The nightmare continues as Adam tries to break lesbian Lila. Will she submit?
Lila squirmed in her confines as Adam approached her; his demeanor hadn't exactly been sunshine and cuddles before, but now it seemed to grow even darker. His bright blue eyes had lost their humor and light, and instead had become filled with angry determination.

"Adam, please stop," She begged him.

He said nothing and didn't even acknowledge that she had spoken. He crawled into the bed towards her and she writhed, trying in vain to escape his touch. It was impossible for her to get away. Without any warning, Adam spread her legs and shoved his entire member inside of her, watching her face contort as she gasped in pain.

"Do you want to keep rejecting me, bitch?" He asked in a low growl as he pushed himself in harder, "Is this really easier than just submitting?"

Lila would have answered, but all of the words she could think of were nowhere to be found. She could feel his throbbing dick; every twitch and jerk of it was amplified by his deep and consistent penetration. She opened her eyes and saw his face, his eyes regarding her with an emotionless inquisitiveness.

"Why are you doing this to me?" She managed to whimper.

"Because you're a whore," He hissed, "Because you're a slut and a whore. This is what you're good for; this is what you were made to do. You were made to serve me, Lila, and I'm going to show you how. You really think that after so many years I'd just let you start dating girls?"

"You don't own me!" She said faintly.

"Really?" He asked. He lifted up one of her legs and shoved in farther, hearing her squeal in pain, "Do I own you yet? I'll tell you what, Lila; you can submit to me, or I can get you pregnant. Either way, you will marry me; if you became pregnant out of wedlock with my child, your parents would force you to marry me. So, you can do it willingly or by force."

Lila wanted to say, "So, either you can force me or my parents can?" But she couldn't get the words to come.

Adam stared at her face for a few moments, but when he realized that she wouldn't respond he gave up and started humping her twat, enjoying the sounds that she made as she winced in pain. He closed his eyes; her pussy gripped his cock so nicely!

He slammed into her hard and fast, their combined juices making a sort of slurping sound as he pulled out and pushed back in. His balls smacked up against her ass, and the entire bed seemed to shake, making the well known squeaking sound fill the room.

Adam slowed his pace and pulled out slowly. He saw the relief on Lila's face and smiled. He slid back inside ever so gently and closed his eyes; this wasn't even close to his normal speed, but he could feel every inch of her pussy as he slowly massaged it with his dick. Lila looked up at him, a look of pleasure marking her face. She could practically feel the veins in his cock, and the width that she had just moments ago despised now made her want him in her forever.

Lila wanted to touch him; she wanted to run her hands along his chest. She wanted to wrap her arms around his muscular body and hold him close against her, feeling his warm golden skin against her flesh. But her hands were tied, and hell would freeze over before she would ask him to untie her so that she could fuck him.

"You look like you want to say something," He said. He rested his hands on either side of her head, putting his face directly above hers. His hair hung in his blue eyes, which stared into hers with anticipation. He continued his slow and steady pace, rubbing her pussy with his cock and making her melt.

She battled with herself in her mind; if she asked for him to untie her, he would think that she enjoyed it . . . which she did, unfortunately. If she stayed tied up, though, then what would he do? She had a plan.

"Untie me," She whispered. Her voice was like that of an angel, and he raised an eyebrow skeptically. Before he could say more she added, "Please. I want to be able to love you right, and I can't do it tied to the bed."

She watched as the shock register on his face; she almost laughed. He pulled out of her and untied the ropes from the bed, then removed them from her slender wrists. He watched her cautiously; was it a trick?

Lila said nothing, but kissed him. She wove her fingers into his thick blonde hair, wrapping her legs around his ass and pulling him into her. She broke the kiss as he entered, gasping a little out of pleasure and excitement. He watched her face with a smile and asked, "Do you like that?"

She nodded eagerly and moaned, "Yes!"

He fucked her hard and she held him close, pressing her body against his as he pumped in and out of her. His cock felt incredible! She moaned aloud, saying his name as best as she could. She felt his hot breath on her neck and felt his strong hands gripping her stomach as he thrust into her powerfully; she didn't know why, but a part of her liked it.

"I want to try something," He said huskily.

She nodded, and he flipped her over on her stomach. She had her suspicions about what he was doing and she pushed her ass up to him, exposing her pussy to his cock. He looked at her lustfully; her pussy lips were pink and swollen, and he could see the mixture of his cum and her juice leaking out of them. He couldn't stand it! He placed his hands on her hips and entered her in one push, humping her in a frenzy.

Lila moaned and rested her head on the pillow, propping her rear up higher and humping back at him. It felt so good! He was dominating her like an animal and mounting her like she was his bitch. She heard him growl deep in his throat and she felt her pussy twitch with excitement.

"God, you're so tight!" He said deeply.

His fingertips dug into her skin and he stared at her smooth white back, slender and flexed as he humped her. Her golden tendrils of hair spilled over her shoulders, the small ringlet curls bouncing with his thrusts.

Adam felt himself nearing an orgasm and he demanded of her, "Say my name!" Lila was silent, and he insisted, "Say it!"

"Adam!" She moaned loudly.

Adam shoved himself into her and shook as he emptied his seed into her womb. He felt her pussy spasm around his dick, milking it until there was nothing left. He groaned and laid down next to her.

Lila collapsed on the bed, Adam's warm cum seeping even further into her. She felt completely drained of her energy, the aftershocks of her orgasm still coursing through her body. She could hardly move.

Adam lay on the bed panting, staring at Lila's face. She looked like she was haunted and empty, her usually bright blue eyes a pale, washed out blue.

"You know, we can get married when you're 17 if your parents consent." He told her.

Lila said nothing. Although she seemed empty and withdrawn, she had a plan in mind. All that she had to do was fool him long enough, and then she could escape.

"That sounds good," She lied.

"Really?" He asked in disbelief, "I thought you hated me."

"That was before," She said quietly.

"Before what?"

"Before you showed me what I was missing." She turned to lay on her side, looking into his eyes and continuing in a sexy voice, "There's no way a girl could ever make me feel that good."

"I told you," He said with a smile, "I told you that you'd crave my dick."

"And I do," She said in a sultry tone. She saw that his cock was hardening once more, and she toned it down, "I'm really tired, though; that was my first orgasm and now I feel like I'm drained. Can we just sleep for a while?"

Adam wasn't pleased, but he said nonetheless, "Sure."

He flipped off the light and pulled the covers over them both, cuddling up next to her. She asked quietly, "Could you give me some space? I sprawl when I sleep."

"No," He said possessively, "You're sleeping in my arms."

Lila looked into his eyes and pleaded softly, "Please? I'm not trying to be mean, I just want to be able to rest so that we can have more fun when we wake up. Please?"

He looked deep into her eyes with suspicion, but nodded, "Okay, fine."

Lila felt the bed shift as he scooted away from her; it was a king sized bed, so there was plenty of space. She laid on her side of the bed with her back turned to him, staring at the wall and the rest of the room. Her whole body felt warm; she could practically feel him swimming inside of her.

She listened to his breathing beside her, which was huffy at first. She could tell that he was putting up with this sleeping arrangement, but he certainly wasn't going to do so happily.

He doesn't trust me, She thought, Good. He shouldn't.

She listened intently as his breathing grew more and more steady; he was asleep. She crept out of the bed silently and looked at him, seeing his closed eyes and feeling more confidant about her decision.

Lila wasted no time. She could dress on the side of the road or even in the yard, if she had to. She picked up her scattered clothing and cringed; she wouldn't be able to put on her torn shirt again, no matter where she was.

She left the room like a shadow and tip toed down the stairs, not making a sound. Would he notice that she was gone? She hoped not. She reached the kitchen and spotted the front door, feeling a wave of relief wash over her. Once she walked through that door, she would be free. She would run home and tell her mother everything that had happened; her parents would report him to the police and he would be thrown in jail for sexual assault. And probably statutory rape, too! He was 19; surely they would arrest him for that.

Lila opened the door and stepped onto the porch, inhaling the spiced night air. Fireflies danced in the night and a full moon would soon light her path. She exhaled; everything was going to be alright. She thought.

She jumped and felt like crying as she heard the door slam. How could she be so stupid? In her admiration of the night she had absent-mindedly let go of the door. She heard the bedroom door slam and she gripped the clothes tighter, taking off at a dead run towards the road.

Wait; that's where he would suspect she was going. She swerved and headed into the woods, crashing through the trees. Branches and leaves tore at her bare flesh, but she didn't care. After a few hundred yards of running the woods broke; Lila found herself facing a beautiful green meadow filled with fireflies.

"Lila!" Adam roared.

Lila glanced behind her and saw Adam's angry form pursuing her. She dropped her clothes to run faster, her blonde curls trailing behind her and tears rolling down her cheeks.

She ran towards another forest and felt her heart beating faster; he was catching her. She wept audibly and turned around; he was only a few feet behind her, she might as well start begging.

Lila dropped to her knees and curled up in the fetal position, crying till she shook. Adam reached her and hauled her to her feet by her golden curls. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her till her teeth clacked together, then slapped her hard across her pretty face. She dropped to the ground like a rock and cried loudly, panic and helplessness overwhelming her.

"Do you think you can just trick me like that, bitch?" He demanded as he covered her body with his, "Do you really think you can do that to me, whore?"

"Adam, let me go!" She wept.

Adam plunged his cock into her and she cried harder, gasping for air through her tears. He dug his nails into the skin of her hips and fucked her hard, his pubic bone slamming into hers. He tore at her breasts with his hands and tilted her up, taking one of them into his mouth and biting hard. She yelped in pain, pushing at his head to get him away. He growled at her and fucked her harder.

He laid her down on the ground again and pinned her wrists to the grass, squeezing them so hard that they hurt. She stared up at him with loathing.

"I hate you," She grumbled. She felt the revulsion rise up in her throat and she screamed in his face, "I hate you!"

He let go of one of her wrists and slapped her hard; she tasted blood. He leaned down, plunging his tongue into her mouth. She tried to bite him, but each time she did he squeezed her wrists harder. She finally let him kiss her, regretting this whole escape plan. Why did she leave? Right now she could be in the bed, warm and comfortable.

"I'm going to get you pregnant," Adam growled at her as he broke the kiss. He stared deep into her eyes, his voice deep and frightening, "I'm going to get you pregnant, and you'll have to marry me. You'll be my bitch for the rest of our lives and I'll fuck this tight pussy every night."

Lila stared up into his face, her teeth gritted as she grumbled. They were like animals; Lila was a bitch in heat, and Adam was the advancing male, humping her into submission and filling her womb with his seed.

Lila tried to deny it, but again she felt the pressure building inside of her. She hated the way he was treating her; you never treated a human being like this, least of all a girl! Yet somewhere inside of her there was a primal being that was loving every minute of this domination. She moaned deep inside her throat and pulled his head down to her, kissing him passionately while she wrapped her legs around his ass.

Adam wanted to gloat about her new found desire for him, but he couldn't think about anything right now other than that primal, animalistic instinct that was screaming throughout him; breed! He kissed her hard and fucked her even harder, holding onto her hips with his hands and pumping in and out at a rabbit's pace. He felt her grow more and more wet; she was loving it.

Adam pulled away from the kiss when he felt her pussy clench at his cock, spasming as his mate's orgasm racked her body. He buried himself deep inside of her and emptied his cum into her eager belly.

"Fuck . . ." He groaned.

It was the most intense orgasm of his life. He looked down at Lila, who still had the same hateful expression in her eyes. They hated each other and yet were fucking like animals.

Adam pulled his dick out of her and eyed her warily, unsure of what would happen next. Lila panted on the ground, her entire body coursing with a tingly, warm feeling. They inspected each other's faces; they were still hungry.

"I hate you," She whispered.

"No you don't."

"Yes, I do," She insisted.

Adam's gaze grew dark, "Then why did you kiss me hard, cum, and fuck me back?"

Lila's eyes rolled back in her head just thinking about it. She wanted him back inside of her. Now. She wanted him behind her, forcing his dick into her pussy and dominating her like an animal. All she had to do was provoke him enough, and he would do it.

"I'm not going to fuck you again until you admit that you want it," Adam told her, as if he read her mind.

Lila's face grew angry and withdrawn, "I don't want it!"

"Yes you do," He growled.

He moved closer to her and took her tit into his mouth, sucking and biting on it while Lila tried her hardest not to moan. He moved his hand down to her pussy and felt the wetness that was there. He used her juice to lube his finger and started rubbing her sensitive clit, making her moan and curl her toes with pleasure.

"I hate you," She moaned, "I hate this."

"You're such a slut," Adam panted. His cock was hard and ready to go again, but he resisted. He shoved his fingers into her as deep as they would go and watched her eyes roll back in her head. A muscle in his jaw twitched as he continued, "You're such a whore. You don't really hate me or this; you're just saying that so that I'll touch you. You're sick."

"Not nearly as sick as you!" She managed. A faint smile grew on her face, "The only reason my plan is working is because you're so damn power hungry. You want to dominate me. It's your weakness."

"I am not!" Adam growled. He pulled his fingers out of her and she smiled. He wouldn't let her be that smug for long. He shoved four of his large fingers into her and she cried out in pain, no longer cocky. He held her in place with his other hand as she tried to crawl away and continued, "Look at you; you love this. Just admit that you crave my dick. I'll still dominate you when we're married, I promise!"

Adam laughed sickly and began pumping his fingers in and out of Lila. She gasped and whimpered in pain; his fingers were way too large for her. His callouses rubbed her pussy awkwardly and she felt pain shoot through her twat.

"Does that feel good?" He demanded.

"No!" She cried, "Adam, stop! You're hurting me!"

"I bet my cock would feel pretty good right now, huh?" He whispered sadistically in her ear.

Lila wanted to say no, but he rammed his fingers forcefully into her cunt and she admitted weakly, "Yes."

"I didn't hear you."

He withdrew, and she knew that he was going to forcefully cram his fingers into her again. She repeated loudly, "Yes! Yes, your cock would feel good right now!"

Adam smiled and pulled his hand out of her. She relaxed slightly and he stroked her hair, telling her smugly, "Good girl. Now, admit that you love my cock, or else you'll get five fingers in you."

Lila considered it, but as she felt the tips of his fingers at the opening of her pussy she admitted desperately, "I love your cock!"

Adam grinned and pushed her further, "Admit that you love the way I fuck you. Admit that you love being my bitch, dominated and fucked like an animal. Admit that you love hearing me growl as I shove my cock into you. Admit it, Lila, or I'll shove my whole fist in."

Lila bit her lip. All that she would be admitting to was true, but she knew that if she admitted to it he would expect her to be his fuck buddy from now on. She remained silent and felt his fist against her pussy.

"No!" She cried. She wriggled and tried to get up and run; a poor attempt to get free. He grabbed her legs and pulled her down; she landed with a thud on the ground. She felt her breath being knocked out of her and gasped for air as he flipped her onto her back.

"You can't get away. Even when you go home, you will never escape; I am inside of you, Lila. No matter how far you run, you will never get away from me, and even if you are too stubborn to admit your slutty desires, I know what you feel. You can seal your lips, but you can't deny the fact that you cum every time I fuck you. All of this having been said, do you want to keep resisting? With the amount of me that's in you you're probably pregnant already."

Lila could feel her heart pounding in her chest; it felt as if it would explode. Everything that he said was true. She gulped; hopefully not the pregnant part. Still, her heart and mind hated him. She was a lesbian now and- even if her body did respond to him- he had violated and dominated her. She belonged to herself, and she couldn't let him change that. She tilted her chin up defiantly and spit in his face.

It pushed Adam over the edge. He let out a cry that Lila could only compare to a roar. His hands moved to her throat and he squeezed, strangling her as she flailed.

"You bitch," He mumbled, "You arrogant bitch. If I can't have you, no one can; not even you."

Lila gasped for air and flailed, punching at him and kicking him with all her might. None of her blows even seemed noticeable to him. She felt herself fading little by little as his grip continued to tighten. She saw black dots swimming in her vision. For some reason, her mind wandered back to a play she performed in grade school. She remembered saying boldly, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

Was it really worth it? She knew by the look in his eyes that he was serious; if she didn't submit to him, he would kill her. She knew she was close. She reached out a shaking hand and touched his face gently, trying to nod as best as she could.

Adam released his grip and demanded, "Say my name."

"Adam." She managed hoarsely.

Lila lay on the ground, half dead. She felt her breath entering and leaving, each gasp bringing pain. She stared straight up into the stars. They stood out against the sky like diamonds on black velvet.

"You'll marry me," Adam began, "When you turn 17. You are not going to college. You'll stay home with the kids. Understood?"

"Yes." Lila whispered. She wouldn't look at him. She felt a hot tear roll down her cheek and into her hair. More followed. She didn't weep, but she couldn't stop them.

"You are not to tell anyone about this." He said gravely, "If you do, I will find you. And next time, I will kill you."

Lila nodded.

"You'll learn to love me," He said, mostly to himself, "We'll have a lifetime together. Resentment and grudges can't last that long."

Lila still said nothing. Adam ran his fingers through his thick blonde hair; all he had wanted to do was see if he could bring out her feelings and maybe scare her a little, but everything had become so crazy. How had this happened?

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