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Making Marina Mine
As I’d hoped, the patio doors hadn’t been locked. So many people on vacation are careless. I could see Marina’s grandmother in the kitchen. If what I’d overhead at the beach was correct, Marina would be upstairs in her bedroom with her earphones on. I’d heard Grandma complain that now Marina didn’t particularly like hanging out with her grandmother. Her granddaughter was entering a difficult period of her life and it was probably the last summer that she’d want to have her granddaughter alone for a month. I smiled to myself thinking that her prediction was about to come true.

I stepped into the kitchen without being heard. Grandma was small and frail I broke her neck with one twist and dropped her body on the floor before heading quietly upstairs. The second room I looked in was Marina’s. She was lying on her side on her bed facing away from the door. She was still wearing the clothes that she’d worn back from the beach: a little tank top and old, faded blue jean shorts. I could see the straps of her bikini where they were tied in a bow behind her neck.

With her lying on her side like that I could admire the curves of her body under the tight clothes. The slope down from her shoulders to her narrow waist and then up into the swell of her hips and the long, gentle slope of her thighs and calves. My prick started to stiffen as I looked at her and my mouth went dry as I thought of all I’d do to her to make her pay for the two weeks that I’d watched her every day at the beach. Every afternoon the little bitch had laid out her towel pulled the tank top over her head, shaken her curls back into place and then unzipped her shorts and peeled them down, over her hips until they dropped to her feet. She’d step out of the shorts and then bend down to put them aside. As she bent over she’d show me her round, inviting backside.

Next she’d stretch, raising her arms above her head so that her full breasts would be pushed up and almost out of the cups of her bikini bra. It was true that her eyes had a look of innocence but her body was mature; the way her breasts spilled over the top of her bikini, full, firm, round and ready; the way the cheeks of her ass filled the bikini pants with the promise of pleasure. Her tummy was smooth and sloped down to her groin like a pathway.

The girl was a fucking tease and she was going to fucking pay for it. This was the last night of her life and it was going to be long and painful and I knew I’d enjoy every minute. I could finish with imagining what it would be like to stroke her skin, feeling the soft golden fuzz. I wouldn’t have to wonder how her breasts would weigh in my hands, or how she would taste when I slid my tongue into her slit. I would be able to hear her whimpers and moans for real.

As she lay there she was blissfully unaware of my presence in the room; unaware of all the things I was about to do to her. I could take my time and savor the moment. She was singing to the music in her headphones. I remembered that her lips were full and sensual. I licked my own lips, thinking how soon I would be tasting her sweet mouth.

It was time to move. I slipped off my gloves, backpack, shirt and sandals, just keeping on my swim shorts. I undid the pack and made sure that the ball gag and cords were easy to reach if I needed them, then I walked over and pulled the headphones off her ears. She gave a little cry of annoyance and surprise before turning toward me. Her eyes opened wide but she was too startled to be afraid – yet. “Who are you? What are you doing here? Don’t I know you?” The questions followed one after the other. As she spoke and her mind began to take it the fact that an intruder was in her bedroom, her voice began to tremble as she struggled to sit up.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down on her bed, face up. “Shut the fuck up, bitch” I growled. “You and me are going to spend the night together. If you act like a sensible girl and do what I tell you I won’t have to hurt you so much.” It was a lie of course but I like to see if I can build the fear and panic in my victims over time rather than telling them everything right away.

As she looked up into my face I could see what I said was sinking into her mind. Her eyes were big and brown. She swallowed and moistened her lips before, with a trembling voice, she asked me not to hurt her. As her tongue passed over her lips they glistened. I bent so my face was close to hers; I could feel her warm breath on my skin. She closed her mouth as my lips touched hers. I pulled back quickly and slapped her cheek hard and she cried out in pain.

“I warned you bitch. Do what I want or I’ll hurt you. This time, I want to feel your tongue in my mouth.” With tears in her eyes she did as I told her. It was clear she didn’t have much experience. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and tasted the sweet juices under her tongue. After a while I moved my mouth from her lips to her eyes, letting her long lashes brush my cheek as I slip my lips across the warm skin of her forehead as she lay there passively.

Time to move on. With my free hand I grabbed the hem of her tank top and lifted it up, pulling it over her head and sliding the whole thing to her wrists. I swung myself onto the bed with a knee either side of her waist, pinning her down as I twisted the material around her wrists and tied them tight.

She tried to twist and turn in panic but couldn’t move with my weight on top of her. I grinned with wolfish pleasure and told her that she was my present to myself and now I was going to unwrap her. I twisted her sideways and reached behind her neck to undo the strap of her bikini top and pulled the material down freeing her two, full breasts with their brown nipples. Quickly I undid the other bow behind her back and pulled the cloth free, dropping it on the floor.

I hooked her bound wrists over one of her bedposts and then used both hands to explore her breasts as she gasped and moaned with embarrassment, her cheeks and neck flushing.
Sobbing she asked me why I was doing this. I looked in her eyes, deep brown eyes glistening with tears and laughed. “You fucking bitch” I growled. “For two weeks you’ve been lying on that beach exposing your body taunting and teasing everyone. Now you’re getting just what you asked for.” I spat in her face and squeezed her breasts, twisting the nipples so she cried out in pain.

She begged me to stop saying she’d hadn’t realized she was teasing and she was sorry and, if I stopped, she wouldn’t tell anyone. She told me she was only twelve and didn’t want to be raped. I didn’t bother to answer and bent to suck her nipple, feeling it respond as my tongue curled round it. I knew she’d never tell anyone. I’d make sure of that. Her breasts tasted salty; I guessed she hadn’t showered since she came back from the beach.

When I’d had enough of her breasts for a while I slid my hands down to her waist and then, slowly, enjoying the feel of her body trembling with fear, I slid my hands up along the length of her arms and unhooked her wrists from the bedpost. Pulling her up into a sitting position I turned her so that she was perched on the edge of her bed and untied her wrists.

I ordered her to get on her knees on the floor and she did as she was told. I pushed my swim shorts down my legs and stepped out of them. I saw Marina’s eyes go wide as she saw my penis, erect and ready. Her confused expression was amusing as I told her to take my prick in her hands and stroke it. Trembling, she obeyed and I felt my erection swell even more at her touch. “Now take it in your mouth and suck it” I said. She hesitated but, as my hand swung back to slap her again, she bent forward and slipped my penis between her lips. Her mouth was warm and damp and her tongue licked me when I told her what to do.

It didn’t take long before I felt myself coming and I spurted into her mouth and, when she pulled back in surprise, my semen splashed over her face and dripped from her chin. My sense of release was tremendous. Now that the first need was met I could take my time to enjoy her.

I grabbed the shirt that I’d used to tie her and roughly wiped her face. Next I told her to stand up. She wobbled a bit as she did. I looked her over, she was quite tall for her age and had a great shape. She flushed with embarrassment as I examined her and the blush spread from her cheeks to her chest when I said that she was to take off the rest of her clothes.

She started to protest but I slapped her before a word got out of her mouth and she dropped her hands to the zipper of her shorts and undid it. She slid the shorts over the swell of her hips and they glided down her thighs onto the floor. Before undoing the strings of her bikini bottom she looked at me pleadingly but saw that she had no choice and soon she was completely naked. The pale skin of her groin contrasting with the tanned skin of her belly and legs. She moved her hands, instinctively, to cover her pubis. Then, at my command, she let her hands hang at her sides. Between her legs there was a soft bush of curly brown hair. I told her to turn around and, standing behind her, ran my hands from her breasts down to her groin and started to rub her clitoris.

Marina gasped with surprise and I felt her whole body stiffen. As I rubbed her I slid my finger down from her clit between the lips and into the opening of her vagina. I whispered in her ear that this was the next of her openings that I’d fuck. She whimpered and started to squirm from side to side as I rubbed her. I felt my prick start to engorge and Marina felt it as it stiffened and slid between her ass cheeks. Not able to take it anymore she tried to push my hands away but I grabbed both her wrists with my left hand and slid the fingers of my other hand into her dry, tight little virgin hole.

She started twisting more violently and I suddenly shoved her face down on the bed and smacked her bottom hard several times. “Careful, bitch” I snarled “fight me and I’ll really hurt you.” Holding her down with one hand I grabbed my backpack and pulled out some lengths of cord that I’d got ready. I turned the naked, sobbing girl onto her back and stretched her out on her bed.

Before she realized what I was doing I had one of her wrists tied to the corner post of her bed. As I tied her second wrist to the other corner she started pleading with me to not do anything more to her. I laughed and told her that she was lucky, not many girls got so much education in just one night. I didn’t bother to tell her that I fully intended that she’d never have another chance to experience a good fuck.

After her two wrists were tied she didn’t struggle so much as I spread her legs apart and finished tying her ankles to the posts at the bottom of her bed. I stepped back to admire her as she lay helpless, spread-eagled, on the bed; totally open to whatever I wanted to do. I climbed on the bed and sat with my knees either side of her face and my penis erect.

“Look what’s ready for your pussy you little whore. You flaunt your tits and ass all over the beach and this is what you get. Now lick my balls.” I don’t know if she was too shocked or just didn’t understand, but she stayed frozen. I reached down and pinched her nose shut so she had to open her mouth to breath. “Now stick your tongue out you little bitch and lick my fucking testicles.” Finally she did as she was told and I lowered my balls close to her lips and felt the tickle of her tongue as it slid over my skin. My God, I’d never felt that sensitive! It was all I could do to stop having an orgasm and squirting all over her breasts. I pulled my balls away abruptly.

“Good girl. You’re learning to do things right. I’m going to show you what it feels like to be licked. I moved down the bed so I was sitting on her breasts. I moved my fingertips over her belly, tickling her till she squirmed against the ropes that held her splayed, like a deer hide pegged out to dry. My fingers moved down tickling over her hips and onto her inner thighs then rubbing in circles on that smooth, soft flesh. Slowly I slid them up until they found the lips of her cunt and pulled the skin back.

I bent over and blew on the opening of her vagina and I could hear her whimpering change to a gasp at the sensation. She gasped again, louder, as I rolled my tongue around her clitoris and then down between those warm lips as I enjoyed the musky smell of her sex. I darted my tongue into the opening of her vagina and she moaned a “No, please” at my invasion. As she squirmed her nipples brushed against my balls sending electric shocks through my whole body.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I swiveled round and lay on top of her trembling body. Rolling to one side I took my fully erect prick and guided it between the lips of her vagina. I looked into her eyes as I did it and could see that, while she was terrified, she didn’t really understand what was happening. I began to thrust and drive my penis deeper inside her. I felt the resistance of her hymen and paused for a second before thrusting through the obstacle. Marina gave a cry of pain as I felt her cherry rip open.

She was tight and her muscles contracted, trying to stop me but only giving me greater pleasure. The pressure was building inside me and I started to thrust violently. Every time that I pulled back she moaned and then gave a scream as I thrust deeper. I built the rhythm as I felt my climax coming and then let myself fall limp on top of my little violated victim as I spurted inside her.

I lay there a while listening to the sounds of her sobs and feeling her body heaving under me as she shuddered in the aftermath of her rape. After a few minutes, as my breathing and heart rate got back to normal, I rolled off her and stood up. Looking down at her I wondered what to do to her next.

I decided what to do. “You’re a bitch,” I told her “A fucking little bitch and that’s all you’re good for. I’m going to fuck you like bitches get fucked.” I paused; “what are you?” She didn’t say anything, she just lay there sobbing. I slapped her hard twice on her face and then on the breasts. She cried out at the pain. “You’re a little bitch. What are you?” Between sobs she whispered that she was a bitch. I hit her again and told her to say it louder and she did. Then I told her to say that she wanted to be fucked like a bitch and she said it all in a rush.

I untied one of Marina’s wrists and retied it with her other wrist to one of the posts at the head of her bedThen I untied her ankles and turned her over so she lay face down on her bed. I got her to get onto her knees, with her legs apart and I got onto the bed behind her. I moved in close so that her buttocks were against my belly. I slipped my hand down between her legs and found the opening to her vagina and guided my prick, once again ready for action, into her. I held her by the waist and starting pulling and pushing her onto my penis. The feeling was wonderful. She was damp after my first rape and my prick slid back and forth on her blood and my semen as it seeped out of her cunt. She started squirming and screaming. I laughed and reminded her that she’d asked for it. I slowed down my thrusts so that I could enjoy myself longer. Marina’s struggles got weaker and she seemed almost to faint but she was held up by her tied wrists and couldn’t collapse on the bed. I reached my hands round and squeezed her breasts as I continued to thrust. After a while I couldn’t keep myself longer and spurted into her again.

As I got limp and slipped back out of her cunt I pulled her legs back so that she fell, face down on her crumpled sheets. It would be a while before I was ready to shoot another load into her. For me to get aroused more quickly she needed to suffer, to feel real pain. I had brought my dog whip, a nasty thing of braided strips of leather that could inflict a lot of pain, but her skin was so smooth and unblemished that I hesitated to use it.

I wanted her to feel pain but where could I beat her but not spoil her beauty? I remembered something I’d read about it being very painful to be beaten on the soles of the feet. “Bastinado” I think was what the Spanish called it. As well as the dog whip I’d a “squirt” that little whip that jockeys use. Tonight was a good night to experiment. I decided to leave her on her belly and I tied her feet together so I could tickle the two at the same time.

I knew that she’d be screaming soon, so I took one of my ball gags and, after stuffing it in her mouth, tied it securely. Marina started struggling as soon as I put the gag in, realizing that something worse was going to happen. I watched her struggling with pleasure. I find so much enjoyment in the sight of a beautiful girl totally at my mercy. As she squirmed in a hopeless attempt to get free her smooth, round ass-cheeks moved from side to side. I bent over and spanked her hard a couple of times, leaving red marks on those pale mounds. I heard a muffled yelp from the girl.

I picked up the squirt and swung it sharply against the sole of her left foot and then of her right. Marina gave a muffled cry of pain that soon became screams of agony as I continued to punish the soft soles of her feet. She began to twist her body in a desperate, but hopeless, effort to free herself. As I continued to beat her she even raised herself up on her knees trying to tear free. Then suddenly, she fell forward limp on the bed. I wondered if she had fainted with the pain and stopped whipping her to look. She was still conscious, her eyes were open, but there was a blankness in them. She had no power to resist further; she had given up.

At the sight of her complete surrender I felt myself ready to fuck her again. While there is pleasure in raping a girl against her will there is also something exciting about knowing that a girl is completely in your power – with no will to oppose you. I untied her ankles and pushed her onto her knees. This time I would fuck her arse. I stood at the bottom of the bed and was at the right height to penetrate her. I spat on the opening of her rectum to give me some lubrication and, holding her by the waist so she didn’t fall, pushed into that new virginal tight hole. It took a lot longer to get to ejaculate after all my previous times but I got there finally.

As I pulled out I felt exhausted and sticky with sweat. I decided to take a shower before I left. I looked at Marina as she lay on her side on the bed, her eyes, wide and empty, looking at me. I told her to get to her feet and slowly, painfully she did as she was told. I took her into the shower and turned it on. The water felt wonderful and refreshing. I told the girl to soap me all over and she obeyed. It was a great feeling to have this young, sexy thing doing everything I told her to do. To my surprise I found my desire building again.

I told Marina to get onto her knees and to stroke my prick, as it reacted I ordered her to suck it and felt her lips close on my shaft as her tongue slid around the bulb. The water had plastered her hair to her face and shoulders. I could see a drip of water tumbling from both her nipples. I had the sudden thought that this was too good an opportunity to waste. I would take her home with me. I would be the owner of a beautiful, obedient slave to use in whatever ways I wanted.

When she had finished and had swallowed all my semen I turned off the shower and had my slave towel me dry before she dried herself. We went back into her bedroom and she stood silently as I got dressed and replaced all my stuff in my backpack. I went through her stuff and selected some clothes that I thought I’d like to see her wearing from time to time. Putting aside a denim miniskirt and a silky sweater I stuffed the rest into a bag that I found in her room.

I ordered her to put on the skirt and sweater. They looked good on her and I knew I’d enjoy taking them off her before long. I picked up my backpack and her bag and pushed her ahead of me down the stairs, through the kitchen and out the back door. She didn’t seem to notice her grandmother’s body lying there.

Outside I led her through the dunes and scrub to where I’d parked my truck. She got into the passenger side and knelt on the floor under the dashboard. I drove home thinking of the pleasure I’d have in the days to come. I knew it had been worth the wait to make Marina mine.
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