this is just a fantasy ive had btw im not gay i just like gay rape storys and i do not condone actuall rape just fake rape storys and scenarios enjoy :)
it was the summer of 09 and this would be one of the last years id be a camper at a camp ive been to since i was five then i would become a counselor ok it was the first week of the month long summer camp program the basic find your bunk scary storys with lunchbox (cabin b4s leader) yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah i was totally focused on a kid who's parents who had moved down from Maine this year his name was Tod he was 4"5 same height as me and same age too 13 and brimming with prepubescent hornyness like me i know cause i had snuck in a playboy with my stuff and id leave our cabin and go round back to shoot off a load every night but the third night i heard some rustling and saw Tod whacking it behind a bush he didn't see me though but i decided this would be a good a time as any to experiment with guys so i came up behind him and said "what the fuck do you think your doing?" surprised he whipped around to see me and my 3 inch cock (ive gotten bigger since then but anyway) "just having some fun" he replied "well what if i was to go into there and tell everyone what you were doing?" i said "no please everyone would make fun of me" he pleaded "well get on your knees" i demanded "what?!" he snapped obviously knowing what i wanted " you heard me on your knees like a chick in porn magazines" i said again he wouldn't do it so i placed my hands on his shoulders and with some force i got him to his knees "please no i don't wa-" his sentence cut short by me ramming my 3 inch cock in his mouth i then grabbed the back of his head and started to thrust back and forth his gurgling only making my dick harder and my arousal more intense some tears rolling down his face from what i was doing to him i just laughed and said "don't cry cause you'd better get used to my cock in your mouth or else this'll be one long month" after that a few minutes passed and i told him to swallow my juices as i came in his mouth but i had to hold his noise to make him swallow i then lead him deeper into the woods but close enough so we could see the camp and i started pulling off my shirt as he sat crying next to me i ordered him to get nude and after a bit of a tussle i finally ripped his pants and shirt off i spat on my cock and ordered him to bend his ass over unfortunately he refused and i was forced to grab him by the back of the neck and force his face to the dirt now hand on his neck his ass in the air and my cock ready to use him i started sliding it into his sweet little anal canal at first his ass refused me but with a bit of force and more spit i slid it in he then tried to scream forcing me to place my other hand on his mouth "sssssshhhh" i said "people are trying to sleep" laughing as i continued to fuck him again and again thrust after thrust i made him my whore with every smack of my nuts on his ass after about 20 minutes of this i came all over his ass he collapsed cum running from his ass panting like he just ran 5 miles straight i said "that was fun and were gonna do that somemore till the months up got it bitch" he nodded stills hocked at what i had done to him i threw him his close and we got dressed returned to our cabin and went to sleep we then woke up with everyone else had some breakfast and proceeded to the lake for the swim test and the next time we were not within earshot of another person i told him that hed better get used to being fucked and sucking dick and if he told any counselors id deny it and say he told me to i then walked over to the tether ball court and i turned and said "and maybe with somemore friends(wink)" end of part 1 hope you enjoyed it and dont worry youll hear more about tod being my bitch and those friends cuz ive got plenty more planned for this series ;)

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2013-08-04 16:06:54
fuck the grammar and everything that was good

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2012-08-13 21:33:52
i loved the story and hope for more


2012-04-25 02:53:24
ok people knock it off if you dont like my writing dont read it and i know i forget to be descriptive


2012-04-25 02:53:06
ok people knock it off if you dont like my writing dont read it and i know i forget to be descriptive

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2012-04-25 02:49:33
What absolute crap.

1. Correct spelling

2. Correct punctuation

3. Correct grammar

4. Research the term 'descriptive prose' and then, for the love of God, USE IT!

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