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Brenna is a hot sexy 23 year old Bride-to-be who is so horney in the first part taht she fucks he3r 12 year old cousin.
Brenna’s first conscious thought was of the pain in her head.

Immediately, her brain changed directions and went back to sleep, hoping that relief would be found there. She was spared for a few minutes, before the sunlight came in her bedroom window and hit her square on the face. If she had any energy, she would pull down the shade, but she had none.

She tried to roll over… Trying to descend into the soft fluffy world of her bed, where her hangover would not exist. But it was no use. She heard the creaking of floorboards. The muttering of voices. The banging of the heater pipes. The scent of coffee brewing, giving her the only pleasure. But the reality of the smell, opened up her mind to the truth… She was awake.

Her next thought was, “Ow!”

Brenna tried to remember the details of the previous evening. Her cousins and best friends all had decided to take her to the bars. She remembered all of them flirting with guys and bartenders to get free drinks. Trying a drink called a Mojito for most of the night, instead of her usual Apple Martini, though she remembered having a few of those as well.

“Aunt Laura! Can I see if Brenna’s awake?” came the shout from her twelve year old niece, Christy.

“Well, she’s got to get up soon. The appointment is in two hours,” came the reply from her mother, with a little bit of stress in her voice.

Appointment? Reality was settling in. It was Saturday. So she didn’t have to go to work today.

Sigh of relief. What appointment was her mother talking about?

Before any calculations could be made, her bedroom burst open. Christy came running into her bedroom and jumped on Brenna’s bed.

“Wake up, Brenna!” came Christy’s shrill voice.

Brenna groaned.

“Your Mom says you have to get up, cause we have to leave in like an hour and a half. You’ll want to get breakfast, or at least get a shower.”

With a deftness that surprised herself Brenna tolled over on top of her young cousin trapping her shoulders under the weight of her knees. She wanted to punish her young cousin for bringing morning crashing down on her.

Christy wiggled underneath Brenna slamming her flat tummy hard against Brenna’s pussy and ass.

“Let me go, you are hurting me,” whined Christy.

Almost immediately Brenna felt her pussy respond. How long had it been since she and David had fucked? At least two weeks. Brenna’s mom wouldn’t let him sleep over and now with her brat of a cousin rubbing her firm nubile body against her she felt her cunt suddenly slick with juices.

“No, I won’t let you go until you are initiated…all of us girls do it. Do you understand! And there is a vow of silence, even your mom and my mom have done this initiation and have never told anyone about it. Do you understand Christy?”

Christy stopped flopping around, “In tit e ation?”

“No silly, initiation, all the girls in this family go through it, and since I’m getting married the tradition is that I should do it to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” said Christy softly.

Before the word was out of her mouth Brenna’s mouth was on hers, kissing her young cousin passionately running her urgent tongue over her soft lips and straight teeth before plunging her tongue into the girl’s warm wet mouth.

Brenna broke the kiss, Christy was in shock she moved quickly taking her cute tank top over her head then whipping of her cousin’s shorts and cotton panties as well as her own before laying back on top of the narrow body of the girl grinding her slick cunt over the soft folds of her cousins little pussy.

Brenna kissed Christy again, and the young girl was now whimpering into her mouth. Brenna moaned into Christy’s mouth to stifle her grunts and groans. Brenna shifted her hips so that her slick cunt made full contact with the preteen’s soft hairless mound. To Brenna’s surprise Christy humped her narrow hips in time with her own and thrust her hot little tongue into Brenna’s mouth. Both girls were panting for breath as their cunts meshed together their clits grinding in the soft torture of cunt flesh on cunt flesh.

Brenna bent down and took, one of Christy’s tiny tities into her wet mouth letting her tongue flick over the stiff little nipple. Christy groaned into Brenna’s shoulder as the two increased the speed and pressure and pleasure of their cunt grinding.

“You hot little bitch, you have done this before haven’t you?”

Christy just nodded, as she slapped her tiny cunt against Brenna’s. “Oh, Bren you are going to make my little cunt cum so good, don’t stop, ooh yeah grind on my clit.”

The youngest cousin came first whimpering and arching her back her hot young cunt spilling its juices all over Brenna’s pussy. It was too much for the bride- to-be her hot cunt clenched her back arched and her whole body convulsed against her cute little cousin as a burst of cum slipped from her cunt lips drenching Christy’s hot little pussy.

They hugged and kissed for a long time before they heard Brenna’s mom call her

Christy deftly jumped out of bed giggling. “I suppose you fuck all your brides maids do you? The hot saucy girl got dressed quickly and stuck out her pink tongue. Christy then threw Brenna’s mini skirt at her, teasing her, “You’d better get uppppppp you slutttt, It’s a big day. I can’t wait to get my bridesmaid dress!”

Brenna groaned one more time and fell back into the pillow. Dresses! FUCK! This was the day she had been dreading for a while. She had to get fitted for her wedding gown.

She remembered the shocked look on her mother’s face when she suggested that they just go to the Bridal store at the mall, that way everyone could go when they wanted. Brenna didn’t want this to be a big production; but apparently, everything with the wedding HAD to be a big production. There was no two ways about it. So they had to go to Katerina’s Bridal Boutique, which specialized in this stuff.

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2012-04-28 19:56:54
Plagiarism! This is "Four Wedding Stories, part 2" (it's on Nifty), except that in the original, the sex didn't start until Brenna went to the shop and met the assistants.

Now, mind you, I don't mind a little added underage incest (I was kind of hoping for it in the original), but I do mind plagiarism. Now I have to wonder if all the rest of your stories (many of them enjoyable) are also stolen from somewhere. Thieves annoy me. Thumbs DOWN!


2012-04-25 06:26:13
HOT beging!, but I some how know its guna get alot HOTTER!! cant wait.


2012-04-25 00:26:05
Interesting. You seem rushed.

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