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I learn that my wife is a whore
I heard the front door open and shut. I stopped the video that I was watching on my computer screen and looked at my watch. It was 2:15 am on Saturday morning.

“Hello. How come you're still up? You're usually in bed asleep when I get home on Friday night.”

“I've got something that I have to show you.”

“Can't it wait until tomorrow? I'm very tired.”

“I really want to show you this.”

“Why? What is it?”

“It's a surveillance video taken last Friday night in room 14 at the Seaview Motel. You are the star.”

“It can't be. How did you obtain that?”

“Never mind how I got it. Watch a bit and tell me that it's really you.”

I started the video. The camera was looking down from the ceiling at Grace, my wife, who was lying naked on a bed. A naked man moved on top of her and started fucking her.

“There are 7 hours of you being fucked by one, two and three men at a time. I haven't seen tonight's video yet but I've spoken to a man who has. He tells me that it is the same as last week's, except that many of the men are different, except for the one who was alone with you for the first half hour. His name is David Brown and he works where you do. You've been refusing to let me fuck you for 3 months now. Why did you bother coming home? I don't get it?”

“You're my husband. This is our home. How did you get this video?”

“It does not matter how I got it. It cost me a lot of money. The fact is that I know it's true and you know it's true. Do you have anything that you want to tell me?”

Instead of speaking she burst into tears.

“I've moved all your stuff into the spare bedroom. You can sleep there tonight. I don't want to share my bed with a whore, a whore who wont even let me fuck her.”

Her crying became louder.

“No!” sob “John. Let me explain.” sob sob.

“It started months ago. As you know, I used to go out with the girls from work on Friday nights. I hoped that you thought that that was where I was tonight. One night David came with us. I think that he must have been plying me with more drinks than I'm used to because somehow we ended up in a room at the motel, with him fucking me.

“I felt guilty next morning, but promised myself that it would never happen again. That's what I thought! On the following Friday afternoon he informed me that if I did not let him fuck me again that night then he would tell you about the first time.”

“That's blackmail!”

“Yes it is. But I couldn't let him tell you, so I went with him again to the motel. The next week he wanted me to fuck a friend of his, too. When I agreed that gave him even more power over me. He kept blackmailing me with more and more degrading things that he forced me into. He made me let him fuck my arsehole next. You know that I had never done anal before. Then I had to suck his cock and swallow his cum, something else that I had never done. Then his friend fucked my cunt while David fucked my arse.

“Then about 3 months ago he started pimping me to a series of men every Friday night. I got worried that I would catch an STD because none of them used a condom. I complained about this to David. 'What', I asked him, 'if I catch an STD and pass it on to my husband? You wont be able to blackmail me any more after he finds out about my being your whore.' Do you know what he replied? 'You'd better stop fucking your husband, hadn't you?' That's when we stopped having sex.”

“Fuck, Grace, what a mess! ”

“So, where can we go from here?”

“Well, we each have to decide if we want to remain married. I'm not at all sure that I want to be married to a whore, which is what you've become. What do you want?”

“I really want to continue to be your wife. I've really hated cheating on you and I've really regretted cutting you off. Can we get back together? Please?”

“Well, now that I have found out what a whore you've become, David wont be able to blackmail you any more, provided, that is, that I know everything that he has on you. Are there things that you need to tell me?”

“Since he started pimping me, he's been giving me about $500 every week.”

“Over 3 months, that's a lot of money. Where is it?”

“I opened a new bank account, and hid it there. If you knew how much money I had you'd have been suspicious. I'll give you all that money. It will pay for your private detective.”

“Thanks. Anything else that I should know.”

“Well ...”

“Grace. I need to know everything, or else we are finished as husband and wife.”

“Oh dear! I really enjoyed the sex. I loved being forced to do things, like being fucked in the arse or swallowing cum, anyone's cum. I really loved a DP with one in my cunt and one in my arse, or one in my mouth and one in my cunt, or … You get the picture.”

“It sounds to me as if you have to make a choice. Do you want to continue to be David's whore, in which case I'll divorce you and you can live very comfortably off the money that you will make as a whore.”

“No! I want to be your wife again.”

“Well, then. We'll both take Monday off from work. We'll go first to our GP to get you tested for STDs. I'm not going to fuck you again until I'm sure that you're clean. Then my private detective has given me the details of a criminal lawyer. We'll go to see her, after the GP. Blackmail is a serious crime. I'd like to see your pimp in gaol for a serious stretch. Of course, you'd have to give evidence against him. I think that I have to make that a condition of your continuing to be my wife. OK?”

“Oh! Shit! That means that everyone will know about my being a whore. I'm not sure that I can do that.”

“It's your choice. Take David to court, and give evidence against him, or divorce me. What will it be?”

“Oh! Shit!”

“If you enjoy being a whore more than being married, you have that option.”

“You don't seem to care.”

“I've had a hell of a shock. I'm not at all sure that I want to be married to you. However, if you'll make the sacrifice of giving evidence against David, I'll give our life together one more try.”

“What about my addiction to rough sex and multiple partners.”

“If I can fuck your cunt, arse and mouth in future, then maybe I can arrange to share you with another man, or men. But they will be men that I chose. Will you give evidence in court against David?”

“Oh! Hell! My mother and my sisters will disown me. I guess I have no choice. I do want to continue to be your wife.”

“Good. Then you'll take Monday off and go to the GP and the lawyer with me?”

“Yes. OK. You know, you could fuck me with a condom on. That way, if I do have an STD, you would be protected. Are you going to pimp me?”

“No. I'm not going to pimp you. But I might just use you as a hostess, to entertain clients who come to town to trade with me, and who need a little encouragement to close the deal. I'm not going to fuck you with a condom; I hate condoms. But I do need relief. For tonight and until we know that you are clean, I want you to masturbate me – often. And from now on, whenever we are at home alone, I want you to be naked.”

“OK. I like that rule.”

And she stood up and pulled her clothes off. It turned out that all she was wearing was a skirt, a blouse and high heels, so stripping did not take long. Her cunt and arse were swollen and red and there were dribbles of dried cum below each of them.

“How many times were you fucked tonight?”

“I did not keep a tally. Maybe 30 times. Why?”

“I just wondered when I saw your swollen cunt lips and arsehole. Are you sore?”

“Yes. A little. But I'll be OK.”

She dropped to her knees in front of me, undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles, taking my briefs down too. Then she started to pump my cock. As she did she held the head just above her open mouth. This first time I only lasted a very short time before I was pumping my cum into her mouth. Although most of it went into her mouth some splashed onto her chin, then dropped onto one of her breasts. She showed me her cum-filled mouth, then made a show of swallowing it. Then she scooped up the remaining cum from her chin and breast and swallowed that too.

“Holy shit! Grace!. I've never seen you do anything so erotic in all the time that we've been married. I think, just maybe, that I'm really going to like the new Grace.”

To my amazement my cock was still rock hard. Probably the result of going without for 3 months and the erotic scene that Grace had just acted out for me.

“If I do that again for you, can I sleep with you in OUR bed tonight.”

Without waiting for my answer, she started pumping my cock again. I lasted a little longer this time, but soon I was squirting my second load of cum into Grace's mouth.

“Wow! Thank you Grace. I'll be wanting more of that tomorrow. But come on, let's go to bed now.”


“Yes, together.”

Surprisingly, despite all the turmoil in my life, I slept well, until about 9am when I was awoken by the front door bell. I quickly grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wrapped it around my waist on my way to answer the door bell.

“Hello, Trevor, come on in.”

“Hello, John. Shit! Watching your wife fucking for hours on end has me really randy. I'm going to have to go home and wank. Here is the evidence from last night.”

He handed me a stack of DVDs.

“Trevor, if I knew that Grace was free of STDs I'd ask you to help me fuck her. It seems that she has changed as a result of her whoring. She really craves a DP, and since I only have one cock I'll need to recruit someone who I trust to provide a second dick. When the doctor says that she's clean, will you be willing to help fuck her?”

“You're serious aren't you? Fuck yes. I'll be willing to lend a hand … er … a dick.”

“OK. In the mean time, Grace has been giving me relief by masturbating me in a magnificent way. You'll enjoy it much more than wanking yourself. Would you like to try it?”

I could hear Grace doing something in the kitchen.

“Grace. Would you come here please?”

Grace came into the room, apparently unconcerned that she was naked in front of this stranger. The new Grace was different from the old one in so many ways.

“Grace. This is Trevor. He's the private detective who has been spying on you. He's very randy from watching you last night. I want you to give him the relief that you gave me last night. When we know that you are clean, Trevor is one of the men that I will be recruiting to help me give you the DP that you so crave.”

The happy grin on Grace's face told me that she was pleased by that news. Without saying anything she knelt in front of Trevor, undid his jeans and dropped jeans and briefs to his ankles and took hold of his rapidly growing dick. As she had done for me the night before, she held his cock head at the entrance to her mouth and stroked his cock with her hand. Like me last night Trevor was very highly aroused and only lasted a few minutes before he was pumping his cum into her open mouth. She showed Trevor her mouth full of his white cream, then turned to show me too before swallowing his cum and again showing each of us her now-empty mouth.

“Wow! So you're not breaking up?”

“No. We both think we can make a go of it, although it will be a very different marriage from the one that we used to have. In fact I think that I'm going to like the new Grace better than the old Grace. Grace had never done anything like that for me before last night. It turns out that David Brown was blackmailing her. We're going to see that lawyer that you told me about to take him to court for blackmail.”

“How ironic, you want to punish him for making Grace a more sexual being.”

“Yes. Well, I did not appreciate the three months that I didn't get any sex at all. I need to make sure that he no longer has control of Grace.”

For the rest of that day I kept wondering if it was such a good idea insisting that Grace stay naked in the house; every time that I looked at her beautiful, naked body my dick stiffened. Grace was pretty good though. Whenever she noticed that I needed relief again, she came to me and masturbated me as before. She varied it a bit, instead of catching my cum in her mouth, she would have me splash it on her face or breasts. Then she would scoop it up with her fingers a swallow it all.

“John. I think that we need to talk some more.”

“Sure, Grace. What's on your mind?”

“I really learnt to enjoy being a whore. Are you sure that you don't want to pimp me instead of David.”

“No Grace. You had so many men fuck you over the 3 months that you were being pimped by David, that it will be a miracle if you don't have at least one STD. I don't want a wife who I cannot fuck, for fear of contracting something nasty.”

“But ...”

“I fancy you more as a courtesan, rather than a whore. I can see you fucking a few very rich men, and both of us living very comfortably as a result. I've already told you about how I think that you can help my business by fucking potential clients to help them make up their mind. By the way, some of my clients are women, how do you feel about girl-on-girl sex?”

“Wouldn't you fuck them?”

“If they wanted me to, but mostly I don't get any sexual signals from them. I think that many of the successful ones are lesbians. Have you had any experience?”

“When my sister and I were teenagers, we used to eat each other's pussies.”


“It was fun. I could do that again if you made me.”

“I think that we should buy you two or three really sexy outfits for your new role as a courtesan. You know, form fitting, lots of bare flesh, that sort of thing. How about it?”

“I'd love to. Can we go tomorrow? Can I use my money from David to pay for some really good outfits?”

“Yes and yes.”

To be continued in “Grace in disgrace 2”

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Waiting for the rest of the story!

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I don't know if it's being a whore or slut but I share my wife all the time with friends .and if we go places like Vegas or New Orleans And she'll look for a guy or guys to take to our room or there and let them fuck her.We have a great Marriage

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I am a Muslim unmarried youth. I wish to one-day marry four wives who will be extremely nymphomaniac and Whom I can pimp out.

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Rather than humiliate his wife in court, David should follow the example of the Count of Monte Cristo and ruin his rival-- financially, socially, etc.. However, I don't like the plan that David and Grace have decided to adopt. Why not join a closed group of swingers, or just let certain male friends make it with Grace?

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