, filling her spasming cunt with my semen she slumped down beside the toilet, unable to hold herself up any longer.

When Mary-Anne recovered enough, she pulled off of my semi-hard cock. She smiled, and slid to her knees in front of me. Her eyes never left mine as she swallowed my dick. I did not think it was possible, but she had me hard again in minutes. Mary-Anne turned and put her face to the floor, pointed her ass at me reached back and spread her cheeks. “Fuck my asshole” she commanded.

As my hard cock penetrated her tight anal orifice Mary-Anne began panting “Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Tell me Jimmy. Make it right.”

“Cum slut, that’s what you are. A Cock Whore. You want my cum in you tight little ass, slut.” I told her, and Marry-Anne whined in pleasure. I pounded her hole driving her face into the tile and pushing her forward with each thrust until Mary-Anne was face first against the side of the tub and could not go any further. The entire time I continued to verbally abuse her as I fucked her up the ass.

Mary-Anne moaned and whimpered continuously. She would scream every couple of minutes and gurgle against the tub. I felt my balls tighten and shoved my cock deep into her bowels giving my boss a semen enema. When my balls were empty I pulled my dick from her ass turned her to face me and shoved my cock into her mouth. The scum-slut groaned deep in her throat as she laved my shit coated cock with her tongue. Her eyes closed as she pulled off and leaned back on her calves. Her hand once more rubbing between her thighs. It did not take much imagination to envision the sixteen year old golden goddess she had been.

I lifted her into my arms and asked her where her bedroom was.

I carried her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. As I leaned down to kiss her Mary-Anne rolled away. “This is where things get awkward” she said. “The sex was great. I really got off imagining we were teenagers again. It’s just ah, Jimmy I don’t kiss. It’s just too intimate.”
I looked at her for a moment in unbelief. Then smiled and asked, “Never?”

“Not on the first date. What kind of girl do you think I am?” She answered.

“I think you’re a slut that knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.” I told her. Pulling her back to me I held her in place and forced my mouth on hers. Her eyes spread wide as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She didn’t otherwise respond, but lay motionless in my arms. I explored her mouth and lips then moved down to her breasts. Mary-Anne stayed still allowing me to do as I pleased. I teased her nipples enjoying what had for so long been a fantasy. When I finished with her tits I licked down to her belly button. “That slut pussy of yours doesn’t know how to respond to a man. Does it Mary-Anne?” She did not answer but her thighs spread. I moved between her legs and put her ankles on my shoulders. I looked into her face as I guided my cock to her pussy. “Mary-Anne I have fantasized about this for twenty years. Only I’m no longer a sixteen year old boy. I was never the fuck-em and forget-em type. So I’m going to show your little slut pussy how I fantasized about fucking it. You’re going to lay there and take it, and if you’re a good little girl you might get a big surprise before I’m done”

Mary-Anne whimpered and sniffed. Tears flowed from her eyes as I pushed my cock into her. Her pussy was so wet it squelched as I entered her. Yet Mary-Anne lay still and unresponsive. I leaned down over her, bringing my face close to hers and slowly moved my cock in and out of her.

“Your slut pussy likes being fucked” I said softly. “You like fucking but are scared of making love.”

“There’s no such thing. Sex is sex.” Mary-Anne responded.

“For years I thought I had been gypped, that you had somehow gypped me by leaving before I got my turn with you.” I told her as I slowly fucked her. “I thought of what I would do with you if I ever got the chance. Fucking you in your cunt, and up your ass, and of course fucking your face till you gobbled down my scum like the cum-slut you are.” Her hips started to respond as I described what I had dreamed of doing to her body. “I dreamt of tying you over the bench in the locker room. How would you like that? Your little purple skirt thrown up over your back and your little panties around your ankles. I wouldn’t be like Kenny, sending everyone in at once. No, that’s just nasty and over too quick. One at a time, and I would blind fold you so you wouldn’t know who was fucking you.” Mary-Anne was panting and meeting me thrust for thrust. “Sometimes they would be one behind the other. Others would be spaced out leaving you in the locker room alone for who knows how long.”
Despite herself the little minx orgasmed and as she did I kissed her. No tongue, but a forceful passionate kiss. Mary-Anne was a fountain. I have never seen a woman so wet. She would need a six-pack just to replace the fluid she had already lost. When her climax passed I released her mouth and she glared at me with a smile on her lips. Which is an interesting expression.

I had already cum several times this afternoon. So long as my cock didn’t lose interest in her I could go all day. I didn’t think it would lose interest while it was soaking in the hot wet cunt of the goddess I had beat it over so often in the past. It wasn’t her cunt I wanted to fuck with now. I had already done that.

“You have told me already that you were excited by being raped over and over by the guys in your/our class. You enjoyed every disgusting moment of them jerking off over you and fucking your face and cunt.” I softly relayed as I continued to slowly and deeply fuck her hot wet pussy. “You like being raped. You don’t have to admit to yourself that you’re a nasty cum-slut that enjoys getting fucked if you are raped.
The smile left her lips but she continued to glare at me. Her hips thrust harder and faster up at me as I looked into her eyes and kept fucking at the same slow steady deep penetrating pace. I continued to fuck her with both my cock and my words. “The thrill of raping you and watching you get raped soon became passé. Forcing a girl to have sex just isn’t satisfying for the long hall. Oh its exciting. But like a fire cracker one bang and it’s over. Soon I found myself fantasizing about massaging your tits and making your nipples hard and sucking on them. Then whispering in your ear. Telling you the nasty things I want to do with you and making you horny as you think of what I just told you. Rubbing my fingers up and down your back finding the spots that tickle and those that make you feel good. Exploring and learning each other. You little cumslut, learning what makes your partner squirm with excitement. With you Mary-Anne It is loss of control that excites you. It is also what you fear the most. Being controlled gives you freedom.” I then kissed her. Kissed her hard and deep forcing my tongue into her mouth. Mary-Anne yielded. She opened her mouth and allowed my exploration but more than that she participated. Lapping my tongue and sucking on it. When I broke the kiss I pulled my hard cock from her pussy and laid down beside her.

“Now that you have told me what I want and like, now it’s my turn to explore you and find out what you want and like” Mary Anne said as she climbed onto me. “All men like having their cocks sucked” she said as she took my shaft in her hand. She then sucked softly on the head. She looked into my eyes and released my shaft. “But that is sex. Simple oral sex. Fun, but not love making. She crawled up over me and leaned on her elbows with her hands cupping her chin and looked down at my face. “You like keeping things simple, neat and clean” she said. But you’re not above a bit of roll playing if your partner is into that sort of thing. She leaned down close and brought her face next to mine. “I have never enjoyed kissing and have avoided it even in my longest lasting relationships. But somehow you make me want to kiss you.” She put her lips to mine and lightly kissed me. Then she pressed a bit harder drawing out the kiss as she slid her body back down mine. She guided my cock into her pussy and began fucking herself on my shaft. “You like your partner to enjoy herself. Your perverted mind gets its thrills from seeing your girl orgasm. You fucking son of a bitch. You want me to be a fucking slut and cream my cunt all over your fucking body.” Mary-Anne wrenched her hips spasmodically as her orgasm struck. She leaned down attempting to bring her lips to mine but couldn’t reach. “Kiss me damn you lean up and kiss Me.” she begged. I rolled up. Sitting with my arms around her I kissed her. I kissed her and ground my cock into her filling her greedy snatch once more with my semen.
“Jimmy” she asked as our lips parted, “Does Chip still live around here?”

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