After a man unwittingly awakens sexual desire in his young daughter he can't resist satisfying it.
Amber was more than a little nervous as her father stripped his clothes off in the darkness of her bedroom.
She was pretending to be asleep because she wanted to see what would happen.
She was laying on her side, and as her daddy slipped into bed behind her she felt her pussy getting wet.
She knew that this was wrong, but at the same time she'd never been so excited in her young life, and as his hand grasped her belly, and she felt his hot breath on her neck she slowly slid her leg over his, spreading her slender thighs to give him better access.
She let out a little squealing gasp as she felt the wet tip of his hard cock rub up the inside of her thigh, and then whispered nervously, "Da-daddy?"

"Shh, relax baby."Eric whispered in her ear, his voice thick with lust as the tip of his cock slipped in between her soft, thick pussy lips, and pressed against her little honey hole.

Her cheeks flushed hot, and her body began to quiver with excitement as she asked nervously, "Wha-what are you doing to me daddy?"

Of course she knew exactly what he was doing as she felt the head of his stiff penis enter her moist vaginal opening, stretching her little hole, but she wanted to hear him say it.
This was not the first time that he had touched her in a sexual way, but this was the first time he had attempted to have full on sexual intercourse with her.
When he had first started playing with her little pussy she had been so scared, and excited all at the same time, and the first time he'd placed her hand on his cock, and taught her how to jack him off she had gobbled up his cum like it was candy.
The first time he had licked, and sucked on her pussy she had cum so hard that she cried, and the first time she had wrapped her lips around his cock, and sucked him off it had made her so wet that her juices had soaked through her panties.
The more she had learned about sex the more she had realized where all of this was leading, but now that they were here, about to do the deed as it were, she almost couldn't believe it.

"Daddy's just gonna fuck your little pussy sweetheart." Eric explained in a breathy voice, and hearing him say it like that made her even more excited.

Amber could remember the exact moment that it all started.
She had always been close with her father so when she'd jumped up into his lap that night to hug, and kiss him goodnight it'd been nothing out of the ordinary, and when he'd wrapped his arms around her, kissing her face, and telling her how much he loved her, that too had been normal.
However, this time she felt something against her bottom that she'd never felt before.
Her father's hard cock.
At first she wasn't quite sure what she was feeling as it took a few moments for him to become fully erect, but once she did realize what the hard thing pressed against her butt was she next felt an odd tingle between her legs that made her cheeks flush with embarrassment.
"Goodnight daddy." she'd chirped brightly, attempting to cover her nervousness, and then quickly jumped up, and scurried to her room.

Once she'd hopped into bed she couldn't resist the urge to touch herself.
Her little pussy almost instantly became wet under her fingers as she thought about daddy's hard penis pressed against her little ass, and although she didn't completely understand it she did know that it made her feel good, and naughty, and scared, and excited all at the same time.

Eric remembered that night as well.
He had never thought of his daughter in a sexual way before, but for some reason that night when she'd jumped into his lap, and embraced him it had really turned him on.
By the way she had wiggled her butt, and then blushed Eric felt certain that she had known, at least to some degree, what had happened, and when she'd dashed off to her room, leaving him sitting there with a raging hard-on, he'd felt more than a little disturbed by the incident.
He'd attempted to blow it off, to pretend nothing had happened, but after that he would catch himself looking at her.
For instance, she'd be lying on her tummy, watching T.V. and he'd find himself looking up her skirt, hoping to catch a glimpse of her panties, or she'd hop up into his lap, and he'd have to really fight the urge to fondle her tender young body.
There were even times when he thought that she was deliberately trying to make him horny, but then he'd think better of it.
She couldn't really be teasing him, could she?

Although she wasn't completely cognizant of what she was doing, the fact was that she was doing it.
She loved making her daddy's cock hard, and she would fantasize about touching it, about him touching her with it, about him touching her pussy.
She knew that she was being really naughty, but as long as he didn't say anything it felt like a secret naughty game that they were both playing, but she had no idea at the time where this "game" was going.
Then came the night when Eric could no longer resist the temptation.

He had been reading her a bed time story, Sleeping Beauty, and she had kicked the covers off because it was warm that night.
About halfway through the story she had complained, "Daddy, I'm hot." and then pulled her night gown off over her head.

Eric continued reading the story, but he found his hot little girl laying there in nothing but her panties to be more than a little distracting.
When he reached the end she suddenly said, "Look daddy, I'm Sleeping Beauty." putting her arms at her sides, and closing her eyes.
Eric wasn't sure what she was up to until she opened one eye, and whispered, "You have to kiss me, and wake me up." and then quickly closed it again, puckering her lips, and waiting.

His cock was throbbing in his pants, and even though he knew that this was a bad idea, he slowly leaned over, and put his lips to hers, intending to just give her a little peck, like he'd done many times before.
However, as soon as their lips touched she began sucking gently on his bottom lip, moaning softly, and that's when he just gave in to his desire.
He slid his hand down her tummy, and began rubbing her pussy through her panties, and was a little surprised at the wet spot that greeted his groping fingers.
He broke from their kiss, and they both gasped in surprise as she began rolling her hips, rubbing her wet little vagina against his probing fingers.
For a moment they just stared at each other, wide eyed, but he kept rubbing her, and she kept pushing against his hand as if they couldn't stop.

Finally Amber giggled, and whispered, "That feels funny daddy."

Eric suddenly realized what he was doing, and began to draw his hand away, but Amber grasped his wrist, pulled the waist band of her panties up with her other hand, and then guided his fingers to her clitoris before whispering in a conspiratorial tone, "Rub me here daddy."

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